Saturday, August 10, 2019

Of Presidents and Popes...

How many flavors does time have...
What provokes them?


I've been looking through the Hubble; 
so, I'll make this terse account. 
I've wandered distant galaxies
traveled time ... I've been about. 
I've been going where we all can go; 
the kingdom's here at hand
too, it just may be we breath upon concrescence!  

It's larger than we could have thought 
—expanding as we speak— 
its edge beyond the limits 
of the places we can seek. 
It just goes on and on 
in this ...glorious... expanse... 
swirling frozen fire 
kissing prepossessing chance.

It doesn't stop with rainbows, friend 
but descends to infra-red; 
its paint then ultra-violet
on to x-rays (yes!), instead! 
Its pressures are incredible
and then pressure's less than mist!  
You'd be shredded to your neutrons
yes, or say you'd just been kissed...

In that space and time and distance? 
There are persons being born. 
Why, with just one race per galaxy, 
there are thousands, billions—more! 
See? Thus contrives the multi-verse
...We're what it, then, makes up: 
To provide for insight on itself!  
...Drink deeply from that cup!

It is good... and passing bad
or indifferent, then, as hell! 
It wallows in the foulest slimes; 
or, it's ringing sterile bells. 
Sometimes it is a blessing
Sometimes it is a curse... 
it could be said it's much like us. 
That's for better. 
That's for worse.

We have a million neighbors, then; 
we've never been alone. 
Some wait outside the *front doors
of our squalid little homes. 
Some wait with plates of *brownies*, 
and some others wait, *without*. 
Some wonder when we'll open doors... 
and bravely walk on out!

They wonder why we linger 
when the truth ... it must be plain
We must come out! Like whitewash runs 
from fences in the rain.

...And we'll all feel so damned foolish, 
and we'll hang our heads in sorrow... 
that we wasted all this precious time 
denying our tomorrows.


I've been looking through the Hubble...
 and it's hard to get excited 
by the struggle and travail of human beings. 
I've just come back from timelessness... 
all spaciousness...
—vast distances—
no "common sense" conceives it in its dreams.

I've wandered where the black holes 
and the hypernovas are, 
so I can't "arouse" for ignorant delay. 
That comes across so petty 
so unworthy of reflection, 
we're a race bereft of what would save our day.

...And remember fellow humans, 
when the *others* do appear, 
how we spent our time and effort, here on Earth. 
Did we short-sheet trusting brothers; 
did we denigrate our sisters, 
just to keep a spot we covet near some "hearth."

We thought we had our "reasons": 
they weren't the proper faith ... 
their color was... objectionable 
( we have this thing with "race"). 
...The other side lacks "proper towns... 
they didn't speak "our" language... 
the "sex" is too disturbing ... 
they were on a different bandwidth? 
They "didn't have no schoolin' "... 
they "weren't as blessed as me" 
...they were from another country, 
and, "by rights," were "bad"... you see?

Well—all that's pretty laughable 
when you're woke to extant truth... 
All those "pretty" little bigotries 
just dissolve 
and fall from view. 
See, at last, ...reality... 
that we never were alone
Embarrassment shades cheeks bright red, 
but shame will touch the bone.

"Wherever you go; well, there you are."
  • Meanwhile... Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Dr. Laura... et egregious al...or...what can happen to you when too many people hear you on the radio or TV... 

  • Power corrupts, absolute power... absolutely!  How does one keep their head?  To start: you don't believe the good reports about you, only be thankful for them.  If you're sincere you have to pay some attention to the negative criticism...
  • Oh... add those deplorable if "well-meaning" tea-baggers, freedom bangers, and "Never Trumpie" psycho-Saviors? ...These seemingly contrive for a complete discredit of Christianity's institution, a trifecta for a religion's invalidation. Burn their life boats!

  • Christianity... it's an institution forever "advantaged" by busy sociopaths and misogynists, anyway... ...but the aforementioned "trumpled" (sic) tea-baggers... ...make the discredit complete and worse, actually... ...Worse than your garden variety fundamentalist suicide-bombing Islam! That's true!
  • See, government-controlled by religion—Theocracy—is what you court with these Trumpian tea-baggers, their legislated morality: an authoritarian theocracy of the most turgid and smothering dogma-worship imaginable.  Real ...bug-in-the-ass up-tightsmanship... of that heavy, come-right-in-your-bedroom, caliber.  How's all that working out for the Arabs, anyway... ...proof of the cognitive infidelity of a "tea-bagged Pal-beckian" initiative because we all have a clear audit trail of the consequences of that wing-nut initiative, overseas!
  • Yes, then Christianity would be worse, you see, because their boosters have a ready example of a theocracy to appreciate in the news—such as it is—every day. Islam remains the child of Christianity, and the child the father to the man...
  • Consider the potentials of Presidents and Popes. The former is a spiritless-sock-puppet for inhuman and corrosively applied corporate interests unethically imposed as "fair and square, conservative, and of God." ...But no, his interests unabashedly and disingenuously use religion, shamelessly, on a wide, diligently uninformed, and trusting base... ...Use religion as a manipulative and unethical control mechanism, reader, so as to relieve that "base" of, not just their cash, but their birthrights, their civil rights and their rights to satisfaction and self-respect!  ...But. ...I. ...Sugarcoat.
  • I'll know a tree by the fruit it produces, Sir and Madam.
  • The latter? He is much of the preceding. Plus... traditionally? Why, He protects the interests of pederasts and pedophiles in an unnaturally if allegedly celibate priesthood...reader... ...from that "trusting" base.
  • Outrage?
  • Yea and verily, and I say unto ye, my ufological brethren! [g]. Hey, keep one hand on your wallet and the other over your posterior pore! Be sensitive to unwarranted activity in either of those two locales...

  • Restore John Ford.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Remembering Jeff Challender

Those Astounding Discoveries 
Of the late Jeff Challender
by Alfred Lehmberg

One Will Evans is perhaps still a staff writer for the Sacramento Bee in California's Capitol. This writer doesn't care enough to check. Remains he once took an... action. He once reflected, in part, the following on January 14th, 2003 at: 

That link is dead. The article is reproduced here.

It was an article pertaining to Hynek's First Kind UFOs plainly shown on NASA file footage recorded by the late Jeff Challender as it is seen above. It would come to be astonishing footage largely waffled on by portentous pundits, the skeptibunky elite... and then the hugely conflicted and klasskurtxian officiality at NASA.

The obviously less than intrepid Mr. Evans reported:
The longtime aviation junkie [an immediate dismissal of Jeff Challender... did you catch it?] started taping missions in 1997, just for fun, to edit each one into a documentary. But in 1999, he saw something that grabbed his attention: an illuminated dot, pulsating as it whizzed across the screen. Then, later, he saw many white dots moving around, changing direction and speed. "What were they? Challender has been tracking similar "anomalies," ever since.
I throw the first flag here. Sneer quotes?! What fatuous, mal-informed and misinforming hubris is this!? ...Pretty cheeky in the face of seven clear categories of evidence signifying the UFO, illustrating the UFO, and providing substantiation for the UFO. Moreover, note the admission regarding "many white dots moving around, changing direction and speed." Is anyone else moved to a "wait... what?" moment? Where does "ice" and "trash" inexplicably change direction and speed? Evans would shamble on:
"I want answers," says the former railroad laborer. "I believe something's going on and the facts are being kept from us."
NASA isn't so sure.
Another flag down: see, a pox on suspect NASA (Never A Straight Answer), mere lapdogs, it would seem, for their unelected corporate handlers! ...Just another arm of the contemptibly corrupt system manipulating the already prevaricating smoke and distracting mirrors of an aforementioned unelected leadership? This writer suspects something like that is the case. 

NASA can only assume a patent cloak of patronizing condescension to hide their arbitrary and authoritarian guile! See, along with Mr. Challender, this writer would have some ANSWERS!  Lastly, describing Mr. Challender dismissively as a former "railroad laborer" was a cheap shot beneath the dignity of the SACRAMENTO BEE and akin to describing Edward Snowden as only a low tier intelligence analyst! Challender was obviously a man of intelligence who could see a project through to the end. What do we get from NASA but their inexplicable snow and an RGB roll! This is all well outlined in Challender's DOC.

Evans would proclaim an oddness from that time's NASA spokesman:

"I am not aware of any visuals of activity," says Fred Brown, then executive producer of NASA Television. 
What an odd and robotic thing to say! This writer observes that Mr. Brown is also unaware, apparently, of a controlling corporate hand shoved so far up his back-side that the quickly moving fingers have replaced his tongue and then stirred the malleable components of his brain! 

Evans continues to bury the lead...

Challender points to incidents where the camera seems to zoom in on one of the dots and then cuts off the live footage—signs, he says, of a cover-up.
...And if one has seen any of the quality stuff that Mr. Challender has analyzed and recorded (inexplicably changing direction and speed!), the remotely conscious reader would smell a "cover-up," too! Much of Challender's material will be archived or referenced at Remains, what with the Navy lately cavorting in the skies with UFOs seemingly intelligently directed? It's no stretch they'd be space... then and now!

Evans continues:

Nonsense, Brown says. "If those things were out there and we were trying to hide them, we wouldn't put them on NASA Television."
Of course, they would... or fake it entirely... or show nothing at all! Gotta show something or folks wonder why there's not anything!  

So, maybe a little sleight of hand and bait and switch.  Moreover, they do try to hide them, reader, or why does the current visual signal come, now, only after significant time delays subsequent to some of the first anomalous and highly suspicious sightings? What's with all that moronic "snow" and RGB cloaking camouflage of what should be at least 1080p, if not Ultra HD? 

Everything now has a censor's ready hand hovering over a button. Why? Boobies in space?

Additionally, they would plainly show some of the *sightings*, but only for the purpose of "hiding" them in plain SIGHT as "ice crystals" and space trash... distractionary mechanisms for later use! Be not fooled! 

I aspire not to be, myself. 70, I've seen the world, been to the rodeo, and got the education. The carousel goes round and it's plain what's comin' after a few decades attention to it all. The Kingdom is at hand! Perdition, too. We might choose wisely!

Evans then becomes scientifically glib with a known canted tankman:
"Challender is probably seeing bits of liquid or ice, close to the camera, blown around by jets of gas from the shuttle, says Seth Shostak, an astronomer at the SETI Institute, a nonprofit organization running what used to be NASA's 'Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.' "
Liquid? Probably, Shmobably my old wattled bum... 

Ah, yes—Dr. Shostak of the late Stanton Friedman's well-named "Silly Exercise To Investigate." Just another game-guy who wants to keep his place at the funding trough, and a man reluctant to re-think his thoughts or re-do work once thought done? This writer is un-swayed! ...Evans relays a final smirking sneer of patronizing derision with the usual pixie-smile closing from Shostak: 

"You have to be careful," [Shostak] says. "They're [anomalous lights in the sky] very impressive if you're naive."

Naive? Ha! Pompously pointing a finger to proclaim the naivete of others, Dr. Shostak points a pecuniary THREE back at himself! Significant others make compelling and cited arguments that it is HE who is more abundantly naive! Case in point as Evans tries for that time-honored "bothsiderist" faux-balance of journalistic mendacity:

...But [Dr.] Jack Kasher, a retired University of Nebraska, Omaha, physicist, says he's viewed Challender's findings, concluding that they aren't ice particles and challenging anyone who says so to prove it.

I've seen Doctor Kasher's work. It was not a one-off sidebar of idle proclamation. It is detailed, painstaking, scientific, and significant. It destroys the feeble explanations of his ax-grinding detractors, artless men who predictably attack the man when they cannot refute his airtight arguments! Then Evans drops Seth's bomb... not seeing how it hoists their own petard:

Still, Shostak says, "why would SETI spend millions searching for alien radio signals if there were Martians buzzing around every NASA mission?"

Haha! Exactly! Why indeed? A straight answer to THAT question would re-write history and make bogus heavens FALL! ...And if heaven CAN fall, reader, it probably should! 

Remains that Mr. Shostak's silly effort to investigate is akin to "searching the heavens for smoke signals" (Friedman)! If they're "here," the reader might begin to understand, then why spend any money at all looking for them... "there"?

"Shostak believes that there is alien life. If 10 percent of stars had planets and 1 percent of those supported life, there could be millions of worlds with life just in our galaxy, he calculates."
...Which is merely a loss-leader, reader, a throw-away mouth-movement, and a meaningless comment so as to appear balanced and open-minded. He still won't *cop* that if he believes they could be anywhere then they could just as easily be here! He won't *cop* that the abundant evidence of them being here has a history of thousands of years writ in ink, pressed into clay, and scratched into eternal stone... he blithely forgets the testimony of an affected thousands, the quality photographs, and the physical trace evidence involved with their (obvious!) presence... how? Closing, how about a begged question from our space agency?

But NASA would have no incentive to hide any evidence. "That would be the greatest thing for NASA. Their budget would go up instead of going down,' Shostak says.
Yes! That's the kicker argument! That seems, at first glance, to be the definitive and unassailable dispute to Jeff Challender's astounding assertions! UFOs would be a BOON for NASA But glance again! Would they really? See, Shostak's unctuous, facile, and patronizing comment ASSUMES the veracity of a "forward-looking" and "clear-eyed" NASA motivated only by truth and driven to it by real science. ...But is it really? Can that assumption be made with any confidence? 

This writer thinks not! On reflection and being fair? The reader can't either! We are NOT alone, and a brave Jeff Challender had captured it on tape! This is a lasting legacy which will survive him. Watch the DOC. It holds up! Thank you, Mr. Challender!

For AlienViews, read on!

"I cleave the heavens and soar to the infinite. 
What others see from afar, I leave -far- behind me."  
Giordano Bruno, finally scourged 
by the scabrously specious scurrilous. 
That scourge looms today!

Saturday, July 20, 2019


Is there reading between 
the abstruse lines of the *other*? 
Can we guess at the secrets 
with which they are blessed? 
Or's it curses encountered 
they'd sooner be shed of—
of existence they're tired 
and "living" detest?

Could the tree of their empire 
be rooted in tyranny? 
Is it terror they seek to instill 
sowing infamy?

What is their purpose
Why do they haunt
What are their reasons
What do they want?

What do they take
How do they live
What is their work
What can they give?

...What do they do
It's all such a tangle. 
How are they recompensed
what is their angle?!

Perhaps they're a mirror 
held back at ourselves! 
We see in them us and 
it's us we dispel! 
Dispelled by abduction—
it's what we'd expect
Why, we'd do it to them!  
...It is that they detect!

You'd have to admit 
that they're nicer than we'd be. 
We'd treat 'em like bugs, 
or at best, a prized queen bee. 

We've done it before, 
our history's filled 
with examples of cruelty, 
to those we then kill
persons made subject to 
"short sighted" judgments; 
those deemed unworthy 
of compassioned abutment? 
We've sliced them and diced them 
for simple percentage
"exploited, used up"
we've raped their incentives!

...No, they're giving better than they'd get
—taking any odds, that bet— 
any "disrespect" could be a kind of justice. 
I mean, consider all our crimes; 
...we let our children starve and die
We should pray we don't serve time 
for our injustice!!

If the ET comes to you...
...were you learning? Are you clued? 
Don't waste your time in horror... 
...or disgust! 
Is there method in their "madness," 
or are you crippled by your sadness... 
because exploded, friend... 
is that which held your trust?

Don't bemoan their nameless tactics 
or mysterious detachment, 
it's your culture! 
That’s the one to keep you down! 
The ET's are a shadow 
from the whole of what's unknown... 
too, might likely usurp culture... 
by putting smiles over frowns!

See, it's your culture making tears, 
it's your culture breeding fear! 
It's your culture at the root of mocking laughter. 
It sets the tone for your derision... 
and it's culture's lack of vision 
that is truly your tormentor and detractor.

Like, define for me "success," 
and an easy, spot on, guess 
would be space flight 
for a species or a race. 
Live in structures WE enjoin 
between the stars that WE employ
and have humankind extant 
across an awesome... "timeless" space!

Note our lack of this "success," 
and further note profound distress, 
as we poison our environs; I'll be frank... 
...we are hanging by a thread; 
a bug or rock could strike us dead
we are by no means successful
you might take that to the bank...

If we want ET respect?  
We should deserve it, I suspect! 
We could clean up, first, our act, 
right here on Earth! 
We should end our petty tyrannies, 
be empowered individually! 
Be a synergy much greater... than we were!

See, the individual's now disdained
a manipulated brain 
programmed by 'the man' 
to do his bidding
Though the day will come, and soon, 
then we'll find we've got more room... 
as the multi-verse unfolds will be fitting!

...Tick ... tick ...tick ... Who are you? Tick ...tick ...tick ...What do you want? Tick ...tick ...tick ...Why don't you have it? Tick ... tick ... tick ... ... Read on.  Tick ... tick ... ti...

Monday, June 24, 2019

UFOs... Again?

Yes... UFOs, Again... And Again...>
by Alfred Lehmberg

It does little good and much bad to maintain that these are not ...precipitous... times. Lawlessness abounds with a tyranny reminiscent of the Sheriff of Nottingham lathered and fluffed by his preeminently evil enabler Prince "John." Every day is a new barrage of intellectual insult and impossible civil outrage difficult and dangerous to abide. ...Where is our Lord of Locksley?

Du Jour insanity provokes insensibility... and the "fringe" intrudes itself in even MORE precipitous ways! Why, the United States Navy just lately allows as how it's been "close encountering" with UFOs for quite some time, and lately... wait. What?

The New York Times, usually a scoffer of condescending dismissivenesses and reflex scientistic (sic) reductionisms regarding UFOs, writes multiple sober articles... even on the subject's immediacy! Indeed, mass media has a certain unsettling sobriety going 'round like a high mass of fresh moral authority. CBS, ABC, NBC... uh... FOX? All are down for a seemingly new UFO relevancy.

Even what purports itself to be a body of sobriety and deliberation, and what should really be aspiring to be just that in all the "hard rain" alluded to, Congress has been getting secret briefings on same. Secret briefings always unsettle in the connotation that there might be some dishonorable NEED for "secrecy." 

Eye on the prize. Focus. UFOs festoon the skies? Only, there have been earlier "festoonages" before, even huge ones. ...But, what if these festoonages had a reality... What if they were of the existential and in the corporeal. What could that mean going forward? What new sobrieties could be aspired to, then?

On the one hand, we look into untroubled skies with a good clearing breath in our collective chest. We remark, observing a plethora of genuine evidence in support, that it's a grand time to be alive... for some of us.

On the other hand—well, the other hand is empty... empty and cold, near death and wracked by palsies and littered with blood spots, old grime, and creakily painful joints inured to its suspect and finally fated futility. We should have that looked at, eh? Could it be as simply addressed as seeing dirt for dirt and applying some soap...

See? We harbor hands entirely soiled, soiled and apart from any admission of same! Consider, the vast majority of individuals on this planet, a planet where TENs of THOUSANDs of children starve to death every DAY, are passing their squalid moments très miserable, at best... discounted by a psychopathic western civilization as bigoted as it is arbitrary and as wasteful as it is self-consumptive. Sucks to us.

Clearly, Culture would seem to eat its young after dehumanizing, criminalizing, and otherwise short-sheeting them in camps of concentration on our southern borders. ...Culture... it's not your friend, it's been pointed out, before. One has to see very little of the planet to know that this is entirely true. This writer has seen much of that world. 

We feel this. We feel this on levels underlying the brave fronts we put up during the day, holding this tenuous *thing we call reality* together in gnashing teeth and scratching nails. 

Some of us are able to hear the screams of those who fall to the wayside, or underfoot, in this mad dash to covet some suggested material satisfaction largely unsatisfying in the achievement, we find; we smell the acrid miasmas of those ground up for their humble greases just to lubricate the lifestyles of an expanding compassionless few; we see the disrespected staggers of real people suffering their nutritionally induced retardations; we feel the hopelessness, despair, and anguish of a MAJORITY of INDIVIDUAL persons who inhabit our insignificant and brown tinged, if blue and white, point in space... All this, and the Kingdom IS at hand?

I suspect in reflection that this cognitive dissonance nurtured between what could be and what is might explain the popularity of the ubiquitous "Titanic" memes—despairing themes of increasing frequency for us. We sense a singularity (iceberg) of some conclusive concrescence approaching... ...Justice?

These are worrisome trepidations, experienced by many, that our "ship" of civilization, a metaphor for us and some *impossible cataclysm* looming... approaches its fate of fatally cruel and ship-grinding shoals... shoals rife with some fulsome, if unknowable and inexorable threat of mysterious prerogatives, evidenced proclivities, not of some alien threat, but one of our OWN manufacture and facilitating the worst of us! 

These threats include wholly unregulated and unaccountable psychotic predators suffering contagious and brain-eating (if wholly tolerated!) disorders of pecuniary *religulousness*. These are slavering wolves among the misinformed but scared and hopeless sheep! These "prosperity Christians" would ironically welcome an end-times of complete and absolute destruction, even disappearance, of the very foundational social ground upon which the reader might already be shakily standing... all to facilitate the pecuniary few pilfering our social security like lying leeches... all THIS suggesting that sudden plunging out of sight into the black, high pressure, and terrifying unknowns of soul death and corporeal dissolution... for the unworthy infidel... all pointing to fun fun fun in those foreshadowed and precipitous time, ahead!

Yeah... Maybe we go out with some blustery passion, or not—but go out we do? The slide to crushing conclusion is complete for both?

...Maybe. ...Only... Victory has been snatched from the jaws of defeat. We're famous for it. We'd do well to keep that in mind.

See, we are hugely powerful as a species! Look around and be glad no one had to wait until you invented all this stuff, right? And Consider! This might be evidenced by that same "religulousness" alluded to, religion used to remove that power apart from us so we don't have to take responsibility for it? 

The "power" of the Gods? Maybe that's OUR power. Gods draw their power from suns and zero-point nothingness, you see. We do that, ourselves, to a degree.

Hey, this writer stands as round-shouldered and vulnerable as any, but he squares those shoulders to hoist a one-fingered salute to any fate that sweeps down on all of us, or just on him, come to it. I'll face what's true, and make it work if I'm able! Or not. It's what we do.

The salute, an existential reality of occurrence, remains... as do the UFOs chased by our military aviators at least since 1952, we're informed by one Frank Feschino Jr., and perhaps to be chased in turn by same. That's always been the reality! 

See..., and gird loins for this, it just may be that the sturm and drang currently projected by the aggregate social society... is to provide for the necessary distraction from the UFO, itself a middle finger to that same culture, science, and society. That's what UFOs do, remember. They invalidate our religious hypocrisy, implode our scientific hubris, and humiliate our misinformed arrogance. 

This is a science and society that is going to have to change to something altogether different given a newfound ufological consciousness. ...And don't presume that those changes alluded to are going to be worse than what we have. 

Consider the glabrous mendacity of current leadership and its desire to cancel a citizenry's already inadequate healthcare, for example, in a comparison. Sure, fear the devil you don't know... but the devil we know's pretty bad. 

Good, bad, or undefinable... un-englishable even, UFOs, an agent of ultimate sedition, offer to end-run the prerogatives and prerequisites of ready political betrayers, religious psychotics, lack-wit authoritarian loving lap-dogs and their warm-beer rank-file of deplorable lickspittles... their  ceaseless, unending, and interminable mendacity, and the two color no-space of their social philosophy... as caustic as it is toxic and as outdated as it is irrelevant

UFOs aren't lying like we do, at any rate... and since biblical times, ironically enough. This the soul reason UFOs get short shrift in the first place. One reason night be that Catbirds have always been loathe to be moved from seats traditionally reserved for Catbirds. That's root, seed, and stem of our seeming inability, as a mainstream society, to regard UFOs intelligently, at all, is the observation of this writer. 

The Catbirds? They're just going to have to suck it, aren't they? They will be reluctant. Sure, suffocation of any type is not a pleasant way to slough the mortal coil, eh? But what if you had to give in... lose yourself to the death of an ego not serving you so you could return to yourself wholly improved and the richer for it. This writer suspects that's what we're going to have to do. Give in to get on. Give up to grow up. Tune. Turn. Trip. Live. Learn. Know. Read on.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

...One Finger Salute...

We gaze upon the vastnesses 
of a starry, starry night... 
see washed out points of light-polluted
... symbols... of our fright. 
Then, sensing but a fraction 
of the vastness truly there, 
we pray its existential-ness 
won't put us to its dare!

Though, proceed into that "darker" space! 
Why, your fraction's even smaller, 
despite (because!) you're seeing more? 
...Enigma growing taller!* 
That "space" is huge, immense, unknown. 
Its girth is ever larger. 
Its length and breadth accelerate
and it's not a disobliger.

Space, plus time and surface area! 
A wealth of all potential! 
A wealth of what's required 
for the human existential. 
The lesson is: no limits... 
...for the perspicacious mind! 
The individual's paramount, 

It's there are found perspectives 
...of a billion trillion ids! 
If you've thought it? 
It has happened, friend, 
and has happened, as it did
...And much, much more WILL happen 
than is thought of in those minds 
who'd inhabit our shared multi-verse... 
quickened hugeness—hoary time!

There is darkness which transcends Heer TЯUMP... 
or Hitler—even Stalin! 
There are miseries undreamed of 
in the foulness of the fallen. 
Despair so thick it runs in veins 
of toxic waste it dreams 
...reflecting all the misery 
of shrieks and moaning screams...

...But balance is equality 
so "the inverse" also happens! 
There is truth and light 
and sun washed right 
to complement its lesson. 
There's the loving scent 
of leaves of grass 
on a million peaceful worlds, 
a touch of silk
—so cobweb sheer— 
on healthy frames unfurls. 
Unclouded and so unafraid...  
never "screwing for percentage," 
they are living, laughing, loving
and they know their sweet advantage.

Like it's fiction in a "Star Trek," 
or a "Star Wars"? Love abides. 
This means: feeling good is honored 
when it's felt with humble pride. 
This means looking out to see new works 
as lasting... without sin! 
This means achieving all their dreams 
AND satisfactions found therein!

See, here's breathing free with honor 
in a world they help build
There's completeness 
for that *spot* within... 
you love it when it's filled! 
They respect the individual
the key to their success
So, they live in lucent Edens 
they'd construct, but I digress...

You're Garibaldi, something like him, living lives of looming failure; you're his "Captain" taking sacrifice to task... ...Anything can happen on a million billion worlds! Dr. Drake can only tell you 'cause he'd ask.
...And Drake's more than just a WAG, my friend; 
he's conservative as hell; 
he is science très myopic... 
...but he's got a tale to tell. 
See, he qualifies veracity 
that *others* do exist, 
could watch us span potential ... 
watch as some of us resist... 
...Could be looking from the shadows 
some avoid in abject fear... 
... go beyond that jealous envelope 
one maintains and labels: "queer."

We profit from our darknesses? 
We hasten from the light? 
We live our short depressing lives 
in disrespecting spite?  
Earth is but a point in space... 
and cursed with infestation? 
A cancer rages in her flesh; 
it's humankind's gestation? 
Those self-aware must wonder... 
"...will we meet our test"? 
Will we wallow in our toxic filth 
or rise to be our best?

Will we screw for best percentage,  
though, like Ms. Ripley once observed, 
and grind ourselves beneath our heel 
unrepentant... undeterred? 
Or will we work to meet these *others*, 
grok a history "handed down," 
though it crumble proud foundations 
of old systems non-profound?

I'd like to think we're brave enough 
to face our craven monsters, 
though these monsters be ourselves, 
any chance... we must not squander.  
We are poets, not pretenders, 
we are languages of paint, 
we are writers and we're song-smiths... 
we'd aspire to the saints!

It does little good and much bad to maintain that these are not ...precipitous... times. Restore John Ford.
*The bigger the "fire" is built, the more the "darkness" is revealed. This writer suspects that's a good thing.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Unjustified Ignorance: UFOs In Prime Time History

Pan American Airlines and Spring Break: Real or Fake?

UFOs... Real or Fake?
Unjustified Ignorance: 
UFOs In Prime Time History 

By Alfred Lehmberg

Wow! Faint praise largely born of disappointed ennui, but it was a rare blue moon occurrence... as those moons pertain to UFO reportage! Actual and existential, more thoughtful wheat than dismissive chaff. One was almost made hopeful. Almost.

Though, that's the way of a dissolute corporate media when it condescends to pump its ratings by juicing on UFOs. Agendas will be both reasonable and unreasonable... in a "served" public's best interest... or not... expect, not. ...No upside to tellin' the truth. Where's the money in that?

It remains that, generally, public programming with regard to UFOs aspires to an illusion of a "balance" that, ironically, is anything but a "balance." Usually? Too much dismissively distracting chaff provided for justifiably curious wheat. A metaphor would be giving equal weight in a debate between a militant creationist and a credentialed string-theorist about... string theory. Yeah... we'll do that anymore... to be fair. Pause for squirty giggles.

How are these positions, for example, remotely equivocated? The former ignores the evidence, presumes a faith for what cannot be, in a reasonable sense, and can't give an inch on the evidence of its scientifically reductionist "scripture," which can only be taken, circularly, on that aforementioned faith, faith wholly untestable and so untested. The latter at least aspires to be mindful of evidence, would follow data to a conclusion and abhor the inverse of that process, and affirms that error, admitted, is a step up, still. 

Risking too fine a point, the latter put humans on the moon and harnesses massive energies in aspirations with regard to reaching for galactic efficacy. The former scrapes the genitals from little girls with garden tools and embodies massive hypocrisy as a digressive lifestyle. 

No, to equate these things is the same as equating the authoritative with the authoritarian, and this is not possible where it is the inferior authoritarian process which makes a more reasonable and sensible, vastly superior, authoritative process... look weak, in comparison, minus the authoritarian's obtuse and obnoxious hard line. That's the authoritarian's greatest sin!

Similarly, one cannot equate what can easily be repeated with what is patently unrepeatable and ascribe to them the same rules or have the same expectancies for them. The former can be commanded. The latter is beyond command. This is why science can't wrap its head around UFOs and exactly how UFOs make science appear, yes, even stupid.

This writer is aware of how fuzzy the line can get between the two philosophies, especially as it pertains to UFOs. Indeed, it may be hard to tell which is which in the bogus equation. Equate Kal Korff with Jacque Vallee. Tilt. Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Hard crash! Though some will try, even insist that it can be done. No, there is wheat and there is chaff. Their fallacious equivocation is the limit case for nonsense. You can live on the former, reader. On the latter, you'll only starve.

So, it was an unusual treat, back at the Larry King UFO ranch now, where perhaps a little representational imbalance was in order and appropriately mechanized to typify some real balance, at last! We'd gotten to see some Prime Time UFO reporting from a host of quality ufological proponents, while the insentient and irrelevant opponents of same were under-represented, thankfully, for a change... and badly at that, in a manner poorer and less competent than I have ever seen. That's a low bar, too. 

That's all a good thing. They bring it on themselves. One does not equate flawed with FUBAR and go unscathed or unwarmed!

Seth Shostak was there. He was all discredited slogans, snappy dismissive quips, and faux-confident or self-indulgent and patronizing smiles. That winning smile... a forced smile? He was still smoking slightly from his last debate with the late Stanton Friedman... Verily, and he visibly withered when King reported that Carl Sagan was "something of a believer" after all. Did you catch that, reader? It was a long time ago... Carl Sagan was not a complete sell-out.

The late Budd Hopkins? Even decidedly ill at this point, he was there. This was the Budd Hopkins before every one of his abduction cases were found to be pop-flies finally caught by legitimate skeptics in an outfield crowded with the good and the bad. 

This was the Budd Hopkins before taking a partisan and decidedly self-serving position with regard to David Jacobs, a person still held up as an authority or an elder UFO/Abduction statesman in a manner similar to Nixon with regard to politics (but for the Outré), in the round, despite the very emotionally cloying, if outrageous and still ongoing, Emma Woods affair (...those Shoes to drop, reader!). This was an anxious affair where clearly, unprofessional and malfeasant chicanery is the activity, even recorded for the record. This was the Budd Hopkins before... well, this writer still had the highest regard for him.

That said... real "sense" was made in this Larry King program... and when it was made it was Budd Hopkins, et al, who was making it. He was abundantly buttressed with a cognizant, competent, and very highly respected and googleable, if unpictured, experts JOHN SCHUESSLER, Rob Swiatek, and Bruce Maccabee, but Hopkins was at the top of his game.

Odd... but her eyes are just like this!

Then, we come to Dr. Susan Clancy. I've described her as the blonde leading the blind. Pretty much a flash in the proverbial UAP pan, ufologically, she appeared as a pretty beard for the counter-paranormal/skeptibunky/klasskurtxian set, I'm sure to her dismay as much as anyone's, as it turned out. 

She was deplorable. She was vastly uninformed. She was plainly hostile to a concerted inquiry. She was scientifically irrelevant. She made her bank; however, and moved on. It's what they, agents of fundy klasskurtxia, do, in a nutshell.

From the program:

HOPKINS, Re: a discussion he'd once had with legend Carl Sagan: "...But at any rate, we agreed that all of this [ufological stuff, taken] together constitutes an (sic) phenomenon and so... what I said to Dr. Sagan was: 'Instead of saying extraordinary claims demands extraordinary evidence... Shouldn't we be saying: an extraordinary phenomenon demands an extraordinary investigation? We're not getting an 'investigation' here. What we're getting, unfortunately, are lots of armchair theorists who sit away from the investigation process, who have actually never really gone out to examine the site, the physical marks... whatever it is... to do any medical work... but who have very glib explanations [ready] for each little piece of evidence that's brought up. ...But the accumulation of this evidence is overwhelming."
KING: I will confirm that, because I interviewed the late Dr. Sagan many times and he was, Seth [Shostak], open to the possibility of it and to more investigation of it.
SHOSTAK: I am as well. I am as well...
[scratched record sound] Full...Stop...

~When~, Dr. Shostak? ~Where~, Dr. Shostak? ~How~, Dr. Shostak? With regard to ~what~, Dr. Shostak?

Outside of his own parochial boondoggle at the Silly Exercise To Investigate (SETI)... when has Dr. Shostak ever championed an increase in the aggregate ufological consciousness? No, Dr. Shostak has only ever been a steadily smirking bulwark against same!

Dr. Susan Clancy, the only other skeptibunky representation, was clearly, even pathetically, out of her depth! She blithely displayed an astonishing ignorance about the whole subject of UFOs, and even used that tired old canard of "sleep paralysis" as the leading contender for explaining the still ongoing "alien abduction" conundrum! I was frankly embarrassed for her.

One is compelled to wonder why they'd be included at all. They added nothing but discordancy and obfuscation. Happy homocentrics stirring the bottom of the ufological pond with manicured reductionist fingers. Happy. Happy. Happy.

Additionally, Clancy's tedious and irrelevant book on same was well pumped on the program. Budd Hopkins, also on the program, did not so much as have his books mentioned.

In the aggregate, the proponents for UFOs (...HOPKINS, MACCABEE, SWIATEK & SCHUESSLER, sounding rather like a quality law firm...) acquitted themselves adequately enough I suppose... and the King program was no ~great~ disservice to greater ufology... a general plus as said above, but there was something missing as it pertains to openness, reader, and an old, surprisingly outdated, debate was dusted off yet again and tediously prosecuted... one more time. Did you catch it when it aired? We're still doing it today.

The very title of the Larry King piece says it all in a concise impact statement. Consider the title. "UFOs... Real or Fake"! Real or fake...? Real. Fake. That seems a question abundantly if only ceremoniously, asked. It becomes as tediously as it is ludicrously asked.

New conservative re-estimations of the Drake equation (that attempted rational stab at calculating the number of intelligent species in the universe?) puts the measurement probability for a plethora of off-world intelligences, I understand, so close to 100% that the difference cannot be detectably measured. This is to say that one has a much better chance of winning the Publisher's Clearing House lottery (approaching zero) than one does betting against extraterrestrial intelligence elsewhere in the universe... Yes. We ourselves are proof, if you will, of the Drake equation's validity...

Additionally, an immutable law of the universe is that what ~can~ happen... happens. ~We~ "happened"... proving the certainty of that particular potentiality with equal assurance... What happens once... happens again. Stuff happens, that is to say. There is a rude colloquial... and may even be used with regard to us, eh? Humility is called for.

Frankly, pretending we are alone in all this boundless magnificence, forgetting that that is just ludicrous... is naive and ignorant arrogance, I expect, at best. At worst, it may be sophisticated and better-informed arrogance... a knowing arrogance... conservant arrogance knowing otherwise! An arrogance as unjustified as it is self-defeating.

"UFOs... Real or Fake"? Why, this debate has been going on since at least 1947 in a seemingly apparent attempt to preclude substantive progress on it, at all! This writer is reminded of pigs and lipstick!

"UFOs... Real or Fake"? ...Are there not six levels of quality evidence very specifically indicative that UFOs are a reality? Almost (99.999999999%>) certainty! The huge volume of extant evidence is of a quality that cannot be forever ignored... even as Seth Shostak and Susan Clancy furiously try. What's their end but propping up a failing status quo for purloined contributions?

Yes, the quality anecdotal evidence, compounded with the vetted photographic evidence, and then added to the documented historical evidence, gives every indication that a ufological contention regarding that phenomena must be more real than not... duck suspects are waddlin' and quakin'! Hoofprints may be Zebra given reports of Zebra since biblical times and by the United States Navy, today!

Moreover, when the preceding is framed by the serious artistic evidence, qualified by the available physical evidence, and then compellingly buttressed by that full-on and conclusive personal evidence (...if a reader has some as this writer does.), I can only be annoyingly astonished by the "continued reluctance of some to face the highly strange music that just cannot be forever marginalized..." 

Aren't you, reader? This writer grows tired of the old same-o shine-on.

UFOs. Does the information available justify attention by the mainstream to perform a more *in depth* investigation of UFOs? Absolutely"! ...Sagan and Shostak, hilariously, agree!

But no... strange agents ooze forth, instead, periodically... to re-prosecute the unsolved skeptibunky case of yesteryear! Low fruit! These furiously spin the ufological reality extant in their cowardly attempt to reduce the level of ufological debate once again to its tiresome starting point! Real or Fake, indeed.

Their goal, reader, is to re-achieve an old, outdated, and tediously outrageous level of pre-discussion... re-discussing the (...thoroughly discredited!) possibility... that UFOs are likely something safely prosaic and certainly other than evidence of some significant alternative (off-planet!) intelligence. Yes.

"UFOs... Real or Fake"? Does the reader see how that suggestive statement brings the level of debate back to the decades-old, and very tedious, level of *conceivable deniability*? In other words... That it is somehow still very, very possible, boys and girls... that UFOs... may not... exist at all! ...Everybody draws a deeper, if fallaciously inaccurate, breath!

"UFOs... Real or Fake"? "There is no 'proof', you know, even as there may be some evidence for a ufological reality..." I paraphrase.

"UFOs... Real or Fake"? "Mind you, UFOs and aliens might exist, but no proof has been uncovered in over 50 years that this is so..." I paraphrase.

"UFOs... Real or Fake"? "~We~ are the only *proof* of intelligence in the whole of the universe..."

I paraphrase.

...Oh... so comforting, eh?

The preceding, frankly, is what we must move beyond. Yes... first we must get passed the level of the remotest denial in a discussion of UFOs, as the denial of UFOs cannot have the remotest validity given the work, research, and tight explication of a host of quality ufologists and researchers... forgetting the obvious inability of that well-funded opposition to discredit them! We must admit (and otherwise cop to) the aforementioned and ponderous volume (Six levels!) of evidence that exists regarding the ufological reality extant (...handily destroying or compromising every effort to make UFOs 'disappear' over many, many years...)!

We must demand official forthcoming-ness with regard to funded and open investigations, investigations both international and cross-cultural in scope (...and generations of corporate scofflaws can pay for it!)!

We must face our well facilitated and crippling fear cultivated by those unwilling to cop to UFOs... (Shostak and Clancy et al) step forward to, and embrace, the future! Not step back to a pie-in-the-sky past that only existed in a skeptibunker's spotty imagination, cowardly intellectualism, and suspect politics... anyway!

So, reader! High marks to Larry King for once seriously broaching the subject in "prime time," but minimal approbations are in order for having the same desultory dialogue dispensed on "Larry King Live" as from Frank Scully and Long John Nebel in the more justifiable ignorance of the '50s, so long ago. 

That ignorance, reader, is no longer, remotely, justifiable. Read on.