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Tulli's Papyrus

To Touch Truth On Her Face...

Tulli's Papyrus—The Eternal Duel 
Of Seekers And Shirkers
By Alfred Lehmberg 

What might a person DO to avoid being laughed at? What means might they contrive to avoid that unbearable perception of playing the butt of someone's, even ignorant, joke?  What chances will this person take, then, to be wrong, or, even MORE damnable—too correct? From where will a very necessary courage come, then?

Worse yet, and far more likely... what does this person CONTRIVE who senses an obvious threat to their corrupt and illiberal world view? Predictably, this person selfishly obstructs their praetorian point of view's JUSTIFIED instrument of righteous deconstruction—sits on some smoking gun evidence, or even (shame!) destroys that evidence outright! These are questions more than intimated as one investigates the unintentional disclosure of one Father Alberto Tulli, and how it pertains to the (assiduously AVOIDED!) subject of historical UFO's.

Let's say it was you, honored reader. Let's say it's YOU who'd stumbled upon some bit of compelling evidence providing that first inimitable push into a startling new view of our more expansive world and the multi-verse beyond it!  Bigger than the genetics of Mendel or the implications of Darwin's origin of species, the startling evidence is held in YOUR trembling hand!

What do you do with it? Like Father Tulli, do you stuff it in a remote and dusty drawer amongst your personal possessions only to have it found at the conclusion of your remarkably dull and pedestrian life—final proof of your regrettable cowardice?

Do you DESTROY the accusing evidence (?) and live with your nagging conscience for the remainder of a pathetically indifferent and lamentably complacent existence? Or, do you (rare bird!) offer the OTHER hand, and use it to extend your purposeful, positive, and passionate reach deeply into the waters of REAL truth... or at least a more challenging, vigorous, and dynamic INVESTIGATION into that richly complicated, but more vitally satisfying and inclusive *real* world? What do YOU do?

Pausing for a moment's reflection, how many other bits of information (just like the forthcoming) are hidden away in the sealed drawers of shadowy vaults forgotten by ALL (excepting, with difficulty, that select and secret few with total access)? How many MORE of these artfully anomalous articles are at the arbitrary WHIM of some craven and convenient coward—that faux-conservatively minded and exclusive sociopath? What dazzling documentations, momentous mechanisms, or awe inspiring inferences lie smothered in the CONSCIOUS attempt to protect that occlusive social conservative plutocrat's—conveniently pernicious and predatory, but wholly contrived and imaginary—position? WHAT hides—WHERE and WHY?

Exposed! All of it!!

Truly, that arguable need to keep SOME secrets is an abused privilege that has been suspiciously and egregiously overexploited, and so (distastefully and even dangerously, PERHAPS!) a full and complete accounting must NOW be made... .  Maybe we owe it, this storm before the calm, to ourselves.

Returning to our intrepid anti-protagonist, what kind of man was Father Alberto Tulli? Was he a gentle and cloistered academic loved by his family of friends and respected by his educated colleagues, or was he a sullen low-tiered architect of the pervasive and unjustified SECRECY crippling and trivializing the individual potentiality of every ONE of us, today? Could he (by some strange mechanism of social irony) be both? This is forgetting that an assessment of "neither" is not within the scope of this essay. Those essays have been written by others—they will continue to be written. This essay would lance THAT particular boil!

Who WAS Father Alberto Tulli? Certainly, his lack of *remarkable* (conscious) contribution could be his definition, and a possible answer to the preceding question. Wool dyed association with the Catholic Church's curious office of Egyptology, he was but a tiny cog in a tightly closed institution that has been around long enough to generate (and then jealously keep) a PLETHORA of deep and darkly shadowed secrets all its own.  Indeed, Father Tulli's single association with the anomalous subject of this essay was to come to light ONLY after the event of his death.

The meager papers, effects, and possessions accumulated in a life of apparently unswerving institutional loyalty are, at last, revealed and examined... presumably just to identify what goes where (as in the event of ANY death, this writer's eventual death—assuredly!). Controversially, though, Father Alberto Tulli's personal and otherwise mundane academic effects contained an unsettling surprise decidedly NOT so mundane and assuredly NOT so personal.

The writer pauses to remind my patient reader that this written exploration is made in good faith. Further, the writer presupposes (and reiterates) that intelligence not of this planet is MORE than suggested by seven deep categories of OTHER evidences just as, or even more, compelling than THIS one, one which could be wild horse muffins.   That doesn't matter remember, TRUFO or True UFOs only have to evidence themselves once in those seven vast categorical seas.  Numerous items from our purposely contrived and foggy history provoke similar pointed questions, forgetting for a moment that this particular one was dismissed by writer Samuel Rosenburg as unfounded invention!


His—too easy—dismissal was based on an alleged (and unsubstantiated) inexpert translation of an ancient document the Catholic church reports as currently "lost." Rosenburg's scoffing conclusion was as dictated to Rosenburg by that SAME Catholic church cloaked in the, ever assumed, faultless integrity of an "infallible Vatican."  The reader should be feeling some unease.

See, even THERE the reader can hear the weak admission that some artifact existed, even if it cannot now be produced! Is this naught but just one more piece of the ongoing puzzle lost in the convenient shadows of the planned general ignorance? Such might be so.

What IS this artifact?

Roughly, but certainly no less than three thousand, five hundred years ago, in an Egypt far removed from us and further distorted by murky antiquity, there once ruled, as it's writ, the minor Pharaoh Thutmose III—also unremarkable (at least as far as Pharaohs go). THIS Pharaoh, as it happens, fortuitously continued the serendipitous tradition of making a durable record of the events of his time in a manner that would (it was naively hoped) be CRYSTAL clear to the presumed unending chain of forthcoming future Pharaohs. It is plainly suggested that he made (or had made) the following recording, inked deeply into the rough surface of one stunning sheet of startling, if lost, papyrus! The reported translation of the stylized figures in these curious hieroglyphics follows:

In the year 22, the third month of the winter, in the sixth hour of the day, the scribes of the house of life found that it was a circle of fire that was coming in the sky . . . its body was one rod long by one rod large. It had no voice, and the scribes so advise the King. Some days pass, and lo, they are more numerous than ever. They are shining brighter than the sun in the sky. The army of the Pharaoh looks on with Him in their midst. It was after a respite that the circles flew up higher and disappeared to the south. It was a marvel never occurred since in this land.

Other accounts of this intriguing document talk about a strange "stink" that the "fire rings" make in the air as they dash around, and further describe the Pharaoh as futilely chasing the dazzling circles from below in his horse driven war chariots, slinging pathetically ineffective bolts at them as the fire circles darted effortlessly past. Perhaps exhausted, finally, from their seemingly ignored exertions, the sweating Pharaoh and his fearful men stand at last looking up at the indifferent saucers with their mouths hanging open, effected by equal amounts of enchanted wonder and abject terror.

In sidebar, one could speculate that the personal stock of this apparently fearless Pharaoh went WAY up with his relieved troops at the no harm conclusion of the terrifying, albeit one sided, exchange. They could ALL call themselves very brave that day, and, this writer submits, likely did.

Returning abruptly to the mysterious document suggesting this astonishing occurrence, this writer questions what truly underlies the social mechanism USED to preclude a document, of this enigmatic type, from being brought to light immediately and with all deliberate speed! What hides in the shadows of that ridicule permeating the interested discussion of such a document, and the larger reality that it heralds? Much likely hides in that ponderous ignorance we continue to consciously assume like a smothering cloak.

Consider some idle if reasoned speculations. Father Alberto Tulli was a man who did not want to be laughed at. Father Alberto Tulli was a man who did not want to compromise or contradict the untested faith, assumed fidelity, and convenient sensibility of his order and its institution. Father Alberto Tulli was a man willing to stuff an oddly smoking gun into an out-of-the-way drawer to further postpone, perhaps, humanity's rendezvous with its more secular destiny? Father Alberto Tulli was a... coward (yes) in the most regrettable sense of the word, was not motivated by adherence to any strict (otherwise fawned over) scientific method, and was a mere stooge for an outdated, probably criminal (certainly unethical), and decidedly back-stepping world view? This writer knows that he would be judged in a similar fashion upon committing the so described or some analogous offence. What's gravy for the goose, and all that... this writer appreciates consistency only because TRUST can sometimes be born of it.

This writer challenges, with outrage, that "smoking guns" remaining hidden, and ACCUSES the owners of these drawers (into which these smoking guns are so smugly ensconced) of the aforementioned regrettable cowardice. With fervent anticipation, this writer envisions a time when we will, collectively at least, more typify the courageously advancing and forthcoming seeker over the cowardly retreating and obfuscating shirker. The seeker—the one willing to run that gamut of wounding negativists to touch the truth on her shining face. The shirker, of course, is described everywhere else in this essay.

Concluding, this writer asks WHEN (and even if) we might all ever learn to laugh at the laughter we SHOULD be laughing at! That brand of laughter alluded to is identified as toxic and that which comes from the one with substantially less COURAGE than the one PROVIDING the mal-alleged amusement. It is the laughter born of a whistle past a graveyard. It is the laughter born of those unable to face the selfish fears of their own convenient manufacture.  Turgid and turbid and not a little rabid.

Additionally, this writer wonders when we might begin to compromise and contradict that which deserves compromise and contradiction—even bite the feeding hand that offends so deeply that it CALLS OUT to be bitten?  How much social infidelity are a rank and file expected to bear?

Some see evidence of the beginning of that furtive hand gnawing, a coming revolution, and assuming the patented Dan Quayle deer-stunned-by-headlights "look" on complacent faces—pretend they don't know why or how.  ...But they DO know, we all do of course, know why and how.  Those answers don't have to be searched for; they have but to be faced.  How much is a betrayed and abused rank and file expected to endure from their own officiality, anyway?

Somebody knows.

Read on.

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Klasskurtxians And Pelicanists And Skepti-Bunkies, Oh My!

Klasskurtxians* And Pelicanists 
And Skepti-Bunkies, Oh My!
By Alfred Lehmberg

This is a one-shot-gets-all, honored reader! No one is singled out. I mean, the "addressed" know who they are. The larger (Thank Gawd!) remainder of us know who they are, so the reader may allow this then (welcome it even!), for its lack of personal specificity. Naming names is a surplus of the superfluous, anyway!

Having publicly pointed out the aforementioned "breed" of "them"  (these head eating scat-wit and scurvy aliens of the planet Klasskurtxia*), it becomes necessary, based on the attendant "heart-felt" E-mails spuriously received, to put some pointy little craniums to rest and assuage some piqued dishwater sensibilities... cool some angry teapot/tempest outrages... Not! Gird what remains of one's loins, reader!

I come to bury Caesar, verily... not to praise (or assuage!) him!  No, I would have him driven before me; hear the lamentations of his fan-boys... castigate and cast aspersions on all his csicopian ƒüÇk€®ý... just to start! It's called for. Smugness always deserves a kick in the nads.

Addressing the "addressed," directly, then. Your "hurt pouties" or "officious condemnations" are not with me, anyway, you too comfortable, elitist, and ironic (if not moronic!) anti-ufological lack-wits, no

They are with named ufological writers and thinkers, investigators and researchers, professors and doctors... brave women and men of an invisible college who have shown (over an extended period of time!) that they can put behind them their more childish ways—regarding a revolting and homocentric intellectual position at the center of the whole freaking universe!—and think constructively (very likely more profitably) but, necessarily, OUT of the shallow box that faux-thinktank CSIcopia would prescribe for them... Real ufological heroes!

In short? ...Your fight is with persons who don't have their heads locked, smotheringly, up between each others' amply pimpled, hairyly abundant, and mal-academic ass-cheeks... the way yours are! Posted.

The aforementioned ufological writers, thinkers, investigators, researchers, professors, and doctors I allude to, hold the higher cognitive ground, have the wider intellectual view, know the greater psychological reality, feel the deeper courageous imperative and, make the superior scientific contribution. They lead (and have led) you mouth-breathing taint-waffle CSIcopians by your bubble-blowing noses! In level debates, they mop the academic floor with the best your intellectually constipated CSIcopia can offer (or your best would have defeated Stanton Friedman (et. al.), on national TV... put this little "UFO problem" behind you, straight away!). You never did... and don't now.

Remains, your fight is with the aforementioned! It is not with me, only one of the genuinely innocent observers in the ufological debate where you prove, over and over again (embarrassingly for you), that you shall not win employing those same largely hypocritical reductionisms! This is despite all the easy accommodations of your lap-dog mainstream, invariably employing you in the media for "balance"!

THAT's a laugh!

...And me?  I've no ax to grind but the one that cleaves for "truth though heaven falls"... about my society, about my species, about my reality, and about myself. I'll walk away, gladly, from someone or something that has shown itself to be false—as I have demonstrated—and it won't matter how well connected they are. 

My bias, if I have one at all, was created by the greater bias of the opposition, the same way unrestricted capitalists create a communist, racial bigots create Black Panthers, Chauvinists create femi-nazis, and homophobes create militant gays!  Someone stood on someone else's neck at the start... and there was a *consequence*.  CSIcop has created me!

Committed as I am, I'm the absolute first with a mea culpa! Why? Because admission is still an advancement! You, on the other hand can admit—nothing!  It's why you'll fail.

Your fight is with the aforementioned persons the likes of Friedman, Hastings, Feschino, and Dolan! It is not with me, only one of the perturbed and irritated masses who finds you as unconvincing as he finds you errantly presupposing

I'm merely one of the growing numbers of persons who perceive your sneering confidence or religious ferver as complacent hubris! I'm merely one of the expanding population who sees your current collective worldview not as the "intellectual redemption" of humankind you'd proclaim, but as a diminished potentiality for it, and a tragic missed-opportunity for same!

Your fight is with the aforementioned! It is not with me, a mere mote of educated consciousness that you have been able to convince... not at all!

...And not because of some intellectual failing on my part! ...Not because of some cognitive defect I possess! ...Not because of some mental aberration afflicting me... no. It is because of the lack of substance in your arguments. It is because you are shown to be so often in error. It is because you are shown to be rationally inconsistent! It is because you are shown to be duplicitous, character assassinating, and deliberately obfuscating! Frequently, you even gloat about it and spin your canted chicanery as a service to science! Astonishing!

Your fight is not with me! It is with a long list of names you work busily to discredit and marginalize, that you furiously prosecute in your totally corrupted mainstream, and that you passionately persecute in Ufological Lists all over the world! Adjudicate these persons conclusively, ardent pelicanists, scurrilous skepti-bunkies, and insentient CSICOPians, errant klasskurtxians, and your battle with me is WON!  ...Not holding any proverbial breath!

...Still, I left cross with a James E. McDonald, right cross with a "David Rudiak", upper-cut with "Peter Sturrock," jab with a series of trip-hammer "Richard Halls" and roundhouse kick with a decisive "Jerry Clark"! This is a random grab of punches from a seasoned ufological arsenal, bunky; there are dozens more past and present!

You're on your petulant asses, Pelican boys! Verily, you skepti-bunkies are a sad and pathetic piece of work, you know that? Shortsighted, corrosively reductionist, wholly hypocritical... Klasskurtxia, be not proud!

...And don't throw your "degrees" and "certificates" at me.  I'm singularly under-whelmed!  I've graduated accredited college myself, Summa, so your degrees have been abundantly (and very necessarily!)... demystified, shall we say...

Moreover, the worst of you has turned an honorable quest for academic truth into a "tyranny of letters" (letters in many cases pointless and inappropriate, or what are immaterial PhDs doing in CSI?). illustrating that PhD's are the BS of a bachelor in science... just Piled Higher and Deeper... more often than is fortunate for us (and for them!)! What should an English teacher be telling us about UFOs? The message IS more important than the medium, an argument you'd make stridently, I'm sure, but then ultimately betray... I digress...

I know how you love to wallow in your self-involved little details and mire your opposition in sticky protestations regarding convenient definitions, spun logic, and artfully identified fallacy. I know how you ask the trick question, ignore the given citation, provide the evasive answer, and employ the disingenuous! I know how you contrive to define your terms, ignore the evidence and engineer same! I know how you fix on the immaterial, cherry-pick your substantiation, and drive data to your foregone conclusions. 

Truly, You, a gaslighting projector, are what you'd accuse! Posted!

Additionally, arguing with you is like arguing with a drunk birther, a Christian Fundamentalist or a Republican (but I repeat myself). The former's room is spinning, and the latter spins the room. Neither will admit, remember, or be instructed by error. A pox on all of you!

...And You call me a believer! How can I be a mere believer when I find it so effortless to not believe you?  Admit it! It's only my lack of "belief" in you that qualifies me to the "true believer" as a rank "believer"! What a wonderful irony, eh, if you "can think about what you can think about..."?  If I supported you I could be selling bunny pants to Right Wing congressmen and not a discouraging word!

Further, you dismiss me as a credulous advocate, when I am only a genuine advocate for the huge volume of extant evidence of a quality that cannot be forever ignored...Verily, the eminence of the anecdotal evidence (Presidents have reported them from Reagan to Carter, compounded with the vetted photographic evidence, and then added to the documented historical evidence, gives every indication that a ufological assertion regarding this phenomena must be more real than not! I'm being abundantly conservative!

Moreover, when the preceding is framed by the serious artistic evidence, qualified by the available physical evidence, and then compellingly buttressed by the conclusively personal evidence (...if you have any, and I do...), I can only be annoyingly astonished by your continued inexplicable and unsupportable reluctance ... an unbrave reluctance... to face the "highly strange" music that just cannot be forever marginalized!

Does the information available justify attention by the mainstream to perform a more in depth investigation of UFOs? Absolutely! Do you blithely ignore same while pronouncing on it? Also, absolutely!

This is the element of your ultimate discredit and your discredit of science, you serially insouciant skepti-bunkies, pompously pontificating pelicanists, and soullessly shopworn CSIcopians! We're tired of your lot pissing on our aggregate cognitive leg and telling us it's rain! The problems you whine to me about, actually, are not with us (and not with me)! They're with you... your argument, your attitude, and your outlook!  Mere reductionism does not prove to be expansive enough!

You see? Your paradigms are 19th Century! Your worldview is medieval! Your sense of position in the scheme of things is dismayingly ancient! You are old, you are outdated, and your scientific preeminence is increasingly undeserved—even ludicrous!—with each passing day!

It is you that is the millstone around the neck of humanity, pelican-boy, not an undisciplined and impassioned fringe evolved to fill a VOID that you provide, exacerbate, and make work for you! It's you, actually, that is the scurrilous disease affecting our science, degrading our spirituality, and hobbling our intellectual advancement as a species!

It is you blunting the point of our creativeness as a people with your too narrow, excessively shallow, very exclusionary, two-color, bigoted and ideologue-aping—convenient and self-serving!—sliding-scale values! Whew! ...But read that last sentence again!

It is you employing your complacent and unequally applied ethics and moral absolutes—provided for and demanded of others... outside your conflicted clan, conveniently!—that is the problem, sirs, not those of us noticing that your flag won't go all the way to the cosmic top, that it fumbles the four-field deadlock-nut regarding a "handle on things"... that it continues to confuse honest "reach" with contrived "grasp"!  That it fails!  See it's you giving credence to the ongoing disingenuous with your complacent inattention.

In closing, let me say that all you running-dog PSCs can just stop with the whiney, insulting, and ineffectively handwringing personal mail, your accounts are handily frozen-out as they occur, I'm indifferent to your angry arguments regardless, AND there are too many to try to debate effectively anyway (another scurrilous attack ploy your conflicted lot practices). I'm not banging a drum I expect you to ever agree with because you see your agreement as, well... your death, actually. ...And you're right!

...But, your *death* connotes our rebirth, dim-bulb! So, for your sake and ours, *die* already! Please!  It's a good thing!

You proclaim that you alone hear the music playing... but you want to isolate the individual notes in the symphony, at best! If you do that you'll never hear the complete symphony, and, consequently, never discover which notes carry the ascendant tune!  The worst insult I can level at you is that you have no imagination, no art, and no soul!

Awwww... That was probably too rich for you poo-poo tushy pelicanists, pompous skeptibunky lock-steppers, but hubristic scientistic pretenders who don't know a moribund moot-pooty from a conflicted cack-slinger, anyway! It doesn't matter. I'm not here for YOUR hurdles, you're here for MINE! You can be satisfied, or not, with critical poems at 30 paces, sniper commentary that doesn't respect your worldview, and the occasional piece of art to fly up your self-important noses! A little music? On my own recognizance, I'm decidedly out of your box and comfort zone. You can pound wet sand for your trouble and mine!

Know this! I'm happy to lurk in the tall grass for you. Your disservices will be highlighted! Your fallacies will be explored! Your inconsistencies will be chronicled! Your agendas will be exposed! We'll go deep on ya to find what we find, eh?  I won't be the only one to perform the outlined "such" and "so".

I'm not in here with you, proud Klasskurtxian, glad Pelicanist, and fat-cat establishment Skepti-bunky. You're in here with me!  Get used to it.

"To the last I grapple with thee! From hell's heart I stab at thee! For hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee"! ...From the creative tall grass, you fatuously hubristic myopic! From the tall grass!

Restore John Ford.  Read on.
*A word meaning skeptibunky or faux-sceptic coined by mashing two noted mal-skeptics names, Klass & Kurtz, together into one word.  Onomatopoeia is given the nod to foreshadow the sound made when a big glass urn of hissing snakes smashes to the floor of a CSI Commissary... shattering explosively in a hissing squirm. These are the hubristic and intellectually bigoted men (and fewer women) purporting themselves as warriors at the ramparts of rationality but insulting the spirit of that every time they reflexively announce the current crass denunciation of that which they have not remotely examined, at all.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

"D" Is For Denialist...

'D' Is For Denialist
By Alfred Lehmberg

From "The Space Review." where Dr. Shostak responds, too quickly and ineffectively, to Gregory Anderson's all to cogent criticism of SETI:

Dr. Shostak: While I am gratified that Gregory Anderson has addressed the matter of "SETI politics" in his recent article (see "SETI politics," The Space Review, September 6, 2005), I believe that some of his facts are wrong and his arguments skewed.

Lehmberg: Dr. Shostak can believe anything floating his shallow draft and flat-bottomed marsh boat.  It remains that there are seas beyond his marshlands he won't acknowledge, oceans he won't concede, and other wide saline expanses far outside his very limited and dull imagination, benumbed sensibilities, and anesthetized thinking. This lackluster imagination, sensibility, and thought become problematic when it presumes a reduced value regarding the thinking of one Mr. Gregory Anderson, thinking decidedly closer to the mark than that for which our Dr. Shostak would most hollowly shill.

Dr. Shostak: His take on the respectability of SETI in the scientific community is unduly pessimistic.

Lehmberg: A "respectability" that is not enough, apparently, to provoke official investment from the scientific mainstream and must depend instead on the shallow purses of the many "believers" in lay society... "believers," I suspect, with a little more expansive open-mindedness, imagination, and intelligence than a smirkingly conflicted and pecuniary Dr. Shostak, it would seem.

Dr. Shostak: While there are certainly individual scientists who are doubtful about the chances of a SETI detection, SETI has been specifically called out as a legitimate and worthy endeavor by the astronomical community in decadal reviews. This is an endorsement of considerable weight. Anderson also writes-erroneously-that "NASA started a modest SETI program in 1992," but in fact the NASA SETI program dates from the mid-1970s. It was a long-term, but modest program that developed both observing strategies and the requisite technology.

Lehmberg: Dr. Shostak can call a ridiculous initiative anything he wants. It will remain a Silly Effort To Investigate because it is a hubristic and homocentric assumption presuming to look for "smoke" from "campfires" around stars too far away to avoid significant signal loss... forgetting the erosion of any chronological relevance... what might have been heard now could already be millions of years dead!  Also, these "decadal reviews" may only legitimize a culture of constipated scientistics (sic) valuing gravy-train fundage over courage and vapid corporatism over conscience. No points here.

Dr. Shostak: I'm not quite sure what the point is...

Lehmberg: This might identify, right here, the problem extant. It shows Dr. Shostak's conjectured inability to carry on in a debate without the intimation that his opponent may not have the cognitive ability to make his point clear. Ironic, when it remains that Dr. Shostak should never have put pen to paper if he wasn't "quite" sure what the point was, n'est-ce pas?
Perhaps some small amount of time could be given to educating himself on "the point"... a task he has, time and time again, shown himself incapable of following through on... or how can he still be pretending for all these years like he can break-even in debate... when Stanton Friedman has, and so often, handed him his head in same?

Dr. Shostak: ...but Anderson writes "Perhaps logically, the time of SETI has coincided with the UFO era." This may be true if one speaks of geological time, but Roswell (the only UFO incident named by Anderson) was 1947, and the first SETI observations were a dozen years later.

Lehmberg: Anderson was making a memorable point in a small article, as Dr. Shostak knows, further showing how quickly Dr. Shostak is willing to use logical fallacy to score points in an argument he knows he must ultimately lose ... indeed has already lost. The reader is reminded that Dr. Shostak felt compelled to respond to Mr. Anderson, at all, and rather quickly for such an important person otherwise consumed by parsing ephemeral smoke from distant stars. But if he really wants other examples (as fleshed out very satisfyingly at the Jerry Cohen Site... ) there are:
1. Kirtland AFB (11\4\57)
2. Hynek Blue Book Case (5\5\65) 
3. Malmstrom AFB (3/20/67) 
4. Incident at Redlands, Ca. (Hynek, BB, 2\4\68) 
5. Exeter, New Hampshire (9\3\65) 
6. Malmstrom AFB (11\7\75) 
7. Iran F-4 Incident (9\76) 
8. Belgium (1989\90) 
9. Illinois, USA (1\5\2000) 
10. Near Ad infinitum... forgetting the ones seen over my own freaking house (I love a good hyperbole!)!

Dr. Shostak: These are all technical nits.

Lehmberg: No, Sir. These are house sized boulders broken too high from thawing glaciers and rolling hurly-burly down the incline you exacerbate to smash your timid ramparts and topple your squatting towers. Clean your glasses, Sir.

Dr. Shostak: Of greater consequence is Mr. Anderson's mis-characterization of my opinion on interstellar travel, on which he writes "Shostak argues that interstellar travel will always be so expensive that societies will always elect to explore deep space through some version of SETI."

Lehmberg: Nonsense, I believe I remember Dr. Shostak intimating similar sentiments, frequently over the years, in one way or another, justifying his spurious approach to "explore the universe in the most cost effective manner possible." And he'd be right, except that he also expends considerable energy in sneering at other approaches to the extraterrestrial, approaches with more data and evidence in a nail paring than he would have in his whole corporate body. Consider, reader, that there is exactly zero evidence with regard to being able to pick up radio or TV (thin smoke) from the stars... but six levels of evidence with regard to the physicality of UFOs..., but the seventh is in the math.
Six levels, Verily: A ponderous abundance of quality anecdotal evidence is leavened by corresponding radar.  It is compounded with the vetted photographic evidence.  Add to this the documented historical evidence.  Frame all this with the serious artistic evidence, qualified by the available physical evidence, and then compellingly buttress it, conclusively, by any personal evidence... One can only be annoyingly astonished by the continued reluctance of some to face the highly strange music that just cannot be forever marginalized... Does the aforementioned information available justify the attention by the mainstream (forgetting Dr. Shostak) to perform a more *in depth* investigation of UFOs? Absolutely!
Finally, is there any evidence beyond wishful thinking that Dr. Shostak is on a substantive track? Nada!

Dr. Shostak: This is not my view at all.

Lehmberg: Dr. Shostak must agree to be disagreed with. It's a fair cameo in the opinion of this writer, and in the more educated opinion of an army of more perspicacious shoulders on which this writer confidently stands. To a strong degree? It is his view, exactly.

Dr. Shostak: I have no idea whether interstellar travel for exploration will happen sooner or later, but I'm rather optimistic that it will eventually happen.

Lehmberg: I suspect that the immediately preceding is simply a communicational loss-leader so Dr. Shostak can appear more open-minded on the subject later on...

Dr. Shostak: I think that interstellar travel for biological beings is a long shot frankly, but if you're either willing to send telesensing apparatus, or just spend a long time getting there, then going to the stars is possible, and at some level of technology, feasible.

Lehmberg: Which, arguably, is a thin reversal of Dr. Shostak's complaint regarding his being "mis-characterized" by Mr. Anderson. With the immediately preceding, Shostak sparingly dictates what is possible in the latter and what is impossible in the former. Dr. Shostak does, however thinly, then, profess that interstellar travel will always be so expensive that societies will elect to explore deep space through some version of SETI. Does the reader appreciate how Dr. Shostak feebly tries to have it both ways in the same rebuttal?

Dr. Shostak: I think, however, it is worth noting that our ability to build good tele-sensing equipment is far outpacing our efforts at making enormously faster rockets.

Lehmberg: That's a laugh... no, a hoot... no... a braying guffaw! Stanton Friedman points out that faster rockets were invented near the middle of last century, proven technology mind you, while we blithely let die, with the Hubble in the near future, the best tele-sensing equipment we have ever had!

Dr. Shostak: Ergo, I suspect that we will send equipment, rather than ourselves, for any direct interstellar exploration.

Lehmberg: This is a digressive and meaningless remark. It's cheaper, quicker, and more efficient to send "Spirit" and "Opportunity" to Mars than "Dick and Jane". So? This in no way ameliorates the disservice done to ufologists by Dr. Shostak and company when he won't recognize the evidence for UFOs as evidence for UFOs, marginalizes his intellectually more brave superiors to the fruit and nuts fringe, and discounts ufological substance for SETI-logical style.

Dr. Shostak: That's my view of things. Mr. Anderson thinks otherwise, noting for example that "Long-term economics and trade may be another driver [for interstellar travel]; establishing English colonies in North America led to extraordinary economic advances."

Lehmberg: Any thinking is thinking. Dr. Shostak will only demonstrate, here, a reluctance to facilitate same.  Mr. Anderson, on the other hand, and in one article, seems prepared to go outside Dr. Shostak's little box when required. Bravo Mr. Anderson!

Dr. Shostak: I respectfully point out that such examples all involved members of the same species, and even then, "trade" was not the driver. The Europeans did not wish to trade with the Aztecs (what did the Aztecs import?) but merely put them to work in silver mines.

Lehmberg: Merely? Seems our Dr. Shostak may have other problems. To their extreme chagrin and detriment it could be said that Aztecs imported gold and silver (and slaves) after all, bloated Spain, and so rather handily destroyed her. Spain wasn't a significant power all that long after their contact with the Aztecs, were they?

Dr. Shostak: And the Mesoamerican cultures are estimated to have been only 500 years behind their European counterparts in terms of technical development. The difference between interstellar societies will be far greater.

Lehmberg: Evidence for same?

Dr. Shostak: Mr. Anderson's true agenda is to plead that SETI researchers should be accepting of "Little Green Men zipping through spacetime in flying saucers."

Lehmberg: A fatuous estimation or appellation at best. It remains that there is decidedly more evidence for even the distortions ascribed to Mr. Anderson... than there is for Dr. Shostak's smoke signals from beyond the stars. Dr. Shostak's not getting over the net in any shape, way, manner, or form.

Dr. Shostak: I would be happy to accept this idea if there were only convincing proof.

Lehmberg: Great suffering and most baragrugous ZOT, reader. He says this when "SETI-logical" and "scatological" are words becoming roughly more synonymous. Moreover... I suspect that Dr. Shostak would be ~anything~ but pleased if "convincing proof" crawled up his nose and died.

Dr. Shostak: When discussing alien UFOs, it is a common canard to argue that the SETI community's skepticism is simply due to their failure to be open to the idea. That's wrong. Their skepticism is rooted in the lack of good evidence.

Lehmberg: Amazing! Intellectual obstinacy, round, firm, and fully packed... to the last! Dr. Shostak is to be commended for staying true to form, continuing to provide examples of scientistic (sic) insentience, and strengthening the ufological case for his more worthy opposition.
Game. Set. Match. Mr. Anderson gallantly leaps the net to console a soundly defeated and gasping Dr. Shostak.
Closing, I'd not begrudge, in the least, a SETI at the minimum making a proactive effort even given its lack of real efficaciousness, but that they—most especially in the person of Dr. Shostak—demean other scientific efforts to do so.  What ideas?  One insults themselves!  Ask Dr. Haines.  Mr Friedman.  Dr. Maccabee.   Mr Dolan.  There are others who have been shouting ideas into ones ears for decades.  One knows what ideas, eh?
Dr Drake provides they "are."  Dr Fermi says they "will."  Remains an audit trail that they "have," and likely still.  

Read on.

Restore John Ford!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Klasskurtxians* Bite!

Bill Nye the Scientism Guy

Klasskurtxians* Bite!
by Alfred Lehmberg

Perhaps skeptibunkers and pelicanists (*2) are to be congratulated for making useful social observations on the overly surreal nature of our "Interesting Times" and should NOT be penalized in some rational (but severe) fashion for needlessly and maliciously insulting abundantly shocked and already too well abused sensibilities with their smothering and inaccurate reductionism and errant default scientism... Or, maybe they should push a sock in it.

Perhaps skeptibunkers and pelicanists are genuine *artists* mindful of their own constructive sensibilities and they are legitimately expressing, for us, some cultural truth useful in that stealthy self-evaluation facilitating the ignorant's self-education, and so should NOT be soundly pilloried for wasting our time (...always increasingly more precious...) researching the salted facts of their bogus hoaxes in frustrating, frivolous and facile futility... and generally dismissing seven categories of unevaluated evidence for UFOs, out of hand! Hubris cannot be blamed alone.

Perhaps skeptibunkers and pelicanists are persons along the lines of playful pedagogical scamps skillfully rubbing our senseless noses in our own embarrassingly ready (and perhaps too easily provoked) credulity, and should NOT be fined, flogged, or fulsomely fire-walled for communicating a serious threat of complacent ignorance already communicated too well by our desultory governments and other closed, and closed minded, agencies and institutions... I vote for flogs and fines.

Perhaps skeptibunkers and pelicanists have an unappreciated talent and demonstrate a rare psychosocial adeptness that should be admired, celebrated, and rewarded, and should NOT be drawn and quartered in the traditional sense for further muddying waters already impossible to see through... for ironically amplifying the contrived shadows while simultaneously provoking mistrust in whatever remains of the dwindling informational light... I ready a quadriga for the quartering.

Tes. This writer suggests, of course, the latter over the former...

See, hoaxing the paranormal crosses a different kind of line because it is crying the worst kind of "wolf." There's valid and so valuable stuff in the paranormal realm that goes tragically ignored when this kind of "wolf " is cried. Worthwhile investigations go unperformed when that kind of wolf is cried... Scrutiny is avoided. Research is discredited. Inspections are not provided for. Examinations are dismissed. Explorations are not funded. Inquests go uncalled. Inquiries are forgotten. Righteous inquisition is made far less likely...

...Legitimate anomaly becomes the "false alarm" of a sociopathic lack-wit's specious wolf cry regarding our retreat to superstition and science's invalidation!  I suspect some may protest too much with regard to science's invalidation when it is they themselves providing for that discredit with the mainstreams feigned insouciant intransigence as it pertains to UFOs.

Feigned?  Yes, the vast majority of them suspect that some of this stuff has a degree of reality. Individually, they are curious.  In groups they are dismissive and derogatory.  Who or what keeps them in line?

Skeptibunkers and pelicanists create a disingenuous disturbance of the efficacious peace, plain and simple, good reader.  Every UFO fraud, contrived crop circle, and phony Bigfoot report they celebrate is a detraction from the core of legitimacy of these things and more.  It's an unrecognized psycho-social crime with uncounted victims and the people who cooperate to perpetrate these bogus paranormal reports are criminals guilty of the worst kind of conspiracy on both sides of the issue. That conspiracy, reader, is the conspiracy to encourage ignorance, incite complacency, or foment the hapless individual's cognitive indifference... increase her intellectual apathy and dissonance!

It's not entertainment; it is misinformation and fraud. It is not art because it does not tell a truth. It is not "good works" because even a pile of dog dirt will film brilliantly if it's singing show tunes and River Dancing.

No, Skeptibunkers and pelicanists perform no valuable service; they have only provided for more intellectual corrosion, poured sand in its already grinding gears, and pokes us all in our aggregate paranormal eye to prosecute a two color agenda convincing humanity they are as mere "meat machines."  Skeptibunkers and pelicanists, make no mistake, only bite to leave an infected, forget infectious, wound.  They are the ironic enemy of cognition and dismissive of the enlightened attitude that "reach" MUST exceed "grasp" to encourage enlightenment, elevation, and advancement for an aggregate humanity. To them, and sadly, reach and grasp are always the same.
*A word meaning skeptibunky or faux-sceptic coined by mashing two noted mal-skeptics names, Klass & Kurtz, together into one word.  Onomatopoeia is given the nod to foreshadow the sound made when a big glass urn of hissing snakes smashes to the floor of a CSI Commissary and shatters. These are the hubristic and intellectually bigoted men—and fewer women not so oddly—purporting themselves as warriors at the ramparts of rationality but insulting the spirit of that every time they reflexively announce the current crass denunciation of that which they have not remotely examined, themselves.
*2 Pelicanists are those persons invariably and obstinately seeing birds, bolides, rocket boosters or balloons for true UFOs.

"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, scourged by the scurrilous.  Restore John Ford.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stone Stepping...Starbound!

Here's an article of the type we're likely to see—and tamer than some—about those bothersome planet/space debris collisions:

What we take away?  Planet extinction!  Horrifying cataclysm.  Humanity snuffed like a dirty tallow candle, blasted from all existence, and forgotten as quickly.

I'm just wondering if this is not something else on which a tenuous Humanity—one presently burning dinosaur farts for energy where 21st Century power alternatives abound—will miss the point. Consider.  Must these Near Earth Asteroids be ONLY the "Planet Killers" we paint them to be?  Yes, these NEAs are the same big metallic rocks sailing down so close to the Earth's orbit periodically and providing the "threat."   Though, they might be, and certainly seem to me; however, to be something else, entirely.  Could they not even be our salvation.

On the ubiquitous orbit simulation animators the reader can find at the NASA site and elsewhere, these slowly tumbling potential bolides resemble, and more accurately, auspicious stones across an inky brook of interplanetary space.  Walk with me on this.

Sincerely, adjust the fearful attitude a tad to find, perhaps, that they are merely places for humanity to more easily step and stand securely as she strides away from the planet.  Could we not steer these stones around... place them where we needed them.  Further, these rocks can be habitat in the form of eventual slingshots to the stars. They are huge collections of concentrated wealth not taken from the bosom of an abused planet mother. They are GIFT more than they are THREAT!  That's not a stretch!

No.  They are a BOON, and not a catastrophe. They are a BLESSING and not a curse. They are an OPPORTUNITY to excel and not an impossible hurdle to crash over!  They are DELIVERANCE! They are REDEMPTION! They are SALVATION!  Astonishingly, this is not hyperbole.  True reach never is, perchance to grasp, reader!

I'm disgusted with an aggregate humanity who stands around wringing its petulant little hands and whining every time one of these things sails by.  I'm embarrassed by an aggregate humanity apparently oblivious to the wealth that these off-planet mines more than abundantly indicate. Moreover, I'm angered by the non-elected leadership allowed by an aggregate humanity that encourages this kind of shortsighted cultural behavior!

What's everybody so worried about anyway, unless we just LET these asteroids smash into us like we were deer, stunned frozen on the highway in approaching cosmic headlights... cheer up! That's just nature's way of letting us know how cowardly, shortsighted, and stupid we were... what a betrayal and a failure we were to her... !

No, say what you want about Humanity, but we are of life after all, and life finds a way!

We were BORN to capture these things like they were wooly mammoths. We were made to steer these things around the sky like insentient beasts of heavy burden. In that noble pursuit and reach for the stars we've nothing to lose and everything to gain for our boldness... besides, our boldness will likely bring mighty forces to our aid!

Get REAL, friends and fellow motes!  It may BE that sure planet-death is the sole motivation accepted to motivate the misinformed, the complacent, and the stupid of our planetary denizenship.  ...But on the other side of that is the movement out into space where we unlock boundless elevations, all advancement, and new enlightenment!  Survival AND salvation!

No, this much maligned cloud of falling asteroids looks to me to be virtually ALL silver lining... if we want it to be.  Read on!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Real Deal!

The Real Deal!Ufology:
An Audio Primer 1939-1959
By Alfred Lehmberg

Wendy Connors is the real ufological deal.  Such is succinctly so.

I say this confiding, honestly, that I report a great deal of raw understatement, but I'm trying to avoid any hyperbole that might degrade the sincerity and so then the effectiveness of this unashamed, if effusive, review.  Superlatives are deserved richly, appreciation is acknowledged gladly, and respect is tendered even in reverence.  The reader is informed that I've been (and very publicly!) accused by canted detractors as having "absolutely zero" cognitive (BS) filters. I remind the reader that I had abundant enough filtration to sift out he who would accuse me of the lack of same... Ms. Connors, on the other hand, is legitimately unfettered by the need of any filtration.


Because Wendy Connors is very highly respected as a researcher, and I'm not the only one who says so! She has been endorsed by ufological commentators as wildly divergent in intellect, contribution, and cant as Jerry Clark and Andy Roberts (leaving it to the reader as to which of them describes the high mark and which the low...) but Connors' reputation as a researcher is of the highest order!

Yeah, I'm unabashedly impressed with Wendy Connors, myself. She's a genuine ufological doyen of the first water!  You appreciate her courage and the jewel-like quality of her contribution immediately!  In her written work, she is one of the intrepid few able to take a subject too easily dismissed or wrongly interpreted, otherwise, as the threatening "fearful" of fearful unknowns, and with wit and erudition establishes, for these UFOs, an enduring and sensible educational framework for the rational, interested, and healthily curious. Additionally, she allows, as a welcome result of her work, a more useful understanding of UFOs that might be alternatively enjoyed... ...knowledge, reader, is generally that antithesis of fear!

The fruits of Ms. Connors latest research assesses the taproot of modern ufology. You see, from the very beginning, and at the very start—even before the UFO flap in 1947, and as I have written before—CREDIBLE people were giving CREDIBLE reports to CREDIBLE officials running CREDIBLE investigations, and these reports were, in turn, considered CREDIBLE by the even the more elevated, higher ranking, and ultra-hyper- CREDIBLE!

In other words, at the start of the public interest in ufology, intelligent, educated, and powerful people thought that these UFOs*—admitted as a physical reality to actually be there in the first place!!!—were intelligently guided craft... not of this Earth! That's a fact, folks!  I risk a digression to wonder where that conclusion went in the current reality... but I think we know.

We know that the just previous is a fact because in the old, more naively innocent—and less duplicitous—ufologically *uncontrolled* days, these persons, and many, many others were recorded saying so! That's a fact, too!

Where are all these old recordings then? What has become of them? Where did they go?

They were momentarily lost to senseless history; that's where they were! They were at the bottom of old trunks, in dusty drawers and forgotten—unvisited—rooms. They were mislabeled, misfiled, and mistaken for something else! Moreover, they were corroded and damp and mildewed... in the process of disintegration, aurally illegible, and fading into complete and final oblivion!  Not so now...

Wendy Connors has reversed this ignoble fading of recorded history ( that awful finality of tragic loss); she has mounted, and succeeded in, an arduous rescue of this history from that oblivion! Additionally, she provides for a new kind of ufological credibility that would have been lost to us but that she facilitated, expanded, and clarified the MEMORY of it for our eventual benefit! There just can't be too many superlatives for the magnitude of this work! No hyperbole here!

Errol Bruce-Knapp, Art Bell, and George Noory have historical precedents (and record their programs for history), or maybe the reader thought these gentlemen sprang fully formed from the forehead of Zeus in the late 20th Century! No, latenight radio has long been the province of the paranormally twitchy, almost for as long as there has been radio. Among these was a popular late night talk-show host by the name of "Long John" Nebel. He was the "Art Bell" of his time.

Nebel (et. al.), by way of example, had all the ufological luminaries on his radio program and much of what they said, way back when, would raise the hair on the back of a complacent neck, even today. These seminal programs, among many, many others, would have been lost but for Wendy Connors diligence, computer skill, and poignant sense of real history!

Nebel is only a fraction of what you could hear, reader! There are pilots and engineers and air traffic controllers! There are doctors and reporters and conservative professional persons! There are military officers, famous radio personalities, and named scientists! There are persons such as yourself, reader, presuming your innocence or an honesty or a sincerity plainly heard in many of these astonished voices from the past... real and uncontrived persons recounting their unbelievable encounters in a manner more easily believed, than not!  Cue the dire organ music!

Y o u ... a r e ... t h e r e, good reader! Ms. Connors makes you a fly on the wall for "things are now as they were then, except you ... are ... there"! You're there for a true to life accounting of a historical actuality regarding the highly strange that would have been heard (or remembered!) no other way! This is a one-of-a-kind, kind of thing.

Connors provides a time machine, actually—a time machine with the focus on the seminal ufological. Why, one of the segments is the specially abridged "War of the Worlds" program that Orson Wells produced in the 30's! The reader will recall that this is the radio program about an invasion from Mars by hostile beings that many astonishingly believed (!) ...and where Americans, by the way, gave a damned good accounting of themselves, actually (!), despite believing that they were being invaded by monsters from beyond! Damned good! ...Whatever the reader has heard, otherwise! I digress.

Connors' work is a dazzling array, a panoply, a huge range, a plethora of the highly strange... (!) Fascinating voices in this astonishing assemblage speak to a real world actuality of the ufological! Hear the authentic voices of persons you'd only read about as they share their amazing accounts and startling testimonies! ...Dr. Willey Ley, Dr. Allen Hynek, Frank Scully, Donald Keyhoe, Captain Edward Ruppelt, Major Dewey Fournet... the list seems unending!

Additionally, there is a lot more than meets the eye with this true -wealth- of a compilation! It is not just a mere collection of dead voices (they throbbed with life once, same as you!). No, one gets a sense, as one listens over and over again ( can with this collection!), that the ufological struggle by individual human beings has been needlessly endured for decades! One begins to perceive how people have tried to make sense of what they had witnessed, or how they tried to rationalize their out-of-the-box experiences! One appreciates how they fought then, as they fight now, for sense and sensibility when confronted with the... abject "weird" and highly "strange"... that is the larger reality many of us remain convinced is the reality!

Ms. Connors has produced a compact disc, a volume one, entitled Ufology: A Primer in Audio 1939—1959, with nearly eight hours of the uncompromised history you've never heard before... and that I've barely described in this review. This one disc contains over a hundred recordings of ufological history as it happened, reader! I think it is as valuable as some the better quality text-books I've purchased and gotten less out of... for a hundred... or a hundred and twenty dollars!

Connors only wanted twenty dollars for the disc, reader! It was a steal! Orson Wells in 1938, all by *himself*, is worth that... and the disc contains seven and a half more hours of quality historical material!

If the reader knew someone interested in UFOs, they'd have loved this in their Christmas stocking! Without question, it's a quality work to have in any documentary library!

It's the real deal, folks. ...UFOs are real; we are not alone...

Consider: it's not the beginning of the end, or even the end of the beginning—It's the beginning of the beginning! "... and you are there...," reader! Wendy Connors, of the now lapsed "Faded Discs," makes these enigmatic recordings, decidedly, less faded, and succinctly puts you there, right where they are! Maybe the reader can find it on the net.  I'll look around a little and update what I found out in comments.

Closing, here was an opportunity to spin up on how it really was—give that future a real PAST and so, therefore, a more solid foundation!

Verily! Read on!

* UFOs!  Unidentified Flying Objects.  Not birds, bolides, boosters or balloons or that tediously unreasonable appellation of the psychosocial crowd bordering on intellectual insult: UAP... unidentified aerial phenomena...  This may be a mechanism to push the goal posts of UFOs anywhere the operator wants them to go in a denial loop the result of cognitive dissonance and the operator's  inability to absorb new information.  See reader, where unidentified "object" connotes an artifice real in time and space and the very fabric of the existential,  UAP, in the ultimate get out of jail free card on the other hand, reduces a "highly strange physicality" to a nebulous phenomena defined as not even having to be there at all.  This leaves the reluctant observer a safe zone of wiggle room unearned and undeserved and not a little unhealthy.

Friday, August 07, 2015

The Curse Of The Blue Hare

Appropriated as appropriate...

The Curse Of The Blue Hare
By Alfred Lehmberg

UFOs and extraterrestrials are, let's cut to the chase, obvious given logic and observation as I have pointed out. Also given is that the pecuniary and the powerful must have their inflated wealth and status quos at least meddled with in the UFOs regard, status quos invalidated or made irrelevant... certainly threatened. It's reasonable that there would be mechanisms employed to protect that status quo to which I allude... what are they and how might they work?

I've just finished, again, that classic and still highly-controversial Max Burns magazine article "The Usual Suspects" (back in the late fall of March in 2004 "Notes From The Borderland" edited by Dr. Larry O'Hara... ...and still hugely relevant!).  Based very conclusively on personal interactions with some of the principals, what has occurred since that article was published, and what has NOT occurred since that article was published, I can make a more confident prediction regarding where the better informed and so more enlightened person might come down at the stealthily approaching ufological denouement.  Eschewing the obligatory bait cutting, I'm going to point where some fishing has successfully been done.  Gravid chicanery abounds.  Forewarned is forearmed.

Though consider, as hyperbolic as the reader may believe this to be, why might I be further energized to even higher levels of ufological rage with regard to the way things appear to be ...and as they have been verified by the principals in various disheartening affairs... inexorably!  It is that very inexorability, reader!  Verily, I'm fit to be tied in regard of that, good reader, and more to the point, I hope to engage the reader in this rage, encourage this indignation, precipitate this resentment, and fan the very flames of ones own well provoked wrath!  You owe it to yourself.

It baldly appears we have been done a blithe disservice, fellow ufological travelers!  We're led down smug and defeatist paranormal paths leading only to abject confusion, base indifference, ignoble bias, programmed ignorance, and likely... personal loss!  My own loss has been significant.  Needless and unethical loss abounds.

Ufology's wheels are wastefully spun in this disservice (and continue to spin); personal liberties may have been lost in this disservice (and are still denied due process!); civil rights may have been suspended in this disservice (sic temper tyrannous!); ufology could have been set back a generation with this disservice! Egregious crimes against the rising and advancing of a human spirit were certainly perpetrated, and it may be that what has been exposed is only the likely tip of the proverbial iceberg!

...Any reader considering the preceding mere hyperbole can just go straight to hell and pound hot sand north of a protesting pore; there was no arguing with you anyway!

For the rest... there has evolved, and disastrously, a way of doing ufological business, for some, that should have been be nipped in its suppurating seed-pod, nerve gassed, and otherwise discouraged with extreme prejudice decades ago or even at the start! The Neo-psychosocial wing of earnest debunkery (exposed by noted ufologist Jerry Clark from its beginning) had at last demonstrated that they had gone too far! Astonishingly, they may have airily admitted to a decades long program (a pathology, really, on reflection) of deliberate obfuscation, evidence corruption, witness manipulation (if not, intimidation!), and quasi-criminal confabulation with regard to UFOs and their attendant ufological investigations... extending god-knows where and concealing god-knows-what!

What had these insentient psychopaths so sullenly conspired?

Significant and well known persons (names we know!) were implicated in a seemingly well supported charge of conspiracy to deceive and defraud... as a result of lurid hoaxes fabricated by them and serving only to confound legitimate researchers... and invalidate real research! Proclaiming they worked only to increase ufological clarity, their actions only increase its aggregate opaque! This is to their capering glee.

Laughingly (if through tears), the admitted fact of this hoaxing behavior is defended, suspiciously, by the principals... as a practical exercise in the "interests of science", and as an "honorable" devise to keep our ufology (already rife with debilitating hoaxes) honest! That is too little, too late, and too conveniently contrived, good reader! Moreover, in the manner of any employed prevarication, it doesn't wash!

It's like a person caught pissing in your swimming pool protesting steaming prevarications it needed to be done to lower the water's pH! It's like a thief selling a bogus insurance policy and laughing at the subscribers inability to get a pay-out! It's like an obvious sinner protesting his ultimate saintliness and loyalty... and then dashing off with his best friend's wife for a furtive sport-boink! I would hope that all these persons implicated in this scurrilous deception (psycho-socials and assorted CSIcopians alike) step out of their cheating shadows (Burns intimated in his article) and disclose what they know about this admitted programmed hoaxing... in an effort to, in some way, filter the befouled ufological waters! What's been hoaxed! When! How! Who was involved! We won't hold our breath!

These misguided, erroneous, and unethical neo-psychosocials and reactionary CSIcopians have needlessly, arrogantly, and as a result of self-involved conceit and clear disrespect for you, good reader... completely overstepped their ethical bounds... and in the name of "science," no less!

Pause for squirty guffaws!

I cannot conceive of the overweening arrogance of one Mr. Andy Roberts or the false bravado he trumpeted with regard to his PRIDE in this scurrilous perpetration of an entire series of energy wasting hoaxes (...for how many years now?)! How blatantly ignorant! How tragically unenlightened! How unconscionably destructive! How inexplicably stupid!  Yet, perpetrate them, with others, he did.

Moreover, who died and elected Roberts our ufological god of manipulated ufological reality? More still, from what fetid depths of bald-faced self-involvement could this monstrous conceit even originate? Just who does he think he is, what personal credibility does he imagine is not destroyed, and why does he think we need believe a single thing a psycho-social ufologist has to say... ever again!?!  I argue that their air was subsequently let out with this little prank.  

Where are they today?

Don't these people realize that it is their behavior that is the most reprehensible and lamentable, and that much more is said about them in cases such as this... than is said with regard to anything or anyone they'd pretend to criticize! Can they not understand how their performance is no different than them going to the police with a well constructed report for a fictional crime being committed, and then chastise and ridicule the police for believing their fabrication?  How would that float?  Moreover, where is the difference?

What service is, remotely, performed but the marginalization of the righteous and the minimization of any truth? Why would we not be completely opposed to any confabulation of the truth, for any reason? Why would we remotely tolerate this heedless and enraging ... insulting even (!)... ethical transgression?

Will you tolerate it, reader? Ufological hoaxes are bad enough, but hoaxes planted to indicate that everything in ufology is a hoax crosses a fat line! Don't tolerate it!

Was a 'ringer' (the "Blue Hare" in the title of this piece) sent into a Max Burns' lecture to record false testimony planted as a function of Mr. Roberts ongoing and proudly ADMITTED program of shameful duplicity and fatuously clarifying hoaxes? How is this not evidence of the psycho-socials unethically trying to torpedo Max Burns' investigation into Sheffield, and scurrilously sabotaging a righteous and sincere ufology in the aggregate!?!

Verily, were these individuals to play the dishonorable game with me that they have played with Max Burns they could compensate me in civil court for infringing on my civil rights... forgetting the ponderous intellectual disservice done the rest of us! It's an outrage!

As an example, does the reader remember when Dr. John Mack had a seminar of abductees some years ago and used much of the testimony of the individuals at the seminar in his research later on? When he published his findings, subsequently, the robed and hooded CSICOPians gleefully trotted out the female *ringer* that they had intelligently prepared and then scurrilously planted in Dr. Mack's perfectly innocent bosom... to fallaciously demonstrate the invalidity of his entire research! Does anyone else see a parallel here? Sincerely, how can this do anything but invalidate the invalidator!

Really, good reader! How does an artful and prepared liar invalidate a research, at all... but by his innocent and guileless inclusion in that research?  Remove the planted lie and the research is made more valid! What was the provenance of Mack's "lie"?  Was it Mack?  Decidedly, NO!

A color test for sugar PRESUMES that there won't be any salt used as a control, reader! The 'salt' was not provided by Dr. Mack! Truly, this duplicity, therefore, shall not be taken as a comment on the late Dr. Mack's competence as a scientist... rather it be taken as an indictment on the acts of what can only be called his "less than honorable, uptight, and reactionary" persecutors!

Is Max Burns being persecuted in a similar fashion? This writer remembers the plight of John Ford and wonders; the question is heavily begged! Are the busy imps of "Psycho-socia" passionately engaged in poisoning Burns' ufological wells, refusing his challenges to debate on the record, denying him his opportunity to be heard, assassinating his character, or sabotaging his research and investigation? Burns makes a good, non-paranoid, case that they are! He has citation, he names 'names', and significant persons have come out in his defense (not the least of which [ironically!] are his own most vociferous hecklers...[!!] their own admissions!!!). His artless, suspicious, and canted detractors, on the other hand, use inflated verbiage, character smears, duplicitous spins (one involving this writer!), deliberate hoaxing, and the strength of skepti-bunky numbers (fanboys and hangers-on) to invalidate, harass, minimize, and marginalize the intrepid Mr. Burns!

Seriously, reader! When Max Burns says he spent 15 months writing his article in order to make a report demonstrating how some of our number are unethically prosecuting their anti-ufological business, he wasn't just whistling "Dixie"!

Something is indeed rotten in psycho-social 'Denmark', it's stinking to high heaven, and it is to the detriment of all of us if it be allowed to continue unchallenged in any shape, way, manner, or form! This ADMITTED neo-psychosocial program of hidden duplicity, false witness, and dodgy ethics is a counterproductive, cross-purposed, and flatly unintelligent disservice to the whole of humanity. Verily, these neo-Psychosocialists are a ufological ISIS in our midst, typifying a diseased and self-serving philosophy, and, like ISIS must be rooted out by flower, seed, and stem!

Where is your rage, good reader? You've been played for a ufological fool... and continue to be played as such! Get angry! You're entitled! These Neo-psychosocials (Ufological PsychoPATHS!) intellectually spit in your face!  They corrode your reality.  They disrespect the truth.

I highly recommend the Max Burns article, which is a long, detailed, and well cited study.  Read carefully.  It is an indicator, at its denouement, that ufology is one hell of a lot more muddled than it needs to be, suffers needless and deliberately contrived hurdles in its hamstrung and hobbled execution of process and due diligence, and is manipulated or intimidated by self-styled agents of extremely malicious misdirection!  I suspect these practitioners of easy duplicity should be run out of town on a ufological rail! They've betrayed the obvious trust and must of needs be censured! Verily, they perform no service but a clear disturbance of the ufological peace and personal enlightenment!

Moreover, they are the antithesis of the very science they say they pay allegiance to! They are dirt on our ufological shoes. They are Vaseline on our ufological lens. Sincerely, they must be... stopped!

Look around, reader! Psycho-social Ufology is not as it appears! Resent being deliberately fooled, manipulated and confused!  Know that has been the klasskurtxian game play all along.

Buyer be vigilant! Buyer... beware! Their task is your ignorance... confusion... despair!

Read on!

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