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Saturday, June 05, 2021

Flatwoods, Sandbagged By MonsterQuest


Flatwoods, Sandbagged By MonsterQuest

by Alfred Lehmberg

Folks, regarding the recently You-tubed History Channel (old) MonsterQuest episode of March 10th featuring Fred May, Frank Feschino, the late Stanton Friedman, and other witnesses from the town of Flatwoods, West Virginia: I was the bearded fellow, the only one apart from Friedman, I think, associated with the Flatwoods segment exclusively. I wore the UFO Magazine hat. I was working with the Helium Balloon and assisting Feschino vis a vis the sighting at the hunter's camp in the deep forest beside the spring-fed stream. My one spoken line used apart from where I actually said it was, "Frank, there's a hot spot up there...," or some such... all that said:

Folks? You can quote me!

I have no idea what that TV program was even about! Why... apart from Joe Nickell who was decidedly true to form, I didn't even recognize who was involved in it!

This is real irony, reader, given I was at Flatwoods for a week during the shooting—and I do mean "shooting"—of the MQ program. Moreover, I have an appropriate intimacy with all the principals shown on the Flatwoods segment and have better than a layman's understanding of just what occurred in and around Flatwoods that Indian summer night in 1952.

Ladies and Gentleman, let me digress to say that, entirely apart from what the Reader saw on a "flawed" MonsterQuest, THIS is what occurred on that one night in Flatwoods in Flatwoods! 

I remind the HONEST reader that this referenced map data is supported by Project Bluebook, named Newspaper reportage, and first-person witnesses in that order of numeracy.

The History Channel, one finds, had the time, opportunity, and all the requisite data to produce a stunning program about the infamous Flatwoods affair. What the History channel did instead, reader, was to contrive to manufacture a senseless "mash-up" of two entirely unrelated (if responsible) cases from what could be most easily be "faux-discredited" in either of them. Suggesting this bogus relationship, one not even remotely tenuous, is the program's kiss of less-than-mediocre death.

Sincerely, none but those entirely honest with themselves dare call this naught but very poor, contrived, and inauspicious telling of the Flatwoods story a blithering incompetence, a fatuous cluelessness, or a distorted propaganda! More irony is revealed given Feschino, Friedman, and I had to sign sworn statements indicating our contribution to the program was true as we knew it to be true. The History Channel reportage of same, paradoxically, was not.

See? Flatwoods was the tail end of the biggest UFO Flap in US History: The 1952 "Summer Of Saucers" chronicled by Frank Feschino, Wendy Connors, various other authors, and an un-sifted Project Bluebook. Reader! It was not about "Lizard Monsters" allegedly lurking the woods for 60 plus years, and to this day. Good Christ! This was the distortion prosecuted by the History Channel.

And this! The intrepid MonsterQuest documentarians wrongly called the more honest Stanton Friedman a "doctor" and made the dissembling (to be kind) Dr. (degree immaterial) Nickell look "reasonable" in contrived comparison! Talk about the equivocation of unflawed with FUBAR! 

Glowing eyes? Not before or since. Ground miasma? Not before or since! Mass hysteria? Not before or since! Noxious weeds? Not before or since! Roc-sized barn owls? Not before or since! How the "History" Channel have gotten things so wrong? 

I'm sick at heart and really ticked off... Feschino, who deserves better than this, was fit to be tied. See, he's telling the culture-changing real story. Nickell and company shill for the guys insulting the reader's intelligence and obscuring real history. Case in point "Mass Hysteria" as touted by Dr. Nickell... is a clueless dodge.

Why? The witnesses at Flatwoods, a gang of playing children and a couple of young adults, presupposed a meteor, predominantly, on the Fisher farm in the hills above the school that evening. They'd heard about them recently in school. Nickell dissembled when he reported they expected "monsters"... They did not run up a hill armed with only a flashlight to look for "monsters," Reader! That only happens in the movies and Joe Nickell's facile imagination! They went up the hill to pick up pieces of a meteorite!

No, the Flatwoods story was not remotely told. The historical facts regarding the "Flatwoods Monster" incident are distorted, once again, by a soap-selling TV show.

Tune in to the actual story, cited above, to tune up, sincerely. See, it's not a story about a giant lizard in a "hover-round" "attacking" a group of Flatwoods residents with a harmful gas. The gas, remember, was actually an exhaust emitted from pipes surrounding the lower torso of the body. The lower torso was part of the propulsion system of this giant "metallic" structure propelling it and causing it to hover. Moreover, apart from the gas, the "Flatwoods Monster" never made any aggressive or threatening maneuvers towards the witnesses during the encounter!

More crass inaccuracies?

The nearly 60-years of "sightings" reported by the MQ show were not all "monster" sightings, as the over-edited Feschino and Friedman footage seemed to intimate, but were UFO sightings! This is what the two researchers reported on. _UFOs_, reader! Not monsters!

The "Flatwoods Monster" incident, the Snitowsky "Frametown Monster" incident, and the Frametown "Hunter" incident are the documented entity sightings, reader. These, and other "monster" sightings... never occurred again! It's the UFO sightings that are ongoing! This was the actual report and testimony of Friedman and Feschino!

Other "real" entities documented on record in the Flatwoods area are as follows:

Dec. 30, 1960. Hickory Flats, WV, Located in Webster County and just across the southern Braxton County border - Witness Charles Slover, 35 years old, was driving a delivery truck and sighted a 6-foot tall hairy biped, man-like creature near the road. This was unreported by the History Channel.

Dec. 7, 2005. Braxton County, 7-8 miles from Flatwoods. A wildlife trap camera took a photograph of an unknown entity that has been called the "Braxton Beast." This was unreported by the History Channel. Meager and unrepeated stuff!

UFO sightings abound, reader, on the other hand... not "monster" sightings! A UFO sighting that occurred in Holly, Braxton County on Nov. 8, 1957, was documented by Jacques Vallee in his book "Passport To Magonia."

Holly is located near Flatwoods. In Case #437, Vallee reports that Hank Mollohan and eight other local witnesses saw an elongated object that was 12-metres long.

More UFOs! Frametown Area, 1990: A Frametown couple saw several UFOs over the area of the Middle Ridge area southeast of Frametown. When one of the witnesses walked outside of the house to get a closer look, one of the UFOs flew into the backyard and shot a bright beam of light down towards the witness. This Frametown incident was documented and broadcast in 1990 by a national TV show of the time, Current Affair With Maury Povich.

In 1991, Feschino documented crop circle rings in Frametown, WV., which were recorded by Colin Andrews. Throughout the early 1990s, Feschino also photographed and videotaped UFOs in the same area of Middle Ridge southeast of James Knob.


The Sept. 12, 1952 "Master Map" of UFO locations was not shown. The flight-path trajectory of the "Flatwoods Monster" UFO was not shown or mentioned. This was the Washington DC. to Flatwoods, WV UFO flight-path. Check the included link for same.

The Colonel Leavitt Interview was not shown or mentioned, nor was there any mention of the sizable West Virginia National Guard involvement in and around Flatwoods.

There was no reference that the USAF had heavily documented the Flatwoods incident.

The First-person witness-journalist John Barker interview was not mentioned.

Well respected reporter and first-person responder A. Lee Stewart, Jr., who broke the national story, was not mentioned. The drawings of the metal piece that he found on the farm were not shown.

There was no mention or reference that there were strange metal and black plastic-like pieces found on the Fisher Farm by the locals, shortly after the incident.

The five known drawings made by five of the boy witnesses who saw the "Flatwoods Monster" were not shown." Despite being separated by Stewart the drawings are astonishingly similar!

The "Flatwoods Monster" color illustrations painted by Feschino from eyewitness descriptions were not shown.

The 1996 Fred May pencil drawing of the "Monster" was not shown. It depicted the figure as "mechanical." This was a point errantly avoided by MonsterQuest!

The Flatwoods reenactment segment did not show the actual "mechanical" figure as described by Mrs. May and Fred May. The incorrect 1952 "We The People" mock-up, which depicted the arms and claws was shown instead... and then senselessly compared to the "Frametown Monster."

Finally, the Star child skull and the entities in Flatwoods/Frametown were errantly compared. These cases have no relationship to each other, whatsoever, all respect to the memory of Lloyd Pye! I'm sure he would've agreed.

I'd hoped for the best regarding the History Channel. What happened?

"Hollywood" happened, reader... corporate manipulations apart from, and not interested in, telling the real story... These contrive a mash-up between two unrelated cases and, "highlighting" what was "explainable," work to "faux-discredit" both... actually, to sell boner pills and reverse mortgages. We were sand-bagged, imo.

The only good thing... the Flatwoods story was broached, at all, in a no-nonsense manner by Frank Feschino, Freddy May, John Barker, and Stanton Friedman! People are eventually going to wonder where the "lizard monster" (sheesh!) came from and how it came to be in Flatwoods at all. That story? Again, right here: http://paratopiary.blogspot.com/

I personally apologize to the people of Braxton County, Frametown, and the town of Flatwoods specifically, that the story was not portrayed as it was related to the production company. We regret their time was wasted. It's not Frank Feschino's fault that the creative control was well out of his capable hands... as it will be on all these programs. "Ya pays yer money and takes yer chances." We all got burned. All the credible stuff went to the cutting room floor.

Rest assured, though, MonsterQuest at least showed enough to get interest kindled in other quarters. There's a lot of life left to tell the story, still! You can bet Frank Feschino will be banging the Flatwoods drum, verily!

I remain firmly in his corner! There are many rounds left in this fight. Frank is strong and as focused as he ever was!

Closing, Flatwoods and Frametown residents write to tell me that the James Knob site east of Frametown is still ufologically active. Right now reader.

Well, I suspect that if ET had swooped in and landed on the pasture that night while Friedman, Feschino, and myself were all up there on James Knob—and the Monster Quest people had shot miles of film of it? THAT footage would have languished on the cutting room floor with all the other pertinent material, too.

The MonsterQuest program regarding Flatwoods was a dissembling hypocrisy... and a shame!

One last point, in the dodgy MonsterQuest "cooked" portrayal, Fred May, Stanton Friedman, and Frank Feschino seem to indicate that Big Lizards in "hover-rounds," plus other monsters, still lurk dangerously in the West Virginia mountains around Flatwoods. No reader. They are not. Nothing these men actually reported to the film crew made that indication.

Sincerely, be disabused of the notion that dangerous monsters haunt your hills and forests! Fred, Frank, and Stan made no such intimation. I was there. I know.

Thursday, June 03, 2021

Dare To Fly The Rocks



You've heard it called "Our Starship Earth," 
and metaphor that's not. 
See, this is just another notion where
—as yet—
we don't take stock.
Earth is but "conveyance" friend, 
a "liner" on dark seas... 
if seas were black but splashing stars
and a solar wind, the breeze...
The track we're on, predictable, 
and measured such and so, 
the Toltecs / Mayans / Aztecs? 
They were somehow... "in the know"?
They conceived of monstrous bodies 
who were Gods they suffered, then... 
and angry, these made trouble, 
so were something "less" than "friend." 
 Possessing awesome power 
and the wealth of cosmic kings... 
those treasures are unguarded now... 
 It's time we evened things...
Why... we could learn to "fly" our moon
Yes! ...Fly the "rocks" in all our skies! 
Pay the *rock jocks* handsomely; 
let them leave if they desire! 
Let them grow to independence, 
and the Earth should help them "go," 
with a grubstake minus promises 
that a profit they must show!
It's then we'll live among the stars, 
and safe within our "rocks"! 
...These spin, by law, for gravity
"cans" of earth and common stock...  
In space, there are raw elements 
of the type that we can use... 
facilitating living space... 
to live there; that's the news!
See, no need to "build" our ships! 
Pack asteroids with ice
and heat them up with mirrors, friend*; 
blow them up like bubbles ... nice. 
Arm the poles with thrusters, 
then, to keep them good and "firm," 
and live like beings who pay their freight
free to live and grow and learn!
Then "mine" your homeimagine that! 
You carve new rooms for MONEY, Jack! 
Your home gets bigger as you go, 
you move in families
then what do you know
You're living in space 
importing from Earth; 
but exporting the "stuff"... 
that shall lift the Earth's curse!
...And in this sweet bargain 
a threat is reduced; 
it's used up improving star systems to use! 
There's WATER and EARTH 
in the skies up above
It threatens us, NOW, like a fist in a glove!
...But turn it to profit? 
We move beyond strife! 
We END our indifference
we turn it to life!
The closer the bolus 
(you'd think, off the cuff) 
would threaten us most 
if it scared you enough! 
Though, that is NOT true, 
you're spinning your wheel; 
the truth is it's BETTER 
the closer they reel!
NEA's are our bases! 
We launch our assaults 
on a threat unimagined 
AWAITING us, Walt! 
Largess arriving 
from the far stellar reaches... 
where stars have exploded 
from those pasts that just reach us!
So, worse comes to worst, 
and the planet's hit anyway? 
Then, your savior flies down 
...from the asteroids, Hemingway!
Our eggs, as they stand, 
are in one lonely basket, 
and be well assured 
we inhabit our casket!  
Humanity's doomed 
if we don't move from here; 
this is not overstated! 
...Good science is clear!
And, yes, comes a time 
when they'd want independence
like children, I'm posing
new nations are born... 
Mere seeds of humanity just leaving for parts 
they've discovered in space 
...that they like; they're reborn!
These persons, like children... 
...will apart from us, stand
They'll have new allegiances 
to themselves ...UNDERSTAND?  
...Just as with our kids, 
they're off on their own... 
they've family and homes 
of their own... we can't know! 
Don't call it betrayal.  
It's a given they'll cleave, 
be off on their own... 
living lives as they need...
...But were you a parent 
who was loving and fair, 
and so wishing them well 
but supportive, mon frère?  
...Or were you a tyrant 
who was grasping and cruel, 
mendacious, abusive, 
corrosive... not cool.
Of course, if 
respect is desired by Earth? 
Then the Earth... perforce,
must step up first
all the cups then overflowing 
with good will
and no one thirsts!  
We can learn to fly these "rocks," 
abounding nearby space; 
we can use this "Last Frontier" 
and benefit our race!

...We could stop being a cosmic embarrassment to ourselves AND those conjectured watching. We could end any imposed quarantine and maybe taking a step regarding our enlightening growth and species maturation. How long were we going to get away with befouling our ecological "beds" and just pushing it down with our "feet"? 

Everyone wants respect, independence, and self-reliance if they can get it. Some earn it and don't get it. Others get it and don't earn it. We might provide for more of an inverse to that?

See, send someone to the moon long enough and the children of those sent, the very next generationbecome Lunan. Visitors to Mars, after a time, become Martian. Your children, their own persons.  It's the same thing.  They mature to stand alone. ...A sentient God, or parent, would understand that.

It's the motivation, the approach, and the attitude of the motherland; however, which seems to dictate if the colony becomes an *enemy* or not ...if I am to believe history, any portion of the good-faith efforts of my *founding* fathers, my own observations, or the plotline of Babylon 5.

The asteroids we "colonize" could become like Plato's little city-states, banding together into loose federations of their own? Declaring one's independence from a hated, clutching, and abusive Earth? What a curse of fate THAT, to be predisposed to jealousy and hatred, eh? No!

No, it just doesn't have to be that way. Better to let them go. What's the end result of any colony, anyway. They don't seem to have worked well for any parent country. Simple greed has provided for some real atrocity of a kind that transfers parent to child, always. First learned is hard unlearned.

Better? Profit hugely, rather, from a success that was always (?) encouraged in atmospheres of mutual respect and appreciation. Right?  Is that beyond the pale? It sure has been... and this writer, one in the winter of his winter, has not been able to see any sensible reasons for it, at all... gratification of ego is just...  Not...  Enough!

Rather, it's about survival, whether your children can stand on their own two feet, and if they have REASON to love you enough to include you in their successes. Independence is a given where possibleit's understood. Moreover, it's required. And a hand of fellowship can go out... even refused and insulted... spat upon. A proper God or parent would understand that, as we observed earlier.

So, let's quit screwing around, cop to the inevitable, and go fly those rocks! Again, we've everything beyond imagining to gain, and nothing to lose but our default regressive cowardice... and perhaps? ...The sure extinction of our species.

Let's go!  http://tinyurl.com/42nwcyr  

But, first. Restore John Ford!

*No apologies to Larry Niven! [g].

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