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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Saber Rattles

Forget those making *judgments*
From the centers of their webs...
Or those who praise the fates of some,
But others curse with Krebs.

Fairness is your issue?
...Insure a solid grounding?
...Think: how it's best to lay to rest
One's ignorance, confounding!

So, how to make a "judgment,"
And stay one step ahead?
Best — "judge ye not, lest ye be judged,"
And search real *skies*, instead.

  • Oh, fret not my friends and fellow loved ones... or even that coldly regarded antithesis of same, of needs held even closer! The outlining poetic explication above is well beyond this writer's present capability as a base human-bean (sic)... Though one aspires to it, as all should... anything else is heedless psychopathy! Social defecation in bed summarily pushed down with disrespected feet... Still, avoiding judgment toils patience.
  • No. It remains. I fear it appears that I must remain decidedly partisan and obnoxiously singular to the end of my days! It's in the Guild's bylaws. All this is possible, you understand when you have what a person like, say, Donald Trump, can never have. What's that? Enough, my friend, in the winter of your winter.  
  • All kidding aside, partisanship is indicated, after all, because there ARE partisans in what's taken, conventionally, for the "corporeal," eh? Assholes abound in this corporeal! Few agree and fewer of those for the acknowledged better reasons, amirite? 
  • A result of all this is that these aforementioned supportless partisans create their own opposition, (me!), at root... from the cloth they themselves provide! They  challenge me, inspire me, embolden me, but provoke me, to become targets for my cannons
  • Asked which came first, the "pelicanist" or the "Lehmberg," this person's honest take is that this race goes, and decidedly, to the pelicanist.  Such lack of imagination and courage displayed should not so flap or squawk, unrealized, unexamined, or uncriticized. One is reminded it's not just the skeptibunky, eh? A "politics" obtrudes in their ranks, verily, if uncalled for! Bleaugh!
  • ...With regard to the soon-to-be-alluded to "singularity, that to which we ALL drawn"? I only aspire to reflect that to which we are drawn, regardless!  I read we're not pushed to our destinations, at all, but pulled. No apologies.
  • First, hold on. If you're going to be offensive? Best be bland. Rest assured, I'll offend in turn, if only for that "balance" sought and that which is ever touted by one's duplicitous, hypocritical, and reflexively reductionist opposition.  It's difficult, one may understand, for a career soldier to turn another cheek. Lurid duels of now literary death must ensue, and sadly.  I'll endeavor; however, not to be the first to pull my saber. Spit in my face; however, and face, yourself, a fiercely unpleasant, if decidedly educational, inundation. I promise.
  • On sneers, frankly? A "sneer" just pisses me off... ...Like it was writ in stone that any of us had it together enough to portentously produce even one sneer, for any reason! Slytherin homocentric hubris slithers and squirms salaciously then loses its pride before the inevitable fall! 
  • A sneer is only ever regrettable, see? So, I'll resent sneers provoked from me by your garden variety and very fatuously sneering... ignorantly reductionist popinjay, entirely without constructive imagination, ironically, and not remotely conversant with that upon which they would—and so confidentlypronounce, even! This person sneers at the sneer, if not the sneerer.
  • People! A sad "merest-mote-of-consciousness-in-a-cyberspace-expanding-into-hyperspace-at-the-speed-of-light," myself... ...I'm an innocent like you might prove to be! I am also within that same cyberspace and beset by the same craven bastards as we "innocent" always are (sinners though we prove to be!)! LOL! That's why the rule of law is important... I digress.
  • ...Seriously though, my unabashed loose literary cannon of admitted small caliber is needlessly generated in that noisy sullenness of these sullen others, these pelicanists of Klasskurtxia. I'd rather be writing about inner and outer space! Remaining is an intuition of consistent and considerable conviction propelling an earnest initiative so as to engage this perceived outrage of sinning sneeriness so propulsively perceived! 
  • I must, of needs then, fire on that which offends my intelligence, my sense of rationality, my appreciation for justice... demeans my insistence on fairness, but that which precludes any sincere perseverance... perseverance that we aspire to a bigger box of grander potentialities and far more worthy "idea-fications" than are currently pursued! Again, no apologies.
  • The preceding is predicated by a future I rush forward to greet if accelerating uncontrollably towards it as I go... yes! Resistance is futile in this situation! Consider that singularity of the black hole, a similar attractant. Inexorable! Too? It's no tragedy when ego dies.
  • All you can do is put english on that inevitable "entry," english for the magically gleeful and productive approach to same... the right english, spiritual, technological, or ...otherwise? ...You pass through to, not "somewhere," according to our time's best "Imagineers," but something else at a different "level" of existentiality! Extra-dimensional! Para-cognitional!
  • Oh, and you must "sing" in the process, especially where fear looms, sing in any way you can; sing even if you must carry that tune in an f'n bucket!  It's the song, that song within you, a portrait of the energy put into the production of that song, you see, guiding the more honest and instructive interpretation of what one does see. You see? Sing! Such will be the way of the ufological curmudgeon and paranormal poet/warrior. The apology cupboard remains bare.
  • The alien other may be wholly unrecognizable. Grok that. That's on us, not it. No apologies here, either. Consider some Cropcircles
  • This writer will be writing, exploratively, on the issues of alienness, where apologies are only honest explanations... writing if the only one reading, regardless. What's writ still travels out in a lightspeed dance on a widening hoop of electromagnetic flight. A moving finger writing with a plethora's multitude of other moving fingers, the multiverse regarding itself... still singular for that... we digress, again. 
  • Hey, once a recipient of the, coveted by some, "Zorbie" award (...for importunate ufological angst production?), I won that august decoration, twice, with some small affection... ...tarnished by the contentious awarding, even! Now, I've a "tradition" and "reputation" to uphold. I've a smidgen of a mini-"mandate" and diminutive "popularity" to be appreciated. I've a minute *notoriety* to live up to, eh?
  • What others see before them I leave behind, in truth? Injection into the new hyperspace? I'm ready, girded even by the great barragrugous ZOT, brothers and sisters, so swing the hammer down! Excelsior!
  • Still, that bit of poesy above is a reminder that there are greater considerations than mere ceremony and tedious ritual... even traditions, reputations, mandates, and popularizations... lost relevances! These greater considerations are festooning the table for our, made fearful, ufological deliberations, eh? More of us would do well to remember that.  We're made fearful.  There's money in it for the top one percent... all know that on some level.
  • It remains, we've infant annums looming—and bigger fish to fry in them—even as we are distracted by bogus events and contrived occurrences, aberrant and abhorrent, reader, so compounding our unease and exacerbating our disquiet! Bogus and contrived?
  • Yes, I must report that I suspect many of these "aberrant and abhorrent" events—and other occurrences of frothing toxemia that is the 24-hour News Cycle—to be facilitated by devices diverting us, the wholly abused rank and file 99%, from the aforementioned greater considerations... Oh, and would that there be an outrage wrought for our prideful manipulator... but wait, eh?  No matter...
  • It remains. Pride does go before the fall.
  • In the coming years? This writer will, in his small way, attempt to insure just that! [g].
  • ...But seriously, back at the *restive* ranch... consider, reader: What is "it"... regarding our on-topic and timeless tradition of epic length: the UFO, the "other"... that "other" not *us* and sitting just at the perimeter of our limited perceptibility... ...through countless generations of recording human beings... ...and continues to teasingly interact with us, still? 
  • What indeed!?! What is more important than that... what could be more important than that ...when everything else only works to distract you from... that?  We're not alone. We're not alone! The probability of being alone is so close to zero it would be imperceptible... "zero" in virtual fact! The math is its own proving path. We exist, at all, so they must.
  • That there is *something* there is trammeled out by so many intellectual worthies—and this expanding number of same from multiple disciplines—it insults intelligence not to consider "it," anymore! Moreover, apart from the preceding is the cacophonous level of decibels heralding the fatuous caterwauling from an intransigent opposition, also validating the preceding, if inversely! ...Real irony there if an eye is peeled for it!
  • There is "there" there. Additionally, our intelligence is insulted.
  • Sneer at your peril. Apart from several hundred years of niggardly applied, malfeasance rewarding, and the unjustifiably canted religious arbitrationand these from a soulless collection of scientistic [sic] *insentieros*—arrogantly ignorant intellectual fanboys of stark reductionism without decency, accountability, or responsibilityyou, reader, are and have been, but a candle, out of doors, in what has been, to date, only an environment stirred by the gentlest of caressing and nurturing breezes!
  • Grok that, and cup your flame
  • We could be fierce torches in oxygenated air behind strong doors between stars... but we squander the window's opportunity of our dwindling planetary largess!
  • We are a stupid people doing stupid things stupidly, and we furiously prosecute that stupidity, even double down on it, in an evolving stupidity inspired by stupidity, with stupid words and equally stupid deeds... transcending mere stupidity to a new and more expansive quantum level of metastasizing *Stupidity*. We are as we do.
  • ...Pretty stupid.
  • ...And it ain't the "woos," bunky. Disabuse yourself of that fatuous notion.
  • "Woo-dom" only occurs as a reaction to the suspected betrayals of that "woo" rank and file by its official and learned authority! They don't pay off to the greater good, are not forthcoming with legitimate information, and we remain to fill that informational void... anyway we can!  "Take back the woo," as writer Regan Lee says! 
  • Curse who's responsible for belittling or invalidating an honest hatred of that ignorance when it's that person's cognitive "song and dance" not filling the informational bill... in the first place, which has provoked that hatred, at the start, in the second! Be damned, sincerely!
  • Culture is at fault. The fair-minded and progressive individual is without blame. Stand tall, reader. Enough for both of us, I will.
  • ...My suspicion—my intuition, my ideation, my anticipation, my presumption... beyond valueless "faith" and the personal fables of one's self-serving "hope"—is that an association with the aforementioned *other* I'm ever on about, can (get ready for the big reveal)...empower the individual to more intellectuality, physicality, and self-sufficiencymake you smarter, healthier, and more prosperous—happier and more satisfied I'm betting... ...which of course is the bane of a jealous culture officiated by the 1%: some few sociopaths, niggards in aspect and monsters in character... actually a fraction of a fraction of the remaining seven billion souls on this depleted sphere... with most of them seriously suffering in one form or another for the vacuous and degeneratively decadent pleasures of these few.
  • ...And you know what, reader? I bet you DO know! Ironically, that richly monstrous "fraction of a fraction" suffers, itself, still! How happy and satisfied can one ever be where there can never be enough providing that happiness and satisfaction?
  • Consider: just since the late sixties the rate of children born with autism has jumped from one in ten thousand... to 1 in 166, or so... so, a reduced quality of humanity in the quantity of humanity... ...and the poles are melting, too... 
  • What's on "Reality TV"? ...Anything good?
  • Throw dollars at that? ...Make a "scientific" (read, scientistic!) pronouncement? ...Kiss your pampered ass goodbye? Hello? [tap..tap..tap... is this thing on?]
  • Hot flash to the "movers and shakers" so informed: you better start movin' and shakin'. "Move" and "shake" your egalitarian sensibilities (read, asses!) lest you're dragged from your homes and offices and made to pay in blood for your scurrilous social betrayals! We'll likely do that anyway, but the quality of your righteous comeuppance shall not improve with age, I suspect. ...We could do SO much better.
  • ...Did you read to "here"? Excelsior! Read on.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Pyrrhic Gains

One will speak of the UAP
only with derision!

Pyrrhic Gains
by Alfred Lehmberg

UFOs... apart from one's concerns regarding our poor abused "snowflake Occam," misused and misappropriated actually—used by the hubristic and homocentric as a cowardly dodge... what is to be gained in their regard? That's the perspicacious question! The "smart money" question! 

What is there to be gained?  Gain of need? Gain of want? Gain of necessity? Gain of achievement? ...Gains even sourly secured of ill-purposed falsehoods by some grinning ghoul of a psychotic profiteer slouching off to Washington, as you read, to get elected?

Then, what can ever come of the self-serving lie? What good, anyway! This is without regard to how well that lie might be couched or "intentioned." A "well-intentioned" lie is that slippery slope on roads to hell paved with same (one has understood), still, even needfully navigated? Roads must be trod, of needs... for cause!

Though, seriously, how "well-intentioned " ...really... eh? It remains and is resolved: everyone does lie, every thing lies... is likely not what the reader thinks it is... only hopes it is... hell, the SKY lies! A fraction of a light second away the sky is a complete fiction! One won't even know the sun exploded for eight full minutes! Now, let's Re-consider the touted concerns of "National Security."

Don't tell this retired military officer about your National Security concerns, with his thanks! See, that weary rubric is so often troped by the aforementioned "fallacious abusers at the dinner table UFO debate" that the rest of us just look down at our lap napkins in offended embarrassment! 

For reference, this writer was a military aviation officer who held a top-secret security clearance a time or three in two decades of service ...so who performed in the rodeo and was able to procure the "T-shirt" AND the "ashtray"! National Security "concerns" are fine until they're used for mechanisms of "ass-covery" and their ambivalent official ƒüÇk€®ý, plus all the attendant bad ethics portrayed... if not all the deplorable morality showcased! Concerns?!

So. Who is it to watch the unwatched watcher?

Consider, in no particular order, Richard Dolan, who would demolish these "concerns" aforementioned in two volumes examining same, with a third volume upcoming, someday, one hopes. Other works from him are bells, whistles, and cake icing on the subject of one's calling a spade a spade, ufologically. 

Continuing, Robert Hastings makes erstwhile "concerns" irrelevant in a bulletproof study regarding UFOs and their decades-long interaction with nuclear missiles. This is all accessorized in a sober book and a saner documentary. Truth, told in a manner to be understood... and believable.

Verily, the late Stanton Friedman invalidates one's "concerns," still, in a succession of books, tapes, and DVDs outlining cited governmental duplicities, frauds, and conspiracies spanning decades. He was never bested in debate. More believable truth understandably told.

Frank Feschino eviscerates "concerns" in a timeline illustrating unending years of research and study, reader, citing an armed conflict—a one-sided hot war—between our military forces and UFOs actually lasting for a period of years during the 50s. We'll remember 1952's Summer of Saucers. Understandably told and believably documented truth, again.

...There have been other believable truths told, more "demolishments," "eviscerations," and "invalidations," et al: a select and well-known college of credible persons... we've known who these are...

...Even Einstein begged President Truman to stop the aforementioned shooting war in the '50s, is the lore, it is recalled. This was a sentient plea with others of note and station.

Lately? The United States—sold out to and betrayed by multiple fascist robber barons and their reptilian corporate interests—becomes a nation of unchallenged lies, lies luridly consummated with the skeevy ethics of "lying liars" slithering snake-like on those self-same slippery slopes aforementioned, even now. Truth, always difficult, becomes even harder to discern.

We digress, but there's an "Occupy Wall Street" movement, by way of tangential example, because "Wall Street" robbed the American "Bank," and in a manner actually much more egregious than "John Dillinger" or "Machine-gun Kelly"! See, "Wall Street" did it from the inside with the "blessing" and "encouragement" of half our political leadership! Ask UFO Golden-Ager Richard Hall about the human consequences of this full-blown Bank Robbery... oh, that's right, you can't! He died miserably and in reduced squalor as a result, early in the largely unpunished crime wave! Unpunished crimes are only practice for more fulsome criminalities!

Digression abided, consider that a lie will be found out eventually, and the "sucker," some man, woman, or child, will burn with resentment at the disrespect implied. The ufological lie is revealed, reader, and I do resent it! Cop to it, yourself, friends! 

To that end, the scientific secular must thoroughly trump the scriptural sectarian where there has ONLY been evidence of productive industry from that secular? The salvation of good? That's ours; we're the only ones to manifest it when it manifests! ...And the evil? That's ours, too. We CHOOSE one over the other. It's all on us. 

"The moving finger wrote and having writ, moved on." 

Truly, do you think a UFO *disclosure* is remotely avoided for the "good of the unempowered individual"? No, whatever "empowers" the rank and file "dis-empowers" the non-elected and a perpetual leadership by the psychopathic and well-monied 1%, it's observed, and that information is not disclosed.

Theirs is one way of looking at a societal solution, sure! A short view. A pathological view. The view without imagination, the one most reptilian, and the one most consummately psychopathic. Though, this view is actually more understandable given that the individual, remember, IS a powerful entity—and has always been—the spendable coin on which the whole of society, past, present, and future, is forged... 

This is from the guy swinging a pick to the girl etching a new microchip design... to persons doing the caustic antithesis of those things... forgetting all the personal harbors in between and apart from them, like you and me—just to scratch a densely packed surface! Humanity is infinitely varied! Our name is legion!

Only, one in a hundred of these (us), are persons able to remorselessly bleed someone else out for the laces in their shoes! These are entirely OK with their lucrative expenditure of you, reader. These will prosecute any mendacity, will tell any lie, and will pursue any dark, unethical and immoral advantage. Too? They are the officiators of your culture and control the mechanisms of your society. They ARE the one percent! Consider, one HAS to be a psychopath to be such a consummate shiznit wearing such an asshat... and not have to huff a bus pipe!!

Remaining individuals, consider, those of some empathy and compassion, left to their own devices and not overburdened by the psychopaths above, at best act individually to encourage and support other individuals for the benefit of the individual... benefiting themselves in the longer run, but actually empowering the affected team or group to greater synergies in the process! A broad brush, but paint sticks!

Example: intelligent societies subsidize, and with that same broad brush, their artists... because what is the artist but the cutting edge of creative individuality made real in the real world! Individuals orbit planets... Individuals soar and cleave the heavens, other individuals contrive how to put them there... individuals can employ and provide for the satisfactions of thousands. 

Individuals fly down close to the flame and singe their wings, but then they fly back to tell us what they saw... I aspire to same, unabashedly. I suspect more should... and be supported in their efforts to do so, too...

That's why a large, strong middle class is necessary for the success of a society. Strong individuals provide synergistically for a strong society the way stronger links contribute to a strengthened chain. The reader will notice that the middle class here in the States is on the wane... why? Don't blame chance or necessity, reader! That strong middle class is an entity contrary to the interests of the wholly psychopathic alluded to above! Too strong to be beaten outright, the middle class must be, and ignobly, bled to death!

If you do think ignorance of all this is bliss, reader? Really, I must disabuse you of that notion. The rent comes due, reader, eventuallyinevitably, and finally.

Culture, not remotely your friend, friend, does not deserve your reflex loyalty and should do much, much more to earn your grudging individual support... forget respect! Consider, a ufological disclosure likely benefits the individual, it is surmised, rewrites convenient class and gender rules, invalidates and makes irrelevant a corrupt status quo, topples tyrannical, illegitimate so abusive institutions, intimates efficacious technologies, and therefore empowers a super society of liberated individuals! Heaven was at hand remember?

Anything else is just a hapless and 2nd-rate "Brave New World" alpha/gamma corporate slavery algorithm injudiciously employed by the insulated, golden-parachuted, and hyper-privileged man! This "man" alluded to is imbued by chance and luck at birth, usually, to be short-sighted and incorrigible. ...Verily, the "one percent" hates even a rationally open "democratic socialism," reader, NOT, because they have to pay for it... no, but because it obviates them all together and makes them disappear like a conquered disease!

Musk turned out to be not so iffy...

How do I feel that the "all the above" is likely to be true? LOL! Why, because I can access a tree by the fruit it produces, reader! ...And I'll go to the posted period, offended, shocked, or shamed! There are, many times one discovers, joys beyond the shame, satisfactions beyond the shock, and fellowships, respected readers, beyond the offense.

Sincerely, I try to remember the one-time relevant information was kept out of our common knowledge, or that the aforementioned ignorance served a rank and file humanity in any way. Perhaps the reader will have better luck. 

Don't insult yourself with misdirecting and immaterial non-disclosures on atomic weapons or infectious diseases. The reader knows what I mean. Consider, "a cure for cancer exists," n'est ce pas? The three hundred mile-a-gallon carburetor, or its simulacra, exists! Cold fusion exists! Broadcast power exists! One can just go on and on... we could inhabit the asteroid belt like a glittering bracelet around our star, Sol, but we prefer to light our fossil flatulence! Choice!

So discounting "societal information denial" and those cover-ups driven because interests between the one and the 99% are identically motivated, one's desire for personal autonomy... though, not like the aforementioned nuclear proliferation and infectious disease control, examples mentioned earlier, come up with one example of efficacious untruth perpetrated on the masses... seriously, come up with just one so we can see how easily your example can be turned around to bite you on your own conscienceless and hubristic ass. 

...Heh—and I'm the one smeared for a credulous believer... "your (our) best interests are taken to heart." Riiiiiiiight... Only when that suits the catbird.

We're at the whim of slavering multi-national billionaires at home and abroad who are irresponsible and unrelentingly unaccountable, but who are turning back the clock and fulminating the new colorfast Christo-fascist autocracy. Such is the suspected so.

Sincerely... much better searching the skies for "next level" UFOs than speculating whether Bill Clinton has an identifying wart on his penis, eh?

...Or was that Michael Jackson...? ...And why must I endure these warty contemplations at all with so many persons already enduring a real hell on Earth... apart from the ones imposed on MJ and BC, eh, and all of it a result of their unrelenting embrace of "stupid"? ...And at the behest of the worst persons on the planet, too! Not answers, reader. No. We want the right questions! Better questions! There are answers already there but to be faced

So, the "gains" aforementioned? How about the smallest self-respect and some freedom from unreasoned fear? Would a little honest self-validation and actualization as a conscious and self-aware being be in order? How about a reward for efforts expended or a little respite from unnecessary trials and unneeded travails on life's uneasy path... Sure, a "free ride" serves no one, but why does anyone have to be but one disaster from living under a bridge, especially when they've likely been sold a bill of grifted goods to be where they are? Consider student loans.

Heaven was at hand, remember? ...And it is! Just choice is required where we come to realize that we are our own salvation and always have been... that is, when the sentient secular is realized as entirely sensical and the insensible sectarian is recognized as certifiably insane where the former is the aspiration and the latter becomes obvious! 

Religion may be fine as a mechanism employed by which to conceive of an inconceivable, the unknowable, and the inarticulable "spiritual," but honest history clearly shows that it's a poor steward to our efficacious individuality when it's mixed disastrously in the affairs of a State otherwise aspiring to fairness and justice. Cleary, it has traditionally encouraged our "humankind" to not accept responsibility for its own senseless behaviors but to just push them off on the wills of cruel Gods perhaps expressly manufactured by that same humanity for that very purpose

Finally, the sicker society seems to be a male construct serving the self-serving whims of its failing patriarchy, ironically, subsequent planet death, and then a return to dark ages with little hope of crawling out of the hole we've dug for ourselves. Not God's punishment, so much, but as a consequence of our own complacency. On us. Truly, humanity is only at its best when things are at their worst.

...But cheery stuff, eh? The realization of all this may be one of those gains aforementioned. We can choose more wisely. We can eschew our "stupid." Choice!

Gylany, right?! Learn it. Know it. Live it. Love it!

Grok In Fullness


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