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Saturday, October 24, 2020

George Carlin Had It Wrong

George Carlin Had It Wrong...

by Alfred Lehmberg

...I wrote something before the last Presidential election cycle (2016) that could be awarded "First Place" for its spot-on call as regards one DJT. Worst fears realized...

This was when he was a mere comic buffoon and reality TV star, before revealing the "TЯUMP" as he has come to be known. For the "prize" alluded to, we must imagine a contest concerned only with being able to take ZERO pleasure for being correct on the issue. Any issue. Any gloating is impossible, you'll agree. I loathe my correctness and wished I'd been entirely wrong.

No. No, not where current National priorities, just to start, are but focused fixation on getting Betsy DeVos, et sig al, bigger and more luxurious boats. These would be awards that the hyperprivileged advantage themselves of, a result of the wholesale manslaughter (murder?) of hundreds of thousands of working Americans in a pandemic, and THEN trying to cancel the healthcare for millions of people as a cruel accessory! Insult after injury.

We must add the cruelest and most horrific move from a Constitutional Republic evolving humanely for two centuries, plus, to a deregulated oligarchy sans all responsibility or principle and helmed by Religulous imbeciles and soulless psychopaths for their profit and gain! These are working furiously to abuse and betray honest Americans, even now!

It has even become imaginable to these monsters that they regress us to the 1950s, all suffering, racism, and sexual bigotry intact! Speaking of suffering, racism, and bigotry, sprinkle in, then, the wholesale kidnapping and handy destruction of the lives of largely innocent people at our borders, most of these just yearning to "breathe free" in America's, purported, "better life." You know, the one we SELL them on their TVs!

Kids in cages. It's become a real thing apart from exaggeration or inflation. Squalerous conditions fomenting and facilitating future enemies of the United States... you know, that Country who took their parents away... Those enemies are on US!

Consider, then, the unprecedented tragedy of an unconscionable betrayal where a United States President is ambivalent (at best!) about Russian enemies of the United States paying bounties for the SCALPS of American soldiers! No... gloating would be as inappropriate as it is impossible given this list of gross infidelities, surreal atrocities, and political malfeasances that can just go on and on... ...four more years?

So... the upshot? VOTE where you can, folks. It matters this time... it mattered LAST time... It's a good indication that it has mattered every time. See, George Carlin had it wrong.

"There's a CLUB" all right, and it's your VOTING that gains you a membership! See, it's VOTING to facilitate the Death of TЯUMPCO and its diseased, hypocritical, and traitorous Right Wing (NAZISM, and Godwin's be damned)! It's voting! Vote!


TЯUMP caught COVID and nearly died!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Heaven At Hand

Heaven At Hand
by Alfred Lehmberg

Lately, we seem to justify our extinction even as we exacerbate avoidable conditions precipitating same! Indeed, it seems entirely arguable, by aspiring and self-expressive woke-folk, that we begin to perceive an unsettling and alarming (if ironic) dark light at the end of this faux-reality tunnel which our self-imposed and dangerously endured ignorance has complacently contrived. A shadow-train we let run us down? 
No, not salvation's light at tunnel's end, unfortunately, no. More like the light of a fresh hell on Earth, one might suppose, and one entirely engineered by a pestilent humanity inexpertly running headlong towards that hell before it could even crawl properly. This future looms like an earned contrition's gaping maw... now, and it's on us, our invented Gods and Devils be damned! Them? They can "get the hell out of our Galaxy"... and for the same reasons iterated by Sheridan and Delenn in the preceding clip! Watch it! That!
The abject one, evil, proposed above, suggests its polar opposite, good. One CANNOT even exist without the other as they define each other! In other words, what unrealized "good" could also be "on us"? Hell is proposed. Could heaven be at hand, too?  
You know, if we sired once or not at all, for a while... perhaps, stopped being an f'n virus for a couple of generations, mayhap... give a planet some chance to recover... perchance! This "be fruitful and multiply" shit is currently a toxic travesty of an outdated idea and it's got to stop! 
See, if heaven could be, then Heaven is at hand! Sure, and it's one we'd make ourselves sans duplicitous distractions from a self-destructive, self-serving, and cretinous religiosity, but that's a story for another time. Though, there's the irony, reader! Remains, heaven IS at hand.
...Ain't it? If not here, certainly somewhere in the grand expanse of a "multiverse" known and unknown... a vast tableau of that which we cannot even *know* how to know... as yet, for all our scientific pretense and dis-sensical reductionist hubris... ...so why NOT here? Our arrogance is without the remotest justification... ...apart from our art and it's word? At our best? We ARE our finest ART! That's meant on a few levels...
Our very existence, remember, is the purest demonstration that there are "others" extant who must be JUST as artful and more. Oh... more, reader! That's our salvation!
Our thoughts happen somewhere, remember, oh not because they're our thoughts... pause to giggle... that's a laugh sincerely, but only because our thoughts must be so mundane and facile in general. Easy, comparatively, to materialize. Ain't it the truth?  Yes! See, we're likely not on the tall end of universal IQ, eh? Humility demands that.
Still, it's a heaven in our reach... even if denying our grasp presently!
Perhaps. Mayhap. Perchance! We make great strides when we stride! We make colossally tragic pratfalls, too. ...Maybe more of those. Remains, heaven's at hand.
Though sincerely, back at the ranch with regard to raw thought's expansive probability? There is that much... space. There is that much... time. There is that much... surface area involved... to facilitate...to facilitate ...anything, reader. Anything! A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.!
"Anything" with an exponent of a Googleplex! Those implications are huge! The reader better be humbled by them! This is good and bad. Expressions and behaviors from Celestial Saints to Ripley's Xenomorph. Vorlons and Shadows. Better and worse. You know...existential Reality!
Seriously, all the reader has ever thought of, admitted and not, in the most whacked out and disturbed fever dream, meditation, or idle whimsy... alone on a coffee break at work... sitting on the can... explosive recognition in an idiotic and acrimonious debate... has happened, in actuality, *somewhere*, reader, already... countless times. Countless. Times. I remind the reader that if it can? It did!
...Even here.  Even here, it is at your elbow, reader, even as it can be a trillion light-years away and millions of years past or future! ...And this doesn't make "you," reader, the "you" you're personally invested in, any less youand singular for that! There is nothing else at the center of any one's universe but that one, without regard to iteration number or causal dimension! All of them are at their centers, too. You. Are. Unique! So indicates Rick Sanchez, the smartest mammal in the multiverse.
See? There really is a... "long, long ago... in a galaxy far, far away...". It's just "XXX" rated for language, sex, and violence far beyond the capacity of that garden variety dirty movie too reflexively thought of... though plenty of THAT, too, boy howdy! Such is reality: more than mere spinrate, and charge, reader, even if XXX reality is powered by those things...
Stop now... and consider all the preceding as an understatement. I can't express it, but I can feel it!
So... ...reader
Given the productive, if scary potentialities of copping to this larger reality extant, one would think that some investigation into it... into UFOs, say, would be pursued more greedily. That's the history of our prosecuted if sociopathic ethic to date, after all (...and believe me, Ufologists eat their own). Yet, we do not make that pursuit. We do not!
...No, to the contrary! We but dabble and obfuscate! We too quickly disabuse even to masturbate a lurid and badly motivated complacency in the UFOs regard. The "genuine" remains heavily marginalized and discounted while the "woo-woo"—whatever that is—gets the heavy publication... subsequent to fatuous derision later on... ...in an effort to discredit the whole of a ufological milieu, altogether? The mainstream does seem over-anxious to make it all just go away, so ...what? ...So a paranatural "baby" can more easily be thrown out with the preternatural "bathwater"?  I suspect so.
Moreover, I think *we* avoid looking for this kind of stuff precisely because *we* know that if we showed some raw courage (which we have in spades where there is a dollar in it!) and, actually, looked, reader? Why, we, and actually, *find*!!!  
Uh-oh! Everything changes (I suspect for the better), which makes those in their cat-bird seats—and in an aggregate chagrin, anyway—perk up their lotioned and bejeweled jowls to say "boy howdy," themselves, and verily!
See, a general finding of this type suggested by Rich Dolan and Bryce Zabel is not entirely complementary to those occupying conjectured cat-bird seats, I surmise, because disclosure and the fruits of same, I submit, provides for a measure of personal autonomy to the individual so informed. This might make her/him less socially manipulable? Yes, this subsequent assumption of a desired new efficacy of the "self-provided by," may, perhaps, be a result of this conjectured disclosure... THEN what teams we shall make, eh?
See, in other words, it might be that that which is kept from us "for our own good," is good!  Ouch! What does that make the better-heeled and secret-keeping cat-bird seater?  "...What is a 'psychopathic monster,' Alex! ...I'll take 'The new efficacy' for 500, Mr. Trebek!" 
Maybe the truth does set you free, even if it pisses you off, first. It remains preferable; however, because now you have real stuff with which to work... forgetting that stuff alluded to is brand new and fresh out of the freaking box!  We make our own reality, see; why not make a better one?  What could stand in our way?
New *findings* are uncomfortable for the reader because experience dictates that the *devil* "known" is usually preferable to the devil unknown. But consider, reader. The *devil* we know is pretty damn bad, already, and getting worse.  This is provoking that consideration of alternate *devils*, to begin with, according to Richard Dolan, via a host of well-cited and credible others, in his histories of "UFOs and the National Security State..."
...Though... we had better *find*, regardless. Our survival as individuals producing "better" individuals depends on it.
Anything else is arbitrary control by a sneering elite, reader. Anything else is laboriously farming the Manor Lord's three-field rotation on fields you can't own, in ignorance, and letting his sons sport-boink and defile our compromised if comely daughters...
That's a good implication regarding our continued ignorance, don't you think? Moreover, Heisenberg propounds, it seems, that if we observe a surface area's time in space for an occurrence of *something*... a finding... ...why ...it comes to pass that we will have an occurrence... a finding!  Ding! Things are spring-loaded to happen the way we observe them to happen... ...go through the formality of actually occurring recalling there's space/time and surface area enough for that "formality." Everything's eventual. What can, does.
What encourages this formality of "actually occurring." Clearly, reader, there is a mind over matter?
Our whole existence is a demonstration of our mind over matter. We thought it... and it became so. We've had allies of this conjectured mentality... we're rediscovering those allies right now, and in the nick of time, too, reader. In the nick of time.  Good thing, too.
Additionally, looking into the night sky—trying to step past the fear of what could be out there—ever attempting a search for a bona fide UFO yields some interesting results. Results?
Frankly? You see UFOs!  Uh-huh. That's right.
Let's start there. Let's look. Let's actually look. We're not looking now, not really. Not remotely. Not so "Dick Six-pack" hears about the search between Spike Channel re-runs. Not so "Wendy Wine-cooler" hears about that search between "American Idol" commercials...
...But there are too many sweaty palms and faux-rolled eyeballs... presently. Too many reflexively convenient dismissals... too many ready denials and suspect derisions—cast aspersions, even. Society is cast as a duplicitous prison warden in a prison we make ourselves. Moreover, betrayals by that entirely corrupt societal warden abound! Meditate until uncomfortable on a Number... #45... Culture is not your friend.
With something like a credible "WikiLeaks," or "real truths" able to just leak out just willy-nilly come the hells of high waters... (apt metaphor, THAT...) That particular catbird's becomes altogether "sack-less," eh? Everyone comes to know what there is to be known.
Item: Did the reader know that there are a few classes of disparaged and tabooed entheogens which largely facilitate, in that prohibited medical setting,  the cure of most all addictions or addictive behaviors... and engages the previously addicted individual to a level of productive calmness, efficacious social worth, and intelligence they didn't before have? 

Prohibited! Fat people could be thin people. Sick people could be well people. Sad people could be glad people. Dissatisfied people could be satisfied people. That's at hand, too. At hand!
Not so smart... to smart enough. Love could crowd hate instead of the inverse of that. And all of this for pennies on the dollar presently spent?  We could claim respect from the stars instead of enduring their antithesis, and quarantine (!?) by same? 

Heaven, an aspect of it anyway, at hand. ...And it's our own hand!
What? The psychedelics? Yes... Known by the current civilization since the sixties, too, forgetting it is knowledge so old it dates back to our descent from the trees, eons ago on the savannas of a Dark Continent. Graham Hancock is writing about this re-rediscovered knowledge. Ralph Metzgar. Andrew Weil. Rick Strassman. Terence McKenna. Daniel Pinchbeck. Ralph Abraham. Riane Eisler. Rupert Shelldrake. Et sig al. They write regarding an efficacious way of a Shamanic philosophy in Societies based not on competition, so much, but cooperation, gylanic cooperation in a partnership served by further reaching mammalian corporations and not reptilian ones. The effect of same...
These are names to be lionized in the quickly approaching future where infant religions and juvenile governments can hold no sway over the conscious individual... ...as if they ever did (or had)... or ever could over the "long haul." These are harbingers of the approaching time of singularity and concrescence looming, still!
Batten hatches... buckle belts... gird intellectual loins. The kingdom is at hand and awaits. That's a good thing for all the batteningbuckling, and girding. Verily. That's my suspicion... and I remain entirely optimistic. Heaven is at hand. Moreover? Reach and grasp are the same!
Restore John Ford!

Monday, October 05, 2020

How Did They Know?


Think of folks existing 
in some ancient un-guessed time... 
when Humankind was fresh-faced, 
and innocent in mind.  
Present deserts were once verdant 
in a time so long ago  
that they're buried by eternity 
in drifts of time, like snow.

Continents were bigger then, 
and they bridged themselves with land 
where the sea now washes liberally... 
plains were mountains
stark and grand! 
...And the arctic was the tropics
Earth's huge magnet switched her poles; 
the water rushed and drowned us 
and then washed down cracks and holes!

Our "Gods" were "explanation,"
so we showered them with gifts 
well beyond an exploration 
of their own self-worth or thrift! 
We wrote a lot about them... 
and we said it with aplomb 
...that the *gods* DID walk among us, 
or Zecharia's been dead wrong!

We were literal—sans all nuance, 
so we wrote it as we saw it.   
It's the only thing we knew that worked
as we saw it we would call it!   
...And we wrote about these awesome gods
and we gave them timeless names
from the strongest to the weakest... 
...and it's from them's drawn our shame!

The biggest? Call him Jupiter
He's the King of all the gods. 
He's the one with all the lightning bolts, 
and he gives the rest a nod
Venus is his consort, 
and she has him by the ear, 
so all the rest array themselves 
behind her to her rear!

Venus was the lesser god, 
of that there was no doubt. 
She didn't have Jup's monstrousness, 
she didn't have his clout
She might trick him or deceive him
but she'd pay the price if caught
she's the loser, in a battle 
where they struggled or they fought.

Now, drift on back to present times, 
and take a walk outside. 
Look East before the sun comes up 
upon a dark, but cloudless, sky!

Jupiter and Venus, 
just two planets, outshine stars! 
But one outshines the other; 
which is which confounds the bard. 
Not hard for me, perhaps for you, 
I've seen them through a scope! 
I have learned which one is bigger; 
that's what has me by the throat! 

See, it's Jupiter that's dimmer
'cause it spins so far away; 
it has the low albedo, 
and its color makes it fade
Venus is the brightest
so it looks the bigger, still. 
It has the high albedo! 
It's way closer to us, Phil!

That's where we have the disconnect
and a loss in continuity. 
This is where we learn comeuppance
and where we fill up on humility!

the *dimmer* light 
was the FATHER of the gods? 
when just a look 
shows Venus has that spot! 
when Venus looks the biggest
and more blaming? 
the sizes of the planets 
we were naming?

  • A too quickly maligned and discredited Sitchin would have argued that the ancients had to have been—uh... ... TOLD (yes!) or  informed by "the gods who walked among them as women and men." Whoa! The gods who walked among them like women and men?  In the existential and corporeal reality? Yes! It might not be ALL bunk! Perplexities remain.
  • Some other things we knew, millennia upon compounded millennia ago... when the dew was still fresh on our cognitive lily and we were aided only by a human visual acuity thousands of years from any DREAMED of visual enhancement with glass, mirror, microscope, or telescope!  What did we know?
  • Why... ...only that which could not have known at all!  That which was too far away to be known! That which was beyond possible to know!  How?!?
  • How did these ancients know of the existence of a planeted solar system and a plethora of stars like our own?  How did they know about the asteroid belt betwixt Mars and Jupiter?  These likened it to a bejeweled bracelet around our Sun. How did they know the near-identical sizes of the "twin" planets Neptune and Uranus, that they were water worlds, and even know the hues of each... which was blue and which was green?  How did they know about the mysterious and enigmatic planet *X* we have recently detected only as a result of perturbations in orbital mechanics disturbing planets of the only system we can presently know ... our own?
  • How did they KNOW!
  • We know, not, certainly.
  • Restore John Ford!

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