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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Those Greeks, Eh?



Before our esteemed and "Patron" Greeks 
I'd learned that we were "primitive."  
I'd gathered we should "climb their peak," 
but that "training" seems inhibitive
No, we're "Archaic" and "non-sophistic" 
to begin our hoary line—
a thin broken line in a well-broken chain 
from *those* who were "backward..." 
...to the Greek more "refined"?
Said Greeks were from "a Golden Age" 
so, "golden,"—brainy—sods! 
*Invented*! The "Philosophy," 
projecting "themes" abroad! 
...Like they were, themselves
the "sun source," eh?  
The shining "knees" of "bees"! 
Proud nadirs of true "science"! 
The wisest, then, you see?  
Well, remembering I'm "paying freight"
... requiring meat and bone!
...I am here to question those 
who'd set our culture's tone!
From Greeks 
we had *descended* (?), then, 
to fly toward the sun
to wander many planets
our 'journey' just begun?
..."The Greeks provided provenance
their 'vision'—mental clarity"? 
That's a thought which may provide... 
for unsurpassed hilarity! 
The Grecian "mind," that nascent "root"
which we purport to treasure: 
a high-water mark (?) 
for a pride overweening... 
so contrived and over-measured?
"Forgive our proud Greeks 
the mistakes that they made," 
my teachers all said... 
...so they all could get paid! 
"...Before them was "ignorance" 
as wide as a river 
with 'witches' and 'faeries' 
and 'magic' embroiled. 
The Greeks gave us 'reason' 
to focus our culture..."
Though! ...Remember how "talent," 
by "culture," is spoiled..."!
Yes, perhaps, they're digressing 
and missing the point
Perhaps it's their outlook's askew—
out of joint
Perhaps, not advancing
Greeks side-stepped our issues, 
abused their cognition—
so darkness continued... 
...When then appeared Augustine
exploiting that weakness!  
He'd turn us from "learning" 
to "darkness" and "bleakness"!
And lo, we descended 
to madness undreamed
the Dark Ages loomed... 
and then swallowed us clean.  
That suffering's legend, 
beyond even Hell
—as we were misled
so, I'm ringin' that bell!
See, the Greeks were not "golden," 
but reflecting old light 
from that which preceded 
their cognitive blight...  
...which begins with a student of Plato, 
I'm taught—
Aristotle: the "sun source 
of reason and thought..." 
And he merely echoed 
his "picking" and "choosing" 
of what was provided 
his "self-involved" musings; 
his wisdom had come 
from some "little black folks...
...who white men are loath 
to admit to... or choke!
...And his was a view that, 
to him, made all *sense*
that we were the *top*—
that we're HUMANS, and since... 
we "ARE" at the "top" 
and the "crown of creation"... 
(...at the "center of 'spheres'
hollow crystal concretions!), 
...that we've "earned" our "right" 
to be specialaloof... 
that we are the favorites of *God*!!!  
In.  *His.*  *Truth*!
Before this? We're "taught", 
we were lawless and primitive; 
blood, tooth, and claw 
was our ghastly derivative!
Mankind was "lost," 
he would dwell in dank caves; 
he'd be brutal and shiftless
and he'd stink a foul way? 
Bereft all the data when 
women held court?* 
The lives of our humankind 
were brutish, and... short?
The *beauty* of chivalry (rofl!) 
"was yet to be born," 
and man was "untamed" 
and "immoral—forlorn"? 
"His knowledge was "faulty, 
and likely dead wrong"! 
His "plentiful ignorance
was "stridently strong."
"Thank God for the Greeks (?), 
and the thoughts that they had"? 
"Our beginnings were Greek (?), 
before THAT we're quite mad"?
Never brought up—
they but copied their stories 
from a dim hoary past 
they'd "forgot" (...to dodge fear?). 
They "spun" what they "copped to," 
dismissing the rest 
as the ranting of those 
they refused... but to hear!
Man had old knowledge 
the Greeks thought was wrong; 
"the musings of primitives"; 
they'd pass that on, strong... 
so, we hear "reports" 
from the "corners" in shadow, 
and truth is obscured
disavowed... but foreshadowed!
See... ...how could these KNOW 
that the sun was self-centered? 
How could these KNOW 
that Twelve Planets were there? 
How could these KNOW 
that a belt of accretion 
existed past Mars 
towards Jupiter, mon frere?
How did these know 
the true colors of planets? 
Neptune was "green," 
and Uranus was "blue." 
How did these know 
of their similar nature, 
components of water—
near "twins" they are (!), TRUE!
"Primitive" man had the facts
 made forgotten 
by he who would spin 
a coarse weave of proud lies! 
*Primitive* man knew some facts 
of the cosmos 
compelling humility 
the Greeks don't provide!
Lost in the drifts 
of a hoary old time 
is the proof of anomaly
that long, long ago...
in an eon-dimmed past...
there were Giants on Earth, and, yes! 
We were outclassed!
Most will fall short 
in the pretense they're Gods
but they slept with our daughters, friend, 
and they gave these their prods... 
...and these were our Mothers 
created to WORK—
not to worship or fawn 
or be less than alert.
These Giants want LABOR 
t'would further their ends, 
and we were a "means," 
so they used us my friend... 
in a manner to teach us 
some stuff which they knew... 
about planets, and systems, 
and the craft they flew, too!
These are the records 
as writ by Sumerians... 
from ages on back to a time... 
... lostmysterious!
...All of it's gone, then, 
for thousands of years! 
The Greeks "put it down" 
as the proof of their fear, 
and then left us traditions 
for systems (Earth-centered!) 
that lasted too long, 
so we stumbled and splintered!
...Then he, "sensing weakness," 
discounted the sages... 
he turned us from "learning" 
to the darkest, dark ages...
These are the thoughts 
that we run from today! 
Too, we are at peril...
could be flushed straight away 
by the first cosmic strike
—some galactic affair—
to smother our fate 
sans compassion or care!
...Or by something more tiny 
we're brought to our knees? 
The extinction of fauna, say—
froggies or... bees... 
but laid to waste, bare... 
then extinct at the last... 
because our attention 
was lost in tall ass!
...As written in clay, 
it is clear and decipherable, 
beyond mere coincidence... 
the things that "they knew..." 
which they wrote down for us 
in their "wedge pokes" and "slashes"
... that we've disregarded, 
or laughed at... ...all TRUE!

*Gylany! It may be the sole taproot of our societal salvation! Learn it. Know it. Live it. Love it. 


How could they know? 
Pip pip pip... PUTT-in dada-dada... ...pip!

Restore John Ford

Friday, May 10, 2024

Flatwoods Tales, Continued!

The late A. Lee Stewart, Jr.

Flatwoods Tales, Continued!

by Alfred Lehmberg 

On the dewy morning of September 12, 1952, Mr. A. Lee Stewart, Jr., the subject of our report, was the co-owner of the newspaper, "The Braxton Democrat." This is a newspaper located in Sutton, West Virginia, the County seat for a soon-to-be-in-turmoil Braxton County. 

Back to Stewart, Stewart was a crack writer and a trained photojournalist in this period. He would, and very often, work with the Braxton Sheriff's Dept. and the West Virginia State Troopers Office. This would be key to solidifying Stewart's insider position in this affair!

See, in small communities at this time photojournalists would work with badged authorities, assisting them, often, on crime and accident scene investigations. Upon receiving a call from these authorities for assistance, a photojournalist would go to the location, help in analyzing the scene, photograph the scene for the police, and then report on it!

At about 9:00 PM on September 12, 1952, a late working Mr. Stewart received a call at his newspaper office from a West Virginia State Police Trooper. This was of course mere hours after the incident at the Fisher farm!

Stewart was informed that a frantic woman, our Mrs. Kathleen May, had just called the sheriff's office to report that she and a group of boys had encountered a huge "monster" on the Fisher farm in Flatwoods! She had been told that Braxton Sheriff Carr was unavailable to respond to her call because he was out on another call investigating the report of an "alleged plane crash" in nearby Sugar Creek! ...We've heard about that location, before, a constant reader will recall! 

The State Police were also busy, as we had noticed in the previous piece just alluded to! They were unavailable to even respond to the call! The reader is reminded this is an entire County of police officials who are too busy even to answer the phone! 

In turn, Stewart was empowered by the State Police to represent the Sheriff's Dept. in the absence of Sheriff Carr. Subsequently, A. Lee Stewart, Jr. drove to the May home and was the first person of authority to arrive at the house! There, he walked into a chaotic and disturbing scene! 

Stewart, the first person of officiality to go to the farm that night after the encounter, was escorted onto the property with an armed posse of fearful locals, riled in the scary kerfuffle, to investigate the area! Let's take a breath!

During Feschino's investigation Feschino was told by many of the locals he interviewed that Stewart had played a key role in all of the events that followed in the "Flatwoods Monster" encounter! Feschino desperately wanted to interview him to add to his story, but there was a big problem. No one knew where Stewart was because he had sold the newspaper years ago and moved out of the State!

For years, Frank continued to search for Stewart... not even knowing if he was still with us! Then, in the purest of serendipities during a research visit to West Virginia in 1996... Frank had been talking to oldsters and what-not for recollections and memories... people around Sutton... and just happened to speak to a man who informed him that Stewart was still alive, AND well! 

Stewart, it's discovered, had left West Virginia in the late 1950s and then dropped out of sight, but he had been seen recently in the area for a funeral! Stewart's wife had passed away, it's discovered, and she was brought back home to be laid to rest in her native Braxton County. Still not knowing where Stewart lived, Feschino went to the local funeral home in Sutton, associated, and obtained A. Lee Stewart's current address. Finally, Feschino had found his man! 

Shortly after, he phoned Mr. Stewart at his home in North Carolina and told him that he was conducting a serious investigation into the "Flatwoods Monster" case. Feschino explained that he was already working with Mrs. May and several other people involved in the incident and would like to talk with him about the affair. Feschino told Stewart about the massive amount of research he had compiled, thus far, and also informed him about the horrendous inconsistencies recorded in the media over the years. ...Could Stewart clear some of these up?

Feschino told Stewart that he would like to set the record straight once and for all, on the issue, and would like to video-record him. By the end of their conversation, Stewart told Feschino that his persistence in his detailed research was admired! ...And let's pause a moment for digression. Feschino's investigation of this whole "Summer Of Saucers" affair in 1952 is unique in that it substantiates itself more and more the more it is investigated! Other investigations seem to tend to insubstantiation the closer one gets to them... not so with Flatwoods. Flatwoods continues to substantiate itself the closer one gets! What records and materials must exist, extant, elsewhere in Washington? Digression, over.

Stewart, likely wanting to remove an old splinter in the winter of his declining winter, readily agreed to talk further with Feschino about his involvement in the "Flatwoods Monster" case. Feschino was beside himself in delight and anticipation! Stewart explained that his health was not good and said Feschino should get to North Carolina as soon as possible! He invited Feschino to his home.

Very shortly thereafter, Frank Feschino, Jr. packed his research and went to Stewart's home for a long weekend. They would speak for days about the case!

Stewart reviewed all of Frank's research materials and told him about his involvement in all of the events that followed the "Flatwoods Monster" incident. Stewart explained that within days, this story had become so widely known that the small town of Flatwoods was overrun and trampled by countless reporters, writers, curious on-lookers, and graceless looky-loos! Indeed, the astonishing story had taken on a life of its own, was Stewart's report! 

Subsequently, the office of "The Braxton Democrat" newspaper became a make-shift headquarters of information—information brokers, really, for the reporters who came into the area from around the country. Feschino was astounded at the breadth and scope of the information he received... 

At the end of his stay, Feschino set up his video camera and videotaped Stewart in his living room! For Stewart... the record would, at last, be set straight. 

Stewart's detailed information concerning the events following the "Flatwoods Monster" incident set the foundation and framework for the entire story used to write Feschino's books! This is a demonstration how key Stewart's serendipitous contribution WAS to a Revealed Flatwoods... and that pesky air war with ET...  

Feschino's taped video recording of A. Lee Stewart's testimony, among OTHER startling video testimonies, reader, is the only one in existence! A following link is a portion of that videotape with A. Lee Stewart, Jr., in the proceeding photo of a newspaper article:

"In 1952, I was co-owner and publisher of "The Braxton Democrat", I broke the story on what is known as the "Braxton County Monster," or the "Flatwoods Monster," as it is referred to in the modern day. I have not discussed this subject since I left West Virginia in 1958. I would like to bring to light some of the things that have been said and clarify some of the problems that have been written up on this subject... An artist from Florida by the name of Frank Feschino contacted me some time ago concerning this particular thing and has spent a lot of time in West Virginia... A lot of the material that he has picked up, which he has given to me, is not true.
The reason I am doing this is that I'd like to bring into focus some of the things that happened and what actually transpired on that particular night. It was not easy for the people who went through this incident and it wasn't easy for the people who tried to report it."

This fine gentleman can be seen in the proceeding link below, giving some of his report in the video-doc produced by Frank Feschino: it is about 17:00 minutes in, although the whole documentary, narrated by Feschino himself, is breathtaking! Read on!



Buy the book? Get it here so Feschino realizes more of what is his, avoid Amazon.  Onward and excelsior!

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Dutch Schweggman... Angle Trisector?


...trisected an angle using only compass and straight edge?
I was hoping this will just click for somebody... regarding the picture above...

At a breakfast years ago in my parents old home, a breakfast I did not attend, my father (a retired Engineer who once worked with Stanton Friedman at AeroetJet General testing atomic engines) sat with Dutch Schweggman, my *grandfather* (widowed grandmother's second husband and an award-winning math whiz), when Dutch abruptly said, "I think I can prove the (BLANK) theorem."

"Nonsense," my Father said, a bona fide whiz and aeronautical architect in his own right... "that's not possible."

Dutch constructed the picture provided with a straight-edge and compass. At its completion my Dad was reported to have said, "Well, I'll be damned Dutch... I think you did it."

There was some excitement, many "I'll be damned" exhortations. End of story.

My Mother, now deceased, who did attend, saved the paper above (also at http://www.alienview.net/schwegg.jpg): the bones of the tale.
One lady writes:
"Every time I awoke during the night this diagram was in my mind. I may be wrong but I think he may have trisected an angle using only compass and straight edge. This is supposed to be impossible—at least no one had ever succeeded. 

If indeed this is what the diagram is about, it would still have to meet an accepted geometric proof. I'm hooked. I want to play with it for a while and figure out the relationships if I can. I think "H" might be the center of the concentric circles."
Does anyone have any ideas?

Sunday, May 05, 2024



Captain Dale Leavitt: 

1952s Commander of the 
WV National Guard during the
Flatwoods Incident

by Alfred Lehmberg

Only scant hours after the "Flatwoods Monster" incident, Colonel Dale Leavitt, a promotable infantry captain in 1952, was ordered in a middle-of-the-night call by credentialed superiors to the Fisher Farm in Flatwoods, WV! These orders came, and oddly, from the USAF in Washington, D.C. and seemingly not through regular channels. There are layers in the chain of command between Washington and the West Virginia National Guard! This writer's decades-long military experience is red-flagged! Something's afoot! 

It is surmised that Leavitt substantiated these orders before acting, as a HUGE dollar investment was about to be made just in massive troop movements! Remains! That this would be an unusual reaction from a sober post-WWII government to lurid accounts of "ghosts" and "big owls" reported by some "hillbillies" in Flatwoods... seems a fair assessment. See? ...No, no, and no on ghosts, owls, and hillbillies.

Our Colonel Leavitt went to the farm on a covert, official, and hot-ticket mission with some 50 armed troops, to start!  He policed and searched the sites in question, examined the terrain, and then took various samples from different areas on the Fisher farm. These would be returned to "top men in Washington" for analysis and assessment. "Top. Men." True story. We risk a digression wondering what happened to all that stuff...

Subsequently, many years later, a retired Colonel Dale Leavitt would be interviewed by Frank Feschino, Jr. on that same Fisher Farm of lore. Leavitt talked, after some pointed struggle with the Colonel... just not wanting to talk

Finally, he would inform Feschino about his involvement in the "Flatwoods Monster" case during the 1952 incident. He had not spoken to anyone in decades about the affair... and he was a hard sell to get in the first place as we've alluded... harder than we'll go into here.

Anyway, reader, let's have some back-story information about Colonel Dale Leavitt of Sutton, West Virginia. To start, it's unlikely that a better man ever served his State!

The now late  (if video taped!) Colonel Leavitt was the commander of the Special Forces Augmentation Section of the State headquarters of the West Virginia National Guard back in the highlighted day. He entered the military as an enlisted man in 1941 and later saw service during the war in New Guinea and Luzon. There, he joined the 11th Airborne Division. 

After Emperor Hirohito announced the surrender of Japan on August 15, 1945, young officer Leavitt was ordered to be among the first troops to land in Japan on August 28, 1945. This was just a few days before the peace treaty was signed! How he must have felt to be on such a cutting edge of monumental history. Fate, he would find, would not be done with him!

Leavitt separated from active service in November of 1945 and became a reservist. He transferred to the WVNG in 1948 to become the Commander of Company G, 150th Infantry, at Gassaway until 1955. Dale Leavitt then served as Chief of Staff for the West Virginia National Guard from 1967 until 1968—retiring from active duty in 1973. By report, honor at every quarter.

At this point, let's go back to the "Flatwoods Monster" incident in Braxton County. In January of 1953, Pioneer researcher Donald Keyhoe, the investigator who had followed the Flatwoods case from its start and from whom we have heard before, contacted the Pentagon and requested an update from the Air Force concerning the "Flatwoods Monster" incident. 

Mr. Keyhoe spoke to Senior Public Liaison Albert Chop and was told the following "explanation," which was disingenuously and dismissively speculative right from the start! Chop stated, "The group did see two glowing eyes... probably those of a large owl perched on a limb. ...Underbrush below may have given the impression of a giant figure and, in their excitement they may have imagined the rest.

Probably? May have?

Seriously, ponder these simplistic explications by Chop, reader! See, earlier, before Colonel Leavitt went to Flatwoods with his troops, he was ordered first to another nearby location in question by Washinton. He was directed by superiors to nearby Sugar Creek along the Elk River with about 180 troops, a light battalion! He was to set up a search and rescue mission for survivors of what was thought to be an airplane that had crashed there, in flames! 

Leavitt coordinated the search and rescue effort in Sugar Creek, producing bupkis, then left the area with about 30 troops and went to Flatwoods. Upon reaching Flatwoods, Leavitt and his troops parked their trucks on the far side of the Fisher property and entered the farm through an old logging road... this was so as not to alert the locals in town of their presence. That's curious all by itself. Why the stealth? 

They trekked up and through the woods and reached the Fisher Farm shortly thereafter. Commander Leavitt and his troops scanned the farm with spotlights, examined the various areas in question which included the tree where the encounter occurred, and they assessed the landing sites! They gathered up various debris samples from across the farm as was mentioned. Shortly thereafter, 20-30 additional troops arrived at the Fisher Farm and joined the others in the search effort. ...Quite a turnout for the "ghosts" and "Roc-owls" of scared "hillbillies"...

Recapping, during Feschino's interview with Colonel Leavitt on the farm, Leavitt told him that the USAF had communicated orders that he and his troops to go to the Sugar Creek crash site and then the Fisher Farm encounter site in Flatwoods. 

Leavitt stated, "When I got the word on [Flatwoods], I had to detour some of our people to come up here [from Sugar Creek] and look at it. What happened is they [USAF] wanted us to go—so I got the people together and brought it up here... and then to the airplane [in Sugar Creek], that's the other part of it." Feschino asked Leavitt how the Air Force knew about these two target areas to search in Braxton County! What was so important about these two areas that Leavitt was contacted at his home in the middle of the night to investigate them?

After being on the farm in Flatwoods for 45 minutes, Leavitt ordered his troops to continue their search of the area and then he left for Sugar Creek to rejoin his troop's search for the "downed airplane." Before Leavitt left the Fisher Farm though, he ordered all his troops to stay the night! The following transpired during Feschino's video interview with Colonel Leavitt on the farm:
Frank: "How long were you on this actual spot?"
Leavitt: "I'd say about 45 minutes."
Frank: "Now, how long was everybody up here... a total time"
Leavitt: "Well, we had about 50 people here, and I don't know how long. Well, they stayed the night."
Frank: [shocked reaction] "They did?"
Leavitt: "Yeah. to see if something else was going to happen."
Frank: "Now all this time your troops were out looking for a crashed airplane?"
Leavitt: "Well, yeah. Most of my people had to because it was a big area. We didn't find anything."
Now reader, remember Chop's 1953 statement given by the Air Force about the so-called "Flatwoods Monster": "The group did see two glowing eyes, probably those of a large owl perched on a limb. Underbrush below may have given the impression of a giant figure and in their excitement, they may have imagined the rest." 

At this point, can the reader really believe that the Air Force ordered Leavitt and a battalion of troops to the Fisher Farm in Flatwoods, because a group of people may have seen a "large owl perched on a limb" and misinterpreted it as a "monster?" As to the witnesses, they were knowledgeable regarding their local fauna. No "big owls" before and none since. The same goes for suspected hallucinatory coal gasses ruled out geologically by an expert. None before... and none since. We digress...

Back to Flatwoods, why did Leavitt get a phone call from Washington D.C. and receive orders from the USAF about an "airplane crash" in Braxton County? What airplane?!

See, what is the provenance of that "airplane"... that was never found

On that night, otherwise, there were numerous UFOs seen passing over, landing, and crashing throughout Braxton County! There are documented reports! 

The Braxton County Sheriff, as well as the State Police, were overwhelmed with phone calls from concerned citizens about these objects! They were out responding to so many of these calls they were not answering their office phones! THEY were aware that something was going on and that it was not owls or ghosts! "Hillbillies" is just insulting... and a denial mechanism's "go-to"!

So, back at the ranch, how did Washington officials and the Air Force become aware of the "Flatwoods Monster" and Sugar Creek crash in Braxton County that very night and igniting such a furious official response?! ...For ghost's and owls, remember!

The only way they would have known would have been from direct sources within Braxton County. This would have occurred through a series of phone calls from the local police to the State Police and eventually to West Virginia government officials in Charleston and eventually to the Nation's Capital. Still, how was this response so blisteringly immediate! It was just hours, remember!

Subsequently, Colonel Leavitt was contacted from the top by officials from Washington, D.C. and then he was ordered so quickly to go to those two target locations... why? Well, here is a reasonable supposition! 

It was quick because the Air Force knew they'd shot down several UFOs earlier and didn't know where these had gone down, exactly, in the country! This is a reasonable conjecture, reader, as the president had made standing orders, now well-known remember, that UFOs be shot down!

The so-called flaming "airplane," which crashed in Sugar Creek and was never found, is reasonably conjectured to be one of the damaged UFOs the Air Force had shot down, earlier! The damaged craft that went down on the farm in Flatwoods was another object that was shot down by the Air Force... and it had an occupant encountering a group of local civilians! These were able to make repairs and presumably escape?

This is why the Air Force contacted Colonel Leavitt at his home in the middle of the night and had him go to those sites with National Guard troops! That, or the Government was fulsomely alerting on ghosts and big owls! 

Get it from the above link folks, avoid Amazon so Feschino can realize more of what is his...

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Isn't It Queer?


What's new with John Ford
How goes his travail? 
Does he shamble around 
with a mop in his jail?
What are his chances; 
does he pretend (?) 
sweet liberty's restored 
to him ever again?
Is he despondent? 
Is he depressed? 
What do you miss when 
your freedom's oppressed?
...And he's been so for decades...
has been buried... interred...
been tied up and shut down...
ablated... deterred!
Is he despairing? 
Is he tormented—
writhing and chafing 
his unearned internment?
Of what might he THINK, then, 
"forgotten" in prison? 
How does he manage 
his hellish condition?
How does he govern 
the feelings he has 
for the folks who betrayed him, 
or cheated him ...bad...
What are his thoughts 
on that lack of concern 
from his own damned community 
who's shunned him, in turn?
What are his options
What's his prerogative
His right to release 
is a sad interrogative!
Loitering streets? 
...Some far worse than him! 
Released, and at large?  
These are MONSTERS, my friend!
Though, it's Ford who is jailed 
like a serial fiend
when, in TRUTH, he's done nothing 
but question "the meme"!  
...And what is this "meme," then, 
the circumspect ask?  
Well, the meme that you can't 
take the "system" to task!
He's scorned for his courage 
of strident conviction! 
He's jailed for reasons 
concocted from fiction! 
He lives a perdition 
of "slow rot" to please... 
those who "make out" 
if he's brought to his knees!
He lives his debasement 
to further the ends 
of the demons who profit 
from what they propend.
He's tied up and muffled 
to further the cause 
of political ambitions... 
that should give us all pause!
Forgotten and lonely 
he sits in his cell, 
thinking—quite rightly—
he's gone straight to hell.
What's the damn hold up? 
When was his "crime"? 
Who was it injured 
for John doing time? 
Where are the reasons 
he's suffered these years? 
Why can't we help him?
Isn't it queer?
How's it continued 
he's held and confined
and never a trial?  
Why, I'd lose my mind
From the pages of Kafka, 
confined and abused 
for years without end... 
could one BE more bemused?
What of John's lawyer? 
What was his take? 
How much of John's property 
paid bills he had faked? 
WHERE are John's assets? 
What of his pension
How long must he suffer 
the man's foul detention?
WHERE is the Justice? 
WHERE'S the fair task; 
where has this *fairness* departed, 
some ask!
Why can't he speak; 
why can't he talk—
why can't he tell us 
his crime is a crock? 
What is so secret 
they'd lock him away 
then lose all the keys 
that would free him today!
When will he get 
all the rights that he *has* 
for being "AMERICAN," 
I hasten to add!
I'm thinking of you, John; 
I'm in my back yard. 
I'm looking at Venus, 
and stars that shine, hard...
The wind's in my face... 
but my freedom's a fake
with you in your jail, 
my freedom's at stake!
It's all washed away 
by the whim of the man 
who handles our lives 
with the heaviest hand.
Step on his toes 
in a search for some equity, 
and suffer the slings 
and his arrow's inequity.
Make a demand 
for respect you be shown, 
and be thrown to the foot 
of the man's jealous throne!
Demand a just treatment
to be kept well informed
and be found (surely!) outcast, 
shunned, and then scorned!
When is your trial? 
Shall you be heard? 
Or will they just mock you, 
and keep you interred?
...May John, the fates willing, 
secure his release, 
and then sue for a bundle
a billion at least!

This egregiously small adumbration of his grotesquely violated civil rights justifies that SMALL hyperbole, reader!

How much longer, people? Remember!  It's YOU in there ...rigged "due process"... Without a review. Without an appeal. Without any hope?

"WAIT! Isn't this America"?

...Was it ever?

Put it together yourself, reader.

The *accused* John Ford has an altogether efficacious history to the very moment of his alleged crime. The accuser—the late John Powell—in suspicious contrast, is associated over a period of many years with tremendous graft, vast political corruption, and an open-ended racketeering enterprise for which he later pleads no contest... AND IS CONVICTED!

Ford was relentlessly INVESTIGATING Powell for a reason only important in that it is used later as a reason to institutionalize him, and seal him away from the very light of day. See, it remains, Powell could bear NO investigation for any reason, and so had a zero tolerance for same.

The accused, John Ford, was a tax-paying and law-abiding "boy scout." The accuser was, clearly, a sociopathic career criminal pleading "no defense" or contest... pleading out for bupkis accountability... Black and white so very seldom delineate themselves so plainly, do they?

No, the circumstantial brilliance of John's seeming innocence should be a red flag to the rest of us. How can we in good conscience let anything like this go so blithely... without some investigation ensuring that no injustice has been done?!

Let me tell you something you sons of bitches (who know who they are); you imperil YOURSELVES with this too-easy and disrespectful complacency regarding John Ford. Let a machine grind ANY lawful individual in arbitrary gears with impunity and you WILL, eventually and with certainty, be ground in those same tyrannical gears, yourself! If not you—your children, or your children's children ... and with certainty, remember!  That goes for all of us.

Restore John Ford!

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