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Friday, May 29, 2020

Whither MUFON?

Whither MUFON?
Illiberal, authoritarian, and unprogressive...
...and just gone underground?

How can they get all hard-nosed 
and act like they've the plan? 
They pretend their circumspection; 
their pretense is they've command!  
See, "understanding" is forthcomingness
progression to a goal.  
MUFON spews mendaciousness
and that's the way they've rolled.

These propound a faith in "models," 
they're a tricky paradigm,
and lord help those 
who won't buy-in... 
these prescribe you'd lost your mind!  
Then, you're cast upon the waters, 
you're pushed out on a floe 
for questioning "direction" 
and the way things "ought to go."

...And it may be you're specious...
your "ideas" out of wack. 
That you're just short the french fry,
so your meal's not intact.

...But it won't be from MUFON
your assessment should be made. 
Their assessments have a bias...
you'd want light where they're the shade!
They're rightist to fascistic
So they're prone to making enemies 
Narcissistic, not reliant...
They are not your cricket, Jiminy!

Too, forget about due process
and accusers ever faced!
Forget about an audit path
of which there is no trace.
Forget about collegiancy
to aspire greater goals
than that business which is usual
with our data down black holes!

I care not for their "fence side, Sir"! 
These make the errant struggle!  
They'll be damned as they're elitist! 
When I can I'll pop their bubble!

I despise them! I abhor them! 
They have sold us out for peanuts
Where they suckle teats of privilege
They confirm their stand against us!

These live contrived and pleasant lies; 
they're safe behind their walls
They're owning their own lawyers, 
so they're knowing all the *stalls*. 
If things get hot, they're slick as snot... 
they've *dirty tricks* brigades! 
You can count on their discretion... 
just as long as they are paid?

You can *shut away* what scares you, 
'til your eyes can't see what's there
You can have a little drinkie
and pretend that you're not scared
You can roll in squalid flesh piles 
if that rings salacious bells. 
You can run from all your nightmares, 
*pray* to gods providing hell...

...Why, if it's not your precious property
or a *fair-won* trophy wife? 
Then it really shan't concern you. 
It can't freshen up your life. 
It won't fatten your account. 
It won't land you on your feet ... 
so what’s the bleedin' point, you reason
Why not make your life "complete"!

I am answered by the worst of them.
The one most psychopathic.
...Resorting to the gaslight
Of the spitting autocratic:


"So tell me, precious 'Poet Boy'," 
these smirk their angered sneer,
"...Just what in hell would you give out, 
you whining, leftist queer"!
"What's your *gallant* sacrifice; 
what do you give up.
What do you contribute"? 
He drops his 'Cuban' in my cup.

"With the *big bucks*? You're no different,"
and he shoots his silken cuffs.
"...You believe in UFO's"!! 
...like that would be enough.
"You're a nut case! You're a bonehead! 
You're a liberal bleeding heart.
You whine your stupid spewage 
that is off *my mainstream* charts!
You badmouth lauded Scientism... 
which has given us "the power"...
to tame this world with human will"! 
He stands there (...small!), and glowers!

Well...I'm a soldier and a teacher; 
I give and get respect. 
I've always shot for excellence... 
if my reach exceeds my grasp. 
I pay my way; I drive small cars; 
I'll not abuse advantage... 
of a system, or a program, 
or a human... Disadvantage.

Mine's been a life of service, friend,
and I've worked the harder jobs. 
Too, I've learned a lot from women 
I must give respectful nods. 
My wife? She drove a school bus. 
My son is not in jail
My friends? I think they love me, 
and its them I shall not fail!

My charged *belief* in UFO's 
is strictly common sense
I've seen them, leering critic, 
if you shan't? It's 'cause you're dense.

My wage? It's near the bottom 
when compared the least of you, 
but I would give up everything... 
as long as you did, too.

So, BE NOT PROUD, you fascists, 
that you betray "the Earth," 
that you use her like your garbage can, 
and treat adherents worse. 
Your position's NOT that lofty, 
'cause you're *clever* to betray, 
never asking who'll be paying 
as you make your facile play...
...Authoritarian and imperious
and fascistic in every way.

You are not the best of us.
In fact, it's made quite plain.
You justify our quarantine.
It's you, our mark of Cain.

  • ...This is not forgetting that less is more. What is abhorred in the whole is not a result, many times, of what happens at grassroots. Where rubber meets road in the local chapters there is a sincerity of affect... I've seen it. I've met and otherwise come to know some of these wonderful people living and now dead. These know it's not about them and their agenda... up, down, or over and out. No presumptive effrontery! 

  • It's true, even remembering that a liberalism's inclusiveness provides for discovery's outreach! ...As opposed to the autocrat's personal covetousness providing only for more personal covetousness! ...And there's a real comfort, believe it or not, in the mere recognition of that. 

  • See, the less MUFON squeezes, the less MUFON's upper reaches intrudes it autocracy on those grassroots...the fewer of us are pinched out through its fat gauntleted fingers!  An authoritarian grip is weak locally, thankfully.  See, we could accommodate ourselves spending time and attention ufologically while living richer, fuller, more healthful, and more satisfying lives, together. Even, reader, in this time of what seems to be a wholly unnecessary Pandemic... It was all choice actually... when we look back on it. We chose poorly.
  • No, I submit that a serious study of the ufological... a cultural top-down admission that we're in kindergarten and have significant growing up to do in a cosmic sphere is best course, best idea, and best practice-stuff right f'n NOW.  The antithesis is to urinate opposed to the meteorological disturbance extant. 

  • C'mon, read that last sentence again.  MUFON would seem to work apart from the efficacious in the preceding and perform that opposition described to piss in wind? That's the up-shot.
  • There is absolutely no one good reason why general life should harmfully raise your blood pressure as a matter of course, and with such tedious regularity, too. It begs the question why it does.  Causing this high pressure may be a lack of common courtesy or the remotest due process too often displayed in the activities surrounding us. Why, MUFON providing for a wholesale Saturday night massacre of its females (et sig al) from their leadership positions sans the remotest smidgeon of such, is case in point!
  • Does an increasingly irrelevant MUFON demonstrate that it has become completely unconscionable, inconsolably unaccountable, and wholly contemptible? Unendurable, even?
  • The answer to that question cuts across the proclivities of corrupt governments elected and non-elected, duplicitous institutions over-facilitating their bottom line unconscionably, evil agencies of criminality without oversight as accomplice, and all this leavened with cynically authoritarian religions without real conscience, compassion or genuine respect for the individuals they otherwise manipulate, chump, and coerce!  Does MUFON complete its transformation into this kind of entity?
  • Prepare to be invalidated by those self-same individuals for whom you'd  have no respect, soulless MUFON corporatists... ...you scabrous and psychopathic disrespectful! The end of your legislated sociopathy must be inexorable and well nigh, so wholly explaining the autocratic and unilateral activity on your part! Do these provide for liquidity in ulterior"portfolios"? Somebody makes money somewhere... even if that money comes as a result of shoring up a less than efficacious status quo...
  • What's this to do with UFOs? Everything.
  • It's what the future is. Verily. Think not?  Jacques Vallee, a current grand darling of the "it ain't what you could think," crowd—a crowd insisting on science, also something less than efficacious, as default arbiter—allows, even, that science must account for the "mechanism" that is the UFO, and the adjacent, alternate, or extra intelligence, the wholly other, that the UFO must intimate... and do this without regard to the provenance of that the UFO, too, from the trans-temporal, through the xenocryptic, to the full-blown extraterrestrial.  ...An "other" exists "apart," employing (and enjoying) a "technology" of we cannot conceive. Cop to that

  • Will society implode as a result? Well, we better f'n find out! Putting off the dentist is a bad idea. Putting off the cosmic dentist I suspect would be worse.
  • See, the future is the inevitable extension of the past, reader. The past, in its turn, is riddled, very conservatively... soaked, imbued, permeated, saturated, and infused with a clear history of the UFO... ...unmistakable encounters with the wholly *other*.

  • Peter Jennings said just before he died that official acknowledgment of same was unsatisfactory. His language was harsher, actually. He said "rotten."
  • Too many "quality instruments are making [too] many quality observations," reader. This is forgetting the reportage in old ink and more ancient stone, remember. Denial is ludicrous.  Where has a MUFON been but allegedly collecting information they've done nothing with... for decades! Have they ever been an instrument of our ufological obfuscation?
  • An intelligent *other* is obvious. Also obvious is MUFONs aggregate titular cowardice with regard to its conduct. Yes. Accusations of revolting sexism, fatuous intellectual cowardice, and general infidelity are not remotely out of line!
  • Alternative behavior concerning the preceding is the effrontery of the presumption we are the first intelligence ever... (pause for laughter) when that is very conservatively unlikely in the first place... ...and badly executing, if true, in the second! Those remaining to be the pompous and presumptuous pathetic?  Please move to the shallow end of the gene pool. Volunteer for sterilization, even, so your genetic contribution can be more effectively cauterized from the species. You're not helping, this is to say...  
  • The rest apart from a corruptive MUFON? These keep looking up! These transmit or radiate an ardent desire, clear intent, and brave acceptance... (some freaking humility?) even humanity ...and... ...soon, I suspect, that future will snatch them up to grandly soar and cleave the heavens... leaving far behind what officious others still perceive far in front of them... ...if those perceptions can be made by them, at all. 
  • Yeah!  Existential "Rapture" for the few who didn't buy into the hijacked mainstream and scurrilous status quo... its illegitimate governments, its dark agencies... its dogmatic religions and reptilian corporate institutions! Perhaps... it's my intuition at any rate.
  • Realization of all of the preceding is a matter of will, reader, you think it hard enough... ...and it becomes so. Heaven or Hell. Reality is the state of mind.  MUFON continues the pretense that it has relevance in the definition of the quality of that state. That is not so.
  • Restore John Ford!  Don't wait for MUFON. 

  • ...For my part?

"...Well...I'm a soldier and a teacher; I give and get respect. I've always shot for excellence... if my reach exceeds my grasp. I pay my way; I drive small cars; I'll not abuse advantage... of a system, or a program, or a human... Disadvantage."

Sunday, May 24, 2020

That Masturbation Of Means and Ways

That Masturbation Of Means and Ways
by Alfred Lehmberg

  • Ways. Ways and means of ways. Means justified and means just... not. Elaboration is not required, am I right. Not a question.
  • You cross a line, you see. You cross that line to find its an egg you can't unfry... ...and then there's just no enjoying "it." There is no being served by "it." There is no achieving satisfaction with it... Every luxury just ashes on the decadent tongue for the interminable and death-wishing joylessness endured, amen. Happy happy.

  • My way? Few would want to know. Seriously... ...my way is not a way for everyone. Though, it has some small success. It's counterproductive to wish for more. 

  • Consider, plastic plates and sporks are as the finest porcelain and silver flatware with an alien view. The former has the appreciated adequate efficacy and the latter remains to have an appreciation enjoyed for it but not taken for granted. That's where the madness lies. 

  • One's decadence, that inability to enjoy or be satisfied with a luxury or a blessing experienced, does not become the crippling issue afflicting those who are covetous and grasping. Humility supplants all that. So? There is enjoyment. There is satisfaction. There are wholeness and fullness. Completion. Self-actualization. Maslow realized! That's been this writer's experience at 71.

  • Yeah, granted. One has to seek to start early, show-up, make an effort, have a lot of luck, and aspire to truth (hard). One has to give credit where credit was due (harder)One has to realize that there is very little of what there is about stuff... that is about you (hardest). That's a tough task and rife with failure. 

  • The writer, by way of example, fails a little even now realizing the import of what he's writing and taking too much pride in the realization of same! The reader can see how this works, eh?

  • Ever unprepared for the tumult of  "new information," one was encouraged by best practice to have flexibly sensible core values, still, even as those "values" themselves are in no way inviolate. Sometimes your "values" are insentient crap. Regard the "Prosperity Christian." 

  • To be able to note when "core values" become so invalidated is to be blessed... verily. We are as indeterminate smoke, doomed and damned, if not. 

  • For my part, I tried to learn from mistakes, my own and others, even as I could have gone down at any time like a stepped-on grape, just for stupid stuff!  Current information informs consent, I observed.  Informed "consent" is paramount, I concluded. It's why we don't fuck our kids, for illustration. They can't give informed consent. 
  • Remaining, one of those aforementioned tentative core values remaining is a decided lack of toleration, by and large, ironically! This is regarding intolerance itself, for example, or the easy toleration of secrets wholly disrespecting individuals in that lay citizenry shared by all... as these secrets are jealously and unethically kept, serving the few against the many! Who pays and who just plays?  

  • This lack of toleration we regard also encourages that toleration for errant systems punishing ethical individuals who righteously "whistleblow" as a result of this conjectured—if likely—and wholly unethical, "secrecy" ...observed as right and correct while astonishingly known to be unethical. Humanity is likely not served by ignorance. That's the history. Too, insist on the identity of valid whistle-blowers, only to make them extinct. That's the history, also. 

  • Is that "secrecy" alluded to just... everywhere, in this manner? ...where and why? Who.  Is  Served? Again, Why?
  • On reflection—I would do away with this category of secrets, monstrous "keep-aways" spelled like they were nasty little four-letter words. Most secrets are, certainly, just like those words... tiny packets of disrespect taken form... for profit by way of deliberate obfuscation. Many times, actually, the traditional four-letter words reflect health superior to that betrayal by errant secrets we travail in their stead! Words which are certainly preferable to the secrets we must despise in an unfettered comparison of same to protest same! 

  • Fuck ignorance, Sincerely!
  • Why do you keep YOUR secrets, and are those reasons tragic? That UFOs (there we are!) are kept a secret from you is a multiplier of that tragedy, by way of example. Perhaps the reader can agree. UFOs? Let's not quibble reader! This writer would reflect on the nature and manner of the occupants of such! 

  • Remember, readers, these exist because we do! Behold the universe. Nothing happens once! How could they not be there? ...and they are there, indeed, lately admitted by the US Navy! We'd be on that rice's "white," this writer believes, but an impossible POTUS and then an avoidable pandemic confounds that other affair or initiative in its regard...
  • Here's a secret... A secret that, revealed, would be the undoing of many other such interrelated secrets. Verily!

  • Revealed! The still very egregiously tormented UFO investigator John Ford, by way of example, was innocent of any crime. He's in gulag, now, the last 20 years, plus, because his very "official" lawful and landed accusers were, ironically, guilty of multiple crimes not the least of which was, clearly, a coverup regarding decades of UFO activity in Suffolk County, New York!  Clear parallels can be drawn straight to 2020! I won't digress. 

  • That said, I expect that an honorably functioning and reasonably transparent governmental body conceived in honesty and making every effort to perform best practice in the interests of its people, would in no way be threatened by a... "WikiLeaks-like" revelation say, even a rogue one... especially a rogue one when the reader thinks about it, perhaps. Existentiality's WikiLeaks started out so hopefully... then it wasn't... But we won't digress further on that ...just yet. 
  • That John Ford was incarcerated at the hands of a criminal government elite illustrates precisely why an uncluttered and unbound WikiLeaks-like initiative, beholden to naught but truth revealed, is more a likely blessing and less a curse.  Would that Ford could be wiki-leaked.  Someone skilled should try... the pay-off could be in the millions for the right legal team... and Ford restored.

  • The man was an innocent RAPED by a criminalized US societal political machine... Republicans, then, too.
  • A moral and ethical "WikiLeaks" is not thrust upon the undeserved and undeserving; I offer select persons provoke it, themselves. I submit that decades of crafty mendaciousness, black ops, institutional duplicity, fulsome graft (27 Trillion dollars worth since Reagan!), Alex Jones down the street sizing me up for cannibalism (true story!), accepted du jour sociopathy, but wholly dishonorable practice... ...apart from wasting the lives of cannon-fodder soldiers... facilitates this fertile ground for fear, and a bright light into current "business as usual" politics as disrespecting, reader, as it is disrespectful. We know that's true.

  • We know! That's true!
  • No, the blame rests with the "profiteer facilitator" of the regarded mess... Like our Secretary of Education's brother, not a "WikiLeaks," conceived to expose and address societal injustices and tragedy... A conjectured "Wikileaks," conceived as pure in heart and ruled by best practice and conscience, only provides ample motivation concerning the reflection of a revulsion we must all feel for elected officials betraying the public trust as soon as they take their wide-bottomed if still powerful chairs. 

  • That's the real problem, eh?  It's these and the entirely unelected personal empire builders standing behind these, who are to blame for our toiling travails. Their hubris and glaring psychopathy are the fecund soil.  Please note that I point with all twenty fingers and toes by default as is physically required.

  • WikiLeaks, the real one, failed itself and us. Sadly, it went the way of anything that presupposes its own nonaccountability. We're all well-schooled in corrupting power and the absolute corruption in the ever sought power absolute. It's very sensical... 

  • See, with no consequence of behavior, it is only the very exceptional person who can continue to behave responsibly unreminded by that consequence. It's why we aspire to three separate and co-equal branches of government...

  •  It's why so few could lift Thor's hammer. Three, interestingly.

  • Verily, without consequences, oversight, checks, and balances... Thor, Vision, or Captain America, a WikiLeaks fails. It fails to confirm what must be there. It fails to be truthful with regard to what it reports is there. It fails to speak truth to power and so then fails in our empowerment to report the truth about that power.

  • Sadly, we only masturbate our plausible deniability regarding UFOs. That's been the way. The means have been a nasty synergy of duplicity, mendacity, our biased manipulation, and putting everything we are behind the short term gain, neatly pulling the covers on the most important, consciousness changing, and paradigm evolving occurrence in human history. What are the UFOs? We're not asking...We're better than that. 

  • If not? Then, one of many... ...or the much less likely single aspiration to lasting beauty and efficacious intelligence in the universe... ...we deserve our cosmic quarantine. Verily, at this point expiration seems justified based just on observation and some brutal self-honesty. We beg, in truth, for our very extinction. That's on us. Stupid. Has had. Its run. 

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Vulture Culture War


Learn, well, your "lessons" kiddies; 
best take them near to heart, 
or your culture will intrude its will 
to blow your soul apart.  
This knowledge can be useful; 
you're better served forewarned. 
See, it's not the devil as advised, 
it's our culture with the horns!

Prefer a counter-culture? 
It will abrogate your talent; 
it'll put you in its prisons 
and then act all prim and gallant
It lies regarding its fair play; 
it produces specious rules... 
...won't itself abide its edicts; 
these are aimed at me and you.

It grinds you with faux-"science" 
that despoils the efficacious, 
then it treats you like a chump revealed, 
so is, frankly, far from gracious. 
It keeps your eyes from wonders 
which are booming in your skies. 
Then it ridicules the questions 
you might ask regarding why...

It won't admit the wrongs it's wrought 
to further selfish ends. 
It won't admit the tyranny 
it's used in "self-defense." 
It shan't reduce our numbers* 
and it poisons starship Earth. 
It is monstrousness personified. 
It's a full-blown—viciouscurse.

See, some think themselves a "better lot," 
their genes so then "supreme"; 
they'd take from you the self-respect 
you've paid your dues to glean.  
These degrade the individual! 
This debilitates the lot
They're gleeful you don't get it; 
you think it's care? It's not.

These define your culture, then, 
as reptiles holding sway.  
These corrupt your sensibilities.  
These smile and say, "have faith."  
These keep you fighting unjust wars; 
these make us fight ourselves.   
These polarize the issues
so the stress degrades your health!

They're a dweller of your shadows, 
and they listen to your moans, 
though your crying is regarded 
as the whining of mere, toiling, drones. 
They shall not, then, respect you. 
Respect compels concern
and the moment that they make that so?  
Less money they can "earn."

You see how this might cramp their plans
and complicate their graft.  
You perceive that you're just grease 
for wheels, and queued up for their "shaft."  
You find that you're beneath concern, 
beneath their small contempt.  
The spot you think you call your own... 
...was never yours. You rent!

There are secrets they're possessing; 
these, the stuff of all your dreams. 
These are dreams of satisfaction 
found like sparkling mountain streams. 
The bluest skies still filled with birds 
to live in easy balance; 
the forests softly breathing air, 
the mountains are their chalice
The desert's colored sand art, 
and the valley is prescribed 
as a cradle now denied you.  
You just grow old, 
lose dreams... 
then die.

These disrespect the weakest 
at their "comfort-loving" peril, 
and ridicule anomaly 
'til it's bone-dry, spent, and sterile. 
These practice homocentric crap, 
while wearing smirking frowns: 
that we're alone in unknown space? 
These covet errant crowns! 
Keep believing we are "conquerors," 
that Earth is subject to our *will*?  
Keep your faith that won't be tested
Forced, the bitter—bluer—pill!

Still... growing could be possible—
would continue past the end. 
Less is more I have discovered. 
More is death; I must contend.  
Though, suffer overpopulation 
to unearth some grand disease 
that will humble prideful humankind, 
and bring her to her knees.

  • Overpopulation...

  • I'll say it again. We have an overpopulation problem, at all—billions of extra people—so any one person does not have to be respected too much. See how that might work?  
  • ...Want to save the world?  Do ya? You could do it in a generation and provide for a general pecuniary enrichment at the same time... True story. Here is it:

  • Take it upon yourself to sire once... or not at all... bam, that's it. I digress...
  • It remains that "Overpopulation" is likely very much desired from the class officiating our duplicitous culture! Read that sentence again as a true story the reader knows as true if remotely honest with "self."  

  • There's a surplus of humans driven to purchase product, in the first place, you see. Then, and this is DARK... if some hapless person balks at a lofty, prideful, and authoritarian command from her manor lord—won't gladly lift her skirts, say, for the imperative of her master's scabby gherkin?  Well! Let's make it easy, then, to procure another! Make it sure that there is always one who shan't balk ... one who will "lift her skirts," so to speak!  An apt if repellent metaphor.
  • Having, then, secured a degraded and disrespected population pool from which to draw? These legislate, facilitate, educate, but otherwise encourage that malleable lowest of low common denominators. Make people as hungry as they are angry! Keep them that way. Misused Tools. Expendable grease.
  • Steer a mendacious "pro-life" religiosity, you know, so it doesn't have follow rules or be logical, authoritative, to secure that end, by the way, and steer clear of a self-respecting, reasonable, and actually conservative—in the long run—birth control!  See, abortion as birth control likely should be illegal, eh? It still remains, no one should be pregnant who does not choose to be pregnant, either!  "Morning-after pills" should be as easy to get as gumballs or straight pins! That's followed up paying a freight for those births currently not being paid... the cause of the vaster number of abortions, it is reasoned.
  • Choice. Is. Paramount!
  • Though, the real irony is there, eh? "Proud blue-collar Conservatives" ostensibly so involved and interested in self-respect and being respected? These—actually—degrade that fabric of respect they enjoy in support of an inconsistent ethic! This is an ethic inconsistent, incidentally, because only the "Christian" fetus has that *right* to life, born to Hindu or Islam? Dismissed as non-human. 

  • To cut to a chase, it is an inconsistent and deconstructive ethic furiously limiting—by the unethical and privileged craft of an egregious and privileged rigged-game imposed upon them—the size of the pie piece for which these betrayed hapless and disenfranchised must ever toil.  Talk about clear consequences of not acting (or voting) in one's best interest! Believing rumors and ignoring facts, these do exactly that. Exactly why one is encouraged to do just that by co-opted culture.
  • In the same manner that old Rome did for itself? We Americans CREATE the barbarians at our gates. 

  • We keep them stocked with weapons—ample guns & ammo, nukes currently, chemical munitions, and biological weapons of an exceptionally extreme and unnecessary lethality—to use, or threaten to use, on one another. 
  • We pretend that those weapons won't be used on ourselves. Why would we think that they would not?  This is a level of stupidity as a species actually stunning all credulity.
  • No, we sit complacently while increasing billions are facilitated daily to rage and starve in ever-increasing frequency... any wonder that observing aliens, entities our officiality has just admitted are out there, are so reluctantly forthcoming... mysterious, and inscrutable? I'd be very suspicious and careful with the type of neighbor we so obliviously portray. You?
  • ...Wouldn't want us in my neck of the woods I can tell you... real irony when it remains that I have to be what I wouldn't want in my neck of the woods... in my neck of the woods!
  • Culture is defined as a plan for societal survival. There have been, and are now, a multitude of cultures. Which serves an efficacious humanity?

  • Authoritarian Culture? Not your friend! Demand the authoritative! Campaign for the Gylanic! There... there is our salvation.
  • Restore John Ford. Read on! 

Monday, May 04, 2020

Sedition Of The Light - Part Two

Sedition Of The Light
Commentary provoked by Frank Longo's 
documentary, Capturing The Light
by Alfred Lehmberg

PART 2 (of Two)

When last we met, Dorothy Izatt—the compelling subject of Frank Longo's film documentary Capture The Light—was introduced as the most current humiliation that our state of the art scientific reductionism endures.  See?  Perplexed by UFOs seen for years in day and nighttime skies, she endeavors—as one should, you'd think—to find out what they are.  

You know, take steps.  Make an effortProsecute the proactive.  ...Be brave, reader! 

Something different was in the sky, after all.  Something different had always been in the sky, actually.  Something "different" is in the sky, right now!  ...I'll nip this digression in the bud!

Finally, in an exasperated result of these ongoing sightings, Ms. Izatt called the "authorities": constabulary, airports, newspapers, and other official entities (Tony Stark Eyeroll...), for an explanation.  Rather predictably through our filters, reader, these "official" bodies essentially dismiss her, suggest her "obvious" intoxication, or otherwise imply that she could do a better job keeping up with her meds!  Find no hyperbole in any of the preceding.  

In other words, just what you'd expect from the conflicted, mendacious, and cowardly faux-mainstream.  Such is "authority," eh? Eyes and ears continue to see and hear...

Well—they had their chance, am I right?  Spit in the eye is bad enough without being charged for a wash!

Feeling a little betrayed by polite society, one presumes, Ms. Izatt "hot-lines," local edge radio personality Pat Burns with her report. Burns' producer, Elaine Alexander, fortuitously suggests that Izatt "capture" the UFOs observed... with a camera. BAM!

Izatt promptly purloined her husband's unused Keystone Super-8 and began exposing film! She was tireless in her pursuit!

Well, three decades pass and she's is 30,000 feet in—5.68 statute miles of 8mm celluloid, reader—capturing the visual impossibilities she reports... everywhere she goes!  Such is indeed so.

These "visual impossibilities"—succinctly explained by aforementioned authority—are inexplicable light sources traveling fast enough in an 18th of a second of elapsed time to paint veritable pictures, paint pictures in some strangely lysergic "smeared-light aftermathy" as the artistic medium!  They paint with light!

Moreover, these "brush" movements are precisely employed and deft enough to write Dorothy's name in fluid script three times...one small example... but in an 18th of a second on one frame of film!  

...Cue startled music, eh?

See, a single "point-source light" must have moved quickly and deftly enough in front of Dorothy's camera to script the word "Dorothy" three times in that smidgeon's moment... an eighteenth of a second! It's additionally required that the light must burn very brightly indeed to be perceptible on the film—so succinctly explaining the observed and inexplicable "light flashes" as she films.  

This peculiarity, apart from writing her name in script, suggests that the quick-bright light somehow knows it must get bright enough to expose the film in that moment, or disappear when it moves.  This begs intelligence, folks.  Too—and on the level of the genuine crop circle's cryptic missives in food crops—it bespeaks a cleverness expressing itself in an altogether different manner than has been seen, heretofore! Humans are awash in an unknown, unknown but ludicrously perceive a "known...".

Cutting to the substantive chase, radio Producer Elaine Alexander is très impressed from the start and, surreptitiously enough, even hooks Ms. Izatt up with early last century's A-1 UFO goto-guy: Doctor J. Allen Hynek!  Well, Hynek sorts Ms. Izatt out in scientific short order.  In the end, he is, himself—" Mr. Scientificly and impeccably Respectable"—blown-away! No hyperbole here either...

First, though, there was a complete equipment disassembly, a thorough checking, and subsequently sealed reassembly of Izatt's camera as orchestrated by Hynek.  Too, this "equipment examination" would include Ms. Izatt herself, reader!  

A battery of psychological tests and some hardnosed professional analysis insured Izatt's functionality as a "quality instrument of observation," by report, but satisfying the good Doctor, entirely! Izatt clears the "crazy" hurdle.

"Passed Test" colors flying, Izatt is soon back in business running film through her scientifically certified camera, capturing impossible light, and later... other things, reader... with multiple, better quality cameras now understandably supplied by Hynek.   It gets weirder than even this.  More in a moment.

First, Dr. Hynek advises Izatt to "lay low, and avoid the lunatic fringe" —a fringe, I maintain, sadly generated by the "official information void," largely—but "continue to amass [her] photographic data!"  Izatt does exactly that!  Of note: because she did not remotely seek a "limelight," Izatt "hid out," essentially, for almost 35 years!  

This is a little like Dr. Livingston ("I presume…") walking out of darkest Africa after years of absence in the '30s, reader!  Smoke that, skeptibunkies!

Let's shift gears. Dorothy Izatt is not good news for ufologists who adhere too tenaciously to their stark scientific reductionism, their reflex Cartesianism of over-numbered measurements, or their sullen insistence regarding the prosecution of what could be called an errant and futile "scientific hubris maintenance," as I've pointed out in the link just above.  Izatt's experience appears to be a little richer and more genuinely selfless than that.

See—she's not just a "lone and lonely" nut desperate for attention in the dwindling time remaining her.  In fact, to a degree, and because she is an accomplished woman and matriarch of a grand clan of persons as agreeably reasonable as they are respectful and doting, as Longo plainly shows on film, she neatly refutes the "sad lone-nut" hypothesis. 

Too, based on her unusual assessment of her experience, it might appear that she is going to be the new darling of the so-called "Benevolent Space Brother" crowd... though, not so fast, Skippy!  Break your shin on that one!  Dr. Salla can back off.  Dr. Greer can change his Speedos. 

First, Ms. Izatt knows her business and, second, she is surrounded by a veritable platoon of educated younger men: sons, grandsons, and doting sons-in-law—forgetting the always more dangerous daughters across four generations!  Trifle Ms. Izatt at your peril, I suspect.  

It remains: she communicates to us that "it," whatever "it" is, is decidedly not about her... ...and not all good, reader, not all good... 

Start raising the black felt curtains.  Hear organ pipes rising in a discordant ululation, but then morphing into a rising hope recently intimated.

She advises that individual "intention" is the key.  Good intentions produce good outcomes. Somehow that's not surprising.  

Bad intentions have... disturbing outcomes... ...or what was that lurking briefly behind Dorothy's chair at the 2343 count on the DVD while she discussed the consequences of a "less than pure intention."  

Whatever it is, it is disturbing.  There are other appalling wonders displayed.

Yes, Dorothy Izatt is in contact with something highly strange, she feels... and is able to provide physical evidence for same. Moreover, it communicated to her an expansiveness of her awareness, spanning the entire universe and all the dimensions and bits of intelligence contained therein, too... contact... if I may paraphrase.  

Though, denying the intimated guru-ship errantly suggested, Izatt maintains that she is able to communicate in this way with this ineffable "other" because she is "open to it… and [her] intentions are pure." 

In other words, Izatt has no self-serving agenda to satisfy.  She's confident that anyone with an open aspect regarding them, with no ax to grind, and with proper intention, reader, can communicate with this "other" as she does.  In short, anyone with a mind to, can do! 

It appears that's no idle "airy-fairy" boast, reader!  See, persons who go along with Ms. Izatt on her little back-deck filming forays find that they, themselves, are seeing the subjects photographed, that there is a "communication" of some ethereality personally, and that they are able to photograph them, too?  That's right. 

Stop the train.

At this point, let us sum up briefly:  Predictability.  Check.  Repeatability.  Check.  An abundance of hard physical evidence.  Check.  Measurement of attendant variables: light, speed, rate, frequency... Check.   Quality observer/recorders of the phenomena... Check.  Documented history of the occurrence over decades by vetted persons... uh… check? Well, now.

One would think that all of this would have the now well-battered Cartesian up on his tippy-toes, the reflex "reductionist" reduced to his lowest common denominator, or the compulsory klasskurtxian decidedly if uncharacteristically terse—made sullenly mute even and unable to confabulate the usual "prosaic" to cover Ms. Izatt's adventure, at all! 

Reader! Are not all the attributes of our well-flogged science toeing the line and present for duty… begging to be accounted for?  I would assert that they are!

Frank Longo portrays a very compelling vision of an evolving reality in his film Capturing The Light.  There is no pretense.  There is no confabulation.  There is no vast extrapolation or leap of faith.  It's all there, intelligent if unremarkable persons, persons like ourselves, reader, trying to make sense out of the inexplicable... and succeeding to a degree, somehow! 

Get more information yourself, reader, at Capturing The Light

That's enough, read on. 

Dorothy Izzat with J. Allen Hynek  

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