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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Tried By Tainted Press...

How was a fair trial remotely possible given the entirely negative spin by
Powell's lapdog media, sans all cause?

Tried By Tainted Press...
by Alfred Lehmberg

I recently got a video disc in snail-mail from a man by the name of Joe Zuppardo. Mr. Zuppardo was a friend to John Ford before Ford was hull-breached below the waterline, as has been described before, accused of multiple attempted homicides and conspiracies to commit same. 

Whoa!  Serious business! ...But wait!

Best not bury the lead! Was this hull-breach above a likely result of Ford's intensive investigation into the personal and professional affairs of Republican Political Machine (RPM) Boss (and alleged "target" of murder most foul!!!) John Powell

Is it remotely reasonable that John Ford was jailed for conspiring, with equally cretinous cohorts, to murder John Powell, and others, with radioactive toothpaste (!!!) when he was an injured-in-the-line- of-duty (so, retired) Officer of the New York Courts, a respected community pillar, and a holder of a Master's Degree?!  Could this affair be as ludicrous on its face as it sounds?  

A closer look strongly suggests that things were not actually the way they were contrived to look or made to sound, eh?  No, this was a first-water frame of far-reaching fulsomeness!  

John Ford was, it must be understood, a Policeman, after all!  He'd spent a lot of professional time in criminal court as a bailiff, and he was privy to ALL the "best-laid bonehead plans" of all manner of failing criminal ideas. Radioactive toothpaste as a weapon of murder would have topped that list, yea and verily!

Consider, remember, the aforementioned Ford-initiated investigation! This was an inquiry encompassing the criminal machine of Boss John Powell and the highly strange activities of Suffolk County, New York's official agencies in Powell's direct and indirect control... to include DA, Fire, Police, and Trash Disposal

Specifically, at the focus of all this weirdness was the highly strange behavior of the aforementioned agencies during a widely reported UFO Flap, a flap with an abundance of activity and witnesses to same in New York's Suffolk County, circa the early nineties.  Such was so.

Whatever it was that Ford initiated, it was an "investigation." Any investigation was an investigation that RPM Boss John Powell... Could. Not. Bear!  The reader can only imagine how that must have all been true.

Any investigation, even as left field as one involving UFOs, one might justifiably reason, could reveal Powell's lucrative criminal empire, a massive criminal enterprise for which Powell was to be later indicted and subsequently convicted, "no contest!" 


I suspect, and verily, that Powell only copped to the tip of the criminal iceberg to save the scurvy ice below... Can the reader begin to smell a particularly nasty rat? There's history of same,reader!

The disc I received from Mr. Zuppardo alluded to above contained many, and suspiciously immediate, local area news broadcasts in the summer of 1996.  In those television spots, John Ford was tried in the press, found entirely and inexorably guilty, and then sloppily painted as a UFO crazy and gun-nut so out of control of his prejudices and hatreds that he was moved to attempt serial murder with a "stockpile" of near "weapons-grade radioactive material," it was implied by the media or one was led to believe, and an "army's arsenal" with which he planned to commit those alleged murders if the radium ploy failed!  All credulity is buggered, reader!    

It would never get better, for John Ford, than that.  

How was a fair trial even tenuously possible considering Ford's lawyer didn't ask for a change of venue so Ford could get a fair trial given a polluted Jury pool... and that... Ford's first attorney, John Rouse, is a Judge today?  

The fix was in... even in the arena of Ford's own defense?! Perhaps even judgeships would later be awarded for complicity in Ford's jurisprudent lynching... Yes, the history of the locality would bear out long accounts of just this kind of shenanigan and chicanery

Day after day these news spots ran.  Tirelessly, they vomited all manner of incriminating distortion as, over and over again, were repeated the busy scenes of the removal of Ford's registered pistol and rifle collection by the "intrepid" SC police force, the heft of the alleged "stolen" radioactive materials in "multiple heavy lead containers," Ford's "survivalist" literature, his "fringe paraphernalia of the paranormal" and finally, his altogether damning "obsession" with UFOs and its "seditious" LIUFON (Long Island UFO Network) organization.  "Imps and devils lurk among us!" the authoritative "sounding" talking heads would intimate and prattle... 

Stuff like this only happens in a bad novel, folks.  Remains the tortured little man who rots in confinement, for real, in this turbid little tale...

Yea and verily reader, all the pretty TV-talking-heads of the time looked at once astonished, saddened,  and then outraged at the effrontery of this "psychopath Ford," a "craven monster" in their clueless midst, conspiring to cancel the tickets of elected officials who were blameless and innocent of the least provocation and besides, these talking heads would intimate, "Ford's intended victims didn't know him from bunny pants!"

But they did know him; they knew him well.  And?  They were terrified his activity would reveal them! Say that can't be so!

Moreover, it just may be that he did reveal them!  See, John Powell's gross criminal activity was revealed soon after John Ford's incarceration.  I like to think that Ford was able to strike a blow from his gulag, even as there was and is no balance achieved by it.  

Ford, one discovers, has been sequestered in one kind of lock-up or another for... twenty-odd years, reader!  Twenty years... A brave man, an educated man... an innocent man.  An innocent man buried alive... buried alive to succor and satiate scabrous white collar criminals!

Below, the reader will find links to the reportage alluded to above.  Marvel at the canned story concocted from the minds of true criminals to stonewall John Ford and drive him to unjust confinement where he is drugged and belittled for the long haul as "psychotic and dangerous to himself and others."  Outrage!

No reader, Ford's plight is a result of sneering psychopaths officiating a criminal machine sporting a long history of criminal behavior with slimy roots in the tradition of the legendary Boss Tweed.  Ford's only "crime" was his threat to the successful criminality of the persons alleged to be "innocent victims."  It is the primary "alleged victim" John Powell, ironically, whose too quickly subsequent "no contest," plea and criminal conviction substantiated this whole tragic tale of Ford's unrecognized innocence!

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Restore John Ford!

Links to the television spots alluded to above:

Read on!


Unknown said...

AFTER some e-mail conversing with the always-rightly-skeptical Mr. Lehmberg, I sent him the short 2+ hour compilation of but a few televised statements made by the entrails of local "news" crews, who were mysteriously on the scene at John Ford's home before the local constabulary arrived, to complete John's arrest (without a warrant). Thankfully, Alfred uses unbiased judgement whilst reporting on yet another in a long series of set-ups perpetrated on select members of the populace of Suffolk county, here in the Eastern-most region of NY State. John Ford, once a resident of Brookhaven township, or "Crookhaven" as it's generally known in these parts, continues to languish as a permanent resident of the Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center in New Hampton, NY -- where he's been remanded to for fully one-third of his life! After watching silently while elected and appointed criminals, one after another, FINALLY get what has been coming to them, I fired off a letter to the local rag here on Long Island, Newsday -- who's parent company also owns Cablevision and a local TV news channel. It seems that the Superintendent of Highways in MY town (a stone's-throw from Crookhaven) was finally arrested by the federalies after 43-years of taking bribes, falsifying documents, and living off of the fat of my tax dollars; or, as the Newsday reporter put it, "Service".

For those of you who may be interested, I've posted a copy of that correspondence and I urge you all, no matter where you live or who you are, to read it -- if only for your own edification with regard to what's been the status quo for far too long!...

Unknown said...

"Can you, or anyone else on the paper, please inform the readers why you and your employer tolerate the fact that so many Smithtown township, Brookhaven township, and Suffolk County officials, both elected and appointed – and a plethora of people that taxpayers entrust to do what’s best for them – are involved in scandal after scandal? It seems that kickbacks, payoffs, and threats are the norm rather than the exception when it comes to Suffolk county and the towns therein. And this goes for the S.C.P.D. as well, as when the former Police Chief was recently caught with his hands in the cookie jar, and permitted to “resign” rather than face pending Federal corruption charges. This is an indicator of entrenched apathy and Psychopathy, engendered by a lack of oversight and paid-off media magnates that cooperate with it and sensationalize the illegally-obtained and private opinions of good people in all walks of life who oftentimes say things in private that are blown out of proportion, with the full cooperation of the media, and made out to be “masterminds” in fictional criminal conspiracies, based on nothing more than hearsay and unfounded allegations by paid “informants” (looking to save their own skins) that could never be substantiated in a real Court of Law. Why do you popularize speculation when contravening fact is available? In the story that you wrote, did you ever consider how much the disgraced Superintendent of Highways skimmed during his 43-year tenure?
With all the political corruption – from the late John Powell, (Morphine addict and convicted felon) and Anthony Gazzola (PLEASE do your own research on this gem of humanity), down to folks like the seemingly-innocent Mr. Towle, who literally sells no-show Suffolk county jobs – are handled with kid gloves in your paper when people of impeccable repute are locked away in mental hospitals or assassinated; or run out of town when they get too close to identifying the true sources of large-scale corruption. People close to them – and to the truth – are victimized by the same people that are paid to assure their safety. The biased media and associated selectivity of “newsworthy” disinformation, and poor reporting constitute a huge contributing factor. The 1996 case of former State Supreme Court Officer John J. Ford, who was quite literally set-up and discredited, offers a prime example of good citizens that are made out to be on the “fringe of society”, according to the late, corrupt, Suffolk County District Attorney, Mr. Catterson and “trusted” employees on his staff. He held a widely-publicized press conference, with all of Mr. Ford’s legal and registered weapons on display as a backdrop, less than 12-Hours after Mr. Ford’s unwarranted arrest, during which two of his pet animals were beaten to death by law enforcement personnel.

Unknown said...

If you’ll recall, John Ford was a Bellport resident who ran a small non-profit organization that studied the UFO phenomenon for, and at no cost to, residents of Suffolk county in his spare time. He was a Conservative, and a Republican without an axe to grind; no reprimands of record, and without a criminal or psychiatric history of any kind. Yet he was remanded to the custody of the Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric center and has languished as a political prisoner there for nearly 20-Years, where he still resides! His then-attorney, Mr. John Rouse, was a known friend and close associate of the late Mr. Powell. Rouse is a sitting judge now, put on the bench as a partial reward for assuring the disappearance of Mr. Ford from society. The burden of proof, afforded to all Americans, is taken away once any psychiatric factor comes into play – and any judge can order a psychiatric evaluation of anyone that comes before him/her. Sitting presidents, senators, governors, and members of congress, have all reported seeing a UFO and no government agency has openly conducted investigations into this valid phenomenon since 1969. John J. Ford had legally obtained a small Radium ore sample, which he used to calibrate a Geiger counter that he used in his off-time investigations. If you have a smoke detector in your home, there’s a small pellet of Americium within that’s got 100-times the potency of such a sample.
Yet the late, known-corrupt District Attorney James Catterson – acting on orders from Mr. Powell and Mr. Gazzola – hatched a plot wherein Mr. Ford was allegedly heard to state plans to put Radium in the toothpaste and food of Suffolk County politicos! John Ford had stumbled upon illegal dumping sites several months prior to his arrest. These sites were illegally situated on State and Federally-protected land, in Suffolk county, where toxic and radiologically-active waste from Grumman Aerospace (amongst other large, floundering corporations in Suffolk) was buried under the direct supervision of Ford’s alleged “victims”, who were paid to properly dispose of tons of hazardous material! The District Attorney’s “special task force”, in this case, included Mr. Sal Zanchelli, an on-record liar who was rewarded for editing portions of tape-recorded “evidence” and remains in charge of Smithtown’s “Office of Public Safety”. If this sounds too incredible to believe, please do your job as a reporter and check it out for yourself. ---Sincerely,
Joseph Zuppardo, Ph.D.

Unknown said...

Here are a few sites that may be of assistance…including Cablevision’s own “News” 12 footage, and cell phone call recordings that were altered and used to obtain an arrest warrant (two days after Mr. Ford’s arrest), as well as a Grand Jury indictment – once the jury pool was sufficiently poisoned with innuendo and televised/printed speculation! You may contact me at 631-979-9766. Note that no charges related to weapons, explosives, or any other illegal item(s) were ever leveled against Mr. Ford. Be assured, I’ll be keeping an eye on the future reporting and boycotting advertisers of Newsday, along with thousands of other Suffolk county residents.







Elaine Douglass, R.I.P. -- Former CNN correspondent http://elainedouglassfiles.com/


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Mr. Ford's Attorney, Robert Reno, Esq. mailto:rrenoesq@ptd.net

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