Friday, May 04, 2018

The Binnall Initiative

Binnall's America

The Binnall Initiative
by Alfred Lehmberg

Tim Binnall, host of the hugely popular Binnall of America, is sadly winding down in excess of a decade's worth of stellar initiative regarding what future times could celebrate as a singular achievement in popular, if arcane, culture. That's the gist boiled down to the fecund succinct.

This initiative alluded to would be Binnall's massive, if credible, aural observance of what sleeps in paradoxical shadows, lurks beneath unkicked stones, and haunts our dreaded self-aware with truths more real than the more conventionally held comfortable ones... "truths" allowing for one's sleep and their imagination's relieved succor.

See, Tim understands, I think, that human beings are not well served allowed to be too comfortable. Wise.

The cognitive discomforts provided by a Para-existentiality, that science beyond a mere reductionist science, real things bumping in inky stygian blacknesses of the avoided and prohibited teachings found in hoary and forbidden indexes... and other things... these serve us by preparing one for a regard of a revealed stygian blackness alluded too. He really is the best at what he does...

What Binnall does is introduce first-time voices or far-flung accounts of fascinating discussion/instruction one has never heard before. A rush continues.

These are subjects regarding insights on matters one likely doesn't understand they might need to know... or even be interested in, but find they are and with regard to the former, do, reader... I did and have!

Secondly, he intelligently expands on the fields of those already well introduced. These are thought well known and understood, but due to an incisiveness missed by even your more competent garden-variety podcaster, the listener is disabused of that notion hearing Binnalls interview with same. If you've heard the interviewee to the point of nausea everywhere else, Tim's interview shows you didn't really know the person, at all.

Stanton Friedman waxes beyond the contents of his classic suppositions to a new synthesis. The late Jim Marrs blooms outside the wheelhouse of conspiracy to breathtaking cosmic reflection. Jacques Valle expounds past statistical analysis to analysis of things remaining unidentified but observed for what they do: crippling human hubris!

Three dimensions become diminutions for four dimensions... then five... six? Hyperspace is explored to a degree. One wonders where this all comes from.

Indeed, explanation evolves that Binnall is a self-made man cognitively leaving far behind what most others see far before them, still. He indeed soars and cleaves in the tradition of a Monk Bruno. Like Bruno, sincerely, in a less enlightened time of the past (or a looming future one?) Binnall would likely be burned at the stake.

See, Binnall, well accoutered with a Bachelor's in 21st Century Communication, actually read the material, completed the "insinuation flow computations," did the professorial homework and "evaluative para-chi-square," and then grokked the subject in requisite fullness... before the interview. Competence... what a concept, eh?

He'd ask his efficiently fulsome questions and then get the hell out of the frame! I never heard him get in the way. Rare skill that (Bell lost it and Noory never had it?), and a skill key to his effectiveness actually, because he did what is so hard to do when you get to his level or make his achievement. He never acted like he was part of the story or over-filled with himself, just a person as interested in the subject as the listener might be. George Knapp has it. Ian Punnett has it... intelligent earnestness, infectious and compelling... Ego and hubris well checked and oozing professional affability from every pore. A true genuineness abounds.

...And revealed, the lore! UFOs are real! Bigfoot interests anthropologists! Ghosts abound! Horses, reader, are NOT the animals you thought they were and a few of the persons associated with them harken from a different age!

What weirdnesses prevail in "prohibited areas" and in the depths of our oceans and the reaches of our National Parks? Dive and stride forcefully to find the surface of the Binnall experience remains untouched, much less scratched. Untouched, if wholly available in those aural pools aforementioned, are ten years of infectious oral history from some of the greatest talker/tellers of our time! There for the taking! Touch them!

I've taken them all! It was always good. It occurs to me I might send Binnall some more cash... and shall! I digress.

I'd mentioned that Tim did the research, on hundreds of guests, perhaps absorbing a synthesis of his own with regard to para-science, the esoteric, the unfathomable, and the occult. Seems like that could be a good book... I digress again!

Still, moving back to BOA inter-spliced with the preceding iterations of abject conundrum and worrisome mystery were documentaries on the natural world, the fabric of society... the history of history... What strange and otherworldly parallels must he have noticed?

What has tracked truth or signified silliness? What serendipitous conclusions can be drawn? What can be readily dismissed out of hand? What can he tell us regarding fruit gathered from his industry of singular research?

...But all this may be over is Binnall's disappointing intimation. What!? I owe him too much: a decade of intelligently dictated arcana and esoterica, contact with persons the caliber of Lesley Gunter and Reagan Lee, a living library of hope and hopefulness that there is more to heaven and Earth than is dreamt of in a Trumpian religiosity dry as fetid fish food...

Fear not! This is not the end of the Binnall initiative, only the end of the beginning, this writer gathers. One would hope there is a nationalization of the slow-burning Binnall phenomenon in the works. Verily, we would all be well served to become interested in what interests Tim Binnall. Listen for him. Read on.

Tim Binnall

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Mal-Inculcation insured our compliance.
To question their "truth" was dishonor.  
The reality was a dystopian rod: 
predation and compromised honor.

Distracted by football too early to care, 
I was distant and coarse to the feeble. 
I hadn't the courage, bereft of a pair, 
then I killed, or had killed, *ethnic* people...


I'm insulted by *patriots* ...most manner and stripe. 
Conveniently placed... divine rightists
Wattles all shaking, awash in their tripe, 
compassion is where they're the lightest.

"My country's right if wrong,
assert these rich behind their walls. 
They're making all the rules, of course, 
so they're using all their stalls.  
See it won't matter "right" or "wrong"
—Democracy be damned. 
You have it and they want it, friend?  
Then you're the one gets jammed.

And I bought it, wrongly thinking, 
that the States could do no wrong. 
See, the word I got was missing massive chunks! 
I was flushed with "founding" fathers 
who were steeped in "golden" glory 
when research was clearly showing 
some were glad psychotic skunks!

There are oceans of difference 'twixt primary sources 
and the textbooks you'd hope not deride them. 
See, textbooks produce only fatuous heroes... 
and, few of these worth any worship or diadem.

Our textbooks are PAP! These degrade human spirit. 
The kids are aware of the con!!! 
Their mommies and daddies have bought in regardless... 
or such "crap" would dissolve and be gone.

The UFOs hide in this cognitive dissonance!  
They soar free as birds... where we will ourselves blind. 
These watchers must wait for a moment of incidence, when, 
at last we achieve individual minds.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

UFOs And Causal Motery...

Borne of needs for any of us;
there is no "we" without "me."

UFOs And Causal Motery...
by Alfred Lehmberg

Individuality! It is penultimately required in regard to even the beginning perception of what came to be called "UFOs." Other, less brave, appellations would be employed, later on. That and the ability to endure neck pain... passed these it's only time necessary looking up, out... and in. Crystal... seems ya gotta be "free" to be able to "see"

Individuality; however, remains a trial, a travail, and a toil, worse than mere neck pain because it is a resumption of individual sensibility and a return to personal responsibility lost a result of flowing with a herd on the salient issues. It's a shock, yes, but a productive shock because it encourages individual accountability and corporeal sensibilities accommodating an efficacious social web, base shelter, reader, a social web absolutely required to the stewardship of 350 million odd human beings, just in America. 

...Faith is hardpressed to feed the faithful, sustenance coming, or not, only ever of themselves, by this writer's watch and warrant. Salvation, too.

Also, it encourages a certain singularity of what this writer suspects might be a constructively efficacious spirit, it's further pointed out. "Woke," in the current colloquial. We'll table for now how it is the sun source of all novelty and our only salvation... but briefly, if we have respect for the sensibilities of one another we have our salvation, soup to nuts. Any God at all may have been a zero-sum function in existences equation... perhaps even an invalidating one.

All of the preceding, it's submitted, is preferable to entirely living off the cues of  "compromised (and compromising) insiders" and slavishly going against one's own more innocent and humane personal intuitions... and best interests, again by watch and warrant.

This, the reader's individuality, is the final target of the "manipulator," or "society," or "culture," the reader might presuppose. It has always been thus. See, the coveted object of any culture—not remotely your friend—is ...You, reader!  Isn't that ironic?

"YOU"... that which you make, and the water that you, metaphorically, heat and carry! Their institutions evaporate away in their own imaginations when YOU withdraw your support... your work... your initiative... your money! It's why they try so hard to keep you... if they think you may be valuable to their "cause."  With 'em, ain't agin' 'em!

You're valuable if so much as... warm... but compliant.  Though, always be prepared to fall out of their inconsistent, wayward, and fickle favor. Buyin is required at 100%! Life turns on their dime, and they keep the change.

This explains all their rage and retribution as they too easily begin to accept that you may have slipped away from them in some way, provoked, it matters not, by their thoughtlessly practiced and self-serving psychopathies. The reader's value (now measured in their open mendacity because they have knowledge of the reader's potential as an obstacle regarding their deleterious and self-serving agenda) is ironically confirmed, if in reverse. Be proud!

This all begins to occur, I expect, when one starts to listen, not to the one mal-inculcated for each of us in support of the few at the expense of the many, but to their individual conscience, the little voice inside... The one asking, "Were it me?" 

A necessary digression, one must always ponder, "Ok, it's me I observe. What, then, were the observed... me?" Turn, then, as the observed, and observe the observer. Become the observed, observing. Much, faced, is learned.

A person compelled to self-evaluation of conscience is why the reading in a forbidden index is forbidden... the known unknown exists... and what about that unknown unknown?  Nes't ce pas? The idle mind is not a "devil's playground." No, it's that it is a "playground," at all! The Forbidden Index won't fill the passed plate, legitimize the tithe, or get the Deacon's office furnished. 

Apart from the math, the peer-reviewed science, and primary- reference history? Forget everything you learned in school.

The purpose of their *school*, then, is to promote their concept of a *reliable* citizen. Read instead? 

Read "malleable" and "easily intimidated" employee, reader... tool/beings with rotted souls dry as chalk dust pushed around without difficulty... spiritless robots... What does the reader's intuition say with regard to that? This writer stands on the shoulders of Giants reporting same.

To that end and culminating in crass manipulations from our groomed psychopathic society, then, there are grievous distortions made to the TRUE histories of each bit of consciousness in the society or culture, and that aggregate consciousness, therefore, inhabits, as a result (!), contrived castles in the increasingly polluted air! Look around you! Currently, it's OK to dump coal tar in stream beds. UFOs must fade from view.

These inconstant castles evaporate, by the way, the moment that it is convenient or profitable for the non-elected privileged autocrat and his eagerly grasping minions to evaporate them. I digress.

Very little has actually happened the way You (and I) thought it did... remember. The way we were taught it did... The way we were told it did. Trust betrayed then. Trust betrayed, still.

A walk on a summer afternoon beach at Panama City, Florida—in July when MTV is there—is to be surrounded in the purest hokum of precancerous skin, conspicuous consumption, and contrived presumption. Suntan oil, ass tattoos, and balloon rides from flashy corporate rock productions...immutable chaos in the corporeal, one would think... then it pops like a soap bubble.

Contrast it with the same stretch of beach on a deserted day in a coldly blustery November to see how tenuous reality really is. Move in time 1000 years past and future and see surface areas change, the withering then blooming skin of a living thing. 

One comes away somehow knowing that the gray November day alluded to is vastly superior to the July one... and on more levels... even if empty and tortured, hounded by the sea, and threatened by the sky... ...but it's real. The one in July is a wasteful fantasy of meaningless personal risk, alcohol poisoning, and even a fatal venereal disease...wind's dust.  Undistracted, though, one can perceive the real chaos of the cosmos! Let your cometary blaze mean something for your fellows. There is a reality! It's just beyond the grasp of talking monkeys... currently. Future looms.

That was the lesson of the Matrix series, eh?  Lice, bald heads, and ultimate sacrifice were a magnitude better than thinking that the matrix was the only reality and that it was not able to be manipulated by the informed user like an iPhone or an iPAD, you know? I suspect that lesson is plain, and very much so. Is what's real, really real? Well, just my neck pain says that sometimes, it is.

Regarding the aforementioned UFOs (another probable reality without regard to conjectured provenance!), I am amused how every "name" authority worth academic salt can pontificate his relative surety of intelligent life *anywhere else* in our ever-expanding multi-verse, but will not cop to any potential that that astoundingly already admitted intelligence is peering down un-guessed at instruments at us... this very moment! Is, in fact, standing inside our *closet* with us as we furtively and hypocritically grope our "detested" cultural genitals, abusing same... ...or that we shan't feel hot alien breath on our embarrassed cheeks even as we begin to listen quietly for it in our culture-imposed darknesses.

The 'other' exists as sure as an itchy nose. ...itchy nose ...itchy nose ...itchy nose ...itchy nose ...itchy nose ...itchy nose ...itchy nose ...itchy nose ...itchy nose ...itchy nose ...itchy nose ...itchy nose ...itchy nose ...itchy nose... It is the ultimate sedition... Feel its breath on your reddening cheek, and be elevated.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2018


Seven Categories so massive they must give pause... 

by Alfred Lehmberg

UFOs. Yes, there is quality anecdotal evidence. It is compounded with well-vetted photographic evidence. Ladle after lurid ladle of documented historical evidence is stirred in...
...Just the preceding gives every indication that a ufological contention regarding observed phenomena must be more real than not... Yet, we tarry, mope, twitter, and futz.
Verily, we strut and preen our too-casual corporeal happenstance in the universe as alone, inviolate, and immutable... Only, we are hugely complacent where any thaw-released bug or loose cannon asteroid, the merest exhalation, even, of our uncaring star, reduces us to a stone age of hapless suffering and cruel despair... on a good day. 
Life turns on a dime and keeps the change. I digress.
UFOs! When the preceding is framed by the serious historical artistic evidence, then qualified by the available physical evidence, and then compellingly buttressed by any conclusively personal evidence—if you have some... I do... thousands have—I can only be annoyingly astonished by the continued reluctance of some to face the highly strange music that just cannot be forever marginalized...
UFOs! Six stunning categories in an almost un-language-able churning urn here iterated. UFOs, even as it's seriously admitted in the mainstream media that the military has recently spent secret millions studying... Yes, studiously studying what is and had been "skeptically scoffed" and "scientistically (sic) dismissed" by the suspiciously braying and wholly uninformed negative nay-sayers among us functioning as vested system shills. They've a dog in the hunt, one can discover.
UFOs! A seventh category can be considered concerning a hard mathematical conjecture suggested by the famous Drake Equation, an equation but fleshed out by the late Amir D. Aczel (Ph.D.) in his book, Probability One.  
. Simply put, the odds that we are not alone in the universe are so close to 100%... (99.9 ...on into a marching line of unendingly fractional nines...) that there is finally but one chance in one that such is so. Certainty then, and "certainty" more so now given the "universe" seems to be found to be orders of magnitude bigger than we thought it was when Aczel wrote his book!
UFOs! McKennaValleeStrassmanand Hancock et sig al are quite clear that *Others* truly abound... without regard to where or how they manifested themselves... and not for the reader's convenience. See, we're not alone in our little hubristic closets of cultural squalidness—closets we regard as secret and unobserved. Ha! Every infidelity has a witness, reader!
UFOs! Friedman, Dolan, Feschino, and Hastings are profound on the subject of obvious others manifesting themselves in interactions with our most powerful weapons, conflicts with our air forces in secret air wars, involving themselves in secret agreements with break-away civilizations and perhaps even contributing to unadmitted technologies alluded to. None of us has a clue what's really going on and the best we can do is vote the lesser evil every time so as to become a lesser evil over time. Hope's supposed to be eternal... "faith" may our greatest self-disrespect.   
Watching UFOs! Observers observed! 

These conjectured others are appalled witnesses as we socially defecate in our societal beds and push it down with our graceless and uncaring feet. Disabuse your nose of its less than valid "elevation," eh? We are not alone. The suggestion is ludicrous. Can't that be seen?
Feel the acceleration? ...And per second, per second! Hyperspace looms!
One recalls that Lightspeed and Singularity of Hyperspace were to have happened around the end of 2012, friends and neighbors. Perchance to soar and cleave beyond the parameters of a mere dream... We didn't fret, though, that 2012 would come and go without a visit, proper, from hyperspace elves... there was no small relief I'm betting. 
No. The asymptotic curves of existential reality remain to be what they are and a piercing of the existential veil seems imminent, still. ...And hasn't a veil been pierced, reader? Explain the chaotic state of the world recently.
That's not entirely from the aggregate "woo-woo," eh? That's the feeling of the high-domes and prop-heads of a jealous mainstream *academentia* (sic), fellow droobers... and so, this writer's considered suspicion. UFOs will have occupants, and those occupants merely fractal alternatives to ourselves!
 UFOs. Buckle-up, fellow travelers!  All vetted measurements of a rational prognostication on the state of affairs are straight up and asymptotic as alluded to!  Medicine, technology, going small, and looking large are other masses becoming infinite! The hyperspace gates swing open to, well, "infinity and beyond" if you'll pardon a prescient Buzz Lightyear—doesn't make it any less descriptive, but... don't take my word for it. His is enough. We are not alone.
...Read on.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

..Observer's Burden...

 It's a labor to peer into fathomless skies. Call it work on any level not reviled or despised. Still, it's toil observing—a pain in the neck—and a chore to keep watching as you crane the head back...

...Too, regret is a bitch ever lurking the wings. No bells on her toes and she carries a sting. She appears near the end of your time on the stage; despair, then, more possible... inured against rage...

...Will I regret wasted time badly spent
ever searching a fathomless space?
Will I admit and despair "wasted moments"
to a mirror I hold to my face?
Will I shake my head sadly
if I find I've been "tooled,"
and the evidence is in...
I was wrongso daft... a fool?

I'd worry more that this was the case, but our story's distorted; this is plain on its face.  From "Reconstruction" to "Viet Nam", distortions are recorded.  "History" is mystery! Revision is supported!

What's gone before? Their fantasy... ...their contrived catastrophe! Too, what comes after? Outraged screams... ...I reject their "hopes" and "dreams"!

What must I respect while at the bottom of their food chain? What am I to do as I resist my culture's brain-drain? What am I to be when given air so thick with lies... ...then perceive an ...inexpressible...  I have watched attend our skies?

Admonished to think critically ... an ironic bottom line. When you "lays your money down"—when you read the print that's fine?  Well, find your leg well hosed with piss! The pisser calls it rain!  Too, find their fingers in your pocket when they're not inside your brain!

When you string it all together and the pieces rather fit… Well...  you've got yourself a model, friend, and you see this might be it!

Society's contrived dispair is what we feed upon. It's something less than nourishing and the premise is all wrong. The premise is false heroes that support a status quo, where truth is out the window as it's counter to the show.

See, it chaps my ass, and steams me good—their take on... "Founding Fathers," or, believing that you're standing on their "giant's shoulder"! Bother!

Doesn't Mr. Bennett know... or read his own damned books? These 'god-like' MEN were psychopaths... ...malfeasance working crooks!

These were men who raped their slaves conflating swindled dollars! Sure enough, I broad brush! Though, the truth should snag some collars! Congress was a "den of thieves," a place for knave and coward! And Presidents were Klansmen, friend, old "traditions" cruelly powered.

Don't sanctify, or deify, or sanitize it, Bennett! You scurvy dog, inconstant swine... you liar... my opinion!!  It's you who keeps our eyes from where... they'd likely get their fill. It's you who keeps us in our caves... ...for darknesses you shill!

So, it's hard to keep on looking into starry, starry skies. The deck has been, then, too well stacked by a *privileged* I decry. Their ridicule is painful; our patience cruelly stressed. Observe: it's asking questions makes a man a "dangerous pest."

I'll still look up, my neck in pain, what else am I to do? There are answers in this vastness, friend, belying what's construed. It's the price of unbound thinking, then, to know the lies been told? And when history is suspect... all bets are off!


It's the church, unlawful enforcement mal-entrusted, where media's controlled and their lawyers should be busted. We're at the beck and call, you see, of the hyper-richest's mercies... and these affect life's quality in ways a mite too cursory!

It's beyond the mere repressive how our culture eats its "young." It pretends it's higher minded, yet mendacious songs are sung! See, I disregard its bogus claim it's held the higher ground! See? It can't spawn the "new idea." It attacks... smash it down!

Not to "test," or "exercise", or "to get to murky bottoms"! But "distortion" and "denial"... for "blind eyes" and "ear-hole cotton"!  For dismissal of all novelty, a shift that's gaining power—an asymptotic reckoning, too, yawns while brave men cower—these provide to insulate themselves from what they wrought, though the humans of a lesser god be damned to die and rot.

Most don't know they're blinded to our starry, starry nights! Their will, defined by ignorance, precludes they know their rights!  We are more than fodder for elitist swine exposed; we don't deserve crass disrespect or that rain that I proposed!

...Will I regret wasted time badly spent
ever searching a fathomless space?
Will I admit and despair "wasted moments"
to a mirror I hold to my face?
Will I shake my head sadly
if I find I've been "tooled,"
and the evidence is in...
I was wrongso daft... a fool?

My intuition says no.

Conversely, many of our founding fathers would most likely be in jail today, put there for egregious crimes against humanity, or strung up by their heels as radical... an ironic result of the egregiously repugnant bunch providing them the most hero worship today…yeah… a broad brush ... but enough paint sticks to illustrate the point.

Regarding what one looks into the sky to see: Why the "other"... or even AN *other*?

Unsettlingly? It can't not be there!

Oh ... I've seen 'em in the morning… ...seen 'em in the evening… seen 'em at supper time! The skies are filled with strangeness! Let 'em stiffen up your spine. [g].

...Why Rhyming? Well, to know I've tried! To stick a finger in the eye of those whom I decry... ...those who'd blithely choose... to rape and plunder. I protect myself from them with my "foot" and "metered rhythm"... hide, in sight, from them, to make small thunder!

See, they can smash you like a bug, shove you, broken, under rugs... make you cry and moan and grieve their impositions... They are soulless, psychopathic, and bereft of any magic. And they funnel fascist fortunes in transgression.

...See, I can't abide their crap. It's as simple, friend, as that. Too, I shan't abide the "dim-bulbed churlish sneerer". I'll eat his face for brunch, and then kick his ass for lunch, then I'll burn his bones for warmth in my December...


...This'll ooze out anywhere, folks, even in the prose section... unrepentant prosery... no apologies... ...It's what I am—how I insouciantly roll.

...For that face cocked in a reflexive sneer? Gag, pilgrim, on my vinegary bag!

Read on...

Monday, March 26, 2018


Who is the person in Italy lately so interested in Alienviews. Can the person or persons share their motivation, for many weeks now, in comments? Thanks in advance!

Chi è la persona in Italia ultimamente così interessata ad Alienviews. La persona o le persone possono condividere le loro motivazioni, per molte settimane ora, nei commenti? Grazie in anticipo!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

"The Phoenix Lights"

This geospatial animation created by Larry Lowe,
recreates the flight path of an enormous triangular craft 
flying over Phoenix and penetrated Sky Harbor airspace. 

Dr. Lynne Kitei And The "The Phoenix Lights"
by Alfred Lehmberg

I'd hoped Dr. Kitei had adequate security...

As for myself, I was ready to flex my ufological bungee cords once again!  Cleats and hardware were metaphorically magnafluxed, cords were checked and treated, rip-stop anklers were snuggly fitted around my demure jumper's mukluks, and my preflight was complete.  All the required equipment necessary to live to fight another day is prepared for action!  Let's roll!

I might shoot myself from a cannon for this one. It seems I may be justified after all.  All in, I sense lift out there in the hoary reaches of that unending space provided.

A running leap into a ufological abyss does seem appropriate given the confluences of conspicuous circumstances in—and out of—a 'painstream' so disturbed and distorted by corruption and dishonesty that it can, and only fallaciously, be referred to as a 'mainstream' anymore, at all. Compared to GOP media it's a beacon of journalistic light, still, a sincere new light is communicated to me by Dr. Kitei through the 'official' and obfuscating smog.

But, what 'confluences' and 'conspicuous circumstances' am I talking about? 

I think Dr. Kitei perceives the following, too.  Swirling together into serendipitous if unusual conjunction, and accelerating as they swirl, are cutting edge discoveries in the physical sciences, theologies, psychologies, and philosophies et sig al. This is compounded and multiplied by information technology, communicational ease and efficiency, high-speed data transfer, and massive data storage. All of the preceding is further compounded as a result by the realization of more and more individual folks, all the time: the 'official' versions of 'how things are' may not serve their best interests.

They don't, you know.  They never have at any rate. Certainly not this century.

Our socio-biological cultural view is stubbornly and irrationally homocentric and therefore, I suspect, wide of the mark.   We'd be much better off culturally, I'm thinking, socially functioning under auspices that we were, and decidedly, not alone in the expanding "multi-verse."  ...Out of shame if nothing else...

Think about it.  Our manufacturing base is geared to quick profit taking, planned obsolescence, environmental pollution, and energy wastage. How can that not be, therefore, wrong?  We'd be well served by energy saving hybrid automobiles built well enough to be heirlooms rather than rusting heaps replaced every few years. 

Our facile education system is contrived to mass-produce blandly docile employees instead of critical thinkers and is therefore erroneous!  Our reflex denial of multiple levels of ufological evidence, from the physical through the photographic to the historical and the personal seems abundantly mistaken.  Summing up, we're wrong, wrong, and wrong—a slow, agonizing, and fretful demise for all humanity must await us. Now... that's "choice."

Verily, we resist our cultural evolution and upcoming birth like we've dug in spiked boot-heels from the womb side of our evolutionary cervix!  Consumated, this is a metaphor demanding misery and death for all concerned, surely.  Moreover, it is clear that the "many" presently suffer... for these convenient boot-heels of the duplicitous 'few' in reflexive and self-facilitating denial. Coal and Oil are spiked boot heels, but I digress.

Once upon a time, though, it may be that Dr. Kitei is in position to apply a little humanistic 'jiffy-lube' to those aforementioned boot-heels.  Cosmic midwives might, hopefully, be standing at the ready.

Dr. Lynne Kitei?  She is an internationally acclaimed physician and health educator, a leading professional in the "cutting-edge era" of early disease detection and prevention, and was Chief Clinical Consultant at the—world-renowned!—Arizona Heart Institute's Imaging/Prevention/Wellness Center in Phoenix, Arizona.  

Additionally, Dr. Kitei has appeared as the resident health reporter for the NBC TV affiliates in Philadelphia, PA and in Phoenix, Arizona, as the medical consultant for KPHO TV News in that city. She has been featured on USA Cable, FOX TV News (...she can be forgiven for that, I suppose...), and MSNBC. Dr. Kitei also wrote and appeared, all over the world, in more than a hundred informational health segments on television.

Oh... and yes... while a genuine skeptic and in no way 'looking' for them at the start, she has seen more than a few... UFOs.  That's right.

On the night of March 13, 1997, in Phoenix, Arizona, a plethora of sober persons (numbered in the thousands!) were outside, anyway, to cage a look at the still very mysterious Hale-Bopp comet... then in the evening sky.  An infamous comet was not the only thing in the firmament that night!  This other thing alluded to was also witnessed by many thousands. 

Truth.  Lynne Kitei was one of those thousands.

What she saw and photographed was to change her life completely, cause her to reassess her entire worldview, and then bravely risk a substantial reputation to make some kind of sense of what she and many, many others had witnessed on that fateful night.  She remains glad, I think, that she's buckled up for the ride.

She was naturally very curious, right off the bat, about this... huge occurrence!  When she made casual inquiries about same, altogether rational inquires I add, she was rebuffed, mildly ridiculed, lied to, made the butt of insulting sarcasm, and otherwise assiduously stonewalled!  Dr. Kitei is a scientist you see, and a suspect "status quo" was ill-served when it tried to shine her on... at the beginning of a quest imposed upon her. She didn't seek this out. It found her.

...Authoritarians never learn, do they!  They never see that their disrespectfully repressive approach is always their eventual undoing.  Mash something down 'here', and it only pops up over 'there'... just meaner for the mashing.  I digress...

The stonewallers tried to blow-off the wrong lady, indeed, friends and neighbors.  A scientist like I said, she was also well keyed into professional media production, was a medical doctor's "talking-head" on NBC, and at one time she was even featured in a film with Nicolas Cage... 

Can you smell, 'connected', good reader?  Are you starting to rub your hands together, as I have?  This lady has connected teeth in addition to substantial chops.  I popped real corn for the occasion!

See, Dr. Kitei took a hard 90-degree turn right into enigma's yawning maw and, end-running the whole of our fatuous 'officialdom', refocused on her new goal of finding out what the hell was going on with regard to these UFOs by encountering them directly head-on! She's very obviously strapped in for this bumpy ride, had fixed her sextant on this new "star to steer by", and hauled her ample mainsail.  Her colors fly, reader, 13 years later!

Dr. Kitei is a scientist like I said.  She didn't see a weird light in the sky and then run off to join a crystal squeezing 'boojum' cult to say beads and worship runes (...with all respect to Boojum crystal squeezers, bead Sayers, and rune worshippers everywhere...).  No, she did her homework; she studied the evidence; she interviewed the vetted principals. 

She reviewed the skeptical opposition she'd too blithely accepted before. She did her research, brothers and sisters, yea and verily! As seems usual, the "conventional wisdom" falls short.

A new world literally exploded around her.  She began to suspect she was no longer—had never been, actually—in Kansas, and Auntie "M" (...cubed?) was a myth nowhere to be found! 

There'll be no heel-clicking return from this Oz.  Besides, who'd want to?  As the reader may recall, a multicolored Oz was preferable, preferential, and more fully featured with potentiality than Dorothy's grayscale Kansas dust-bowl.  Speaking for myself, I'd opt to stay in Oz.  Another digression. 

Dr. Kitei, to continue, was flatly amazed at the startling quality and abundant quantity of the evidence readily available for study!  A bona fide scientist, so you don't forget, she realized that there is really no such thing as "proof" actually, only evidence, only ever 'evidence'... that one individual will accept over another individual as "proof."  That 'subjectivity' remains to be the foundation of the final 'objectivity'... is a strange twist of irony... but, reach exceeds grasp or what's a heaven for,  sages advise?

She was absolutely stunned to discover the number of quality persons who report, at risk, the activities and actions of these strangely enigmatic lights and anomalous objects... objects steadfastly refusing to go away!  ...And Persons exist, good reader, Dr. Kitei discovers, who are too many times dashed by an errant system on seemingly indifferent shoals of the mainstream's abject and inexplicable DENIAL... of anything ufological, zeno-archeological, and historically revisionistic, or remotely investigative of the darkly powerful. ...More to heaven and earth and what-not.

She was outraged, I suspect, to discover the head-in-the-sand, derisively mannered, and deleterious approbations from the top-level government, jet-setting corporate, or larded establishment church wheels with regard to UFOs!  It became clear to her that, to this point, and for all the pain—and death—of some brave and intelligent ufological worthies, ufological considerations by the conflicted mainstream were data driving and not, remotely, data-driven.  Lies prevailed, not truth.  It only got worse as we all know.

I can't speak for Dr. Kitei, but I suspect that her disappointment upon this gestalt realization of ongoing betrayal was, to say the least, profound... I imagine this disappointment was followed by angered resentment at being so manipulated, duped, and otherwise shined on her whole life by the duplicitous establishment...  I may be projecting somewhat... [g].

Regardless, she's in a round of UFO Hold'em and already dealt a couple of aces, considering her reputation and education, and knowing that her opponents in the game have nothing but small cards in different suits, or, nothing, that is to say, she's exuberated to play with the idea of going "all in" as the game progresses... it would seem!

This is, I detect, because she can prove the "Flop," predict the "Turn" card, and has already divined the "River," I'm betting.  The only way a mendacious opposition wins now is to lie, cheat, and steal... convince the water-heating masses they disrespect that UFOs are facile fantasy and anyone who wastes time on them is SICK, LYING, or LAZY... 

Just thinking out loud... What could be made up out of whole cloth about the good Doctor Kitei to provide the rain for this refreshing parade she's, perhaps, launched at the grassroots about UFOs?  What character attacks must she stoically endure in the future?

Kitei may prove to be a rallying standard around which physicists can consort with philosophers and theologists can collaborate with humanists.  It would be tres' convenient for the status quo if she would "get out" of the UFO business, I expect.

Her detractors are well behind the credibility curve and lose more supporting relevancy every day while Kitei has already filled her sails with a righteous east wind and can easily out-boat this bloated and illogical squall of card-carrying reflex debunkers, and tack away from the cloying insinuations of pelicanist sturm and klasskurtxian drang.  She's already produced the 'book' and couched that written explication with a video 'documentary' that was unsurpassed with regard to data following sincerity, legitimately compelling production values, and an all-enriching inspirational optimism for our unfolding future... if we let it unfold that is.

And such a film it is...

This just mentioned film is a first-rate production of one of the most startling ufological accounts of our time... "The Phoenix Lights"... an account very similar to other accounts from the past which have been chronicled by vetted human beings—even if ignored—for as long as we have been able to put pen to paper and even burnt stick to cave wall...

...Even before Christ!   Even before Buddha!  Even before Moses...before Krishna... before Osiris, Marduk, and El Al... all the way back to Enki and Enlil and beyond.  We're not only not alone, reader... we've never been "alone."

Moreover, Doctor Kitei attempts to take a few more bravely unpopular steps out on that ufological limb, forgetting for a moment that someone has to make the traverse because that's where the informational and nutritional fruit and berries are... 

The Doctor, respected reader, is open to 'optimism' with regard to this 'thing'... yes.

She is energized by this thing.  She is inspired by this thing.  She is as reassured as she is excited by this thing.  So are others interviewed, good reader. Optimism has a flag flying, for sure.

This thing has improved her values, enhanced her already very satisfying (I suspect) existence, reinvented her focus, and widened her views.  Dusk becomes a new dawn, verily.  She's in excellent company.  Many more were similarly affected. 

Thusly, Dr. Kitei is truly in a position to lance the boil of our aggregate ignorance, and so has become a dangerous woman.  Dangerous to who?  Who are these?  Just who are "they"?  Let's talk about 'them' briefly.

"They" are... ...the privileged arbitrary, the unelected, and far too many of the elected.  

"They," are those who have, and having had, would keep on having despite an aggregate detriment to the common good of those who "have not."  

"They," are in possession of information that would credit or be to the advantage of anyone who knew, specifically outlining why most know not.

"They" are the 'secret keepers'. 

"They" are the jealous manipulators of the mainstream. 

"They" are the ardent covetous who encourage bland employees while they discourage critical thinkers.  

"They" are the ones with suspicious agendas, duplicitous plans, and secret programs.  

"They" are the 'few' willing to profit, egregiously, at the expense of the 'many'.  

"They" are above the law, outside reasonable ethics, practice a sociopathic amorality, and hold the many enthralled... but beneath their privileged contempt...

If raw news has any relevancy in these tumultuous times, these precepts are obvious. ...Not to put too fine a point on it.  To wit: The preceding are not persons to lightly be "dangerous" to; one might readily agree...

So, I hope Dr. Lynne has good security...  as at this point, she is just what the doctor ordered,  even as her efforts put her head way up over the berm and her hull well out of defilade... I'd admonished her to keep her 'eyes' open. 

She's been an inspiration to me, and you too, I'm betting, if you'd ever had a look.  Remember, she's got the Hold, the Flop, the Turn, and the River!

The ufological pot seems hers for the taking...  That's enough...

...Anybody have a cannon?

...News and info on her startling book and stunning documentary can be found at:

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Plethora Of Preponderance

The sky reflects a lot of 'time' as measured presently. The 'space' is... unimaginable, beyond infinity...! These are dwarfed by 'surfaces': places where we'd stand if we'd had imagination... were less facilein command.

The question's begged who's there right now... and peering back at Earth! Consider plans to visit same... There is, I'd bet, no dearth. See, Drake's equation says they "are", and Fermi says they "will"... ...the evidence of UFOs enjoys denial, still.

Drake's equation says they "are," in figures sans all lie. The numbers are conclusive, mirrored thoughtfulness, is why.

To the "angle of that dangle," add the square of Drake's potential, and smartly find, besides ourselves? Far more than insubstantial!

Yes, we have, indeed, their photograph, we've raked their thousand traces, and some have looked upon them to behold non-human faces...

Now, Fermi says they 'will', of course! If they are 'there', they do so. If there, they have prerogatives we cannot guess or even know. But "they're not here 'cause we're not there" is not a valid answer...if "they were here, we'd know it," was Fermi's "tiny dancer."

Still, we'd celebrate their fantasy, their homocentric dream, that they alone inhabit space... their arrogance supreme? Their hubris—bloated 'schism—is provoked by errant men who prosecute too passionately... ...what only profits them! These men are not concerned with 'truth', have abdicated 'trust', and shortchange those beneath them, then, with 'promises' of dust!

Evidentiary ufology is enormous and well vetted, but folks have lost home, love, and lives... while chasing their "detected." ...And how's that work, this travesty: to punish good behavior, reward instead its opposite, a point gone non-belabored...

Photographic physicality, it's passed time's acid test! History is larded with accounts not made in jest. Artists have recorded what ...'real people'... heard and saw... and they wrote in ink on parchment or in soot on cave-home walls.

I myself have seen such things as other pilots see... regarded them unflinchingly and not from bended knee.  One must, of needs, be true to self, or risk a cruel despair.  One must report the truth they've known: achieve their "Croix de Guerre!"

Six facets of an evidence borne out in guts some had... to qualify existence or to keep from going mad... Six facets of reality that some of needs deny, and this is proof that these are fools who might be vilified.

Six facets of preponderance... a glimmer of the deep... these shock the sensibilities of those not yet asleep. Six facets of near certainty foretell important news; that we are not, have never been, "alone"! Be disabused!

Yeah... you might safely put that baseless notion entirely out of your noggin and be well served. See, there may be bystanding ET witnesses to your lurid chicanery; be ashamed whether they are there... or not. There is one chance in one... that they are there. 

Amir Aczel, a lettered and respected (if late) statistician, worked it out in a book with all the bells and whistles, eh? We are not alone. Moreover, we are our own proof of that. 

We happened. Others, would and already had. They must, you see, because there's just never only one... of anything.

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