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Monday, August 15, 2022

~Current's Event~


~Current's Event~

by Alfred Lehmberg

  • Portentous pundits, propitiously self-placed, ponderously proclaim their pompous and impacted pretensions regarding the persistent para-unusual! Weeeee! Not entirely unlike myself, I'll allow and freely admit!  ...Part of my overall charm. Be on your guard for it! Ready?
  • See, back to the subject of all those "Ps"? These lately practice (...otherwise!) the very antithesis of what they'd seem to want to preach... or seem to be preaching, but only to luridly reveal themselves as hubristic cowards and smirking hypocrites on the subject of UFOs! No apologies here...
  • They do this, reader, to blunt the thrust of a serious penetration into the genre, that genre which unavoidably IS, but blunted by the employment of a mechanism of their new duplicity—of that aforementioned thrust... by this new dodge... this new misdirection... this new duplicity ...all while proclaiming to be doing anything but, ...even to the most cowardly antithesis of thatreader, as was writ! To wit? It only begins at "UAP"!
  • Now—everything is on the table. This is understood. Too, even going "heavy-handed" into the discussion, I offer for explanation that I tire more and more, in the winter of my winter, of just pussy-footing around, eh? "Bull in a china shop" becomes increasingly more justified. We begin.
  • Considered are a desultory grab-bag of "others" in our history: Chrono-terrestrials, Dimensio-terrestrials, Intra-terrestrials, Extra-terrestrials, Crypto-terrestrials, Inter-terrestrials, Intel-terrestrials, Outré-terrestrials... jinns, affrites, and water-nixies... trolls, faeries, and grizzled gnomes... angels and demons: on and on into a veritable smorgasbord of fuzzy choices in an analysis of the... "speculative indistinctness," fore and aft, on a fractal (unendingly repetitious!paranormal line, regarding what the "other" could be... BUT, neatly masking or avoiding the dreaded concept that there has to be an "other" there, at all!  Of aggregate, as is pointed out again, we are cowards in this regard!
  • Cue the hopeful music...
  • There is, eh? Hope that is. Given seven strong categories of compelling evidence, how could there not be?

  • The increasingly accepted fractal reality empowering historic "smart money" makes it clear to one honest with one's self (!) that we're likely not the jewel in creation's crown, reader, perhaps even the dullest knife in its drawer! Could our complacent ambivalence to this very reasonable supposition (of abounding "others" extant!) be fueled by the indisputable knowledge of ourselves... at our worst? We dread the more powerful *other* for that reason? Could they ...would they... be as bad as... we have been?
  • By way of example and on the subject of this "avoidance" (some might call it "denial") alluded to, it is similarly performed when some of these aforementioned "pundits" celebrate the term "UAP" and its replacement of the term "UFO."  The "UAP," revealed here as just another noise distracting from signal, and illustrates a case in point.
  • "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena," or its simulacrum,  replacing "Unidentified Flying Object" is, at root I suspect, only that aforementioned coward's concept... allowing—surreptitiously and fallaciously, reader—for some small but hoped-for human singularity in the vast universe... and "plausible deniability" of the ufological... in one "swell foop"!
  • It'd be nice, ya' know, to be alone in the unknown vastnesses of spacetime and surface area... just us and the gods we invent... no witnesses, in other words... nobody watchin'! Not.
  • Solid *objects* decidedly trump an ephemeral *Phenomena*, you see? ...Can't have that! No, "the word" does not fail us. We fail "the word."
  • Consider, a "UAP" is something that does not have to be physically there at all, in the first place, and if there, in the second? Well, it can be written off easily as "ball-lightning" and "sleep paralysis" with all the other birds, bursts, bolides, boosters, and balloons of an intellectual coward's cognitive dodge of the ufological! Hands washed! Cognitive dissonances all accounted for! All psychological adjustments made!
  • Now, a UFO, as an OBJECT, on the other hand, suggests something may actually be there (the *other*!), and that idea must be discarded, with its acronym, as intellectually *scary*... psychologically aberrant, and pathologically abhorrent, out of hand!  "There are no UFOs because there CAN'T be UFOs."  
  • Neatly tied, that.  Not.
  • As a sullen consequence of this strange cognitive dissonance just not allowing for more than just one kind of frog in a pretty vast pond? Well, these already mentioned pundits faux-propitiously proclaim only their strained hubris! In an unbrave scientistic (sic) wallow they become irrelevant, self-sustaining, and self-rationalizing reductionist paradigms enthralled by the closed-loop of their own reductionist insentience. They are busily, gleefully, and gladly prosecuting same... in abstruse extremis... to our dysfunction and defeat, right now! 
  • Moreover, many of these pundits, thereby, only seem to be about providing reasons to stop looking for an *other*... and get on with their business as usual: shallow scientistic (sic) sensibilities setting themselves up as the default arbiter of precepts and observations admittedly outside their scope or purview! Out-of-the-box precepts and obvious observations are ignored by science even in its own gleeful admission! Precepts and observations are denied the most cursory evaluation!  
  • WTF! There's more to existentialiality than spin, rate, and charge and we don't appreciate a symphony in the examination of its single notes. Indeed, the notes are meaningless, taken individually.
  • How is an institution of science even allowed this unscientific attitude, this abdication of its own imagination? See, scattering our attention on a plethora of contrived potential *others* can be used, reader, as a device facilitating an errantly forced admission, eventually, that the *other* must not exist at all, perhaps, where it remains unfound among possibilities we've iterated above, thus producing the opportunity for continued denial and even dismissal of same. I suspect this is the case.
  • Verily, after one eliminates the demons and angels... the gnomes, faeries, and trolls... the water-nixies, affrites, outré-terrestrials and jinns... in turn wades the sucking paranormal mire of Chrono-terrestrials, Dimensio-terrestrials, Intel-terrestrials, Intra-terrestrials, and inter-terrestrials... why... is there any investigative moxie remotely left for crypto-terrestrials and Extra-terrestrials? Does the reader see this Meme death by purposed diffusion?  There are no UFOs because there are no demons and angels... gnomes, faeries, and trolls...  water-nixies, affrites, outré-terrestrials, and jinns... Chrono-terrestrials, Dimensio-terrestrials, Intel-terrestrials, Intra-terrestrials, and Inter-terrestrials...  That's science?
  • I submit that this Meme diffusion is just a more current flavor of "klasskurtxianism," merely—every bit a misdirecting acquiescence to the "open-minded" side of the aisle (so to speak)—and a loss leader, reader... ...a pretense that the "end of ufological denial"—and other iterated cognitive dis-associations too assiduously prosecuted by these self-same pundits—are taken into account!  They are not.  They.  Are. Not!
  • No, these retreat to a niggard's institutional defilade if their heavens start to fall... and fall their "heavens" must. Our open-ended and efficacious future is pinned to it!
  • "Columbus" was a lie as we've established above. Still waffling on the existence of the *other* is a lie too, and resented just as much.
  • The *other* remains, whatever its provenancegenesisGnosis, or manifestation—or however these are argued and discarded and then claimed in argument again. This "other" is in no way obviated or dissolved with contrived and interpretive distractions of the hubristic regarding class-driven speculations on how it interprets its own existence in what is very naively and narrowly called—and with zero practical experience but unwarranted arrogance—the "real world." It exists, I suspect, apart from all that, a truth in a cowardly fog we continue to unbravely produce, ourselves.

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