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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stone Stepping...Starbound!

Here's an article of the type we're likely to see—and tamer than some—about those bothersome planet/space debris collisions:

What we take away?  Planet extinction!  Horrifying cataclysm.  Humanity snuffed like a dirty tallow candle, blasted from all existence, and forgotten as quickly.

I'm just wondering if this is not something else on which a tenuous Humanity—one presently burning dinosaur farts for energy where 21st Century power alternatives abound—will miss the point. Consider.  Must these Near Earth Asteroids be ONLY the "Planet Killers" we paint them to be?  Yes, these NEAs are the same big metallic rocks sailing down so close to the Earth's orbit periodically and providing the "threat."   Though, they might be, and certainly seem to me; however, to be something else, entirely.  Could they not even be our salvation.

On the ubiquitous orbit simulation animators the reader can find at the NASA site and elsewhere, these slowly tumbling potential bolides resemble, and more accurately, auspicious stones across an inky brook of interplanetary space.  Walk with me on this.

Sincerely, adjust the fearful attitude a tad to find, perhaps, that they are merely places for humanity to more easily step and stand securely as she strides away from the planet.  Could we not steer these stones around... place them where we needed them.  Further, these rocks can be habitat in the form of eventual slingshots to the stars. They are huge collections of concentrated wealth not taken from the bosom of an abused planet mother. They are GIFT more than they are THREAT!  That's not a stretch!

No.  They are a BOON, and not a catastrophe. They are a BLESSING and not a curse. They are an OPPORTUNITY to excel and not an impossible hurdle to crash over!  They are DELIVERANCE! They are REDEMPTION! They are SALVATION!  Astonishingly, this is not hyperbole.  True reach never is, perchance to grasp, reader!

I'm disgusted with an aggregate humanity who stands around wringing its petulant little hands and whining every time one of these things sails by.  I'm embarrassed by an aggregate humanity apparently oblivious to the wealth that these off-planet mines more than abundantly indicate. Moreover, I'm angered by the non-elected leadership allowed by an aggregate humanity that encourages this kind of shortsighted cultural behavior!

What's everybody so worried about anyway, unless we just LET these asteroids smash into us like we were deer, stunned frozen on the highway in approaching cosmic headlights... cheer up! That's just nature's way of letting us know how cowardly, shortsighted, and stupid we were... what a betrayal and a failure we were to her... !

No, say what you want about Humanity, but we are of life after all, and life finds a way!

We were BORN to capture these things like they were wooly mammoths. We were made to steer these things around the sky like insentient beasts of heavy burden. In that noble pursuit and reach for the stars we've nothing to lose and everything to gain for our boldness... besides, our boldness will likely bring mighty forces to our aid!

Get REAL, friends and fellow motes!  It may BE that sure planet-death is the sole motivation accepted to motivate the misinformed, the complacent, and the stupid of our planetary denizenship.  ...But on the other side of that is the movement out into space where we unlock boundless elevations, all advancement, and new enlightenment!  Survival AND salvation!

No, this much maligned cloud of falling asteroids looks to me to be virtually ALL silver lining... if we want it to be.  Read on!

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