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Sunday, January 14, 2024

Iron's Unrecognized Irony


Here's a song about some stuff 
I'm holding in my hand.* 
It's an element of metal... 
near as common—made from sand.
It's as used as it is common... 
somewhat vulgar, mean, and crude. 
Oh sure, it's changed your history
caused much pain—but grew your food!
See, it's simmered into plowshares, 
when not folded into swords
it's used for span in bridges
 over valley, bay, and gorge!
It's "cage" and "gun," or "printing press"; 
it's built our structures high
so high they sway in winds like sails 
while scratching at the sky!
It made its mark in history. 
It's even named an Age!
It's called the "Age of Iron" 
when it's written on a page.
For all its notoriety... 
it is humble now these days, 
un-reflected and forgotten, 
though it's wrought in charming ways.
...Forgotten is the *magic* 
of what happens when it's forged
...See, this element of IRON earns respect! 
It shall not be ignored!
And yes... perceive pure magic! 
It's a miracle's been made 
...there's something "GOT for nothing." 
Yes! Nothing's what's been paid!
Our physics is depleting, 
and so is what we "know." 
Iron has some "quality."  
It is the "seed" that's sown.
The eggheads walk around it
gloss it over, and pretend
that the physics are beyond us, 
"just at present," they'd contend.
Do they miss a "bigger picture" 
in their aggrandized denial? 
"One plus one" makes "three" with Iron; 
is shock so stern and final?
"One plus one makes three (!) with Iron"? 
It's heresy I speak! 
"A free lunch is *immoral* 
and *offensive* (!?)—it can't BE"!
Conversely, Iron's miracle: 
it's the provenance enjoyed, 
from ships to shoes to sealing wax... 
to cabbages, and... Freud.
You owe it your existence
it produces ALL you are. 
You owe it your reality
that's not a bridge too far.
You owe it your survival; 
it's the draftsman of your dreams. 
It's Iron making possible 
every THING that's dead or breathes!
It’s the reason that there's cobalt, 
or there's nickel, copper—zinc
It's the reason for selenium... 
Donald's platinum bathroom sink.
A creator of ALL after it
a womb of stellar fusion
it's here is where the magic's made. 
I assure: it's no illusion.
Iron's cooked in monstrous stars. 
It's the last thing made by fusion! 
It's here the magic shall occur, 
the result of a "contusion."
See, it takes a star's tremendous size 
and burning very brightly 
to degenerate the silicons 
that "fuse" for Iron's, *Icy*...
Sand is "fused" together 
for this miracle of Iron. 
One plus one makes two you'd think (?)—
but watch the magic happen!
The Iron is more "special
than the stuff that made it up! 
One plus one is *more* than two; 
it's fact, you look it up!
What is changed (?) in property (?) 
exceeding "sums of parts"? 
What cosmic free lunch oddity 
gives eggheads fits and starts?
How does Iron cool big stars? 
How's it suck up all that fire
The star begins to fall into ITSELF! 
Collapsing, Gods conspire!
The star shrinks in contraction 
towards the center of its point—
the acceleration's hellish 
and it's time that slows—"disjoint."
A place is reached where it gets *hot*
...many billions of degrees, 
protons and electrons 
charge neutrinos—cosmic sleet!
This rain of fierce neutrinos 
bastes new Iron fusion's made, 
and all remaining elements 
are prepared as Iron's braised!
See, abruptly sucking "heat" up 
like a cosmic cube of ice (!), 
it's Iron makes the star go out
—the star implodes—a vise!
The fall is monumental! 
The acceleration's hellish! 
Matter's smashed together 
in an angry blistered anguish!
The fall's so fast that time is slowed, 
and speed is kicked up, fast; 
its force is irresistible... 
...then? It meets itself! ...At last!
...Rebounding comes explosion 
that the *physics* still demand. 
The star "explodes"—read "fuses"— 
new "elementals," understand?
...Everything from helium 
to 'unoctium is fused...  
from matter that is tortured 
and tormented, read... contused!
Consider: "ultra-violence
un-imagined which contrives
—to SCATTER all that contents
all the stuff that we'll desire!
...And from the gas and chunks of rock
and metal bits galore
new suns are born to light the sky... 
...around them, planets form...
On these planets carbon stews, 
and seeded from the sky? 
The life that's all around us 
starts to live, evolve—and thrive!
The Iron coalesces 
all that stuff supporting you
and with ironic sentience, 
you observe its pristine truth.
...Stuff happens out of nowhere, 
a result of Iron's seed
and so explains these words you read—
Iron's gift to you, from me.
What's this to do with UFO's? 
Well, Iron's made them, too. 
They're closer to the answer, 
to that "free lunch" I construe.
See, they are there as we are here
 "Nothing happens once."
We are, ourselves, that proof of them
a reality confronts!
They've likely had this fusion
—put the process to their use—
understand its implication... so for us?  
We've no excuse!
Something comes from nothing, 
and the proof's in singing stars! 
Iron's in the magic 
that is made to color Mars. 
The redness of his dirt is such 
to teach us, as he must, 
that it MAY be we spin our wheels 
to work for dross and dust.
If Iron is the way God rolls 
in every place but here, 
then it may be we work too dear 
to stay this course we steer.

But for iron?  There is nothing beyond iron!

Heavy Iron is still a light element, actually. It is lowly positioned in a periodic table we humans use, perhaps, to help us reinforce our infuriatingly pathetic and arrogant—our obstinately maintained—ignorance... regarding the world in which we live. This would be an especially vile ignorance regarding our inability to grok stuff in the aggregate multi-verse without the invariable "malice aforethought"... See, it's all "bigger" than we knew, know, or can know, eh?  Gawd, but we're stupid, and worse than that, we're "stupid" knowing better. That's what I mean by "malice aforethought."

Beyond the suppositions regarding conclusions of the aforementioned ignorance? A silicon atom fuses with an adjacent silicon atom to produce noble Iron in stars bigger than human imagination!

Forgetting for a moment its extraordinary potential in an equally "magical" magnetism**... Iron also has an elusive physicality that may not be fully appreciated. See, as Iron is produced in these mind-numbingly monstrous stars, a produced-from-nothing 'ability' materializes in the newly formed gargantuan Iron crystal at the center of that star—as if by sorcery—to magically suck up the ambient heat in a profound and mysterious way!  Some unique synergy is realized in the new iron not present in the old silicon turning it into a heat sink just not there before. Where does the heat go? 

Verily, this instantaneous and newly formed "heat sink," where none was before we're reminded, sucks up ambient heat exponentially like a big cake of dry ice magically appearing at the center of a campfire! The "fire" goes, decidedly and abruptly, out!  

...Begins the productive apocalypse!

Concerning the star? It was the anxious activity of a furious fusion fire keeping trillions upon trillions of tons of degenerate matter aloft, at all, in the star's ablating and inflated atmosphere... in the first place! That awful fire's abrupt cessation consequently causes an implosion as the previously expanding energy, the energized matter allowing for the stellar inflation at all, suddenly has nowhere to go... but down. "Down" is from a big place on a star...

Said stellar matter is crushed to a central point (and beyond?) at a speed approaching the speed of light...<>...and then, at last...
—the terrible "irresistible force" meeting the equally terrible "immovable object," its own self—
...there comes then the titanic and re-percussive explosion (more understatement)an explosion transcending time, space, and as I said, imagination.  The accelerated matter hits the center point and... well, "rebounds" won't do the production justice, at all... words fail...

Remains... it is in this terrific and titanic if rebounding explosion that all the rest of a material reality is hammered out and wrought—fused into being—all that is known and unknown, all that was, is, and will ever be. From a lover's lips to huge warships, reader—scattered to hungry space... all a result of the creation of Iron. Joni sang of billion-year-old carbon only to breathe on the subject of this magnificent creation!

Spider Robinson, humanist and writer, once wrote: "God is an iron." I would amend that slightly to say that God probably IS Iron. But for the miracle of Iron's creation as a creator, all that we know, will know, and will NEVER know, would simply cease to be. See, it's the element iron doing the heavy lifting in THIS universe. That's a god's power. 

...From ships to shoes to sealing wax
to cabbages, and... Freud.

**Magnetism was mentioned above... and iron's affiliation with it. Another "something for nothing," a strange result of the last thing made by fusion, alone... is a force, forget gravity (!), stitching even far-flung galaxies together into a vast cosmic web! New discoveries about this communicative property of magnetism across expansive distances are being made every day... comes the concresence!

Tuesday, January 02, 2024

On The Subject Of Social Security

On The Subject Of Social Security

by Alfred Lehmberg

On the subject of Social Security: It's the rare human being who can appreciate what they haven't worked for, sure! We're conditioned that way—trained to self-reliance! We all understand this, even to a man and woman. ...Reason and logic then dictates that a gift-receiving person is not a served person but a person made indebted or even enslaved. "Free stuff" is a bane and not a blessing. The Republicans would appear to be correct.

Well, no. They would be correct only if Social Security was a dole or a gift or a handout... an "initiation" and not a "reaction." It is a reaction! See, you earned every effin cent. You paid DEAR into it, citizen, and Social Security (forgetting Medicare) have only ever been the wages that your employer should have been paying you!!! Do you get that!! Jesus H. Christ!

It is a reaction to Walmart/McDonald's like corporations paying slaves wages to harried employees so taxpayers have to pick up the dime via Food Stamps and Medicaid later on.

It is a
reaction to dwindling pensions and health benefits, from predatory transnationals to middle-class families quickly sliding to the squalor-status of the working poor!

It is a
reaction to decades of wealth trickling decidedly UP since Reagan, while foreclosures, investment failure, vulture capitalists, degraded Unions, and crushing debt rain down on people "beneath" them. True story!

It is a
reaction to privileged Americans not proud to pay a fair share and even gaming the system to pay less, hide assets, and weaponize monetary loopholes placed there, specifically, for their use! TЯUMP bragged to Hillary Clinton in a presidential debate that availing himself of these "legal" cheats made him... "smart." True story!

It is a
reaction to only using as an excuse the fact that "people don't respect and appreciate what they haven't worked for"... to abuse people, short-change people, cheat people, and prey upon people for an unethical pecuniary gain. True story!

Social security is not a gift or a handout. An employer pays the wages he should have been paying the employee and the employee ponies up a huge chunk in addition, as already pointed out. It is earned! Wholly, entirely, and utterly!

It is a humane reaction by people of principle in our Federal Government to reparate working Americans of the 99% for the thievery, graft, and predations of PIRATES in the 1%... endured since the founders of this Nation! It is earned, morally and ethically!

Republicans very profitably confuse apples and oranges to come up with their own soiled adult diaper. At best they are disingenuous; at worst they are faithless hypocrites, craven liars, and gloating psychopaths. That's still lipstick on a pig!

Expand Social Security. We wouldn't need to if a reasonable employer paid a reasonable wage. Why... it may be immutable that they cannot be reasonable? Hence, Social Security becomes necessary. Yes! It becomes a necessity!

I'm a veteran of air combat and hold a Bronze Star, so step off as regards my patriotism, but it occurs to me that the Socialist aspects of our National Society are the only thing making the United States, and remotely, a worthwhile Country to live in, at all.

At 75, I've lived frugally, saved my money, and secured a military pension ... but it's the socialism of Social Security and Medicare that allows me ANY. Dignity. At all.

I offer we might embrace that which has proved to be worthwhile and eschew that which would relieve us of same. RESIST AND VOTE!

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