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Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Porcine "Status Quo"


One pays his price for thinking thoughts... 
...regards those "ebbs" and "flows"... 
of an inculcated gracelessness 
we've come to know and loathe. 
This "inculcated gracelessness" 
is from the "top," my friends, 
to cloud our sensibilities 
to the facts of their pretense. 
What are the smooth mechanics 
of this "system" they bestow? 
Why, it's the gravid sociopathy 
of their porcine "status quo"! 
UFOs are surely counter 
to this *fog* as it's contrived... 
fog "few" prefer as "blessing," 
but by "most" is most despised. 
 There is much—indeed awry
in a "wisdom of convention," 
so the "Status Quo" on UFOs
 Beyond all comprehension.
See, its smirking "grasp" 
pretends a "reach," 
inflates its "contribution"; 
"status quo" is used—you see!—
to employ their inculcation
It's the "status quo"—that "gracelessness"—
is the tool to be deplored; 
 it's the fuel for what reduces us, 
and what drives us to the floor. 
 Decidedly, so misemployed
not an "average" or a "mean," 
it becomes the canted "tool" of those... 
who squeeze it for their "green."
Yeah... folks sell out for "stability" 
(which they'd have at any cost). 
 They'll let the "man" run rampant—
never fret on what's been lost! 
 Privacy, some secrecy, 
that "freedom" we implore. 
 It's up in smoke; it's whisked away; 
it's "voted" out the door. 
 Then, they'll suck what's offered up 
and swear by its veracity, 
forgiving "holes" it's leaving... 
...as not earning our apostasy!
Forget their flawing models
—based on shallow supposition—
forget these MAKE their "rebels," 
that they foment opposition. 
Forget they boycott publishers, 
that they make the money scarce
Forget they "play the music," 
BUT they've "hidden" all the chairs! 
 Forget the huge retainers 
that they've used to prime the pumps 
of the jurisprudent "engines" 
they've employed like scurvy skunks...
What bastards then are such as these 
and who ensures their worth? 
Who's it cants the "playing field" 
and makes the "payout" hurt? 
Who decides "direction" 
and the "courses" we must take? 
Who's unmasked as charlatan
thieving cheat, or lying fake?
It's hard to have a steady deck, 
or stars to steer her by, 
when the rules are double-dealing, 
and the playing field's a slide...
What's bred? Its own corruption—
another wrong to make a right 
'cause "just plain folks" 
won't "spread their cheeks"; 
they'll hunker down and fight!!
Though, hamstrung by *convenient* "want" 
of expensive education, 
folks are blathered by "dis-info" 
and betrayed by "orchestration"! 
 Most don't know the "logic rules" 
or the "grammar" which allows... 
the "so informed" imposing "will" 
...by that which they'd "espouse." 
 They're owning all the newsprint
the satellites in space, 
the news, their drooling lap dog? 
 ...So much spittle in your face!
Still, folks must chant the "mainstream line" 
of blindness to their ills 
because *curing* costs the "change" they'd face 
for "paying down their bill"! 
 Though, "paid off" would be "hypocrisy" 
and of "inconsistent means"... 
beyond which could be meaningful; 
obscured? More wholesome—dreams!
We KNOW there's stuff that fills the sky 
with colored—flying lights! 
The evidence it's "thinking" 
tends to qualify our fight! 
...And fight it IS as more is known, 
and the longer they hold on? 
 Well, disastrous depths of failure 
we achieve as things go wrong!
Give it up, you CRUEL "elite," 
engorged on glad "convenience." 
Your day is past, not worthy, friend, 
its scintilla of bereavement
 You've been beyond rapacious... 
and most pirate-like in fact, 
you're unworthy of compassion, 
and beyond all reasoned tact. 
  I offer that your crimes are huge 
and passed all rhyme and reason
it's best you steer another course, as 
"...comes, a brand new season."
...Rather, give in to toleration
and the peace that it can bring. 
Allow for our autonomy
that we're, each one, queen or king! 
 Concede to elevation 
for all the rank and file... 
see, there is an aspiration 
for their soul that's more worthwhile!
Give out the information that
we, BY RIGHT (!), should have. 
If GE™ drops a trillion, 
well that's a "shame," and too damn "bad"! 
Don't pretend to save us 
from some "awful," scary truth. 
Don't protect us from reality
just let it go! Cut loose!!
We'll "lose"... to gain a bigger prize 
beyond dissatisfaction! 
We'll "lose," and have the finer things 
we've lost to past distractions
 We'll lose... but gain humanity! 
 We'll find that "less is more." 
We'll open up a brave new realm
 and stride its new-found shore!
Our loss will be collective gain! 
Mere pennies for the stars! 
We'd be mining wealthy asteroids—
it's NOT a bridge too far!
What's "gone" provides for greater gain—
no more we'll bow and scrape! 
We shan't abuse our planet 
that we waste, befoul, and rape! 
No more phony "mastery," 
but righteous stewardship!  
No banal "authority" 
to give us grief and lip! 
  Religion's reprehensible 
when it's message dictates hate
We err, and err so hugely, 
to allow their dictates FATE!
Let each decide her own GLAD fate, 
with all her bases covered—
that power's "individual" 
is the wealth that we'll recover!
Every man defends his castle—
and every woman has her home; 
we earn it "just" for living, 
just for having "finger" bones
Everyone is safe and glad—
and health care is ASSURED. 
...And we're set free from TYRANNY 
to which we're presently detoured!

All One!

Here's where the hypocritical "right to lifers" facilitate true cultural failure, actually. We'd live a lot closer to a true Utopia if these "lifers" had the same respect and compassion for the aged, destitute, and infirm, those not of their Church, and living in abject squalor—forgetting the social mechanisms ensuring all that—let them have that same respect as they have for the unborn... and even the ill-conceived! 

"Right to life," sure, if that's what a person wants to call it, but no right to a quality life over the long haul... especially what with human beings, reproducing unrestrictedly like malodorous puppy farms, are encouraged by fundy halfwits to do the same! Any "Surface Area" has a "carrying capacity," morons! It can only support so many, sensibly!

...And for a ready illustration of the monumentally hypocritical? Consider two burning buildings hosting one newborn child and in the other burning building? A suitcase containing 10,000 viable embryos. You can only save one. Choose! No... what's the real issue here?

Respect the elder child, of any age or station, as much as you respect the unborn one, and preclude our flag's ablation. That's it in a poetic nutshell. No apologies.

Yeah, that's right—brought into this world, not ONLY a free lunch (!) but a free "bed" and "roof"... for life! Bringing a life into this world is a responsibility. These give back... what they give back. You make no judgment. You are not judged. Remains that everyone individually wants one's life to mean something, it is suspected. What they give back comes from that, eh?

Sure. An "Overreach." Suck it up. Our "class-biased top-down cultural obstinacy" necessitates that shooting to the moon is required just to get across the freaking street... That's how important the individual needs to be—unfettered by hunger, disease, and abuse—poised to make a self-actualized contribution to an appreciating culture respecting it in turn . . . for MERELY being brought into this cruel, uncaring, and unforgiving universe. Yes! We are our only salvation and have ever been that. It wasn't God running up the stairs of the burning Twin Towers in 2001. No... It was God, or the reliance on him, bringing them down, it's offered. We digress.

...FORGETTING, for a moment, that the aforementioned "overreach" will bring the saucers down... propel us to the stars... provoke something new acting productively in an unpredictable way. Presage our golden destiny... all this and more, good... AND bad... but we realize! We have EVER been... our own salvation. God only allows for us not to take responsibility for ourselves. If we had? We'd have already, and efficaciously, populated space and time. Perhaps even mastered both...

What tools, used to accomplish the preceding, are sitting in dusty repositories (?)—hidden away from the minds, hands, and hearts of those, we, the currently disrespected... those who have paid, and paid DEARLY for these tools, but who are, ironically, denied what would provide them the most relief and suspected benefit! If it's good for the rank and file... it's too good for us, it seems. Remains that solutions are at hand if hidden by that cloying "status quo"...

They are disallowed. They are derided. They are made illegal. They are proscribed. They are avoided. They are dismissed. An Example? 

Research into the use of entheogens and psychedelics in mental health applications and death preparation has long been forbidden and this is despite initial astonishing successes with these substances in the areas mentioned above, one of which is manufactured in our own bodies! If you could take what is inside you right now and sell it to the highest bidder you'd be arrested and incarcerated for trafficking a controlled substance of the highest category! How ironically insane is that?

Somebody knows, you see; somebody disrespecting you for your not knowing... while facilitating that very ignorance. A peculiar irony.

It's your right to "know."  It's your duty. It's your salvation.

Restore John Ford.


Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Only Here...

A "Flatwoods Monster" Anniversary Article You Will Only Read Here.

Let's cut straight to the chase, reader, and reveal why this writer writes here today. While other writers may be posting and printing fanciful if inaccurate anniversary articles about the "Flatwoods Monster"... ...Well, how should we say it? Let the hammer heat the iron in that inexplicable heat's absence. It's the future? Expect hard. Hope for gentle.

...But back at the ranch, let's put it this way. The principal researcher on the Flatwoods case is the only writer with the necessary sack to write what really seems to be the truth (whatever that means?) about what very likely may have happened seventy-one years ago on this current date, precisely. It's a tough sell, admittedly. 1950's Sciencefictiony-sounding nonsense... air war with aliens, indeed. Indeed? Only, there's data.

Frank Feschino, that researcher regarded, has been tireless in practicing his due diligence for decades, impressing three of ufology's big guns (the late Stanton T. Friedman, Richard Dolan, and Robert Hastings), among notable others, and there is very little (anything?) that is added but distraction and disinformation on this subject apart from Feschino's incisive, tireless, intelligent, and heralded contributions to it.
Plain and simple? It has been seventy-one years, today, since a 12-foot-tall extraterrestrial (yes!), a metal-clad giant... roamed the woods of Flatwoods, WV! It was called the "Flatwoods Monster," and it made a forced landing in Flatwoods on September 12, 1952! This may have been after being shot down by USAF jets. Yes! That's where the data leads! 

Only weeks before on July 28, the USAF admitted they had given their fighter pilots presidential orders to shoot down "flying saucers"! They were told to, "shoot them down if they can't talk them down." That would be lawyer talk for, "Shoot one down." UFOs had been invading prohibited airspace for months... and the government would have really wanted one!

Officials must have been shocked to discover what their Air Force pilots shot down on that dreadful September summer night in 1952. Tonight! 71 years ago—seven decades and change! This writer was four! 

Now, consider! Discovering that huge aliens were the occupants of the craft they had shot out of the sky... would certainly have been a damned good reason for this incident to be covered-up so extensively by the United States government. They wanted no panic. Reflect on Orson Wells and his 1938 radio program... there was some sturm and drang given the violence of the "martian invaders," one can read.

Let this writer re-emphasize, reader! This will not appear in any other anniversary article except this one. 

Now, a little back story. Even though this incident was well documented since its occurrence, it sat dormant with little to no new information coming forth for several decades. 

Too, over the years, there was so much inaccurate information told to the public about this case! The "Flatwoods Monster" was on the way to becoming a mere myth or folklore tale! This is forgetting the sacrificed military lives nearly swept under the rug but for Feschino's efforts finding them again...


Then, in 1991, illustrator Frank Feschino, Jr. discovered this story after visiting some relatives in Braxton County, WV. He'd become intrigued with the incident, spending much of his life, now, researching it. Furthermore, he became the first primary investigator to research this case since the early 1950s. 

Feschino met, talked with, or interviewed many of the primary witnesses directly involved in the incident! He's shed a whole new light on this terrifying case and reveals a lot of new information. 

To wit, here are some of the quotes from a few of those witnesses involved in the incident from Feschino's book. Again, this will not appear in any other anniversary article except here. The reader will bear in mind that these were all vetted principals with reputations of honesty and decency... fellow humans with stories to tell.

Eyewitness to the damaged craft over Burnsville, WV enroute to Flatwoods.  (Burnsville is about 10 miles north of Flatwoods)

Wally Hefner: "I was sitting in front of the taxi stand. It came from my right heading left toward Flatwoods. It was so much lower. That is what caught my attention, and it wasn't an airplane or a weather balloon, but it was traveling fast and I'd say it looked like a ball. It wasn't on fire, but it was reddish-orange and was very fast... and I knew as low as it was, just clearing the treetops, that it was going to land someplace close, someplace very close in our county. And, of course, I'd heard the next day about it landing in Flatwoods." 

Eyewitness to the damaged craft flying over the school playground in Flatwoods.

Freddie May: "We all looked up and saw a ball of fire coming from over the mountain here. It came right over the top of our heads. Oval shaped... Flames were trailing behind it... We told our mother that it lit, up on the old Fisher Farm." 

Eyewitness to the damaged craft flying over Flatwoods.

Margaret Clise: "The thing was oval-shaped and red. It was bright and glowing. It was big and it was flying at a very low altitude... It startled me when I saw it. It was so low. It was barely clearing the treetops." 

Eyewitness to the damaged craft flying over Flatwoods just before landing on the Fisher Farm.

 Jack Davis: "I saw a lighted object coming through the sky...It was an oblong-shaped object and lit up. Well, my first thought when I caught the first glimpse of it, was there was an airplane coming down and it was in trouble. Then I recognized, it wasn't—and it was bigger than an ordinary aircraft you'd see in this area at the time... It came a little bit above the height of the trees... It had a clearer, brighter illuminated light from the top and was kind of orange-red. The top of it had the reflection of a light that I would describe today as a mercury vapor light. It didn't resemble a meteor to me. To me, the object I saw was a craft... I had the general feeling that whatever it was, [it] had landed. It was coming down, not very far over the treetops, until it came in behind the trees that follow the ridge... I knew it was up there and I knew with the reflection, the light stopped there, and I could see the reflection of it through the trees. It was very obvious to see."

Eyewitness to the "Flatwoods Monster" near the tree on the farm.

Kathleen May: "We came upon it. We got close enough to it so I could see exactly what it was, and we all saw the same thing. I was as close to it as the length of a car, a small car ...It was kind of floating. It was about a foot to a foot and a half above the ground. I was close enough that it squirted oil out all over my uniform... They [investigators and townspeople] measured, and it was right under this limb of a tree, ten to twelve feet."

Eyewitness to the "Flatwoods Monster" near the tree on the farm.

Freddie May: "It was mechanical; it was not alive. Maybe inside the thing—there was something that could have been alive. What I saw was either a small spaceship or a suit of some kind. Something it was wearing. It was mechanical." 

First witness at the scene of the encounter after the incident that night.

Newspaper reporter A. Lee Srewart, Jr.: "We were armed. We had a twelve-gauge automatic shotgun and a couple handguns. Two or three other people who lived right around there came up and went with us; they were also armed. Upon arriving on the scene, we were always reminded by the boys about the odor that made them sick... We just spotlighted around because none of us was inclined to hunt for something we didn't know what it was in the dark. We decided we would go back to the May's. We were on the mountain probably thirty to forty minutes." 

Witness from the West Virginia National Guard who led 50-60  troops (A detachment from a bigger force) onto the farm after the encounter that night.

Forward Commander Colonel Dale Leavitt: "They [the USAF] called me on the phone and asked me to get them what they wanted and I told them I would send it back to them. I did. And I came up here and got it. I dug some dirt, and all that sort of thing, leaves off the trees, and sent them in... The Air Force, that's what they wanted me to do...  I took dirt, and leaves, and some of the wood... We had about 50 people here, and I don't know how long. Well, we stayed the night... yeah, to see if something else was going to happen... Something was a cover-up!"

Cover-up, indeed! We all could have crossed the Rubicon on the UFO issue in 1952 and been better for it is this writer's intuition. We are ill-served, now, just kicking this cosmic can forever down the road to our destiny. 

...We have to think bigger. We are being very small on the issue of UFOs...

Again, reader! This will not appear in any other anniversary article except here.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Klasskurtxia, Never In A Good Way


Impacted Klasskurtxians*
At best: teats of insentience
and far from "nutrition" 
dispensing malfeasance
At worst?  
...Sullen agents of "darkness" despised—
stooges for them: purveyors of lies.
Drones thus "affected" 
to spin party lines
a message confusing
cross-purposed, and trying
See, crass disrespect 
has been tendered to you.  
"Betrayal of innocence" 
is what they imbue.
...Perhaps we are "losers," 
"neo-dreamers," "no-brainers"... 
with visions of grandeur
"tru-believers..."  "complainers." 
Perhaps it is us 
buying "nonsense" at best? 
Perhaps self-enslaved 
to what won't stand its test? 
Perhaps merely "whacko"... 
a "woo-woo" buffoon, 
or someone who's stopped 
with his meds a mite soon...
...Though, who is to say... 
given "secrets" sans "oversight"
Who is to say... 
given strict "protocols." 
Who is to say 
given trust's been betrayed 
and the "path" is obscured, 
where humanity falls?
Whatever they're saying 
they're taking a gamble
with looming attention 
they're made the example... 
There are these working hard 
to discredit an interest... 
in *people from space*
to encourage "disinterest"!  
Who are these privileged 
to husband such truth, 
but those most rewarded 
to remain so obtuse.
These won't be absolved 
when their castle walls crumble, 
when they're made to crawl... 
on unevenness, stumble. 
When they're made to pay 
for transgressions perceived, 
and they're boiled down 
for the "mouths" they could "feed"!
Oh, these speak with that sneer, 
like EVERYTHING's clear, 
but dodges those questions 
beyond strange and queer
we beg them for answers 
to *things* that we've seen... 
which millions attest to... 
yet remain unredeemed!
...But, they'd front for the ignorant shadows, of course; 
they'd fan up the murk like "klasskurtxian Korff."  
These lie and they cheat to perform obfuscation.  
They're sell-outs and scoundrels beyond all objection. Psychopathy reigns from a gated community 
where criminals thrive in a gravid immunity!
...And what are their bona fides; 
what strange credentials 
are part of a makeup 
that makes them essential? 
Is it "Bull Shit," or More Shit"... 
Piled Higher and Deeper? 
What's their agenda? 
Who's the real sleeper?
...For me? These klasskurtxians? 
They're personally insulting
a little revolting
obtuse... deconstructing! 
They're a block or an obstacle
a hurdle we face 
on the gamut endured 
to touch TRUTH on her face! 
They have nothing new
just trot out old arguments... 
...Still used like a "salve" 
of their "fraudulent unguent"...
They're dishonest, deceitful
designing... disingenuous
They're conniving, contemptible
and they're cads... ignominious
...Better persons? 
...Destroyed for transgressions like these! 
Whither klasskurtxians? 
Are they different? Ohplease!
Errant klasskurtxians 
promote their "bad credit," 
and it seems they're much worse 
than the folks they'd discredit. 
...See, where are their "arguments
that we've been "forgetting"? 
What mistakes have they made, 
and they're huge I'd be betting!
Their approach is quite manic, 
a frenzy at rest
thousands of E-Mails 
(but they answer mine best). 
They have all the "answers," 
and they're here to put "right" 
all the hounds of my "ignorance"
my "cognitive blight"!
I resent their intrusion 
as one's piss on my leg! 
Yes, tell me it's raining! 
But to differ, I beg. 
Their tone is so facile, 
and it sings the same song: 
balloons and old swamp gas
just to string us along...
...Double down on denial?
Kick the can down the road?
Endure double-dealing 
promising less of a load?
...Yet, feel there's something 
a-watch from "out there." 
We'll know not its "purpose." 
It just sits there and stares... 
recording, perhaps, 
our own irksome consistencies, 
our gross infidelities, 
our craven propensities...
...And our *boys* "unelected" 
have the *info* galore
you can bet it means changes... 
that it evens some scores! 
...But there... they're struck clueless
so must grasp to their chests... 
what their pay and position... 
or their excess expects!  
Then, it's much easier 
to sell us all out!  
They have "insulation," 
...but we'll do without.
Bunkies make ridicule 
and mock all those things 
that perplex or confound us; 
they taunt, sneer, and 'spin.' 
They drool proclamation 
with airy aplomb, 
but their sarcasm's worse, 
a disparaging bomb
They chaff, and they razz
but they're smelling the fear... 
of a change to their worldview 
that's been bearing downnear!
...And what is their program? 
What's their agenda? 
...While trying as hard 
as they can to offend ya'! 
Where'd they get off?
 What is their plan
What's the connection
Who understands?
I'll bet they inhabit 
a rabid right aisle; 
I'll just bet their soft hands 
hide a predator's smile.
Yesthere are secrets, 
clandestine ... dark... 
of needs buried in dungeons, 
and cellars or parks. 
Though, along with "no Santa Clause" 
there is evil conspiracy 
to dump on the masses
We've corrupt institutions! 
We wallow in lies... 
that don't come from Hoagland, 
Art Bell, or those guys! 
It's "justice" for sale 
to a moneyed elite. 
It's corruption in government, 
crooked cops on their beats. 
It's 'worship' for doctors 
and 'honor' for priests. 
It's money to "scientists" 
who march to "the beat."
Why, it's them and their manners 
which typifies loss 
of all that the cosmos 
could give us at cost
Their eyes look away 
from the light that would shine 
if we asked better questions... 
for those answers opined!
Don't you find it... well, strange
not a little bit odd... 
that these are well-funded 
and that they get "the nod." 
...But these? ...Mere contrivance 
to confound our credulity! 
They are here to make waves 
to provoke our stupidity!
Who's the big liar? 
Is it Hoagland, or "Nye," 
he of klasskurtxia 
faking faux-facts besides!

One would presume an inverse there in the last stanza that I'm just not feeling myself, eh?

The klasskurtxian speaks for science, right? No, the klasskurtxian* readily invalidates himself: his ironic failure to investigate, his lack of constructive imagination, his inability to admit an error, his propensity to tender any slap-dash excuse as valid explanation, his abject intellectual cowardice, his lack of humility, his gravid inconsistency, his re-visitation of the discredited as plausible explanation again and again, his sullen intransigence in the face of all reasonable-ness... ...well I could go on and on, actually, and do...


...Straight prose and in their own words so no-fair not "getting it."
This one went on a bit long.  Sorry.  Not.
*It's a word I coined in a mash-up of the names Klass and Kurtztwo CSI(COP) "heavyweights"attempting to put a name to aspects of their anthropomorphic, arrogant, and altogether cowardly philosophy.
"Klasskurtxian" is, I submit, a graceful co-mingling of Onomatopoeia and crystal self-definition clattering concussivelyif effortlesslyoff the tongue and palate like a big porcelain urn of live poisonous snakes dropped in the CSI(COP) Commissary. It has a meaning easily determinable in context, eh?

To Touch Truth On Her Face...

Restore John Ford!

Wednesday, August 09, 2023

ATTENTION: Sans Apology, UFOs!

ATTENTION: Sans All Apology, UFOs!
by Alfred Lehmberg 

ATTENTION: TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CONGRESSIONAL UFO HEARINGS... The military has a long if unstoried record with UFOs. Why, then, is this entirely famous Flatwoods case sidelined, especially given it is the single most well-documented and competently vetted civilian/military UFO close encounter episode in the history of same. Richard Dolan, Robert Hastings, Whitley Strieber, and the late Stanton Friedman, among significant others, consider the research abundantly credible... is it too real for a comfortable reality? Facts will out, has been the understanding, and how far ahead could we have been if we'd jumped, or at least stumbled over, this hurdle in 1952. Bad news won't be better with age; that's for good news.

Anyway, the Flatwoods monster? That affair was only the denouement for a much longer story we will conclude here; presently. Shortly, the end of a long and undeclared story fully exacerbated by an undeclared, though prosecuted, war. 

In conclusion then, how many of us must remain wholly unaware of other alien encounter episodes in Braxton County, WV... episodes occurring in, and around, the incident of their more famous brother monster in Flatwoods! There were others... one such follows.

Observed: this will be more evidence of collateral damage to the American populace, just like Flatwoods would be, a result of a not-officially-declared air war with ET in 1952 (perhaps, read that again). This would be a war itself a result of presidential orders to the military to shoot UFOs down. True story! These orders were provoked by UFO intrusions into our prohibited airspaces... and?  We would have wanted one...

Old clipping headline held by Feschino and Friedman

So! In our entirely inadequate way, the writers will try to correct its omission to Project Blue Book... call it a supplementary report, well after the fact, to wit:

by Alfred Lehmberg with Frank Feschino, Jr.

(NOTE: Again! This sighting was not recorded in PBB. Here though, for our late addition to the record, the writers will appropriate the old ATIC's Project Bluebook "10073 RECORD CARDformat to, at last, document and record this sighting as it should have appeared in the PBB official files.)


1. DATE: 13 SEP 1952
3. TIME: 2000. [8:00 AM. EST]
9. COURSE: None detected

There! We feel better!


It was, "...a good eight or nine foot tall...If I ever prayed in my life, I was praying then.A witness quote from George Snitowsky Mr. Paul Lieb.

Flatwoods researcher Frank Feschino, Jr. was able to suggest a track of the flight path for the "Flatwoods Monster," subsequent to its departing the Fisher Farm in Flatwoods on September 12, 1952. After its close encounter with Mrs. May and the six boys, the giant "iron-clad" alien boarded its damaged craft and took off. To go... where?

Just a smattering of the headlines!

It is reasonable, reader, given the plethora of reported activity that night that is reported, well mapped, tagged, and indicated, it followed the Elk River southwest over Braxton County and deeper into the county's further recesses. Ultimately, the craft made its way into the vicinity of the secluded mountainous region of the "Frametown," area, approximately 17 miles away. Local witnesses reported that it landed on James Knoll...

Well... concurrently, one day later on September 13, 1952, New York tourists George and Edith Snitowsky were traveling home from Ohio, road-weary, with their baby. Passing through Frametown at about 8:00 p.m., their car inexplicably stalled and refused to restart. Shortly thereafter, the young couple entered into an unexpected nightmare as they encountered an imposing and otherworldy 9-foot-tall alien being, revealing itself, reportedly, near the area of their stalled vehicle! The reader is reminded that stranger things have likely happened. 

Subjects as yet unaware of an "alien" presence, the area where their car had stalled became inexplicably engulfed with a sickening sulfurous gas, (reminiscent of Flatwoods!)! George Snitowsky exited his stalled car and lifted the hood to examine the battery. He wanted desperately to restart the car and get away! Perhaps this was some kind of chemical spill he'd reflected... and there was the baby to think about! 

After several unsuccessful attempts to restart the engine, he then noticed a glowing elliptically-shaped UFO "thing" that floated out in the distance of the woods. Entranced with the other-worldliness, George elected to walk towards the strange glowing craft to get a better look at it. The wife was adamantly opposed.

Moments later, and closer to the object, George felt debilitating electrical shocks pierce throughout his body, and he was overcome by the gaseous odor! He fell to a knee and vomited profusely! 

As he stood up, Edith let out a blood-curdling scream and yelled to her husband to turn around! Something was approaching him from behind! 

As George quickly turned to take a look, his knees buckled suddenly, and he froze in fear at the sight of a huge alien that was hovering ominously towards him! He then ran away from it, finally, got back into the car, and tried to calm his terrified wife and crying baby. They watched in horror as the being quickly approached them!

Charcoal by Frank Feschino Jr

George instinctively pushed his wife and child onto the passenger side floor to shield them, then grabbed a hunting knife from the glovebox for self-defense. As they huddled on the floor in terror with George laying atop his family protectively, the alien hovered around the perimeter of the car examining it, all the while spewing a horrendous-smelling gas presumably from pipes surrounding its lower metallic torso. 

George put his head down and prayed! After what seemed like an eternity he lifted his head up a few moments, later, to see if the alien had left the area.

As George looked up across the dashboard to his dismay, he was utterly shocked to see the huge alien hovering in front of the car and looking back down at him through the windshield!

Flatwoods/Frametown Monster by Feschino

The alien reached down and touched the car's hood, chemically burning it, presumably, scarring the paint! Then, without making any hostile moves toward them, just like at Flatwoods on the previous day, the thing hovered back into the nearby woods leaving them unmolested. 

Shortly thereafter, a floating UFO took off from the woods and, displaying a peculiar pendulum motion before disappearing into the night sky... zapped off in an eyeblink!

Feschino spoke to George Snitowsky while researching this incident, extensively. He has concluded that the 9-foot-tall being that the Snitowskys saw and encountered that night was probably the "Flatwoods Monster" of Flatwoods fame from the previous day! 

When the alien was seen in Frametown on September 13, its ace-of-spades black outer helmet, red inner helmet, and metallic upper torso spacesuit "parts" had been removed, it's suggested. In the Frametown appearance, the large occupant being was seen in the "flesh," from its head down to its waist area. 

As per the illustration above, its lower body was still encased in the lower portion of the, now familiar to us, apparatus. This suggests it acted, just as in Flatwoods, like a vehicle emitting a gaseous exhaust from the pipes of its propulsion system? Who can know, but that Occam's hypothesis explaining this good faith report must be complicated out of needs, as Occam himself had outlined! Don't complicate the hypothesis without necessity, he'd admonished. Well, it is offered we have a necessity.

During this terrifying incident, the alien being's large head, bloated upper body, long spindly arms, and forked-fingered hands were clearly seen by the witnesses. The entire story can be read in Feschino's book.

Sculpure bust by Frank Feschino Jr.

These then are the results of making war on extra-planetary beings: angry soldiers, terrified humans, and surprisingly benevolent aliens. Consider the alien... presumably shot from the sky by military jets and evading conjectured capture on the ground... they still didn't abuse the locals

That's worth keeping in mind. Read on. 

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