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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pyramids of Maslow (II of II)

...Now the seventh tier is greater 
than the pyramid implies! 
Greater than its sum of parts: 
a synergy's contrived!
It's here there comes advancement 
as one cuts away ones fear. 
It's here there's elevation 
It's here there is progression 
as the grasp achieves its reach
It's here, perhaps advancement 
as those reaching turn to teach
It's here, perhaps, improvement 
of an efficacious kind; 
it's here one knows the pleasure 
of the perspicacious mind.
See, at seven one's *self-actualized* 
...as good as one can get, 
and is reaching for the very things 
we can't conceive of, yet.
"Reach" and "grasp" become as one, 
and magic happens fast!  
Reality is sorted out, 
more firmly gripped at last. 
"Acceptance" is the stock in trade 
for "others" as they are
themselves, the world or what's outside 
... that mind that is not ours!
Preferred is spontaneity
What's novel is the creed—
the evidence considerable 
...for routine there's little need. 
It's novelty conserved at last, 
the yin to yang of entropy, 
chaos is what rules supreme, 
for habit they have enmity.
The problem's at the center 
of the point of the concern; 
the self is secondary
that's the hardest thing we learn. 
Desired? Oh, rare detachment, 
the forest for the trees. 
Gestalt is common—usual... 
but they're off their bleeding knees! 
Requiring modest solitude 
so the thinking bubbles up, 
the actualized are worth the time 
they spend apart from us!
They change the world's thinking 
as they think the thoughts they do. 
Improving our humanity, 
they can see a problem new!
Required? An independence 
from distractions lower down 
on the levels of their pyramid 
that they've built on quaking ground. 
They NEED their stark autonomy 
they will EARN by giving back... 
useful fruits of thoughtful labor 
as they take us "there" and "back"!
Too, resistance is the reflex 
given dogma one has brought. 
Stereotyped behaviors 
are eschewed as more than not.
They don't judge, 
but don't participate, 
not flamboyant, 
they don't try... 
to stretch the unconventional 
to a point one could despise. 
They seek the common welfare, 
and an increase of the same. 
They live within an empathy 
so they suffer more, our shame.
Relationships are deeper 
(with a few), and less is more
Superficiality is detested to its core.
They see the democratic 
as the path to be maintained, 
where misery is shared on out, 
thereby: relieving needless pain
The joy is shared the same smart way, 
but increases for the sharing
The reward's a satisfaction 
we achieve for all our daring!
Too, then comes their transcendence, 
they don't cope, they SOAR and CLEAVE
The soul must slip its surly bonds 
to strive and to achieve!
Creation is the answer 
and the fund of real wealth; 
it satisfies the "hunger," 
and provokes for mental health.
It brings a "PEAK EXPERIENCE"; 
it is RAPTURE ; it is JOY
it's self-regenerating 
so there's independence, boy! 
It's excitement, and it's insight
and it's not for just a few
More could well achieve it 
with their structures so imbued.
Imbued with what, you're asking? 
Well, imbued by what supports! 
A better wage, paid time to think, 
clean WATER, by report!
The path is self-constructed 
in a pyramid one makes 
to reach the sky and grasp the truth 
from charlatans and fakes! 
Expand upon potential! Elevate your mind!
...Soar and cleave unlimited
unbound, and unconfined!


Self-actualization. More could (should) have it, and all would (shall) be IMPROVED for these having it and the mere aspiration to it this writer suspects. It'd bring the saucers down, but they're coming down anyway, right.

Artists and writers—artists of any type actually; these should get a stipend from a progressive government. That's right. Poets should be supported by the state.

Seriously, the creative should be encouraged to create. There will be crap. There's always crap... ...that's not news to anyone when it's 90% of everything?

Our salvation is in our creative artifice, and that's it, is my best guess. Unfettered intellectualities are required. Yeah boy! Gimmee summa dat!

Increasingly, father science is beginning to seem like it's not going to be able to pull off the big enchilada all by itself, eh? Aristotle and Plato are going to have to reconcile—create a synergy.

Aristotle can't go it alone. He would if he could. But he can't. It becomes increasingly obvious to him and flop sweat slimes his countenance. Sure, you need science, but Science or nothing?  Then you have nothing.


Restore John Ford.

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