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First Insult, Then Comes Injury...

...Just another Flatwoods Reminder, Inc.
"Based on truth!"
First There's Insult, 
Then Comes Injury
by Alfred Lehmberg

Flatwoods, Sandbagged First By MonsterQuest... Then Project Blue Book Bats Some Clean-up.

There's the "injury of insult," and then there's her mirror-twin sister, the "insult of injury." These live in a realm where truth languishes in unnecessary fogs on darkening plains of complacent social indifference and so putting the planet at serious peril. The indifferent and unaware if criminally beguiled play out the consequences of their betrayal, as they are roundly betrayed. 

See, proud lights of incisive intelligence should be shooting up like photonic skyscrapers. Humanity's grasp and reach could be coming together to breathe on the glittering majesty of a 1st Category civilization... truly, a kingdom at hand, truly... 

Though, there is currently only ever that burgeoning threat of existential despair as the imposing unease of our too malleable shared mal-reality contrives to fool and confuse us. This is a mal-reality accessorized with intellectual tyranny and a tragic lack of constructive imagination. It plods off to its Bethlehem to be born... That's the lay of the land.

Consider, a TV was always a wasteland, but it was a wasteland where one could not knowingly communicate an untruth. It couldn't lie and know it. Once, the media had some honor and you could bank on the Evening News. That hasn't occurred this century. 

No, There used to be consequences for lying knowingly on Public airwaves, but Ronald (rhymes with Donald) Reagan killed that FCC doctrine of democratic wisdom in his first two years. "Truthiness" "Officious Propaganda" and "Alternate facts" were the result and resultant soup of the day. Toxic fruit currently rolls far from the toxic media tree alluded to, and verily.

Some fruit of that tree? There's a plethora from which to choose. OK. This writer has a traditional bone to pick with UFO-infomercial TV. We can start there.

Our Television wasteland has never been more sickeningly vast. See, twice burned, hard, on the same issue, I can't see a time when I won't be shy about wasteland corporate TV. The reader may feel the same way.

The latest nasty burn? The HISTORY [snurf-chortle!] Channel's Project Blue Book.  Deception's "weave" is ever to deceive, I say true.

The previous burn on Flatwoods, penultimate to PBB, came as a result of the History [snurf-chortle!] Channel's MonsterQuest episode of March 10th, 2010 featuring Frank Feschino, Stanton Friedman, a first responder to the Flatwoods affair, Fred May, and other witnesses from the stealthily infamous town of Flatwoods, West Virginia. ...And myself, actually.

On that program, I was the bearded fellow, the only bearded fellow, I believe, associated with the Flatwoods segment exclusively. I wore the black UFO Magazine hat. Finally, I was crew, working with the big Helium Camera Balloon and assisting Feschino vis a vis the "sighting" at the "hunter's camp" in a deep forest beside the spring-fed stream

My one spoken line on the program, used apart from where I actually said it was, "Frank, there's a hot spot up there...," or some such... It regarded a remark I'd made about an instrument reading observed in deep forest on an infrared scope we had access to via a MUFON investigation team, also on site. That sound-bite was placed entirely apart from where it occurred and for a different reason, entirely. 

That is not "artistic license." That's unblinking duplicity. That is communicating an untruth. No lipstick for that pig.

...all that said: Folks? You can quote me on the following!

I have no idea what that program was remotely about, at all! It was wholly divorced from any thrust of our conscientious participation... it was a flaccid, disingenuous, and entirely misdirecting distortion regarding what was purported to be "true reporting," and in a presumed sincere documentary? More insult and injury. 

...And Hoo-boy-howdy... note that there's that smell of burnin' pork lard. Pretty acrid.

Why, apart from Joe Nickell (klasskurtxian pork lard and decidedly true to form) I didn't even recognize who was involved in it! The reader may begin to see the clear parallel suggested between this old Monsterquest episode and the current Project Bluebook about the very same Flatwoods affair. 

...Consider, did anyone recognize Dr. Hynek as accurate in the HC's PBB? Anyone? I rest my case.

See, all this is a real irony for me, reader, given I was at Flatwoods, one of three extended personal excursions, for a week during the shooting—and I do mean shooting—of the Flatwoods segment in the earlier MQ program. Moreover, I have an appropriate and professional intimacy with all the principals shown on the MQ Flatwoods segment and have had such for many years, now. It follows I might possess better than a layman's understanding of just what occurred in and around Flatwoods that Indian Summer night in 1952.

Ladies and Gentleman, let me digress to say that, entirely apart from what the Reader saw on a decidedly "flawed" MonsterQuest or wholly "FUBARed" Project Blue Book episode, the following is more likely what occurred on that one startling night in 1952... that one amazing night in Flatwoods, a Flatwoods perhaps touched by the cosmic of a truly unknown unknown! That seems to be at the end of the evidentiary trail, eh?

As already pointed out, remember, and antithetical to most UFO cases? The closer one gets to this case the more substantive it becomes. Existential rabbit hole alert, reader, and deep! or

I remind the HONEST reader that this referenced map and document data is supported by an official Project Bluebook, in the first place, and then timestamped in named Newspaper reportage and first-person witnesses of the time for an impressive second place, in that order of importance. The story hangs neatly on easily connected dots unstretched and abundantly documented.

On investigation, the reader discovers that the History [snurf-chortle] Channel had had the time, opportunity, and all the requisite data it needed to produce a stunning program about the infamous Flatwoods affair in 2010, too. This is a preceding parallel similar that which was produced currently in PBB, and it's a real irony it's Feschino's story the likes of which has never before been seen... likely the problem, eh? "Real," can get too real for some, am I right?

See, what the History Channel did instead, reader, just as in Project Bluebook, was to contrive a manufacture of senseless factoid "mash-ups" regarding entirely unrelated cases... ... cases from which was drawn what could be most easily "faux-discredited" in either of them by "experts" of the inveterate skeptibunky "intelligentsia." Suggesting this, then, bogus and so dismissable array of laughable relationships, ones not even remotely tenuous or supported... inventive salacious conjecture... was the two programs' kiss of less-than-mediocre death... ...death for what might be true and real.

Sincerely, none but those entirely honest with themselves dare call these very poor, contrived, and inauspicious tellings of the Flatwoods story as anything but a blithering incompetence, a fatuous cluelessness, or a distorted propaganda! More irony is revealed given Feschino, Friedman, and I had to sign sworn statements indicating our contribution to the program was true as we knew it to be true! The History Channel reportage of same, paradoxically, was not. There's an irony to choke a Dune sandworm.

With a track record like this? How stalwart can Project Bluebook be? That would be a rhetorical question.

See? The informed person understands that Flatwoods was the tail end of the biggest UFO Flap in US History: The 1952 "Summer Of Saucers" chronicled by Frank Feschino, Wendy Connors, various other authors, and a then in an as yet un-sifted Project Bluebook finally sussed out by the painstaking work of Feschino! Gripping tale right there! Over corporate heads, perhaps.

Reader! The true story was not about "Lizard Monsters" allegedly lurking the woods for 60 plus years, and to this day, as was intimated. Plainly, this is the scurvy distortion prosecuted by the History  Channel.

...And this! The something less than intrepid MonsterQuest documentarians wrongly called the more honest Stanton Friedman a "doctor" and made the dissembling (to be kind) Doctor (degree immaterial) Nickell look "reasonable" in contrived comparison! Friedman would have said, "No free degrees, thank you."

Glowing eyes? Not before or since. Ground miasma? Not before or since! Mass hysteria? Not before or since! Noxious weeds? Not before or since! Roc-sized barn owls? Not before or since! How could they have got things so canted and impossible and insultingly and injuriously wrong! 

I'm still sick at heart and was really ticked off at the time... Feschino, who deserved better than this, his initiative again wrongly hulled below the waterline, was fit to be tied! See, he's telling the culture changing but real story, and is dismissed and discounted out of hand! 

Nickell and company shills for the guys insulting the reader's intelligence and obscuring real history! Case in point: "Mass Hysteria" as touted by Dr. Nickell... is a clueless dodge contrived only to communicate that one actually has no idea what was going on in Flatwoods with any available cranial capacity shoved north of an intellectually superating south hole, but wants to run that hole "authoritatively," anyway!

See, the witnesses at Flatwoods, a gang of playing children of late adolescence and a couple of young adults, presupposed a meteor, predominantly, on the Fisher farm in the hills above the school that evening. They'd been learning about them recently in school. 

Nickell dissembled when he reported they expected "monsters"... People do not run up a hill armed only with a flashlight to look for "monsters," Reader! C'mon! That only happens in the movies and Joe Nickell's impacted and cack-witted imagination! They went up the hill to pick up pieces of a strange meteorite, effect rescue for a downed plane, or perhaps see a UFO!

No, the Flatwoods story was not remotely told by the corporate fudge-factory at the History [snurf.. chortle] Channel in either of their two programs. The historical facts regarding the "Flatwoods Monster" incident were distorted only once again in a series of unending dissemblings by a mediocre toxic soap-selling TV show preying on the gullible in an honorless wasteland. Verily, baseless ridicule for the Flatwoods Story goes back decades and is ever a struggle uphill.

Tune in to the actual Flatwoods story, cited above, to tune up, sincerely. See, it's not a story about a giant lizard in a "hover-round" "attacking" a group of Flatwoods residents with a harmful gas. The gas, remember, was more likely an exhaust emitted from pipes surrounding the lower torso of the body, perhaps a "keep away" gas. The lower torso was likely part of the propulsion system of this giant "metallic" structure propelling it and causing it to hover. Moreover, apart from the gas, the "Flatwoods Monster" never made any aggressive or threatening maneuvers towards the witnesses during the encounter! No humans died even as they were sickened...

More crass inaccuracies?

The nearly 60-years of "sightings" reported by the MQ show were not all "monster" observations, as the duplicitously over-edited Feschino and Friedman footage would misleadingly seem to indicate, but were UFO sightings! This is what the two researchers reported on. UFOs, reader! Not lizard monsters! ...and not Thing-like burnt carrots, psychotic hillbillies, or lesbian intrigue as in Project Bluebook.

The "Flatwoods Monster" incident, the Snitowsky "Frametown Monster" incident and the "Frametown Hunter" incident are the documented entity sightings, reader. These, and other "monster" sightings... never occurred again! See, it's the UFO sightings that are ongoing! This was the actual report and testimony of Friedman and Feschino! They signed they'd tell the truth as they knew it!

Other "real" entities documented on record in the Flatwoods area are as follows:

Dec. 30, 1960. Hickory Flats, WV, Located in Webster County and just across the southern Braxton County border - Witness Charles Slover, 35 years-old, was driving a delivery truck and sighted a 6-foot tall hairy biped, man-like creature near the road. This was unreported by the History [snurf-chortle] Channel.

Dec. 7, 2005. Braxton County, 7-8 miles from Flatwoods. A wildlife trap camera took a photograph of an unknown entity that has been called the "Braxton Beast." This was unreported by the History [snurf-chortle] Channel. Meager and unrepeated stuff!

UFO sightings abound, reader, not "monster" sightings! A UFO sighting that occurred in Holly, Braxton County on Nov. 8, 1957, was documented by Jacques Vallee in his book Passport To Magonia.

Holly is located near Flatwoods. In Case #437, Vallee reports that Hank Mollohan and eight other local witnesses saw an elongated object that was 12-metres long! UFOs, reader! Not monsters.

More UFOs! Frametown Area, 1990: A Frametown couple saw several UFOs over the area of the Middle Ridge area southeast of Frametown. When one of the witnesses walked outside of the house to get a closer look, one of the UFOs flew into the back-yard and shot a bright beam of light down towards the witness. This Frametown incident was documented and broadcast in 1990 by a national TV show of the time, Current Affair With Maury Povich back when he was still trying to have something to say before genetics could so accurately determine paternity. I digress.

In 1991, Feschino documented crop circle rings in Frametown, WV., which were recorded by Colin Andrews. Throughout the early 1990s, Feschino also photographed and videotaped UFOs in the same area of Middle Ridge southeast of James Knob.


The Sept. 12, 1952 "Master Map" of UFO locations was not shown or referenced in any way. This is a key point validating the whole of the story... 

The flight-path trajectory of the "Flatwoods Monster" UFO was not shown or mentioned. This was the "Washington DC. to Flatwoods, WV UFO" flight-path. Check the included link for same.

The Colonel Dale Leavitt Interview was not shown or mentioned in the MQ program, nor was it alluded to in PBB, nor was there any mention of the sizable West Virginia National Guard involvement in and around Flatwoods.

There was no reference to the fact that the USAF had heavily documented the Flatwoods incident.

The First person witness-journalist John Barker interview was not mentioned in either program.

Well respected reporter and first-person responder A. Lee Stewart, Jr., who broke the National story, was not mentioned. The drawings of the metal piece that he found on the farm were not shown.

There was no mention or reference that there were strange metal and black plastic-like pieces found on the Fisher Farm by the locals, shortly after the incident, and policed up by the Army.

The five known drawings made by five of the boy witnesses who saw the "Flatwoods Monster" were not shown." Despite being separated by Stewart, remember, and challenged individually in the "third degree," the drawings are astonishingly similar!

The "Flatwoods Monster" color illustrations painted by Feschino from first-hand eyewitness descriptions were not shown.

The 1996 Fred May pencil drawing of the "Monster" was not shown. It depicted the figure as "mechanical." This was a point errantly avoided by MonsterQuest and PBB, opting instead for the sensationalist misnomer and more injurious insult!

Let's put a fine point on it. The foremost Flatwoods expert, Frank Feschino, Jr., was not even consulted in what was touted by the History Channel as exhaustive consultation with regard to some promised, even perspicacious, storytelling! Still, corporate goes on and on, on their website, with regard to how "exhaustive" their research was. That's on them. 

The Flatwoods reenactment segment on MQ did not show the actual "mechanical" figure as described by Mrs. May and Fred May. The incorrect 1952 "We The People" mock-up, which depicted the arms and claws was shown instead... and then was senselessly compared to the "Frametown Monster."

Finally, the "Star child skull" and the entities in Flatwoods/Frametown were errantly compared! These cases have no relationship to each other, what-so-ever, all respect to the late Lloyd Pye! We spoke after the program and this writer can report that he would agree.

I'd hoped for the best regarding the History [snerk.. chortle] Channel. What happened?

"Hollywood" happened, reader... corporate manipulations apart from, and not interested in, telling the real story... These contrive a mash-up between two unrelated cases and, "highlighting" what was "prosaically explainable," in both, work to "faux-discredit" either... actually! We were sand-bagged, IMO. Project Bluebook is the current injury on top of the insult.

The only good thing... the Flatwoods story was broached, at all, in a no-nonsense manner by Frank Feschino, Freddy May, John Barker, and Stanton Friedman! Too bad none of that translated to the screen! 

Though, seriously, People are eventually going to wonder where the "lizard monster" (sheesh!) came from and how it came to be in Flatwoods at all. That story? Again, right here:

I personally apologize, again, to the people of Braxton County, Frametown, and the town of Flatwoods specifically, that the story was not portrayed as it was related by the honest principals to the production company. We regret their time was wasted. It's not Frank Feschino's fault that the creative control was well out of his more capable hands... as it will be on all these programs. "Ya pays yer money an' takes yer chances." 

We all got burned. All the credible stuff went to the cutting room floor.

Project Bluebook, moreover, is the current interaction of selling boner pills and reverse mortgages with sensational "truish" story-telling allowed in an honorless mass media. It may sell the predatory mortgaging pills... but it doesn't tell the story... well, at all.

Rest somewhat assured, though, MonsterQuest and Project Bluebook at least showed enough to get interest kindled in other quarters, perhaps. There's a lot of life left to tell the story, still! You can bet Frank Feschino will be banging the Flatwoods drum, verily!

I remain firmly in his corner! There are many rounds left in this fight. Frank is strong and as focused as he ever was!

Closing, Flatwoods and Frametown residents wrote to tell me that the James Knob site east of Frametown is still ufologically active. Right now, reader.

Well, I suspect that if ET had swooped in and landed on the pasture that night while Friedman, Feschino, and myself were all up there on James Knob, and the Monster Quest people had shot miles of film of it? THAT footage would have languished on the cutting room floor with all the other pertinent material, too, one presumes.

The MonsterQuest program regarding Flatwoods was dissembling hypocrisy... and a shame! The unearned opprobrium thrust on the actual existentiality of Flatwoods is ongoing via the HC's Project Bluebook and serves none of us.

One last point, in the dodgy MonsterQuest "cooked" portrayal, Fred May, Stanton Friedman, and Frank Feschino seem to indicate that Big Lizards in "hover-rounds," plus other monsters, still lurk dangerously in the West Virginia mountains around Flatwoods. No reader. They are not. Nothing these men actually reported to the film crew made that indication. Their contribution was edited beyond credulity.

Sincerely, be disabused of the notion that dangerous monsters haunt our hills and forests! Fred, Frank, and Stan made no such intimation. I was there. I know.

With regard to Flatwoods, there has always been baseless ridicule. That's suspicious in itself. That the story still strongly stands is credible testimony to an antithesis of falsehood extended by way of a duplicitous corporate and its importunate programming discrediting same. This may indicate how true the story might actually be!

It remains. Insult is uncalled for and injury will not be abided. It hasn't thus far. Flatwoods abides, for all the uninformed ignominy it has unjustifiably endured for decades.   It's that big a story. 

Who we were. Who we are. Who we could be.
Proud and free and off our knees!

Friday, February 01, 2019

Real Madness!

Rhyming still, I'll try, 
if directing spittle in the eye
to those whom I'll decry 
as sans all conscience
I project myself to them 
via meter writ in trim... sneer, in fact, at him 
for that insentience...

See ...I'm a *wacko* like John Ford
Can I safely be ignored? 
A meager poet—you must be bored— 
it's "white-boys" rapping? 
But this rhythm you might hear 
could have you crying in your beer—
and not so far from here;
I see it happening!

Is our future writ in stone? 
Could we go it all alone
how can we all condone 
our common sadness? 
Think of Aztecs looking east, 
"...A bearded savior? Start the feast!", 
but surprise!
Psychotic Christians flogging madness!

We hear of Ford the "Gun Nut"—
advised he's got a 'wide butt'... 
and how he hangs with "scuts" and "wacko losers." 
But no, he finished up at College, 
and he used his "Master's knowledge"... complicate the "business" of abusers!

That's what I would plan to do, 
our Constitution through and through—
you'd remove it from my view? 
You scabrous flunky! 
The stuff that you comport 
wouldn't stand in any court!  
Though you call yourself a *sport*? 
Your shtick is funky.

You write what you think sells, 
but the fair play goes to hell; 
you've got yours so *it's* just swell; 
you're so revolting
But you're the one to go down first
you're the first to feel thirst
you're the first to court despair beyond consoling.

Retired from the courts 
—John's a cop of sorts— 
Republican in quarts, and mourning justice? 
Hell, he sounds just like my dad
and it kind of makes me mad, 
yes, more than merely sad at this injustice."

See, it seems they call him crazy 
'cause he's not the least bit lazy 
on the subject of those goddamned  "UFOs."  
Yes, he believes that some touch down; 
he even thinks they're underground; 
at denials of these "facts," he thumbed his nose.

Well, the Suffolk County boys 
should gather up their bully toys—
and make a similar noise to label me. 
I've similar beliefs, 
and know there's small relief, 
as the "man," that slick-mouthed thief
destroys our freedoms!

Yes—I am made of sterner stuff 
 and I have had, now, quite enough... 
so I rise up rudely rough... provoked to rage
Unrepentant, I decry 
the "system's" mixing truth with lies 
so the former is denied (!!!).. the latter praised!

Well, that's not right on any level;
that's credulity disheveled!
That's our sentience soundly rogered for a slut! 
These will pay for their injustice
And John Ford will know some justice...
Ford should be restored... and nothing but!

Think about it! Had the Suffolk County boys established the beginnings of legal precedent justifying a contention regarding a "flying saucer incarceration"? IOW, believe in flying saucers, friend, and be unfit to stand trial, be thrust apart from the "protection" of law and its "due process" into an institution for the criminally insane?  Whoa! 
That's one nasty legal precedent. I say true. That's some full-on societal FUBAR and totalitarianism's authoritarian, is that fair?
Too, where did John Ford get the "radium" in question?  Was it of a dangerous variety? Was it "radium" of a minute quantity to calibrate recent radiation detectors Ford had recently procured for his research? There are answers to those questions.
Conspiracy recorded on audio tape?  Even presuming the actuality of such a conversation, as charged, between the men, what if Ford— "lik[ing] to talk about what he would do to [even imagined enemies?]", and not KNOWING about perhaps PLANTED "radium" in his pickup truck...
What if Ford was encouraged, by that police employed 'wire', to fantasize about same the manner similar to the way you could with me, reader, if you told me I could press a little red button in your outstretched palm and watch Pat Robertson's porcine head explode on network television?!  Even now I scramble for that button in my mind [sardonic grin]! Digression alert!
Let's explore that Pat Robertson fellow a little.  How much concern am I to have for the prerogatives and sensibilities of a person who gloats heartily at his "Lord's justice being done," as I am beaten to death by members of his cack-witted crowd for not validating the God he makes in his own image... to do his own bidding—prosecute his loathsome, regressive, woman-hating, and freedom destroying bidding. ...God, but I loathe those guys...
  ...Perhaps it is not acceptable for me to make such an expression of outrage and loathing even when our lovely Doctor Robertson makes every indication that I should be *dispatched*, as I point out above, in even crueler fashions for failing to validate his pestilent faith with my respect... ...and on National television, too! What goddamned gall!
That I should have to die ignobly to feed the "God" of HIS foul imagination and self-fluffing interpretation … or yours, reader—even mine, but especially, John Ford's Suffolk County's! ...And we're back!
John Ford suffers similar bigotry prosecuted by what turned out to be REAL, read convicted in turn, criminals, not just willing ones like that effulgent swine Pat Robertson!  Is not that the REAL madness!
Restore John Ford! Now! While he has any quality time left at all! ...It's been since 1996, reader. Real murderous psychotics have been released from prison since then. ...And released from Suffolk County prisons, too, I'd wager, to kill again. 
There's some ugly irony, but then most irony is. Why is John Ford, and I'd bet the farm entirely innocent, singled out? Why, indeed. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


What Regards Us As We refuse To Regard In Turn?
Feel that breathing on your neck...
This writer does.

  by Alfred Lehmberg
  PART 3

Previously: A nascent cover-up, the master map, and weird stuff getting curiouser and curiouser!

...Through the Keyhoe, then, down a rabbit hole just getting more contrarily substantive, less dreamlike the further we fall... That is curious! 

We introduce another piece of the Flatwoods personage puzzle. This will be a brother writer/researcher in the tradition of the aforementioned men Gray Barker and Ivan T. Sanderson... those savvy investigators doing the best they could with what they had... but men still falling short of solving the Flatwoods enigma! 

Remember, these men all knew that there was "something" there, but they didn't have Feschino's future chronological advantage and his PBB File access! They didn't have their own shoulders on which to stand

So, now we encounter another in that line, Major Donald Keyhoe, USMC retired and military aide to that Charles Lindbergh. Too, we begin to throw more light on that irritating government predilection to the reflex cover-ups awarded to highly strange incidents. It's an affectation that our officiality always seems to have regarding these matters. 

Anyway, Keyhoe, quickly to become a nascent ufologist himself, is a hard-nosed rationalist and as equally hard-boiled as a writer, so a communicator. More to the point, he's hardwired with military contacts close to this "UFO problem." This is a man who might be an interesting source for info on same, n'est ce pas? 

The reader can be assured that here was a man of no small credibility. He was hugely respected by any and all.

He would have occasion, in these troubled times, to talk to the USAF public Liaison Official of the time, one Albert Chop, at the Pentagon, in January 1953. They would discuss the brouhaha surrounding the Flatwoods case. Adding insult upon injury to the "Flatwoods Monster" encounter, Chop would explain the possible and speculative, yet absurd, explanations regarding the so-called monster incident in play by the Air Force: He'd trot out what the Air Force is going to trot out... what it always trots out. Chop informed:
"First, the glowing object seen by Mrs. May and the boys was actually a meteor; it merely appeared to be landing when it disappeared over the hill."
"Second, the group did see two glowing eyes, probably those of a large owl perched on a limb. Underbrush may have given the impression of a giant figure, and in their excitement they may have imagined the rest."
"Third, the boys' illness was a physical effect brought on by their fright."
"Fourth, the flattened grass and supposed tracks were caused by the first villagers when they came to investigate."
How about, ...No? ...Just, no. With regards UFOs and their affiliation with a "humanity," it is a can just not kicked forever down the road without consequences coming due. One won't put off the dentist forever. 

Keyhoe would have known these same things, himself. First, a meteor of the size described would have certainly provided for "Flattened Woods" as Stanton Friedman pointed out, to start, and besides, there were no meteors, remotely on or in the record on those days, for the finish

Second, the "Owl" of the area was never misidentified before nor has it been misidentified since! It is ludicrous given these persons involved were not credulous hillbillies confused as regards their own local fauna, fauna known for generations.  Moreover? The "owl" in question never was. It was an invention, you know, like Joe Nickell's ufological relevance.

Third, frightened by what exactly? A heavy battalion of armed troops was sent to cover the entire region! Just a fraction, but still sizable chunk of that force, went to Flatwoods.  Some would call that overreaction to hillbilly kids grabassin' in the woods at night... One would think... 

Fourth, the Air Force assertions are not supported by the facts, then or now. The biggest of their assertions, the "The meteor," falls apart at the beginning and all the rest degrades in light of the record extant from the time. Sorry, Doctor (immaterial) Joe Nickell. One won't carry much sand in a sieve.

Ok reader, now let's make an overview of the scene at Flatwoods, its cast of characters, and then the perplexing activity of this inexplicable affair. This will be an "activity" decidedly odd even given circumstances later (and too readily this writer adds)  dismissed by your garden variety, so suspiciously militant, naysayer (read skeptibunky)... as "hillbillies" reacting to their local "fauna." Not remotely true. Ludicrous on its face.

There were Project Blue Book intelligence officers and other officials involved in the "Flatwoods Monster" case, present. The first-hand telling of these investigative events, which occurred in Flatwoods, can be read in Feschino's book as they were told to him by the primary "Flatwoods Monster" witnesses. One of them, Mrs. Kathleen May, the woman who actually met and encountered the Monster and Project Blue Book officials at the scene, is, like her sons, a key first-hand witness never losing a shred of dignity and credibility over the decades.

Enter, now, one Highly decorated WWII Vet Colonel Dale Leavitt, the commander of the West Virginia National Guard. He was the OIC of the military initiative into the area, provoked by nameless circumstances so busily severe that police could not respond to calls! Fact.

He personally led a heavy platoon of troops onto the Flatwoods encounter site after receiving an unusual and off-chain-of-command call from the USAF in Washington, D. C. to deploy to Flatwoods with haste! An apt response to "hillbilly kids" provoked by a simple meteor into seeing a space monster around Halloween this writer asks? This writer, in turn, suspects not.

A. Lee Stewart
Oh, and the many others who told Feschino about the officials involved in the Flatwoods case. These would include A. Lee Stewart, Jr., the reporter who broke the story to the world, and then first-hand witness Neil Nunley, who also saw the "Monster" at close range and knows an owl from what comes to be described later as a mechanism! There were the boys and they would be, on some levels, scarred for life, periodically mocked and humiliated about the affair. There are other issues.

Yes, Feschino's research and investigation into this incident is indeed the most informative on record, the longest and most factually dense in history! The book is worth the price of admission to a... forthcoming future of the future forthcoming. 

Sometimes it's just that easy if we let it... if we're strong enough! See... this writer thinks it's not all bad news, or why the cover-up? Seem's the rare cover-up serving anyone but the cover-upper. That's the history.

No, this writer thinks at this point he can safely say: were it not for Feschino's extensive, dedicated, and decades-long investigation, his devoted research into the events of the September 12 and 13, 1952 vis a vis resurrected Project Blue Book case files... there would be no Flatwoods case, at all, today. It would have remained lost forever... buried, like our government plainly intended it to be.

There would be no Flatwoods books, no Flatwoods TV shows, no Flatwoods radio programs, stories or Flatwoods... anything. In other words, Feschino single-handedly uncovered and resuscitated knowledge of this massive UFO cover-up and, with the help of Stanton Friedman and a few others, arduously exposed the cover-up of the "Flatwoods Monster" incident, et al! There's more than mere punch in this pudding, reader.

As for the coat-tail riders, glabrous cling-ons, CSI fan-boys, klasskurtxian gad-flies, back-shooting glory-seekers, and other supposed experts or bald thieves of Feschino's work and content, this writer suspects Feschino might be singularly positioned for a grab on the shirttail of the truth as regards this extremely twitchy affair, where the aforementioned iterated scalawags, don't... it's, and again no apologies, it's one of those stories changing, everything... perhaps neatly explaining the problem with the embrace of same. I offer the reader that the writer's long intuition is that its better news on the other side of disclosure with regard to the UFO... 

Countless others, on the other hand, have a similar intuition ... now, thanks to Feschino! The "Flatwoods Monster" or "Braxton County Monster" is Feschino's baby, cutting to the chase; it is his story, all the evidence comes as a result of his efforts pretty much alone, and he deserves his dominion over same. 

I can attest to this having worked with Feschino for many years, traveled with him, having done some radio programs with him... even appeared on a 2010 History Channel Flatwoods episode with him alluded to previously. Crom's devils, I wrote the back cover review of his ground-breaking book! This writer, summa graduate, and former Master Aviator is convinced some game was afoot!

Recently, Feschino told me, "I don't mind, so much, the others who have latched onto the story or pretend to be experts." He said, "I know the facts of the case! I was the one who devoted nearly half of my life uncovering the incident! The rest are pretenders." He adds, "My books, radio interviews, and the video/audio documentation of witnesses in my documentaries are my testament and track record, and they go back to 1991." 

This could all very well be true. In fact, it occurs to this writer that Feschino may have been the only one to break this story! A tall claim, but as a school trained renderer across many artistic media disciplines, to even a forensic quality, Feschino was able to "draw out" what witnesses were describing in a way that jogged abused and shell-shocked memories of these affected persons and in a way your garden variety investigator cannot or would not. 

Artists can have an endearing quality... a result of them being able to capture another's tortured memories as they are iterated, perhaps... ...which brings us to our criticism of the History Channel's Project Blue Book Flatwoods Monster episode...

Thing is? I liked it, or would have. I rather liked the smoky innuendo, the humanist sub-plotting, the X-file-esque feel, the actors and the acting, or would have. This writer says that having had to pay to see it. I would have been glad to drub it were it execrable... but it was not. It was rather like a Twilight Zone episode encouraging the reader to think and wonder, mayhap... because it was allegedly based on fact... ...and there comes the rub!

See... the real Flatwoods story comes at a time during the biggest UFO flap in US History. Fact. In 1952 UFOs were so ubiquitous, bothersome, and threatening to prohibited flight spaces that President Harry Truman ordered the military to shoot those UFOs down! Fact. Men and machines are credited lost in this... air war. Fact. One of these UFOs, damaged in the conflict, finds its way to the center of West Virginia and crash-lands. Fact. There is "contact" between frightened locals and the UFO's conjectured occupant. Fact. Seems like a hell of a story to me. ...And scene!

Not so, History's Project Blue Book episode. "Based on fact" is not served by a content alleging to be factual while being in no way factual, beyond the bones of a shrouded statuary carved of a demeaned factuality, story distortions to the factual contrary ridiculously confabulatory... Truth disparaged to become a laughable distortion of facts reworked into a dismissive parody of what happened, actually, so as to perhaps dismiss, as parody, what actually happened! Was that it?

As a pure fiction I would have liked it! I was adequately entertained. Yes, I would have liked it unreservedly, but there is that duplicity problem. It said, as much as more than intimated with a heavy hand, that it was based on a true story! 

It remains that I feel I have a good reason to suspect that that assertion, in and of itself, is such a distortion of the narrative, besides being known factually to be otherwise, so as to make opportunity for the ready dismissal of same... the contrived result. Just another mainstream sandbag... 

The credible, then, wholly discredited. Readily believed rumors. Gladly ignored facts... When did we come to this? What's up with that?

I guess that's what you can do after Ronald Reagan destroyed the FCC's "Fairness Doctrine" a doctrine providing substantive penalties and consequences for knowingly lying on Public airwaves. Some of these lies are bigger than other ones...

Remains, Truth, as it can be hashed out for our existential reality, is degraded and subverted by this program and programs like them. They made the true story ridiculous and so made it forgettable. That's unforgivable.

What's real is the evidenced potential for real Air War with entities from beyond our Earth and 3rd Kind Encounters with same. That's the evidence... no lipstick for that pig... How are we served, especially in the long run, with that story made forgettable? Is the real story just too real... is that it? Well, even honorable pragmatism based on ever convenient crap is crap, just not inconvenienced, ever...

...Though, who would have thought that it would be the History Channel to obviate our real history, eh? This writer stifles a snort. Though, this is, and has been, the apparent case.

...Still, seems there may be a special place in History Channel hell for programs professing one thing, doing something altogether and solicitously different, and then mocking the very truth on which that truth was professed to have been based, as truth... just for the old injury accessorized with unearned insult one would suppose? Some good faith seems called for! The History Channel's betrayal is a disgusting kind of irony, this writer says true.

Feschino regards the crapulous proceedings of some pretty obvious cognitive dissonance from the corporate main-streamers with startled amazement, even after all these decades. Consider, reader, the most astonishing story imaginable cast away like it was a filthy rag! Maybe it is, to some. To others it may seem more like a full on leap into the embrace of the 21st Century... a retreat from a wasteful and hypocritical, psychotic and psychopathic, 19th...

Without shame and sans all apology, as the reader has been forewarned, this writer offers, instead of the usual forgettable obligatory foolishness, a monstrous tale of documented air war with ET (men and machines disappearing wholesale), downed ET pilots escaping and evading (killing dogs and scaring people), a well researched encounter between ETs and humanity (credible salt of the Earth kinds of folks), all wrapped in a suffocating cowl of cold war, political hypocrisy, and the new American exceptionalism... 

I asked Feschino for his opinion of the alien "monster" as portrayed in the Project Blue Book, Flatwoods Monster episode. Feschino laughed. 

"To me, it looked like a 10-foot tall hot-dog somebody left on the grill too long. ...Ya know, that hot-dog nobody wanted getting pushed to the back, off the grate and forgotten about... Add a pair of piss-hole in the snow eyes and grabby-ghoul arms and you have one hell of a silly-looking portrayal of the 'Flatwoods Monster.'."

He added, 

"Mrs. May would have been devastated and disappointed if she had seen this episode... the way they handled it... the way they portrayed the attitude and demeanor of the principals and the townspeople, brave persons, actually, put under much duress during the affair. It was astonishingly, even libelously, inaccurate!

True enough, these people did not deserve this characterization.

This writer has spent time with these people. He is wholly outraged for them.

Feschino goes on, 

"You see, I worked with Mrs. May for many, many years, knew her well and spent countless hours talking with her and documenting her testimony. There was a reason that she worked with me for all of those years... it was because she trusted me and wanted the truth to come out... so did I! ...And that's what I did—I told the truth!

Closing, Feschino clued this writer to his outline for a plan well structured as a framework to, at last, get the... beyond astonishing... true story right, at last... dead pilots killed and missing in terrifying military action, their falsely dishonored memories, and the tortured souls of bereaved relations rather earn this clear-eyed consideration. 

"My definitive goal at this point," he says unblinkingly, "is a Hollywood movie based on my book. To that end I have already written a treatment for a screen play. It is a real blockbuster and will never be equaled. I can guarantee that... and this story really is based on the truth..." This writer's money is on Frank Feschino.

Read on... 

Monday, January 14, 2019


  by Alfred Lehmberg
  PART 2

Previously: Training and persistence. Resolving the near-ruined record. Provenance is ignored?

Feschino's Reconstituted 10073

Yes reader, it was Frank Feschino who discovered the "PROJECT BLUEBOOK 10073 RECORD CARD ATIC Form 329 (REV 26 Sep 52)," for the "Flatwoods Monster" case! There's your provenance for PBB Flatwoods records, extant. Full stop!

It was Frank Feschino who analyzed numerous "Tentative Observers Questionnaires" and "Air Intelligence Information Reports," documents. It was Frank Feschino who re-imaged illegible "Project 10073 Record Card" papers, "Air Intelligence Information Report" narratives, and ATIC communication "ACTION" reports! This is forgetting various other intelligence reports re-engineered back to readability over the years, reader, by one Frank Feschino!

Let us be crystal clear that it was Frank Feschino who letter-detected faded first-person witness handwritten manuscripts to readability (a doozy to decipher... a paper in its own right) and, over the years, re-inked them to the record's legibility. Finally, it was Frank Feschino who then made it public, largely for free, reader, apart from his very well received and credible (perhaps the problem!) book, on the internet, radio, or TV.

It was Frank Feschino, for the record, first to put civilian eyes on... was first to see the September 12 and 13, 1952 Project Blue Book case files, in more than a few decades. Within those files was the "Flatwoods" file designated case, "#2078." This writer seems sure a debt's owed to Feschino rather than this uneasy dearth of same... even carried around for a time on a three-cornered journalistic cushion for this writer's money, but we digress.

See, immediately, there seemed an abundant mystery afoot... revealed a result, only, of Feschino's efforts. In turn, perhaps we'd even have some definitive answers regarding questions we now can have, at all... you know... regarding a seemingly clear Air Force cover-up of the "Flatwoods Monster," affair.

To wit, so we can lay this out crystal clear: we refer to the case in the "comments" section of one of its documents, section #11...

The Air Force so confidently proclaims, 

"The West Virginia monster so-called. Actually the object was the well-known Washington area meteor of 12 Sep landing near Flatwoods West Virginia. Have confirmation from an Astronomy Club from Akron, Ohio. Letter from E.C. [BLACKED-OUT] President - Akron Astronomy Club.

Ok... right here we can throw the brake full on, even accessorized with that nasty scratched-record sound! Let us remember that this was a "statement of fact" by an officiality, for the record!

The official conclusion reached, then, was recorded in section 12 of the 10073 Record Card

"12. CONCLUSION: [X] was astronomical." 

...Nothing to see here folks, move along now to your homes and tune in some "reality" TV... bake some cookies... wash the dog...

See, to start... the Project Blue Book officials blamed the whole Flatwoods sighting on a meteor, known then, specifically (suspiciously!), as "the well-known Washington area meteor." Stop! There are problems with any or all of this as the reader will see. 

The referenced Akron Astronomy Club (AAC) letter, which Feschino also had to make legible, stated, 

"EXAMPLE: Typical Meteorite (Fireball). 12 Sep Fireball -- September 12, 1952-- Flatwoods, W.Va."

The "Washington area meteor" was also referenced in The New York Times on September 13, 1952 in the article, "FLAME OVER WASHINGTON." 

...The "FLAME." Ok... "OVER WASHINGTON." Right. Only...

This same article also stated, 

"Newspapers offices were flooded by calls from witnesses of the phenomenon who sought an explanation...At the United States Naval Observatory a spokesman said, 'reports sound like a typical meteor.'"

The Springfield News reported the same story, "Flaming Object Seen at Capitol" and wrote,

"A flaming object believed to have been a falling meteor tonight flashed across the skies startling hundreds of Washington area residents. The object was seen over the capital and nearby Maryland and Virginia.The Weather Bureau, Naval Observatory and newspaper offices were jammed with a flood of calls from persons wanting to know what the mysterious object was."

Reader, please take note of the sheer amount of calls the newspapers reported received concerning this object... propagandized even, it becomes increasingly clear, to be a meteor! "Newspaper offices were flooded by calls from witnesses" and "newspaper offices were jammed with a flood of calls from persons," was the effusive report!

Now reader, let's take a look behind the scene at a "Tentative Observers Questionnaire," from a credited witness who reported his sighting to Project Blue Book, himself. Here, Feschino spent countless hours recreating a particular handwritten page from this document, a document which was severely faded and not remotely legible at a glance, and then brought those words back to life... or it would have been lost forever.

From the near illegible...

To readability!

Again, it was Feschino discovering the following shocking testimony on page 8 of this witness's report under section "30." In part, this witness wrote:

"I don't know what it was I saw and will insist on what it was NOT, I have seen meteors, and the newspapers will have a hard time telling me I was looking at a meteor on 9/12 [September 12]—maybe it sounds good to persons who didn't see the object—this THING was being flown...In summation, this may sound as though I am inferring some fraud in the reports given to the public, perhaps responsible parties believe they are true and the best information available, but did they see the thing on 9/12? [Name blacked out]"
See, and we come to it at last, the problem with this cover-up story, which was clearly implemented by the USAF, is that there are no recorded meteors or meteorite landings in the United States, anywhere, for September 12, 1952...except in Project Blue Book! None." ...Let that sink in.

Friedman, onsite at Flatwoods, WV
More to the point, there was never a meteorite landing in or near Flatwoods on that night in question, or ever as far as this writer knows. Stanton Friedman was to later to have quipped, "If it had, the town would now be called Flattened-woods." To this day, no one has ever found an impact pit or crater in the area, which would surely be noticeable after all the documented commotion for such.

See, after years of research plus putting together his data of UFO sightings for that day onto a "Master Map," astonishing in its own right, Feschino discovered that the "Flame Over Washington" was more likely that damaged Flatwoods UFO flying over the Capitol on a western trajectory, continuing on about 200 miles, and then landing in Flatwoods about 30 minutes later! There's your "flame," and a real "Energizer Bunny" one, too! 

MASTER MAP -- Just a fraction...
Additionally, a preternaturally intrepid Feschino discovered and assiduously documented 116 locations where twenty-five UFOs where sighted, crashing and landing over and over, virtually leapfrogging, and all were sighted within ten east coast states during twenty-one sustained hours of UFO activity! Others might have remarked on reported evidence of one hell of a battle with aliens from space... Let that sink in...

Yet, the "Duration" of this alleged "Fireball" was said to be "5-6 seconds" according to that Akron Astronomy Club document, a document that the Air Force rather blitheringly used as their alleged prima facie evidence. This won't be the last time this writer notes how very sad and suspiciously poor this cover-up attempt by the Project Blue Book officials was,  so as to provoke in the reader an awareness of same.

Realize that after years of research and putting together his data of UFO sightings for that day onto the aforementioned "Master Map," again astonishing, as the reader can see, Feschino's evidence illustrates that the "Flame Over Washington," passing over the Capitol on a western trajectory at about 7:00 pm, was just... not... a meteor!

It better fits the evidence that it was the damaged Flatwoods UFO craft, shot up by Air Force jets ordered to do just that, as it stands. No apologies, remember.

Whatever it was, it would continue on about 206 miles and then land in Flatwoods about 30 minutes later around 7:30 pm. 

The Project Blue Book 10073 Record Card stated the time of the meteor sighting in Flatwoods was...

"TIME: 19:30" (or 7:30 pm) EST. This same document states, "Actually the object was the well-known Washington area meteor of 12 Sep. landing near Flatwoods. Have confirmation of an Astronomy Club from Akron, Ohio," again, and pointed out for emphasis. 

Just... Not... A Meteor!

Now pay close attention reader! The Akron Astronomy Club letter stated the time this sighted "Fireball" was, "TIME: Approximately 7:00 P.M. E.S.T." Flatwoods? 7:30 PM. This time-lapse of 30 minutes clearly proves it was NOT a "Typical Meteorite Fireball"! 

Consider, reader! The Akron Astronomy Club stated this "fireball" had an "Actual velocity: 27 miles per second." Were this the case, reader, then this fireball would have reached Flatwoods in near single digit seconds after passing over Washington, DC, not 30 minutes! That's the physics!

30 minutes at the noted speed is beyond the pale of rational reason-ability by orders of magnitude! True rationalists must retch or be the wretches they'd proclaim as wretched, retching! That point, honed fine.

To further hone this point, the "Duration" of this alleged "Fireball" was said to be "5-6 seconds" according to the Akron Astronomy Club document our Air Force rather blitheringly used as their support and evidence beard. Truly, and again, this is a very sad, even deplorable, cover-up attempt by the Project Blue Book officials, to say the least. It just begs to be overturned and invalidated!

So, let's kick this rock over even risking a bite! Feschino discovered and documented 116 locations where twenty-five UFOs where sighted that day! For the record, and focusing on these sightings, there were actually four UFOs crashing a total of 13 times within 3 states, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia, while eight other UFOs made landings in three states, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. All 25 of the accounted for UFOs were sighted over and within ten east coast states during only twenty-one sustained hours of UFO activity, and most of that in arond an hour! Let that sink in, too!

Air War with ET!

Now, just to show how inaccurate, desperate, and almost-wanting-to-be-caught appearing... certainly poor, as noted, that the Blue Book's attempt to cover-up the "Washington area meteor" was, Feschino discovered that by connecting all the plotted points of UFO sightings that night and by using the time stamps of these sightings... he could establish just "who" was "what," and "where," and that there had been other damaged UFOs seen that night on completely different flight paths than just the one to Flatwoods! The Akron Astronomy Club, flatly, had NOT borne witness to the so-called "Washington area meteor. "

The AAC, contrarily, had not seen any meteor! Rather, actually, they sighted another damaged craft which had passed over Baltimore, Maryland and was headed on a northwest flight path towards Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio! This object was also in flames and was tracked over thirty locations by Feschino

For an alleged meteor, this "flaming object" had passed over northwest Maryland, proceeded over Ohio, then redirected northeast towards the northern West Virginia panhandle... There it nearly collided with a commercial passenger plane [heavily documented!]! It then redirected and headed south over West Virginia to crash-land five times in that state! Wait! What? ...Redirecting

Funny meteor, eh, reader? Yet, to add to the mayhem of flaming and damaged UFOs flying across the United States, another and third damaged "flaming object" was seen streaking across the country on a southwest trajectory and heading directly towards... Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee! This writer thinks that that might have rung some bells, and he would wager on kinked short-hairs bunched on shriveled sacks for all the actioning participants! Oak Ridge! That was our nascent atomics industry, remember!

It had passed southwest over Virginia, then actually flew seventy miles through the security sensitive no-fly zone of the "Oak Ridge Air Defense Identification Zone," ...finally to crash-land across the Tennessee border into Arcadia, Tennessee! Here it was sighted going down. This set off a search and rescue operation by the "Kingsport Life Saving and First Aid Crew" with an ambulance. 

Upon arrival, the crews saw "strange flares" off in the distance, but before the object could be reached, it took off and headed south through the State. Feschino pinpointed and documented this UFO over ten locations including Virginia, then Tennessee, where it crashed twice! It was then tracked to depart out over North Carolina. Check the map. It's all in the record Feschino uncovered and constructed almost forensically.

To complete the record for those, perhaps, uninformed readers who are unaware of this incident, or Feschino's intrepid investigation into this case, the reader might ask, what was the "Flatwoods Monster" incident and what actually happened that night? Prepare for dirty download and conjunct data-burst.

In a quick overview, (...And the writer makes absolutely no apologies for the ridiculous audaciousness of the presented assertions as has been pointed out... but one is, or should be, constrained by facts... go where these lead... though heaven falls!):  the "Flatwoods Monster" affair was a sub-set of one of four different UFOs shot down by USAF jets on September 12, 1952, approximately six-weeks after it was publicly revealed on July 29, 1952 in The Seattle Post Intelligencer, that the "Air Force Orders Jet Pilots to Shoot Down Flying Saucers If they Refuse to Land." 

Newspaper Article Headlines of the time...

Yes reader, that headline is absolutely true! In part, the article says, 

"Lt. Col. Moncel Monts, (USAF) Information officer, stated: 'The jet pilots are, and have been under orders to investigate unidentified objects and to shoot them down if they can't talk them down.'

Hence, the overwhelming amount of non-communicating UFOs sighted over, and going down, in the United States, just on September 12, 1952! There are "...other, and more lurid battles" Ed Ruppelt, the PBB Chief of the moment, would later write. 

By using information Feschino had laboriously extracted from first Project Blue Book documents, newspaper articles, magazine pieces, past research materials, and his own first-hand eyewitness interviews (many of those videotaped), he then plotted all the points of the UFO sightings, landing areas, and crash sites onto his "Master Map." Then! Then, he was able to connect the dots; recreate a cohesive timeline of events.

A plethora of UFOs in just 21 hours!

This established the foundation for the story-line of Feschino's book, wholly disproving and discounting the Project Blue Book "single fireball meteor" explanation and its convoluted story-line of events, exposed after all these years, by... who was that again?

Now, all that said, let's take a moment and go back to July 29 of 1952 and talk about a most interesting follow-up statement, regarding all this "Shoot Down" foolishness. It was made by Robert Farnsworth, President of the United States Rocket Society. It was sent immediately after the flying-saucer-shoot-down-orders were publicly revealed. Seems someone could think beyond the auspices of the hindbrain and reptile gonads!

Mr. Farnsworth sent telegrams to President Harry Truman, Robert Lovett, the Secretary of Defense, Frank Pace, Jr., the Secretary of the Army, and Daniel Kimball, Secretary of the Navy, in regards to the shooting down flying saucers. On July 30, 1952, The Louisville Courier reported the following in an article: "Don't Shoot Them Down, Rocket Man Says"...

"...Other and more lurid Duels of Death!"

"I respectfully suggest that no offensive action be taken against the objects reported as unidentified, which have been sighted over our nation. Should they be extraterrestrial - such action might result in the gravest consequences, as well as possibly alienating us from beings of superior power. Friendly contact should be sought as long as possible.

In other words, "Guys! If they can get here, they can kick our ass!"

Farnsworth's telegram to these officials could have been taken more seriously! On the night of September 12, 1952, the United States military shot down four UFOs just off the east coast of the United States.

Subsequently, these damaged objects all headed inland and crash-landed within the United States. Feschino also discovered and documented the locations where these four objects made repeated crash-landings for a combined total of thirteen locations in three different states. Facts will get... more... quarrelous.

One of those damaged objects passed west over Washington, D.C. in flames and eventually landed on a hilltop in Flatwoods, West Virginia at about 7:25 pm. Shortly after, a nearly 12-foot-tall metallic-like "hovercraft structure" emerged from the downed object and encountered a group of curious locals, our Flatwoods residents. This huge being became known as the "Flatwoods Monster" aka. the "Braxton County Monster," and it's the end of the story. It is not the story in and of itself.

That story is the audit trail on the evidentiary pathway to a forgotten airwar with ET. No apologies.   

It was a mechanism!

OK, what about all of the other 100 plus locations where various other UFOs were seen passing over different States, in reported distress, and making landings on September 12, 1952? Well, not to give too much of Feschino's research away without reading his book, but the downing of those four UFOs conceivably triggered a mass search and rescue mission at two different locations within West Virginia to extract their fellows it is asserted; one in central West Virginia and the other in the northern panhandle region! 

Seems the "opposition extraterrestrial" took care of its own and attempted to leave no fellow ET behind! Well reader, actually, there was one ET perhaps left behind and found by civilians in northern West Virginia before it could be retrieved! 

Remember that other flaming object that the Akron Astronomy Club saw and those other eight UFO landings I told you about earlier!!! Those eight UFOs TOUCHING down looked just like it was part of a search and rescue mission to find one of their own stranded in the West Virginia northern panhandle area. It resembles all that to this old combat aviator! 

The Columbus Citizen of September called it something else though in the headline of their September 13, 1952 newspaper, 

"FIREBALLS SHOWER CITY AREA - Meteor Fall Blamed As Cause of Scare.

There you have it reader, now the scuttle-butt and skinny was an isolated "Fireball Shower" and not a single meteor!!! Yet, The Boston Globe was a lot closer to the truth in their reportage of this isolated incident... from a "PITTSBURGH - September 13 (UP) dateline, they reported the descending and landing objects as:

Four States "Bombarded" by Meteor-Like Objects

Only... where were the craters?

Remember, folks. This writer will have no apologies.


NEXT: Through the Keyhoe. Persistence of vision. A treatment for the elements of a true story.