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Friday, January 23, 2015

Blissful Ignorance Is A Lie...

Blissful Ignorance Is A Lie...
by Alfred Lehmberg

It won't be too much longer for Richard Dolan's landmark Volume III.  This is especially appreciated given surprising and unsettling, if revealing, current revelations regarding black-box agencies, official artful-dodgery and teasingly duplicitous astronauts!  

These in-the-tank entities, good reader, attempt to vulcanize (cauterize?) ufology once again, just lately.  Reality gets less distinct, the existential becomes a rumor of itself, and all corporeality is up for grabs!

UFOs or UAPs?  Bravely progressive or new conventional *wisdom*?  Imagination and artistry or the convenient and arbitrary?  The differences are as vast and profound as space/time itself.

Propitiously then, it would seem, Richard Dolan's third volume of well cited ufological history is soon to be released, eventually.  ...A volume perhaps bringing us all more up to date on these highly strange issues we know and love... nes't ce pas?  ...A new sterile lance for the festering ufological boil?  ...A kick in the cosmological get-along as we grok a looming concrescence individually and collectively?  Tested faith in one another or an untested faith in an imbecilic afterlife wholly responsible for corrupting the current one!
Released sooner, it is hoped.  Six decades of stasis and status quo become increasingly difficult to countenance as time itself (now measurably?) accelerates.

To that end, and in anticipation of same? I contend that a revisit to Dolan's first volumes are in order to more appropriately frame the arrival of the highly anticipated third one.  Consciousness.  Memory.  Conscience.

In other words, reader, I mean to re-couch the stunning impact of Dolan's first (and second) volume as a proper sealer or first and second stage rocket fuel for his third volume.  I am confident this is a meaningful and productive thing to do.  Where we shoot to the stars we cross the impossible river.

...And for the record?  I resent any implication or the remotest speculation that I'm just trying to sell a book here.  My glove is in the reader's face at the mere conjecture.  That said... I hope to ensure an autographed review copy as soon as III is released into the corporeal so I can compose an unvarnished review (...as Volumes One and Two are so composed, actually...) and be myself more informed.  I am confident that Dolan can produce just that kind of book.

...And rest easy, friends and neighbors, I'll be just as effusive panning a sub-standard Volume III, sincerely.  Indeed, Mr. Dolan sets the bar dauntingly high with Volumes I and II.  He is going to be his own hard acts to follow.  I wish him the best of luck and his God's own speed.  I dare Dolan's third stage to fizzle!

Speed's what's needed just now.  Let's put the pedal down.

To start, I suspect that in a more perfect future world a copy of Volume One will be a much respected core text in the history classrooms of highly respected and accredited universities everywhere.  I don't remotely oversell.

Indeed, the volume could (and should!) go into many different kinds of classrooms (from high school to graduate school) right now, as required reading!  It could certainly be a top-listed alternate for many other different kinds of classrooms as well. 

This is not hyperbole, reader.  Remember my glove.

Text book?  Indeed, as a more-than-cogent work of captivating literacy it does the job of a textbook. It catalogues, lists, and indexes like a textbook.  It informs like a text book.  It educates like a textbook. It improves like a text book, yes.

...But it additionally reads more like a top drawer Stephen King novel! It does so, I add, decidedly without reaching for it.  Truth is always a lot weirder than mere fiction, reader, anyway.  Right?  Compelling truth mimicking fiction stuns compellingly.

Oh, it's sans all the fictional whimsy and the interesting and inventive characterizations, even as it keeps some of the bizarre plot twists of a King novel!  Volume One must be without whimsy and characterization of course... you see, it has to be minus those things! The Volume has a special responsibility; however, the reader discovers.  True weirdness replaces whimsy.

See? As much as it can be rationally determined from Dolan's calmly rational explication throughout?  Every word in this book is, very likely, true...


...I know, I know... I can hear the internal dialogue... ...Pause to reflect on it a moment, anyway. Let it squeegee an intuitional third eye on the your courageous cognitive, regardless!  Just freakin' walk with me, OK?  Let those words sink in, even if only for the sake of argument.

"Every word is likely true..."  Woof!  Implication rears its unsettling head.

Be unsettled, its good for you, as Dolan moves right up there with what this writer has generally considered the "Brahms, Bachs, and Beethovens (et sig al)" of classical Ufology.  That's ufology with an unashamed capital "U". Heroes all.

This lengthening list includes my ever evolving ufological taproots, presently E.J. Ruppelt, J.E. McDonald, D. Keyhoe, and J. Vallee. Around these seminal four... are my other very highly respected ufological *musicians*: Friedman, Hall, Clark, Sturrock, Haines, Maccabee, Feschino, Connors, and McKenna, et significant al.  What an orchestra!  Is it too much to say Dolan could conduct a classic score of same?  Bet on it.

Special mention must be made of the person re-lighting the kindling of my interest over a decade ago:  Robert Hastings, an unsung hero (...forgetting all of the preceding are actually pretty *unsung*...)... and forgetting also the illuminating instruction I've subsequently received as a result of Mr. Dolan's work, an instruction indicating a demonstrated need for a much broader and more inclusive roster... One reflecting a more complete ufological *pantheon*, where even the reader takes a small part?  ...I digress.

Quality folks abound, patient reader!  Dolan; however, is an exceptionality.

All of the aforementioned intrepid researchers write, and write effectively, rationally, and relevantly... ...but none have reached out and rung my cognitive gong for a stunning academic connection to UFOs, or remotely grabbed me by the intuitional and inspirational stacking swivels of intellectual sensibilities... ...like Dolan's first volume, "UFOs And The National Security State..."!  

All of the preceding researchers mentioned have rocked my WORLD to one degree or another... Verily, they come to be joined, prominently, by Mr. Dolan.
Sincerely, all the way through his magnificent manuscript one is compelled to take continuous astonished stock of ones shaken sensibilities! Truth.

"...What?!?", readers will frequently exclaim to themselves while on this rich literary journey! All indications are, you see, that what you are reading is the way it "was..." ...THEN, and the way, reader, that it "is..." ...NOW!

Let that sink in too! The universe really is stranger than we know, you know?
Nothing is really as it appears! The *rabbit hole* of which I speak is much, much deeper (and more convoluted) than we ever would have imagined!  All is a self-generated illusion we make up collectively as we go along, the best minds are saying.   

But that's good news, reader, I expect.  Why?  It is because it puts the "Kingdom," right here, at hand!  Doesn't it?   

See, getting out of the cloistered *box* or out-grown play-pen always is a key to the Kingdom... even if you do cut yourself on a knife in the *kitchen*or burn yourself on the *stove*...  I digress again.

Back to Volume One, Dolan informs us that our ufological deck was MARKED from the beginning!  This is without regard to an arbitrary culture's stealthy stacking, double and bottom dealing, or obvious missing cards.  These are cards manipulated from the shadows of that jealous and duplicitous society that culture imposes for the convenience of only a few!  

Revealed outrage!  ...Outrage you can cut with that aforementioned *knife*, friend, by the way!  And that's the problem...Why you're kept intellectually penned by your society at once covetous and jealous of your individual power, reader!  Culture restricts access to new tools!

Verily!  Know that a bill of damaged ufological goods has been sold to us and continues to be sold TODAY by the aforementioned culture, Dolan warns succinctly!  Know only that it is sold in a manner more insidiously and sociopathically evolved than it ever was before, he informs!  Truth again.

Mainstream historical materials were (and are!) of prevaricating issue, and a secondary slight-of-hand of shameless and self-serving duplicity festoons the cruel imperatives of impious and self-serving persons who have errantly published that decidedly bogus history!    Truth, still.

Moreover, these are persons whose only claim to *righteousness*, *power*, and *control* is (and was!)... that they'd had the money...

They'd always had the *money*... They have the money now, reader!  Do you know that as not true?

Unquestionably, Dolan reports in Volume I that a pig in a ufological poke was proffered and shoved down the throat of a fearful, war-weary, already sacrificing, but badly informed citizenry since the 40's... ...by a lapdog media, even then

"Fearful, war-weary, already sacrificing... badly informed..." and doesn't that sound familiar even today, reader?  An eerie foreshadowing.

Think that media has gotten any less capable of that unethical and self-serving manipulation?  Return to the *guess* queue for another, if you do.

Additionally, Dolan reports, at the same time, the beginnings of a coterie of insane and unaccountable black-box-agencies-without-oversight schemes and maneuvers (Hoover-drones!).  These busily, secretly, unethically... illegally... immorally... exercise their programs ...resulting in our aggregate personal ignorance and our contrived uninformed *consent*as a society today!  

...This is of course forgetting the incandescent hatred individual American citizens must endure from much of the rest of the world currently... largely as a result of the reported mal-management and agency chicanery iterated, chronicle-ized, if not proved in Dolan's pages!

...As the preceding world "burns," its skies remain pregnant with unidentified —all but ignored if startlingly INCREDIBLE—flying objects! These are objects capable of the most astounding, other worldly, and flatly impossible aerodynamics achievable!  These are objects, moreover, not found *within* but  outside our aggregate imagination!  They are the *other*!

My hyperbole circuit-breaker remains ice cold. 

From the very beginning, Dolan clearly demonstrates, and at the very start (of the "modern flap" in 1947?), CREDIBLE people were giving CREDIBLE reports to CREDIBLE officials running CREDIBLE investigations, and these reports were, in turn, considered CREDIBLE by the even more elevated and hyper CREDIBLE!

That's incredible!

What happened? Where did that "imperative of credibility" go, and go so abruptly and suspiciously? Dolan has more than a little rational insight into that!

Rest easy, reader, even as your short hairs curl!  Dolan provides this insight while being assiduously careful with the facts of ufological history ...and history in general! In a long and painstaking research effort Dolan has produced a work so incisive, well-ordered, and reasonable that the well cultivated fog usually surrounding the subject of ufology begins to lift like a micro-waved cloud!  

Yes! Wary of the usual "woo-woo" pitfalls, Dolan is hugely successful in providing facts that a reader can put on their own framework of ufological understanding.  The reader is free to derive their own ufological conclusions!

*Answers* are not supplied so much as they are refreshingly replaced by rational discussion of the facts as they occur in time... but one can still derive all the *answers* one can handle, honored reader, be unsettled! You can connect the dots well passed what might make you uncomfortable... and then know that many *dots* remain.  More good news!  The better dot is the known dot.  Blissful ignorance is a lie.

Dolan refuses to insult the reader's intelligence by dictating conclusions like some *researchers*. Dolan is a real historian, I add, unlike canted pretenders like PK, and I'm only telling you what I've observed!  

Truth, I suspect, though Heaven falls...  And if it so easily can fall, reader?  It probably should.

Grabbing indiscriminately from Dolan's book, some of the discussion includes Dolan's very reasonable thinking on how and why UFOs are treated as a cultural joke.  It covers how and why *grand* underrated conspiracies are patently real!  He also exposes the too conveniently and reflexively interpreted subversive nature of UFOs... perhaps the real problem with UFOs, you'll come to find finishing the volume, for the *mainstream* loathing onus to which I allude!  ...The "Catbird" is reluctant to give up his ill-got seat!

The mainstream cultural mechanisms in place for the de-legitimization of ufology are identified and iterated.  Indications are exposed regarding ufological secrets that are merely representative of... even more astonishing secrets! Let THAT sink in!  What a wondrous world we COULD be living in but for the soulless arbitrary manipulating us!
Additionally, the unsettling suggestion that the aggregate secrecy furiously maintained, facilitated, and protected by a non-accountable and non-elected *leadership* alluded to here is that these secrets are kept... likely NOT for the reader's benefit, and indeed to an eventual detriment at the ufological denouement! Verily! Yes!

From the book: Do stiff-walking and anal skeptics reveal their pompous ignorance, prejudice, and presumptive conservativeness with the questions they ask... and the questions they refuse to ask? Have many more "quality" persons had *encounter experiences* with genuine UFOs than we know about?  Was the infamous, tone-setting, and high-water "Condon Committee" infiltrated, torpedoed, and a patent fraud from the start?  Ditto the "Robertson Panel"? 

Does ufology really rate a respectable History? Why? How long has our government actually been spying on its rank and file citizenry?  When!? What must have occurred at Roswell?  How? What are the interests of ephemerally covert intelligence communities regarding UFOs, then... and so likely worse now?

Can Mr. Dolan provide citation for his incredible, far reaching, and illuminating report?  Hundreds, reader!  Read the book. The preceding teasers don't even get past the first chapter! Read the book!  Buckle up, prepare for warp, reader, but read the book!  Strap yourself down and hit the switch for hyper-speed, but read the book!

Read the book to hone a cutting edge for the inexorable future! Read the book to become more than a mere buff of the garden-variety ufological! Read the book to begin a process of scraping the cultural scales of the last century from insulted eyes ready to enjoy a new clarity of that more unfettered human vision!

...Read the book and exercise a new freedom! Read the book to catapult us all to the very real STARS! Read the book, friends and neighbors, to come refreshingly and positively... newly... alive!

It's a textbook. It's a riveting account! It's stranger than fiction, more informative than a quality self-help manual, and it is a genuine ufological secular bible masquerading as a hot page-turner!  The aforementioned hyperbole breaker remains icy.

I could go and on, be more effusive yet (believe that!), but I pause with reluctance (if to the relief of some... I'm sure.) so the abused reader can visit the site below for an affordable (cheap at three times the price, friends and neighbors!) copy of their own. This book is off the tall end of the star scale, seriously! I unabashedly give it my highest possible recommendation, still!

Finally!  A book regarding the ufological FUTURE, written about the ufological PAST, and providing some REAL insight on the... real, remember (!)... ufological PRESENT!
"Real History" folks, earning every parsec of Apollo "14" astronaut Edgar Mitchell's towering endorsement on the thick book's (decidedly clever if simple!) cover. "Thorough and Monumental," that justifiably elite moon-walker said...

With all respect to Doctor Mitchell... His comment is actually reduced to stupefying understatement! Were even a sizable minority of (real) Americans (forgetting for a moment persons anywhere!) to read this book, the aggregate holistic sensibility of the entire world could take a quantum leap forward!

This book is that important; this book has that imperative; this book is that current and relevant... ( the book should have been written back in 1949 and we would now inhabit that living ring of breathtaking construction in our own asteroid belt I'd written about earlier... ...be reaching out to the promise of the ever beckoning stars)!

In closing? This writer's hyperbole circuit-breaker never popped, nor even got warm! 

Believe it. 

Volume II next, reader. Read on.


Regan Lee said...

Excellent as always Alfred, and I agree that Dolan's first two volumes belong in schools.

Cynthia said...

I'm looking forward to Vol III !

Anonymous said...

I believe that anyone who reads anything about UFO's, or thinks they are interested in the subject, should read the first two volumes. If they did, it would stop the silly abusive "skepticism" when someone recounts an experience that seems odd, improbable, or impossible. Chances are, there was someone who made a report on a UFO related experience, some year, in some country, and Dolan found it and included it in one of his books.

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