Sunday, December 04, 2011

...Revealed Disease...


I once was "Columbus" when I was a kid. The third grade—a school play. I "sailed the blue" to "claim" our New Shores! I was "heroic." I saved the day!
...All the kids were in their costumes... to perpetuate the lying*... Folk's "oooos" and "aaaaahs" just filled the room; we really should be crying.
So it's repeated, the myth inculcated... and even to this time. Classrooms still proliferate—teach this errant... hateful lie.
"Well, you gotta teach ‘em something," ...And to that I must agree. "...But we have to keep it *positive*." ...Now, there's revealed disease!
Anything that’s "covered up..." is an unclean wound, effuse. From UFO’s, to JFK! Call it: "cultural abuse"!
Lie to kids? You make them hate you! Lie to kids? You make them soft! Lie to kids, and they’ll desert you, shine you on, and flip you off!*
An "AlienView" groks Columbus more clearly, encumbered by the old-Party Line.  See, Columbus, informed, thought the world was round... as smart money knew it to be at the time!*  ...But how did he employ it?   How'd he make that work for him.  ...And know he took the low road.  He was egregious, psychotic, and grim.
Wealth and Power: the cruelest drivers! Christ: to OK the "obtuse"! There was no "near mutiny enroute"! Columbus employed a "horrific abuse"!*  Rape will not describe it, falling well short of the mark.  Pillage won't approach it, the rapine that vicious and stark...
...See, know the facts and witness terror in the nose hacked from the face of a child morally superior to her conquering barbarian race... Slavery, and torture, and genocide! Raping, and pillage, and plunder! Blood was the coinage that Chris was about! ...And his "cover-up" hulls us asunder!
Know: Chris handed Natives the bill of a hawk!  He said, "Fill this up with gold." ... "I'll fill my ships with your largess... ...With your flesh I’ll pack my hold"!*
"...And do just what I tell you... ...find me gold... ...submit! ...Yes, do it if it kills you! ...Or chance your child for it!"
Columbus was a monster!  Don’t say it was the "times"!  The "Watchers" have recorded it!  It's in Chris's hand sublime*!
...Too, don’t believe it for a second—"that he died alone, and broke." He died a "one percenter," friends.* The myth's a tragic joke.
*Bobby Rowe, PhD Anthropology... confirmed by the very googleable James W. Loewen and Michael Parenti...

  • ...And what was to be gained?  What is to be gained?  What can ever come of a self-serving lie? This is without regard to how well that lie might be "intentioned." A "well intentioned" lie is a slippery slope, still, even needfully navigated.  Though, how "well intentioned " ...really... eh, reader? It remains, everyone does lie... consider the concerns of "National Security."
  • Don't tell me about National Security concerns!  That weary rubric is so often abused by the aforementioned "abusers at the dinner table debate" that the rest of us just look down at our plates in offended embarrassment.  
  • See, in turn, Richard Dolan demolishes these "concerns" in two volumes examining same, with another volume upcoming. Robert Hastings makes erstwhile "concerns" irrelevant in a bullet proof study regarding UFOs and their decades long interaction with nuclear missiles. Stanton Friedman invalidates "concerns" in a succession of books, tapes, and DVDs outlining cited governmental duplicities, frauds, and conspiracies. Frank Feschino eviscerates "concerns" in a timeline illustrating 14 years of research and study, reader, citing an armed conflict—a one-sided hot war—between our military forces and UFOs lasting for a period of years during the 50s.
  • ...Even Einstein begged them to stop the shooting war, I recall.
  • Lately, a United States—sold out to and mired in robber-baron corporate interests—becomes a nation of lies consumed with an ethic of "lying liars" slithering snake-like on those self-same slippery slopes, even now.  I digress, but there's an OWS, by way of tangential example, because "Wall Street" robbed the American "Bank," and in a manner actually much more egregious than "John Dillinger" or "Machine-gun Kelly"!  See, "Wall Street" did it from the inside with the "blessing" and encouragement of our leadership!   Ask UFO Golden-Ager Richard Hall on the human consequences of this full-blown Bank Robbery... oh, that's right, you can't! He died miserably and in reduced squalor as a result, early in the current unpunished crime-wave! 
  • Consider, a lie will be found out eventually, and the sucker... man, woman, or child... will burn with resentment at the disrespect implied. The lie is revealed, reader, and I do resent it! Cop to it, yourself, friend!
  • Truly, do you think a *disclosure* is remotely avoided for the "good of the individual"?  No, whatever "empowers" the rank and file "dis-empowers" the non-elected and perpetual leadership of the psychopathic 1%, it's perceived, and that information is not disclosed.
  • Their's is one way of looking at it, sure.  A short view.  A pathological view.  The view without imagination, most reptilian, and psychopathic. Though, a view actually understandable given the individual, remember, IS a powerful entity—and has always been—the spendable coin on which the whole of society, past, present, and future, is forged... from the guy swinging a pick to the girl etching a new microchip design... forgetting all personal harbors in between and apart from them, like you and me—just to scratch a densely packed surface!  
  • Only, One in a hundred of these (us), are persons able to remorselessly bleed someone else out for the laces in their shoes! These are entirely OK with their lucrative expenditure of you, reader.  These will persecute any mendacity, will tell any lie, and will pursue any dark, unethical and immoral advantage.  Too?  They are the officiators of your culture and control the mechanisms of your society.  They ARE the one percent.
  • Remaining individuals, consider, left to their own devises and not overburdened by psychopaths, at best act individually to encourage and support other individuals for the benefit of the individual... actually empowering the effected team or group to greater synergies! 
  • Example: intelligent societies subsidize their artists... and what is the artist but the cutting edge of individuality made real in the real world. Individuals orbit planets... Individuals soar and cleave the heavens, other individuals contrive how to put them there... Individuals fly down close to the flame and singe wings, but they fly back to tell us what they saw... I aspire to same, unabashedly.  I suspect more should... and be supported in their efforts to do so, too...
  • That's why a large, strong middle class is necessary for the success of a society. Strong individuals provide synergistically for a strong society the way stronger links contribute to a strengthened chain. The reader will notice that the middle class here in the States in on the wane... why? Don't blame chance or necessity, reader!  That strong middle class is an entity contrary to the interests of the wholly psychopathic alluded to above!  Too strong to be beaten outright, it must be, and ignobly, bled to death!
  • If you do think ignorance is bliss? Really, I must disabuse you of that notion.  The rent comes due, reader, inevitably.
  • Culture, not remotely your friend, friend, does not deserve your reflex loyalty and should do much, much more to earn your grudging individual support... Consider, ufological disclosure likely benefits the individual, rewrites convenient class and gender rules, invalidates and makes irrelevant a corrupt status quo, topples tyrannical, illegitimate and abusive institutions, intimates efficacious technologies, and therefore empowers a super society! Anything else is just a hapless and 2nd rate "Brave New World" alpha/gamma corporate slavery employed by the insulated, golden parachuted, and  hyper-privileged man... ...verily, the "one percent" hates even a rationally open socialism, reader, NOT, because they have to pay for it... no, but because it makes them disappear! 
  • How do I feel that that all the above is likely to be true? LOL! Why, because I can judge a tree by the fruit it produces, reader! I try to remember the one time relevant information was kept out of our common knowledge or that the aforementioned ignorance served rank and file humanity in any way. Perhaps the reader will have better luck.  Don't insult yourself with misdirecting and immaterial non-disclosures on atomic bombs or infectious diseases.  The reader knows what I mean.  Consider, "a cure for cancer exists," n'est ce pas?  The three hundred mile a gallon carburetor exists!  Cold fusion exists!  Broadcast power exists! One can just go on and on...
  • So discounting "societal information denial" and those cover-ups driven because interests between the one and the 99% are identically motivated—like the aforementioned nuclear proliferation and infectious disease control, come up with one example of efficacious untruth... just so we can see how easily your example can be turned around to bite you on your own conscienceless ass. Heh—and I'm the one smeared for a credulous believer... "your (our) best interests are taken to heart."  Riiiiiiiight...
  • Sincerely... much better searching the skies for "next level" UFOs than speculating whether Bill Clinton has an identifying wart on his penis, eh?
  • ...Or was that Michael Jackson...? ...And why must I endure this warty concept at all with so many persons already enduring a real hell on Earth... apart from the ones imposed on MJ and BC, eh? Not answers, reader. No. We want the right questions.  Better questions!

~Current Events~

  • Portentous pundits propitiously self-placed and proclaiming their pompous and impacted pretensions—not entirely unlike myself I'll allow—lately practice (...otherwise!) the very antithesis of what they'd preach or seem to be preaching!  They do this, reader, to blunt the thrust of a serious ufological penetration into that which unavoidably IS—so blunt with its mechanism of a new duplicity—a new dodge... a new misdirection... ...while presuming to be doing anything but, ...even to the cruel antithesis, reader, as I said before!
  • Now—everything is on the table. This is understood. Too, even going "heavy handed" into the discussion, I tire more and more of just pussy-footing around, eh?  "Bull in a china shop" becomes increasingly more justified.
  • Considered are Chrono-terrestrials, Dimensio-terrestrials, Intra-terrestrials, Extra-terrestrials, Crypto-terrestrials, Inter-terrestrials, Intel-terrestrials, Outré-terrestrials... jinns, affrites, and water-nixies... trolls, faeries, and gnomes... angels and demons: on and on into a veritable smorgasbord in fuzzy choices of... "speculative indistinctness" fore and aft on a fractal paranormal line, regarding what the "other" could be... but, neatly masking or avoiding the dreaded concept that there is an "other" there, at all!  We are cowards in the aggregate in this regard!
  • Cue the hopeful music...
  • There is, eh? Given seven strong categories of compelling evidence, how could there not be? The increasingly accepted fractal reality empowering historic smart money makes clear that we're not the jewel in creation's crown, reader, nor even the sharpest knife in the drawer! Could our complacent ambivalence to this fact be fueled by the indisputable knowledge of ourselves at our worst, and dread the more powerful *other* for that reason? Could they ...would they... be as bad as we have been?
  • By way of example and on the subject of this "avoidance" (some might say "denial") alluded to, it is similarly performed when some of these aforementioned pundits celebrate the term "UAP" to the term "UFO".  The "UAP," revealed here as just another noise distracting from signal, illustrates a case in point.
  • "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena," or its simulacrum,  replacing "Unidentified Flying Object" is, at root I suspect, only that coward's concept... allowing—surreptitiously and fallaciously, reader—for human singularity in the vast universe... and "plausible deniability" of the ufological... in one swell foop!
  • Solid *objects* decidedly trump an ephemeral *Phenomena*, you see? ...Can't have that!
  • Consider, a "UAP" is something that does not have to be physically there at all, in the first place, and if there in the second? Well, it can be written off easily as "ball-lightning" and "sleep paralysis" with all the other birds, bursts, bolides, boosters, and balloons of an intellectual coward's cognitive dodge! Hands washed! Cognitive dissonances all accounted for! Psychological adjustments made!
  • Now, a UFO, as an OBJECT, on the other hand, suggests something may actually be there (the *other*!), and that idea must be discarded, with its acronym, as intellectually *scary*... psychologically aberrant and pathologically abhorrent, out of hand!  "there are no UFOs, because there CAN'T be UFOs.  Neatly tied, that.  Not.
  • As a consequence of this strange cognitive dissonance not allowing for more than one frog in a pretty vast pond? Well, these already mentioned pundits faux-propitiously proclaim their strained hubris! In an unbrave scientistic (sic) wallow they become irrelevant, self-sustaining, and self-rationalizing paradigms enthralled by their own insentience.  They are busily, gleefully, and gladly prosecuting same... in abstruse extremis... to our dysfunction and defeat, right now! 
  • Moreover, many of these pundits, thereby, only seem to be about providing reasons to stop looking for an *other*... and get on with their business as usual: shallow scientistic (sic) sensibilities setting themselves up as the default arbiter of precepts and observations admittedly outside their scope or pervue! Out-of-the-box Precepts and obvious observations are ignored by science even in its own gleeful admission!  Precepts and observations denied the most cursory evaluation!  WTF!
  • How is an institution of science even allowed this unscientific attitude? See, scattering attention on a plethora of contrived potential *others* can be used, reader, as a device facilitating an errantly forced admission, eventually, that the *other* must not exist at all, perhaps, producing opportunity for continued denial and even dismissal of same. I suspect this is the case.
  • Verily, after one eliminates the demons and angels... the gnomes, faeries, and trolls... the water-nixies, affrites, outré-terrestrials and jinns... in turn wades the sucking mire of Chrono-terrestrials, Dimensio-terrestrials, Intel-terrestrials, Intra-terrestrials, and inter-terrestrials... why... is there any investigative moxie remotely left for crypto-terrestrials and Extra-terrestrials? Does the reader see this Meme death by purposed diffusion?  There are no UFOs because there are no demons and angels... gnomes, faeries, and trolls...  water-nixies, affrites, outré-terrestrials and jinns... Chrono-terrestrials, Dimensio-terrestrials, Intel-terrestrials, Intra-terrestrials, and Inter-terrestrials...  That's science?
  • I submit that this Meme diffusion is just a more current flavor of "klasskurtxianism," merely—every bit a misdirecting acquiescence to the "open-minded" side of the aisle (so to speak)—and a loss leader, reader... ...a pretense that the "end of ufological denial"—and other iterated cognitive dis-associations too assiduously prosecuted by these self-same pundits—are taken into account!  They are not.  They.  Are.  Not!
  • No, these retreat to a niggard's institutional defilade if their heavens start to fall... and fall their heavens must. Our future is pinned to it!
  • Columbus was a lie. Still waffling on the existence of the *other* is a lie too, and resented just as much.
  • The *other* remains, whatever its provenance, genesisGnosis, or manifestation—or however these are argued and discarded and then argued again. This "other" is in no way obviated or dissolved with contrived and interpretive distractions regarding class driven speculations on how it interprets its own existence in what is very naively called—and with zero practical experience but unwarranted hubris—the "real world." It exists, I suspect, apart from all that, a truth in a cowardly fog we continue to unbravely produce, ourselves.

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