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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Socialism's Security Reaction

Appropriated from a work by Regan Lee

Socialism's Security
by Alfred Lehmberg

In this new year and on the subject of Social Security: True... It's the rare even mythical human being who can appreciate what they have not worked for. Air is only ever appreciated where there is none to effortlessly breathe.

We all understand how this works, even to that man and woman wholly honest with themselves. Ease is rot. Reason must then dictate that an unworthy "gift-receiving" person is not a "served" person, at all, but a wrongly indemnified person "indebted" to or even "enslaved" by that "unearned" gift... as is touted by a decidedly more secure GOP. The gift "receiver" gets used to "clean air" and then there must be misery later on when "the gift" MUST be taken from them.

"Free stuff" is a bane and not a blessing, or certainly can be a bane more often than not! Look at the fates of lotto winners! Addiction and excess! Ruin and debt! Early death! The "no-gifting" logic appears faultless. The Republicans would appear to be correct.

Then, No. No, not at all! Not if you won't credit their scurvy premise, and their premise IS scurvy! 

These "Republicans"... these treasonous buzzards circling road-kill on a busy thoroughfare they had voted not to put a traffic light on... They would be correct, might be correct... only if Social Security and Medicare were doles... or gifts... or handouts... an "enslaving manna insensibly tossed to the undeserving" and not a "humane REACTION to our cruel civil existentiality, worsening every day"! No... one does not pay in for a lifetime... for a gift!

Social Security is a "reaction," see, and a very sensibly just one, at that, too! Observe! You earned every penny of your Social Security

You paid DEAR into it, citizen, your whole working life in the first place, and your Social Security employer's contribution (forgetting Medicare) has only ever been the wages that your employer should have been paying you (and then you saving?)... in the first f'n place!!! 

Do you get that!! Jesus, man! Social Security is a humane reaction to the mechanisms of a crow's murder... no, a Raven's unkindness... of psychopathic monsters!! Right-wing billionaires, IOW. A reaction!

It is a sensible reaction to reptilian Walmart/McDonald's like corporations paying slaves wages to harried employees so taxpayers have to pick up the dime via Food Stamps and Medicaid, later on!

It is a sentient reaction to dwindling pensions and health benefits from predatory and reptilian corporate transnationals to middle-class families too quickly slip-sliding to the squalor-status of the working poor!

It is a rational reaction to decades of wealth trickling up since Reagan, while foreclosures, investment failures, vulture capitalists, and crushing debt rained down on the well-betrayed people "beneath" them!

It is a just reaction to hyper-privileged Americans not proud to pay a fair share and then even gaming the system they already corrupt to pay less, hide assets, and weaponize convenient monetary loopholes placed there, specifically, for their use by their own rewarded agents!

It is a righteous reaction to those using as a disingenuous excuse the largely unsupported "fact" that "people don't respect and appreciate what they haven't worked for"... to abuse people, short-change people, cheat people, and prey upon people... all for an unethical pecuniary gain entirely at the people's expense as expendable, if sometimes useful, insects... insects beneath concern, contempt, or the remotest consideration, finally! Grease for unconcerned wheels beyond all reasonable responsibility. Reptiles, as was mentioned, heretofore.

Social security is not a "grift," a "gift" or a "handout." An employer pays the wages he should have been paying the employee, to start, and the employee ponies up a huge chunk besides, as already pointed out. Money held in reserve, for later! ...350 odd million People taking reasonable care and responsibility for one another in an efficacious and efficient civil society based on sense and science and accessorized by a creatively constructive philosophy. 

Social Security is earned! Wholly and undeniably!

Beginning our approach for landing... Social Security is a humane reaction by people of principle elected to our Federal Government, in all sense one hopes, to reparate working Americans of the 99%... for the thievery, graft, and predations of Reaganesque PIRATES in the 1%... endured to one degree or another since the founders founded this Nation! It is earned, morally and ethically, at all levels and indices! It should be GREATER!

Republicans very profitably confuse apples and oranges to come up with their own orange-tinted soiled adult diaper, at best. Also at best? That they are merely disingenuous! At worst they are faithless hypocrites, craven liars, and gloating psychopaths alluded to. Monstrous psychotics, even! That's still lipstick on a pig!

Expand Social Security. We wouldn't need to if a reasonable employer paid a reasonable wage, but they don't or won't (it's not that they can't!) unless compelled! Reptiles show cause to be coerced to mammalian behavior, by mammals for mammals.   

Resolved: it may be immutable that they cannot be reasonable! Hense, Social Security becomes necessary. Yes! A mandated necessity!

This writer is a veteran of air combat and holds a Bronze Star, so step off as regards his patriotism, but it occurs to the perspicacious that the Socialist aspects of our National Society are the only thing making these United States, and remotely, a worthwhile Country to live in at all! I'll stand by that!

At 73, I've lived frugally, saved my money, and secured a military pension ... but it's the socialism of Social Security and Medicare (et sig al) that allows me any... dignity... at all. But for these, with my medical issues, I might be dead or in the street.

Closing, this writer offers that we might embrace that which has proved to be worthwhile and eschew that which would relieve us of same. Both sides are NOT proactive on that! RESIST! I will!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Encounter At Ascot Park—1974.

I know what I saw...

Encounter At 
Ascot Park1974.
By Scott Santa (with Alfred Lehmberg)

The exact date is not recalled, but on one day in August 1974, a pseudonym friend and I, “Mike,” we'll call him... had nothing going on. Bored and idle, we elected to go to the drive-in movies. 

I must add here that I only seem to recall, at this point, that I was with someone at all… I likely was, I think I was, ...but I am just not sure. 

I could have been alone, but I caution that this was just a part of the overall "weird," upcoming. Moreover, this peculiar uncertainty, if that's what it was, speaks directly, reader, only to the high strangeness of the evening’s whole affair. At the outset, I inform the perspicacious person that, retired career military, I am a credible person with a credible reputation.

Back at the drive-in, it was a beautiful summer evening; that much is clearly remembered! There was not a cloud in the sky—stars were everywhere, stars so thick they looked like they could even be reached up to and actually touched—real Starry Night stuff!  

We paid for our tickets, drove in, and parked… in the back, of course! We’re 19 in 1974 and always hoping to find that mythic car full of like-minded ladies! 

It was not quite a full house that night, but the place was adequately packed. There was a gang of noisy kids playing at that obligatory playground always just under and in front of the screen… everyone was settled in and ready to watch a couple of the now unremembered movies... 

This was a “normal” night as normal and mundane as ever there was one observed as normalized to true normal, ok? Too, there was no foreboding tenseness… no unsettling portends or eerie foreshadowing… neck hair was decidedly down. 

We got some food and drinks and settled in to watch the cartoons. We'd sit quietly munching for a few minutes, watching the silliness and waiting for the movie... then, annoyed, I would become distracted by this bizarre movement peripheral to the screen, a creeping movement where movement just should not be (!)! 

…I could just begin to make out this creeping sharp-edged “something” approaching the movie screen from behind and above… then, just like that! …A HUGE, and I do mean MONSTROUS... a gargantuan “object” (!!!), reader, was suddenly resolved in my perception... a boomerang-like chevron ...thing... loomed into view! It towered over the top and above the screen! It dwarfed the parking area! It's like it was all the eye could see as far as that eye could see!

I shouted to Mike, asking if he could see it, too, and yes, "…what the hell is that!" was his reply. ...That reply, by the way, was to be near our last on the subject... ...ever! Flag down, reader (you'll see!)! ...Then the object moved

Its speed of advance was an awesome languidness; my best guess is that it is no more than 10-15 mph! Too, it seemed to float, rather more dirigible-likethan fly

It had no lights; there was no illumination of any kind! Indeed, it could only be seen at all because the object was so coalsack black and unreflective that it blotted out the brilliant starfield in the sky behind it! It was, and utterly, reader… silent. More on that in a moment.

“Mike” and I boiled out of our car at some point! Then, We'd just stand and stare at this fulsome and inexplicable impossibility

 Again, the size of this "craft" (for want of a better term?) was nothing short of enormous! From wingtip to wingtip it overlapped the drive-in enclosure itself, in fact... it dwarfed it! It "dwarfed" it by the proverbial 3-4 football fields as can be seen in the illustration below! Ominously, then, it proceeded in a straight line to waft right over the top of the first row of cars and heading right towards me! 

By this time I could observe that almost everyone was out of their vehicles like ourselves, pointing to the sky, and looking around—quite possibly to make sure everyone else was seeing the same thing! There were plenty of witnesses! ...Everyone in the bleeding park saw this thing!

As the object continued on—not quite immediately over my head, yet, but on its way—ALL of the lights in the drive-in, and abruptly as if thrown on a single switch, went out! The movie stopped; the concession stand went black! Running cars died... I noticed that several people were trying to start their cars and leave! Their cars were dead, too. All we had left for light was the starfield, now even MORE brilliant!

As difficult as this is to explain—I was aware of all of this occurring around me! Though, my recollection is that I never really took my eyes off of the object, overhead, ever! 

I add that there wasn't any panic expressed around me! I didn't feel any myself! "Mike" seemed OK, given the circumstances... 

I could tell some of the folks were completely terrified, yet all were zombified into rigidity, if the reader will, into some strange and unusual immobility! Mesmerized? Glamoured? Enchanted?

Mike and I weren't speaking by this time. I do not recollect us ever speaking again, actually. At this juncture, I felt as if I might be by myself (though I wasn't, I seem to recall…)... so my over-riding recollection is that my senses and extreme focus of concentration were employed staring at this wafting yet monstrous "thing" as it continued on its way! 

By the time it arrived right over the top of us, strangeness starting to ramp up unsettlingly! I could feel that something wasn't quite right with my perceptions! The air started to feel thick and gooey!  

I could even see and feel that the air around us was shimmering thickly as if it were… well, similar to what one sees on top of egg-cooking asphalt or cement on a hot summer day at noon… but minus the heat, reader, and at night—just the blurringly wavy distortions of it. It was like the air had an unnatural weight and density to it, too! The air "felt" like honey or molasses! We both perceived that it was somewhat difficult to move in it I seem to recall! 

I remember my ears popping, even, though it was completely silent around us, otherwise. Quiet like a tomb! I could hear Mike, I think, if he’d spoken, but we could not hear anything else. It was not deafness; it was just that quiet. 

The other people around were not talking or yelling... nothing! Astonished immobility like headlight frozen deer? No clue!

I add that the shimmering air had the effect of making one feel as if they were walking underwater! One can read where this is now understood as the "OZ" effect. 

As an aside, I felt that were I to have reached down and picked up a larger piece of the gravel, I could have thrown it up and hit this thing slowly hovering over us. That's how close it appeared to be! I was struck again by the complete and utter silence around me… 

Oddly, everyone seemed to be in a funk and just standing around looking at this foreboding and psychotic "thing." As to that, it never veered or changed direction and hovered over top of the park for what seemed like 10 minutes. Though, I cannot be sure of this length of time. Time got "funny." Time may have even gotten lost, reader! I say lost in that current sense...

The object was traveling from the west and proceeding languidly on its easterly track. Finally, when it cleared a vacant property and was over a vast field of undeveloped acreage behind the drive-in, the "OZ" effect ceased and just disappeared! ...Another switch thrown!

I felt as if a weight had been abrubtly lifted off of me, the air very suddenly thinned out to lose its shimmer, and "normal time" returned! I think we all felt that! 

…Startlingly, ALL of the lights flicked back on! Everyone must have jumped. I know I did! The cartoon started and the snack stand lit back up, some cars started… just like that, reader! Some aforementioned "lightswitch" had been re-flipped to "on"! 

I continued to watch this object, for my part, until it disappeared from my view in the distance to our east. It never changed course and ever "flew" or floated in a straight line. Hands down, it was the most incredible thing this person has ever seen... ...Then stuff got really weird...

Once I lost sight of it I got back in my car, almost robotic-like, and then just completely forgot all about the whole strange affair! ...Just... forgot! What I had just witnessed was just dropped from my mind... dropped like what color socks I had on that day in 1962! 

“Mike” and I did not speak to each other about it… ever! We just carried on with watching the movie as if nothing had happened. Apparently, so did everyone else in the park. At least, this is my recollection. 

No one, I mean nobody, was running around asking questions or doing anything but watching the movie and acting normally. I recall having to go to the bathroom sometime afterward and as usual, there was a bit of a line to get in... only, no one talked about it! No one said a word about what just happened! That should be a flag thrown with a reflecting person!

Moreover, when the movie was over, I don't remember leaving or what happened afterward. All that is a complete and utter blank! 

...But obviously, I dropped Mike off and went home completely forgetting what had just happened. I mean, I put it out of my mind altogether! Another flag down, reader!

I have no idea what time I got home that night or even what time we left each other, another complete blank! I never told my brother or my parents what had occurred! There were no news stories later on! In fact, I had a bit of a black hole in my memory from that point on, and until some years later! 

I was in a bookstore and happened upon a paperback edition of Edward Ruppelt’s The Report On Unidentified Flying Objects, and BANG! The experience flooded back in upon me as if a software gate had been installed and abruptly opened! Recalled Lost Memory download! It was bizarre!

Well, truly, and strangely compelled, I had to sit down and absorb this book! I was almost overwhelmed by it and the memories it provoked! I had lost contact with "Mike" by this time, years later as I've said, so was unable to verify the experience with him... but in my mind’s eye? It was as clear as any day can be as long... 

...And not to put the reader off? I confess I have my suspicions, now, about the aforementioned "missing (weirded) time," alluded to above. After years of reflection, it seems obvious that something other than just a Close Encounter sighting may have happened... only, I have never explored that aspect. That seems a beast best not poked...

Still, I highly suspect that "something else" may have happened, to me personally, and maybe to everyone else in the park, as well! I do not know, I cannot recall anything like that, but there is that gut instinct nagging at me continuously that there was something, some further interaction, something else I was supposed to do or remember... something… 

This is an inexplicable and unrequited itch that has never gone away after that chance encounter with Edward Ruppelt's book. ...But why did I forget it until then? All those thrown penalty flags above come due for the reasonable person...

I was, without question, confronted with "something" that was distinctly impossible! I add that it happened as I have described it, despite the fantastic scenario that is manifested in a reader’s imagination. ...I've never had the luxury of disbelief, myself.

It has been suggested to me that I put an ad in the local paper to see if there was anyone else who happened to have recalled the affair. After mulling that option over I decided it would not be such a great idea. I can only imagine the responses I would get. But I'm okay with that at this point.

Like I stated previously I don’t have the luxury of disbelief, nor do I need validation from anyone. It’s like the sentiment expressed best in the James Fox documentary, I Know What I Saw

Reader… I know what I saw. I just don't know what it did to me... if anything, except to provoke an undying interest in the subject. 

It was a most confusing event for which I wish there was some explanation, but that’s where it must be left. There’s throwing everything away chasing a teasing and ephemeral unknown, reader… or there is trying to live a normal life. 

Remains? I know what I saw.


Monday, December 14, 2020

...Heir To The Stars...


...So, what's on our list 
keeping "Saucers" at bay? 
Much I'd surmise, 
but a few must be said. 
...Betrayals allowing for benefits, say, 
for elites who live well 
on the backs that they break!
Don't think this unwitnessed!
We embarrass ourselves
To believe there're no witnesses
observing our hell.
Conscience demands 
that humility, friend.
...And where we won't "sail" one? 
We'll lose any wind.
I've said it before, 
and I'll say it again, 
that it's good to be *rich*, 
but you've got to contend 
with the minimal mote 
who is heating your water ... 
your builder, enrich-er
your *mover*—your *starter*!
Power is always
dependant on those
providing its provenance
for "power," as known.
Though, it goes to a dark place
if it's not obliged
to those who provide it...
one's less than surprised.
Treat 'her' like dirt, say 
or pay 'him' slave's wages... 
and trouble is written 
to copious pages! 
Enmity's earned for this 
class-war betrayal—
predictably crass if 
a common portrayal.
It's, such as which, this ...
keeping *saucers* away! 
...And for this we should kneel... 
...or grovel and pay? 
The saucers aren't landing 
for obvious reasons! 
See, we're not friendlyforgiving
we're viciousegregious!
...Let's posit one reason 
why saucers won't land! 
Why, it's WIRE festooned 
by that "throttling hand"!
See, wire's the web 
of a power-mad spider!
Dragons like SMAUG!
Drug-dealers! Connivers!
The transmission of power, 
above ground, is immoral, 
given it's hanging, 
like nets, in the sky. 
Drooping from towers, 
offending the senses, 
it wastes precious dollars, 
and destroys valued lives. 
These lives are too precious 
(and too many by far), 
for enduring inequity—
they're heir to the STARS!
...And heir to these stars, 
it's their birthright to go "there"! 
Like learning to fly 
is the right of a dove! 
We are a potential 
beyond our perception. 
We're not alone, 
and the other's above!  
Composed of a "star stuff," 
we've the strength of its will
We'd challenge Unknowns
and we'd thrive on that thrill!
...But "our lives are entangled 
in draperies of wire," 
which, producing a field
—connived and conspired—
distorts able thinking 
we'd feel apart
from the "rays" so ablating...
 our funereal start? 

These "fields" produced 
are affecting our senses 
in manners all planned 
and contrived, sans consensus
Electric control 
of our minds these extol! 
Their wire is naught 
but a tool with its toll!
It's the rule of the *wealthy*—
their ghastly plutocracy! 
These mock a "fair play," 
and they bugger Democracy. 
Too, still are these "nets" 
installed above ground 
where they kill and distort—
it offends! It's unsound!
What manner of being 
betrays, so, its innocence? 
Who tightens their grip 
on the weakest of throats? 
Who sets into motion, say, 
the betrayals of "Tesla"?  
Who preys on the "short-changed," 
and milks them like goats?
Who dumps on their own 
for a profit's percentage, 
and what would these do 
What saucer then lands? 
...They'd avoid us completely, 
appalled with our ethics 
and offended by our race!
Tesla? He's power
that "humans" aspire to!
A power for mammals!
Sentient! Farseeing! 
Edison's power
is power for reptiles!
Reflexive! Insentient!
Only "cash" has a "meaning"!
...See, wire's not the single thing
that keeps us so alone! 
It's but symptom of some process
which, then, cannot be condoned! 
And yes, as we have done such... 
to ourselves... 
we'd surely do...  "another." 
For this we're lost, then, yes... ignored!
—Shunned, so remaining "undiscovered "!
Would that be our epitaph?
The grunting of a swine...
precluding any membership 
In a heaven we could find?
...Or perhaps even hell,
we'd FIND what we looked for!
Mere humans at last?
We're in at the ground floor!
...So... it's back to "humility"
as we're not the jewel
in the crown of creation:
the thinking of fools.
No, it's all upon us.
We can't blame a God
we invent for that purpose.
That God is a fraud!  

  • Quarantined? Incarcerated Psychopaths!? What!? Who? Us? The crown of creation?!?  Those whom "the Angels" serve? The favorites of God?!  Yeah... Push a sock in that shit!

  • Restore John Ford!

Saturday, November 28, 2020

...The Information Void?

The Information Void

The Information Void?
by Alfred Lehmberg

I'd just read some John Velez, a noted ET abductee and certainly one of the more credible ones expressing themselves (and bravely as it turns out!) on that subject. He was performing his outraged and oft-repeated, if wholly justified, jeremiad over at UFO UpDates (what was the undenied Cadillac of ufological Lists last century) regarding a certain paucity of constructive relevancy in the new SCI-FI Declassified cable series. SFD was typical of a series of programs on a very new Science Fiction Channel exploring paranormal subjects... and the ufological in particular. 

Many of these programs do fail to achieve the low bar they set for themselves. This was the first program in the particular series regarded, and with but few bright spots it was pretty bad... but that's not the point!

The late Richard Hall (a very highly respected golden-age UFO researcher, still!) had uttered sentiments similar to Velez's, regarding that paucity of intelligently credible ufological relevance in the media. His was about a related subject regarding the very credible Incident At Socorro. Together, their strident invective included the expected outrage contained in an exclaimed [if paraphrased] "scurrilously distracting woo-woo detractors of [their] beloved (if parochial) Ufology, causing science to dismiss [them]." This was a position they'd taken... earnestly, with such earnest conviction... and with regularity. They'd shout that message over and over into an especially unresponsive vacuum. "Idiots and charlatans make us look bad."

Rational though that message would try to be, it is an overweening sentiment filled with off the mark if outraged passions, it is offered, misdirected angry indignations, if the reader will, but reflexive and off the mark dismissals for the "fringe loopy-ness", they angrily outline, as predominantly responsible for the aggregate disrespect (!) that the study of UFOs invariably receives from "Science," that which would, of course, give it all credibility, otherwise. Don't tell this writer that this is not the up-shot. 

Self-honesty provokes the self-admission that something is underlying all the craziness otherwise decried as the "woo-woo culprit"... when this "distracting craziness" is only ever in the place of what would be there to observe... if we only HAD that self-honesty to make these self-admissions in the first place: the admissions that honest relevance and informational transparency, reader, be demanded of our officiality

Take a moment to remember! Likely? We are NOT the "crown of all creation." We can only aspire to it. We're mistakes making mistakes.

...So let's digress momentarily to foreshadow some optimism on that assertion! We could make good on the aspiration alluded to above! How? By doing the sensible thing: embrace a sane secular gylany and don't care, overmuch, who gets the credit for a forecasted success. It's really that simple... and foreshadowing all the optimism alluded to and felt by this writer!

Back at the ranch, we observe that, as is customary with parochial worldviews, and with seeming invariability, these miss the proverbial broad side of the cosmic barn by the obligatory parsec, if I may, god bless 'em, and all respect heartily proffered [these intellectually bankable guys alluded to (Velez & Hall) are a real deal!]! Still, though, by way of example, theirs is the speech that defines an attitude missing the point and so, very sadly, in no way addressing their very legitimate concerns. Their aim is awry.

What is the point? ...Walk with me. [g]. No, really! You have to walk with me. Step carefully. First?

The much-maligned *fringe*, unfortunately, is the only "reality" seemingly available for some, and that may be this perceived societal construction in a contrived nutshell, right there! Society is not volunteering a solution to the problem! Society is only humiliated by UFOs, so they let that sleeping dog lie! That may be the point! Embarrassing stuff is hidden in plain sight and dismissable for that! Wheat judged for chaff,  a result of company kept! 

The fringe is inhabited by loose cannon adherents to strange beliefs and alternate philosophies (not all bad!), forgetting the bright spark of innocent veracity at the center of all of it... and fueling all the rest! This writer has been cast in that fringe! 

Now, all desire truth's satisfaction. This writer does. That is what is reached for even as we might be incapable of its grasp. That spark is the desire to know ...but be secure in the knowing. Be rewarded for it. Be elevated. Be improved. Be "there."

Identifying the spade and the elephant in the room and calling same, typically, these fringe-dwellers do; however, (in the aggregate) earn every bit of the skepticism, derision, and challenged veracity they generate, facilitated and habituated as they are by slick hucksters, clever con-men, and strident scalawags! Bad hombres!

These are persons of extreme sociopathy most must decry! True, these work gleefully in a perversion even of their own psychopathy! These sin against aggregate humanity to empower themselves with the existential truth which, it is reasoned by the desperately unsatisfied, must be there! Three persons in a hundred, in NORMAL times. Stress produces more. These will bleed you out for shoelaces if they don't perceive a downside!

But, don't get that excited! These are in the vast if noisy MINORITY (actually) of those persons just pointed out! ...And, they are, still, not the issue! 

More at issue (...but not there, yet!) are the rank and file *believers* or adherents to these "wacky" beliefs and "facile" philosophies! Those who (perhaps!) innocently support the hucksters, con-men, and scalawags; persons who give those scabrous raptors their power and influence, and without whom those slick-mouthed scurrilous, legitimately reviled by Hall and Velez I point out, are rendered impotent and powerless

Even psychopaths need air. I've been there and been subjected to that! ...Even had Hall and Velez on my ass about it, once (#mortellaro), a story for another time!

Why do THESE persons [ME, too!] believe the "scabrous scurrilous"? That's the point Mr. Velez or Mr. Hall can't seem to address, put their finger on, or seemingly even admit exists.

Forget, for a moment, that the Ufology suggested by persons such as Velez and Hall does not (and cannot... will not... shall not!) exist in any real form for them as they would have it. That is the province only of the "moving"-"shakers." The man

The rank and file will only profit where profit has already been made and there is that mythical trickle-down to the lesser from the greater, trickle-down that just couldn't be sopped up otherwise, eh? That which was necessary for them to pay out. Such is the new fascism just voted down... if NOT away... 

So, the "very inappropriately revered" peer review in its present censoring form, this two-color science data avoiding, and too, the rigid... and so, not socritical thinking they'd approach respectfully and to which their qualifying lip-service is deceptively paid... An overburdened Occam, reader, has failed them... ...because Velez and Hall are (ironically!) alone on that page of investigative music they'd wish to be seen played! 

See? They, alone, are playing by the rules only presumed in use by "all," rules honorable and uncanted, consistent and inclusive... just and fair. No! There are other axes to be ground and so axes presupposing!

Verily, the scientific mainstream that these support and to which they'd otherwise give credit (adoration?) has no respect for them, shall not validate them, and is arbitrarily closed to them. It shall not credit them in any way. It cannot! To credit them is to invalidate themselves! And besides, they've already rendered their dismissive "verdict" on these wholly "uninvestigated" issues! Better for all concerned that critics and commentators pointed their rage at that, instead, but I digress. 

Remember what UFOs do to Science for its temerity in their regard, though... They humiliate it as Terence McKenna and J. Vallee point out and that was alluded to earlier.

Ready examples of this aforementioned and widespread parochial "attitude," Velez and Hall consider the scientific mainstream, apparently, a possible friend or ally and in their camp... ...while it, in turn, considers them its hostile enemy, not so ironically—unwelcome in ANY camp! See Velez & Hall are about getting to the bottom of UFOs—going down that rabbit hole, come hell or high-water but aspiring to efficacy though heaven falls! Uh-oh...

...Can't have that! That rattles too many pecuniary chains on too many corporate cage doors... diminishes "contribution" to too many collection plates! Catbirds get antsy! Gold dripping billionaire Dragons SMAUG stir and fret their loathsome lamentations! ...And worse! 

Self-deluded into thinking that they are on the same team with it, these gentlemen blithely pander to its supposed rationality and pursue its appreciated favor when, rationally, that favor can never be bestowed or returned... The moment that it does a mainstream ceases to be the "mainstream" that this "mainstream" is: a hijacked and therefore corrupted, immaterial, and invalidated faux-mainstream mechanism serving powerful persons able to buy into the prohibitively expensive game! ...We can observe that even institutional egos die hard.

There is nothing "main-stream" about the mainstream, honored reader. It has ALWAYS been manipulated by unelected and unaccountable elites (now more than ever where the aspiration to renewable energy and sustainable living strategies are ignored for reverse mortgages, boner pills, and "clean" coal)... through this writer's humble and undeserving lens ...to pursue the current ulterior and self-serving agenda. It has always been a fabricated lap-dog of the REAL villain in this piece, that aforementioned monied "unaccountable." A pox on 'em all and one.

Why do people believe? This is asked airily dismissing whatever Dr. Shermer (or any other noted CSIcopian) has to say on the subject. "What is proposed without evidence can be dismissed without evidence," these would propound as long as that served them?  Their sneering rejection and raw reflexive denial; however, renders their contribution worse than irrelevant! Caustic and toxic! Less than convincing, the smell of ulterior and self-serving motive all over it!

Scientistic (sic) fundamentalism is actually as scurrilous and dangerous as its faux-religious cousin!  Worse actually! Science can use interpretations of facts and so not have to fall back on that ever accommodating Golden-McGuffin "faith"... Rupert Shelldrake knows what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Derisively accused, once, of being a ufological believer, adjacent personage Margaret Mead (at her death in 1978 the most renowned anthropologist in the world!) countered that the only thing she *believed* about UFOs was that they remained [suspiciously!] unidentified after centuries of observation! ...And that is the crux of the matter brightly tied with an iridescent bow! We don't know and denial of that unknowing is ludicrous where it is not socially destructive. Just what is "known," reader, that so facilitates this grand and uncompromising "unknowing"?

People "believe" because they are hardwired to believe in something, something that they might believe has more substance than what's ladled out to them from the official, if unswervingly mendacious, it must seem, party line or tithe demand. Something FIRM on which to stand and build. We rank and file are such pathetic and trusting fools, waiting in line for someone to tell us what we think we want to hear...

For all the massive evidence encompassing facets of the personal, photographic, historical, physical, and quality anecdotal regarding UFOs, UFOs remain bereft of identification or the simple *mainstream* admission that they even exist even as they are readily perceived! How crazy is that? That's like being told it's not snowing while seeing the snow and feeling it melt coldly on your face! How much faith are we to take it THAT advisory? This is bald cultural treachery plain as the nose on the reader's mug! These are noses presumed of course... a good bet!

To wit! The point! This OBVIOUS denial of observable fact (not limited to just the ufological by the way!) creates the "informational void" that the aforementioned "denied" (you and me)... ...abhor and must endeavor to fill—any way we can!

Human nature is revolted by the soul-vacuum (or void) that this demonstrated and facilitated lack of quality information precipitates! Nature abhors the vacuum in turn, and all know the imperative of nature to fill a vacuum, even if the vacuum is educational, informational, or intellectual. Especially, on reflection, when it is educational, informational, or intellectual!

Into this knowledge "void" of many (otherwise earnest!) individuals pours the likes of the Heavens Gate Cult, the Urantians, the Raelians, the Unarians, and even the still jailed (?) Sean David Mortons... or Richard Boylans and Steven Greers. Christianity, Islam, and other more quasi-religious memes (Like Scientology)... cognitive baubles to distract and mollify "satisfyingly"... many others the exact same way... filling *that* which cries out to be filled: the yawning hungry sink-hole of personal ignorance! 

It is culture's betrayal of its participants about their ignorance that this "informational sinkhole" is remotely allowed... consummately tolerated! ...Feels good to pack wet sand where your sensibilities could be? Maybe for some. This writer gonna pass on that wet sand, himself.

Is the *information void* created (directly) by any of the preceding? No. These groups and individuals regarded (assuming, for a moment, their lack of veracity) only take unethical ADVANTAGE, at worst, of the aforementioned "void" already there. They're there to get sucked in where quality information is not extant to do their obscenely selfish grift. From where does the information "void", then, come?

Rather predictably, I guess, I offer that the information "void" is a function of the duplicity and obfuscation busily perpetrated by a class society functioning for the benefit of the few against (and at the expense of) the "mal-legislated many."  The information "void" is a toxic byproduct of a corrupt culture that cannot maintain its spurious status quo unless it arbitrarily controls (read restricts) the flow of that information it regards as threatening to its jealously patriarchal existence. One can see how that might work.

The "information void" is the poison fruit nurtured in public education (read non-education), then, and foisted on the trusting by institutions allegedly created to serve those trusting—only, even preying on them instead! The information "void" is a result, then, of a contrived system more concerned with the individuals who manipulate it (them!) than it is with the individuals who empower it (you and me)! Us and Them, again, only we're not the ones moving off from observational rationality for the convenience of an unethical pecuniary control manipulation! It's them turning the blind informative eye but putting our ignorance in their service!

No... "We," the ones seeing the very suspiciously operating UFOs, are the ignorant abandoned to our ignorance, by design, for the convenience of the manipulative and wholly uncaring! Who is it profiting so interminably on our aggregate ignorance about things?

Information that is at cross purposes to the *system's* continuance is, by definition buried, otherwise covered up, or discredited to ensure that system's survival, it would seem. Is this not becoming more and more obvious to everyone, especially given current events at the time of this piece? Observe a "center" gone hard to authoritarian starboard since Reagan, by way of example.

Clearlythe *system* (as it stands and such that it is) should not survive. If heaven can fall, good reader, then perhaps it should come down... if only for its inassessability and its illogical unreality. Its graft and corruption. Its mendacity and hypocrisy. That unrequited fondness for a beauteous afterlife needlessly making such a horrific cesspool of the current one... but we digress.

 Be this as it may... that vacuous "void" of an informational imperative is finally forged in the "unofficial" but well-appreciated in unadmitted official desire for it! What the hell are those things, those things avoiding all discussion or mention in polite society? Even of needs and for a cause! What need? What cause? There's the rub. Not your need! Not your cause!

If it was all bad they could make that obvious, but these would ignore all mention of it, altogether! What can that mean but that the reveal of disclosure might be good for the individual if not for the society extant? There might be a good rational and not a low-road rationalization that rank and file humans might see more advantage to going "native..." from the status quo disserving them! This writer doesn't know, but he would bet somebody does... keeping mum to serve that status quo and not the individuals empowering that status quo.

Again, into this conjectured "void" flows the concerned individual's ardent desire to "know" and "understand", and for many, any philosophical roughage will do. At least until something better comes alongsomething which, at least, appears to assemble more pieces in the play-boards "big picture"... more pieces than is gotten officially from the officials of an official officialdom... who keep their cards close wearing earnest poker faces hiding mendacity and hypocrisy but smiling all the while...  

The garden-variety individuals of our society are set up by that para-society, then, as easy pickings for the sociopaths this para-society too conveniently tolerates (and may even generate remembering the GOP and their support of predatory lending practices, et al!) to mask its complicity in that ignorance, an ignorance facilitating the ongoing agenda (read conspiracy... uh-huh, yes... not sorry!) to... deceive, not to pussy-foot around, but no lipstick for that pig, eh? 

 ...Scum lining up to fleece the gullible, but scum that wouldn't even be there if it couldn't queue up profitably (if erroneously) to fill the informational "void" created by these conflicted but self-involved "culture-crafters" in the first place! Who's on the blame-line, then, for that? ...And them? We're inflicted by what we tolerate and we'd bet disserved by what's jealously disallowed.

This is why the well-justified if badly aimed attitude of Velez and Hall are off target, off the mark, and missing the broad side of the cosmic barn. Their rage and, yes, even justified anger are too poorly aimed. It is a rage that does not concern itself with the actual reasons for the aggregate ignorance but concerns itself instead with that which is created, sometimes even innocently, to abrogate the ignorance already there in the first place... ignorance which is NOT addressed! Symptoms, only! Not the disease! The disease is the accommodation of our own complacency in these matters puzzling us! 

UFOs don't mean "ET" in and of themselves... we understand that with an eye-roll and an impatient exhortation. ...But what are the goddamned lights in the sky, and what is presently known in their regard! Dark projects have been watching these things for decades... or just where does 7.3 Trillion dollars evaporate (poof!)... to

We the people believe loopy conjectures only because otherwise quality information is not forthcoming in our regard and/or is denied to us out of hand which might likely enable us to dissuade these conjectures, disabuse ourselves of them! That's the long and short of it. When all that's available is chaff, that's what you're going to eat! 

If quality information was to be made available... the truth revealed... the inexplicably tolerated social criminals who advantage themselves as a result of its (unconscionable!) absence, stirring up the river bottom, and at which Velez and Hall expend their otherwise efficacious energies... could not exist! They couldn't get the oxygen! 

Humanity's enlightenment would get air, instead, and even with the resulting chaos of "resettlement" we're sure to have to endure in the penance and atonement (the outraged shame!) of the lies we had been living with for so long, revealed at last... well, this writer has always entertained an optimism that we'd come out on the other side exponentially improved as a species... and dare he further entertain a conjectured worthiness, then, achieved in a community of adjacent bits of galactic intelligence, galactically? If we can think it, it could be so... what exists repeats, nothing happens once. Humanity happened... ergo... ET must abound... ...and we would have them witness us screwing each other over for a percentage!

Verily, if the mainstream actually reflected the prerequisites and the prerogatives of a legitimate *main*-*stream*, the dissembling and disingenuous fringe provoking their petulant bile would disappear in the puff of smoke it otherwise resembles! It would not even be around to cause them such "Sturm und Drang". There would be no room for it! Quality information would already be there filling the vacuum in consideration, at the start! 

To recap, attitude examples of an otherwise much valued Velez and well-lauded Hall only concern themselves with the symptoms of the disease that seemingly infuriates them... and not the disease itself, at all. The *disease*, of course, is the unelected and so unaccountable leadership who practices its unending and reflexive denial handily providing for that informational "void" at the start! 

 The *symptom* is that which is generated to counter the obviously specious denial, as bizarre as that counter-action may be, in a pathetic effort to fill that informational void! The holistic healers and the crystal squeezers, the earnest soothsayers and impassioned truth-seekers. These non-travailed by fundy religions or societal class impositions. These with eyes open to possibilities and open to constructive serendipities. Stupid has had its run. That's becoming more clear.

Truly, more bizarre is the angst and indignation of some who indolently, complacently, fatuously, ...and even smugly... aim their articulate guns off target and then spew invective and express surprise when they don't hit same! It's a waste of their time and ours and it is a retreat from that existential non-corporeality that must concern all of us. Let's cure the disease, reader, the symptoms will then take care of themselves. Truly Seek and actually FIND!

That's the alien view! Read on.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Conscious Motes


Motes of motes
Motes among motes
Morose motes of woke motes
Motes abounding and abiding... still.


My consciousness is but a mote 
inhabiting machines 
which are used for transportation 
in a mind's enchanted dream, 
and Transmitted, then Projected 
in a light-speed plasma dance, 
it is tracing out this poem 
you could read; so, take a chance.
It's not unfair advantage 
that this wishes to pursue, 
and it's not prevarication 
that this switches out for truth. 
It is just a varnished wailing 
of a monumental "blues" 
we're contrived to keep detailing 
as we're served obnoxious news.

...And stuff comes out in verse, you see,
that comes no other way...
It transcends the merely textual.
...It's been known to save the day!
...And these are days protracted
which have gone on far too long...
These are what provoke the verse
to make us sing these songs! 
...Remains, the sky is filled by *lights* 
seen with opened sober eyes! 
I'm "told by *God*" to "look away" 
from "what I should despise." 
The "world" and my "body" 
are the stuff of Satan's lies? 
...But that keeps our children starving, 
and it muffles ... drowns their cries!!!
People I respect report 
that "there are lights above!" 
Not meaning God or angel, 
but an ET sure enough
These send a cryptic message
we're not getting—we don't try
If we got that cryptic message? 
Scurvy memes begin to die! 
So, they keep us in the dark, 
misinformed, so baldly paying... 
facilitating psychopaths
who'll thrive as we're betrayed, then!
...One's science is a 'club' 
with monstrous dues 
which will be paid: 
to condone bereft fidelity, 
there are "good points!" made to fade. 
Science treated like the "be-all-end"
and that's what they've depicted
when the scope of it's too narrow
shallow, numbing, and conflicted!
...And, yes I know it's fueled and fired 
our exponential rise!
...And, yes, I know its *wonder* 
is so hard to criticize
...And, yes I know it's science 
that we shan't give up for Lent 
but it's lacking all humility 
so must suffer our contempt!
Unfettered by corpocracy 
we'd live in crisp new skies! 
We'd soar to distant stars
in spacious ships 
that we'd contrive. 
Our globe's a rendered garden, 
and we'd thrive upon our moon! 
We'd travel with new elegance
in vast ships like huge balloons.
We'd taste the satisfactions won, 
undreamed of, friend, just now! 
Our stress would lose intensity; 
we'd be happy motes; here's how! 
Our hate, which was so pointless
so destructive, gross, and vile
In its place, respecting reach and grasp! 
...That "grasp" bereft of guile!
Much status quo is "Satan Spawn," 
frankly good for just the few; 
take a chance at least to try... 
what's offered up as new!
Our vistas are expanding now 
with all deliberate speed
and the truth gets hard to hide regards...
it's got so hard to breathe
There are asteroids like buzzing bees 
around insentient heads. 
...Well known is they could hit us, friend, 
to strike us all quite dead!
Some many, many persons, 
people famous and profound, 
...said abducted by the saucers 
...that do land upon our ground. 
Lights leap and flash fandangos 
in our day and nighttime skies, 
yet we're denied a reckoning, 
and I'd, of needs, know WHY!
I say that we should ask them: 
though the truth itself portends. 
I'd divest from any falsehood 
which portends our flawing trend. 
I'd abdicate all errancy 
before I paid its loss, 
though fortune flew on righteous wings 
and I'm condemned and lost.
...Though, reward, I have been thinking, 
is the THINKING, then, itself.  
It's the pay for all your labor, 
for the enrichment of yourself. 
...To take a deep and cleansing breath
believing you live free
...To lift the visage of your face! 
...To leap from off your knees! 
...To leave behind all worry
on the substance *stuff* is given
—too many suffer now for that.  
This shall not be forgiven!
There is small need for psychopaths 
hard-wired to baldly steal; 
and every reason for respect 
for folks who would be real!  
It's why we pay our taxes 
...not to fund the corporate pork; 
not to pay for one's religion 
...not to stress us while we work! 
The truth's a glad reminder 
of respect, of needs, quite real. 
It provides a chance for ways... 
to any righteous deal!
My consciousness is just a mote 
suspecting life's a dream. 
To many, it's a nightmare; 
life is futile, harsh, and mean. 
Though, think of our embarrassment 
where it's shown we've misbehaved
—and our watchers, truly watching
think us evil and depraved.

  • What would WE think? ...Better hope they're more forgiving than we are...eh?
  • We'd do MUCH better to conduct our business as if we WERE being watched by a wide array of extraterrestrial intelligences, you know? Thieves don't break into cars if they think they are being watched. The cookie jar remains unmolested if observed by hidden eyes. You don't belch, fart, or masturbate in the dark closet if you think there may be someone (the *other*) in there with you ... saves a lot of embarrassment later on. It also limits culpable liability. Verily!
  • Restore John Ford!

Grok In Fullness


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