Sunday, October 01, 2006



Sex? ...A necessity we're taught to abhor, and saucers are driven away? Treated a secret, and kept in the dark -- "it's toxic and evil ... depraved"!

"It proves our decline, our immoral state of mind, and it ushers us into our sin"! Forgotten is it's ageless ... that it predates all the dreaming of every mote who's ever lived or ever been.

Masturbation? An evil that can strike *abusers* blind? It can tease and make one crazy -- make one lose "the ties that bind"? Make one ape the "hairy" handed? Make affect on resolution? Make one lose a few key marbles ... be confined to institutions?

Less is more, but be assured that it's not sex that should be cured -- it's the thing that is the thing that MAKES the thing! It is older than the mountains, and it taught the birds their song; it's provided flying mammals, taught us radar -- can't be wrong!

Sex? The nuts and bolts foundation of the things we try to build! It's the reason for our passion; the evolver of our skills! Its how we keep the struggle -- how we suffer our desire. It's why we tempt the jaws of death! We love that ring of fire!

That it's healthy for the body is beyond all guess or doubt. Orgasm boost your "T" cells, burns up fat, what it's about!

...One can focus awesome energy, the way the elders did; the Egyptians and the Hindus ... they were making things with it! Its rule transcends the astral; just check the Taj Mahal, or Helen's face (a thousand ships!) -- just scratch the surface Paul!

It's immortal; it's Precambrian; it's as old as primal dirt; yet we giggle and we shuffle, and we let it "burn and hurt." It's like we're in some mad agreement that it's just too good for us; like we're unworthy of its pleasures... so we're shamed to feel its lusts?

Embrace, perforce, an abstinence? Why, the gonads crack and dry! The glands involved get cancer. They turn on you! You die.

You've got to keep your glands blown out, make them think they have a use, convince them they have purpose, friend, and you'll have eternal juice. Denial is unnatural, PRESUMING your respect, DISCOUNTING double standards, or that blue-nosed guilty PEST. Sex is our survival! It's its ignorance I despise! It's that which shall destroy us! It is that we should decry!

That's what frets the saucers? In the face of all that truth, we discount our hated genitals, and pretend we are aloof. But we're not fooling star-folk, who'd be laughing up their sleeves, if they but understood us they might strike us to our knees! It's clear we're in denial on the features of our flesh, and the saucers will avoid us 'till we get it straight -- I'd guess.

The results of our sexual ignorance are clear, and require NO citation. Consider AIDS, STD's, and NBC! A clear result of sexual ignorance, all and one!

Could it be we are misjudged by an *observer* as a result of the destructive and insentient manner in which we conduct and distort our reproductive behaviors? An alien's view of our sexual proclivities may be frightening, worrisome, and revolting to them all at the same time. We'd best come to some kind of grip on ourselves... so to speak.

Restore John Ford!