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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

...Frying Eggs Ever After...

From a work appropriated from Reagan Lee...


What's another hurdle 
has the *saucer* people fretting... 
while observing what evolves
 to be our fate
It's the treatment of our children 
in their squalid little classrooms 
where we teach our "party-lines" 
to kids betrayed!
Half-truths and distortions 
fill our books all out of date, 
and kids wallow in this fantasy 
produced ...'til it's too late! 
See, It's the text from too few publishers
it's fundamental Christians
it's chiseled moms and dads 
who pay the freight 
for Smaug's decisions!
Yeah, it's these damp and rotting classrooms 
where we've sown what we will reap
They're designed 
to make kids hate them, see...
...if you hadn't made that leap! 
Staffed by "the worried nervous
who are loath to "light a fuse," 
the "teachers" are expendable, 
so it's them who turns those screws!
Almost, like it's built to fail
creating the delinquent 
...burn them from the middle class 
to fill one's corporate prisons
Keep them skill-less and belligerent 
so they earn a lessor pay; 
keep them hopeless and indifferent; 
have them grovel; 
make them pray?
...Contrive their educations 
so there is no *education* 
(to discern, as such, some quality... 
...one might say); 
give them grades to fill the job-fairs 
for the "dead-end service worker" 
that the corporate boys "provide..." 
for lesser pay?
Then, the insult of our nation
the 'man' is selling education... 
...which would keep folks from 
the meanest kinds of work... 
It's big bucks to go to college, 
so the masses never go; 
that's reserved for Buzz and Skippy
but forget that working Joe!  
Dependant on the money
stuff that's in "some short supply"
well served is corporate welfare 
where so few can live so high!
The *watchers* watch us legislate 
this "...conscious disrespect," 
grasping talons of the *rights
of "priests" and "kings."  
So, they wonder if we're sensing 
we're consuming all our "seed corn"
that we will the grand disaster 
that this brings!
Do they marvel on our "process"—
(our unmitigated gall...) 
to rob a blighted "Peter" 
...to pay a rich, benighted "Paul."  
Do they further ponder thinking, 
as we make this "trigger pull," 
why we're truly so disordered
wanting honor, and so dull!
Yes, it's how we treat our children 
...keeps the saucer folk obscured! 
It's our "game plan" of indifference
then, to which we are inured
It's our wanton lack of horse-sense 
as we use our kids for grease... 
to lube the tracks of profit 
for the few who do the least!
The saucers surely judge us 
but continue their "recording," 
as they dodge about, 
and blink out in the sky! 
...But it's we who'll bear the judging 
when we read it sometime hence, 
and there won't be much to laugh at
and too much to make us cry...

...The joy, of course, after that settled cleansing of initial sorrow? It will be indescribable! We'll share that joy and it will be increased even as any remaining misery is proportionally and invariably decreased. That's the way it works. This writer's intuition is that such is the nature of things where spades are identified as "task obvious" shovels!

...What's "trigger pull"?

Well, succinctly, it's the act of pulling a gun trigger. A combat veteran, I've adequate experience with the concept and consequences of same. See, "trigger pull" is the line of demarcation between the actuality of "before one pulls the trigger" and "after one pulls the trigger." Between these two concepts is a GULF... but it is the thing achieving the formality of actual occurrence (or not), or, the "trigger pull," to which we allude.  "Formality of actual occurrence" is a key concept. It happens... or it does NOT happen.

Before one pulls a trigger, one has an egg. After one pulls the trigger one has a fried egg... one shan't un-fry that egg, eh? In turn, it seems that many times a dud is the preferred round. See, a fried egg's fried forever after.

It's like sex, in a way, too. "Before" is a teasing itch. "During" is, trigger pulled, that itch deliciously scratched. "After" is having to live ever after with the consequences of that scratched itch. Pregnancy perhaps, Disease perhaps, Embarrassment perhaps, Violence perhaps, Loss of trust, family, and property... Pecuniary liability... Guilt... the downside is legion, even fatal, eh? The upsides are few and far between...?

I pulled a now regretted trigger once in combat haunting me to this day. Combat is no excuse. I killed because I wanted to kill, lusted to kill, before... then during... with absolutely no thought to the ever after. The ongoing "After" is all that remains. Had I known...

Southeast of Ho Chi Minh City (then Saigon) in late 1970 there was a small if inexplicable out-cropping of rock amidst the paddies with a tiny cave mouth ensconced in the south side of it. Perhaps a Holy place, it could have been there since the beginning of time. "Charlie," (an affectation for "Cong": used to dehumanize fellow humans like "Gook" or "Slope") was supposed to be in there. An Aircraft Commander for the 135th Assault Helicopter Company, I'd flown a Special Forces team in by UH-1 to deal with the "problem."

The team leader, a Sergeant First Class with three tours in country—he liked it—asked me if I wanted a "piece." Misery does love company, eh? I, too eagerly, accepted and spent the better part of an hour chunking M-40 grenades into the cave mouth with an M-79.

Good times were had by all. We cooked up some "C"s and told war stories. I must have put 30 rounds into the small cave mouth before somebody, not me, went over to have a look... Worryingly, there had been no expected secondary explosions...

Finally, one of the team's "Tunnel Rats" went in to see, at last dragging out a badly chewed-up teenaged boy. No weapons were found... Want, lust, and eagerness evaporated pretty quickly reader, and I am tormented still.

Finding out we were lied into that war, too? The torment and regret only gets worse. I flew back to my presently erased base camp at Di An not at all the same young man flying out.

There were consequences to my actions that I'd not considered beforehand, see? Fried eggs remain fried, remember. I stayed in the Army as it turned out and was assiduous about that lesson to superiors, contemporaries, and subordinates alike, thereon, for the remainder of a 23-year career.

Think before you pull the trigger. The "before" and "during" are many times too well trumped by the eternal "after," and that can burn like a hot twisted knife... 

Saturday, April 10, 2021


Kept down, off, and away?

by Alfred Lehmberg

Quarantine? Well, not the one provoked by COVID or any other terrestrial disease. No, this would be one imposed on an entirety of our aggregate humanity as a result of attitude... ...ours, and the one imposing quarantine! 

The effects will largely be the same. Moreover? It may be that the quarantining operate out of pragmatic self-protection as if we were the disease! Uh-oh...

Those effects to which we allude? Punishing isolation, emotional inbreeding, and that existential dread provoked thereby... It just doesn't have to be that way.

We experience all this presently, in reality, one can acknowledge... in our very corporeal existentialism (living lives lived) and these lives are bespeaking the, and even abject, medieval, for the most part, reader... if current events are any indication! The mean life experience of humanity is observed as soul-withered and dire even as I will address the provenance for a different KIND of justification... justifying a new, much more secular and humanistic, soul search... one gylanic* where a writer's writ to a grokked period... communicating "goodwill" to our quarantining entity (?)... and to ourselves, reader, if there is no quarantine or entity! We "win," either way!

Remains, on the subject of our conjectured quarantine, this writer would speak of a "quarantine" foreshadowing even greater magnitudes of emotional inbreeding and existential dread than is experienced, globally, currently! No? ...How about a cosmic quarantine? ...And there we are.

That's moving up the scale to "God" level considerations, eh? You know... where we could be headed were we to play our cards intelligently

Blasphemy? Well, we're the children of God, some would say necessarily. So, a fecund God presumed, "God's Children," would be reality... even if errant... 

That's got to be true if there was a "God" producing "children," and true, reader? What parent doesn't want their children to "grow up," to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the multiverse, but the psychotic one? ...Remember "Carrie's" Mom?

So... Quarantined by what or who... ..."aliens"? C'mon! 

Divorced from a cosmic entelechy as "Incarcerated Psychopaths" of justified needs and for legitimate cause... by aliens!? What!? Who? Us? The crown of creation?!? We whom "the Angels" serve? The favorites of God?! Yeah... Push today's dirty hamper-sock all up in that!

If we *crown* creation, at all, reader, it's a crown of poisoned thorns (?), self-absorbed, fallacious, egotistical, and wholly obnoxious thorns! No, we would have earned our enforced solitude, reader, if there is any of this conjectured enforcement! Verily, we beg for our quarantine! We solicit our isolation! We are precisely why we are "the 'alone' in [life's] flight to the 'alone.' " 

Again! It doesn't have to be that way! These are but choices we make!

...And yes, yes... yes! This writer is well aware that humanity can be argued to be as beautiful as it is grotesque. Awareness is in abundance that we have justifications, qualifications, substantiations, and other laudible candidates for a possible vindication, even, or we might be removed entirely out of hand

Our arts and efficacious sciences are a far reach... precisely as they are sans all grasp! That's not enough by itself. Reach will exceed grasp, but we don't operate like we have an awareness of that... or the consequences levied for same! 

We're not enough, thus far... we're not enough when we'll "eat our own young," not out of necessity... but of short-sighted and psychopathic convenience! ...Think all that goes unobserved? Do you? 

No, if there? They watch!

...Eat our young? Exactly! Look "large" with me a moment for this example:

Consider Nikola Tesla: a man of supernormal intellect and industry who could have had us living efficaciously in "space cities"... produced out of our metallic and water-filled asteroid belt... for a ring of sentient humanity around our star! ... If humanity had had the sense to follow his lead... 

But, ...no. In our tradition of the "Christ not adhered to," it is Tesla the true Christ "crucified"! This writer says true!

See, as soon as his financial backers discovered the powerful personal autonomy potential of Tesla's eclectically electric ideas (ie: conceiving of power for *nothing* for everyone), they blithely ignored a potential for humanity's aggregate enrichment and greatness proffered—they shined him on and shut him down... 

They shut him down, dried up the money, betrayed his confidence (so, all honor!), and then smeared and libeled him an errant crackpot! Edison, a capering corporate imp, helped expansively

Such, of course, was decidedly not so. In truth, 180 degrees out, and at a run? Tesla was the antithesis of any of that. 

No. Tesla was Prometheus!

...He died a pauper in a seedy New York "flop" after decades of being led down a primrose corporate path by corporate betrayers! ...And at the MOMENT of his death, reader? A covetous Government swept in to presume dominion of his works and genius even as these revelations are not remotely disseminated, this writer would bet, to the sorry likes of the rest of us... and, to this day

That tres-reptilian and non-mammalian corpocracy was, and is, the pox upon us, even as it is "of" and "from" ...even if it is "departing from" us! See, we're not a mammalian humanity! We are a reptilian corpocracy! We can be readily assessed as a cosmic disease entirely fit for quarantine; any prosecution could rest!

Does the reader think it was Edison who was the electrical Prometheus for aggregate humanity? No. Please, return to the clue queue. 

Edison was just another low-voltage and lizard-like sociopath overcome by ego, without all humility, and hobbled by his own hubris like the rest of his foul psychopathically corporate ilk! By comparison, Tesla was a SAINT having saintly attributes in SPADES, reader!! 

See: it's Tesla's "liver daily eaten by a huge bird of prey"!  That's the wage paid for succeeding in the mission to bring real fire to humankind! No good deed goes unpunished! Say that's not so. Then be entirely disabused of your toxic notion.

Consider further... YOU, reader, have remotely affordable electrical power energizing your DREAMS today... only because of the "Alternating Current" insight provided by Nicola Tesla! This was an insight Edison "fought tooth and claw" against even as he admitted the clear superiority of Tesla's idea at the end of his under-educated, too well-rewarded, and ultimately non-Promethean life! See... there was more MONEY to be extorted from a consumer in a "direct current," only environment... an environment vastly incapable of powering even a mid-twentieth Century civilization, much less one of a 21st Century!

It was "the grandest of great ideas" Tesla had; broadcasting power wirelessly, all over the globe... it just didn't fill a short-term corporate pocket full of boundlessly soulless cash-worshippers who, bereft of all efficacious imagination, couldn't figure out how to put it on an f'n meter! ...What reptiles, reptiles without the remotest imagination, humility, humanity, or grasp we can be... and all too often...

Nicola Tesla, unfettered, would have banished the snare of wires long ago! Additionally, our planet rendered to a garden planet, we could now be sailing between the stars, this writer would bet, on the heretofore undiscovered power broadcasted so furiously from them! 

How much money is made in THAT economy, eh? Sincerely, if you don't get in on the lower floor the elevator won't take you up with it, at all! No! You are, instead, run over by the freight train you could have CAUGHT to the stars!
...Observe! Restricted by a handful of ready psychopaths ostensibly acting in our best interests, we are symbolically tethered to the ground by wire even into even the 21st Century, and that unwelcome leash becomes only more and more confining and self-limiting as time unwinds. That wire, reader, binds us in more than one way. No... we are fettered, by our psychopathy, from the stars to which we could be heir! 

Instead, and increasingly, do we but rot in justified quarantine to become more and more emotionally inbred and sociologically divided and obscene...? One can agree it is conceivable. ...Read on. 

*Gylanic: A "partnership social system" based on equality of men and women. This is a society where inherent individuals and systems progress toward higher, more evolved, and more complex levels of function! This is opposed to more deconstructive hierarchical systems of human ranking where one gender dominates the other via force or threat of force, inhibiting the higher function of the overall social system... and the individuals within.

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