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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

I'm taking "WOKE" back!

It's offered one must,
of needs and for cause, actually.

I'm taking "WOKE" back!

by Alfred Lehmberg

[Woke is right-winger kryptonite! 
It's why they hate it!]

Woke? Let’s take “woke” back, eh? See, plain is that, in considered moderation, employed respectfully in thoughtfulness... and not used disingenuously for short-gain political points? It’s a great concept and a worthy initiative. Then, it is an initiative unfairly and suspiciously maligned. Suspiciously maligned even as it is efficacy already demonstrated as old many thousands of years ago.

See, in a world where a current "political correctness" BEGAN as a sane sociological reflection on the state of our societies and the real-time evolution of desired efficacies in those societies and between those societies… I'm already losing you...

Long story short, a new conjecture (but not so new, actually!) was outlined for the facilitation of those aforementioned efficacies! Shortly, what might it be like for our aggregate society if we didn’t immediately express as pricks (read, anxious portraits of what passes for your reflexively insensitive and uninformed, so dick-moving a-hole,) that first round fired, to others encountered! 

No. We ASPIRED to be persons, instead, who took a moment to consider another’s validated sensibilities before acting out with our usual nasty, and heretofore likely unsupported, behavioral toxicity... 

Revealed, then! Political Correctness! Not a cudgel, not a smear, not a cancelation, not an insult dismissive in intent and missing the point by the obligatory parsec, anyway (this writer bets purposely so!). 

No. Rather a suggested tool for a better, more productive, and more satisfying way of living where stuff is real and it's “100%” most of the f'n time!

Now, we regard this new word, “Woke.” It takes inordinate heat. It takes inordinate heat because black people conceived of it... one is compelled by the concept to consider personal responsibilities and liabilities regarding one's suggested new conscience percieved and considered. Liability is a hard sell, and sometimes a person's rage is equivalent to how spot on the unflattering criticisms of their self-serving motivations, are. The rule of law must prevail and the law must be just.

Woke. Unpack needlessly clenched hams. The reader is guilty only where they feel entirely guiltless.

Woke. One would presume “awake,” and not “asleep.” Conscious as opposed to unconscious. With-it, un-pedestrian. Hip, and not regressively square. Complete. Self-actualized. Arrived. The ordinary aspiration to those things. Mazlo, a true seminal psychologist went on and on about the mindset of wokeness, it is proposed.  "There," with there, there, eh? Not searching for answers before facing the ones already extant, follow? One supportive level is created before the other, of supportive needs. Such is so.

Sure, it can go bad. Sometimes? Sometimes, it’s taken there.

“Woke” had its provenance, see, as an intelligently empathetic initiative considering a metacognition’s (or, thinking about thinking's!) positive effect on expressed behavior and its regarded overview on base “consciousness” of individuals attendant to all this before us... as a "social efficacy amplifier," OK? 

More words? We refine our social calculus to reduce psychotic slings and arrows employed unjustifiably by persons "unaccountable," and enjoying their psychosis! We aspire to treat others as we would be treated... {ding!}

…This hopes for the awakening of one’s now profoundly re-considered “conscience,” right? That squeegee for the third eye of a very necessary social interactability... that we have to deal with one another as agreeably as possible... is a no-brainer. 

Everyone becomes that mythic Canadian... (see the woke?) aspiring to a new “conscientiousness,” easier social satisfactions and that these now possible efficacious freedoms could be achieved, right now? Think of it! Freedom from FEAR, fear and loathing! Right now!

An aspiration to be one's better self. Doing as would be done! How are these not constructive initiatives? How are these, even, not true Christian initiatives?! See what I mean about “not so new? “Doing unto others as one would be done by” is OLD, reader, and transcends Christianity by many thousands of years—was, in fact, just another of Christianity’s unadmitted appropriations.

Political correctness” and “woke.” These are just two irrighteously disrespected concepts (actually just one when you think about it!) we regard on the way to an evaluation of the current practice of taking related concepts, those “perhaps only flawed,” and then those “full-on and fulsomely FUBAR,” but regarding them as alike, equivalent, and equal. Both-sides! Pfffft!

"Extremes" are to blame, always? “Whatever” one finds on the extreme “right,” howsoever egregious, must also exist on the left? Blame is equally shared? The center is the only sensible place to be [you know, like it's possible to be on both sides of the Edmund Pettus Bridge!]? Verily, this will only be the reality in some adjacent spacetime dimension where Jeffery Dahmer is roughly equivalent to Wolfgang Puck and they are treated precisely the same! Politically equal.

That’s our corporate media primarily interested in selling ad-space for soap, dicey pharms, and boner pills… and so, one sees, more interested in keeping the consumer watching than reporting nuanced, elevating, and informing (read, perhaps even boring!) news. Such has been so.

Nope-nope-nope-nope… nope! We shall not "both sides" the issue and equivocate "merely flawed" with "full-on FUBAR" ...futilely aspire to some bull-shiznit "balance" which has only ever been taken for weakness by the side funded and otherwise facilitated by the worst persons on the planet, anyway... persons ever only ushering a horrible new oligarchic fascism and institutional crime into our day to day! Those guys! Yeah, I’ll see your too well-maligned George Soros and raise you an evil Theil, a dastardly DeVos, a four-letter Koch, and a scurvy Mercer!

Elon has turned and is now wide awake!

So, recaptured now as a positive appellation aspired to by the conscious? Woke! Verily, better “woke” than hopelessly and even tragically “wonked,” or: hyper-religious & anti-science, inclusive America hating & unblinkingly hypocritical, sexually bigoted & horrifically racist, but embracing the fascist autocratic for the death of the rule of balanced law, law ruled to be the same for everyone!

…Not being played out very much currently when we recall that Susan McDougal of "Whitewater" fame did a tedious eighteen months behind bars for ignoring a subpoena—du jour behavior of the GOP elite… facilitated by hypocrites and Republicans (if repeating myself!) in THEIR bona fide witch hunts and dead horse abuse, to get the Clintons. That failed, too.

Consider, of the two? The perspicacious person would sooner be "woke" than "wonked." Woke is an aspiration to sentience, elevation, ascendency, and true enlightenment! True happiness, fulfilled and satisfied. Wonked is wallowing in one's own cognitive deconstructive filth, religions of hate, and needless fear. 

It’s a choice. One can defecate in bed like Amber and just push it down with their disrespected feet, or be, instead, the enlightened America most of us would more constructively and sentiently have. Again, a choice. Choice, always. Always a choice.

Woke is right-winger kryptonite! It's why they hate it!

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