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Friday, August 07, 2015

The Curse Of The Blue Hare

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The Curse Of The Blue Hare
By Alfred Lehmberg

UFOs and extraterrestrials are, let's cut to the chase, obvious given logic and observation, as I have pointed out. Also given is that the pecuniary and the powerful must have their inflated wealth and status quo at least meddled with in the UFO's regard, status quo invalidated or made irrelevant... certainly threatened. It's reasonable that there would be mechanisms employed to protect that status quo to which I allude... what are they and how might they work?

I've just finished, again, that classic and still highly-controversial Max Burns magazine article "The Usual Suspects" (back in the late fall of March in 2004 "Notes From The Borderland" edited by Dr. Larry O'Hara... ...and still hugely relevant!).  Based very conclusively on personal interactions with some of the principals, what has occurred since that article was published, and what has NOT occurred since that article was published, I can make a more confident prediction regarding where the better informed and so more enlightened person might come down at the stealthily approaching ufological denouement.  Eschewing the obligatory bait cutting, I'm going to point where some fishing has successfully been done.  

Gravid chicanery abounds.  Forewarned is forearmed.

Though consider, as hyperbolic as the reader may believe this to be, why might I be further energized to even higher levels of ufological rage with regard to the way things appear to be ...and as they have been verified by the principals in various disheartening affairs... inexorably!  It is that very inexorability, reader!  Verily, I'm fit to be tied in regard of that, good reader, and more to the point, I hope to engage the reader in this rage, encourage this indignation, precipitate this resentment, and fan the very flames of ones own well provoked wrath!  You owe it to yourself.

It baldly appears we have been done a blithe disservice, fellow ufological travelers!  We're led down smug and defeatist paranormal paths leading only to abject confusion, base indifference, ignoble bias, programmed ignorance, and likely... personal loss!  My own loss has been significant.  Needless and unethical loss abounds.

Ufology's wheels are wastefully spun in this disservice (and continue to spin); personal liberties may have been lost in this disservice (and are still denied due process!); civil rights may have been suspended in this disservice (sic temper tyrannous!); ufology could have been set back a generation with this disservice! Egregious crimes against the rising and advancing of a human spirit were certainly perpetrated, and it may be that what has been exposed is only the likely tip of the proverbial iceberg!

...Any reader considering the preceding mere hyperbole can just go straight to hell and pound hot sand north of a protesting pore; there was no arguing with you anyway!

For the rest... there has evolved, and disastrously, a way of doing ufological business, for some, that should have been be nipped in its suppurating seed-pod, nerve gassed, and otherwise discouraged with extreme prejudice decades ago or even at the start! The Neo-psychosocial wing of earnest debunkery (exposed by noted ufologist Jerry Clark from its beginning) had at last demonstrated that they had gone too far! Astonishingly, they may have airily admitted to a decades long program (a pathology, really, on reflection) of deliberate obfuscation, evidence corruption, witness manipulation (if not, intimidation!), and quasi-criminal confabulation with regard to UFOs and their attendant ufological investigations... extending god-knows where and concealing god-knows-what!

What had these insentient psychopaths so sullenly conspired?

Significant and well known persons (names we know!) were implicated in a seemingly well supported charge of conspiracy to deceive and defraud... as a result of lurid hoaxes fabricated by them and serving only to confound legitimate researchers... and invalidate real research! Proclaiming they worked only to increase ufological clarity, their actions only increase its aggregate opaque! This is to their capering glee.

Laughingly (if through tears), the admitted fact of this hoaxing behavior is defended, suspiciously, by the principals... as a practical exercise in the "interests of science", and as an "honorable" devise to keep our ufology (already rife with debilitating hoaxes) honest! That is too little, too late, and too conveniently contrived, good reader! Moreover, in the manner of any employed prevarication, it doesn't wash!

It's like a person caught pissing in your swimming pool protesting steaming prevarications it needed to be done to lower the water's pH! It's like a thief selling a bogus insurance policy and laughing at the subscribers inability to get a pay-out! It's like an obvious sinner protesting his ultimate saintliness and loyalty... and then dashing off with his best friend's wife for a furtive sport-boink! I would hope that all these persons implicated in this scurrilous deception (psycho-socials and assorted CSIcopians alike) step out of their cheating shadows (Burns intimated in his article) and disclose what they know about this admitted programmed hoaxing... in an effort to, in some way, filter the befouled ufological waters! What's been hoaxed! When! How! Who was involved! We won't hold our breath!

These misguided, erroneous, and unethical neo-psychosocials and reactionary CSIcopians have needlessly, arrogantly, and as a result of self-involved conceit and clear disrespect for you, good reader... completely overstepped their ethical bounds... and in the name of "science," no less!

Pause for squirty guffaws!

I cannot conceive of the overweening arrogance of one Mr. Andy Roberts or the false bravado he trumpeted with regard to his PRIDE in this scurrilous perpetration of an entire series of energy wasting hoaxes (...for how many years now?)! How blatantly ignorant! How tragically unenlightened! How unconscionably destructive! How inexplicably stupid!  Yet, perpetrate them, with others, he did.

Moreover, who died and elected Roberts our ufological god of manipulated ufological reality? More still, from what fetid depths of bald-faced self-involvement could this monstrous conceit even originate? Just who does he think he is, what personal credibility does he imagine is not destroyed, and why does he think we need believe a single thing a psycho-social ufologist has to say... ever again!?!  I argue that their air was subsequently let out with this little prank.  

Where are they today?

Don't these people realize that it is their behavior that is the most reprehensible and lamentable, and that much more is said about them in cases such as this... than is said with regard to anything or anyone they'd pretend to criticize! Can they not understand how their performance is no different than them going to the police with a well constructed report for a fictional crime being committed, and then chastise and ridicule the police for believing their fabrication?  How would that float?  Moreover, where is the difference?

What service is, remotely, performed but the marginalization of the righteous and the minimization of any truth? Why would we not be completely opposed to any confabulation of the truth, for any reason? Why would we remotely tolerate this heedless and enraging ... insulting even (!)... ethical transgression?

Will you tolerate it, reader? Ufological hoaxes are bad enough, but hoaxes planted to indicate that everything in ufology is a hoax crosses a fat line! Don't tolerate it!

Was a 'ringer' (the "Blue Hare" in the title of this piece) sent into a Max Burns' lecture to record false testimony planted as a function of Mr. Roberts ongoing and proudly ADMITTED program of shameful duplicity and fatuously clarifying hoaxes? How is this not evidence of the psycho-socials unethically trying to torpedo Max Burns' investigation into Sheffield, and scurrilously sabotaging a righteous and sincere ufology in the aggregate!?!

Verily, were these individuals to play the dishonorable game with me that they have played with Max Burns they could compensate me in civil court for infringing on my civil rights... forgetting the ponderous intellectual disservice done the rest of us! It's an outrage!

As an example, does the reader remember when Dr. John Mack had a seminar of abductees some years ago and used much of the testimony of the individuals at the seminar in his research later on? When he published his findings, subsequently, the robed and hooded CSICOPians gleefully trotted out the female *ringer* that they had intelligently prepared and then scurrilously planted in Dr. Mack's perfectly innocent bosom... to fallaciously demonstrate the invalidity of his entire research! Does anyone else see a parallel here? Sincerely, how can this do anything but invalidate the invalidator!

Really, good reader! How does an artful and prepared liar invalidate a research, at all... but by his innocent and guileless inclusion in that research?  Remove the planted lie and the research is made more valid! What was the provenance of Mack's "lie"?  Was it Mack?  Decidedly, NO!

A color test for sugar PRESUMES that there won't be any salt used as a control, reader! The 'salt' was not provided by Dr. Mack! Truly, this duplicity, therefore, shall not be taken as a comment on the late Dr. Mack's competence as a scientist... rather it be taken as an indictment on the acts of what can only be called his "less than honorable, uptight, and reactionary" persecutors!

Is Max Burns being persecuted in a similar fashion? This writer remembers the plight of John Ford and wonders; the question is heavily begged! Are the busy imps of "Psycho-socia" passionately engaged in poisoning Burns' ufological wells, refusing his challenges to debate on the record, denying him his opportunity to be heard, assassinating his character, or sabotaging his research and investigation? Burns makes a good, non-paranoid, case that they are! He has citation, he names 'names', and significant persons have come out in his defense (not the least of which [ironically!] are his own most vociferous hecklers...[!!] ...by their own admissions!!!). His artless, suspicious, and canted detractors, on the other hand, use inflated verbiage, character smears, duplicitous spins (one involving this writer!), deliberate hoaxing, and the strength of skepti-bunky numbers (fanboys and hangers-on) to invalidate, harass, minimize, and marginalize the intrepid Mr. Burns!

Seriously, reader! When Max Burns says he spent 15 months writing his article in order to make a report demonstrating how some of our number are unethically prosecuting their anti-ufological business, he wasn't just whistling "Dixie"!

Something is indeed rotten in psycho-social 'Denmark', it's stinking to high heaven, and it is to the detriment of all of us if it be allowed to continue unchallenged in any shape, way, manner, or form! This ADMITTED neo-psychosocial program of hidden duplicity, false witness, and dodgy ethics is a counterproductive, cross-purposed, and flatly unintelligent disservice to the whole of humanity. Verily, these neo-Psychosocialists are a ufological ISIS in our midst, typifying a diseased and self-serving philosophy, and, like ISIS must be rooted out by flower, seed, and stem!

Where is your rage, good reader? You've been played for a ufological fool... and continue to be played as such! Get angry! You're entitled! These Neo-psychosocials (Ufological PsychoPATHS!) intellectually spit in your face!  They corrode your reality.  They disrespect the truth.

I highly recommend the Max Burns article, which is a long, detailed, and well-cited study.  Read carefully.  It is an indicator, at its denouement, that ufology is one hell of a lot more muddled than it needs to be, suffers needless and deliberately contrived hurdles in its hamstrung and hobbled execution of process and due diligence, and is manipulated or intimidated by self-styled agents of extremely malicious misdirection! I suspect these practitioners of easy duplicity should be run out of town on a ufological rail! They've betrayed the obvious trust and must of needs be censured! Verily, they perform no service but a clear disturbance of the ufological peace and personal enlightenment!

Moreover, they are the antithesis of the very science they say they pay allegiance to! They are dirt on our ufological shoes. They are Vaseline on our ufological lens. Sincerely, they must be... stopped!

Look around, reader! Psycho-social Ufology is not as it appears! Resent being deliberately fooled, manipulated and confused!  Know that has been the klasskurtxian game play all along.

Buyer be vigilant! Buyer... beware! Their task is your ignorance... confusion... despair!

Read on!

The Usual Suspects.pdf

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