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Friday, December 24, 2021

On This Rock Called Home

Remembering Harry Reid,
A Fighter in every sense!

I have a mind, so I don't dream... 
the "saucers," then, that I have seen: 
those which haunt our all-time skies 
while custom forces downcast eyes!  
See, learning "blindness" early on—
and taught, perhaps, 
that "right" was "wrong"?
I was a-cringe beneath the "lash"... 
so I would "hide" what I could "catch"...
Few are fond of your good fortune.
Most endure their own misfortune. 
There is toil and travail...
whereas much of it's beyond the pale...
See, if true that folks 
"refine" for "struggle," 
why're they bustin' all their knuckles?
Leave Something left to heal, even...
Leave Something real to believe in...  
Learn to COP*! It sets us free!
...But we don't cop! Our science blind, 
it struts around too proud, contrived... 
pontificates it has some answers—
falling short; now, 
there's a "chancre"!
..."Keep too many?" No. "Pick and choose!"—
"Select from hungry multitudes"... 
Those who "cower" and "obey" 
for crumbs of bread 
by which they're paid!
Feed them "rules" to take on "faith"; 
mislead that "faith moves mountains," Babe!
Mendaciousness revealed as scriptural
Mythologies "some" take for literal...
Making for a hell on Earth...
Blowing it, for what that's worth... 
Make folks fund your "costly" wars 
Dismiss a sentient "less-is-more."  
Be... "unaware" that we could save... 
the Earth, it seems, if we'd be brave; 
if, for "a while," we'd parent ONCE**... 
or be revealed: a viral dunce!
Many persons "reach" and "scratch" 
for "grasp" they cannot "touch" or "catch." 
In no way safe, though few will know that; 
few make "good," and most just suck scat. 
See, those are not the "chosen people"—
chosen by dark priests 'neath "steeples"... 
steeples built but to "survive," 
to further "ends" their "priests" contrive...
Our "Existential's" misconstrued
reality has come unglued!  
See, it won't matter in the end... 
who had what... but what you'd been!  
It won't matter who was "rich," 
but where you were the hypocrite!
Still, there's love... and hope you had some,
sans regrets and those sad outcomes...
living in your made-up "tunnels
delivered by religious "funnels"...
Yes... we were folks who came to know 
the toxic fruits of thought control...
Still, it's you combating entropy, 
and THAT'S OUR VALUE, can't you see
You're the one who contrives to know 
the universe's warp and flow
You complicate simplicities! 
You obviate the "heat death", see?!
And that's the ticket bothers "them"—
see, this restricts their choices, then! 
Folks get hungry, make "demands" 
(...demanding more respect!), and then
their white-bread world crumbles down, 
elitist folk start wearing frowns; 
see, they're losing wealth 
like webless spiders—
grinning "justice" spreading wider!
These prosecute their "party-line" 
to keep, in place, ill loot confined! 
All that loot and all those powers 
keeping their sweet lives in towers... 
...Graced by winds most never see 
their eyes cast down... 
and from bruised knee...
This is why they hide the saucers,
 drill more oil, or pump up "knockers." 
This is why they obfuscate, 
mourn "burned flags," or play on hate
This is why the "right" holds sway 
to do its will and have its way
This is why we stay alone 
upon this rock we call our home!
That's always been the work you'd do, 
though, some preclude your value, true; 
so, you're bereft of time to think, 
to ask some questions—raise a stink! 
Like, ask them why they don't pay taxes... 
ask them why our market crashes! 
Ask them why our children starve 
while their fat "cats" get caviar
Ask them why we're lost in space. 
Demand of them explained disgrace! 
Yeah, query why the goose's gravy... 
ain't been like the gander's, lately!
This is when we'll ask those questions 
moving us to new progressions! 
Then we'll search at long, long last, 
those answered questions from the past... 
a tragedy of errant men 
who burned the truth confounding them
so served themselves in grievous ways 
compelling, now? Horrific days!
We aspire to soar and cleave 
from an errant way's unjust "disease."  
We deserve a richer life 
of satisfaction sans most strife!  
The "kingdom" is at hand, you see; 
it's up to us, but off our knees
as what was once "so far before..." 
is now behind you... if you "soar."

Humanity lacks all humility 
where we lack all humanity...

"I cleave the heavens 
and soar to the infinite.
...And while I rise 
from my own globe to others
And penetrate ever further 
through the eternal field,
That which others saw from afar... 
I leave far behind me." 
-- GIORDANO BRUNO, burned at the stake 
for leaving far behind what others saw, still, 
as far before them. 
Restore John Ford!

*To admit error, make reparation, or atone.
**Where one really wants to save the planet, they sire once or not at all for a couple of generations, but stop living like a cancer on the skin of the world! Problem solved. See, less IS more!

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