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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Looms Fox's The Phenomenon

Looms James Fox's...
The Phenomenon

by Alfred Lehmberg

It gets harder in the increasing tyranny to properly regard the UFO... even as those UFOs becomes conversely admitted, more and more, by that same extant officiality. Seems James Fox is on track to point this out, once again...

  • What if we were summarily blindfolded and then abruptly hog-tied on the societal trestle. We're high above the ground hearing Maria's whistled winds. We think we hear a train a'comin', too... perhaps feel it in our mental metal tracks. An unsettling humming thrum, insistent and unavoidable. Getting louder.

  • It is decidedly worrisome and discomfiting. This is perhaps because, unconvincingly, all the official cultural voices, while offering no explanation why we must be tied, intimate glabrously that the way is essentially clear ... no train. All mysteries? Managed.
  • Remains... I'm uneasy still... and James Fox promises to make video essay of that uneasiness, frankly. He always has

  • Consider ...isn't this "consoling" society we regard the same society serially suspect... endorsingencouraging, fluffing, and fomenting... but then absolving ...egregious criminal behaviors, ever issuing from behind its closed and apparently diseased, if official, but default institutional doors! This writer "wonders"... as might any patient reader... as must our Mr. Fox, I'm sure:
  • Is our culture misleading us... disserving us... about all manner of things, the least of which may be UFOs? 

  • Does a current corruption-precipitating society ply a too-easy disrespect for its abused individuals... individuals still contributing to it if under all duress? Are these contributing despite being misled about their real position in the space/time and surface area corporeal existentiality that a classed privileged body with money and printing presses seemingly must abuse for their part... of seeming, though wholly unsupported, cause?!  

  • What's the "cost" of a "billionaire"? Rather, what is paid by the rank and file individual to tolerate the very concept of "billionaire"... at best a besotted dragon Smaug sleeping on its purloined hoard of gold and treasure. How is that hoard of gold and treasure devalued upon the official admission that UFOs are real? What's coal after a "Mr. Fusion"?

  • Are we being taken for a cultural "ride" for the pecuniary benefit of some predatory, so, "better" class within our shared human species? "Us," that is to say... but an "us" more dangerously alien than any head-eating and bug-eyed monster alien generated off-planet and so conjectured to vex and defile us for "elite human" purposes and proclivities the UFO might threaten? Consider the currently employed and up-to-date civil-supremacist Steven Miller. A vile Smaug woke and self-aware.
  • Well into my "majority"... and measurably longer in the tooth? I perceive that the real difficulty with myself and a presently, I would think, growing number of rational "others" (more positively conceived?), ...is not that we are not to be taken as "credulous believers without rational filters too willing to believe anything..." ...no. To the contrary, actually:
  • It is that we are provoked to our social mistrusts by decidedly disrespectful—if conveniently contrived—cultural impositions accommodating the few (if discommoding the many)... their self-serving cultural casuistries, friends... ...those duplicitous and manipulative blandishments and "shine-ons" from "on high"... benefitting the few at the unethical expense of the many. We are provoked to our rages as the ubiquitous consequences of our rational and provoked doubts, doubts fluffed by that self-same lay officiality... and then DRIVEN, almost in panic, to our adjacent disbeliefs! We're once burned, then... then, at least twice shy! James Fox gets this!

  • Said another way: our burgeoning and self-aware consciousness to this negative societal provocation induces our reluctance... TO believe, but in the constructively positive and efficacious senses, ironically! That's what happens when you equate flawed but serviceable with FUBAR. The former is further degraded and the latter is wrongly validated! Society lies about recreational drug use, addiction reality, and UFOs, just so we'll have three. One might begin to then see the difference and official penchant for convenient dishonesty! So?

  • What else has had its contrived spin and stretch? Immoral and unethical Authority compels our skepticism of conventional wisdoms. ...Coerces our justified cynicism. Compels our provoked disbelief! ...Encourages our incredulity with regarded society, a result of ITS infidelity and not the reader's, reader! ...Or this writer's!
  • As stated: real irony there, folks! I add that James Fox has always foreshadowed that irony! 
  • This is almost to say that if official culture is to say that "something is not there"... ...it most assuredly is there, after all! The more adamant they are on a point? The more the inverse must be true!!! 

  • UFOs are touted as fantasy? To the contrary, then! UFOs must be the soul of truth and reality! Our intrepid Mr. Fox makes excellent cases for all this "real truth," smeared across seven substantive categories, after all!

  • This is the consequence of their "official" lie and obfuscation (...their tradition of lies!), its cruel wage, finally... ...forgetting the boon of a provoked disrespect for that society, a result... and I find that I, as an individual, have less to apologize for... than that liar society. These are the jealous consequences of nothing when it's sold as meaning anything, for any purpose! Chaos and disorder are the consequences of same! ...A no brainer! 
  • Liars?
  • Churches, Governments, Agencies, Institutions, Status Quos, and the contrived and manipulative "mainstream" ...these six precipitate from whole cloth... ...distorting reality in a most appalling and regressive way! See, these facilitate, astonishingly, our disbelief in THEM and the desire, no, the imperative... ...to look beyond them (to the UFO?) for "the more real deal." ...Few around to educate or inform a lay humanity regarding who or what that might be. ...Cue the music for Fox's, The Phenomenon!
  • See... it’s a "mainstreaming" CSIcopia, and not the efficaciously productive Mr. Fox driving me into the arms of paranormal "guys named George"! No! It is not my inability to rationally accept CSIcopia as the default arbiter of what "is real" and what is "not real" ...UFOs among that which goes astonishingly uninvestigated by them, yet pronounced upon, still! These hypocritically and ironically fundamentalistic "cult" people—only reading their own books spewed from the canted bowels of their own publisher—just fool themselves.

  • Consequently, it follows this CSI skepticult shall not be the arbiter of my reality, reader.  I offer that you might not let them arbitrate yours, in turn. They won't our Mr. Fox, who has bitchslapped some of the more notable ones around on network television in debate on the subject for decades.
  • Which begs the question! Presuming, for an abundantly fair moment, the actuality of an officially dismissed *other*, ETI or Alien? How much protection from that *other* does the reader really need... ... or want?  Uh-oh. Slippery slope ahead!
  • How much of our fear and revulsion for an *other* is predicated, not on some real threat regarding an "other," or ETI, but on our own demonstrably sociopathic leadership, a leadership decidedly not having the best interests of the masses close to their blackened hearts! Our "stalwart" leadership, then poisoning the well on this conjectured *other,* manipulates those masses to be duplicitously misled on that subject of UFOs... among other subjects?  Is jealous culture afraid we'll go "native"?  Folks, "the man" has always had that concern.
  • Folks!  If the reader believes leadership does have our best interest at heartthat culture is your friend? There're bridges for sale, dirt cheap, all over the world... ...and Bill O'Reilly has a wholesome book to sell your kids.
  • ...Besides, how is it necessary that we are to be denied our intellectual birthright to move on passed this approaching concrescence of ufological singularity that Fox has suggested, has been suggesting for decades... ...this revelation of the ufological ... a mainstream forecast for time and space where all the scientifically derived graphs-lines of conventional *high-domes* and hyper-educated *propeller-heads* go asymptotic... ...or propel themselves straight up in a fashion more than merely jet-propelled!...trending ever more vertically... at greater and greater magnitudes... accelerating into hyperspace and beyond at the speed of freakin' light! ...Right into the face of the UFO, reader!  Where else could it go?

  • Something looms!  Heaven OR hell! ...Likely Some of both and you get what you ask for, Mr. Fox reminds us in some of his past work on the subject. I'm betting we see its highlights in the upcoming one.
  • UFOs are real. UFOs are real. UFOs are real. Fox has been the better side of this argument for decades. He would regret appearing alarmist, but he might argue that lay culture says there's a "light on" that is decidedly not on at all, or a light so dim that we're not seeing what they think we're seeing! They have "it" wrong in is the up-shot because they are ruled by their hubris and lack of humility! Not so, Mr. Fox!

  • Culture's reflexive apologists, then, must be liars, too, explaining my lack of toleration for them, my bellicosity with them, and my vociferous contempt in their regard. A pox on 'em!
  • Folks... the seas are dying and there is wholesale extinction already extant... ...this while the human population of the planet swells, still! Don't think there won't be consequences!  Indifference, complacency, and ignorance of those things are likely not rewarded in the long run. That's said from the shoulders of giants!

  • An acceptance, however, of our own microscopic near meaninglessness in the macroverse... a little freaking humility, reader... avoiding hubris in the acceptance of an unending fractal expression of self-aware bits of communicative intelligence guaranteed by our own existence in this universe... and highlighted, I'll bet, by Mr. Fox, can be useful AND constructive. On the one hand, it can point to the promise that practice might approach an achievement of our reasonable perfection in the evolution of our species! On the other its the declaration that we are not alone in the vast expanses. 

  • It's us who needs to shed the scales... 
    ...no! Tear them from our eyes!!! 
  • There are downsides, sure. We can be improved by those, too. That's a likely subtext of the message Mr. Fox has been consistent about for many years! Remains. The Phenomenon looms! I wonder if we'll take the lesson this time. Read on!

Monday, December 02, 2019

Any Wonder We Fret


Considered anew: 
does your "culture" respect you? 
Not when you've checked the details! 
Consider how it threatens you... 
...condemns you once you've "failed."
Consider this but tyranny's 
convenience, if you please... 
Not happy 'till you're brought to heel 
and bruising up your knees...
Don’t consider this required, friend— 
a "condition of necessity"! 
This disrespect from leadership? 
Their weaponized casuistry
Their "living well" upon the least 
while shining people on? 
This is profiting from human misery... 
...and, ever, clearly wrong.
...And know they get away with it...
...will not be brought to bear!
And know they're hiding *stuff* in spots—
  yon, hither, here and there!
Yes, know its raison d'être
is an echo of the past,
when Kings and Priests ruled jealously;
not well ... but still, in fact.
"What's this to do with UFO's,"
the para-nazis ask!
Rather, who controls our "blinders,"
*covers up*— performs that task?
Who decides the subterfuge?
Who decides what hides?
Who's it sets the tone for shame;
who sullies and derides?
Who's it puts a TЯUMPIE's tongue...
so firmly up orange ass?
Who's it touts *religion*?
Who's passing all that gas?
Who's the one who dictates 
just how much you're going to "pay"?
Who decides design that fails;
who complicates your day?
Would you have a billion dollars
if some people went without?
Would you live in castled mountains
if your "pleasures" caused "the rout"? 
Would you give your stuck-up children
birthday parties costing millions,
if that insured the suffering
of the sick and shoeless billions?
...Deny our "mass salvation" 
to continue like a *god*
... it's roads to hell for innocents
enjoined to "take your rod"?
Would you drive a family homeless
owning million-dollar cars?
Would you trade your guilt for riches
if it kept us from the stars?
Would you wallow in your excess
like the privileged and elite
while knowing you're the cause of people 
living on the street?
We’re fretting that the *aliens* 
are here with cruel agendas?
No, we’re fretting 'cause we know, you see,
that we're our worst offenders!
We’re fretting that we're found out.
We’re fretting "jealous" Gods.
We’re fretting that "reality" may poke,
or jam and prod.
We’re fretting that our ill-got gain 
on which we're now dependant
is snatched away from clutching hands
 which drip with blood! Comprende?
Any wonder that we're lonely, yes,
a little sick at heart,
and feeling rather ready 
for a better... second start?
Any wonder why we're slighted
by those "lights" that crawl the sky?
Any wonder that the space folk 
won't *come out* and tell us "Why"?
Any wonder why they're shifting
in the dark behind the clouds...
Any wonder that they fear us...
when we give them cause! Here's how:
Why would they really fear us?
Well, we show no self-restraint!
Why should they really fear us?
We stress our planet faint!
Why should they really fear us
when our own we disadvantage,
so consistent when we screw each other
over for *percentage*...
Why should they really fear us?
We breed like squalid flies!
So many that it matters not 
that thousands starve and die...
It's us in need of changing,
not the *other* or the "grey."
It's us who needs the "oil change,"
it's us to save our day.
It's us who needs to grow up.
It's us who needs to try.
It's us who needs to shed our scales...
...no! Tear them from our eyes!!! 

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