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Friday, May 04, 2018

The Binnall Initiative

Binnall's America

The Binnall Initiative
by Alfred Lehmberg

Tim Binnall, host of the hugely popular Binnall of America, is sadly winding down in excess of a decade's worth of stellar initiative regarding what future times could celebrate as a singular achievement in popular, if arcane, culture. That's the gist boiled down to the fecund succinct.

This initiative alluded to would be Binnall's massive, if credible, aural observance of what sleeps in paradoxical shadows, lurks beneath unkicked stones, and haunts our dreaded self-aware with truths more real than the more conventionally held comfortable ones... "truths" allowing for one's sleep and their imagination's relieved succor.

See, Tim understands, I think, that human beings are not well served allowed to be too comfortable. Wise.

The cognitive discomforts provided by a Para-existentiality, that science beyond a mere reductionist science, real things bumping in inky stygian blacknesses of the avoided and prohibited teachings found in hoary and forbidden indexes... and other things... these serve us by preparing one for a regard of a revealed stygian blackness alluded too. He really is the best at what he does...

What Binnall does is introduce first-time voices or far-flung accounts of fascinating discussion/instruction one has never heard before. A rush continues.

These are subjects regarding insights on matters one likely doesn't understand they might need to know... or even be interested in, but find they are and with regard to the former, do, reader... I did and have!

Secondly, he intelligently expands on the fields of those already well introduced. These are thought well known and understood, but due to an incisiveness missed by even your more competent garden-variety podcaster, the listener is disabused of that notion hearing Binnalls interview with same. If you've heard the interviewee to the point of nausea everywhere else, Tim's interview shows you didn't really know the person, at all.

Stanton Friedman waxes beyond the contents of his classic suppositions to a new synthesis. The late Jim Marrs blooms outside the wheelhouse of conspiracy to breathtaking cosmic reflection. Jacques Valle expounds past statistical analysis to analysis of things remaining unidentified but observed for what they do: crippling human hubris!

Three dimensions become diminutions for four dimensions... then five... six? Hyperspace is explored to a degree. One wonders where this all comes from.

Indeed, explanation evolves that Binnall is a self-made man cognitively leaving far behind what most others see far before them, still. He indeed soars and cleaves in the tradition of a Monk Bruno. Like Bruno, sincerely, in a less enlightened time of the past (or a looming future one?) Binnall would likely be burned at the stake.

See, Binnall, well accoutered with a Bachelor's in 21st Century Communication, actually read the material, completed the "insinuation flow computations," did the professorial homework and "evaluative para-chi-square," and then grokked the subject in requisite fullness... before the interview. Competence... what a concept, eh?

He'd ask his efficiently fulsome questions and then get the hell out of the frame! I never heard him get in the way. Rare skill that (Bell lost it and Noory never had it?), and a skill key to his effectiveness actually, because he did what is so hard to do when you get to his level or make his achievement. He never acted like he was part of the story or over-filled with himself, just a person as interested in the subject as the listener might be. George Knapp has it. Ian Punnett has it... intelligent earnestness, infectious and compelling... Ego and hubris well checked and oozing professional affability from every pore. A true genuineness abounds.

...And revealed, the lore! UFOs are real! Bigfoot interests anthropologists! Ghosts abound! Horses, reader, are NOT the animals you thought they were and a few of the persons associated with them harken from a different age!

What weirdnesses prevail in "prohibited areas" and in the depths of our oceans and the reaches of our National Parks? Dive and stride forcefully to find the surface of the Binnall experience remains untouched, much less scratched. Untouched, if wholly available in those aural pools aforementioned, are ten years of infectious oral history from some of the greatest talker/tellers of our time! There for the taking! Touch them!

I've taken them all! It was always good. It occurs to me I might send Binnall some more cash... and shall! I digress.

I'd mentioned that Tim did the research, on hundreds of guests, perhaps absorbing a synthesis of his own with regard to para-science, the esoteric, the unfathomable, and the occult. Seems like that could be a good book... I digress again!

Still, moving back to BOA inter-spliced with the preceding iterations of abject conundrum and worrisome mystery were documentaries on the natural world, the fabric of society... the history of history... What strange and otherworldly parallels must he have noticed?

What has tracked truth or signified silliness? What serendipitous conclusions can be drawn? What can be readily dismissed out of hand? What can he tell us regarding that fruit gathered from his industry of a singular research?

...But all this may be over is Binnall's disappointing intimation. What!? I owe him too much: a decade of intelligently decanted arcana and esoterica, a strange aural wine allowed to breathe as imparted pieces of information oft-ignored for cause and cowardice. I drink deep. Finally, Mr. Binnall is owed for serendipitous contact with persons the caliber of Lesley Gunter and Reagan Lee, just to start, a living library of hope and hopefulness that there is more to heaven and Earth than is dreamt of in a Trumpian religiosity dry as fetid fish food...

Fear not! This is not the end of the Binnall initiative, only the end of the beginning, this writer gathers. One would hope there is a nationalization of the slow-burning Binnall phenomenon in the works. Verily, we would all be well served to become interested in what interests Tim Binnall. Listen for him. Read on.

Tim Binnall

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