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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Deluded, Mentally Ill, Or Publicity-Seeking Little Nobodies...

Deluded, Mentally Ill, Or Publicity-Seeking Little Nobodies...

by Alfred Lehmberg

In a previous paper, I've illustrated the disingenuous quality of "push-back" on the whole subject of  UFOs and their attendant genuine experiencers. This would include other illustrations and treatments regarding the mal-appropriate character of their intimidators or those behaviors as they are fervidly exhibited by those same intimidators. To these intimidators, ..."experiencers," (even genuine ones and perhaps especially genuine ones!) in sum total, are regarded as nothing more than "Deluded, psychotic, or publicity-seeking little nobodies." That's in total, mind you.

This is a fair portrayal of the attitude as painted and portrayed. The "misinformed," the "misinforming," and the "mentally ill." "M" cubed, as it's weaponized by the intimidator. See, there can be nothing else for the reducing fundamentalist.

No. Just, no.

That brush is too broad, forgetting its "paint load" is little to none! Even true in the odd case? It's not true enough to count! With UFOs and their ancillaries, one is enough of an abundance! Seven massive categories of enduring evidence give pause, as was pointed out in the links above.

Sadly, it remains that some of these experiencers could still deserve every bit of even a scurrilous debunking or untoward institutional bracing by the CSI, and more. Public humiliation. Tar and feathering. I say true. 

Not enough of these to count, again, mind you. The proverbial baby is too often thrown out with the bathwater as a matter of standard operating procedure at the CSI, as was noted above, and that facilitates the scabrous debunker, only, anyway. It's but one required, recall.  

...Though, and here's the headline: I believe, still, that there are upfront and genuine researchers with a pioneer's spirit and an explorer's soul examining all this twitchy stuff out in the outre. One recalls the reputation of the late Ivan Sanderson to illustrate. 

Well, "Sanderson," lives.

In the existential "meatspace" of our shared moment's felt presence, I observe firsthand and in person the reputations of solid persons the likes of Stanton Friedman, Frank Feschino, Robert Hastings, and Richard Dolan. These intrepid explorers, et al, overcome detractors, debunk the reflexive nay-sayer, and obviate the noisome negativist with art, intelligence, and elan. 

Rather, and in opposition to the ham-handed reductionist aforementioned, these celebrate the rising and advancing of... call it the efficacious human "existentialia," is the sense of this writer. These are persons, in other words, rejecting a psychotic androcracy and embracing a constructive gylany, so aspiring to leave behind what others choose to see so far ahead, frankly, in a looming remainder of a 21st Century! Persons right and true.

I believe, likely along with the reader who gets this far, that these inveterate reporters investigate something that is real in the real world, something with immediate importance to us all, and something that specifically defines the future we're all about to have to live in. I've met with these persons, heard them speak, read their books, and spoken to them on the phone. Meatspace, one on one, as I said. These have remained essentially true for better than a decade. Something... stirs. They're on to it.

...Forgetting for a moment that I've been wrong before, I believe that the aforementioned have been abundantly convincing regarding the validity of their overall work and yet, STILL (as we come to the crux), cannot be expected to have to demonstrate spot-on, 100% accuracy in every case to remain credible in our eyes. Efficacious sincerity must count for something or we're tedious and insensate robots, to put a point on it. Copping to error establishes credit too, forgetting that, of course, error is to be minimized... if candidly admitted, I reiterate, it's a step up, still.

The late Dr. John Mack, Harvard Chair and Pulitzer winner, another credible researcher by way of example, has had prepared "ringers" slid into his sincere seminars by "self-ringing" Robertsonian CSIcopians, those "skeptics" aforementioned... to destroy, dispel, and otherwise discourage a brave initiative. His one-time associate Elizabeth Anglin bears this out in a recorded conversation. I'd predict that others have had to endure similar charlatans, scalawags, and sociopaths. I've endured mine. The reader has endured theirs. This matters not!

This must not detract, overmuch, from the honest if erring researcher's overall contribution, their competency, or their veracity. Their credit! I believe these to be the genuine article, even if I believe a few of their cases are not. All we need is one, remember.

I agree that genuine experiencers (from rape victims to alien abductees) who come forward against opposition are first among heroes on this planet. They endure, as I have personally seen, the slings and arrows of outrages cowards, duplicitous ax-grinders, and scurrilous de-bunkers... these further fueled by the ever grasping fraudulent, in it only for the odd purloined buck... 

...But I know, also, that I cannot, in good faith, support the claims of all experiencers, credit all their assertions, validate all their paradigms, provide citation for all their experience, or prop up all their stories in every way. Let's be real as this writer aspires to be true to himself... 

Could I be wrong about some of these "fraudulent" experiencers? Of course! My opinion, sir and madam, that manipulative corporate-minded "turn-around persons," like Mortellaro (the "I've been wrong" link above), with noses for "product enhancement" and the minimal sense required to flesh out a bogus audit trail... (just like the linked example above) might be just the kinds of persons able to convincingly fabricate a first-rate "abduction" hoax... He sure sucked in the "heavyweights" of the time. ...And myself... I digress...

This shouldn't raise anyone's hackles that much. What can one expect? I'm just one considered opinion, after all. Some of these *suspected* might still be genuine... water, by report, has been processed into wine, at least once, in the last 2000 years! Anything is possible, however unlikely... improbable, doubtful, implausible, dubious, dodgy, or even suspect! The universe is big enough for even considered opinions not to matter a wit. Current events are an example of that.

On psychopaths... I think that there are legions of these "just business" monsters. These are those entirely willing to subvert the work of the aforementioned honest researchers to their own ends. I've produced a cited paper on that general theme. There are more of them than you think. It could be you... it could be me. Three in a hundred, to start, are considered odds...

I think some of these individuals do their own research and can cleverly appropriate the experience and the work of others to facilitate their scurrilous and disingenuous (by definition) ends. I think that some of these persons have lived their whole lives this way, moving fretfully from one group of 'facilitators' to another, advantaging themselves on the work/talent of others, and then moving on (one way or another) when the well of good faith runs dry, returning in a few years for a new crop of suckers, where they can. These are legion. All these get sucked in via an official information vacuum. Just what happens when you dismiss something without remotely investigating it... the behavior of our officialdom.

I think that some of these persons have become so adept at advantaging themselves on the backs/reputations of others that they are as "capable" as credible experts... fooling me or even the reader. I am abundantly outraged for all.

I know that some people lie, reader, and moreover, many of these don't even *know* that they are doing so. I know that it is very hard for even the practiced adept to ferret these persons out... and so any other credible researcher should not be held accountable and liable for the testimony that they guilelessly accumulate. 90% of everything is supposed to be crap! The lie is on the liar's blame line.

Moses and Solomon can be taken for a "ride"... as can I... as can the reader. The trick is to avoid the impacted illogic of the ideologue—fun as that can beand get off the "ride," in time. No one can rationally expect your complete infallibility, reader, and it must be understood that we are all just doing the best we can. Only, cop to your error, eh?

Somethin's happening here... what it is ain't exactly clear... The sneer of the reflexive and unthinking skeptic prosecuting his religion of reductionism is not instructive. The preceding is especially true when there must be a reason for our societal trepidations and nameless fears and these are in no way addressed by this same "officiality," already alluded to, except to ridicule. "Fool me once," and all that...

Some of these persons, unfortunately though, remembering, deserve every bit of criticism they provoke! I think its a tragedy that genuine experiencers are minimalized in their unasked association with this noisy non-genuine! I think it's a travesty that earnest efforts are marginalized, derided, and defamed by the actions of a self-serving few. I think its a shame that the valuable work of the tireless and wholly genuine suffers as a result. Sincerely. It's a digressive tragedy. It's unjust. It's unfair. It is... unsustaining and unsustainable.

So, "Deluded, Mentally Ill, Or Publicity-Seeking Little Nobodies"? Maybe, but this writer suspects that it's like Michael Lindemann informed him once in conversation when he complained the line between truth and falsehood regarding the outre got so smudged one couldn't tell the difference...

"Much of it is fake," he said. "Some of it... is not." Some of it is not, reader. Some of it is not.

Behind a grain of sand held at arm's length... 
galaxies seemingly numerous as stars!

Drake's numbers show *they* are, 
and Fermi moved *they* will; 

that a plethora of evidence shows 
*they* have's a real thrill!

Monday, September 17, 2018


"I have no idea why [one might] believe that sci-fi speculation is the same as reality. I certainly don't." - Stan Friedman

It interests me, then; how pathetic we're painted: we who observe twitchy lights in the sky. We who admit that we don't have a clue as we watch this ...anomalous... caper and fly.

It's all sneering giggles from our crass "TV culture." The *college* of scholars—gone sullenly mute! The edge of hard science's forbidden the hard-look; if you look you're besmeared as a non-astute kook!

Religion admits that they're real... ...but evil!!! "They're stuff of the devil, for sure and so named"! These "agents of Devils have captured weak conscience... They've damned it with nonsense; it's Satan we've blamed."

Faux *news* is the worst, as it grins like a patron, then paints us in caps of aluminum foil! These front all the clutter from *skeptics* and *bunkies*, ignoring researchers: real work and hard toil!

Society works to distract from perception what "taxes" and "sanctions" must bind and confine! They do this to keep you from thinking too much. That upsets their lifestyles! They're living "refined"!

"Be fruitful; have a dozen kids"! ...these few make "culture" say, so they can, then, respect much less... that *single* soul who works and pays.

Please! Look upon an endless *night*—please grok its starry vastness... ...To think you might be all alone is monumental crassness! Regard instead "potential"; make this your soul's career! Too, ignore it at your peril, friend; *forewarned* it's best to steer!

You're, at best, disserved, good folk, to wait until tomorrow. The stuff of soul's imperiled, plain, facilitating sorrow. See? Eyes have been averted—to those questions made extant—by the "beads" of errant "eunuchs" who would mumble hateful chants!

"Lions, and tigers, and bears"?  Get a tissue! We'd get enough warning, of threat, were it them. No, the "meter man's" cash-cow is threatened, the issue … it's the root of confusion—its seed pod, and stem!

All shiftless injustice thus hides in their shadows! Reflexive denial must dull the best sword! Too, get in their faces, and ask them tough questions? They'll shut you in dungeons... as was done to John Ford.

So, who is the clown when the questions are answered? Who's then the clown, and so missing their screws? Who is that clown when the truth paints the picture? Then who, not that jester, will give us a clue?

I would. I'd sure make the aspiration... make no mistake.  Oh... not because I'm brave so much, but that the alternative is scarier, you know? 

What grinds my gears is that there are individuals, in position, who could disclose information going a long way towards providing a heaven—bereft of all hyperbole—on Earth, right now, and don't!  That's not naive, folks.  That's a conclusion reached in the summer of my winter.  I'll be 70 next December, a former Military Master Aviator, a Summa college grad, and not a complete fool.
Moreover, if coal to Newcastle, one is compelled to internalize that these persons aforementioned are in a position to make efficacious and immediate use of the powerful zero-point energies attendant in the information alluded to here... ...and do not. Choice, if not ours.

No, all they are really interested in is pumping up the total population so they don't have to pay the individuals making up that population with a "too expensive" respect and then bask in the glow of the furious heat these provide. This, while our inflated population, I'm compelled to believe, provides the cash to let this few live the lives of GODS on Earth! The bastards. The swine. The monsters!
The scurvy bastards. Elitist swine oozing hypocrisy to facilitate their insulting sociopathy. Monsters in fact, they exist, and in guilt or innocence... ...they would be legion.  At bare minimum, as you can read in the preceding link, 3 in one hundred persons... these bleed you out for shoelaces! More, understandably, in "tougher" times, eh?
Another thought. It takes guts to give up some advantage so more can live with efficacy. We can have that kind of guts, we could give it to ourselves. Humans should, after all, be born to respect, then have an opportunity to lose same, don't you think... ?  Born, efficacious medicine and health care should be a right? Maslow's first tier, supplied by right of birth! Yes!
I suspect so!
...But to have never had any respect at all, as the movers and shaker's minions so manipulate their lap-dog culture to facilitate same... why ... that must be a hell on Earth!
Restore John Ford.
Read on.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

My Hoax! ...Said The Grocery Clerk

The picture in question...

"My Hoax!" ...Said The Grocery Clerk
by Alfred Lehmberg

(Dedicated to Scott Santa, recovering from back surgery... one of the good guys and deserving a moment's thought.)

The 1952 Flatwoods Monster story was a hoax? That's the charge. 

On the 12th of September, the 66th anniversary of the stunning incident will arrive, but there remain those denying natterers and scurvy mumblers casting aspersion on the nearly seven decades of substantive history regarding the strange affair, and who would blithely maintain that the event had never occurred at all, still. How can we facilitate such butt-ugly cowardice?

Case in point: the late Bill Steorts, once of Sutton in West Virginia and one of the alleged Flatwoods "hoax" accomplices, "confessed" it all in 1977 in a newspaper article! This "confession" would be used to this day by those aforementioned natterers and mumblers—a device, a contrivance... somewhere for them to point away from their own cowardly inadequacies and intellectual failures—to Defame, Detract, and Deny what won't leap into a sterile test tube for a pompous science reductionist... the glad wearer of his largely empty triple "D" codpiece and herald of a baldly obtuse and too reflexively applied Occam:

"That evening in 1952, A. Lee Stewart and I went down to Heaters in Braxton County. On our way back to Sutton, we ran out of gas. We stopped at my father's store and gas station for gas. We noticed a disturbance across the road and went to investigate. There were small children all stirred up. Having a saw-off 12-gauge in the car, we went on the hill to see what was going on. The kids had been playing in the pasture field and some of Bailey's cows were in a nearby woods. Seeing that nothing had happened, we went on to Sutton."
"Being slightly intoxicated, we fabricated the story of the Braxton county monster. We called the Gazette from the Braxton Democrat office. (Stewart's dad owned that paper at the time.) The skid marks were made by Bailey's old Ford Tractor spinning its wheels - the grease was raked from under the tractor by tall grass. We drew the artist's picture of the monster."
"From there it just mushroomed, Kathleen May and her children went to New York on a TV show. Scientists from all over came to investigate. We sat back and laughed. My father knew what we boys were doing but his store was doing a booming business from the tourist trade…"
Gwin, Adrian "Was 'Monster' a Hoax - Are UFOS for Real? Hmmmm, A possibility" Charleston West Virginia Daily Mail December 7, 1977.

Wow! This was a first for me. I missed that in Feschino's book on the Flatwoods affair, and this is a vapid and toothless debunkery to be sure, as they will often be... ...but one so authoritatively written, reader! Not.

See, having witnessed just 30 minutes of a longer video interview showing the above implicated Stewart recounting an entirely different tale??? Well, one would never have thought that our A. Lee, a reported hard-nosed portrait of journalistic seriousness and a no-nonsense newsman of competent reputation, would be capable of such bald and unprofessional duplicity, eh? Yes, I'm reminded of Steorts' weak pea bouncing unnoticed from the implacable hide of Lee's charging rhino. 

Asa Lee Stewart with reportage of the time

To the contrary, reader. Here was an on-site and take-charge kind of man to have the involved key persons by their stacking swivels and at parade rest... a genuine newsperson getting a story... truth though heaven falls

Those poor Flatwoods people got a third-degree interrogation in a Nation still fresh from the paranoia of WWII and the burgeoning Cold War. Citizens didn't fool around so much with authority in those days, forgetting that authority didn't ask for it as much as is current... we won't digress.

Back to Stewart, moreover, he had some authority of Law enforcement, remember. They sent him out there in an official capacity!

Verily, when one puts the preceding together with the usual mistake of thinking that the Flatwoods Affair is a singular event, standing in and of itself, where "hillbilly kids get scared by a hoot owl," ...the mud of misunderstanding is raised further still! Though this would be mud raised in the tradition of the famous "Rendlesham," England UFO flap, then neatly explained by a "flaming manure spreader," wait... "prankster with automobile hazard lights"... wait... "a flying lighthouse"... wait! ...See how easy it is to raise the, even ludicrous, mud, reader? Flatwoods had its like...

  • Roc-sized barn owls. [what!?] 
  • Hallucinogenic ground gasses. [never before, not since!]
  • Hillbillies "skeered" 'o 'haints and forest nixies! [Ivan T. Sanderson was emphatic that this was not so!]
  • Misleading, misled, or mentally ill, eh? [...'cause anything else is the slippery slope to an anxious admission that much of what an accusing gaslighter "knows," is likely wrong!]
One comes to find that the Flatwoods incident was not a singular event standing alone, reader. It's the shocking reality that the September 12th, 1952 "Flatwoods Incident" is actually the end of a series of well-documented events initiated in the so-called Summer Of Saucers 1952, the biggest UFO flap in US history. 

Here was a mid-century summer accessorized by UFOs brazenly flying into prohibited airspace, countered by well-publicized orders to the military to shoot those UFOs down, and conjectured UFOs forced down or perhaps, like our American fighter craft, destroyed utterly or disappearing entirely! There are voluminous records... detailed files. This writer says true.

Again, one, threatening UFO incursions into prohibited airspace areas as early as May, then two, subsequent, forget well-documented orders issued to the military to "Shoot UFOs Down"! This is followed at last by, three, the appearance at Flatwoods in September of what was described at the time (by witnesses and the aforementioned Ivan T. Sanderson, a credible investigator early on the scene), as a crafted mechanism in the unenglishable form of a... 10 foot red and green hovering "monster," ...not a big hooded scary-fairy in a sweet-sixteen skirt!  This is busier stuff!

More apt representation... by Frank Feschino.

Was this then a prank by adult delinquent Steorts? First, ruining the peace of mind (physically and emotionally to some extent) of all the principals. Second, causing the deployment of a battalion-sized unit of the military to the area (outfitted from bazookas to pontoon boats and led by a video-interviewed Colonel Dale Leavitt), also looking for alleged "downed aircraft," (cue a justified spooky music). At last, a final third, the degradation of a compelling Flatwoods West Virginia story abundantly well documented by Project Bluebook records, famed researchers, named newspapers, and blameless eyewitnesses, still? To what end? What was served? Not an aggregate humanity is this writer's best guess.

Commander of Military deployed to Flatwoods, WV

"[Steorts'] glove don't fit [and] we must acquit." Such is abundantly so.

No... "Flaming Manure spreaders" or "Credulous Hillbillies" (and other merry pranksters!) have to fit all the reasonable evidence to satisfy Occam... even where they are the simplest model. That's the way it's supposed to work for everybody.

Still, I'd pass this on to Feschino whose well over 2-decade research effort, I'm sure, was to be devastated by this too-little-too-late correction to a fulsome record he's exhaustively ferreted out over the years. Maybe he would have a comment or maybe he'd hang up his foil beany.

Yeah... as it turned out? Feschino was able to keep his foil hat and make comment.

He directed me to pages 27 and 28 of his (Updated and Revised) Flatwoods Monster book (above). Here, A. Lee Stewart, Jr. reports to Feschino that there have been numerous such articles as Steorts' bland toxicity over the years: baseless attempts of unsupportable debunkery employed to tarnish a story only ever strengthened over time in official documents and investigation by the intrepid likes of, forgetting Feschino who seems able to string it all together like the upcoming were never quite able to do: Keyhoe, Sanderson, and West Virginia's own Gray Barker! He'd just never seen them in one place before and Feschino had copies of all of those contrarily "naysaying" articles in a big 3 ring binder. Daunting.

A. Lee Stewart goes on at some length in Feschino's over 60 minutes of video interview highlighting a very staid and stoic Mr. Stewart professionally recounting the bizarre tale like he was Joe Friday. Additionally, he comes decidedly forward in Feschino's books to address the "facts" of fanciful faux-reportage such as has been provided by Steorts' ilk. Off camera, Feschino reports that Mr. Stewart specifically branded the antagonist Steorts in the cited article as a "god-damned liar."

By account, Stewart's only association with the antagonist, according to an angry A. Lee, was stopping by Steorts' father's store in Flatwoods to ask where Mrs. May lived... no gas! He then used Steorts, being escorted by same to May's property a stone's throw away, and then going up the monster's hill that initial time.* That, and a ride home, was the total extent of their "association." They were not "driving back" from anywhere! Steorts had been picked up in Flatwoods.

Why would the antagonist lie? I don't know, that would be speculation... though many were I offer, encouraged by "officiality," and from the start... lying outright facilitating the fatuous debunker who would later be grasping at these desperate and ludicrous straws. There's your speculation.

No, the proverbial serving "fork" does seem called for. A demonstrated fraud, Steorts is done. The fat lady has sung and left the building.

See, remaining, Flatwoods may be the last act in an undeclared and secret air-war prosecuted during the biggest US UFO flap ever, a war with strict orders to shoot those UFOs down. "There were other and more lurid duels of death..." Edward Ruppelt, a Blue Book chief, reminds us from his book. What was going on?

Feschino expanded on a background. He would inform that the name of the Sutton newspaper co-owner and photojournalist is actually: A. Lee Stewart, Jr. 

Stewart's full name was "Asa Lee Stewart, Jr." He went by his middle name, "Lee." Lee was co-owner of the Braxton Democrat with his father.

In 1996 Feschino stayed at Stewart's house for nearly four days. Yes, he did show Stewart the 3-ring binder with the compiled contrary newspaper articles. In that binder was the newspaper article containing the Steorts hoax story where Steorts fraudulently claimed that they'd concocted the Flatwoods tale, together.

On that first morning after arriving at Lee's house, Feschino awoke, walked into the living room, and found Stewart reading that self-same research binder in his big recliner chair. Frank approached him affably and remarked about the incident in question and the collection of other newspaper articles in the binder. 
Contained in that binder, remember, was the article with Steort's interview claiming the hoax and Stewart as a shiftless charlatan. Tense. 

Feschino writes in his book, "As I looked at Lee, he raised his head, shaking it in sad disgust with regard to how the incident had been portrayed through the years. Moreover, he did not like the fact that he'd been grossly misquoted and badly portrayed, himself, not just by Steorts, but by fellow reporters, writers, and even some of the Flatwoods locals." One portion of their conversation was edited from Feschino's book manuscript: the segment when he asked Stewart about Bill Steorts' claim that they had both hoaxed the story. 

Feschino told me that Stewart shouted, call them incensed expletives in a huge agitation! "He [Steorts] is a God-damn liar," he'd exhorted among other more colorful criticisms. 

Frank explained, "Stewart was hugely pissed off and upset about that article where Steorts reported it was a hoax." Yes, Reader, Lee knew that it was not, as had been proffered in the perennial and ever-present misinformation, a hoax. Frank said to me, "I will never forget that look of revulsion on his face!"

This is the reason 
Stewart opened up his video interview saying, "...A lot of material that he [Feschino] has picked up and has given me and... we have gone over this... is NOT true."

Lee continued, "A lot of tongue-in-cheek, a lot of disclaimer material that has no bearing whatsoever on what actually happened at that particular time." You can hear him for yourself.

On page 28, Stewart states, "On the road out to Flatwoods, I passed Steorts' store and Bill Steorts was working at the store with his father ... I picked him up."

See, at about 9:00 PM that night Stewart got a call at his newspaper office in Sutton from the WV State Police (WVSP). Trooper Corporal Tribett asked Lee to go to the May house in Flatwoods and investigate... because a "Monster" was seen nearby on a farm!

The local Sheriff was unable to respond to the call (an "odd" story in itself!) and called the WVSP. These were also unable to respond... another peculiar tale... briefly all the police were officially out investigating sightings and downed aircraft reports! True! 

Stewart, a photojournalist, had worked at crime scenes and accident sites with the WVSP. He had taken countless photos and covered hundreds of news stories with the police, so he knew them.

Stewart left the Braxton Democrat in Sutton and drove to Flatwoods. Steorts General store was in Upper Flatwoods and just across the town line when driving in. Stewart did not know the exact location of the May house so he stopped by the market to get directions. Bill Steorts got in Stewart's car and they left the store.

Stewart stated, "He [Steorts] directed me to the house and, IN FACT, was there when I talked to the people. He also went up on top of the mountain with me that night."

Yes, Bill Steorts was actually at the May house and saw the hysterical group, which included seeing a bunch of sick and traumatized kids, Ed and Freddie May among others... and a vomiting Gene Lemon,  after Ms. May, all event principals. Stewart said, "It was sheer turmoil."*

Yes, Bill Steorts was also a part of the armed posse that went up onto the mountain that night to "hunt" for the so-called "Monster."

Stewart said, "So we left, the boys [Lemon and Nunley], Bill Steorts, and I. We were armed. We had a twelve gauge automatic shotgun and a couple of handguns. Two or three other people who lived right around there came up and went with us. They were also armed."

(For the record, Mrs. May's father, "Joseph Lemon," was actually part of the armed group!)

When the two boys directed the armed posse to the "tree" area of the encounter on the farm... they all smelled the horrendous sulfur odor that made the witnesses sick. The group also saw the two large tracks in the nearby pasture when they shined their flashlights and electric lantern around.

Stewart remarked, "We just spotlighted around because not one of us was inclined to hunt for something we didn't know what it was in the dark. We decided we would go back to the Mays."

At the house, Lee talked with the witnesses and told them that he would come back in the morning... with a tape recorder. He would do just that. 

Stewart states, " I left the May residence between 10:30 and 11:00 and returned to Sutton. I took Bill Steorts home at that time." Less than a week later he would be on National TV describing the event with May and Lemon.

Additionally, in the misleading Steorts article, Steorts stated the following lie about Stewart and himself as noted in red above, "We drew the artist's picture of the monster." That's preposterous!

No, once again Bill Steorts got caught with his pants decidedly ankle-puddled.  It has been well-known for decades that the picture of the monster was drawn by a sketch artist in the TV studio of "We The People" in New York on September 19, 1952. Lying makes one a liar, reader.

Additionally, there is another specious lie and inconsistency in Steorts' fabricated story. He stated, "...From there it just mushroomed, Kathleen May and her children went to New York on a TV show.

Mrs. May's children did not go to New York with her for the TV show. Her two children, Freddie and Edison, stayed home in Flatwoods. Mrs. May was accompanied to New York by eyewitness Eugene Lemon and reporter A. Lee Stewart, Jr. All three of them were interviewed by the very popular "We The People" host, Daniel Seymour. 

At the time of Steorts' interview in 1977, no one, including him, knew the entire "Flatwoods Monster" story. Now, today, thanks to Mr. Feschino, we have hard facts and know magnitudes more about the case...

...You know...

Someone should landmark all this—establish a museum, perhaps. Even a shrine might not be too out of line, given the times and that forgetting's a crime. 

Suggested are vast horizons beyond even the limits of shadows lit by our meager, at this point sputtering, fire, reader. These horizons speak to the need of memorializing the consequent. Did a downed ET aviator at Flatwoods signify a largely unheralded air war with ET? That's what glows in the forest, reader.  

Grandad's Store would be historic and apt! It was lit up by the overflying fireball, after all. Permissions secured, one can easily walk to the environs where the event took place. 

This writer jests. The understanding is that one John Clise of Flatwoods is making an initiative to start a museum similar to that described above. I offer that one gives it all support. It's consequent, even highly strange, and consequence deserves memorialization. Moreover, the reader can buy the book there! [g].

"Truth's gonna come out sometime!" The reader can be in at the ground floor. Take it in, in its nascent state, and watch it grow over the years! Dare I say help it grow! Smiling broadly, and observing that on the other side of our fear are infinite horizons of instruction and reward upon graduation from our child's crib... eternity and grace if we aspire to it... this writer will say no more.

Closing, Flatwoods was NOT a hoax, reader, as our grocery clerk wanted us to believe, inexplicably... No, this was a real occurrence, a felt presence in a stark existential. 

Remains, what we can make from it... if we've the courage and imagination to reject our superstition and misinformed denial... to embrace a 21st Century alive with instructive threats and beneficent wonders... and not retreat from same... in cowardice. That seems key.

Read on.

*See, Steorts knew what the truth was. Why'd he fudge?

Sunday, September 02, 2018

What, Where, When, How, And Why...


What is the upshot; what do we gain? What's the prognosis; why then abstain?

Where is our "wisdom"; why is it loss? How are we wrong, and where are we lost?

When does our hour come? Why do we kneel? Why won't we struggle to see what is real?

How are we hoodwinked? What do we give? Why all their guns, and why hide their shiv?

Why are we scared? What's been foretold? Where is our courage? When are we bold?
Well, most won't know a real deal if it bit them on the ass! "Reality's" a made-up thing; be in shock and stand aghast! Rock too hard on bad foundations? Your "heavens" crack and fall—falling down around your ears—never really there at all...

Ones living's so conditional. It's shifting in dark sand, while the sky you see above you is without surcease or end. The potential of that sky provokes new spirit from those wronged, greatly tests the courage—makes us doubt... but makes us strong!

You're pushed too hard believing that the answer's not at hand ... that UFO's aren't under-seas.. extant upon the land! A "bait and switch" is offered up as proof of Hope's "profusion"; then dismissive of the Mexican who has FILMED some real confusion!

My laughing ass has come undone, is rolling on the floor. It rolls on down the street sans shame, and though it guffaws... I'd implore:

"Open up your mind," I'd say. "Don't give in to "the man." Broaden up your scope (...ah hell!) ...yank hard upon his gland"! Pull the damn thing off, I say, just yanking ain't enough... ...that's the wage for psychopaths... as "betrayers of your trust"!

There is some dark truth afoot, and it reeks of fish in Denmark! Conspiracy's alive my friend! We see its sign and hallmark! Whipped into a frenzy by those who sell soft soap, we are dazzled by anomaly dismissed to sully hope!

Have you checked into the multi-verse? Have you felt its length and girth! Do you really think we're all there is? Do you think that we're the "first"? …Discount the paranormal? Think the "milieu's" full of shit—when it's fact that mere "attention" changes all abused by it?

...Got your Walmarts and your Save-U? ...Well, then I guess you've got it made! You're in the pink and nothing stinks? You're laid back in the shade? You've got a job? The works not hard? Why... you're even getting laid? Well, slap and call me Susan, hoss; just dismiss all I've just said!

All of it... then tune in some American Gladiators or a Trump rally re-run. Though, watch any of them. They're all re-runs

Item: ...On an "exhaustive internal investigation" of their records, the CIA has absolved itself of all wrongdoing and conspiracy allegations in the matter regarding the involvement of a profit made from the international transportation and sale (!) of illicit, destructive, and exceptionally hard narcotics. You know the kind I mean... the kind that turns people into cockroaches... We can, of course, expect them to be entirely forthcoming as regards UFOs!

See, if what is passed off for informational relevance is good enough for the patronizing talking heads of network multimedia, and it's good enough for the individuals with pre-programmed brain cells, then... what's my problem? ...Didn't I watch the news on FOX?

"...It's true, Marge! ...don't you hear the music?" -- Homer Simpson.

You know... your consent for what you pay for should be at least minimally informed... don't you think?

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