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Thursday, April 19, 2007

...Abundant Explanation...

Answer: The above picture is of an area in space, an area in space about the size of a grain of sand, held at arm's length, and then that image is blown up to coffee-table size. Similar views are beheld virtually anywhere one trains her telescope... or grain of sand, eh?

...Space / Time & Surface Area... enough to countenance anything reader... anything. Anything except perhaps solitude, that is.

My interest is therefore explained... abundantly.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

SDI 433 Podcast #4 - 20 Questions!

20 Questions Intrepidly Addressed:

1. What is the relationship between the Farnsworth letter ... shooting down UFOs may be unwise at any juncture ... and raw film footage of UFOs extant?

2. What might 200 vanished, crashed, disintegrated, but otherwise destroyed military Aircraft mean?

3. Can a really big secret even BE kept?

4. What justifies a ufological 'hope' for 2007?

5. What is the "critical mass of witnesses"?

6. What is the 'smoking-gun' relationship between recent French disclosures, the Condon report, and Bluebook Special report #14?

7. What was the problem with Frank Feschino's first book, abundantly corrected in his second?

8. Are Earthlings stupid?

9. Did Philip Klass ever see a UFO but deny same?

10. What has Don Ledger mad as hell if not inordinately outraged?

11. What is unacceptable with regard to flares over Phoenix 10 years ago.

12. What are the 'real' "Phoenix Lights"?

13. Is NASA a bloody fraud?

14. How is Gildas Bourdais at once a bucket of ufological icewater... and an inspiration?

15. What comprises the 1952 UFO Flap?

16. What may signify a burgeoning new interest in UFOs lately?

17. How is "one truth in four" no truth at all when talking about UFOs?

18. ...Interplanetary War?

19. The "Outcome" of same was "graciously indecisive" ... or did we get our asses kicked?

20. How are bona fide UFO sightings like cancer cures?

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