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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

God For Infants


"End time's detection
is what I've been hearing, 
and, frankly, I'm pissed at the tone... 
the ones to give it credence ... 
ones wearing smirk... 
Then, that ax they summarily hone.

See, I'm leery of those 
proud of faith they've not tested 
 those plainly damned by Comenius. 
He painted as worthless an untested faith; 
he said "[useless, inutile and valueless]." 

Diderot nailed it! He got it in one! 
He allowed that we'd always be "nuts"... 
...until such a time as the last King inline... 
...choked that last Priest 
with that King's steaming guts!


Metaphoric pretensions? 
I have intuition
regarding a child thought *bad*.
Believe it? It's true
You "predicted," obfused...
prophesy fulfilled—
it's contrived, but you're glad!

That kid is an innocent
her value "assigned,"
personhood sold-out's percentage.
They're but grease for a wheel
and dealt their raw deal...
Assigned their sad lives as their image.
What's faith but abuse 
when conveniently used
and employed as a weapon, you see? 
Faith's not permission 
to doom by oppression,
precluding one's right to be free


contrived to foul congruence
as the child, is a child ... is a child
Remaining mistreatment, 
insured by malfeasance, 
provides for these "sullen" gone wild!

It was us, so inured
—in the throws of *conviction*— 
that we, too quick by half
would set our minds. 
It was us contrived dictation 
on the way that child suffers? 
It was us provoked this loss; 
the loss is ours we've come to find!

Your *Bible*?  
...Mere shadow... 
of all that's been told, 
all the words of it 
worms on a log. 
Your tale's recounted 
many times in the past
—Osiris and Hercules 
account the Christ story! 
When Christ comes along? 
He's corrupted by dogs!

Faith as applied? 
...An inadequate drug 
when the slings of reality wound
Don't count on a brother, 
accuse your abuser, 
or work to improve 
the conditions construed! 

No, count on your *faith* 
to sustain you through ignorance
count on your *faith* 
for your canted insouciance
Count on a *faith* 
only good for the few
count on a *faith*... 
that diminishes you!

"A lie in the fog," 
I've heard it described 
"an opiate's brainless refrain." 
It celebrates Able 
then hates the dissensions... 
that God's surely 
sparked up in Cain!
I'm suspecting a nonsense 
and a wrong 
that we're taught! 
Are we having it backwards? 
It would seem 
we've been mocked!

Maybe Able smirked and sneered, 
and Cain's, perforce, provoked
...A frame-up, then; 
who was this Cain... 
...And, who's writ-up 
his re-think, but spoke!

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