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Sunday, March 31, 2024

The "Flatwoods Monster" Was Actually A Space Craft!

The "Monster"!

The "Flatwoods Monster"... 
Was Actually A Space Craft? 
by Alfred Lehmberg

There were other indications that the so-called "Monster" was actually a metallic figure—a construct! Firstly, it resembled a small spaceship while likely functioning as a protective space or environmental suit. 

It is apparent from Frank Feschino's research that the "Flatwoods Monster" figure was a 10 to 12-foot-tall structure—some type of maneuverable personal shuttle that could hover around in relative silence! Verily! There were no reports from the witnesses of whooshing air blowers keeping all this weight aloft as it hovered. 

It was NOT a figure wearing a cloth garment cloaked with a hood as portrayed in the incorrect original 1952 drawing, below. That has been made clear. Let us now take a closer look

After interviewing the witnesses in 1952, the original investigator and top-kick paranormal researcher Ivan T. Sanderson stated that the "Flatwoods Monster," "was a sort of aluminum-gray in color but reflecting the color of the bushes and such." This green reflection of the surrounding environment gave the figure a green appearance, hence the old and not often used nickname, "Green Monster.

At the time, in 1952, Sanderson compared the "Flatwoods Monster" as being similar to the protective outer gear of a "deep sea diving suit." A protective suit would protect the occupant wearing it, be it a diver or space occupant, from outside environment forces, he reasoned. Additionally, both the deep-sea diving suit and the "Flatwoods Monster" have the same similarities. There was a helmet and a clear glass window in the facial area for the occupant to see through, he'd pointed out.

On the night of September 12, 1952, as the group made their way up the path of the Fisher Farm and just before they encountered the "monster," the path became hazy and smelled like burning sulfur

At the site... walking up the hill to the monster!
Here is where it began to get foggy and they smelled sulfur!

On September 14, 1952, The Charleston Gazette reported a statement made by one of the boys, "As we were going up the hill, we saw lights flashing on and off and got [a whiff of] a horrible odor. It smelled like sulfur and really made you sort of sick." Mrs. May told Frank Feschino, Jr. the following in an interview, "Before we got up there, we could smell a kind of metallic odor and it was getting foggy." She continues, "...And that metallic odor, oh, I can smell it yet today...

In an interview, Freddie May told Frank, "It was very hazy in the area along the path. It was also misty along the tree area." He also recalled the odor and told Frank, "The smell was similar to the old TV tubes burning out in the old TV sets years ago. A tube would burn out and have that... what we'd call that metallic smell." For the record, many people noted that this rancid smell was noted on the farm for a couple of days after the incident occurred.

Upon reaching the tree area where the monster was positioned, Mrs. May told Frank, "...When we got up there, it was making a hissing noise and it sounded like it was frying bacon and flipping a silver dollar or something against a piece of canvas—stretched canvas." About two weeks after the incident, Mr. William Smith and his wife Donna of the "Civilian Saucer Investigation" research group of Los Angeles, California went to Flatwoods and interviewed the witnesses. 

They would report an odor and the sounds noted by Mrs. May, "Although some irritating odor had been noticed before, now a violent thumping began on the inside of the monster and a dense cloud of mist escaped with a hissing." On September 15, 1952, The Wheeling Intelligencer reported the following statement made by Mrs. May, "She said the monster exuded an overpowering odor 'like metal', that so sickened them they vomited for hours... it couldn't have been human."

Now, the reader may ask what that misty odor along the path that sickened the witnesses, was. How can we know? But... the so-called "monster" was undoubtedly a machine capable of hovering. Here, the figure in question was sitting on the ground near the tree as the witnesses walked up the path and approached the area. During this time, it was actually emitting a sickening misty gaseous odor from the lower portion of its flared-out body that was described as a sulfur odor and a metallic odor. The frying bacon and metal odor could be attributed to the outer shell of the figure being overheated and burning up? 

As for the sulfur odor... What the original 1952 artist misinterpreted as being a dress similar to hanging like pleated drapes or a skirt were actually pipes surrounding the lower portion of the body. Furthermore, these pipes acted as exhausts which were part of a somehow largely silent propulsion system. This lifted and propelled the body and enabled it to hover and maneuver around!
In other words, when the craft was sitting by the tree it was similar in comparison to a parked car with its engine running spewing some kind of noxious, perhaps defensive, exhaust. On-site, Freddie May told Frank the following about his mother, "She aimed the flashlight on it, and it was standing in the neighborhood right here under this big tree."

When the encounter occurred, the "monster" lifted up from the ground, emitted a blast of mist in exhaust, then hovered across the dirt path and in front of the witnesses! In other words, it had engaged into a drive gear, which enabled it to move and hover about. 

Freddie May explained these pipes to Feschino, "What really stood out to me was the pipes on the bottom of the monster. They were metallic and silver in color and very bright. What mother described as the pleats of hanging drapes were actually tubes running vertically." He said they were as thick as a "fireman's hose" and "...they were metal, they were actually metal pipes." Freddie stated, "I think those tubes were some sort of a propulsion system. It was hovering about one foot off the ground." This former helicopter pilot wonders where the debris and detritus blown about by this heavy hovering contraption were! More high strangeness!

Consider! Where were the reports from the witnesses of the "roaring jet sounds" that the "monster" had made while hovering? This thing was made of metal, is the supposition, and must have weighed a ton! One would think that keeping something so weighty at a hover would be noisy and blow stuff about. This person flew Army helicopters for two decades, plus, and knows! How does this thing hover so silently and un-messily?

An important piece of information obtained by Sanderson during his interviews with the witnesses seems to indicate that this metallic figure was overheated and may have been damaged. Remember Feschino's conjecture that this apparition's craft may have been shot out of the sky on the known orders of the president! Sanderson reported that one of the boys said, "The monster was obviously black really, but it was hot. Red hot like a poker.

Mrs. May told Frank what happened to trigger the encounter off. When Mrs. May saw a pair of lights high up near the tree she thought they were the eyes of an animal perched on a 12-foot-high branch! "I turned the flashlight on, and the thing [monster] lit up from the inside." She emphasized, "I turned on my flashlight and it lit up like a Christmas tree." Frank then asked Mrs. May, "So, it reacted to you?" She replied unequivocally, "Yes."

As the figure lifted up and hovered, it had also leaked an oil-like substance on the ground near the tree, spewing it on the nearby bushes, across the landscape, and even splattered on the nearest witnesses, including Mrs. May and a couple of the boys! 

Mrs. May told Frank, "I was close enough that it squirted oil out all over my uniform." Frank asked, "Did you get it all over yourself when the "monster" sprayed it on you?" Mrs. May answered, "No. It just hit the front of my uniform." She'd had that old garment for years, she would tell Feschino, but it was finally discarded. 

1952's Kathleen May with original "WE THE PEOPLE" graphic...

Mrs. May told Frank why she "threw it away." She said about her oil-stained uniform, "I'd never have gotten that [oil] out of it anyway."

During an interview on the farm, Colonel Dale Leavitt, the commander of the military directed to the Fisher farm by the Government to keep order in the ensuing pandemonium caused by the affair, informed Frank that the USAF (!) had contacted him and ordered him to the farm to keep order and obtain any residual samples left behind, which he did. Think about that for a moment! A small battalion of soldiers scraped up much of that "oil," and other debris at the site, some "metallic" bits and what-not, and sent it off to the "Top Men" made famous by Indiana Jones, for study by these mythic authorities! What WAS that stuff? Somebody knows.

Leavitt also talked about the oil he found, "Where it sat, it had some oil coming out. Whatever it was." Frank then replied, "I guess spaceships have oil leaks too." Leavitt replied, "Maybe so.

Additionally, besides the oil substance found on the farm, fragments of metal and pieces of a strange material were also found in the area as was mentioned... and intelligence officers visited Flatwoods who spoke to Mrs. May, and... Whoa! Whoa... we have to hold it there! 

This is not a short story... there is so much more! The greatest story never told, in its fashion. All of the details to this massively covered-up affair can be read in Feschino's book. It is the definitive explanation of the "Braxton County Monster" incident. 

UFOs are real. Here, in Feschino's work, there is found an early documented military history of them. Read on!

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

The Real "Flatwoods Monster"


Kathleen and son Freddie encounter the Monster

The Real "Flatwoods Monster" 

by Alfred Lehmberg

There is an overwhelming number of artists across the world who are still illustrating the "Flatwoods Monster" incorrectly. It is a toxicity. It sets a bad example for the veracity of this vitally important story. 

See, the "monster" is NOT a ridiculous-looking apparition: claws-waving at the end of skeletal arms, wearing a sweet-sixteen pixie dress, and cloaked with a Dracula hood. This does us all a disservice. Let's put this to bed or we're on the path to be the monsters in the story, ourselves! ...And we kinda' were, eh? We can reflect on whose president commanded his military to shoot UFOs down at the start and then who was waving murderous shotguns around at the results... but we digress too early...

These current artisans, persons taking liberties with their own renditions of the "Monster," for fun and profit, are only adding insult to injury, one finds! They furiously work to keep the disingenuous and invalidating folklore alive regarding a very serious incident documented to have actually occurred. ...An incident perhaps foreshadowing humanity's new existentiality! ...Or its missed opportunity to secure same!

Verily, a quick internet search will show the reader how many absurd and incorrect renditions of the "Flatwoods Monster" there are, out there! It is absolutely and regrettably pitiful!

Furthermore, these individuals are profiting from their ridiculous-looking portrayals of the "Flatwoods Monster" by producing trading cards, action figures, statues, posters, and patches... a sweet and sour candy to name only a few. Once again, pitiful!

The original drawing of the "Flatwoods Monster" was shown on the TV talk show "We The People," we'll recall from an earlier article. This program was aired from New York, remember, on September 19, 1952, one week after the encounter, as has been written about on this site. The risible drawing we beat to death here opened up the TV show even then accompanied by eerie-woo-woo-climax-music, just before firsthand witnesses Mrs. May, Gene Lemon, and first responder, reporter A. Lee Stewart, Jr., were to be interviewed.

Prior to the show being aired, we remind the constant reader, a sketch artist sat down in the studio and interviewed witnesses Mrs. May and Gene Lemon, as has been written. Briefly, during that interview, the artist simultaneously drew, too hurriedly by half, the "Flatwoods Monster" on a poster board from their descriptions... but HERE was the major problem! The artist couldn't read a newspaper article, articles which had alerted "We The People," in the first place?!

The artist had otherwise totally misinterpreted what was told to him by the two witnesses! When all was finished, the artist's portrayal of the entity was fundamentally incorrect and looked nothing like the actual subject being described to him! Key point! This rendering is utterly dismissible... where Feschino's renderings are, and decidedly, not! Subsequently? The incorrect drawing was shown to a nationwide audience that night and history, if inaccurate and risible, was forged...

Now, let's set the record straight by letting the public know what the "Flatwoods Monster" actually was... It was a machine, NOT a "Monster." More on that later.

Credentialed illustrator Frank Feschino, Jr. researched this incident for decades and worked with the actual "Flatwoods Monster" witnesses, all still sharp and sincere. He sat with them on many occasions, did sketches and comprehensive drawings as he spoke with them, and then worked his way into full-color illustrations. His illustrations correctly portray the true likeness of the so-called "Flatwoods Monster," which are more accurate by far than the TV artist portrayed it back in 1952, goes without saying. The following statements were told to Frank by Witnesses Freddie May and Mrs. May... and it is added that these are encounter descriptions published in major newspapers PRIOR to the "We The People" episode and should have keyed an illustrator to a more accurate rendering:

Freddie May Stated: "It was mechanical; it was not alive. Maybe inside of the thing there could have been something that was alive. What I saw was either a small spaceship or suit of some kind. Something it was wearing. It was mechanical...The figure was made of metal. Now, I was not half the size of it.

Additionally, Freddie explained what the so-called arms and claws were that the "We The People" TV show sketch artist very incorrectly portrayed, "There was something in the upper torso area that I could see. From what I saw, they could have been antennae." He also explained what was misinterpreted as being eyes on the facial area of the head, "The eyes were portholes." Freddie then explained what was portrayed as a cloth hood surrounding the head, "Over the head was a big ace of spades covering." He stated, "I would describe it as a helmet."

Mrs. Kathleen May Stated: "We came up on it. We got close enough to it so I could see exactly what it was and we all saw the same thing. I was as close to it as the length of a car, a small car...It looked more metallic. It was just kind of floating; it was about a foot to a foot and a half off the ground. The head and face were round. The head was a red color. It has great big eyes, portholes, or whatever you want to call them, and basically lit up. It was a funny-looking orange in the portholes. It looked like there'd be lights behind them.

Kathleen May with the original rendering...

She went on to explain the covering over the head, "Over the top of its head, was a great big black thing that looked like the ace of spades." Additionally, Mrs. May talked about the so-called claws, "It looked like, something like... antennae sticking out from it, between the body and the head."

The entire story with all the details can be read in Chapter 5 of Frank's book, "MONSTER OR MACHINE. In closing, Frank is a graduate of Paier College of Art in Connecticut where he majored in Illustration. An aside...

During his four-year program, he was trained by master artists Kenneth Davies, John Massimino, and Rudolph Zallinger. These are significant names in artistry. 

Frank once shared, "When I was a student at Paier, if I had ever pulled a blunder and did a shi**y drawing like the "We The People" artist did in 1952, I would have been thrown out of class." He would add, "My teachers were tough. No nonsense. Davies was my illustration teacher, Massimino was my painting instructor and Zallinger was my portrait painting teacher. I had the best teachers around. That TV artist was so bad, he wouldn't have been accepted into a draw-by-numbers group, much less Paier."

Finally, some things to remember about the "monster." It is the supported conjecture that this was a being from another world shot out of the sky on presidential orders. In fact, this was the end of a long "Summer Of Saucers" of jet scrambles on UFOs, lost men and equipment, collateral damage vis a vis crashed jets, and the "lurid duels with death" that Air Force Blue Book Chief Major Ruppelt alluded to in his book. 

Despite all this, the monster refrained from molesting the witnesses in any manner, apart from scaring them away. A short few hours later there would be angry men crawling those hills on the Fisher farm with rifles and shotguns and still able to smell the acrid smell of the "monster." The monster got away... good?

Friday, March 08, 2024

...Folk Wronged...


I'm not all alone in a "meaningless" struggle, 
there are others who hunger to know; 
we're singular folk with our shorts in a bunch... 
...who are yearning to "know" ...so's to grow!
We're people aspiring our dreams to come true,
 we're folks unaware we're not free? 
We're many who work far too hard for too few
these bereft of all wounds to their knees!
The former might love in a good kind of way, 
precluding possession or pause; 
we're people aware of the challenges sought, 
betrayed by those "men made of straw."
We are folk made of iron who prefer what is real
—we're folk who would pay our fair share
we're folk "looking out" to the depths of our heavens... 
who can contemplate "God" ...as not there!
We are folk with our missions, 
we're a folk with our plans, 
and we're folk who'll "engage" 
what we don't understand! 
We're tolerant folk, with a generous flair, 
We're looking for truthfulness—caring to dare!
Accused for the anger 
that measures "the way"... 
of the lives that we lead... 
that could lead us astray
we are held in derision 
unearned and un-unqualified, 
then attacked by false gods 
held on "faith," so un-quantified
So, how can we validate 
faith we can't own
when having such faith 
is as valueless stone?
See, I'm taking "big issue" 
with your "faith from behind"; 
I shove this up yours 
because you've shoved it up mine!
...And ain't it a bitch 
as we bring it on home, 
as we "wire the planet
with cellular phones...
may we limp to our dooms 
with our prayers on our lip 
as we pray to dim gods 
who might rescue our ship… 
...But that's not forthcoming
we know that's not so.  
We must count on ourselves 
for salvation, Jon Snow!
We're all the salvation 
of that which can be!
"First responders" are humans!
Thanking God? Booboisie!
You're "bothered" I'm angry, 
yet won't give an inch 
when it's YOU who's betrayed 
by "God's minions'" mad "stench"!
... imposed by said minions 
for profits unfair... 
profits then claimed 
by the ones who won't share!
Contused and abridged 
for the "hair on your head," 
for their lack of fair play... 
"them" provoking real dread
we leap and we scratch 
for the "air" we're denied,
demand yet again, hidden: 
"whats", "hows", and "whys"!
"Demanding" is harsh; 
I'll admit it upfront. 
It writes a "big check" 
sans the trick, dodge, and shunt...

Though, we are compelled
We are moved to take pains! 
we'll soar, and we'd cleave
but we'd question our gains!
We'll read and we'll study 
the nature of things 
that makes a new cloth 
of the stuff that we think, 
...as we must conclude 
that the story we're told... 
has been short a "mixed grill"
... by a "chop" the *man* holds!
I'm happy to say 
that I won't go along 
with intolerance, hatred
exclusiveness—their wrongs. 
MY definitions, 
if so likely not yours—
if you've stacked 
crooked decks 
with your hip pocket jurors...
Still, I WON'T tear my eyes 
from the fathomless sky 
that pulses in dances 
so often described 
as a shape-changing saucer 
that stays out of view 
in a fog that's produced 
by the *man*... Is this true?
Conspiracy lives in a cave 
that it's made 
by the profits achieved with its power
...Though, where are those powers 
we've all been denied? 
They own them all! Friend—
we're betrayed and deprived!
...And "we" DON'T even know it... (?) 
we're huffing their fogs—
heating in saucepans 
so slowlysmall frogs...
The heat is unhurried
and at first, feels good. 
...And soon we are sleepy,
 as if drugged (!)—understood?
...And then all in good time, 
it's too hot... ...and too late
On menus, mere fodder, 
our legs on their plate!
Then who might it be; 
who descends with a knife 
with his fangs all agleam 
for our flesh and our life?
No fair blaming "Satan"—
he's into free will! 
Yeah, he's high on himself, 
but he's not as been billed?
"Do what you will," 
he had always proclaimed!  
"But do it in love," 
was the real game's name...
No, Klasskurtxian "balancers" (?)... 
have been forcing our hand! 
It's "self-interested judgment," 
"bereft," understand?!
It's arrogant hubris
so, sans all humility!
To think so's futility!
What's "up" may be "down."  
What is "in" may be "out."  
We're not even knowing, see, 
what we are about!
Too? It's you not aware 
who's to "pay" for your "play"; 
if believing there's (only) 
just "ONE" way to pray!
But, what's this to do 
with the "stuff in our skies"? 
What am I on about 
this time you cry? 
Why am I angry
intense, and insulting
What's it to do 
with our "saucer consulting"?
Well, what if *they're* 
watching us tromp on our dicks, 
recording us acting 
like assholes and pricks! 
What if they see us 
behaving like monsters–
criminals, felons, 
or knaves and imposters!
All "AGREE" that they're "out there," 
to a man and his dog! 
"Life has imperative," 
it's heard through the fog.  
Though, we limit our *watchers*, 
assign them our fear—
"We can't get THERE, *therefore*, 
they can't get HERE"!
Were it me I don't think 
I'd forgive such temerity; 
amazingly, we go un-whacked... 
out of charity
Yes, what if they're watching us 
act like mere predators? 
What if we scare them (?); 
we risk an indebtedness! 
What if we blow 
our ONE chance to belong? 
What if we screw up our blessing
So... wrong!

Seems plain that income is reasonably re-distributed down by a government of its People because it's the People who know and understand that that income, left alone?  ...It will only ever "trickle up," ...dividing the People inside a house becoming increasingly divided and so unable to stand! Will this be us? Divided? Crippled?   

Care to Dare! Dare to Care! Restore John Ford! It's your freedom spared!

Restored John Ford!

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