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Friday, July 28, 2017

...Pat Robertson & Alien's Ketchup...

Mistakes matter not
see, his meaning was plain
The evidence says 
that his *printer* had *toner*; 
we know that he's rich—
that he's got half a brain!
See, "mistake" is a farce! 
Pat plays us for fools! 
He was too fully aware of his import
He meant us real harm; 
the message he knew: 
Androcratic sentencing 
from his *fundamental* court!
His glad implication? 
That God suffers murder 
...cold pressed from the pulpits of churches
"Take them and stone them 
and grind them for filler…" 
"…First scourge them with switches 
from poplars and birches."
Those who look up 
and afar or away
"Rad dreamers who wonder 
the reasons for things"? 
"Make them the first 
to atone and repay"! 
"Mark them as first 
for their earned stripes and stings"!
"More will come later 
as our power base swells"! 
"...We'll settle our hash with the Jews..."! 
"We'll get all the Friedmans
the Feschinos, and Lehmbergs" 
"We'll murder these rebels... 
those strangely imbued"!
...Some wonder just what Satan's like 
while scuffing knees to pray, 
when the tithe they bleed 
just sweetens up 
the bottom line... it's Pat's "Pay"! 
A coward waving gaily 
to his fellows gone to war… 
then Pat protrudes the pavement 
for his "show," 
this dangerous bore...
Well, I've a new germ 
of conjecture, so strange... 
...Predictable sure, though it stuns... 
Consider me unhinged or deranged
But "Satan" is ... Pat Robertson… !!!
Pat said, "the faithful" 
should torture and stone me ... 
for being outside of his norm? 
Pummeled, and rocked, 
then crushed to my knees... 
I should be "begging for forgiveness" 
... pleading to conform!
...Robertson's the reason 
we're feeling uptight
Robertson's facile confusion
Robertson's the reason 
we fight useless fights! 
Robertson's a soulless tool... 
for hate's obscene infusion!
Robertson: an evil thing 
who's burned a book or two... 
Robertson: so FILTHY 
from the pockets of the needy! 
Robertson's done his gleeful part 
to *foment*—misconstrue; 
He "slouches off to Bethlehem" 
his foulness proudly greedy.
I'd thought these things 
before I'd found 
he champions MY demise... 
...at the whim of wing-nut's 
...But I'd refrain from murder, 
even he whom I despise
He calls for executions, friend; 
he's through his devil's door!

Stone ME? You better tie me down, you smirking psychopath, or gut-shoot me—I throw BACK!
This pompous "piece of work" has wished death on benign heads of state, and just this minute on whole cities unwilling to switch-out a more solid science for ludicrous superstition... Katrina and the Twin Towers preached by the whining and disingenuous pedant as punishment from a "loving" God?
Jesus would retch, so this cranial deformity of a human reptile would be that rich man pulled "through the eye of a needle," and how hard is that?
For my part? I defy you Pat Robertson; you and all your scurrilous apologists or simulacra. On your admission that you would have me killed for opposing you—I redouble my efforts of opposition, and, ironically do not contest your right to life! ...You officiously obnoxious and ironically soulless bastard!

Christ's Pattycakes — but it almost seems like we argue from the supposed position of the other! Who's the real Satan, boyo!
You are, Pat Robertson... or one of evil's more ardently capering imps! You are the foulness you would warn us against! You are that stench so offensive! You... ...a pile of noxious human waste. You! This is not name-calling! This is assessment!
Fellow motes! I feel real good about telling you that if you see Pat Robertson moving in any firm direction? Sprint hard the other way! He's the one to lead you straight into the grasping arms of grinning hell!
Accept no substitute! I say unto ye verily! Pat Robertson: a justification for atheism if ever one drew breath!
Yes, Verily! Down to a choice of letting Pat have his "way" with me or having an Alien eat my head? I hope the Alien brought his own ketchup.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Well Into My Majority

Well Into My Majority:
The Other Think Due You
by Alfred Lehmberg

As the now shortening days unfold I become ever more dismayed by the psychotic state of mind of that which would willfully subvert, even pervert, the star-faring humanity that I believe we could be. This willful perversion seems tragically uncalled for. ...Completely unnecessary. A sad result of androcracy prosecuted over a preferred, more constructive, and reasonable gylany.

Consequently, I can only be disgusted by this state of mind's obtuse and unrepentant authoritarianism regarding same! Unquestionably, its materialistically prosecuted dominator-styled faux-intellectualism, not forgetting its too convenient religious fundamentalism... ...provides a bane on our species' house, which is a bane abominable and abounding appallingly as the future unfolds! You want religion? Read Godbody. Otherwise, get off my lawn.

Dominator style paternalistic fundamentalism? ...Angry daddy beating you with his holy book because you won't fellate him. This is the face of androcracy.

...We're cursed by a pox on our human family. ...A Clear and Present Danger to efficacious humanity: a denial of that which festoons the common skies. Consider UFOs as given to perceive a grander reality more open-ended and unending, a looming maw of awesome potentiality.

Additionally, it's not very astonishing that the transmitters of this "state of mind" are themselves the demons perverting! These are self-righteous authoritarians who would otherwise stridently decry the "obvious outre" as if we had the bad sense to perceive their mendacious sleight of hand... as stewardship! Even as they surreptitiously embrace these egregiously employed gleeful imps and errant demons futilely iterated... calling them right, true, and good... 

Reader? I suspect that, to a degree? You suspect such, yourself. To a degree? Black is up and white is down. Welcome to our world. Currently, senselessness is rife and ignorance the "strength" aspired to! That's going to be dangerous any way it's trotted out.

Consequently... Let's shove all that in an appropriate "sunless place," eh? I suspect that north of a drooling orange prolapse is to be just the spot...  

Sincerely, let us reject this top-down non-progressive state of mind... ...and its demons. Its lieutenants, facilitators, enablers, and supporters. Its sponsors, advocates, fanboys, and patrons... 

All these would be quite a bit less unacceptable, of course, if they were at least competent... but they are not even that. I want a President who can speak sense in non-nonsensical sentences. I want a President sans the forked tongue. Is that so much to ask?

Maybe management from the *top* is a necessity. But that *top* must show concern and facilitation from the *bottom* up! I digress.

Well into my majority, having thought on the matter, and having suffered more than my fair share of "the thousand natural shocks" to which "flesh is heir" as a career soldier traveling the world? I've presumed the gravid right to put dissenting words together on a considered page. No apologies. Buckle up and extinguish your smokes.

To wade right in?

I look back upon a short "recorded" history of this planet—only 20,000 years of stone and old ink—and perceive that religion, trading glibly upon its necessity as a framework for culture and continuity... is consistently, if obliquely, only ever betraying that trust, over and over again? It has only ever been a duplicitous hurdle to the rising and advancing of individual spirit, seemingly, given that it is the quality spirit required at the individual level to qualify and quantify an aggregate galaxy-class humanity... this is tres unfortunate. Culture is not kind to individuals, ironically, as they are ever its salvation.

Added further: that this individual spirit referred to is an individual's birthright, is required for a quality evolving humankind, and it is from which we are, have been, and continue to be... unhealthily denied? What is the provenance of that denial?

Yes. God retches. Or he would where we'd invented him.

This cannot endure. Indeed the consequences of our short-sightedness roar down on us like a comet. Examples later... Open your heart. You feel a presence. This is not pretense. Humanity is more than reductionism as its synergy is obvious. Humanity has ever been greater than the sum of its parts. The andro-crat would deny that.

Well into my majority? I watch the evolution of government criminally officiating its dominion over the land and its people, clearly understanding that it is a way to legislate (read manipulate) the subjugation of those governed at the expense of their happiness and satisfaction... dooming them to squalid existences in toxic landfill wastelands. A way to keep folks befouled and ignorant and docile and scared in a corrosively mal-ethical campaign facilitating the aforementioned subjugation and degradation... ...so they be more effectively fleeced, manipulated or betrayed, perhaps? One wonders. I don't.

For the masses and since the revered academic philosopher Pestalozzi, he who first articulated that the "poor must be trained to their poverty"...this is the goal of education? 

No bets that the default (read pecuniary) Societal leadership would not take this facilitating pedagogue at his word! Among the first of the powerful androcrat's perversions of a good idea. Later on, Eugenics would have its run. We all know where that went... 

This is the thinking of those self-same androcrats well versed in training your child how not to be an effective leader or an intelligent follower. Followers are necessitated by efficacious teams inspired to synergies truly greater than the sum of their parts. Magellan didn't swim solo around the planet. He required ship, crew, and pecuniary support. Remains the individual is key. There's the synergy, eh?

Do our schools remotely do the job you want them to? Onward.

Well into my majority? I observe the patent sociopathy of our institutions, agencies, and corporate bodies. Too, I am appalled by their willing soullessness and perfidy—their ready indifference to the general well being of a social body requiring efficiency and fairness, or face squalor, limit, shortage, and loss. 

Finally, I am revolted by their gleeful willingness to profit directly and indirectly from our abuse and the abuse of the power we provide them... These might show more responsibility than delighting in their scurvy capacity to make the rich richer and the poor poorer, just to start.

What is the present state of our Union? Test your ability to be honest with yourself, reader...

Well into my majority? I survey the lapdog media's shrill carnival-barking shill (lying presentation)... for a duplicitous faux-mainstream hawking blue boner-pills and reverse mortgages. This so-called *mainstream* idea of news having to clear a ratings hurdle, friends and neighbors, deserves every erg of derision fired at it.


...Because the so-called mainstream is itself a patent fraud! It is ever only providing ample demonstration that it is not a "mainstream" (defined as mean of best thinking and practice) at all, but a flashy and well-moneyed front-piece extolling those self-sacrificial virtues its *handlers* won't abide for themselves and shan't reciprocate respecting you, booby! 

More "rich kids" would fight their daddy's wars if these handlers did abide and reciprocate those virtues, frankly. We'd fight, consequently, less war, not more. I say true.

Continuing, this mainstream's media machine blithely abdicates a presumed and understood responsibility to inform and elevate... even as it solemnly contrives to intrude and obfuscate! It happily prosecutes, and furiously, too, the canted propagandas of its check-writing handlers to facilitate and reinforce its own insidious, irrelevant, and insipid status quo: a "both-sides" myth in pursuit of a ratings-rich but duplicitous "horse race" between competing ideologies (painted as equal when they are not!) facilitating only the check-writers. A broad brush... but paint sticks, reader! 

The "egregious left" may not equate with the "egregious right" and so equivalence and comparison would be impossible. Compare your worst of each: The Nazi skinhead compared with your clean and well dressed door-to-door ACORN canvasser wanting to talk about affordable healthcare, a living wage, and a sustainable future... Compare and choose.

Strain this through your own filter. What does your conscience say?

None dare call it conspiracy!

Well into my majority, I endure a smirking Christianity and an arrogant Islam, largely! The egregious tyrannies of these aggregate entities make obvious, reader, just how far some are willing to go to return to a caustic past they long to return to... ...even as it never really existed the way they presently believe it had!

...That's 1930 in the case of the former and 1350 in the case of the latter. Two periods, not so astonishingly, where reality could not have been more arbitrary, oppressive, and unjust (...not counting the ages preceding them...) ...even psychotic, reader! Certainly Androcratic.

No, these distorted ideologies have only shown how miserable some people, a minority, want to make life in this world... for all of the rest of us. They do this, by report, in complacent preparation for an *approved* if very irrational, self-serving, and nebulous... next world... ...One that we are required to take, oh, by the way... on untested faith! How convenient for leering sociopaths everywhere. What a busy mechanism that untested faith might be for a Charlemagne, a King James, or a Donald Trump.

"Untested faith," by the way, has the same value of the "unexamined life," say our finest minds. Bupkis.

Verily? The last time we let God rule—let the *church* have dominion of our officiation—it was called the "Dark Ages...," reader... a Tobe-Hooper-slasher-movie age of practiced ignorance so dark-hearted and insane that the memory of it is shunted away from us and avoided like the terror tale that it all actually was. There was not a lot to be found, good reader, of that which one could be proud... in the so-called "Dark Ages." I risk a digression to remind the reader that that mysterious history is buried (drowned) in the Holy See.

...And yet, to an increasing degree, do we not endure them still!

The two "greatest" religions existing today extol and romanticize the imagined virtues of this "Dark Age," this artless ignorance, into present times. They do this passionately, furiously, busily, violently... ...with a gaily fervid and shiny-eyed ardency even... None dare call them crazy!

...Times would appear bleak. Foregone. Dreary. Desolate... even Futile for the sincere truth seeker.

...Yet... against all odds and institutionalized assaults of persecution upon individuals? There is an increasing... ...dissent.

Yes! As I progress further into my majority... more and more UFOs begin to fill the skies as if to invalidate and annul the reflex (untested faith-based) prerequisites of stark reductionist Cartesianism, government, institution, and church... dissolve the hobbling and irrelevant boundaries of outmoded agency, outdated organization, and obsolete association... diminish the canted imperatives of predatory corporate bodies, irrelevantly reptilian business models, or the ideologies of neo-con, supply-side, and trickle-down-conservatism ... grasping institutional grifters gaily grifting. Lawyers. Doctors. Priests. Machine bosses...

...Another broad brush, but with paint sticking still!

...Assess these aforementioned societal *trees* by their fruit, good reader. Follow your heart. Trace the Karma. Do the math? More on this in a moment...

As I progress further into my majority? Fields of sticky cereal crops continue to lay down in hugely enigmatic but golden patterns of increasing Complexity, Artistry, and Novelty. These are unpracticed, never duplicated, and perfectly executed glyphs describing perfect geometries of dimensions otherwise unknown to us...?...and so, perhaps, unmasking our pompous hubris, crass ignorance, and invalidated pride in a manner that only this cereal comparison of inner, outer, and hyper spaces can seem to achieve... and an abstract message written upon that which a human would consume as food or drink, eh? Do we miss a cosmic point?

Consider! Communication composed as a message written on food and so consumable for that, remember! I think the preceding is a very interesting and legitimately compelling twist on aggregate weirdnesses...

...All it takes is one, reader. "Grok" is a consummate word then writ large enough to be seen from space!

As I progress further into my majority? Persons possess the bravery, still, to report the anomalies confronting them and the highly strange activities confounding them! Few profit, many falter, and some die.

These are the appalling mysteries to which we are abandoned by a sociopathic society, a corrupted culture, or a psychopathic civilization! These singular often significant persons make their reports and perform their investigations despite the punishments meted out to them. These are arbitrary punishments not leavened by the remotest due process, fair-minded rationality, or sense of justice. These punishments are capricious, completely, and with the foul stench of authoritarian convenience. Furious and petty, they have an automatic intellectual cowardice appended to them.

...Cruel and unusual punishment administered for prosocial behaviors in many cases. A scourge in any case. Innocence scourged in the drooling maw of the arbitrary and self-involved Androcratic machine. Remember John Ford and despair.

As I progress further into my majority... intrepid persons continue, willfully and non-willfully, to interact with creatures or objects not of this *Earth*, *Space*, *Time*, *Dimension*, or *Psychology*, and report, same, back to us. Moreover, the persons with the most invested in an investigation of same, this highly strange or paranormal activity (UFOs et al), are discounted, diminished, and derided as a rule... ...while their detractors get support and exposure or "equal time" for their nonsensical if noisome negativity. This is that axe-grinding, obfuscating, and prevaricating mainstream we've previously identified as bordering on the entirely false.

Doctors "John Mack" and "Susan Clancy" spring to mind. The former in brilliant exposition and brave exploration, while the latter, not so much: employed as a company shill to invalidate the former and negate the exposition and exploration, if incompetently, unscientifically, and without imaginational relevancy. She didn't win a Pulitzer. Mack did.

As I progress further into my majority... time, terra, and technology obviously accelerate to the quickly approaching singularity of luminary concrescence surmised by Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake...(et al)...a concept assiduously avoided by mainstreamer science even as science measures, astonishingly, its accelerating approach illustrated in scores of asymptotic graph-lines plotted out in think tanks across the globe from global warming through Malthusian populations to the world bank! A wall appears to loom and "winter is here"?

Hyperspace blooms like a flower at the fast approaching "end of our time" and conjectures a change in the fortunes of lay humanity (...negative AND positive!) for which we are not preparing...!...even as that aforementioned hyperspace looms. Yea and verily and without irony my secular brothers and sisters!

...Warp engines are soon to be engaged, reader. December 21, 2012, was not an unrealistic or wholly unsupported conjecture for the beginning of a truly new age, the engagement of these unspeakable new engines, a forecast birth for a heretofore gestating and gestalt humanity...? I suspect so. My confidence remains high.

Finally, as I progress still further into my majority... I find that I have lived too long now to be unaware of the duplicity prosecuted by many of the mechanisms built, maintained and facilitated by a privileged *superior* class... for lack of a better appellation. I might just as well have said... "The Man."

This class of serial criminals smirks up its gilded and advantaged sleeves while officiating oppressions and restrictions... evil oppressions ... wicked restrictions... under the purposefully indistinct banners of "fear of God," "family values," and "love for country"! These are the screamers wrapped in flags and armed with scriptural cudgels. These are oppressions and restrictions larded with backsliding and downhill-rolling infidelities, disloyalties, and an aggregate insentience with regard to individual sensibility... a complete and utter lack of respect for the individual FAR exceeding what would be required for a society to protect itself from the so-called (if unofficial) "lone crazy..." ...we are not otherwise protected from, anyway! Consider DJT!

...Consider Donald Trump. Jefferey Beauregard Sessions III... Pat Robertson... other members of the well connected, self-supporting, and sociopathic elite... What has protected us from them? The best response to that, reader, is no response at all. Nothing protects us but the individual these aforementioned attack and assail!

This "lack of respect for the individual" and my recognition of it for what it is: a tedious effort of the inordinately privileged to avoid their responsibility for the present state of affairs (or to maintain their lard-assed positions at the funding trough), has provoked an ironic reaction in me.

I find I do not believe!

Often maligned as a credulous "believer" prone to unfiltered beliefs, ideas, and principles... the reality is that I do not believe the ones suspiciously pre-filtered for me by a suspect and unfriendly culture and its sick societal systems! Once burned? I am "twice shy" with regard to Church and Statehouse, School and Business, Agency and Association. These are jealous entities with little egalitarian regard for the individuals who empower them, I find. The burnings alluded to, moreover, have been multiple in scope and artifice.

..."Shyness" seems abundantly indicated.

As a result, "official" leadership, such that it is, is perceived (by me?) to be wholly hull-breached below the water line, like the Titanic... ...and in the fashion reminiscent of the leadership on that ill-fated ship? They would have us all locked below decks in steerage to drown in an ignorance they have, themselves, busily cultivated!

I've been burned too often, reader, to credit them now with the smallest degree of trust, aspect, or affection... given their documented unrestricted behaviors... You too, I suspect, whether you admit it or not.

...And what is not detestable, reader? Let's assess "the fruit" once again... tabling for a moment society's open FAILURE to be moved, improved, or informed with regard to the concept of the *other* obviously sharing a multiverse with us: Table that a moment.


...Cancerous Population Growth ... A Looming Economic Catastrophe ... A Shriveling Middle Class ... A Degrading Health Care System ... A Diseased Environment ... An Increase Of The Homelessness ... An Eroded And Demoralized Military Force ... Families Ripped Apart ... A Degraded Bill Of Rights ... A Despoiled Quality Of Life ... Nameless Fear And Easy Loathing ... Increased Crime ... Reflex Religiosity ... Incompetent Cronyism ... Decreased Security ... Laughable Ballots ... The Rape Of Our Republic ... Death ... Torture ... Unrestricted Sociopathy ... Tyranny ... A Complete Disruption Of The Rule (and spirit) Of Law...

The list could go on and on as you know it must... Pretty noxious fruit, eh reader?

...But the worst infidelity and betrayal these community pillars, captains of industry, and religious leaders prosecute by far, actually, is their damnable reluctance to investigate or admit to the presence of an—other—beyond themselves (ourselves)... and their Gods (our Gods) ... or contriving to provoke an extension to our OWN "dark-age..." ...for their comfort and convenience and as a result of that damnable reluctance?!? None dare call it psychopathic cowardice!

The Bastards!

UFOs are real, reader. So say the finest minds. The finest minds. The findings of the finest minds are in no way discounted by the hijacked faux-mainstream, nor are they invalidated by a conflicted status quo...


...Now, presuming a moment for the sake of argument that the just asserted is true, and it is, I suspect: what could possibly be more important than this *other*?

What indeed...

...And the *other* is important, reader, measured as it is as... the ultimate sedition, the higher court beyond our own corrupted one and in no way beholden to it, a fulcrum of new ideas, new energies, and new efficacious opportunities the *other* stealthily communicates to us—and is denied us presently, otherwise—since we first attempted to chronicle history in cold stone and old ink?

Importance seems, indeed, transcended.

A kingdom is at hand, good reader, for the rank and file! No degrees, pricey approvals, or arduous certifications are required! Only, you won't be hearing about it from the mainstream; Pat Robertson won't share it from his TV pulpit, and Madison Avenue won't be taking out any ads...

...Do you think this must be in your best interest? No bliss in ignorance remember. Another "think" just due you.

Read on... 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

...Time Surfing...

The "Recent"? ...Surf on back ten thousand years… And find we're making magic beer*! We've barely a clue what's happened to here! You can bet that the truth is bizarre, strange, and queer!
Now, away, "hangin' ten," to the start of the Pleistocene. This few million years—time lost in a fever dream—in a past long remote, Cenozoic, our theme, where We're struck by a comet and broiled to steam!
The Pliocene mutters from five million suns... The Miocene rates twenty-two million runs... Oligocene's three-seven proves time marches on... And Eocene at five & three? ...Time surfing's ...fun that stuns!
The Cenozoic's Paleocene was the end of a beginning. The Earth herself was smashed apart to earn us extra innings. The rock was mixed with water and the World set different spinning, and good for us that glaciers moved without the Earth condemning.
Sixty times a million years, add five to square small worry. Discussed to here are epochs that began this yearly scurry. Now measure in vast periods—they're more a yearly hurry! The years rush back much faster in a numbing yearly flurry!
The *Meso* is Cretaceous, a Jurassic, and Triassic. Two Hundred million some odd years—our understanding's flaccid. There were animals there living, then, confounding the fantastic, that will turn a listless student to a history fanatic!
Only halfway there to real old stuff ... The Paleozoic is as old as enough... At millions (six hundred!) it's as old as the bluffs! It is here's said beginnings of our skin, lungs, and guts!
Permian, Carbon, Devonian periods … you've surfed through the moments of time. Silurian, Ordovician, and Cambrian periods... ...pummel and hammer your rhyme. Prior to the Cambrian, there was only primal slime! It's been a real ordeal for YOU; see, t'was your tremendous climb!
And that's the point, you see, …or why perform the exercise? What's at this "end" is you, and at this end? You overspecialize. You are fearful of what's different, you are sprung to over-criminalize, so dependant on the man that you've forgotten how to criticize.
Half a billion scary years... ...and it's all come down to you! You're here and heat their water and THEY know you're real; it's true. And thinking on your own is what will really steam their stew! See, you open up your eyes and then—get hard as hell to screw!

Nope—you and I have no idea what really occurred as early as, Sweet Jesus, probably fifty years ago I'll betcha; the historical record has been that distorted! That contrived. That made up.
This is in contrast to the learned pontifications of a mal-educated and effete lawyerly elite who peer down aristocratic noses in self-involved pique at the self-actualizing and self-educating wandering wonderer (you and me), pronouncing him or her "unrefined, unrealized, and intellectually unwashed." Unfit, even, for the knowledge... of which they'd avail themselves... yeah... like you could trust anyone but yourself to make that call for you.
Uh... Anyone care to consider what's really going on? You can bet that it's not what you think—it's not what _I_ think! It's certainly not what they think...
We walk away from some of the biggest and most far-reaching debates conceivable, fellow motes! We don't investigate the clamoring "uncomfortable", and that could mean the degeneration of us.
We don't cop to our individual responsibility, and that could mean the destruction of us!
We don't consider the big picture, and that will be the death of us!…
...And all of this because we have been rewriting, or burning outright, the real history as we went along. We are a culture of prevarication born of convenience and living in intellectual squalor, presently, as a result! Our watchers must retch!
The "watchers" ... an alternate sentient fruit of the unbracketed time, virtually unending space, reader, forgetting the near infinite amount of surface area that this implies? These "Others" shall not be dismissed out of hand!
So ...Surf *time* from beyond a half billion years until the current moment! See, where that time-wave of time crashes to a tortured current shore? There's you.
...How long ago is a long time ago?

You go way, way... ...way back in an unbroken gestational line... ...and lately science says you may have the code for all that existence and experience in your *junk* DNA... read that again. ...All of your DNA.
You're a message in a bottle, reader! Every single cell of the body its own little flask of eternity. What wondrous libraries we all might carry, each of us a little quantum archives like a galactic Alexandria... a repository of all that has gone before. Truth as one finds it, lost, found again, repressed, rediscovered... out.
...And able to perhaps access that library alluded to I've read... ...with a little help from our friends and precursors, the plants as it turns out... you know... those things evolving us to spread their seeds around, an experiment on their part perhaps gotten a little out of hand, a little?
Crick did... discovering that self-same DNA double helix in a psychedelic soupcon... Others have plumbed those same sub-microscopic indices to similar discoveries. Why, some worthies suspect that the internet itself is born of the similar communications possible with plants and sundry fungi.
What conjectured other beings must house in their own libraries... eh? I wonder what manner of plant spoke to them... invented them...
Read on.

*Beer with a psychedelic component...
"I cleave the heavens and soar to the infinite. What others see from
afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, while burning at the
fundamentalist's stake, retching with the watchers, and at about as far
from his beginning... ...as you are from yours.  Restore John Ford to begin an atonement.±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±

Grok In Fullness


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