Saturday, March 17, 2018

"The Phoenix Lights"

This geospatial animation created by Larry Lowe,
recreates the flight path of an enormous triangular craft 
flying over Phoenix and penetrated Sky Harbor airspace. 

Dr. Lynne Kitei And The "The Phoenix Lights"
by Alfred Lehmberg

I'd hoped Dr. Kitei had adequate security...

As for myself, I was ready to flex my ufological bungee cords once again!  Cleats and hardware were metaphorically magnafluxed, cords were checked and treated, rip-stop anklers were snuggly fitted around my demure jumper's mukluks, and my preflight was complete.  All the required equipment necessary to live to fight another day is prepared for action!  Let's roll!

I might shoot myself from a cannon for this one. It seems I may be justified after all.  All in, I sense lift out there in the hoary reaches of that unending space provided.

A running leap into a ufological abyss does seem appropriate given the confluences of conspicuous circumstances in—and out of—a 'painstream' so disturbed and distorted by corruption and dishonesty that it can, and only fallaciously, be referred to as a 'mainstream' anymore, at all. Compared to GOP media it's a beacon of journalistic light, still, a sincere new light is communicated to me by Dr. Kitei through the 'official' and obfuscating smog.

But, what 'confluences' and 'conspicuous circumstances' am I talking about? 

I think Dr. Kitei perceives the following, too.  Swirling together into serendipitous if unusual conjunction, and accelerating as they swirl, are cutting edge discoveries in the physical sciences, theologies, psychologies, and philosophies et sig al. This is compounded and multiplied by information technology, communicational ease and efficiency, high-speed data transfer, and massive data storage. All of the preceding is further compounded as a result by the realization of more and more individual folks, all the time: the 'official' versions of 'how things are' may not serve their best interests.

They don't, you know.  They never have at any rate. Certainly not this century.

Our socio-biological cultural view is stubbornly and irrationally homocentric and therefore, I suspect, wide of the mark.   We'd be much better off culturally, I'm thinking, socially functioning under auspices that we were, and decidedly, not alone in the expanding "multi-verse."  ...Out of shame if nothing else...

Think about it.  Our manufacturing base is geared to quick profit taking, planned obsolescence, environmental pollution, and energy wastage. How can that not be, therefore, wrong?  We'd be well served by energy saving hybrid automobiles built well enough to be heirlooms rather than rusting heaps replaced every few years. 

Our facile education system is contrived to mass-produce blandly docile employees instead of critical thinkers and is therefore erroneous!  Our reflex denial of multiple levels of ufological evidence, from the physical through the photographic to the historical and the personal seems abundantly mistaken.  Summing up, we're wrong, wrong, and wrong—a slow, agonizing, and fretful demise for all humanity must await us. Now... that's "choice."

Verily, we resist our cultural evolution and upcoming birth like we've dug in spiked boot-heels from the womb side of our evolutionary cervix!  Consumated, this is a metaphor demanding misery and death for all concerned, surely.  Moreover, it is clear that the "many" presently suffer... for these convenient boot-heels of the duplicitous 'few' in reflexive and self-facilitating denial. Coal and Oil are spiked boot heels, but I digress.

Once upon a time, though, it may be that Dr. Kitei is in position to apply a little humanistic 'jiffy-lube' to those aforementioned boot-heels.  Cosmic midwives might, hopefully, be standing at the ready.

Dr. Lynne Kitei?  She is an internationally acclaimed physician and health educator, a leading professional in the "cutting-edge era" of early disease detection and prevention, and was Chief Clinical Consultant at the—world-renowned!—Arizona Heart Institute's Imaging/Prevention/Wellness Center in Phoenix, Arizona.  

Additionally, Dr. Kitei has appeared as the resident health reporter for the NBC TV affiliates in Philadelphia, PA and in Phoenix, Arizona, as the medical consultant for KPHO TV News in that city. She has been featured on USA Cable, FOX TV News (...she can be forgiven for that, I suppose...), and MSNBC. Dr. Kitei also wrote and appeared, all over the world, in more than a hundred informational health segments on television.

Oh... and yes... while a genuine skeptic and in no way 'looking' for them at the start, she has seen more than a few... UFOs.  That's right.

On the night of March 13, 1997, in Phoenix, Arizona, a plethora of sober persons (numbered in the thousands!) were outside, anyway, to cage a look at the still very mysterious Hale-Bopp comet... then in the evening sky.  An infamous comet was not the only thing in the firmament that night!  This other thing alluded to was also witnessed by many thousands. 

Truth.  Lynne Kitei was one of those thousands.

What she saw and photographed was to change her life completely, cause her to reassess her entire worldview, and then bravely risk a substantial reputation to make some kind of sense of what she and many, many others had witnessed on that fateful night.  She remains glad, I think, that she's buckled up for the ride.

She was naturally very curious, right off the bat, about this... huge occurrence!  When she made casual inquiries about same, altogether rational inquires I add, she was rebuffed, mildly ridiculed, lied to, made the butt of insulting sarcasm, and otherwise assiduously stonewalled!  Dr. Kitei is a scientist you see, and a suspect "status quo" was ill-served when it tried to shine her on... at the beginning of a quest imposed upon her. She didn't seek this out. It found her.

...Authoritarians never learn, do they!  They never see that their disrespectfully repressive approach is always their eventual undoing.  Mash something down 'here', and it only pops up over 'there'... just meaner for the mashing.  I digress...

The stonewallers tried to blow-off the wrong lady, indeed, friends and neighbors.  A scientist like I said, she was also well keyed into professional media production, was a medical doctor's "talking-head" on NBC, and at one time she was even featured in a film with Nicolas Cage... 

Can you smell, 'connected', good reader?  Are you starting to rub your hands together, as I have?  This lady has connected teeth in addition to substantial chops.  I popped real corn for the occasion!

See, Dr. Kitei took a hard 90-degree turn right into enigma's yawning maw and, end-running the whole of our fatuous 'officialdom', refocused on her new goal of finding out what the hell was going on with regard to these UFOs by encountering them directly head-on! She's very obviously strapped in for this bumpy ride, had fixed her sextant on this new "star to steer by", and hauled her ample mainsail.  Her colors fly, reader, 13 years later!

Dr. Kitei is a scientist like I said.  She didn't see a weird light in the sky and then run off to join a crystal squeezing 'boojum' cult to say beads and worship runes (...with all respect to Boojum crystal squeezers, bead Sayers, and rune worshippers everywhere...).  No, she did her homework; she studied the evidence; she interviewed the vetted principals. 

She reviewed the skeptical opposition she'd too blithely accepted before. She did her research, brothers and sisters, yea and verily! As seems usual, the "conventional wisdom" falls short.

A new world literally exploded around her.  She began to suspect she was no longer—had never been, actually—in Kansas, and Auntie "M" (...cubed?) was a myth nowhere to be found! 

There'll be no heel-clicking return from this Oz.  Besides, who'd want to?  As the reader may recall, a multicolored Oz was preferable, preferential, and more fully featured with potentiality than Dorothy's grayscale Kansas dust-bowl.  Speaking for myself, I'd opt to stay in Oz.  Another digression. 

Dr. Kitei, to continue, was flatly amazed at the startling quality and abundant quantity of the evidence readily available for study!  A bona fide scientist, so you don't forget, she realized that there is really no such thing as "proof" actually, only evidence, only ever 'evidence'... that one individual will accept over another individual as "proof."  That 'subjectivity' remains to be the foundation of the final 'objectivity'... is a strange twist of irony... but, reach exceeds grasp or what's a heaven for,  sages advise?

She was absolutely stunned to discover the number of quality persons who report, at risk, the activities and actions of these strangely enigmatic lights and anomalous objects... objects steadfastly refusing to go away!  ...And Persons exist, good reader, Dr. Kitei discovers, who are too many times dashed by an errant system on seemingly indifferent shoals of the mainstream's abject and inexplicable DENIAL... of anything ufological, zeno-archeological, and historically revisionistic, or remotely investigative of the darkly powerful. ...More to heaven and earth and what-not.

She was outraged, I suspect, to discover the head-in-the-sand, derisively mannered, and deleterious approbations from the top-level government, jet-setting corporate, or larded establishment church wheels with regard to UFOs!  It became clear to her that, to this point, and for all the pain—and death—of some brave and intelligent ufological worthies, ufological considerations by the conflicted mainstream were data driving and not, remotely, data-driven.  Lies prevailed, not truth.  It only got worse as we all know.

I can't speak for Dr. Kitei, but I suspect that her disappointment upon this gestalt realization of ongoing betrayal was, to say the least, profound... I imagine this disappointment was followed by angered resentment at being so manipulated, duped, and otherwise shined on her whole life by the duplicitous establishment...  I may be projecting somewhat... [g].

Regardless, she's in a round of UFO Hold'em and already dealt a couple of aces, considering her reputation and education, and knowing that her opponents in the game have nothing but small cards in different suits, or, nothing, that is to say, she's exuberated to play with the idea of going "all in" as the game progresses... it would seem!

This is, I detect, because she can prove the "Flop," predict the "Turn" card, and has already divined the "River," I'm betting.  The only way a mendacious opposition wins now is to lie, cheat, and steal... convince the water-heating masses they disrespect that UFOs are facile fantasy and anyone who wastes time on them is SICK, LYING, or LAZY... 

Just thinking out loud... What could be made up out of whole cloth about the good Doctor Kitei to provide the rain for this refreshing parade she's, perhaps, launched at the grassroots about UFOs?  What character attacks must she stoically endure in the future?

Kitei may prove to be a rallying standard around which physicists can consort with philosophers and theologists can collaborate with humanists.  It would be tres' convenient for the status quo if she would "get out" of the UFO business, I expect.

Her detractors are well behind the credibility curve and lose more supporting relevancy every day while Kitei has already filled her sails with a righteous east wind and can easily out-boat this bloated and illogical squall of card-carrying reflex debunkers, and tack away from the cloying insinuations of pelicanist sturm and klasskurtxian drang.  She's already produced the 'book' and couched that written explication with a video 'documentary' that was unsurpassed with regard to data following sincerity, legitimately compelling production values, and an all-enriching inspirational optimism for our unfolding future... if we let it unfold that is.

And such a film it is...

This just mentioned film is a first-rate production of one of the most startling ufological accounts of our time... "The Phoenix Lights"... an account very similar to other accounts from the past which have been chronicled by vetted human beings—even if ignored—for as long as we have been able to put pen to paper and even burnt stick to cave wall...

...Even before Christ!   Even before Buddha!  Even before Moses...before Krishna... before Osiris, Marduk, and El Al... all the way back to Enki and Enlil and beyond.  We're not only not alone, reader... we've never been "alone."

Moreover, Doctor Kitei attempts to take a few more bravely unpopular steps out on that ufological limb, forgetting for a moment that someone has to make the traverse because that's where the informational and nutritional fruit and berries are... 

The Doctor, respected reader, is open to 'optimism' with regard to this 'thing'... yes.

She is energized by this thing.  She is inspired by this thing.  She is as reassured as she is excited by this thing.  So are others interviewed, good reader. Optimism has a flag flying, for sure.

This thing has improved her values, enhanced her already very satisfying (I suspect) existence, reinvented her focus, and widened her views.  Dusk becomes a new dawn, verily.  She's in excellent company.  Many more were similarly affected. 

Thusly, Dr. Kitei is truly in a position to lance the boil of our aggregate ignorance, and so has become a dangerous woman.  Dangerous to who?  Who are these?  Just who are "they"?  Let's talk about 'them' briefly.

"They" are... ...the privileged arbitrary, the unelected, and far too many of the elected.  "They," are those who have, and having had, would keep on having despite an aggregate detriment to the common good of those who "have not."  "They," are in possession of information that would credit or be to the advantage of anyone who knew, specifically outlining why most know not.

"They" are the 'secret keepers'. "They" are the jealous manipulators of the mainstream. "They" are the ardent covetous who encourage bland employees while they discourage critical thinkers.  "They" are the ones with suspicious agendas, duplicitous plans, and secret programs.  "They" are the 'few' willing to profit, egregiously, at the expense of the 'many'.  "They" are above the law, outside reasonable ethics, practice a sociopathic amorality, and hold the many enthralled... but beneath their privileged contempt...

If raw news has any relevancy in these tumultuous times, these precepts are obvious. ...Not to put too fine a point on it.  To wit: The preceding are not persons to lightly be "dangerous" to; one might readily agree...

So, I hope Dr. Lynne has good security...  as at this point, she is just what the doctor ordered,  even as her efforts put her head way up over the berm and her hull well out of defilade... I'd admonished her to keep her 'eyes' open. 

She's been an inspiration to me, and you too, I'm betting, if you'd ever had a look.  Remember, she's got the Hold, the Flop, the Turn, and the River!

The ufological pot seems hers for the taking...  That's enough...

...Anybody have a cannon?

...News and info on her startling book and stunning documentary can be found at:

Read on!  -:|:-

Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Plethora Of Preponderance

The sky reflects a lot of 'time' as measured presently. The 'space' is... unimaginable, beyond infinity...! These are dwarfed by 'surfaces': places where we'd stand if we'd had imagination... were less facilein command.

The question's begged who's there right now... and peering back at Earth! Consider plans to visit same... There is, I'd bet, no dearth. See, Drake's equation says they "are", and Fermi says they "will"... ...the evidence of UFOs enjoys denial, still.

Drake's equation says they "are," in figures sans all lie. The numbers are conclusive, mirrored thoughtfulness, is why.

To the "angle of that dangle," add the square of Drake's potential, and smartly find, besides ourselves? Far more than insubstantial!

Yes, we have, indeed, their photograph, we've raked their thousand traces, and some have looked upon them to behold non-human faces...

Now, Fermi says they 'will', of course! If they are 'there', they do so. If there, they have prerogatives we cannot guess or even know. But "they're not here 'cause we're not there" is not a valid answer...if "they were here, we'd know it," was Fermi's "tiny dancer."

Still, we'd celebrate their fantasy, their homocentric dream, that they alone inhabit space... their arrogance supreme? Their hubris—bloated 'schism—is provoked by errant men who prosecute too passionately... ...what only profits them! These men are not concerned with 'truth', have abdicated 'trust', and shortchange those beneath them, then, with 'promises' of dust!

Evidentiary ufology is enormous and well vetted, but folks have lost home, love, and lives... while chasing their "detected." ...And how's that work, this travesty: to punish good behavior, reward instead its opposite, a point gone non-belabored...

Photographic physicality, it's passed time's acid test! History is larded with accounts not made in jest. Artists have recorded what ...'real people'... heard and saw... and they wrote in ink on parchment or in soot on cave-home walls.

I myself have seen such things as other pilots see... regarded them unflinchingly and not from bended knee.  One must, of needs, be true to self, or risk a cruel despair.  One must report the truth they've known: achieve their "Croix de Guerre!"

Six facets of an evidence borne out in guts some had... to qualify existence or to keep from going mad... Six facets of reality that some of needs deny, and this is proof that these are fools who might be vilified.

Six facets of preponderance... a glimmer of the deep... these shock the sensibilities of those not yet asleep. Six facets of near certainty foretell important news; that we are not, have never been, "alone"! Be disabused!

Yeah... you might safely put that baseless notion entirely out of your noggin and be well served. See, there may be bystanding ET witnesses to your lurid chicanery; be ashamed whether they are there... or not. There is one chance in one... that they are there. 

Amir Aczel, a lettered and respected (if late) statistician, worked it out in a book with all the bells and whistles, eh? We are not alone. Moreover, we are our own proof of that. 

We happened. Others, would and already had. They must, you see, because there's just never only one... of anything.

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Sunday, March 04, 2018

UFOs, Internets, And Boundaries

UFOs, Internets, And Boundaries
by Alfred Lehmberg

...Wanna know what UFOs are really all about? Jacques Vallee and the late Terence McKenna shared an inside take on the matter. UFOs are real, but they are two very astonishing things among other astonishing things, the two inform.

First, UFOs disguise themselves as an alien invasion of sorts so we don't get too needlessly worked up and upset with regard to what they really are, to start. Let that frost your short hairs!  

Alien encounters "extant" are just not "alien enough," it seems.  Aliens must be a lotlotweirder than they appear, or they wouldn't be alien.

Secondly? UFOs exist to very convincingly demonstrate to us, from time to time, that Science—not mere scientists, mind you, flawed as they are, but the institution of science itself—has some very serious shortcomings that we human beings are reluctant to consider in a real world... and don't remotely cop to!

Our hubris is unjustified. Our arrogance unwarranted. Our ego? Laughable.

We're not knowing what UFOs are, understand... and may be currently unable to understand. Understand? There's a point of view indicating that we are only primates making mouth noises. We can be as an especially insentient and toxic yeast only dreaming we are as gods... of any stripe. That may be the alien view. 

Lost balls in the tall grass, ourselves, and at a total loss as to what UFOs are then, we can at least know what they do! What they do is embarrass science and give it a systemic wedgie. There's your cut to the chase. 

UFOs dissolve boundaries, edifices laboriously erected over time, if perhaps exceeding their shelf life as relevant or even just as a crumbling cultural artifact. Could that be their purpose: to deflate our hubris?

One is advised to know a tree by its fruit and if the fruit is ordinarily assessed as "nourishing" and "tasteful"... is it? Is it really? What nourishing and tasteful quality does fundamentalist religion harbor. It's invisible to this writer.

Something else boundary dissolving? Consider the internet, a sole cultural mechanism of a 1st category civilization making some aspects of humanity closer to UFOs than their own pasts? Maybe encouraged by "the UFO" to remember the history as a function of growing us the fup up? Verily, everything we know about our history is likely wrong.

Wanna know what's really dangerous about the boundary-dissolving internet? It is that it is boundary dissolving. Boundaries, remember, go up for a reason, true enough, full Stop. 

It remains; however, what to do with uptight, wholly uninformed, minimally serving, and decidedly unjust "reasons"... reasons not submitting themselves for debate or discussion by an always favored if autocratic and androcratic convention of stunning hypocrisy and unfair convenience. Abundant fairness there

...And those boundaries, even justified, loathe coming down. Beyond the boundaries?  Remains that frontier! "All invention and novelty," put as succinctly as possible. ...Just try not to cut yourselves with the new tools in undiscovered drawers...

Total surveillance and near utter lack of privacy. Scary and dangerous. Maybe, something else entirely. Walk with me.

Consider you had and/or will have: LAPTOP, breast pocket, or headbandimplantreal-time full motion video and CD quality sound in a little *transmitting* station via your cell phone. Everyone is their own TV station with a worldwide reach.

It's hard for anything to threaten you in that kind of *personal* pervasive surveillance, and surveillance of and by others. Watchers *watched* and home a castle, even? UFOs witnessed as they appear in real time? Video records of crimes committed? What man in black visits you at your door or in a deserted parking lot... who would threaten you or harass you while being watched as much as they would presume to watch?

Stalin wouldn't have been allowed to starve millions of his people in a pissy fit of petulant pique, and we won't stand for it when our own starvation, spiritual and otherwise, is pushed up in our face sooner rather than later by the conflated corporate Cardinals of industrygovernmentand "church."

China takes a lot of heat for its paltry surveillance by the rest of the world in the "T" Square incident… Rodney King burst a true cultural pustule when he exposed a very real and obligatory police brutality via HIS videotaping. More imagination: how much crack can be sold on a street corner when the transaction is being recorded seventy or eighty times? About the only place you will escape the passive and pervasive surveillance is in a place you have designated to be your own home (castle)—perhaps as it should be.

I want the bastard who pops me to be on somebody's film somewhere. Like it was at Waco.

Yeah, that's right ... Waco. Anybody should be able to live any way they want to—within very broad parameters... don't insult yourself wallowing in the up-tight absurd... heralding toxic if nonexistent countercultures or bizarre sexual initiatives or toxic proclivity—ANY WAY THEY WANT TO, as long as it is not forcing a "system" to make me, or any contrary individual, live that way, TOO...'s fine! After that, a line is crossed.  Informed adult consent and protection under the law, a law no one can be above, eh?

How bad can passive surveillance be if it must also, by definition, keep tabs on the man who makes his surveillance of me? Then, maybe we both stay off each other's ass a bit more.

Such our lives could be beyond the boundaries of unjust mechanism and taking a lesson from the UFO... our hubris is unjustified and we are conversely served by a humility of humble sense and aspired sensibility. It's not rocket science... even if one Dr. Ben Carson shows it might be brain surgery.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Heating Frogs

It comes to me, now, just all at once; I've been too nice with you! Please! Reiterate your "wounded" lost respect. You'd sneer faux-schadenfreude, then presume that you'd done penance. All you were, were frightened kiddies turning into your own parents!

You whimpered dreading whistles passed your existential graveyards, and you pumped inflated hubris' conceit. Your arrogance was baseless based on privilege and convenience. Your fires grew your shadows! You'd keep them small in weakness.

Though,  this is not a good thing and is quite apart from sane.  Some change, indeed's, required, am I right?  Just as toilets need their flushing, some "traditions" need their pruning; a "changelessness" is static death! Extinction's, ever, looming!*

See, the truthful, gone ignored, will grow too large to hide before you, so the hammers of your gods begin their swing? Remember, you had had your chance... if college was your luck, but you only wanted  "payoff" so your "college" blew. It sucked.

You did, indeed in fact, learn nothing of a world beyond your senses, a world real in nameless shadows unperceived. Potential opportunities are but from the Shadows drawn; so, one makes their fires bigger... but you knew that all along.

For all pontificaters, or your harshest blithe conservative, for all those stuffy nose-up false pretenders: The class you so desire wouldn't have you on a bet! You see, if YOU were there, you'd take THEIR place; but you don't get that yet!

It's why the tree called "Knowledge" and her sister tree named "Life," those trees in "perfect" Eden—out of bounds?  A "gang" of Gods forbade them when they said, as much, themselves... we could "live," like them, to "know," be, then... ...Gods as well!

...And that is why you won't see "Godhood," know life beyond a moment, see spacetime grow and swell... its cosmic flowers. Consciousness a flicker and at destination reached? The truth still well before you... well beyond what you'd beseeched...

The Gods then, ever laughing, cast aspersions knowing privilege, knowing gifts they could bestow our conscious minds. Jealous of their treasures and protective of their privilege, they are the spitting image of their makers, so offensive.

Contrived, the rules, control the "gravid" masses! The rules are then their servants ... do their bidding. So tell me you're OK with all their crass manipulation. Tell me that this feels good, this slowest strangulation...

Heat a frog in water, slowly inching up degrees… Heat too quick; the frog gets wise and hops! Heat the frog just slow enough…and watch it not get shook.  See, the frog will stay there floating 'til he croaks his last and cooks!

Abide the autocratic—at your peril—with indifference! It won't be long they've made their way to you. Where's respect/consideration then, when you're the one who needs it! That slope to hell is paved with oil, and still, we'd lube and grease it!

Don't tell me that your church can see the truest demons clearly. Don't tell me that there's nothing in my sky! Don't tell me the police are even-handed—non-diseased—when their records are completely filled with Sodom-sans-surcease!

...Yet, still, we have potential... ...and a "better's" never been! We can talk out loud and clear ...until we're heard?  Will huge machines arrive perforce to grind us up to gristle... ...when one points out hypocrisies, rings a bell, or blows a whistle?

Advising intuition will ensure this not be so. Our masses have salvation made, Ourselves.  Looms, at last, concrescence and a yet unguessed on fate.  All "trends" straight up, we're rocket-borne, ourselves?  We recreate!

Some won't want to hear it... ...that it all comes down to them. They just don't want to hear they're on the blame line! But there's payin' for the playin'... ...which comes due... we don't know when… and it may be that they're prayin' for... some chance... to try again?

God might be up for a "do-over," as unlikely as that should be.

I'm asked, "If you think things are so much better "now" than they were "then," why are you still bumping your gums"?

Simply? Because *things* could so EASILY be... so much better... still, forgetting this current tendency to backslide to hyper-androcracy, hyper-autocracy, and hyper-hypocrisy! Contemplate theocracy... 

...But you have to give up, seriously give in—to get real.  See, we never get to the destinations of our imaginations... but we can still enjoy and be enlivened by "points of interest" along the way!  The only important thing? The single thing that matters? 

The quality of our associations on that path at hand. Love is all there is at the end, in fact all there ever was in an existential chaos turning on a dime but keeping change... where we're all we have and still refuse one another a requisite kindness. All acquisition, arrogance, and hubris deserts its adherent,  scurrying like faithless cowards to cloistered corners fecund with their shallow and pathetic spoor. 

A spot-on Robert Anton Wilson, on his deathbed, was not wrong on this point.  I say true. Read on.


*You think it's not?

Friday, February 09, 2018

Exposing A Pretender's Pawl

Jerry Cohen — 
Exposing A Pretender's Pawl
by Alfred Lehmberg

A "pawl" is a notched wheel that is designed to allow mechanical movement in only one trip-hammered direction. One finds them employed in the heavy industrial all the way to the works of clocks and watches. Now, consider the mechanism of skepticism: logic and science as procedural pawls ratcheting the enlightenment of our threatened species... and, what ho! Revealed! Our malicious faux-skeptic's "pawl," a turbid mass of unjustified arrogance and unearned hubris moreover, operating in reverse, of course! 

It's a mockery of a "catch in our cultural wheel" that by definition would otherwise ratchet 'forward' and not allow for the backsliding slip to a previous unenlightened position... then locked there. Clearly, touted phony Wars of pecuniary convenience for "Coal, Christmas, and Christianity" must give way to the very real wars on data following science, efficacious intelligence, and our most valuable if squandered quality... human imagination.  

The CSI (That Center for the Silly and Insentient Commitment of Obdurate Persons) is ever realizing its eventual recognition and righteous identification as a hindrance to total human advancement, a barrier to its efficacious progression, and as an organization toxic to what may be a more creatively efficacious intelligence derided... and even a general quality of satisfied life. ...At least as regards UFOs... ...and that must taint their initiatives elsewhere! Sloppy is as sloppy does, and they've been very sloppy with regard to UFOs.

The CSI is a mocking ratchet in reverse, in the aggregate. It is an attempted slide to a previously held position and then locked there awaiting another opportunity for a subsequent regressive slip. That's this writer's perception... 

CSICOP's days are numbered... even if it is, still, and very unfortunately, a big number. Humility will win out over hubris as it often does. The reader can take heart in that.

Still, like a more porcine Rush Limbaugh of the counter-paranormal, the CSI ignores the facts, creatively spins the evidence, and discounts the proof embraced by institutions, individuals, or ideas contrary to its own on the subject of UFOs. The preceding could be an essay map. Verily, it lacks the consistency it would otherwise demand in others and it prosecutes its very canted agenda in a decidedly one-sided manner. Examples?

It embraces intellectual, "think cloak" fallacies like "extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary evidence..." ...which is only a clever dodge to ensure a CSI controlled level of evidence that is constantly raising its own bar. Goalposts can be kept on greased coasters.

Additionally, it employs "Occam's razor," (a cant to the simplest explanation possible) which is used to justify 'BALLOONS' for hovering objects not shot down in a hail of antiaircraft fire over Los Angeles in 1942, 'BIRDS AND BOLIDES' for 21 hours of continuous UFO activity in West Virginia circa 1952, and 'VENUS' for a huge triangular craft witnessed by hundreds (and five counties of police officers) over southern Illinois in 1991... These are an iceberg's tip in the way of examples.

If the reader has the slightest doubt regarding the preceding they only have to take an enjoyably informative gander at Jerry Cohen's very excellent website at and compare it with the all-proclamation-and-churlish-pronouncements, whiningly pontificated at the CSI site found at Here's a man to reinstall your disingenuous and suspect pawl. 

Cohen deconstructs the CSI at every turn he takes, rationally negates many of the CSI's easy ufological presumptions (blighting the rest), and invalidates, magnificently (with some humor and a dash of appropriate sarcasm), the presumed charter and even mandate of the CSI's core organization. Don't take my word for it. Go see for yourself. The dragon, if not dead, lies dying with Cohen's lance in its chest!

Mr. Cohen is old guard (...been around and diligently researching for years), but he is descriptive of an evolving breed of ufologist that uses the opposition's own arguments as evidence of that opposition's fallaciousness. Mr. Cohen refreshingly goes, unlike the CSI, where the data leads. Rare bird, THAT.

Moreover, he clearly provides citation along with his rational progressive thinking in a hyper-textual manner that balances both sides of the contentious argument. This is the complete antithesis of the CSI.

Finally, he makes it transparently obvious that our cultural deck is sullenly stacked by an officious mainstream devoid of the same veracity that it demands of its hapless adherents. Does it not make it measurably more clear with its sullen intransigence and academic betrayals that, not only are we not in "Kansas" anymore, good reader, maybe we were never in "Kansas", at all!

Read on.



"If one pays attention, not only does one never step into the same river twice, one never steps in the same river, once." Terence McKenna

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

...Transmissions At Night Speed...

Some time ago I sent a pulse; it's now so far from here… A sentient vibrationyou'd think too faint to hear. A terse twelve lines of quatrain in an honest, heartfelt style ... Away now, friend, some five point nine... times ten to the twelfth odd miles...

Six trillion miles, then, it had flown... in inky —coal-black— space! Who knows what stuff it's rushed right passed... or touched upon its face. Chance comets of antiquity breathing star stuff as they fry; their tails growing longer as they—moth-like—sunward dive?

I can dream of gainful contact as this sphere grows ever larger. It octuples as the radius of it doubles, math empowered.  Eight times the space ...encompassed... at around this time that year. Some years from now ... and as things change? ...A change we must not fear.

One year from then... with challenged children, teaching long division? I'd presumed to be instructing... I digress regards attrition. Remains, that in some future time, *they'd* found a way to listen? Too, if understood, *these* seek me out... to clue me what I'm missing?

...Just what I need! A space-borne visit! ...My world put on notice! We're not alone, we've been observed... from way back they can quote us! Names are named and actions tallied! The hard facts top a list; a few have had their way too long — they're likely better missed!

...And still, our message hurries at a strident speed of light. It is swimming passed new planets like a dolphin made of night. Composed of ordered pulses of some thinking I hold valid, it floods the sky with questions, and it undertakes the challenge.

This *vibration* in the ether, it's as true as bursting suns. It's for ending all the ignorance which has had its, too long, run. It's for holding up its end, by God, and taking on 'the man' ... for a truer view of that which is, a place in which to stand!

It swims with other messages of different kinds of stripe. In the late Van Flandern's ether it eschews the standard hype. It hooks and jabs, the gloves come off, and blows are aimed at throats! It needles and it bickers; it survives to get their goat.

The rage you feel, regards this ode, is a ratio of degree. It's pride before a fall, mayhap, when you skin unblemished knees? A measure of your pique is sure; you might even want to fight? The degree to which you're cross, perhaps… the degree to which I'm right!

...And it's not being "on the mark," as proffered, is the issue. Though, I suspect your ill got pride... is tough as toilet tissue. Remains a fairness lacking in what we should... by all means, trust! When synergy is lost, my friend? We're pierced by specious lusts!

Our species then devolves, perhaps, and we lose a guiding light? We drown in fecal excess, friend, and are gelded by our might! We lose the prouder gains we've made, as proffered in the history? We'd return to squalid, dirty caves, eating tree bark in our misery!

This is true while single persons could be turning it around? This is true while naked wealth is laying fallow under ground? This is true as cosmic signals, then, conflate their globes in space? Yet, it remains, yea verily, we flirt with bald disgrace!

That moving finger writes as writ, and moves on... as is written. It's true no line's been altered, washed with tears, or been rewritten. The words of a performance as recorded are its truth, it reaches satisfaction its production put to use... That pulse of my "disturbance" races outwards as described, slow by far its record as it's measured, by the by, but it's a truth regardless that a "consciousness" prevailed who tried to make some sense of things and put his words to sail.

...On a chance CB rig once in French Gulch, California: "breaker... breaker..." followed by idle verse spoken some years ago—twelve lines on a cold and stormy night... still rushing outward at the speed of light, time forever frozen for a light's quick dash performed by a tenuous globe of microwave RF...

...5.859 x 10 ^12 odd miles ...(almost 6 trillion miles a year!)... beaming away in an expanding bubble of ordered and vibrating electrical code. I think the math's correct. Error or not, the point's made. 

The volume of that bubble of space increases by a factor of eight every time the radius doubles... if it survived at all. Conjectured, reader, and otherwise submitted for your approval: a huge globe of evidential sentience expanding at night speed in a bubble of energized ether.  Everyone is doing it.

What or whoever could have heard those lines ... as I don't think space has the sterility that some would have for it. Do you? 

I remember that all my art, music, poetic commentary, and critical prose is transmitted in a similar fashion via micro-wave, and so is yours. That's comforting, somehow—self-affirming even, eh? 

We're, essentially, the first of us to vibrate into space in this manner! In effect leaving something of ourselves in the firmament of an un-guessed —all but— eternity at our passing... something of us lasting forever in the unknowable ether. The sentience behind that vibration never, really, dies?

Other expressions I have made on the radio include, "Cease fire," ...and "...Chalk two... rockets in the tree-line... ...NOW." This was back in a simpler, but darker time when I was trying to stay sane in our ongoing and everlasting military pit of snakes... and nearly cocking it up at a few key turns. I'd had idle dreams of being a "star voyager..." settled for some small mastery of helicopters...

Others have made alternate transmissions over the years. Some of it is stupidity at the speed of light.  I'm not excluding much of my own. Some of it is heartfelt communication. Sadly, some of it paints a better picture of ourselves to a listening *other* than we have remotely ever allowed from ourselves, eh? 

Too bad. Hubris is, surely, folly.

On the late Dr. Van Flandren:

"Dark Matter, Missing Planets, and New Comets: Paradoxes Resolved, Origins Illuminated." not so important because it challenges the conventional paradigm of the understanding of the universe. This book is important because it exposes the shortcomings of our current inductive system of model-building... and just how far some of these modelers will go to keep YOU worshiping at their particular alters of science!

Read on...

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Aliens Extant, Askance And Akimbo

Behind a grain of sand...

Aliens Extant, Askance, And Akimbo
By Alfred Lehmberg

Select affected persons are reporting encounters with extraterrestrial beings... (yeah, just roll on passed any knee-jerk revulsions or "informed" eye-rolls). Positively or negatively inspired themselves, they are regarded in a manner at least "arms akimbo and eyes askance" by, certainly the earnest skeptic, but mal-earnestly by the loathsomely mendacious one, too. 

That's how reflex-denial, even one justified, rolls. Out of round, badly, and substantively, untrued. Sure, one jerks one's hand from the hot stove but is powerless to stop the resultant elbow going into his fellow's eye. Sometimes "reflex" is ill-considered.

Sadly, providing additional consternation and complication, add gaming the system, some of these "abductees" must deserve every bit of even a scurrilous debunking they get, and more. Most are fake; some of them... not. That should give one pause. That should ring a bell. Some of them. Are not. Could it be that this might explain a mass of phony ones as loss leaders? Wheat camouflaged by an abundance of injected chaff? Deliberation and intelligent investigation are begged for cause, eh? 

To qualify justification for demands on the reader's time in our 2018 exercise, ongoing since 1996, we pause so this writer can advise that he, unfettered by man or God to a greater degree, perhaps, and aspiring to a humanist genuineness (anything else being considered a drunken and irresponsible stupor...), tilts toward being a UFO researcher with some field experience as could be afforded, and then a conscious person with a pioneer's spirit and an explorer's soul. It hasn't all been armchair.

He believes that he investigates something that is real in the real world, something with immediate importance to us all, and something that helps define the future we're all going to have to live in, anyway. He's been met, spoken to, and produced his "book." His references are exemplary. He can be found and is accountable. He believes answers can sometimes be faced before they are found. He's a fierce friend and a Phyrric opponent.

He's been wrong, his convictions stuck to at peril and for loss, but readily admitted faced with fact... and for the step back up to restabilize a wounded credibility. Error, admitted, is such a restabilization. A true learning experience... or at least opportunity for such. This writer offers that "Looking twice" to place trust in vetted persons who admit their errors freely, and are readily educated by same, is one look more productively spent elsewhere.

Perforce, an aspiration to singular service, dependability, and reliability though the heavens crash down around us (where it can it should just to prove the point), is his model. Integrity. Honesty. Candor. That's why one can read. Submitted humbly without irony. The humility is justified.

Forgetting for a moment that the writer has been wrong before... dishearteningly, disconcertingly, and discouragingly... he believes that he has been abundantly convincing regarding the sociological validity of his overall production, apart from admitted error, and a due diligence of respectable sincerity cannot be -expected- to have to demonstrate spot-on, 100% accuracy in -every- case... to not be wholly discredited for his sincere efforts in the more productive aggregate. No, he'll just reject that unbalanced criticism out of hand, nose thumbed. Hey, this writer only has to impress himself, eh?

The late John Mack, not a direct comparison to the writer, an open-minded but credible researcher by any fair estimation, has had prepared "ringers" slid into his seminars by Robertsonian CSICOPians and other pompous klasskurtxians, inelegant water foulers to disrupt sincere proceedings... There's some genuine collegiality, eh? 

One would accurately predict that others have had to endure similar charlatans, scalawags, and sociopaths. Linda Molten Howe is another, along with Jaques Vallee; these spring to mind. 

The lesson is that this does not inexorably, inevitably, and necessarily detract from one's overall contribution, one's competency, or one's veracity. One's Veritas! One must believe that one aspires to the "genuine article," even as they cannot believe, and are abused by, many around them who do not.

I must be clear at this point that genuine abductees who come forward are -first- among heroes on this planet. They've regarded the inexpressible and unspeakable, in turn, regarding them back! That should give the reader pause, if true. I say true.

They endure, as I have personally seen, the slings and arrows of outrages cowards, duplicitous ax-grinders, and scurrilous de-bunkers... though the proceeding remains! I know, also, that I cannot, in good faith, support the claims of -all- abductees, credit -all- their assertions, validate -all- their paradigms, provide citation for -all- their experience, or prop up -all- their stories in every way. No progress there, as that's only a masturbation of some type.

Could I be wrong about some of these abductees alluded to as frauds and felons? Of course! My opinion, sir, madam, or the spectrum in between, that manipulative corporate-minded "turn-around persons" (read, psychopaths) with noses for "product enhancement" (and the minimal sense required to flesh out a bogus audit trail for a pecuniary con...) might be just the people able to convincingly fabricate a first-rate abduction hoax... This shouldn't raise anyone's hackles that much, given an information vacuum hoovering both wheat and chaff. What can one expect? I'm just one opinion, after all. Remains, this writer has endured such... and lived.

Some of these suspiciously *suspected* might still be genuine... water, by report, has been turned into wine, at least once, in the last 2000+ years... some proclaim! Anything is possible, however unlikely... improbable, doubtful, implausible, dubious, dodgy, or even suspect! There's spacetime for it all! Moreover, proclamations? They're only ever that. Verity remains to be seen!

I think that there are stealthy legions of these "just business" psychopaths who would subvert the work of the aforementioned researchers to their own dark, always self-serving ends. I produced a paper on that general theme found at:

Back to task, I think some of these individuals do their -own- "research" and can cleverly appropriate the experience and work of others to facilitate their scurrilous and disingenuous (by definition) ends... where they, empty shells, fall short of any relevance or originality. I think that some of these persons have lived their whole parasitic lives this way, moving fretfully from one group of 'facilitators' to another, advantaging themselves on the work/talent of others... and then moving on (one way or another) when the well of good faith does run dry. 

I think that some of these persons have become so adept at advantaging themselves on the backs/reputations of others that they are as capable of fooling persons only trying to keep an open mind, as they are of fooling me or even the best among us, our ufological shop drawer's sharper knives. I am abundantly outraged for all.

I know that people lie, and moreover, many of these don't even *know* that they are doing so. I suspect that it is very hard for even the practiced adept to ferret these persons out, and so the aforementioned sincere open-minded should not be inordinately held accountable and liable for the testimony they must guilelessly accumulate... and transfer on. It's not them propagating the lie even as they do exactly that! It's not their lie, remember, and moreover, it's the disease, not the innocent vector deserving of opprobrium! 

Someone advises ebola, say, and the circumspect pass that on! Moses and Solomon can be taken for a *ride*... as can I... as can the reader. As mentioned before... This writer has been on that erring ride. He can relate!

The trick, I suppose, is to avoid the impacted illogic of the ideologue—and get off the *ride* in time, somehow. I was bouncing down the runway for pecuniary takeoff, yo, as reflected above! Don't believe something because it's pretty and preferred. No one can rationally expect your complete infallibility and one can only aspire to be among the heroes, and never the hero. Humility demands it. The hero is culled from a circumstance of the cosmic karmic variety, you don't shoot for that. 

No. You don't choose that. That chooses you. The perspicacious person of humility, one wary of his own hubris, tries to avoid being mounted on the cross. I digress. 

Returning to our discussion, some of these persons, if unfortunately, deserve every bit of criticism they provoke! I think it's a tragedy that genuine abductees are minimalized in the association with the noisy non-genuine iterated above! I think it's a travesty that sincere efforts are marginalized, derided, and defamed by the actions of a self-serving, and too frequent-flying, few. I think it's a -shame- that valuable work, thoughtfully erected, suffers as a result. Sincerely.

Alien abduction. That crosses an indelible, ironically erasable, line. Bad enough when it's your fellow humans abducting you... it's un-enlishable, unspeakable even when your abductors are alternative bits of intelligence from beyond the stars... are to be the ones confining and threatening with science fiction instrumentation but whispering in the reader's ear... That's the report.

Blithely Scoff, wholly dismiss, but roundly reject! Arrogantly refuse, smilingly deny, and reflexively resist! Disingenuously Counter, fallaciously oppose, or bemoan your wounded hubris

...Then ignore the indisputable fact that whole booming divisions of near infinite, so incalculable, multi-Dimensional vastnesses spread and sail and bloom around you in a slow explosion of exotic elementals! Ignore a myriad panoply of vast cosmic artifacts churning, boiling, and weaving without seeming plan for ultimate novelty... Ignore realized and idealized chaos where past, present, and future, based on arbitrary relative velocities...are one...  ...Ignore raw expanses, near infinite themselves,  which are installed in chartless tracts existing then and now and then ignore the fulmination of the corporeal into these futures unnamed and unnameable... ignore space-times and surface areas stranger than can be known, beyond all imagination, and apart from any supposition... ...ignore heaven AND hell, reader, that long smear painted between them, that unknowable enormity between enlightened understanding and flummoxed incredulity... ...Ignore, finally, all manner of intelligent representation reflected betwixt beatific expressions of graced intelligence... all the way to slack-jawed expressions of drooling fools barely self-aware... full stop! Breathe.

...All of that can be hidden, reader, behind just one grain of sand held at arm's length 'twixt thumb and forefinger anywhere in a 24-hour sky! No thing is impossible in this immensity! No thing is preposterous having the tiniest shred of the remotest possibility in this witheringly abstruse expanse of stunning potentiality! All that can be conjectured and the much vaster amount... ...not. Not impossible at all. Little is. Very little...

Happened. Happening. Will happen. That is the potentiality of time and space. See? There's more.

...In an amount equal to outer spacetime and surface-area described above, there is that which is reflected in inner space, too. Endlessness wrapped in infinity and then folded into an eternity of mind, the Koch's Curve of reality in both directions... and in what directions not sensed or conjectured. ...As above so below, eh?

...Another full stop! Then...

...There, at the center of all of that... at dead center ...stands the conscious observer. At the center of all that is possible; however, inarguably meager the senses... and intimating a predicted shallowness of craft or capability, one's shallow evaluation of their own dull organic sensory array... must persist. Where's it writ large that monkeys making mouth noises or scratching imperfect symbols insentiently can grok the big picture, but we'll try?

Though, the reader. Maybe even a reader with unsettled and unsettling recollections as psychotic as they are existential, and as "of the certifiable" as they are "of the corporeal." 

The reader at the center... Consider, anywhere the reader looks, is... away. The "center" is your's... own it! Just don't expect tribute; it's your's, shared!

The reader casts her meager senses about, comprehends the quality, complexity, and potentiality of those vastnesses sensed and unsensed... and abruptly realizes... (get ready!) that she herself is all the proof necessary for any "other" found in the unending cosmic array just described. Yes! Such seems likely to be so.

Beyond all panic and consternation in this regard lies an eventuality of acceptance of all fact, regardless, remember. What else is there? Hey, folks, c'mon. Even a shallow drift back through 20,000 years of history shows that human beings can get "used" to anything (anything!), weather any storm... any storm but really good fortune...

Acceptance! Consider that those born on the "day of disclosure" will know nothing else! That's good news because "bigger than you know" is the reality, and it is from that which all our novelty comes. Rejoice in the day made, friends and neighbors! 

Why not? It's going around that all is chaos, we've nothing but one another, so we must be kind. Unpack your hams, reader.

Facts swirl unsettlingly! Facts such as the facts revealed as a result of an intrepid due diligence by "aspirant heroes" as described above, come to mind. One such is Frank Feschino, for example. He revealed facts indicating a not quite undeclared and not so secret "air-war" with ET in 1952. Abductions are included even there. Men and machines disappearing without a trace... where they should have been able to be found... 

Eyes askance and arms akimbo becomes less and less relevant. Facts, as they will, dispel irrelevance. Reality proves to be exactly that, reality; however, and it is well known how a moving finger writes and having writ, puts the pedal down. Lines are not called back for hasty edit, and tears wash nary a word.

What then of our "abductee"? 

Well, where one can accept the so-close-to-a-hundred-percent certainty, so close that any difference becomes meaningless in a succession of dwindling nines (.999>>>)... but a certainty none-the-less... that self-aware extraterrestrial intelligence exists, and that there are Military "black-box" investigations into them as recently revealed in the mainstream... ...then one might very slightly extrapolate that the subject of these investigations might be, in turn, investigating... and doing so with the benefit of thousands if not millions of years of hindsight. That's a sweaty-lipped chubby-buncher, eh?

Encounter is not beyond the pale of possibility, we can conceive of it, after all. That's enough, experience shows us; we've "thought it," and it must now be so, somewhere... and why not here!

Askance and akimbo judgments on these "experiencers" don't appear to be intractably advised, and it would further seem important to take care not to let them get swept up in the campaign against their coo-coo bird distractors and place-stealers, alluded to at the start. Most must deserve the anti-approbation. It remains, some do not. 

Read on.