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Sunday, June 23, 2013

...We're Not Alone...

At issue, agenda: it does as it wills, and will "give of itself" to dispense "bitter pills"; Too, ...I hear a drum in the distance, at times, and would dance to the beat of that faraway rhyme.
See, I'm hearing dirges of "sad, tortured souls"—too many, by far, on cruel rocks and harsh shoals! Smashed by our cowardice, dashed on its stones, bashed to oblivion, they're rejected—alone!
"So, what of it friend; like, what is their deal?  What's it besets them?"  The skeptic will squeal.
They say they're abducted... by "persons" unknown—invaded, dissected, abused (!) they disclose! Then, treated with ridicule, and dismissed as "fringe stuff" they're shoved to the rear, so they don't get enough.

"Enough of what, pray?"—our 'Bunkie will sneer, as it wallows its ignorance and fondles its fear. Why, honest attention and a lack of contempt that is much too reflexive—bereft any sense!  ...And that just to start, then impassioned concern of a circumspect person who wishes to learn.
There are too many people affected by this to casually dismiss with a wave and a hiss! Though this is the "mindset of mainstreams," who try... to trivialize that which has impacted lives!
They DO the same thing with the other "big issues"—the rape of our planet ... our ethics of tissue! They DON'T cop to truth plainly glaring disgust; it's plain (as a nose!) they're abusing our trust!
Quality people have pondered these questions, suggesting invasion (!) or strange infestation (!!), but *mainstreams* will wallow the "party-line creep"—would sell us their lullaby's aberrant sleep!
Too! "Researchers," "debunkers," and "skeptics" agree to opinions they have... that they're comfy with, see? They're grasping at straw, or whatever they'd find... to prop up small egos as bound as confined!
I know folks, myself! They're salt of the Earth! They're community pillars for what THAT is worth, but others demean them with judgment and labels, dismiss them, too quickly, as fiction or fables!
They'd nothing to gain, had so much to lose. They've been harried and tortured, abused and confused! Ignored and dismissed or rejected, they fear ... that they're crazy (or worse!), ...though what's worse is right here!
Big brother awakens and becomes autocratic.  Society subsumes all good sense in the static.  Predators have every law on their side and the culture supports this betrayal... with pride!
So, YES (!) we're a symbol of where we're amiss, where WE lack control to a destiny missed!
WE would evade our great chance to show courage—to wallow in ignorance, misled and discouraged? We'd be supporters of that which confines? ...We'd be our own product of terror, besides?
No, we'd opt for bravery and spit in the eye of whatever confines us for reasons described!
See? "We're not alone (!)", say the millions of persons in studies conducted or in polls that we've had. "We're not alone (!)," say the suffering people affected by terror—who are feeling quite mad!
"We're not alone (!)," is the message of history. "We're not alone (!)," as the evidence says! "We're not alone (!)," but embracing a cowardice—pretending a solitude that we shan't possess!
Something's occurring that hides in the shadows; something's occurring that they won't admit. Something's occurring that opens the floodgates for interesting futures, and we'd best equip!
"Something" is touching, just, too many lives—I know some myself, and they're wrongly despised. They're WRONGLY mistrusted, and WRONGLY suspected. They're telling a truth as they see it! Respect it!


...Takes GUTS to stare this anomalously glaring beast into its furtive, misshapen, and too intelligent little eyes, eh? Then!

Then? The "alien conjectured" remains to be considered! That's right. Only then.

True.  Initially?  We have to take care of the "beams" in our own eyes before we can worry with regard to the odd mote in another's—motes we likely lack capability to understand presently—those conjectured *others* being so much farther down the future's path we must all travel. The "beast" is first, us.  We're our OWN alien!

We are the enemy that must be defeated—our arrogance, our hubris, our pride, our impertinence, our cowardice, our faithlessness, our intolerance, our tyranny... well, we risk tediousness to go on, eh? Though we could.

Additionally, seems "select persons" may still have a significant ration of the guts aforementioned, and the "status quo" submits to a needed tune-up the invigorating result? I suspect so. I should hope so. I feel it is so. Remains, it is the knowing.  Some know.  Somebody knows...

Restore John Ford.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

...Insult And Injury...

On its wave-crest, wind-surfed "Time,"
we "soar and cleave"* on words in rhyme. 
We don't tire tempting fate. 
We've a hunger we would sate!
See? We have watched them changing color,
seen them flit or fly and hover ... 
...unsettled tales, dissatisfaction... 
peering 'twixt the main "distractions?"
Like: who does "wrongly" what to whom?
Who's "scratching itches best impugned"?
Where's Bill Clinton put his penis?
What's it to you, then, imprimus?
Forget it might be, plainly, you; 
and you are being insulted. TRUE!
...And where you're not insulted, friend?
You're injured, the result... ...comprende?
You who'd buy-in on the lie 
which keeps things as they are: contrived
...If Jim's remotely on the spot 
we are betrayed; that means a lot
We've deserved the "hidden info" 
kept from view—sans innuendo.
These, surely, must deny "enhancement
as sure as these preclude "advancement"! 
Let it go, Sir! Tell us true
Treat us with respect!  We're YOU!
We're the folks who heat your water
Build your homes; your comfort, author!
"You don't want to know the truth,
is what you get from these aloof—
these who hold selected cards 
that they've held out—the way things are
Forgetting those who keep their nose 
on grinding wheels, so indisposed... 
I wonder at the SHAME these feel, 
when comesat lastto rest ... their "wheel."
I factor in their living "well," 
with many homes (...dispensing hell!) 
and know they're threatened... by us their "slaves" 
who prop them up—as in Sparta's day
These would fear we'd turn them out
they're likely RIGHT! ...Without a doubt!
That wheel comes around to me
Much like it comes around to thee... 
See, they have earned our righteous anger 
putting us so far in danger! 
We're mere slaves and just don't matter (?), 
they live behind their walls and gather
*berries*, *nuts*, and freeze dried food 
to insulate their cherished broods.
All the science we are "shown" 
is just a fraction on the "bone." 
This keeps their status quo hot wired... 
so they propound as *we* perspire
Much remains that IS suppressed ... 
would make a man autonomous
T'would let a woman stand alone 
to live a life that she could own.
Too, energy, its glad production, 
is overpriced, is my deduction. 
This is true or we would see 
the profits made could set us free! 
We could pave our streets with gold, 
were we to be remotely bold, 
and find a way to obviate 
defensive spending's offensive hate!
There would be NO misery, 
gone the threat to you and me. 
Homeless people disappear
battered women lose their fear, 
worried men take easy breaths,
and we would come to KNOW we're blessed!
...Not a few, or a minority, 
even most, or a majority, 
but ALL the people satisfied 
by what they make of joyful lives.
The point is to self-actualize! 
To build upon what's realized!
So! Taking Maslow at his word, 
we build the tiers of pyramids, sir! 
Everyone a place to stay, 
with food and health a given, say. 
Education on demand
plus ethics reigningunderstand?
Looking out for single persons, 
those reaching for their star's assertions, 
but copping to ubiquity 
of most of us in so much need. 
Many reaching for their stars 
still team up gladly—fly to Mars... 
make the belt 'twixt Mar's and Jove 
a three-ring garden pleasure grove!
...Bubbles blown up huge in space 
that, fusion heated (just so placed), 
would make a wealth, yes (!), unimagined 
by the greatest minds imagined. 
Near Earth Asteroids are a BOON 
ignored by these contentious loons 
who place the center of their lives 
in "Aristotle's spheres" contrived!
Lost in seas of ignorance
awash in our belligerence
and TAUGHT our lack of confidence, 
we ponder lack of consequence!
We won't BE, at all, superior,
we will tend to the inferior
we will lose our glad interiors 
and ROT consume our false exteriors?
See, buying in to Earth's rape WILLS 
we swallow—bitter—poison pills, 
counting all the maimed and killed—
surveying massive graves we've filled—
but COP, and we could make it past
this paying down the bill amassed 
by unelected (jealous) men... 
who'd live sweet lives becoming them.
More could share! It's not denied! 
Our lack of shame's to be decried! 
See, we could be as gods described 
if we but looked into our skies. 
We'd extend our grasp and reach, 
have brand new stuff to learn and teach
and pierce eternal—endless—skies... 
this our birthright we require!
We can make that "fateful climb," 
and sing new songsmake righteous rhyme... 
to vibrate down sad castle walls—
dispel those few who'd cast their pawl...
Less is more, one then imagines, 
and we still have our satisfactions, 
watch them grow, a pleasing tease, 
to bring us from our callused knees!
Sky-borne objects pulse a warning
obviating needless mourning, 
glowing counsel meant to stun... 
so you, at last, see insult done! 
That you BEAR your insult, more, 
from "church" and "state," and corner "store"! 
You see them on your smaller screen! 
Corporations coldobscene.
It's all about manipulation, 
our "selling drugs and burgers" nation
milking millions from the ones 
who pay their taxes under guns!
We deserve much more than that, 
don't get it trading fact for phact™, 
for we could cure our own disease 
if we departed callused knees!
Presently we have some answers 
("lost" in drawers or killed by "cancers") 
that we'd USE for elevation, 
Please, have a  w i d e r  field of view 
and see the insult done to you
You would gain; you would not lose—
of needs, destroyed, the gates they've used 
to hide the *secrets* from your eyes! 
These fall like fruit ...from starry skies.
All at once an efficacious,
unrestrained, and most bodacious,
Synergy anoints us all
and we endure... avoid the fall.
Do that which you'd will, good folk
But do "that which" in Love, no joke...
More of us could "actualize"
That "Peak experience," no jive.
One deserves to meet potential
Where one endures the existential
Contrived as that existence is,
but—sadly—that's the way of it.


On the crest of the available wave and rushing gleefully to some foreign shore. Whatever recedes in my rear-view mirror was NEVER "Kansas"!  I'd know it if I saw it; I suspect I may have come from there, after all.

Restore John Ford!

*I cleave the heavens and soar to the infinite.  ...And while I rise from my own globe to others and penetrate ever further through the eternal field... ...that which others saw from afar I leave far behind me. — Giordano Bruno

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