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Thursday, September 17, 2020


Judge not, lest...

by Alfred Lehmberg

  • We do err, you know. Truly, we err and err hugely. We won't stop, here. No, there is too much to consider regarding all that.

  • ...And there is irony! The irony is that this just doesn't have to be this way. Not the way it is. Truly, to err is so identified as error because there was likely the ubiquitous choice to be made not to commit that error in the first place! This becomes clear when the reader considers everything they wish they could "do over," themselves, ...

  • Sure, choices are made, and wrong choices abound like fleas on dogs... only a presumption is made that these errant choices must be based, largely, on what is thought to be best practice, reasonable logic, superior interpretations of salient facts, and good will, at least most of the time, to act in "good will." We know, for the most part, that they are not. There's choice lurking there, too. 

  • Our error, finally? Reduced to that error's essence, if the reader will, and this writer may be so bold? Well, and simply stated, our error must be our reflexively tedious and corrosively employed intolerance of the eminently tolerable...
  • ...Our intolerance, then! Our unwavering, ignorant, and stubbornly obtuse intolerance. Our self-serving, servile, and ironically knave-producing intolerance. ...Intolerance to "this" or "that" on a wholly diseased whim or thoroughly invalidated premice or principle. Intolerance where toleration is not only possible but sensical and Constitutional! Intolerance where tolerance is codified in the best of religious tradition and sensible scripture... "do unto others..." and what-not, reader! 

  • Intolerance...This embarrassing and unseemly cultural pathology to masturbate the socially salacious rumor while turning a gladly armored back to the citation of responsibly constructive if unexciting, FACT! ...And at all peril, too!

  • Intolerance, in the face of all other evidence! Intolerance without a second look. Intolerance, though the non-tolerated be a better idea or design. Intolerance, often at its most vicious and uncompromising, when it doesn't...   Even...   MATTER!

  • Innocent persons need to die so it can be hashed out by pompous elites, old men in robes and skirts... patriarchal sociopaths... whether we "cross left" or "cross right"? That's a true story prosecuted even today at all indices and levels in our floundering patriarchy. Our failing floundering patriarchy.

  • Innocent persons need to be terrorized and provoked because you, figuratively, prefer to treat a woman like a bonded BITCH? Innocent persons need to chumped and disrespected... taken advantage of... because you need to impose your intolerance, your cancerous will... ...on your dark-skinned and in too many cases... certified and lettered superiors

  • I don't split hair or dive to the absurd. You know what I mean as you know who you are—all you lip-flapping if pompously mooing and authoritarian hypocrites, out there, who "know better" in a string of insincere, hypocritical, and mendacious litanies provoking all division, dread, and exacerbated disease... just shut the fuck up!  

  • You are the ironic cause of all you would whinily decry! Moreover, as has been shown in the last three decades, the "invited stupid" of Evangelical Religion and the resented oligarchy of pathological billionaires has had its disastrous run and been running hard since Reagan! There is your failing patriarchy!

  • Suffering ZOT! When this writer pays more in taxes than some major corporations, by way of example, a flag must come down, and hard! Enough!

  • Prosperity Christ in his conniving carry-all...When I look at the fulsomely fractured consequences of the global orgy of these hyper-religulously motivated, needlessly angered, and intolerant "Nationalisms," in any stripe or flavor, I wonder how bad a "liberal," "one world," but sensibly "elected" government could be?! 

  • Would "invasions from the stars" or from "between dark dimensions" be as bleak as the path on which we seem hell-bent, ourselves, now? It could be our systems pale in sad comparison with one "from the stars..." ...think of the angels, even as you must insist upon dwelling on lurid cosmic demons and devils! This writer's experience is that you get what you ask for. You make the choice, reader. on what that is. Ask Dorothy Izatt.

  • Imposing on ourselves and one another this baseless du jour intolerance... all a result of treating lock-jawed stupidity and superstitious insentience... with collegiality...(?!) or some senseless pretense about debating a political viral infection like it was not already hard-wired to bigoted toxic insanity... as in a case of an especially nasty Nationalistic ass-fugustus demonstrated by Federal Government, currently (2016-2020)... THIS, the preceding senseless taken for something sentient... as a collegiate equal, even, and one, certainly, as interested in the "intelligent common good," as yourself? You know, what mainstream news from FOX to MSNBC tries to sell you on so they can move their reverse mortgages, drugs, and boner pills?

  • No! Remotely sentient, the reader must know that that just cannot be! "Clean coal," Reader, and "drill baby drill"... "climate change be damned"! Or, "COVID is about as bad a bad cold!" ...That's the debate from these authoritarian and politically viral monsters, just to start! ...And yes, the crazy gets as deep as it does wide!

  • ...And for the microscopic FEW, reader! In the glad service and slavish devotion to the microscopic FEW! The microscopic, myopic, if mendaciously fascist and fabulous wealthy FEW! Them with the least they can lose, the most protections, and the best assurances! 

  • Consider, reader. 97% of the planet lives a hell on Earth, already! The remaining 3%? Just sick at heart. It's persons like Dick Cheney, Betsy DeVos, and Donald John TЯUMP dancing satisfaction's jig and gladly thriving! That pecuniary morbidly obese but "vast" and monied minority!

  • No, we've got to think larger, wider, and more differently than we've been thinking, right? In ANY case—larger, and more inclusively! The alternative seems to be someone sailing *the bomb* of discontented rage into some unsuspicious harbor for that—effect of "maximum inconvenience and disruption," and of course, to celebrate a prophecy that can only ever be... self-fulfilled! I digress. Let's digress a little more, if not far.

  • Rome WAS "Rome" after all, for a while, because it, early on, offered complete inclusion, a *citizenship* to those who it ...encouraged (one way of putting it?) ... to its banner? Rome was the (Pre-TЯUMP!) United States, of its time, for that reason. It was, after a fashion, given the period (harsh, brutish, bloody, and short)... ...inclusive. All men and Gods respecting responsible and proactive tolerance tolerated in the interests of the reasonable sustainable peace.

  • Only later, when it lost that good sense, succumbing to a string of ego-conflicted "barracks Caesars" (sullenly clutching the lawless arbitrary for their personal ego to then fail their Representative Republic like TЯUMP fails ours, suddenly a building refrain of awful potentiality!), was it that their resolve was finally dissolved by bread, circuses, decadence, and the pathetic grasping for same... (so, ripe for "Christian" onslaught and its precursor to a Dark Age... like it's doing now)... did Rome begin to fail in earnest

  • I read where history must ever repeat itself... but only where it is forgotten, reader... only where it is forgotten.

  • What to do? What to do? What to do? You know, apart from staying off your neighbor's ass, legislating their vaginas, or telling them who they can love and not why?

  • Well...the first thing to do in my perfect new utopian gylanic cooperation, pause to guffaw the appropriate squirty giggle, is share information regarding our... uh... (searching for a loaded expression or string of ready expletives mechanized to set the reader up for an unsettling gear change, a change so severe it could provide for MORE intolerance?) ...ubiquitous UFO *situation*. There!

  • UFOs? Yes. 

  • Those flirting lights in our skies doing the impossible and embarrassing, humiliating, and invalidating a reductionist science failing to come to grips with them. Ze Frank would quip, "That's what the UFO do..."

  • Why UFOs? Well, they're just the kind of thing uniting disparate social worlds. They are a "putting the planetary needle on the same page's groove," are they not? Something everyone can understand right down to scabby little toes, eight or eighty, blind, crippled, or even crazy. 

  • Unification is the keyword. Someone new discovered across that unexplored "cosmic river" of interstellar space... and then our little intolerances become a lot MORE meaningless and unconstructive.

  • Yes—yes—yes... I appreciate that UFOs are largely nonsense. Theodore Sturgeon pointed out that 90% of EVERY-thing is crap. Existence is a game of graft and corruption played by specious, sociopathic, and scientistic (sic) charlatans living, like any parasite, on the web that is facilitated for them; but only largely, reader, only largely... frankly we must have psychopaths so we can culturally innoculate against them. I digress. 

  • Back at the ranch, the UFOs remain. Some of *them* are very real. They BEG single-minded, even obsessive investigation. See, even wrong? We'd still have united!

  • Moreover, one's avoidance of "the issue" is a little like cluelessly turning their back on the movie monster (or that aforementioned political plague) when, of course, they're in the freaking movie (...or getting ready to vote)!

  • Lights, action—camera, boys and girls ... you're ON, in 3—2—1— ... [*]!

  • All this being said? Go forth and don't multiply.  Sire once or not at all and be able to give the clean and revitalized world back to those children. 

  • In the meantime, intolerance is eminently, obviously, and historically intolerable and so excuses itself from all toleration. We tolerate a baseless and deconstructive intolerance at our dire peril, always! Authoritarian and autocratic intolerance is just not to be tolerated. This is not the nonsense it might appear to be.

  • Additionally, restore John Ford... he still rots in stir apart from all sense and sentience a result of intolerance, the intolerance of the innocent man by the guilty man... Ford is an innocent man. Full stop. Read on.

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