Thursday, November 12, 2020

Conscious Motes


Motes of motes
Motes among motes
Morose motes of woke motes
Motes abounding and abiding... still.


My consciousness is but a mote 
inhabiting machines 
which are used for transportation 
in a mind's enchanted dream, 
and Transmitted, then Projected 
in a light-speed plasma dance, 
it is tracing out this poem 
you could read; so, take a chance.
It's not unfair advantage 
that this wishes to pursue, 
and it's not prevarication 
that this switches out for truth. 
It is just a varnished wailing 
of a monumental "blues" 
we're contrived to keep detailing 
as we're served obnoxious news.

...And stuff comes out in verse, you see,
that comes no other way...
It transcends the merely textual.
...It's been known to save the day!
...And these are days protracted
which have gone on far too long...
These are what provoke the verse
to make us sing these songs! 
...Remains, the sky is filled by *lights* 
seen with opened sober eyes! 
I'm "told by *God*" to "look away" 
from "what I should despise." 
The "world" and my "body" 
are the stuff of Satan's lies? 
...But that keeps our children starving, 
and it muffles ... drowns their cries!!!
People I respect report 
that "there are lights above!" 
Not meaning God or angel, 
but an ET sure enough
These send a cryptic message
we're not getting—we don't try
If we got that cryptic message? 
Scurvy memes begin to die! 
So, they keep us in the dark, 
misinformed, so baldly paying... 
facilitating psychopaths
who'll thrive as we're betrayed, then!
...One's science is a 'club' 
with monstrous dues 
which will be paid: 
to condone bereft fidelity, 
there are "good points!" made to fade. 
Science treated like the "be-all-end"
and that's what they've depicted
when the scope of it's too narrow
shallow, numbing, and conflicted!
...And, yes I know it's fueled and fired 
our exponential rise!
...And, yes, I know its *wonder* 
is so hard to criticize
...And, yes I know it's science 
that we shan't give up for Lent 
but it's lacking all humility 
so must suffer our contempt!
Unfettered by corpocracy 
we'd live in crisp new skies! 
We'd soar to distant stars
in spacious ships 
that we'd contrive. 
Our globe's a rendered garden, 
and we'd thrive upon our moon! 
We'd travel with new elegance
in vast ships like huge balloons.
We'd taste the satisfactions won, 
undreamed of, friend, just now! 
Our stress would lose intensity; 
we'd be happy motes; here's how! 
Our hate, which was so pointless
so destructive, gross, and vile
In its place, respecting reach and grasp! 
...That "grasp" bereft of guile!
Much status quo is "Satan Spawn," 
frankly good for just the few; 
take a chance at least to try... 
what's offered up as new!
Our vistas are expanding now 
with all deliberate speed
and the truth gets hard to hide regards...
it's got so hard to breathe
There are asteroids like buzzing bees 
around insentient heads. 
...Well known is they could hit us, friend, 
to strike us all quite dead!
Some many, many persons, 
people famous and profound, 
...said abducted by the saucers 
...that do land upon our ground. 
Lights leap and flash fandangos 
in our day and nighttime skies, 
yet we're denied a reckoning, 
and I'd, of needs, know WHY!
I say that we should ask them: 
though the truth itself portends. 
I'd divest from any falsehood 
which portends our flawing trend. 
I'd abdicate all errancy 
before I paid its loss, 
though fortune flew on righteous wings 
and I'm condemned and lost.
...Though, reward, I have been thinking, 
is the THINKING, then, itself.  
It's the pay for all your labor, 
for the enrichment of yourself. 
...To take a deep and cleansing breath
believing you live free
...To lift the visage of your face! 
...To leap from off your knees! 
...To leave behind all worry
on the substance *stuff* is given
—too many suffer now for that.  
This shall not be forgiven!
There is small need for psychopaths 
hard-wired to baldly steal; 
and every reason for respect 
for folks who would be real!  
It's why we pay our taxes 
...not to fund the corporate pork; 
not to pay for one's religion 
...not to stress us while we work! 
The truth's a glad reminder 
of respect, of needs, quite real. 
It provides a chance for ways... 
to any righteous deal!
My consciousness is just a mote 
suspecting life's a dream. 
To many, it's a nightmare; 
life is futile, harsh, and mean. 
Though, think of our embarrassment 
where it's shown we've misbehaved
—and our watchers, truly watching
think us evil and depraved.

  • What would WE think? ...Better hope they're more forgiving than we
  • We'd do MUCH better to conduct our business as if we WERE being watched by a wide array of extraterrestrial intelligences, you know? Thieves don't break into cars if they think they are being watched. The cookie jar remains unmolested if observed by hidden eyes. You don't belch, fart, or masturbate in the dark closet if you think there may be someone (the *other*) in there with you ... saves a lot of embarrassment later on. It also limits culpable liability. Verily!
  • Restore John Ford!