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Friday, December 22, 2023

...Immoderation... Matter, Mind, And Movement

It's interesting that "Orrin Hatch" 
(once Senator from Utah?) 
had a message of *concern* 
for Utah's parents. 
If their children want environments 
that are "clean" and "unpolluted"—
 What says "stunned credulity" 
but this lack of sentient conscience. 
I think it must be obvious; 
he is, himself, unconscious!
Yes! If kids are asking questions 
where the bigots fear to tread, 
"then they're smoking marijuana"—
"popping pills," or so he said!  
I suspect if showing conscience 
is resultant from "as such"!
 Well, then plants like marijuana? 
Be encouraged with our trust!
I bring this up to illustrate 
an ocean of dementia 
that's an obstacle to common sense, 
discouraged... in absentia! 
Like... Folks who won't see UFOs?  
I'd want them disabused
that notion's unintelligent
unbrave and mal-enthused.  
See?  I understand the "problem set"! 
Its "questions" can get hard. 
Though, oblivious to evidence
one's head's impacted lard...
If your counsel to your children 
is your statement "they're on DRUGS"... 
that concern for our environment 
makes them junkies, tramps, and THUGS... 
then UFO's are fantasy 
that the devil has imbued 
to confuse and make us *sinners* 
"for an "anti-Christ" to use"!  
The latter, now, is sans all sense; 
the former follows suit: 
"Conservatives" are dim-bulbed 
and not at all astute.  
They're passed their point of all return, 
so they must stay their course.  
They cannot falter now, you see... 
or they're removed, perforce!
I propose my own philosophy... 
which includes what we might need... 
to shake some sense from those who bend 
the truth so hard it bleeds
 See, concern for flying objects 
goes beyond their colored light... 
light that's teasing and perplexing us 
and then freezing us with fright
Rather... these bespeak a future 
of a "treasure trove" undreamed
where partnerships of sentience "spark," 
with which we could be teamed!
There's new "genesis" and "provenance," 
plus, fact's interpretation
—substantial records!—...those not "altered," 
provide some later "validation"; 
remaining: how we live our lives 
and how we treat our "brothers..." 
not pimping out our sisters... 
not hating one another!
Time's now spent evolving ways 
to foul this ship we fly, 
to denigrate our daughters, 
or to covet, cheat and lie
We must cease this base behavior 
if we want to gain success—
if we want some satisfaction
and an end to our distress.
See, I think we're judged 
as we betray... 
the members of our race, 
or how we treat our strangers—
treated, now, with vast distaste. 
This is how a UFO 
is WRAPPED in "social science." 
We're compelled to find consensus 
to assure them... our reliance!
Now, how, the hell, to get that done... 
or find that kind of grace...  
"Answers," friend, are just not "found"; 
answers, Sir, are "faced"!  

We first and foremost, 
respect OURSELVES...
 and spread respect around! 
We don't eschew indigenes! 
 It brings the spirit down. 
To love all life (to love ourselves!) 
we give up on the lies 
which have complicated consciousness 
with trappings we'd despise.
Less is more we would discover 
as the saucers coast and land! 
Human beings decrease their "mass," 
and begin to UNDERSTAND 
that they've no RIGHT to deprecate 
a living... breathing planet—
that profit takes a back seat 
to one's common sense... goddamn it!
Why, the money $pent on conflict 
for ambitions of the few 
could renovate this planet 
to conditions grand and new!
The Earth becomes a garden 
when we give her our respect. 
She showers us with bounty 
for the love that she detects. 
The forests that are saved translates 
to freedom we can share—
freedoms from disease we face, 
and freedom from our fear! 
 See, "Less is more," provides for plenty 
as you eat a better food—
not plugging hearts with HVO, 
consuming like a stooge!
There's more on that... but we're not there,
that's for another time.
Currently, our hypocrisy
is the thing to force our rhyme... 
The Earth, robust and healthy, 
beats mere dollars in the bank
and energy production is a "snap" 
if we were *frank*!  
If we conserved, were frugal
and abstained from senseless waste—
if we displayed sincerity 
to the creatures now displaced... 
well, we could live upon our Earth, 
and respect what we'd recovered;
And the saucers would descend to LAND, 
and welcome us like brothers!
This philosophy's a triad 
of the quadratures perceived. 
It's matter, mind, or movement, 
and it lifts you from your knees!
The *matter* is environment, 
and the *mind* is who we are, 
and *movement* is the frequency 
of our TIME between the stars. 
It's all of Chronos we're observing—
a time so "long," in fact... 
that anything can happen 
in its ceaseless yawning tracts... 
...from treating kids like junkies 
who are brave enough to care, 
to the marvel of cheap energies 
elitists hide, mon frère.  
From rampant sociopathy 
to the rules for fairer play, 
the multiverse can hold it all, 
WHATEVER preachers say!
From simple, single cellular... 
to god-like beings of light; 
from the depths of timeless shadows 
to a nova, clean and bright! 
 The multi-verse embraces, all, 
with arms of HUGE potential; 
that we "are" and that we "want" 
provides for our credentials.
It may seem that Orrin Hatch 
was doing all he can... 
to denigrate our spirit 
if he makes sure drugs are damned, 
but he is wrong to lump concern 
for matter, mind, and movement 
to the mysteries of drugs, their use... 
or WHY one chose to use it!
The UFOs, all by themselves, 
are never figured OUT 
in a dearth of "toleration" 
where we toss our filth about! 
We're under observation; 
you deny it, but it's true. 
Who we are and what we want 
shall all come down to >YOU<.
The *way*? It's moderation, 
to first tolerate new things; 
and to clean up as we go along 
is what a future brings. 
Respect the Earth, her honored beasts, 
and clean the planet up; 
sweet providence will spread her arms 
and fill our honored cups.


"All things in moderation," 
includes then, moderation... 
sometimes, it seems, "immoderate's" required! 
Like, one's disgust with ethics 
prone to lie and cheat and steal! 
Pursued, instead, the course that is... "inspired"... 

[...dreadfully sorry... that just got past me. I'll try to show more control in the future... not.  When it's there, it's there.]

One of the things we might be more immoderate about or intolerant of, though—given the sullen and convenient stubbornness of our well-moneyed opposition—is that there is a reflex denial of UFOs... well substantiated, still, in multiple categories of compelling evidence!

These include, as per the illustration above, the Histories in Text and art, anecdotal reports from multiple vetted witnesses, vetted photographs, physical trace evidence, and the statistical evidence described by A.D. Aczel, PhD in his Probability One. I've come to believe, think, and know, personally, to a degree... with regard to the aforementioned evidence, that one is attentive to UFOs and their ancillaries only because inattention to them seems unintelligent, un-progressive, and un-brave. That just seems so ponderously obvious to me. The mainstream remains obtuse and oblivious, or, they fake it real well.  My money's on the latter.

UFO's (...and pfffft on UAPs!), consequently, will not be addressed in short-sighted isolation of the "reflexively doubting"; is that fair? In other words: you "nuts and bolts" guys can cool your conjectured jets, I propose. From the beginning when Hynek refused to take reports of UFOs associated with occupants of same, the "scientistic" brigade demonstrates only how they have fallen short...  James McDonald was right to pick a bone!

 ...Not only more than we understand, but more than we can understand, right? Remember, that's a good thing... bigger shadows revealed in our increasing light are preferred to the antithesis of boredom!

Besides, where's it writ large that talking monkeys are to be the ones to figure it out, anyway, no? It remains: The "other" won't hop in your test-tube, submit to your measure, use your math, or be tortured to your will. No, they suggest alternative paths to our future concrescence.  That, and their ultimate sedition, too, eh?

Really. To come to grips with that high strangeness it might be that we have to have a greater "sociological awareness" of ourselves, consult some alternate shamanic traditions outlined by Terence McKenna and Graham Hancock... encourage an efficacious toleration for necessary individual differences (presently much too under-appreciated), and finally—keep looking... Out... not Up!

Secondly, an appreciation for the responsibilities of stewardship, as regards the ecological meltdown of our planet, is required. Christian "Dominion" is an arrogant, wasteful, and sociopathic lie benefiting the "haves" only... and wholly dismissing the "have-nots"!

Seriously, if we demonstrated that we had respect for our Earth, and for ourselves—any ufological question, I could assuredly bet, would neatly answer itself! Forget that we would save ourselves. In the meantime?

Revile and cast aspersion on a base-baiting, revolting, and uninspired Orrin Hatch without moderation, and... Restore John Ford!

Former Sen. Orin Hatch,
Revile this gorm drongo!

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