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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Yeats Wink And Nod...

"If you ever do business with a religious son of a bitch, 
get it in writing because his word isn't worth shit... 
not with the 'good lord' 
telling him how to fuck you on the deal!" 
William Burroughs

Here's another hurdle 
keeps the "saucer" folk away.  
Just look with open eyes 
before you turn your heart away!  
There ARE predaceous Christians 
who have nothing good to say: 
those, sloppily, all wet-eyed... 
—like Jimmy Swaggart—
when they pray...
...who then do their fellows dirty 
as the order of the day!
...And too, these won't self-criticize.
They won't "debate" their "Christ."
Degraded and defiled outright,
They're in, friend, on the heist!
Where one won't truck hypocrisy
Or a Christian's graft and crime
they obviate their relevance
And deserve their prison time.
...But watch them singing sweetly 
from their "television pulpits" 
while the harried and betrayed 
are made to pay; 
watch them wallow in the excess 
that they've stolen from their *faithful* 
as they profit from egregious 
ways they pray!
...And all the while whining 
it's "their" persecution's real
They say it's them who're hounded 
as they spew mendacious squeals! 
This is just a tactic 
to confuse the way you feel, 
so their programs might continue!  
...They can lie 'n cheat 'n steal!
That's the way it's always been, 
the way they write the deal. 
It makes you docile and non-threatening
it makes you glad to scrape and kneel!  
Too, invented validations 
fuel an ignorance so pervasive, 
it obviates the UFO!
Disclosure's made "evasive"!
How? Well, "They are piloted by demons; 
"this is found in God's own word!"  
"Believers should be stoned in Christ,"
This they'll quote from *bibles* 
mal-translated and... absurd
The resulting machinations?  
Bad "Agendas" are inured!
Too, their total *mode* and *flavor
is so back-woods, and inbred
Are we downwind, green-toothed cowards
is imagination dead? 
The wheel's uninvented (?), 
and we drag our stuff on sleds? 
We could orient to light, good folk... 
but provoke the dark instead!
They'd ignite their Christian chaos, too, 
but they blow it with their graft
Humanity has flowered 
where Religion's kept in track
Left to abject Christians 
we'd still shiver in a draft
starving, soiled, and miserable, 
we'd be cold and wet and daft...
Make their shamed *investment*?  
Take your eyes down from the sky?  
Follow their example, friend? 
Ignore what "swoops" and "flies"
Why, do the same as they do 
and you'll wither down to die 
like you never knew what's "spiritual," 
or the sack to wonder why!
It's them puts off the *saucers*, see,
and they do it with such perk!  
Monumental cowards, 
fallacious sneaks with irksome "quirks." 
Performing "absolution" 
that they know could never work,
but still do it with intensity
busy, fervid... ...with that smirk!
...And that is sheer insanity
this "dog eat dog" they sell 
as imposed by pompous *eunuchs* 
shilling angels where they fell.  
So, sorry... too pre-renaissance. 
Too homocentric, too. 
Too flatly "homo-morphic" 
for a proper Alien View.

  • The worst work with passionate intensity while the best have lost all conviction, to paraphrase Yeats. I regret having to quote an elitist, a mouthpiece of justification for the "man," but there you have it. ...Where words make a fist... they are a weapon, whosoever's swinging them, eh?  I'll appropriate a Yeats for good cause.  Who indeed are the worst working with such passionate intensity.  Not who we thought, I'm betting.

  • Seriously, visit the bottom of the United States' AM radio dial sometime, anytime.  ...When kids could be listening, eh?  Treat yourself to some of the most effusively mendacious and revoltingly unreasonable expressions of mindless hatred imaginable

  • Sprung from the same "dominator" loin? They are but a turn and a wink from Islam, itself the current issue of that which is most violently and misogynisticly authoritarian in a "dominator" culture afflicting us at present. ...Though, who stood on whose neck, first... and why, eh? That's where real revelation begins...
  • Islam is at least plain, verily!  The up-tight fundy Christian stealthily (...less honorably?) prosecutes the same sociopathy in well-appointed rectories and from ironic pulpits used to degrade our quality of life and make us happy with that. I digress...
  • ...Back to our home-breed of narrow-minded-slack-jaws and mouth-breathing-fundy "ditto-heads"? Ask one of these more bigoted psychopaths what Jesus thinks of an extraterrestrial hypothesis.  Use smaller words...
  • Untested faith explodes in your face like a lanced ripe boil. They'll answer too quickly some cadenced Christian talking-point like they *know* in their heart of hearts, but they'll say it in "tongues," then criticize your lack of *faith* for not "buying in" to... or validating... their (apparently?) shallow, corrosive, and unintelligible non-explanation, wholesale.  Follow the money, people, and know Newt Gingrich laughs at his supporters behind their backs.
  • If it ain't them washed in the blood of their institutional lamb? It's Satan! ...Hate on high-beams driving too fast in reverse, if the reader can follow that!
  • Verily, and don't you just know it, yourself? They will castigate you furiously for not reflexively validating their intellectually insulting and self-serving cognitive mockery! Sorry, that needed to be said. Grok it in fullness.
  • I once knew an educated woman as smart and talented as can walk around unaided. You could leave her with your chickens.  She had long been an ardent practitioner of that for which she "testifies." She is a card-carrying Christian, serious, which is to say not completely arbitrary or cognitively convenient. She had tried to walk the walk. She had a sweetness, an even disposition in the aggregate, and had raised, as far as they go, wonderful children...
  • But watch that sweet countenance twist and snarl into a vicious spitting mask when her dogma was even reasonably questioned, reader—that gay people should be treated as human beings, or that creationism is an intellectual embarrassment without the remotest support save its self-facilitating and untested faith, or that some Aliens might not be demons, for example—and then wonder, good friend and fellow motes of consciousness, who the Devil really is!
  • The devil sat before me spitting her coffee cake. The cross wearing devil sells us cars we can't afford,  loosens fillings during a routine cleaning, and gets away with authoritarian behavior around kids so an authoritative behavior looks weak in a first comparison later on! There's some real sin right there!  The lacking authoritarian person, so then, makes the intrinsically superior authoritative person's job needlessly harder.
  • I once watched a guy at a church function make little kids cry for eating ice-cream before giving thanks to the "sweet baby Jesus." No child's parent dared say a word. A stranger at the group... I said nothing. Now, what's that all about? Does one think a "Jesus" would stand around and fondly condone such as that?  I would suspect that "Jesus" was no authoritarian. 
  • See, it's NOT the mistakes made that matters so much, it's the mistakes not copped to that are, and have ever been, the problem. We haven't learned that we make mistakes so as to learn from them. That's why we reap what we sow (...it matters who did what to who—first, and why...), and all our problems are, largely, our own damned fault. Aliens, the ultimate sedition, are alternative to all that, I suspect.  That's why it's ABA (anything but aliens) with the "establishment," religions I'd wager.
  • I additionally suspect that that's why they're pushed—when they're admitted to at all—far beyond arm's reach in mere microbiological forms, relegated to galaxies "far, far away" or to times "long, long ago."
  • Right here on earth and entirely of our own accord? We thoughtlessly manufacture the hells which vex and torment us because there is some valid confusion—busily facilitated by the *bad* guys—discerning who the good guys really are! I suggest a few of those good guys may be representative of the *other*.  Alien... but there you have it. No apologies. "They" are precisely because "we" are, remember. No thing happens once.
  • ...What is the worst head eater out there compared to even the minions of, say, Big Dick Cheney? ...And push a sock in it if you need to, we all know that was over the top.  That's the problem you see?  Why—apart from inoculation to real horror or a hurdle stepping up our "game for same"—do we have to endure a Cheney, too, on top of everything else?
  • Until we figure 'good' and 'bad' out ...And just check fruit born for that (...Eric and Don Jr. or Uday and Qusay...), eh? See how it's rolled from the tree. It's that easy...or hard...). Until we figure it out we will remain separated from our hearts desire, apart from an efficacious satisfaction, and divorced from anything else elevating and enlightening... and likely to be out there... in a wide-open and largely unexplored reality, a reality wherein which we are, perforce, bereft of perceiving the smallest slice
  • Still—that "kingdom" alluded to, is at hand! ...Can't you feel it? ...Just a wink and a nod away. Yea and verily! [g]. An actual choice if we made it.  If we really, really wanted that kingdom at hand, it would be here.  We're just a little distracted from the task, is all.  Remains that kingdom at hand, eh? ...But a choice away.

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