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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Abused By Culture

"Culture is not your friend." Terence McKenna
I once was "Columbus" when I was a kid. 
The third grade—a school play. 
I "sailed the blue" 
to "claim" our New Shores! 
I was "heroic." 
Verily, I saved the day!
...All the kids were in cute costumes... 
to perpetuate the lying**
... Parent's "oooos" and "aaaaahs" 
just filled the room; 
...we rather should be crying.
So it's repeated, 
the myth inculcated... 
too, even at this time
Classrooms still proliferate
teach egregious... hateful lies.
"Well, you gotta teach ‘em something," 
...As to that, I must agree. 
"...And we have to keep it 'positive'..." 
...Now, there's revealed disease!
Anything that’s "covered up..." 
is an unclean wound, effuse. 
From UFOs to CRT! 
Call it: "cultural abuse"!
Lie to kids? 
You make them hate you! 
Lie to kids? 
You make them soft
...Lie to kids, 
and they’ll desert you, 
shine you on, 
and flip you off!*
An "AlienView" 
groks Columbus more clearly, 
encumbered by the old-Party Line.  
See, Columbus, informed
KNEW the world was round... 
as smart money thought 
at the time!**  
...But how did he employ it?   
How'd he make that work for him?  
...And know he took the low road, friend!  
He was egregious, psychoticgrim.
Wealth and Power: 
the cruelest of drivers! 
Christ: to OK the "obtuse"
There was no "near mutiny enroute"! 
Columbus employed some "horrific abuse"!**  
"Rape" will not describe it, 
falling well short of the mark.  
"Pillage" won't approach it, 
Apocalypse! Vicious and stark!
...See, know the facts, and witness horror 
with the nose hacked from the face 
of a child morally superior 
to her conquering barbarian race... 
Slavery and torture and genocide
Raping and pillage and plunder
Blood was the coinage that Chris was about! 
...And his "cover-up" hulls us asunder!
Know: Chris handed Natives the bill of a hawk!  
He said, "Fill this up with gold."  
"I'll fill my ships with your largess... 
...With your flesh, I’ll pack my hold"!**
"...And do just what I tell you... 
...find me gold... imp! Best Submit
...Yes, do it if it kills you! 
...Or chance your child for it!"
Columbus was a monster!  
Don’t say it was the "times"!  
The "Watchers" have recorded it!  
It's in Chris's hand, not mine**!
...Too, don’t believe it for a second—
"that he died alone, and broke." 
He died a "one-percenter," friend.** 
The myth's our tragic joke.

This is why we've NOT nice things!
Why aliens don't land!
...Not honest with our own damned selves!
Self-betrayal! Understand? 
*The observation of this trained, certified, and experienced educator, career military officer, and decorated veteran...

**Bobby Rowe, Ph.D. Anthropology... confirmed also by the very googleable Drs. James W. Loewen and Michael Parenti...


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