Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Your Money's Worth

Plugged in to what's *allowed* to us... through the Hubble's awesome eye? Why, stars are fried in neutron sleet! Such are visions we have spied!
Smashing rocks in timeless chance are matters fueling movement's dance!  
More's observed just lately spied... perhaps times ten what meets our "eye"!
...Where dance steps are languid the stars are festooned with garlands of space dust for skeptics lampooned. The concept of *anything's* found in these reaches, on orbiting planets... like sand on our beaches.
...And out of these orbits—mysterious folk? These tempt and confuse us; perhaps, blowing smoke! Still, they hover and flutter alive in our skies... in spite of deception and government lies!
Extant... is an omniverse where folk must occur. It is filled with the possible! No thing is deterred. Conceived? It is FACT in that space... far from here? ...And more is un-thought of ... beyond weird... passed queer!
I'm depressed that they're hidden in unexplained smoke! I'm uncheered they don't spill it, and just go for broke! I'm bemused they're not landing on everyone's lawn, on their stoops, in their kitchens, or on Washington Pond!
To complacently ignore "all of this" as irrelevant is to make bad "investments" gaining interests... malevolent. It's the rarest of news... getting better with age! BAD news, then, not at all... says an ancient clay page ...
The Hubble's taking movies of titanic stars consumed... black holes sleep between their meals then flash when meal's resumed! From fiery wombs of star-stuff stars are born as lucent babes, then ejected with toy planets they make life on— who's to say?
...See, life's in abundance and older than rust! Beyond complaining and explaining they're extant and... calling us! Must the meeting of two cultures, where "advantage" meets the one? Must the lesser in "advantage" take grim heat, and be undone?
...And all of that considered, after looking through the Hubble, there is space enough to think about... to "not think" leads to trouble. Trouble's gone denied, my friend, remains before your eye... Your eye above the mountains where you see beyond the sky.

I think I pay for an unfiltered look through that instrument. What do you think you pay for, reader?
Then one remembers they'd have to first respect us to allow us the unfettered, unsanitized, and unfiltered look. They'd have to educate us. They'd have to appreciate us. They would truly have to have our best interests at heart.
How much respect should an individual be accorded as a matter of course? It would seem there must be some minimal amount. It is not equaled by that which must be demanded, and so it must be demanded? Yes.
Win the lottery but lose your soul? You know what soullessness is, right? It is the loss of an ability to feel satisfaction of any type... all types... ...every type, I suspect.
How about you, reader? Do you feel like you're getting the required respect or achieving requisite satisfaction? If not? Perhaps you can try to do what I try to do. It seems to help. As is justice demanded around you seems to help.
Simply this: don't credit or enable that which disrespects you; don't reward or compensate that which fails to satisfy you. Repurpose your vote, your sympathy, and your dollars. Deny truthlessness your essence, your support, and your consideration. Refuse it your concern, your regard, your facilitation.
Indeedhold it beneath your contempt, concern, and consideration as you would any soul killer. The soul you save will be your own.
Without regard to a closed institution, dark agency, or psychopathic government let your conscience be in charge! To your own self... be true? Keep your own council? Demand your money's worth? There are a lot more of us than them... did you know that?
...But for them, we could heal the planet, feed the hungry, exist in a Utopian dream in a living ring around the sun... why, we'd bring the saucers down...
Then—the fun really starts! Read on!
"I cleave the heavens and soar to the infinite. What others see from afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, who will live in our hearts forever... burned at the fundamentalist's stake for wanting his money's worth.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Alfred's Odd Observation #21

Alfred's Odd Observation #21
 by Alfred Lehmberg

Discord, Disharmony, and insentient Dispute... And just when everything was busting loose with the most person friendly political platform in our Nation's history! Such is the resolution of things. Though, not here, not now. 

Here was a bonified sensory expansion in the measured world of Descartes! Metaphorically slipping on the eyes of virtual gods, a result of an off the books temporary loan of military-grade true night vision devices, I'm empowered with the eyes of owls and cats! It's like lifting your eyes from the cave's shadows to see the causative light causing them from without.  I say true!

Facilitated by the most dazzling piece of visual enhancement technology this old aviator has ever hung on his hairy face, I was treated, reader... to detailed arrays of otherworldly fluctuating lights and glowing orbs!  

These observations included ~searing~ instant zippers and slowly crumbling flashing dimmers, all wholly unperceived unaided! Extant were thoughtfully slow, ponderous movers of varying magnitude brilliantly represented! The sky was accessorized with Exploding stationary "bloomers" dimming abruptly and dashing furtively about, transitioning left or right several degrees only to then blink out like failing light bulbs! This, reader, was just in the initial few minutes of first having them on my face!  I watched for hours in the double digits!

"Camera-flashers" flitted like fireflies within specific fist-sized regions of the enhanced  and virescent  glow of the astonishing new sky!  Verily!

No magic is involved; one will not see what is not there.  Only the light that's (remotely!) available, magnified thousands of times is made accessible to the otherwise inadequate human eyeball.  

Even without the strange stuff otherwise cluttering it, it is a stellar show without visual parallel! Truly, Van Gogh's starry, starry skies... revealed through military TYPE III NVG's, are the stuff of all imagination's illumination! 

Too, given time to watch, and this writer had had weeks in clear winter skies, the presence of the "just not talked about," is plain.

Clearly, it is a show that is not easily describable.  Most, living in and around towns and cities, can go out at night and see dozens of bright stars, perhaps even make out a few constellations with their unaided eyes.  Others, blessed with less light pollution in rural areas, can see HUNDREDS of stars, all the constellations and a hint of the milky way.  Those fortunate enough to have access to cold dry desert air can see, with their naked eyes, a stirring star-show of THOUSANDS of stars that quicken imaginations as they quicken and inspire the courageous heart with an overpowering galactic panoply...

...But slip on a pair of TYPE~III night-vision devices, highly refined for aviators, and leapfrog, blithely, over ~millions~ of stars to see ~Billions~ ... of individual stars, stars so numerous they're draped like sheer curtains of jade fog, and feel like one who sees the sky as a god must... with clarity, totality, and entirety...

I got my late mother (she was 75 at the time) out in the back to look through them and she was ~wholly~ astonished, even overwhelmed with their visual impact. Unconsciously snatching the goggles from my steadying fingers so she could take possession, however fleetingly, of what amounts to a *real* superpower of enhanced visual capability and capacity, she gaped, forgivingly open-mouthed, at her newly revealed reality.  She.  Was. Astounded.  I'm reminded of how Giordano Bruno looking through A telescope that first time.

...See, it was suddenly revealed to her that she could now, and very truly, see what she'd had no idea was there, and she had the startling realization that if this was true... what must yet remain, remaining to be seen, still!  Cue the "mind-blown" music!

A similar power transferred to the "physical" would have the individual swinging buses around her head; transferred to the "ear" is to hear a butterfly's wings in an adjacent State hundreds of miles away... It is an awesome power—an intellectual force multiplier!  Truly, anyone who looks through these vision enhancing devices is reminded, forever, of what is REALLY up there...  Time and Space and Dimensions non-conceived and beyond conception...

EMPTY of the non-prosaic, and merely composed of previously undetected ~emerald galaxies~ and billions of ~spilled green diamonds~ (of divergent size and intensity on a dark green felt background), it QUALIFIES the very IDEA of the not prosaic and QUANTIFIES the excuses one can have for same!  

*They* ~are~ real! There ~are~ people across the *river*, and there ~are~ fewer reasons (one should even be able to grasp) that we would be isolated in our corner of the universe, much less "alone" in it... and that's the rub...

 "AlienViews," is a small collection of earnest individuals who associate with me (you know who you are) in cyberspace, and who have known one another for several years in many cases. These are persons who have watched each member in the collection grow and resolve over a period of time and are individuals who have learned, if with some pain, the value of our rational toleration and its utility in creating an efficacious synergy. 

Use your imagination on the just preceding if you have to, but expect no angles or percentages. This is but written to be understood and so believed as a perceived truth is understood. I say true and won't apologize for the aspiration. Without shame we are about cooperation, we are about synthesis, we are about teamwork of contributing individuals—we are about "inclusion."  That's the aspiration.

With only the most minimal amount of divergence from that pointed imperative, that is all we have EVER sought! I exalt in my community... this tangentially and tenuous fabric of 21st Century communication. A glasnost and perestroika of cooperative fellowship uncomplicated by unwarranted negativity or lack of constructive imagination...  I welcome any challenge that would dispute the spirit of that!  ANY challenge!

Persons honestly skeptical of an AlienViews outlook are inevitable and are in the end appreciated and welcomed as skeptics!  Our company (even if reluctantly) welcome the divergence of these skeptical because if a friendly communication can still be made, extended, or maintained... it only widens the experiential base of our TOTAL effort—an effort to understand what precipitated all these divergent views in the first place!

What is it?

When erstwhile erstwhile and faux-skeptics split off from AlienViews, perhaps selling their soul to the reductionist's company store, we are not depressed and disappointed that our effort was somewhat diluted, we but wish the departure well, we were well met. after all. The best of luck good winds and God's speed. Are there bigger fish to fry?


The sky's alive at this moment, honored reader, with the objects of our intense interest, and it is in no way affected by the inexplicable actions of even the most talented of intelligent sociopath or faux-sceptic. It doesn't care that reductionists don't believe! The skies are crawling with life not admitted by the hijacked mainstream or the garden variety bush-league detractor periodically arrayed by the duplicitous mainstream.

I've seen UFOs with my own eyes, continue to see them, and have access to equipment that allows me to see them, better still.  Given the time I have to look for them and the equipment I had available for use, the respected reader would see them, too!

That's enough!  For AlienViews, I continue to watch the quickening skies. Read on!

Thursday, October 06, 2016

History's Mysteries...

History's Mysteries...
by Alfred Lehmberg

On the theme of a "mysterious history" and how that accommodates our conjectured quarantine by ET... observe the suggested panoply of reasons the Saucers might stay away.
Consider the lack of respect tendered to the people who build and maintain our world, the lack of respect socially, institutionally... even their church drills them from the collection plate: the maligned, disrespected, marginalized, and errantly-blamed working poor... ...sure, there's a fractional percentage of these "getting over" but put that minority out of your mind as irrelevant! They're in favor, too. The "man" just shouldn't suck so hard... and there wouldn't be an appreciable any of these "desperate disparate" looking for angles.
These aforementioned "poor," one might perceive, were cleverly, if unconsciously, cameoed in that old Mel Gibson action vehicle Beyond Thunderdome, as the, against all odds, bi-human character "Master Blaster." Master Blaster was the engineer and officiator of the gas-energy producing vats of swine offal and dead citizens beneath the Thunderdome, and leader of the topside shunned and miserable legions maintaining them.
...Recall what happened when "Master Blaster" didn’t pick up the "garbage" or process the dead bodies and swine feces into fuel for a few days? Why, your "white-bread world" comes to the proverbial grinding halt! Concurrently, the above-ground "leadership" reveals itself proud and effectual as a sack of wet dead mice. Yeah, be nice to the garbage man, he keeps you... like Joni Mitchell wrote, ..."unfettered and alive."
See, the study of history could be just as entertaining as reality TV or a Mel Gibson movie... in fact, it should be. You want intrigue and conflict and betrayal and lust? Real History.  You want something elevating and inspiring and ethically progressive? Real History. You want good moral lessons on ethics and trust. Real History. You want something honestly constructive and respectfully gainful? Real History.
You want an aggregate satisfaction? The kingdom is at hand! The key? Real History!
The real history, folks, and even in this day and age you don't have to scratch down very far to find it. Real history. The chronicle of how NOT to do things by persons trying to make a just record, warts included reader, without ego's ax to grind.  It's all there.
You can't navigate the future if you don't remember the navigation of the past. We do not know that navigation, good reader! History may be written by psychopaths to reflect a single generation's social gains and losses to inflate largely undeserving egos.  How is Columbus yet revered, even if allowed to dwindle as a "great" man... as a discoverer of America, otherwise.
...And if you're really brave, have a progressive heart and appreciate that the best part of humanity comes as a result of our pioneer spirit? If you suspect that a sacrifice now is a down payment on inheriting the multi-verse later? Then know, reader, that the biggest part of that history includes UFOs. Be not afraid.
UFOs just ~are~. Start getting used to it. Start demanding more information in their regard. Inherit the future! Don't be swamped by same. 
Additionally, don't allow yourself to laugh in their regard. Given a revealed existentiality, UFOs, but certainly their occupants (what we truly regard!), become the most important and momentous thing in humanity's day, this one or any other!
Refuse the "kool-aid," good people... oh, and by the way? Apart from rather frivolous rejections, once, by Paul Kimball (then accessorized by sundry and officious, now rejected, Parascats [tm]) as "a man who never met a conspiracy he didn't like..." consider Jim Marrs, perhaps one of the last of an endangered species ... that vanishing breed of string-less fringe-journalists with some consistency and real integrity.
Perhaps not since Edward R. Morrow, a Walter Cronkite or an early Dan Rather...  has a true journalistic ethic, even right of center, been so efficaciously prosecuted. In no way a nut like many contemporary with him, Mr. Marrs cannot be so easily discredited because he won't drink the "official" juice, honored reader. Marrs shall not be faulted for following the data and reporting the facts as they reveal themselves to him. Remains, he'd make a better newsman than what's currently offered in the aggregate... but then so would SpongeBob Squarepants (by far!)... I digress.
Dodgy ax grinders with non-admitted agendas drinking too deeply from self-congratulating kegs... these might keep their canted counsel to themselves. Jim Marrs does not so easily crumble in debate with the aforementioned type.
You know the type. Quick with a sneer. Quicker with a smirk. Quickest to the reflexive denial. Quickening to be penultimate jerks (Because jerks are 2nd rate): "morons in need of attention," chronicled in lore, and every bit as damagingly retro as those they think they prosecute, read persecute!
Leaping to the persons illustrating the disgust discussed reactionary, these are unrepentantly authoritarian; Science is with them, eh? This type perhaps considers themselves as intelligently designing, ironically, and a jewel in their own creation's crown. Reductionist meme-nazis by another name and smelling as sweet as a spent cannister of "ETH B"? Hey... what are you doing when you're making lists and checking them twice subsequent to getting a group mind "right." [shudder].
Remembering, well, that the pointing of one finger implies three pointing back at self... ...I have to say that where anxious ideologues were amusing at best and tedious at worst... lately they become dangerously regressive and a prevaricating homage to earlier times... not even existing "THEN," ironically enough! Real history is mystery, perhaps whole and absolute.
Could it actually be that it is supposed to be like that? Moving right passed shocked laughter we observe that that can't be true because so few are served while so many endure the antithesis of that service. Then pause to reflect that, observed from without, we may be kindergarten age feral children on our world believing that we were not always under the observation of adult others, not ourselves.  What says they're there is us.  We are the proof.
Feh. The only thing that should not be tolerated in this day and age is glad intolerance.  Remains, current behavior might justify our quarantine. Who, including ourselves if we were honest, could tolerate us?
Read on.


Saturday, October 01, 2016

Why We Drain The Broccoli...

"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. 
What others see from afar, I leave far behind me."
Giordano Bruno, scourged by the well-meaning TORR.

Why We Drain The Broccoli...
by Alfred Lehmberg

Or... why are the ostensibly "rational" and "reasonable" singled out for a vituperative thrashing I might engender and prosecute elsewhere on the more deserving?  Could it be a result of that "more deserving" being entirely unapproachable, even consensus poisoning in the manner of your friendly neighborhood tea-party Republican?  You can't discuss UFOs with Bill Nye or abortion rights with a fundy rightwing authoritarian, but I repeat myself.

...And, they're not a getting a thrashing, so much. Not really. Oh, I know... unquestionably it could be argued, and abundantly too, that some nameable individuals seem the ready focus for same, but it's not the wool dyed skeptibunky bugging me, so much, those reflexive UFO denialists adhering to an isolationist's party line, it's the ostensibly "rational" and "reasonable," sincerely. 

How could it be? Apart from their individual expressions? I don't know those chided from bunny-pants and in most cases, over the long haul? These have perpetrated or have indicated no substantive mendacity themselves. I'd move that they act now as an communicative foil, but that's the too easy explanation, the parsimonious one.

No, inadequate hypothesis predictably requiring more complication? I'm just making a bald statement of fact as I see it with no supporting documentation, no citations the grasping bibliophile lusts to covet and crave (then dismiss)... no demonstrable support... ...whatever that might mean (which won't be a whole lot?). Just honesty aspired to... We'll see.

I've no proof...[what was that , again?] only an internal logic aspiring to consistency ...in as much as closure in all things, strict adherence to *immutable* laws, and that much-touted-as-real-in- --an-existential-sense white-male-creator-of-all-things... is only ever a *comforting* illusion most maintain among other *comforting* illusions. It's rather like we produce our own individually maintained "Matrix" to keep our big lie "personal fable" well inflated if barely afloat. I digress...

Suffice it to say: All this is merely reported as true by an onsite witness and participant. Me.

Consider... As these things are traditionally measured? Those ostensibly "rational" and "reasonable" (TORR), forgetting they're inexorably turning into their grandparents, are one hell of a bunch of good guys and gals ...even as they are betrayers of the efficacious aggregate trust!  In that aggregate, though, some remain to have me long for the broccoli water alluded to in a moment...

They're smart, articulate, engaging, educated, accomplished, and (...measured loosely from scientist to barrister?) even experienced. They're "well read", "well written", "well connected", and seemingly "well-liked" by the people who are close to them or who agree with key aspects of an etherial if aggregate progressive philosophy.

They're grounded and steadfast and committed to a point of view with WIDE acceptance by the mainstream (the problem!). Their aforementioned networking gives them a gold ticket to the centers of that which is most interesting and rewarding for many of us. They're persons to be knighted, surely, not besmirched, apparently...

What's my problem, then?

Could it be professional, academic, or personal envy? Is it mere jealousy, gravid and green, illustrating and illuminating a personal character flaw nurtured for six decades and change, and springing forth, finally, like some kind of irrationality of late-term-despairing-male-menopause...?


...Though, I've explored my feelings, personal accomplishments, and motivations a great deal and I don't think so... Something else is at issue. I've got a pretty good handle on what it is, I believe.

No... the TORRs, and God bless them every one... are not the "problem," but the complacent enabler of same, the looming dystopia, that I allude to. They're fine persons if you want and as it's measured, so I'd like to think we could even have dinner sometime and I wouldn't drown them in the broccoli water hoping they hated broccoli...

What they remain to be, though, is just the most visible, most effective, and most unswerving stand-ins for the "aggregate problem," as I have come to perceive it to be. They are symbol for that which I find troublesome, incongruous, worrisome, and wrong. I criticize them... ...and I have a living breathing foil for an exploration of how far, in my considered opinion, we go wrong as a society, a culture, and potentially sentient species.  Hey.  I'm pushing 70 at this point.  It's what we do.

Besides, let's just blow right passed my qualifications to pronounce on such. 'K? ... 'K.

I have the means, method, and opportunity in the first place... ...the only qualification required for same, anymore, eh? The second is to be on site and paying freight! Such is so. Forgetting that?

Why, I'm uniquely qualified... as anyone is, really, who can put two sincere words together on a page with regard to something they care about? ...on Even our revered TORRs. Oh, especially our TORRs. It's why I swing at their pinatas...

...But apart from the TORRs? I've lived on *both* sides of the ideological fence and presently find all sides of the western ideological fence wanting... (there are more than two, one discovers, not so astonishingly), as might believe our more oblivious TORRs, most of all, ironically.

What's wrong? Oh, I don't know... ...their gleefully uneven road-trip on the highway to hell in a shopping cart with shrieking wheels? This precipitates in the form of "society pathology" and "cultural constipation" brought on by the indolent worship of a sectarian "science" complacently dehumanizing us... ...honestly bringing the whole planet to the tenuous edge of survivability while facilitating the ignorance of our birthright to the stars of inner and outer space? ...Insisting on the unreasonable hubris that a *~man~kind* is uniquely and singularly alive (alone!), essentially, in the unknown multi-verse, a randomly staggering accident of evolution, or the jewel in a crown of a Godhood's creation??

...That's just to start.

See... a retired military flyer with experience in combat, staffing, and for a time, commanding Officer Candidate Schools? I once believed the mainstream, that there even was a "competent and even-handed" arbiter *mainstream* extant... ...saw my function as an aspiring champion of what was good and true on the planet. I left the service in late in 1992 with an intent to continue to serve that aggregate good... anything done creatively, with honor (or what's the point?) 

... I was going to be a public school teacher.

I went back to school to secure a credential for same and graduated summa (I've confirmed that) cum laude...

Let's digress a little more... Have you ever wondered why the riot or insurrection or revolution usually starts at the university?

Blame it, as the scurrilous will, on some dodgy leftist teacher's tree hugging sensibility. The real reason is that... ...it is at this university where you can learn about the mechanisms employed to cloud men's minds (and an input on who's employing them), the contents of primary references (who wrote them and why), and the ability to think outside of the *approved* box ...as continuing to think inside the *approved* box is not an appropriate activity for individuals who would aspire to an efficacious sentience and the ability to breathe freely! ...Read: aspire to empathic sensibilities. Read: Evolve! Grow!

Which is to say... to the degree that it remains efficacious, ethical, and does no harm? No limitations, social, psychological, or otherwise. No. Limits...

It was in this college (the college of my own insurrection) I began to perceive, with jaw-dropping irony, the craggy cliff that the current faux-conservative sensibilities seemed gleefully prepared to hurtle us off of like we were all in an out-of-control SUV!

A small study of religion, for example, seemed to prove only how horrible we could make a current life in preparation for an indistinct *next* one, one required to be taken entirely on untested faith...

An examination of the exampling fruit produced by our conflicted western civilization, by my measure, for my focus, and through my filters...?...only demonstrated a need to reviewreassess, reconstituterevampand revision... same!  Prideful ignorance, easy authoritarianism, unjustified arrogance, and unwarranted hubris corrupt the mainstream and Status quo, provoking them to psychotic extremes.  This all has ample illustration right in the reader's wheelhouse and experience, presuming honesty of self.

We'd been bull-shitting ourselves! Everybody knew it, too, admitted or not. Everybody! Those most rewarded... most of all!

...This is conscience, folks... not convenience. I've always done the hard jobs; there's more satisfaction in them... I digress within digression... [Woooot]!

We take a deep breath... 

A revaluation of the so called *mainstream* showed that it was anything but an inclusive view of things, "balanced" and "grounded". No, it was, and always has been I suppose, a mechanism corrupted by elitists to homogenize and pasteurize distracted human beings without regard to their rights and individualities, their sensibilities, their growth... or any sense of justice or fair play on a level playing field... ...in the service of "good employee" production. The mainstream was anything but a reflection of informed citizenry; it was the manipulator of that citizenry... and it gets progressively worse as the years accelerate. I suspect this is not the way it has to be.

The complacent TORR, et sig al, in my view, fronts this *mainstream*. This is the basis, but reiterated, of my irritation of them.

Further encouraged around 1994, in this college environment, and as a result of a chance presentation between classes about UFOs (given by Robert Hastings), I began to get even more of a sense of just how far down the primrose path we had been taken with regard to our society, culture, and civilization.

Exclusive Society had not been a proper teacher/mentor. Exclusive Culture has not been an apposite friend. ...And, in as much as the cliff edge of "society suicide" and "cultural immolation" seemingly approaches with alarming and accelerating propensity? ...Civilization, western or otherwise seemed to have taken a bad turn... ...somewhere... that was abundantly clear.


I began, reader, not to... "believe in the fringe"... ...but to disbelieve what was official... an oblique endorsement of the fringe! Confronted by betrayal, one must be able to look elsewhere! Moreover, I was subsequently driven there by the unethical and unjust status quo... ...then summarily put off the societal bus! That's a stunning irony for me, verily, as painful as it was!

Credited now as a credulous believer (and quasi-dangerous troublemaker?) and stridently discounted for same? The reality is that I've been rendered bereft of "belief in the mainstream," by that self-same mainstream!

I can't believe the prime-time news, the pronouncements of institutions, the exhortations of the church, the explications of my government, the decrees of law enforcement, the verdicts of the courts, the announcements of a plethora of agencies, or the earnest assertions of hoary academia! These entities have, quite literally, placed themselves beyond the limits of my credulity, as with others as they betrayed the presumed trust... and I can no longer credit them with my complete confidence!  Trust has been betrayed.

I won't be a sap!

Predictably, perhaps? I have trouble seeing where this is my fault.

Betrayedby the aggregate system... ...for doing exactly what it had taught me that it respected? ...I'm twenty times burned and now *forever* shy!

My fault, reader? Uh-uh... I won't validate gravy when it's not the same for goose and gander. I won't credit it. I won't shine it on. I won't abide it. I cannot.

If cops aren't color-blind? If you can't afford self-improvement? If you have to decide between medicine and heat and food? If the hypocritical and autocratic abide and prevail against the rule of law? If people rot in the streets in front of their washed-out homes and are eaten by abandoned pets, rats and alligators as the responsible reassign blame like errant children?  Affluenza, for example, is the disease of a sick society.

If separation of power is inexorably consolidated and at the whim of a dry drunk double deserter with delusions of grandeur enabled by a cohort of corrupt faux-conservatives as it was at one time... as it could be again?

...When justice is dispensed to the highest bidder? When efficacious drugs cause cognitive pathologies in people who do not even take them? When science becomes the lap-dog of the sociopathic elite... ...When the truth, as William Blake said, cannot be told to be understood without being believed?

Woof! We need to hoe a different row, brothers and sisters!

UFOs are real, forgetting, as Jacques Vallee and Terence McKenna have intimated, that they likely only pretend to be an "other" to keep from freaking us out, unnecessarily, with regard to what they really are on the one hand... and on the other? ...Just how limited a hundred years of science really is!  Our hubris portends embarrassment.

...Science has failed us miserably in coming to grips with the reality of this UFO thing... indeed won't even pretend (although it's done that too) to begin an investigation of it. Outrageous!

Indeed our mainstream agencies discredit and invalidate themselves to the extreme by ridiculing UFOs rather than coming to grips with the obvious reality of them! This is a reality reflected all through recorded history, remember, includes a physical reality in vetted films, photos, and verified radar returns. Be reminded that it is a stark reality to tens of thousands of credible and quality men and women who have interacted with the concept of them night after night in popular media, radio, and film... ...if you've forgotten!

The mainstream does not respect what the public doesn't know, and won't endeavor to tell them when they don't! The mainstream's conflicted mind is made up and won't be bothered with the facts as plain as the craven beak on a klasskurtxian pelicanist!

The mainstream cannot attack the aforementioned data and so destroys the individual persons bravely trying to ferret that data out. The mainstream facilitates cowardly ends with the most unethical and criminal means. The mainstream is satisfied to do its research by proclamation rather than investigation.

The preceding is WELL documented, reader! Read Feschino, Dolan, Hastings, and Friedman for numerous examples...

This is no *mainstream*, doing the greatest good for the greatest number, folks! The mainstream as it stands is, instead, an egregious tool used against you by sociopaths... ...reptiles who are incapable of the remotest respect for you! Does the reader expect to be directed to respect this *mainstream* even as the mainstream has not been respectable and has shown no respect! Now that's crazy!

"Mainstream"! Who are you to judge the efficacy of yourself?

...On site, paying freight... Sir and Madam! What's gravy for the goose is gravy for the gander! Your participation is key! The judged judge in turn!

Actually? In the microcosm, yours is the ONLY opinion that matters, reader!  Try to have one that matters in the macrocosm!

Something else college does for you if you weren't smart enough to pick it up in high-school (...I wasn't...) and are paying attention? It's the demonstration that the bigger you make your *fire* the more the shadows are highlighted... ...and the deeper they become. But, this is a good thing, right? Knowing you know not is still a pretty good chunk of knowing, at all, eh?

Besides, everything you *know*... ...might be wrong... I'd put money on "likely."

The TORR, I suspect, believes in entropy, the death of heat, things running down, that which was "together" must come "apart" and become... ...at some far, far point in a time as immutable as it was irregular... as cold as a speck of dust in a lightless and airless void... resistance is futile... prepare to have your ass laminated...

The TORR, I suspect, believes in intellectual parsimony, the simplest explanation, the one requiring the fewest moving parts and the least amount of entities added... ...as the preferred explanation in all cases, at the start... ...less is more manageable... ...after all...

The TORR, I suspect, reserves a special respect for mainstream mores, *approved* movers and *vetted* shakers... ...one of the nuts and bolts adherents of a bowdlerized Descartes and stridently opposed to the "agreed upon" infirm... those who want to explore a fringe beyond the light provided by the huge fire he so respectfully tends... ...God made the light and the light was good and "we shall be grateful."

...But the TORR handily forgets the aggregate accelerations we all perceive. The TORR neatly forgets that Occam includes the word "ordinarily" in his razor. The TORR too conveniently forgets the duplicities, inconsistencies, obfuscations, betrayals, and, in too many cases? ...The abject cowardice, intellectual and otherwise, of the supporters and players of that *mainstream*, eh?

The TORR forgets that God, as we know him, is largely invented (re-invented!) by the too few to do the bidding of those few.

I can't abide it. No apologies... and no offense meant...

Injury on top of insult, it doesn't really matter that *The TORR* forget these things... ...when it is discovered that these things are purposefully forgotten, forgotten by design and craft and rationalization ...forgotten because what's "real" and "true" doesn't square with being alone (even if only *essentially*)... in an infinite vastness of cornucopic and open-ended potentiality... A jewel in creation's crown—THE jewel in creation's crown?

...Pause, sincerely, for Hoots and squirty Guffaws...

You might begin to see how the TOR, a proud product of their extensive training and study in the arts (and they are) of:
  • History (the official story composed by sociopaths to facilitate same?)
  • Political science (the study of the methods used in justifying that sociopathy?)
  • Law (the codifications of trying to have cake and eat it too?)
...has twisted these aforementioned *arts* around into the self-serving, short-sheeting, pedestrian, and banal celebration of cognitive mediocrity that the TORR precipitates... Gleefully, gladly and gaily. Indolently. Complacently. Insentiently.

...No—on second thought, if a TORR rep and I ever share that dinner? It would be prudent to drain the broccoli exceptionally well.

...But that's more than was desired on why I fight, eh? No apologies.

Hey ...Closing, real quick and dirty? I know that the most third rate functionary and perfunctory lackey I criticize in this piece could stomp an official mud-hole in my ass... indeed has! Why bump my gums and imperil myself further regarding this dreaded "portents of social doom" I've iterated... risk an escalation of society's pique already meted out to me?

...Because it is what I've done in the service of this nation and an aggregate humanity, I suspect. Plus? I know that when I am bold, mighty forces come to my aid. That works for you too, reader.

Read on.



*On the subject of "personal fables," these are understandably created to keep an even strain day to day. They're used as barricades to keep the adherent as far into the "warm and fuzzies" as can be allowed and justified or afforded. Some point to everything... some reason to go on... individual faith as peak experience in imagined self-actualization... fine until it's used as justification to impose arbitrary will on another... but it's a fable... pointless beyond the snuffing of life's every candle.  How is that good news?  Well forgetting that the answer is stranger than can be imagined, a truth remains that your still self-aware consciousness exists to experience the corporeal (...howsoever that plays out for good or ill...) at the center of the universe and all creation as far as you (that's you, reader!) are concerned. Dare to wonder that that is the point and that that is the good news.  It may be an aggregate humanity suffers needlessly and there be real utility in the acknowledgment of that. One has the choice, nay the responsibility, to bear witness, true witness, and responsibility to same. Remains a kingdom at hand, eh?  It's within grasp if one just closes fingers on it!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

...Ultimate Sedition...

See, you said it! It happened! You only spoke truth! The opposite's unthinkable! I'd held you aloof. You parents, and teachers—my culture, or government; you got my attention—secured my involvement.
You served it all up with the straightest of faces! You believed it yourself; now dissonance faced us. With a primitive sound and occasional pictures, you employed your devices of half-truths and stricture.
I bought into it, fine, as you played with my mind! I believed in whatever you said, you will find! I’m just a good citizen, and I’m paying my taxes to the best of abilityain’t taking no chances.
But, to tell you the truth? You now scare me silly. Your minds are all closed, and your countenance chilly. You don’t look around at the damage you cause, "Who pays while I play...," stands apart from your law.
Why, entranced by the "mainstream," I misread the sky! Thank God for my Dad"UFOs are alive"! Though hard ass, conservative, on Newt’s party line, even he could admit that the system's a crime.
Mistrust of the sky is encouraged by those who are fired from Airlines for telling what shows! "Odd things in the sky must have rational meanings"... It then HAS explanation . . . you pretend you are dreaming!
~You can safely buy in 
to what’s heard on the news!
Too, believe what "good Catholics" 

report about Jews!
The bunkies are right, 
and the Earth needs no healing!
There is an integrity! 

You perceive double dealing!
Blacks are all uppity, 
beyond their capacity,
And women are flighty, 

unsmart... no sagacity!
Chicanos are lazy, 
and Arabs are crazy. . .
Poor white folks endure 

these indignantly lazy!
Rednecks must carry 
a gene for green teeth!
Asians are plotting to 

take over our streets!
The "system" is trustful, 
its honor’s replete!
Any fault cannot lie 

at MY lily white feet!
Well, I've blasted on out with a new alien view, Where "it just don’t add up", and what’s *hidden's* a *clue*. College is hopeful, even filled with old commies These know about books hard to share with your mommy!
Yes, observing your flinching's a touchstone for me! It's where I must look and then be off my knees! Unravel all ignorance! Begone tangled yarn! We'll be weaving new robes where the truth dares to darn!


A literate veteran of foreign wars, a retired military officer, and a teacher with a certificate earned summa cum laude, at 68 I presume the right to bump gums. I'll take it in any case.

To begin, I would have been so much further along, now, but for an, albeit, absent early admission regarding societal warts and chancres on a shared society's face. We all would have.

See, all I got were tediously boring and prevaricating stories regarding an unreachable, so unimpeachable, standard—a standard where America could do no wrong... even as we decidedly were! Wrap this up in an organized spiritual con game of duplicitous untested faith prosecutions, qualified by twitchy authoritarians legislating their turbid moralities, and the societal shine-on is complete.

These contrived cultural stories were woven of half-truths and outright distortions into dissembling garments, I suspect, that never really fit our National psychological profile! Could that be true? 

Not as predators and psychopaths living way beyond our means, by any means, but as that sweet example to the rest of the world. Verily—as without fault as we were was supremely compassionate

These deceptive, disingenuous, and dissembling garments only gave the illusion of real clothing. Lies by another name and smelling, ultimately, as sweet. A cleaning bill comes due.

We’re naked, all of us, only thinking we wear rugged clothes. We hang from a thread, all and one... three meals from savagery and the artless cessation of all our pride and civility. Our rent is about to come due, too, I suspect.

All this "fearing and loathing" comes as a result of the social inconsistencies, institutional infidelities, and phony mainstream inculcations!  These are endured as a result of unending wars for profit, a rubber stamp electorate besotted with self-defining convenience, and stupefying educational practices busily retarding souls and individualities to an idiocracy.  Further fear and loathing are provoked by that aforementioned hijacked mainstream, and in at least two recent national elections 2000 and 2004: wide-spread vote fraud accused by the perpetrators of same facilitating criminal conspiracy fostered by open-faced liars, unrepentant cheats, and hypocritical thieves.  That's a conservative estimation. Time to pay?

Presently, this is a nation leaving its dead to rot in the sun for over a week before the world's revulsion gets a little activity started with regard to addressing suffering people's needs... I worry about our ability to "adapt and overcome" successfully in the looming and inevitable crisis approaching. How about you? Who's paying for lunch?

Me? I’m going to go to the tap right now, draw off a convenient clean glass of minimally potable drinking water, and make a point of savoring every astonishingly convenient drop.

"...And he did, too."

Enjoy your SUVs good people, but know your thought positive and enabling behavior is in the process of insidious betrayal even as you read these words.

UFOs — the ultimate sedition. In other words, ending on a positive note. Hey!  Maybe getting your heads eaten by aliens is preferable to getting your ass sawed off and handed to you in the guise of products you don't really want... or your children murdered, butchered, and then eaten, figuratively if not in actuality, by their own kind!

Folks? In order for that to be the ongoing reality, you're going to have to buy in and continue to enable your abusers. You have to buy in. Your cooperation is required. Billions of bilious bucks are spent every day convincing you!

"Boom's away," folks, for a hard turn to port, 45 degrees to start... err to the port beam side if err one must.  Anything else is psychopathy.

UFOs... The ultimate sedition. Why? Because admitting to them, even if in arrears, brings US closer together and gives us, further, a future of no small expansiveness. Indeed, this is a future where reach extends to grasp... unendingly. That's my feeling, eh? Read on.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Best Evidence?

Best Evidence?
by Alfred Lehmberg

Even as the producer/director (inexplicably!) eventually did, do I revision entirely, repudiate ironically, or mea-culpa humbly?  I suspect not, reader.  That's against Ufological guild bylaws and conflicts with the poet/warrior charter.  Issues, of course, remain.

Moreover, pushing 70 I've learned there is often another shoe to drop, eh?  Yes, my perhaps too tediously prosecuted and melodramatic multi-media perturbation with the irrepressible Paul Kimball was long, detailed, and easily (if tediously) Googled.  True, we've battled magnificently in the literary sense, if I may, following the tradition of Lord Byron and Bob Southey in "Don Juan" (I'll leave it to the reader who was who), classic stuff, spun up for the 21st Century, seriously! Poetic commentary!  Critical prose! Woooot! I digress.

A review of my disquiet is outlined in "Why I Fight," located at my Weblog. It leaves Mr. Kimball handily free of any personal responsibility for my perhaps... exuberant (?) criticism in his regard over the years.  That's right. 

...Unless there's sufficient "broccoli water," perhaps, but you'll have to read "Why I Fight" a propos of that.  It's all about angle and approach, eh?

The short version?  As always, the proceeding may be taken as a sincere reportage and not a convenient course change currying favor of stars in obvious ascendancy... Nor is it evidence of vacillating conviction on my part, reader.  No apologies required or necessary, eh?  When it's fair you can't call it foul and vice versa.  That, too, is in the by-laws.

All that said?  This writer rather ironically asserts that the aforementioned Paul Kimball had raised the bar, decidedly, on what constitutes a competent film documentary about UFOs. He had produced a work at once wonderfully convincing and thoroughly authoritative... indeed as interesting as it is compelling in every conceivable way.  I bow, again.

Searching hard, reader, bitten and therefore shy?  I find I can be contrary only about the run-time of the piece.  It was too short by a factor of three.

"Best Evidence" in one word?  Simply: More.  There is much more, after all.

"Best Evidence"!  An always unlikely perfect storm of informed intelligence, controlled talent, and vetted support from key individuals, Kimball is able to ask society at large... reasoned, reasoning, and reasonable questions.  These are questions about UFOs, folks, which cannot go unanswered, ultimately! 

Let me purposefully digress a moment and address this concept of "questions," to better qualify Kimball's contribution to the genre.  Consider then a generic root "question."   The simple unassigned "interrogative." 

See?  The interrogative shapes perception and defines reality... where the answer only restricts itself to the question provoking it; am I right?  If one wants the most useful and productive answer available?  One must first ask the correct question, eh?

Moreover, this will be true, I suspect, even when the answers are not forthcoming—as they often are not vis a vis UFOs... remember.  No, it is the question which has always been enough, friends, to buoy an invested intellectuality until that answer is forthcoming.  "Reach must exceed grasp or what's a heaven for," nes't ce pas? 

This is a benefit of doing what it is we do, reader, you and I: indulging our curiosity for the "out of the box" stuff.  Shadows are regularly revealed and novelty begins to increase for us; am I wrong?  The borders are pushed back, our intellectual horizons get wider still, and we discover that there is all manner of potentiality in those heretofore unrealized shadows.  Wishes are horses and beggars can ride, to a degree, I suspect.

"To sleep perchance to dream," eh?  Then, from those aggregate dreams can't we cooperate to improve an individual's actuality?  This is a subtext of Kimball's film I think.  The correct questions, even if asked between the lines, provoking the best answers for individual advancement and elevation?  Yes.

Besides... It's the rare flower should get a little more water, eh?  Good is often interred with bones, no? Evil, conversely, lives on and on, right?  Kimball's documentary seems that rare and an atypical "good," living on for a change?  We begin:

I think the thing I liked most about Kimball's film was the unyielding width of its beam of stark inclusiveness!  It is an inclusiveness not dismissible as merely playing to the "lowest common denominator.  It remains, Everybody can get the point of Kimball's film. 

Indeed, disparate persons could "get" the film wherever they've approached it on the Bell curve, and in as much as the smartest person on the planet is numbingly stupid about some things, proper respect and appreciation gets shown to what has ever been inappropriately maligned, too readily disrespected, and heartlessly betrayed as the dimmer left half... of what proves to be an overworked and inappropriately applied, if famous, "Bell" curve.  

Shortly, Kimball talks down to no one, and is straight with everyone!  Everyone gets respect!

Truthfully, I was all set for a tedious viewing ordeal, upon which I would strafe and pan a review of equal if vitriolic tediousness.  It was not to be! 

In fact, I was immediately delighted, hugely interested, and completely absorbed with the program from its onset.  With a little shame, I'd started the doc prepared to sneer.  Thankfully, I was spared that! 

...And strap yourself down, reader!  The boost's not over at perigee!  Acceleration is ongoing!  Infinity and beyond!  Concrescence looms and beckons!

Like a ten stage rocket for a micro-mini mind-missile, the reality of a ufological profundity is fired so high and hard into the ufological fence-sitter's forebrain, said fence-sitter can't really look at UFOs the same way ever again!  Seriously, for every iterated case or stage of this rocket... given the quality of the persons concerned?  ...The numbers of quality persons concerned?  ...The multi-faceted evidence concerned?  ...The quality of science concerned? 

Well... let's just say that the aforementioned fence-sitter has every right, authorization, and duty to float down from that undecided *fence* and be amongst his or her fellow anti-klasskurtxians or sharp-beaked pelican-hawks... yea and verily...feast on the well invalidated skeptibunky flesh vanquished hereby!  LOL!

But seriously, trees of ufological liberty finally nourished by the blood of harsh klasskurtxian tyrants, no?  That's another subtext of Kimball's film and small hyperbole reader.

...At case #10, even conversant I was, "wow"!  By #5, I was, "Great suffering Zot"!  At #2?  Well, my exuberance knew no bounds, reader!  At #1 I stood and cheered!  You see, Kimball has paid that awful debt incurred by a scurrilous lapdog mainstream in the abortive second half of the infamous "Peter Jennings UFO Special." 

Yes!  Jennings' ABC is put paid by Kimball's Redstar Productions!  No one is more gob-smacked than myself!

Indeed! Kimball's "Best Evidence" is filled with all manner of meaningful and constructive surprises.  One such?  The employment of one Kris McBride, a serious young female actor, as the narrator.

There was some small discussion whether or not McBride was the correct choice to provide the aforementioned anchor.  Based on what I heard consistently throughout?  She was, actually—in spades.

Her unruffled and understated approach to the material, coupled with the calm confidence of her informed delivery, contrasted productively with the youthfulness of her voice in a wide-sweep synergistic sense generational in demographic. She hit all the buttons.  Consequently, her performance compelled and communicated at many levels where a masculine delivery would fall short, I assert. 

Moreover, she shows a rare courage (always guaranteed to blow my dress up) associating herself with even a serious ufology—lest she be painted as a "woo-kookian (tm) or tin-foiler"! This girl is more than the sum of her parts, assuredly!

Another surprise: brief mention must be made of the late Mac Tonnies' contribution; his intelligence, sobriety, imagination, and intellectual bravery are at once capstone and keynote of Kimball's impressive work.  Perfect punctuation.

Finally, the full blown DVD of Kimball's best evidence is predicted to add all the material not entertained by network television, so the work could better approach the run-time wished for at the beginning of this essay.  I submit that it will be a wealth of valid information about not being alone in a backwater galaxy, and whatever the implications of that are, you can bet that it is a great pay-off to a concrescence graphed asymptotically lately and yawning like the greater future...  Buckle up!  The future is inexorable, but I suspect, still, that that is good news.

I wonder... could "Best Evidence" be that "other shoe" dropped regarded earlier?  Time will tell, reader, but I'll keep my saber loose in its scabbard.   There are seasons for poet-warriors to stand firm; however, this is not one of them.  No, Kimball's "Best Evidence" is a sea change, if we let it.  I can only wish it its god's speed.  Keep an eye peeled for it, yourself.

Read on.