Thursday, September 17, 2020


Judge not, lest...

by Alfred Lehmberg

  • We do err, you know. Truly, we err and err hugely. We won't stop, here. No, there is too much to consider regarding all that.

  • ...And there is irony! The irony is that this just doesn't have to be this way. Not the way it is. Truly, to err is so identified as error because there was likely the ubiquitous choice to be made not to commit that error in the first place! This becomes clear when the reader considers everything they wish they could "do over," themselves, ...

  • Sure, choices are made, and wrong choices abound like fleas on dogs... only a presumption is made that these errant choices must be based, largely, on what is thought to be best practice, reasonable logic, superior interpretations of salient facts, and good will, at least most of the time, to act in "good will." We know, for the most part, that they are not. There's choice lurking there, too. 

  • Our error, finally? Reduced to that error's essence, if the reader will, and this writer may be so bold? Well, and simply stated, our error must be our reflexively tedious and corrosively employed intolerance of the eminently tolerable...
  • ...Our intolerance, then! Our unwavering, ignorant, and stubbornly obtuse intolerance. Our self-serving, servile, and ironically knave-producing intolerance. ...Intolerance to "this" or "that" on a wholly diseased whim or thoroughly invalidated premice or principle. Intolerance where toleration is not only possible but sensical and Constitutional! Intolerance where tolerance is codified in the best of religious tradition and sensible scripture... "do unto others..." and what-not, reader! 

  • Intolerance...This embarrassing and unseemly cultural pathology to masturbate the socially salacious rumor while turning a gladly armored back to the citation of responsibly constructive if unexciting, FACT! ...And at all peril, too!

  • Intolerance, in the face of all other evidence! Intolerance without a second look. Intolerance, though the non-tolerated be a better idea or design. Intolerance, often at its most vicious and uncompromising, when it doesn't...   Even...   MATTER!

  • Innocent persons need to die so it can be hashed out by pompous elites, old men in robes and skirts... patriarchal sociopaths... whether we "cross left" or "cross right"? That's a true story prosecuted even today at all indices and levels in our floundering patriarchy. Our failing floundering patriarchy.

  • Innocent persons need to be terrorized and provoked because you, figuratively, prefer to treat a woman like a bonded BITCH? Innocent persons need to chumped and disrespected... taken advantage of... because you need to impose your intolerance, your cancerous will... ...on your dark-skinned and in too many cases... certified and lettered superiors

  • I don't split hair or dive to the absurd. You know what I mean as you know who you are—all you lip-flapping if pompously mooing and authoritarian hypocrites, out there, who "know better" in a string of insincere, hypocritical, and mendacious litanies provoking all division, dread, and exacerbated disease... just shut the fuck up!  

  • You are the ironic cause of all you would whinily decry! Moreover, as has been shown in the last three decades, the "invited stupid" of Evangelical Religion and the resented oligarchy of pathological billionaires has had its disastrous run and been running hard since Reagan! There is your failing patriarchy!

  • Suffering ZOT! When this writer pays more in taxes than some major corporations, by way of example, a flag must come down, and hard! Enough!

  • Prosperity Christ in his conniving carry-all...When I look at the fulsomely fractured consequences of the global orgy of these hyper-religulously motivated, needlessly angered, and intolerant "Nationalism," in any stripe or flavor, I wonder how bad a "liberal," "one world," but sensibly "elected" government could be?! 

  • Would "invasions from the stars" or from "between dark dimensions" be as bleak as the path on which we seem hell-bent, ourselves, now? It could be our systems pale in sad comparison with one "from the stars..." ...think of the angels, even as you must insist upon dwelling on lurid cosmic demons and devils! This writer's experience is that you get what you ask for. You make the choice, reader. on what that is. Ask Dorothy Izatt.

  • Imposing on ourselves and one another this baseless du jour intolerance... all a result of treating lock-jawed stupidity and superstitious insentience... with collegiality...(?!) or some senseless pretense about debating a political viral infection like it was not already hard-wired to bigoted toxic insanity... as in a case of an especially nasty Nationalistic ass-fugustus demonstrated by Federal Government, currently... THIS, the preceding senseless taken for something sentient... as a collegiate equal, even, and one, certainly, as interested in the "intelligent common good," as yourself? You know, what mainstream news from FOX to MSNBC tries to sell you on so they can move their reverse mortgages, drugs, and boner pills?

  • No! Remotely sentient, the reader must know that that just cannot be! "Clean coal," Reader, and "drill baby drill"... "climate change be damned"! Or, "COVID is about as bad a bad cold!" ...That's the debate from these authoritarian and politically viral monsters, just to start! ...And yes, the crazy gets as deep as it does wide!

  • ...And for the microscopic FEW, reader! In the glad service and slavish devotion to the microscopic FEW! The microscopic, myopic, if mendaciously fascist and fabulous wealthy FEW! Them with the least they can lose, the most protections, and the best assurances! 

  • Consider, reader. 97% of the planet lives a hell on Earth, already! The remaining 3%? Just sick at heart. It's persons like Dick Cheney, Betsy DeVos, and Donald John TЯUMP dancing satisfaction's jig and gladly thriving! That pecuniary morbidly obese but "vast" and monied minority!

  • No, we've got to think larger, wider, and more differently than we've been thinking, right? In ANY case—larger, and more inclusively! The alternative seems to be someone sailing *the bomb* of discontented rage into some unsuspicious harbor for that—effect of "maximum inconvenience and disruption," and of course, to celebrate a prophecy that can only ever be... self-fulfilled! I digress. Let's digress a little more, if not far.

  • Rome WAS "Rome" after all, for a while, because it, early on, offered complete inclusion, a *citizenship* to those who it ...encouraged (one way of putting it?) ... to its banner? Rome was the (Pre-TЯUMP!) United States, of its time, for that reason. It was, after a fashion, given the period (harsh, brutish, bloody, and short)... ...inclusive. All men and Gods respecting responsible and proactive tolerance tolerated in the interests of the reasonable sustainable peace.

  • Only later, when it lost that good sense, succumbing to a string of ego-conflicted "barracks Caesars" (sullenly clutching the lawless arbitrary for their personal ego to then fail their Representative Republic like TЯUMP fails ours, suddenly a building refrain of awful potentiality!), was it that their resolve was finally dissolved by bread, circuses, decadence, and the pathetic grasping for same... (so, ripe for "Christian" onslaught and its precursor to a Dark Age... like it's doing now)... did Rome begin to fail in earnest

  • I read where history must ever repeat itself... but only where it is forgotten, reader... only where it is forgotten.

  • What to do? What to do? What to do? You know, apart from staying off your neighbor's ass, legislating their vaginas, or telling them who they can love and not why?

  • Well...the first thing to do in my perfect new utopian gylanic cooperation, pause to guffaw the appropriate squirty giggle, is share information regarding our... uh... (searching for a loaded expression or string of ready expletives mechanized to set the reader up for an unsettling gear change, a change so severe it could provide for MORE intolerance?) ...ubiquitous UFO *situation*. There!

  • UFOs? Yes. 

  • Those flirting lights in our skies doing the impossible and embarrassing, humiliating, and invalidating a reductionist science failing to come to grips with them. Ze Frank would quip, "That's what the UFO do..."

  • Why UFOs? Well, they're just the kind of thing uniting disparate social worlds. They are a "putting the planetary needle on the same page's groove," are they not? Something everyone can understand right down to scabby little toes, eight or eighty, blind, crippled, or even crazy. 

  • Unification is the keyword. Someone new discovered across that unexplored "cosmic river" of interstellar space... and then our little intolerances become a lot MORE meaningless and unconstructive.

  • Yes—yes—yes... I appreciate that UFOs are largely nonsense. Theodore Sturgeon pointed out that 90% of EVERY-thing is crap. Existence is a game of graft and corruption played by specious, sociopathic, and scientistic (sic) charlatans living, like any parasite, on the web that is facilitated for them; but only largely, reader, only largely... frankly we must have psychopaths so we can culturally innoculate against them. I digress. 

  • Back at the ranch, the UFOs remain. Some of *them* are very real. They BEG single-minded, even obsessive investigation. See, even wrong? We'd still have united!

  • Moreover, one's avoidance of "the issue" is a little like cluelessly turning their back on the movie monster (or that aforementioned political plague) when, of course, they're in the freaking movie (...or getting ready to vote)!

  • Lights, action—camera, boys and girls ... you're ON, in 3—2—1— ... [*]!

  • All this being said? Go forth and don't multiply.  Sire once or not at all and be able to give the clean and revitalized world back to those children. 

  • In the meantime, intolerance is eminently, obviously, and historically intolerable and so excuses itself from all toleration. We tolerate a baseless and deconstructive intolerance at our dire peril, always! Authoritarian and autocratic intolerance is just not to be tolerated. This is not the nonsense it might appear to be.

  • Additionally, restore John Ford... he still rots in stir apart from all sense and sentience a result of intolerance, the intolerance of the innocent man by the guilty man... Ford is an innocent man. Full stop. Read on.

Friday, August 28, 2020

The Man Will Be Reluctant

The man will be reluctant
It's been his way so long; 
he's the owner of the black-robed court, 
and he writes the *newsman's* song.

The man will be reluctant... 
forthcoming-ness bereft. 
He's kept strange info close at hand 
and teases you with it. 
And this is surely negative, 
it makes us merely fools... 
disrespected "Gammas," drones, 
or sad reactive tools.

The man will be reluctant. 
He'll surely hide from you... 
at the bottom of his castle, 
where he keeps his *craft* from view. 
Where he tinkers with the destiny 
which he dribbles out to us, 
while we wage-slave for epiphany, 
and then die as dry as dust.

The man ...will be reluctant
He may let you shine his shoes,
but ask, for cause, to see his *books*,
to be the one "outside"—you choose?

Though, it's everyone's the loser 
when you play the game like that!
He'd have you stretch your wages;
pay his taxes; make more brats!
He'd shove your nose to grindstones
so there's tooth-dust in your eyes;
he'd distract you 
from the questions asked
by lights who fill your skies!

He would slather *logic* sweetly 
to those spots gone slick with loss... 
that the dirge for which you're paying 
is the song of honest cost. 
...But nothing could be further 
from that fraud proposed as truth! 
The misery you're wailing 
is provoked by their abuse!

The man will be reluctant, 
so he keeps at beck and call? 
All the chosen of the multitudes 
he has kept, compelled ... enthralled
See, his religious arm of culture 
has convinced us that it's wrong 
to elevate humanity, 
and play a human's song.

Rather, campaigns for birthing babies 
are the order of the day! 
"The more of these you have... Christ
...the more it profits... ...ME! So PRAY"!

"Keep on having all those children—
make no move to *stem* that tide, 
so we can better choose our *best*, 
and keep the rest deprived
Keep them scuffling for position. 
Keep them always wanting MORE! 
Keep them bothered—in confusion, 
under stress outside our doors"!

"Let them look at what we tell them. 
Let them suffer for our *sins*. 
Let them eat from what we feed them, 
and forget what fate portends."

The man will be reluctant, 
as he hoards his ill-got gain. 
He'll short you on the front end, 
and then make you feel his shame
He ridicules the UFO's 
which clutter honest skies, 
as they propose an end 
to his convenience, ease, and lies!

It matters not your terror, friend, 
your confusion is his tool
Why, he takes you for his property
his chattel...slack-jawed fool! 
Though it's you who heats his water
and you build his dwelling place; 
he keeps the truth apart from you, 
so he spits right in your face!

That's why the man's reluctant ... 
'cause he knows you'd be pissed off! 
Autonomy was yours, you see?  
Though, you'd been double-crossed
You labor for his slogans
and you tithe his guilt! Confess!  
...Continuing the same mistakes 
that got us in this mess!

Friday, August 07, 2020

An Overview Of A "Flatwoods Monster" Investigation...

Constructive Colleagues... Collegiate Collaborators... 
and Friends

Frank C. Feschino, Jr. ...An Overview of his 
"Flatwoods Monster" Investigation
by Alfred Lehmberg

Frank C. Feschino, Jr. is a graduate of the Paier College of Art in Hamden, Connecticut, where he studied illustration, commercial art, and photography. He was trained there by several world-class artists including Kenneth Davies, Rudolph Zallinger, and John Massimino. Subsequently, Frank earned his four-year Fine Arts diploma there in 1981. 

Feschino later moved to Florida where he studied Film and Video production at Phillips Jr. College in Daytona Beach. There, he was trained by Hollywood steady-cam operator Rich Davis. In 1994, he graduated with an Associates Degree in Film and Video Production plus a minor in Business. 

Feschino would come to be interested in UFOs in the early 1990s when, on break from school, he chance-visited a relative's farm in Braxton County, West Virginia. He discovered there, in some strange and seminal serendipity of cosmic foreshadowing, that numerous crop circles had appeared on the property overnight! Moreover, UFOs had been frequently sighted over that region dating back many years. 

Pursuant to industry and interest piqued, Feschino very carefully and meticulously documented these anomalies and then shared his research with British crop circle expert and electrical engineer Mr. Colin Andrews. Mr. Andrews would catalog Frank's new-found information in his world-class crop circle database, subsequently, and then keep him informed on unfolding current events over the years. 

It suddenly occurred to Feschino at some point that all this paranormal hoo-rah was great material for a one-off project for film-school! ...Little did he know...  

We observe then that, during this time and at this loation, Feschino became aware of the famous "Flatwoods Monster," that particular UFO crash incident of Braxton County, West Virginia occurring on September 12, 1952, which everyone had all but forgotten about. Entirely captivated, this "one-off" school project would become Feschino's life work

For the uninitiated, this "UFO Crash" alluded to was a case involving a downed UFO and its alien occupant, a 12-foot-tall armor-clad being encountered by a group of unsuspecting local Flatwoods townspeople investigating a clear "disturbance" in their town. Suspend all dismissal or stop reading, now.

This terrifying "close encounter of the third kind" quickly made headlines across the globe, was talked about, effusively, on the radio and TV, and was featured just one week later on a Nationally broadcasted live TV program named, "We The People." This was a program "woke" for the time and entirely investigative if sensational... they wanted a rep for getting the story right. "Corporate," at this time, was hands-off on the news, in comparison to current spacetime.

Mysteriously, this long-running popular TV talk-show was suddenly canceled after the episode following the "Flatwoods Monster" airing! One wonders what was up with that, especially after revelations of the proceeding... this writer is bereft of all clue regarding same.

Though, onward, the far-reaching news about the "monster" event in West Virginia was actually one of the world's top news stories of 1952. Yet, though the popularity and fame of the "Flatwoods Monster" had risen quickly in the public eye, there was a dark downside to the story as well!

It becomes quite plain at this point that Government intelligence agencies had covertly stepped into the picture and were keeping watchful eyes over the unfolding situation, and quickly working to diffuse it. Such seems, and abundantly, so. Why?

There were reasons good and bad, verily! There was a very real Soviet threat which could be complicated by even a misidentification of UFOs... forgetting the distraction of the incomprehensible actuality of them, although, unreasoning and slapdash, even incompetent (scared?), inconsistencies in reporting the incident abounded and became horrendous early on, abiding even today! Witnesses were constantly misquoted, the incident was heavily bowdlerized, contrived to seem doubtful, and the very honest and forthright witnesses were, and have been, laughed at for decades, 6 and counting! 

This happened...

The government's official explanation reported that the incident was caused by a passing "fireball meteor," and that the witnesses probably misinterpreted the "so-called monster" as a "barn owl" perched high on a tall tree branch at dusk! Patent nonsense not supported by data on any level in the first place, and meteors, in the second, don't hang in the air for 21 hours and temporal-change! 

This "monster" incident, as well as many other recorded UFO cases during the 1952 "Summer of Saucers," had the American public anxiously excited precisely because UFO sightings were at a historical high over the country that year! Here, the cover-up of this alien encounter was determined as necessary by the government, and actions to squash it were quickly and covertly (if incompetently) implemented. Mass hysteria was indeed avoided! 

Remains! We must ask, "but, at what cost," ultimately. Let us digress momentarily to observe how much farther ahead we could be as a species to have faced the UFO head-on back in the 50's and now have all that mischief more managed... but behind us! This writer would bet heavily that we'd have more societal success and self-respect as a result. We'd know who we were, at any rate, and not be disappointed, I feel... That's the intuition...

Back in West Virginia, subsequently, the "Flatwoods Monster" case was on the way to becoming a mere historical myth of sketch-less folklore. The majority of the public didn't believe the crazy tale to start, and the famous "monster" case was to be shelved as a curious legend for its finish! Mission accomplished? Again, one wonders.

…But wait, the real story behind this mysterious alien visitor and the circumstances surrounding the enigmatic and bizarre incident was never fully known to the public! Well, as the reader might suspect, that was about to change! 

You see, in 1952, there were a few people of staid consciousness and responsible conscience. These were lettered and inquisitive persons, adventurers who believed that this terrifying if astonishing incident truly did happen, they just couldn't put it all together with the "officially fiddled-with" information at hand! 

Still, and luckily for the serious future researcher, some investigators, and fortuitously,  left credible historical documentation about this case in their books, published periodicals, and private newsletters! Remains... It would have all been lost...

...Enter newly minted illustrator Frank C. Feschino, Jr. forty years later. Intrigued and perplexed by the bizarre story, Feschino, shortly, picks up this cold case where it had left off back in 1952 and was immediately engaged. He would run hard with it. He has never looked back. The chase is still afoot.

Feschino would truly become the first primary investigator involved in the puzzling affair since it was originally investigated in 1952. Indeed. He would bring the "Flatwoods Monster" case to a whole new level of well-credentialed credibility!

See, while still attending film school, Frank began an intense and extensive investigation into the case almost as a lark. Conversely, it would become his primary focus and occupation.

Verily, now armed with video equipment and schooled communication skills, he would competently videotape or film interviews with many of the first-hand Flatwoods eyewitness. He also photographed or filmed the many locations involved in the story, which were untouched by time. This immediately preceding should not be taken lightly... 

During his arduous, sometimes even physically hazardous investigation, reader, Feschino traveled extensively, accumulating a mass of information including the works of the aforementioned past researchers. He searched for and found forgotten books and magazine publications, private research papers, hoary newspaper articles from around the globe… and most importantly, the long-forgotten official government documents of the recently declassified Project Bluebook Files, ghostlike textual apparitions on film sometimes requiring huge reconstructions of these microfilm documents! This was the one thing previous researchers had not had. Here was the mortar for the ufological factual brickage! 

Unsettlingly now, Feschino discovered that the case's evidentiary trail was screwed-up very deeply by the government, but that there still remained scattered clues and widespread pieces to this cold-case puzzle scattered about and hard to decypher! These were clues and pieces telling the truth, if strewn about—buried all across the United States! The aspiration was to put this cosmic jigsaw back together, one can gather. For this writer's money, he succeeded. 

Feschino not only discovered that this alien encounter had indeed occurred, but he also put together an astounding timeline of events for September 12, 1952, disclosing a previously UNDISCLOSED 21-sustained hours of unending UFO activity... activity occurring over ten east coast States that fearfully fateful night! This was one busy meteor! 

This was the puzzle being completed... then. Information from disparate and un-coordinated sources dove-tailing into a clearer picture of what MUST have happened. 

On the day of September 12, 1952, Feschino was able to pinpoint 116 documented locations involving 25 separate and distinct UFOs over ten States, and he also discovered that four of those UFOs were heavily damaged! These damaged craft made repeated landings, by report; one of those damaged and downed objects even held an occupant abandoning its own damaged conveyance! This "occupant" would  later come to be known as, the "Flatwoods Monster." Frank Feschino, Jr. fleshes all this out, in his book, and as a result of an analysis of his "Master Map."

This well-cited initiative contains the information included: plotted points of a particular UFO's locations, the type of craft described, the timestamps of each object, and even their flight trajectories. It’s rather forensically recreated a total scenario for what happened in and around Flatwoods on September 12, 1952. 

Shockingly, Feschino discovered that by putting all of the individual UFO events into a chronological timeline and then piecing it all together, a story unfolded. This story very demonstrably involved two seeming "search and rescue operations" for distressed "fellows"... by Extraterrestrials for Extraterrestrials. Please read that again. They apparently attempted to retrieve two of their downed and stranded comrades in West Virginia, one in Flatwoods and the other in Wheeling, WV ... the data strongly suggests this.

Ultimately, Feschino concludes a logical explanation as to why there were four damaged and downed UFOs in the country that day. He observes that during 1952, the UFO sightings had become so frequent and ubiquitous over the United States that the  Air Defense Command was "operating under a 24-hour Nation-wide alert against 'flying saucers" in an attempt to address same! 

Top officials had directed their fighter pilots, "to take off instantly in pursuit of any 'flying saucers' sighted anywhere in the country." They would do just that... and the unadmitted carnage may have been horrific!

See, Feschino also rediscovered a piece of history that was forgotten by most when he learned the USAF also had "Shoot Down" orders directed against these flying saucers! Shoot down orders! These orders, reader, are now well documented. Feschino and Stanton Friedman hold a blow-up of a Newspaper article from that time, above.

Now confident, even arrogant, with their latest rocket-bearing jet interceptors in service at the time, the United States Air Force revealed that their fighter pilots, "have been under orders to investigate unidentified objects and to shoot them down if they can't talk them down." Feschino discovered the Air Force also admitted that they had scrambled jet interceptors, "several hundred times as a result of reported sightings of unidentified objects."

He continued his UFO research and discovered an alarming amount of mysterious Air Force, Navy, and Marine fighter aircraft accidents also occurred during that period. Some of these were just wholly inexplicable, man and machine simple vanishing from the Earth's face or crashing into schools and neighborhoods! The writer is not making this up.

Feschino documented and compiled a plethora of inscrutable fighter aircraft crashes as well as many unsolved incidents. These involved an overwhelming amount of vanished planes and missing airmen. The loss of machines and men during that time, undeniably, was, by report, absolutely staggering!     

Feschino also unearthed one more of these mysterious incidents. It occurred on September 12, 1952. The affair involved a United States jet fighter vanishing into thin air shortly before the "Flatwoods Monster" crash-landed in West Virginia. 

Feschino worked for several years on this particular case and discovered that the Air Force would report absolutely no record of this missing jet or its two-man crew. Additionally, the United States government did not have a single record of the airmen in any of their official holdings, military or civilian! Curious! Feschino continued on with his exhaustive investigation, regardless, then tracked down and talked to the two airmen's surviving brothers!

Rubbing... stone in inset...

The pilot's brother gave Feschino official documents that the USAF had sent him, then Feschino tracked down the memorial headstone of the pilot in Ocala, Florida. Our intrepid researcher then got hold of several Florida newspaper articles on the subject and began to piece the story together... but something was missing... the truth! 

The explanations given by the Air Force concerning this missing jet case were convoluted, contradictory, and fragmented. Years later, perhaps a result of Feschino's revelations in the case, the Air Force finally released the Sept. 12, 1952, Aircraft Accident Report case file on microfilm... including the missing jet story. There was “no record,” remember! 

Feschino evaluated all the cases and quickly discovered that two other September 12, 1952 aircraft accident events were mysteriously missing from the case files—both sent to higher classification! Feschino then read, dissected, and reviewed the remaining missing jet case and combined its contents with all of his other accumulated data about the missing aircraft. His conclusion: a massive cover-up revealed, and one that was actually on a much larger scale than the "Flatwoods Monster" incident. Flatwoods was only the end of the story it appears.

The upshot is that the alluded case of missing fighter pilot 2nd Lt. John Jones and radar operator, 2nd Lt. John DelCurto fit perfectly into place with all the other covered-up UFO events occurring on September 12, 1952. Such was abundantly so.

Feschino has written a groundbreaking book, and it is a completed and convincing essay map of his investigation into the famous "Flatwoods Monster" incident.  It is titled, The Braxton County Monster—The Cover-up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed, later released as an "Updated and Revised" edition while his investigation continued and additional information was obtained. He's not done, yet, reader!

Feschino also wrote another book titled, Shoot Them Down-The Flying Saucer Air Wars of 1952. It records the 1952 "Summer of the Saucers" specific to the wave of UFO events, the Flatwoods case and the mysterious fighter plane accidents occurring between 1951 and 1956. The forewords and epilogs for Feschino's books were written by the nuclear physicist, UFO expert, and fellow author (The Late) Stanton T. Friedman of Roswell fame (pictured at the top).

Additionally, Feschino would generously extend recognition and credit to this writer and veteran Master Aviator, honored to write the book's recent book-cover synopsis covering this astonishing incident.

Feschino's works have been featured in numerous other UFO books, as well as countless newspaper, magazine, and internet articles throughout the world. The author has also been interviewed by numerous radio talk show hosts including personalities Whitley Strieber, George Noory, Richard Dolan, Bill Birnes, Heather Wade, and Shadoe Stevens to name a few. 

While building momentum through the media, Frank caught the eye of several conference promoters and subsequently traveled throughout the United States to spread the word about his UFO research and books of aviation and UFO history. For nearly a decade, Feschino appeared in, or has headlined for, several UFO conferences, lectures, and book signings. He was also involved in many "Flatwoods Monster" one-man events including numerous book signings organized by (The Late) Peggy Clise, the former Mayor of Flatwoods. These conferences were held at the antique and historical "Grandad’s Store" in that town.

It was at that location that the monumental "Flatwoods Monster 50th Anniversary" celebration was held in 2002 with special guest Stanton T. Friedman and many of the actual eyewitnesses in attendance. In 2007, another memorable event occurred in West Virginia, when Feschino led a a cast of lecturers during a two-day, "Flatwoods Monster and Flying Saucer Extravaganza" show, held at the historic Capitol Theatre in downtown Charleston, WV.

Frank has guest appeared on many West Virginia television talk shows, TV news broadcasts, and radio programs. He was also featured in the first-ever "Flatwoods Monster" cover story and feature article in the late UFO Magazine. The author and UFO investigator also appeared in an episode of "Monster Quest" on the HISTORY CHANNEL featuring the "Flatwoods Monster" and "Frametown Monster" incidents of 1952. Additionally, Feschino also produced a documentary that he wrote, shot, and narrated. It focuses on his investigation into the "Flatwoods Monster" case expanding into an undeclared and largely secret air war with ET. It appears on YouTube. 

After a quest approaching 30 years to reveal the truth regarding this seminal issue, Frank C. Feschino, Jr. has become the genuine authority on the "Flatwoods Monster" incident and the UFO events of September 12, 1952. Accept no substitutes. Today, a very well-spoken Feschino continues to be involved in UFO research and currently resides at his home in central Florida.

Richard Dolan with Feschino Part one

Richard Dolan with Feschino Part two


Sunday, July 19, 2020

...Enduring Still...


Alone in listening silence once, 
in the dark, dark deep of space 
(I'm speaking metaphorically; 
this is no report or trace), 
I saw a tiny point of light 
a little brighter than before 
so I pushed the button to it, 
and I walked right in the door.

It was the old "Rense" program, 
and my software let me in. 
I float in streaming audio 
as the story, then, begins...

I'd never heard Velez before, 
and though he didn't speak for me? 
His message made the plainest sense 
we all might try to see. 
He came across so affable, 
when he should be quite insane
If half the things he said occurred 
... I'd be, as such... "constrained"!

I have it on authority. 
I'm not just flying blind
I've interviewed some principals
this man is quite refined. 
Integrity's impeccable, 
he's loved by whom he's close. 
And he'd not choose the circumstance, 
but beat the drum that chose...

How he holds it all together 
in a manner so reserved, 
when fate has dealt 
such dreadful cards ... 
how is he undeterred? 
How does he keep his lip so stiff? 
How does he stay his fray? 
How does he hold the threads so well... 
what has shattered and betrayed?

He's calming, more than lucid, 
yet he gestures towards the "dark"
He'd have us throw some light that way! 
He'd ask some questions! Hark!

His questions are *unpopular*: 
At the whim of unguessed forces... 
...we're as bugs beneath the slashing hoofs 
of herds of cosmic horses
We shall not see them coming, 
and the terror he alludes 
we could, sure, be more prepared for
but our cowardice intrudes?

Distracted by our cars, and stuff
we wallow in the mire 
of that which makes us senseless
throwing water on our fire? 

Dejected by the mainstream, 
and displaced by "honored science," 
we're sold a bill of harmful goods 
we give our vain reliance? 
"Doc" Jacobs claims "it's very bad"; 
Mr. Hopkins says "intruder," 
but John Velez, like Mack I think, 
is more their "disabuser"!

"It happens, friends and neighbors, 
twixt the lines," I heard him say. 
"Keep our heads in this insanity? 
We will live to save the day! 
Keep on laughing, and collecting, 
and cooperate together ... 
don't succumb to 'knee jerks,' 
questioned answers will be better."

He spoke with rare consuming grace, 
a brightness not denied ... 
even Rense got warm and fuzzy, 
and the program was sublime. 

I know some folk who listened twice, 
and tried to find the *bull-shit* 
... looked for cult of personality, 
and other stuff that wouldn't fit 
... looked for fallacy in thinking, 
looked for logic unrefined ... 
but John Velez would come up clean; 
his truth seemed uncontrived.

I wish he lived next door to me. 
I'd feel, somehow, safer! 
I think that I could like him, 
I think he'd make me braver. 
I could check with his commitment, 
I'd compare my notes with his. 
And we'd both be better for it... 
a little closer to what "is."
John Velez' "...See That"?

  • John Velez has more good neighbor potential than James Dobson, Newt Gingrich, or Glenn Beck—combined, which does not seem such a hard sell on its face until the irony is considered! How is it that three mainstream stalwarts of cultural pulchritude are so handily bested by an aging hippie, fusion percussionist, artist, and former poppy addict? But "bested" is an "obvious," reader. Verily. John towers above these three, on any level and at all indices.
  • ...It remains, though, that he's gonna have to come down here to live! Somebody stole my camera (a half-frame Olympus Pen F) on a visit to his city in 1973, and STILL it pays! I want my camera, bag, and lenses back, New York!
  • Long ago on SDI (07-08-06), John Velez—uncomplicated acceptor of sincere hugs from complete strangers—was sadly underrepresented and sorely missed in a ufological free-form fray that was the 400th iteration of that, damn-it, cutting edge program... penetrating program, finally, efficaciously enduring program, forgetting of course "missed" program... it's gone now with the late Errol Bruce Knapp...
  • John was compelled, instead, to practice the timeless art of that almost mystical entity know as a New York City Cab Driver. Otherwise his appearance on the program would have been a rare treat.
  • ...Think of the cab-driving "ghost of Christmas past" in Bill Murray's "Scrooged." Pretty damned magical, and what a driver. Tran-spatial ... Inter-temporal ... Multi-Dimensional. A cool ride by any name and at any speed!
  • See... ...John was ufological before ufological was *cool*... ...before the ufology became a focal point, not for mal-impassioned net-loons, public whack-oids, and insincere crystal-squeezers rushing in to fill the knowledge void facilitated by a corrupt and duplicitous main-stream society... [don't get me started] ...but the gassy avians, scurrilous skeptibunkies, and conflicted klasskurtxians, these institutionalized and inculcated by that same society... to undercut and marginalize UFOs and the inquiry into them. This writer says true.
  • John is/was a worthy combatant in the aforementioned struggle. Only, if ufology was ham and eggs, John was the ham. Eggs are a survivable investment. Ham is a sacrifice of the irreplaceable.
  • Moreover, John Velez is one of those persons who at great personal cost, as has always been the way of it, helped to ensure, along with significant others, that a ufology, against all odds and despite *learned* dismissals, *furious* derisions, and *reflex* denials... of fatuous radio "Shock Jocks" and others already alluded to... ...endures still.
  • That's right. Endures still. Thank you, Mr. Velez, for helping to facilitate this... ... this concrescence of eventual disclosure looming before us all unrecognized, if looming still... our intuited improvement by the acknowledgment of same ...howsoever "it" manifests itself in the very near term.
  • Thank you John.
  • Thank you John.
  • Thank you John! Truth serves, and verily!