Monday, November 12, 2018

Don't Call It Obsession

Left or right... choose.


I digress to observe—don't call it obsession—I have few regrets, and I make few concessions... but I'm leery of those—unconstrained and contrary—who hide in a blind, then define... arbitrary.

These are men from your shadows that you don't know to fear. Their lives are a secret; they have the reins, clear? Wielding keys to the kingdom ... no concessions to guilt; they're the *man*, understand, and these *own* what you've built!

They obfuscate due process, put "fairness" on the run, and they "know" our jurisprudence as the means to use a "gun." They're traffic cops for bad guys—they maintain that "status quo." They have written all the laws for their convenience... ...don't you know?

They write the laws to favor only ways they'd make their call, so we find laws written, plainly, saying nothing much at all. Justice is illusion for the mass's rank and file—sneers their patronizing message fairly dripping smirking guile!

See, Ford now sits, sedated, in a washed-out, pink-walled room. A victim of indifference, he's remanded and entombed. He's living in a hell on Earth for those who wish him quiet. They say that he's a killer, friend, but don't believe; decry it!

It's true John Ford asked questions. It's true that he would write. It's true that he got up your nose; it's true he'd "fight the fight"! He made the toughest queries, and he squeezed the "story" close, so facts aren't clear on why the *man* has got him mal-disposed!

Near incommunicado... if he "speaks" he's barely heard; this man is in a silenced cage—the "man's" captive silenced bird.

It's true he may be guilty of this thing they've said he's done... but I'd lay you odds it's bat-squeeze, friend, and I'd bet the summer sun!

Maybe someone in our tres-honorable community can explain why that self-same community is so ominously quiet on the subject of John Ford. No?

Do you think he's guilty? Really? ...How? Why? When? Where? If the minimally interested person tries to fill in these gaping holes of alleged guilt? It doesn't happen... verily reader! It just doesn't happen! The suspect "man's" strident admonitions with regard to Ford's guilt... dissolve like a night-fog in the light of summer's sun...

Moreover, the facts of the Ford case do not strike you, Sir and Madam, as ridiculously contrived and smolderingly convenient for known criminals with long traditions of systemic corruption? True enough, these were Ford's opposition.  Official Criminals and Miscreants in a New York county famous for official criminals and miscreants!  Such is Suffolk County. Look it up.

You don't think Ford got so far up someone's powerful nose that they surgically removed him to a place where they could casually but inevitably, and then thoroughly ... discredit him or, in other words, snuff him out like a guttering candle without killing him? Their way was worse.

...You're next, pal, or pal-ette! Search your heart; don't take my word for it. I say true. Even if you're a good Nazi; there's no fair play with that lot. There is only "weak" and "strong."

Throw me a bone of concern if, suddenly, I become quiet, reader... appreciating, well, the reverence to which I would not be held. John Ford is in demonstrably worse straights... endured now for well over 2 decades...

Know this: I love life; I'm having a ball; depression and failure as reasons for my *alleged* suicide...? They will be completely ludicrous.

The same applies if I am accused of putting radium in an imagined adversary's recreational enema bag or if I end up on Pee-pee Dondi's puddin' & pie's, very punitively prosecuted, " fly..." list!

Know that John Ford loves his own life, as I do mine, somehow believing still that he will be vindicated... You can hear that in his voice... More on that later.

If I become quiet? Begin to wonder; begin to be more afraid. But, get mad ... now. It's time.

Write some letters, make some noise, talk to friends... ...stay within the confines of our *laws* and *constitution*, as useless as that advise appears to be... present.  Read from the forbidden index.  It writes factually where opposition only insults its, pretty sterling, astonishingly and ironically, character.  We all know what THAT means...

Consider... playing by the rules didn't seem to provide John Ford any protection. Real irony there.

Verily, Ford stood exponentially taller as an innocent grassroots American than have his prosecuting persecutors! His persecutors are scurvy knaves and psychopathic cads. They are, one begins to discover, irresponsibly rich and injudiciously free after committing egregious crimes. Ford rots so that this criminal rabble can breath... ...unconstrained... non-restricted, and well off their well-appointed knees!

Nothing is safe from the powerful arbitrary when he perceives a need to reach out and crush you like a bug in a bit of soiled tissue. Search your heart.  You concur. Power corrupts absolutely, always. 

Oh—by the way as the crow flies? I noticed a peculiar light low on the eastern horizon one predawn morning. 

It traversed a soundless single line flying due north, jet fast, off the usual airway (recall that I was a master military aviator of 23 years). It flashed like a bright white strobe-light, but in a random fashion, though I saw it flash, once, a bright bluish RED strobe, then back to random frequency white. It appeared to jerk back and forth in a thumb's thickness as it traversed this single line, even accounting for false auto-kinetic movements, atmospheric refraction, or optical physiologies.

After traversing this single line for about forty-five degrees in my field of view? The light, inexplicably, blinked out...

There have been other revelations, reader... It's all a matter of putting in time watching the sky and doing a little of the old non-imaginational heavy lifting... you know?

Yeah. On my honor as a deacon in my own church of "It Ain't What You Think...", the same as any elected, pointedly non-installed President, trusted friend, honored relative, Principal, or holy person?  Well, maybe not holy...

Read "ordinary"? Yeah, that's right. I am ...who I am... saying what I see while you're seeing what I say... so many, many others as overproduced, overexposed, and even overweening as I am seen to be by some... meh.

Yeah yeah yeah... I hear the internal dialogue.  Restore John Ford!  Then we can talk.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

The Saucer Flap's Map

Once upon a time last Century...

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UFO FLAP ("The Summer Of Saucers"

The Saucer Flap's Map
by Alfred Lehmberg

This is a short discussion on a map depiction of West Virginia illustrated with a timeline of cited UFO sightings in the State over a specific period of time. What will be so astonishing about this initiative is the following, taken in steps. 

See, reader, were the illustrated map above to be a depiction of UFOs comprising their activities over WV for the past decade... it would be impressively compelling enough! It must wholly shock surprised sensibilities to discover a single year is depicted!  A month's depiction and it's near impossibly difficult to get your head around, at all... but a single day is simply incomprehensible...! How about, reader, an hour and some minutes in change?!  Such was indeed so...

There is, as has now been ferreted out, that historic flurry of "highly strange" activity here signified, reader. Verily, this writer suspects that were the facts all known, one might feel compelled to put their heads down between their knees for some swooning faint-headedness... or even crash positioning!

Beginning, now, to dispel the hoary myth of your reflex debunker's "conventional wisdom" regarding the Flatwoods affair, and according to September 12, 1952, Project Blue Book records, the flaming UFO to fly west over the Capitol as reported was the "well known Washington area meteor." Yeah, we'll just put our tongue in a smiling cheek on that... red herring as that was. Remains, the Akron Astronomy Club report stated that this so-called "Washington FIREBALL" was sighted at "Approximately 7:00 P.M. E.S.T."  Noted!

This same report also stated the length of time it was sighted. The object was recorded as having a "Duration: 5-6 seconds."  Note that, reader!

Discover that contrary to the Air Force's suspicious evaluations and convenient findings on this alleged and "all explaining" single "Fireball meteor," (Rather like Kennedy's "magic bullet,") Frank Feschino, Jr. would reveal some new wrinkles in their "too pat" with his own research's "obvious otherwise." Gravy must be for goose and gander, stuff has to add up, and Occam demands it. A thesis can be complicated, of needs! That's Occam!

See, That "duration of 5-6 seconds" was to endure quite an impossible stretch of its short time, remembering a vast surface area covered by the sighting of same; that area almost including all three coasts and our border to the north! A magic meteor, verily, and defeating time and space!

No, it was going to be a busy night history would record, and it would be a night shaken in the teeth of a complete unknown! Some consummately intrepid souls, reader, would even disappear (with their craft!) without a trace! This was not a singular event! This would happen with some regularity during 1952s "Summer Of Saucers"!

For many years, Frank Feschino, spelunking soberly and diligently, searched tirelessly for and then compiled Sept. 12, 1952 UFO reports from various documented, if disparate, sources. Feschino also worked laboriously with other researchers, archivists, historians, and librarians to this end. 

He was to find a wealth of information contained in obscure national and regional newspaper articles from which named Newspapers were quoting at the time of the weird affair. These articles gave information about the numerous... just a plethora, reader, of UFOs and their witnesses! 

...Sky objects, flying saucers, mysterious lights, or so-called "meteors." These were unquestionably seen on that day... and especially in that hour and scant minutes, remember, in some helter-skelter of a ufological hurley-burley over Flatwoods where witnesses would be scared spitless, folks got sick, and one dog died!

Amassing other, near archeological finds, Feschino continued his research unearthing several all-but-lost magazine articles containing valuable corroborating information about the mysterious Flatwoods UFOs of September 12, 1952.

First person witness Donald Morrison with Frank Feschino

Throughout this investigation, Feschino unearthed even more first-hand UFO witnesses from around the area of interest. These were credible witnesses who sighted UFOs that night in the Flatwoods area. Ivan T. Sanders found these Flatwoods Folks similarly so.

Furthermore, some of the most abundant UFO information Feschino was to find was actually contained in the heretofore unsifted civilian and military reports of the September 12, 1952 official military Project Blue Book files. More corroboration comes as a result of Feschino's careful sieving!

Feschino compiled his data and then separated all of the UFO sightings from around the country into categories by State. This was an arduous task. 

Painstakingly, he then plotted all of the location points of these UFO sightings. By using the reported times of the sightings and their witness described flight path trajectories, Feschino was able to determine a series of definite patterns. Patterns perceived indicate, perhaps, the patterns of revealed new intelligence.

See reader, by piecing together a meticulous timeline of documented events occurring that night, Feschino was able to discover that there were actually several different UFOs on several different flight paths, all flying in various states of reported damage and distressed disarray across the United States! Note that Feschino's timeline told a very different story than the "single Fireball meteor" explanation as rather fatuously touted by Project Blue Book officials.

On September 12, 1952, several UFOs were sighted over nine eastern states during 21-hours of sustained UFO activity.  Down where the weird rubber meets the even weirder road?  Most of the ufological activity occurred in and around Flatwoods for just over an hour

These sightings CANNOT be attributed to a lone Fireball meteor only "said" to have passed over Washington D.C. that night at 7:00 PM. EST. for a duration of 5-6 seconds!  Meteors don't hang in the air, at different places and times and at the same time, reader, for almost a full day, eh? The reflex debunker would seem to over-fluff his debunking "explanation."


Feschino plotted 102 locations—yellow stars on the above maps—where credible witnesses sighted and reported different UFOs flying directly over the following eastern region States of the country:

1. Delaware
2. Maryland
3. North Carolina
4. Ohio
5. Pennsylvania
6. Tennessee
7. Virginia
8. Washington D.C.
9. West Virginia

...Additional states where UFOs were sighted on September 12, 1952:

10. California
11. Illinois

...Curiously, and with Feschino wondering why, the Project Blue Book records did not include the sightings occurring over Delaware, Ohio, or Tennessee. This is curious given credible reports from other sources.

Documentation also shows that on September 12, 1952, credible American civilians and Military officials in those nine eastern states reported UFO sightings to the following agencies and offices:

1. The Pentagon
2. USAF Bases
3. The Air Defense Command Headquarters located at Ent AFB, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
4. The United States Navy
5. State Police Headquarters
6. Local Police Headquarters
7. Airports
8. Civil Aeronautics Administration
9. Newspaper offices
10. Numerous "Lettered" Government Agencies
11. The FBI

Moreover, Feschino's documentation also shows that four of the UFOs passing over the United States that night had displayed different "characteristics" than the others. This is to come of note when one remembers that a not so secret *war* had been all but formally declared on them just a few months before

The reporting pointed to four UFOs having pieces falling from them, frankly. They were "exploding." They were on "fire." They displayed sparkling showers of strange glittery matter, all while flying, erratically, at treetop level and making distressed whooping noises. 

Yes. Quite the whirling dervish of a garden variety "meteor," eh? 

Furthermore, it was documented that a commercial airline pilot actually reported a meteoric UFO nearly clipping the wing off his passenger plane near Wheeling, WV that night!  Feschino's map would show that this particular "meteor" was actually one of the four "damaged" UFOs.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that even though these objects were flying quickly at very low levels, not one sonic boom was recorded anywhere that night!  See, this fact also discounts a meteor. Like jets, transonic meteors boom, and crackingly! It sounds like popping corn in a quiet night and can rattle a window pane. This writer has heard them himself. 

Though, all four of these UFOs shared, additionally, one major common factor.  All four of the objects made crash-landings and then took off again. Combined, these objects crash-landed a total of twelve times in two different states! This writer has had his craft shot-up and down in combat and commiserates with it being difficult to remain in the air even shot around!

In conclusion, these four objects were more appropriately conjectured as heavily damaged UFOs and definitely NOT meteors. Occam is satisfied given hoof prints and reports of zebras. To date, NO meteoric impact pits in those areas have been found.

See reader, the "well known Washington area meteor of 12 September," was actually one of the four damaged UFOs that night, I repeat again for emphasis. That UFO passed over the Capitol on a western heading at about 7:00 P.M. EST.

It continued west, flew over Virginia, passed over West Virginia, redirected south above the State and then flew over Flatwoods, landing there as described. The craft was sighted by a group of boys who went to investigate its observed touchdown...

The rest is HISTORY...

Unbelievable, but true.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Obscene, Unjust—But True.


Write this off as wallowing a bleak naiveté—still preferring the Sympatico might hear—though, ever are there those of whom I'd likely never find... ...I reflect that these are used to—ruled by—fear.

Likely way beyond "experience," and served up all contrived, this "fear of things" addresses what we're not. See, it's absent in the actions of the ones who make their living with this puzzle, they're not showing, we've all got!

It's everybody's puzzle, and we all should get to question gravid mystery that lies—or cheats and teases. The ones who are researching are the ones so often hurting for the 'one' who's always done... just what he pleases.

Remember, then, John Ford, to be reminded his confinement is a black mark on the labors we perform. "…Into UFO research? Then you might be like that 'loon': the 'flying saucer killer' named John Ford."

See, let the 'man' grind down on him without a single peep from you? ...And that deed is quicker done on you and me! If they cap off Johnny Ford, well then they've drawn their threatening sword, and they slash and hack at chances you'd be free!

Some of these are wolves who prowl a "land" they think they're owning, and are pissing on its corner's stems and twigs. These are vaulting over tick-turds so distorting apt researches!  They're dismissive as a swine farm full of pricks.

The *glee* that they're displaying when they vilify subjectives: It's a game the meanest children always play.  See, it's children they're revealing while engaged in doubtful dealing is what the field has evolved to? ...Hard to say!

Too, suffer wrongful take-downs with indifference at your peril!  It won't be long they've made their way to you. What salvation will appear, my friend, when you're the one who needs it! Recall John Ford is languishing! Obscene, unjust—but true.

*Machines* exist—likely, always have... Still, we pretend, superficially, to eschew our criminal machines opting, in all pretense, for a more evenhanded efficacy in society. It remains, we tolerate our *machines* and pretend they are not there... when they appear to do our bidding or provide an illusion that they're staying out of our personal business while doing those "other" people's business... there's a load, well defined, eh?

The "cooperation" alluded to is short lived at best—likely, it always is. They don't have that requisite respect for individuality, remember. Respect for "individuality" is contrary to a fat profit margin and a corpulent—forgetting a thoroughly reptillian—bottom line...

John Ford's discovered such as this, n'est ce pas?

Verily, we must blow our horns now and again lest they are presumed to be funnels, friends and fellow motes!  Sometimes your horn's—even timid—music dispels its antithesis, I've experienced.  Why?  

Because music, an under the RADAR communication, is compelling language after all! Consider rock n' roll, eh?  This language helps you "see" what is "meant."  That's why poetry will always have a relevance.  Also, in addition to the preceding: this musical language can be said to say things that could not otherwise be said, it's been said.  Poetry "says," reader!

A song: it's repeated to an efficaciousness, potentially, or not repeated at all.

Restore John Ford!

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Soaring Cleavers

Giordano Bruno
Soaring Cleavers
By Alfred Lehmberg

From a quote by Giordano Bruno... On soaring to the infinite: 

"I cleave the heavens and soar! What others see before them I leave far behind me."
...Said upon looking through a telescope for the first time...

Naturally, his capering and less intrepid detractors burned him alive for it. He was perhaps the first to consider that we were not alone in our universe of ever-expanding and unknowable vastness... vastnesses beyond sense, space/time, and surface area... ...senses, space/times, and surface areas not even restricted to the universe currently inhabited or endured, eh? He got his "just" rewards. No good deed goes unpunished.

See... similar to anything else happening in the universe (like humankind), even the universe doesn't happen only once! No, there are multiple universes. That's the confident math. Truly, beyond the grift and draft, it's the soaring cleavers to make any constructive sense of this apparent outré, at all.

Soaring Cleavers...

..."Soaring Cleavers," the likes Frank Feschino
, Richard Dolan, Robert Hastings, and Stanton Friedman, among significant others... for instance. These are persons for whom this writer is reported to employ a "shameful sycophancy"... but for whom any of my glad support only comes remotely about, anyway, a result of my intellectually insulted sensibilities for these intrepid persons, and so my provoked defense of same. The real problem? 

Words... words, reader! Words sentiently said. Words sufficiently cited. Words standing times test then dismissed as what? Alternate truth? Inconvenience? Intellectual sloth?

Words. Here's the thing with words. Words are manifested thought, thoughts thought out loud and in print, mind you, but an altogether different entity than that which may later be manifested in the real world, reader, as activity.  See, the exploration of the idea is required to see if that idea manifestation might be required in the existential, at all! This is why "free thought" is required at all, this writer offers.

Stone's Quadriga: Friedman, Feschino, Hastings, and Dolan...

No, my ufological quadriga (née Rushmore!) above, is more than a vanishing conduit for unfiltered words of, not just free thought... No, they are that rarest conduit... ...a conduit for all thought, well... all thought fit for same. Did you hear that? The difference is that subtle. 

Thought (or lack of same?) precedes action, only, and cannot legitimately be said to precipitate it. That decision is made on the spot by the person on a blame line. It's the individual, after all, puts words to action... ever... always... even a mob. The individual has to buy in. They have to "wanna."

However; when you do believe words must precipitate action? ...And then feel that you must censor (deride, defile, and discourage) to preclude that activity? 

Then, it's an EASY slip to the "triple T's" of totalitarianism, tyranny, and terror, or maybe the legitimately distracted reader has not paid attention. The aforementioned "Rushmore" is not the one facilitating such, folks. 

No, these are a "cultural filter" (a societal distillery) left behind after all other filters have disgraced themselves and clogged themselves to non-usability. Hail our sentient heroes and paranormal sieves! A multiverse remains to gape and draw the consciousness a result of their initiative! "Blinders" shouldn't even have to be used on horses!

This is to say that I suspect they do not nurse serious drug or alcohol problems and they know the difference between a Belgian waffle and a bath sponge in America's burgeoning and increasing popular psychological rape culture! My quadriga could clear the higher bar than is provided by an unethically beholden and corrupted mainstream! 

No, my favorable evaluation of these men only seems kind when it is has been strictly observational and based over a period of a couple of decades. Reader, you will read only later what you're reading from them NOW... if you read it at all... and this is forgetting that *Everything* you're reading now isn't "accurate," "reflective," or even remotely "fair"... (one cannot equivocate merely "flawed" with full-on "FUBAR" for example, though many will certainly try).  Still, it's the quadriga aforementioned grinds the lesser, much smaller ax, is my take, if one is even ground at all to begin with... 

...See? People are thinking *it*, whatever *it* is. ...And you must have the opportunity to value *it* for yourself... Sincerely, has the reader ever heard the story regarding the devil "known" to be preferable to the devil "not" known? Our lauded gentlemen (and ladies!) understand the cautionary tale even as their scurrying and ideologically constipated detractors cannot! 

A clear picture of reality is not necessarily pretty ( it ever?), but it is a picture preferred by a sapient being who'd prefer to live in a real world ... make an individual contribution to it more personally satisfying and socially efficacious as a result of same? Perhaps. 

Looking at the world this way... warts, evils, genitals non-pruriently exposed, and all... taking an Alien View, if the reader will allow... allows the aforementioned sapient being an opportunity to see the proverbial forest for the freaking trees; see what works and hang on, perceive what might be better and reach out, discover the larger reality, and then bravely meet its constructive embrace! 

We were built to individually "soar and cleave", reader. My friends above allow for more of that, that is to say, less individual ignorance, in my view. 

...But I'm not being kind. I'm callin' it like I see it, takin' responsibility for it, standin' by it... and will be the first to abandon or report the antithesis of it the MOMENT that that is perceived. 

'K? ...'K. 

Sincerely, I don't have a dog in the fight that is a discussion on whether these should be encouraged to do what they are doing on social/ethical/scientific grounds (that's ground they're on in this writer's view), but that what they are doing is a necessary thing, the preferred thing, the braver thing...  I must believe. 

I want exposure to everything, reader, fit to be exposed to! I need to make informed decisions upon those things still allowed me to decide, myself. I suspect you do, too. This writer won't be reflexively proscribed by a suspect officiality oozing faux-reverent and hyper-religious irrelevancy

Yes... consider Jehovah, Christ, and Mohammed (Sectarian Father, son, and grandson... and all crawling with ufological close encounter references!)... The three major Religions of our day... all codified, outlined, and frameworked in a pre-Copernican time, back to a day when the interested and educated individual "knew" that the Earth was at the center of everything (...whatever that was...), that it was flat, and that the stars around it were little holes in the firmament to let the light of *God* shine through... cosmic lamps nightly lit by same... 

Trusted advisors advised anxious kings that UFOs were these "lamps" blown around in the stormy breath of "He who is most high." ... ...Right... 

Our codes, texts, and fundamentals might deserve a re-look and a make-over given our more current discoveries. Ya think? Moreover, the universe loves novelty and hates stasis or the status quo, after all. It's changing, gaining complexity in the face of entropy... and accelerating as it does so! 

Back at this considered rant's ranch, codes, texts, and fundamentals won't get that re-look and make-over in a world without the likes of the good men above (and women!) to facilitate it... truly. That's this writer's intuition. 

Verily! Whatever the cause of the ongoing egregious struggle, there are sociopathic people-hating human beings at the center of it... and those persons are decidedly not of the heroes iterated, put your bottom dollar on that. The rest of us just heat the former's oligarchic water for an ignoble non-admitted task facilitating them. Informatively, we only read about our miscreant social monsters as a result of the bravery and courage of the latter. Hail heroes, again! 

My boys are not the credulous villains in this piece. No! They're the anti-villains! 

We might read about those aforementioned "bastards of reflex debunkery" at the stables and sites of our quadriga. I'm saying... we certainly won't from the hijacked, fully corrupted, and so illegitimate "mainstream" for which canted klasskurtxian detractors shill... and are always added to the televised discussion by this "mainstream"... for balance! Squirty giggles!

No, the members of the quadriga are quintessential AlienViewers in my estimation. They would try to stand apart from that which is unfavorably considered... and attempt that selfless consideration. As would I. As might you, reader. Is "reportage" an endorsement, as the aforementioned "scurrilous" maintain? 

Well, Yes! ...But only over at FOX News and other Fascist Lap Dog media services! Associated Press? No. Rather, "Affected" Press, reader. ...Another not so subtle difference. Our quadriga's "Rushmore" refrains from same. This writer aspires to refrain, too. 

No... Reportage is NOT necessarily endorsement, by definition. True journalists retch at the concept, I'd presume! 

I'll let the reader know the moment, though, that I have a contrary thought on these matters. I've a history of same. When I'm found wrong I say so. It's a step up, still. The admitted error always is

The preceding is gladly shared but pointing out, too, that it is obvious to a balanced observer that I'm still at arm's length, to a degree, from the aforementioned! Those are the lonely wages of the true loose cannon, which I aspire to be, in spades! This writer is not an easy friend or a flawless expert. That doesn't even exist where the reader thought it did!

Verily, so many "experts" have betrayed the aggregate trust around me I'm compelled to stop listening to them, now, pretty much, and aspire to be a humbler "expert" myself. How about you, honored reader? In the "summer of your winter," like this writer? One loses patience for tediousness even being ironically tedious themselves...

...Or maybe this is a function of being well passed the summer of my winter, age-wise, and at that point where you just can't tell a guy like me anything anymore or expect him to fall right into line... Guilty! 

Maybe, at that point aforementioned, though, a tide turns... you gain the ability to look back more... where before you were consumed with the activity of looking forward. That backward look can improve the acuity, ironically, of that forward-looking one, if you let it, I've discovered. One must know a past to understand a present or predict a future, eh?

This is in regard to magic if unsettling moments where one feels a new ability to be a mentor, himself... rather than be mentored. Many may achieve that. You shall. I will, of course, continue to aspire to it. The perspicacious person remains a student; however, to some extent... I digress... 

Verily, all my mentors had their chance. That time, for better or worse, is done. I salute them all!

In closing, let me say that I am revolted by a world that would gleefully, gladly, giddily, and even gaily discard intrepid explorers  like the quadriga above as a clear and present danger to sense and science... but continue to lavishly praise a pompous Plait, or a noisome Nye, or a Slytherin Shermer, or a wooden Nickell... or any of the other too fulsome and cognitively insipid, spewing arrogance and intellectual cowardice as from a reductionist crotch-couch in cowardly Klasskurtxia... 

...I'd continue, but the gorge gets too high in the throat. Time again to again drink from braver waters! Onward!

Read on... 

Friday, October 05, 2018

...Autonomy At Hand...


I've talked to a person been through the dark maze and into the keeps of the man. There are secrets, there buried, that would mean an autonomy for the holder so "blessed"... ...understand?

Why, you could power your house from a cigarette pack; you could power your car from the sun. You could power your way to the far starry reaches; you could power "autonomy," dependant on none.

It's said there are gadgets—fantastic machines! ...The stuff of sheer fantasy, the stuff of your dreams! A man who possessed them would be as a king, beholding to none with a new song to sing. A woman who had them could be on her own, independent of man for a hearth, land, or home.

"There is life," said this person, "...long lasting and young. Have the bloom of your youth as the years are undone! Your strength is enhanced, and that's good for a starter, but the best is the chance you'd get braver and smarter"!

See? Way beyond his glad control... ...the *man* would not coerce you. You'd equalize the playing field, no longer could he curse you.

Any wonder what is "buried" where it cannot, then, be "found"? Can't you feel, friend, the presence of these *trinkets* so profound? Don't you sense them in dark caverns where they're covered up with dirt? Can't you see them in your mind's eye? Let that image tease and flirt.

UFO's are real enough to hover in our skies. I've seen a few myself, my friend, which should come as no surprise. Though, you would see them too, old sod, if you went outside to look—took your mind away from *con-games* ... dared read from different books:

Read Graham Hancock, he's respected, and his "Fingerprints of Gods"? ...tells a different kind of story than your pastor gives a nod! Read Zack Sitchin if you dare to, and his tale of planets twelve? ...Opens up horizons—takes your brain to higher shelves! Velikovsky fought with "dim-bulbs" lighting ignorance of reflex! An early victim of the *man*, he was valid... ...he had context.

...Our "person's" not so "factual,"—as you probably might have guessed—but I can't say, for sure, my friend, regarding all the rest. See, I'm sure the strangest secrets are, yes, "buried" there for real, so the man—by ordination—lives... to lie, then cheat and steal.

Plutocracy would suck, it seems, I'm sure you would agree if you took an honest look at what is, plainly—clearly—seen. It's "system obsolescence" keeps you buying worthless *stuff* ... inefficient, glibly dangerous, disrespectful—and enough!!!

No. More powerful individuals only create, exponentially, more powerful teams. I saw this over and over in two decades, plus chronological change, of team and individual combat and combat training in the Army.

Powerful and creative individuals, one finds, only seek creative and more powerful justifications to cooperate, not compete at the pragmatic denouement. Cooperation usually trumps competition because the goals of even a necessary competition are short focus and minimum term! Cooperation takes the long view... like you would if you knew you were going to be there, eh?

Surprise!  You are there!

Consider—John Ford sits in his dark hole ... tranquilized and mute ... trying to remember... what it was... ...he was trying to remember... you know? It could be you, it could be me — anyone but the one who put him there or approves of same.

We're next.

Oh, let's cut to the chase! They've already nailed me. I'm down a quarter-mill plus in lost wages over 10 years and must enjoy an eventual more minimized social security! You're next. You're next when you could fix it! You won't. ...Gotta keep those browns down, those blacks back, and those queers steered!

Restore John Ford!

Read on.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Deluded, Mentally Ill, Or Publicity-Seeking Little Nobodies...

Deluded, Mentally Ill, Or Publicity-Seeking Little Nobodies...

by Alfred Lehmberg

In a previous paper, I've illustrated the disingenuous quality of "push-back" on the whole subject of  UFOs and their attendant genuine experiencers. This would include other illustrations and treatments regarding the mal-appropriate character of their intimidators or those behaviors as they are fervidly exhibited by those same intimidators. To these intimidators, ..."experiencers," (even genuine ones and perhaps especially genuine ones!) in sum total, are regarded as nothing more than "Deluded, psychotic, or publicity-seeking little nobodies." That's in total, mind you.

This is a fair portrayal of the attitude as painted and portrayed. The "misinformed," the "misinforming," and the "mentally ill." "M" cubed, as it's weaponized by the intimidator. See, there can be nothing else for the reducing fundamentalist.

No. Just, no.

That brush is too broad, forgetting its "paint load" is little to none! Even true in the odd case? It's not true enough to count! With UFOs and their ancillaries, one is enough of an abundance! Seven massive categories of enduring evidence give pause, as was pointed out in the links above.

Sadly, it remains that some of these experiencers could still deserve every bit of even a scurrilous debunking or untoward institutional bracing by the CSI, and more. Public humiliation. Tar and feathering. I say true. 

Not enough of these to count, again, mind you. The proverbial baby is too often thrown out with the bathwater as a matter of standard operating procedure at the CSI, as was noted above, and that facilitates the scabrous debunker, only, anyway. It's but one required, recall.  

...Though, and here's the headline: I believe, still, that there are upfront and genuine researchers with a pioneer's spirit and an explorer's soul examining all this twitchy stuff out in the outre. One recalls the reputation of the late Ivan Sanderson to illustrate. 

Well, "Sanderson," lives.

In the existential "meatspace" of our shared moment's felt presence, I observe firsthand and in person the reputations of solid persons the likes of Stanton Friedman, Frank Feschino, Robert Hastings, and Richard Dolan. These intrepid explorers, et al, overcome detractors, debunk the reflexive nay-sayer, and obviate the noisome negativist with art, intelligence, and elan. 

Rather, and in opposition to the ham-handed reductionist aforementioned, these celebrate the rising and advancing of... call it the efficacious human "existentialia," is the sense of this writer. These are persons, in other words, rejecting a psychotic androcracy and embracing a constructive gylany, so aspiring to leave behind what others choose to see so far ahead, frankly, in a looming remainder of a 21st Century! Persons right and true.

I believe, likely along with the reader who gets this far, that these inveterate reporters investigate something that is real in the real world, something with immediate importance to us all, and something that specifically defines the future we're all about to have to live in. I've met with these persons, heard them speak, read their books, and spoken to them on the phone. Meatspace, one on one, as I said. These have remained essentially true for better than a decade. Something... stirs. They're on to it.

...Forgetting for a moment that I've been wrong before, I believe that the aforementioned have been abundantly convincing regarding the validity of their overall work and yet, STILL (as we come to the crux), cannot be expected to have to demonstrate spot-on, 100% accuracy in every case to remain credible in our eyes. Efficacious sincerity must count for something or we're tedious and insensate robots, to put a point on it. Copping to error establishes credit too, forgetting that, of course, error is to be minimized... if candidly admitted, I reiterate, it's a step up, still.

The late Dr. John Mack, Harvard Chair and Pulitzer winner, another credible researcher by way of example, has had prepared "ringers" slid into his sincere seminars by "self-ringing" Robertsonian CSIcopians, those "skeptics" aforementioned... to destroy, dispel, and otherwise discourage a brave initiative. His one-time associate Elizabeth Anglin bears this out in a recorded conversation. I'd predict that others have had to endure similar charlatans, scalawags, and sociopaths. I've endured mine. The reader has endured theirs. This matters not!

This must not detract, overmuch, from the honest if erring researcher's overall contribution, their competency, or their veracity. Their credit! I believe these to be the genuine article, even if I believe a few of their cases are not. All we need is one, remember.

I agree that genuine experiencers (from rape victims to alien abductees) who come forward against opposition are first among heroes on this planet. They endure, as I have personally seen, the slings and arrows of outrages cowards, duplicitous ax-grinders, and scurrilous de-bunkers... these further fueled by the ever grasping fraudulent, in it only for the odd purloined buck... 

...But I know, also, that I cannot, in good faith, support the claims of all experiencers, credit all their assertions, validate all their paradigms, provide citation for all their experience, or prop up all their stories in every way. Let's be real as this writer aspires to be true to himself... 

Could I be wrong about some of these "fraudulent" experiencers? Of course! My opinion, sir and madam, that manipulative corporate-minded "turn-around persons," like Mortellaro (the "I've been wrong" link above), with noses for "product enhancement" and the minimal sense required to flesh out a bogus audit trail... (just like the linked example above) might be just the kinds of persons able to convincingly fabricate a first-rate "abduction" hoax... He sure sucked in the "heavyweights" of the time. ...And myself... I digress...

This shouldn't raise anyone's hackles that much. What can one expect? I'm just one considered opinion, after all. Some of these *suspected* might still be genuine... water, by report, has been processed into wine, at least once, in the last 2000 years! Anything is possible, however unlikely... improbable, doubtful, implausible, dubious, dodgy, or even suspect! The universe is big enough for even considered opinions not to matter a wit. Current events are an example of that.

On psychopaths... I think that there are legions of these "just business" monsters. These are those entirely willing to subvert the work of the aforementioned honest researchers to their own ends. I've produced a cited paper on that general theme. There are more of them than you think. It could be you... it could be me. Three in a hundred, to start, are considered odds...

I think some of these individuals do their own research and can cleverly appropriate the experience and the work of others to facilitate their scurrilous and disingenuous (by definition) ends. I think that some of these persons have lived their whole lives this way, moving fretfully from one group of 'facilitators' to another, advantaging themselves on the work/talent of others, and then moving on (one way or another) when the well of good faith runs dry, returning in a few years for a new crop of suckers, where they can. These are legion. All these get sucked in via an official information vacuum. Just what happens when you dismiss something without remotely investigating it... the behavior of our officialdom.

I think that some of these persons have become so adept at advantaging themselves on the backs/reputations of others that they are as "capable" as credible experts... fooling me or even the reader. I am abundantly outraged for all.

I know that some people lie, reader, and moreover, many of these don't even *know* that they are doing so. I know that it is very hard for even the practiced adept to ferret these persons out... and so any other credible researcher should not be held accountable and liable for the testimony that they guilelessly accumulate. 90% of everything is supposed to be crap! The lie is on the liar's blame line.

Moses and Solomon can be taken for a "ride"... as can I... as can the reader. The trick is to avoid the impacted illogic of the ideologue—fun as that can beand get off the "ride," in time. No one can rationally expect your complete infallibility, reader, and it must be understood that we are all just doing the best we can. Only, cop to your error, eh?

Somethin's happening here... what it is ain't exactly clear... The sneer of the reflexive and unthinking skeptic prosecuting his religion of reductionism is not instructive. The preceding is especially true when there must be a reason for our societal trepidations and nameless fears and these are in no way addressed by this same "officiality," already alluded to, except to ridicule. "Fool me once," and all that...

Some of these persons, unfortunately though, remembering, deserve every bit of criticism they provoke! I think its a tragedy that genuine experiencers are minimalized in their unasked association with this noisy non-genuine! I think it's a travesty that earnest efforts are marginalized, derided, and defamed by the actions of a self-serving few. I think its a shame that the valuable work of the tireless and wholly genuine suffers as a result. Sincerely. It's a digressive tragedy. It's unjust. It's unfair. It is... unsustaining and unsustainable.

So, "Deluded, Mentally Ill, Or Publicity-Seeking Little Nobodies"? Maybe, but this writer suspects that it's like Michael Lindemann informed him once in conversation when he complained the line between truth and falsehood regarding the outre got so smudged one couldn't tell the difference...

"Much of it is fake," he said. "Some of it... is not." Some of it is not, reader. Some of it is not.

Behind a grain of sand held at arm's length... 
galaxies seemingly numerous as stars!

Drake's numbers show *they* are, 
and Fermi moved *they* will; 

that a plethora of evidence shows 
*they* have's a real thrill!

Monday, September 17, 2018


"I have no idea why [one might] believe that sci-fi speculation is the same as reality. I certainly don't." - Stan Friedman

It interests me, then; how pathetic we're painted: we who observe twitchy lights in the sky. We who admit that we don't have a clue as we watch this ...anomalous... caper and fly.

It's all sneering giggles from our crass "TV culture." The *college* of scholars—gone sullenly mute! The edge of hard science's forbidden the hard-look; if you look you're besmeared as a non-astute kook!

Religion admits that they're real... ...but evil!!! "They're stuff of the devil, for sure and so named"! These "agents of Devils have captured weak conscience... They've damned it with nonsense; it's Satan we've blamed."

Faux *news* is the worst, as it grins like a patron, then paints us in caps of aluminum foil! These front all the clutter from *skeptics* and *bunkies*, ignoring researchers: real work and hard toil!

Society works to distract from perception what "taxes" and "sanctions" must bind and confine! They do this to keep you from thinking too much. That upsets their lifestyles! They're living "refined"!

"Be fruitful; have a dozen kids"! ...these few make "culture" say, so they can, then, respect much less... that *single* soul who works and pays.

Please! Look upon an endless *night*—please grok its starry vastness... ...To think you might be all alone is monumental crassness! Regard instead "potential"; make this your soul's career! Too, ignore it at your peril, friend; *forewarned* it's best to steer!

You're, at best, disserved, good folk, to wait until tomorrow. The stuff of soul's imperiled, plain, facilitating sorrow. See? Eyes have been averted—to those questions made extant—by the "beads" of errant "eunuchs" who would mumble hateful chants!

"Lions, and tigers, and bears"?  Get a tissue! We'd get enough warning, of threat, were it them. No, the "meter man's" cash-cow is threatened, the issue … it's the root of confusion—its seed pod, and stem!

All shiftless injustice thus hides in their shadows! Reflexive denial must dull the best sword! Too, get in their faces, and ask them tough questions? They'll shut you in dungeons... as was done to John Ford.

So, who is the clown when the questions are answered? Who's then the clown, and so missing their screws? Who is that clown when the truth paints the picture? Then who, not that jester, will give us a clue?

I would. I'd sure make the aspiration... make no mistake.  Oh... not because I'm brave so much, but that the alternative is scarier, you know? 

What grinds my gears is that there are individuals, in position, who could disclose information going a long way towards providing a heaven—bereft of all hyperbole—on Earth, right now, and don't!  That's not naive, folks.  That's a conclusion reached in the summer of my winter.  I'll be 70 next December, a former Military Master Aviator, a Summa college grad, and not a complete fool.
Moreover, if coal to Newcastle, one is compelled to internalize that these persons aforementioned are in a position to make efficacious and immediate use of the powerful zero-point energies attendant in the information alluded to here... ...and do not. Choice, if not ours.

No, all they are really interested in is pumping up the total population so they don't have to pay the individuals making up that population with a "too expensive" respect and then bask in the glow of the furious heat these provide. This, while our inflated population, I'm compelled to believe, provides the cash to let this few live the lives of GODS on Earth! The bastards. The swine. The monsters!
The scurvy bastards. Elitist swine oozing hypocrisy to facilitate their insulting sociopathy. Monsters in fact, they exist, and in guilt or innocence... ...they would be legion.  At bare minimum, as you can read in the preceding link, 3 in one hundred persons... these bleed you out for shoelaces! More, understandably, in "tougher" times, eh?
Another thought. It takes guts to give up some advantage so more can live with efficacy. We can have that kind of guts, we could give it to ourselves. Humans should, after all, be born to respect, then have an opportunity to lose same, don't you think... ?  Born, efficacious medicine and health care should be a right? Maslow's first tier, supplied by right of birth! Yes!
I suspect so!
...But to have never had any respect at all, as the movers and shaker's minions so manipulate their lap-dog culture to facilitate same... why ... that must be a hell on Earth!
Restore John Ford.
Read on.