Saturday, December 29, 2018

...Obnoxious Conscience...


Oh, I know that I'm obnoxious. 
Sentience sometimes is. 
Seven-0, I've drawn conclusions 
the "invested" would dismiss.  
Though not a bleeding liberal, mind, 
but progressive to be sure... 
...I feel the "game's" unfairly played 
and gravid with manure!

See, a corporate's "individual," 
and very self-involved; 
it is, in fact, a personage
and treated such I'm told.  
A corporate will has further reach; 
immortal, it endures!  
Evolving to self-regulate, 
it stands apart assured.  
See, there's no one on the blame line.  
Nobody takes "the fall."  
Rampant reptiles rule the roost 
to write self-serving law.

I accept that these are "criminals."  
I accept they should be blamed 
for a lack of real innocence 
that the rest of us might claim. 
Though, mine's a sword that cuts two ways, 
and just as well for both
Who IS the primal criminal, 
and then we see the joke!

See, the *system* goes beyond its pale 
and trifles with the LIVES (!) 
of those who *inconvenience* them... 
I've learned we could despise. 
These men don't walk among us... 
abide like you and me. 
They do not fly the same blue sky 
that's free for them, you see?

They tally up their ill-got gain 
they've stolen from your children; 
ne'er hesitate to obfuscate enigma that's been building. 
THIRTY THOUSAND starve each day 
to lube these privileged lives
These are the length and breadth and depth— 
the substance, I despise. 
Point them out as you can find them—
they're the ones you should deplore! 
They've sealed the fate of one who "asked" 
...You guessed it, friend! John Ford!

You want to hear real foolishness 
you're expected to believe
The strangest thing that anyone 
could think of or conceive? 
Bad enough for one man's madness—
..."Ray" emitting toothpaste!?!
 But we're to buy that THREE conspired
that's madness in a royal state!

THREE men were that stupid
Three men "thought" that way? 
Three men left their brains at home
then thought they'd get away
Nonsense is my proffer! 
Nonsense! I decry! 
Three engaged this foolishness? 
Then pigs and monkeys fly!

I've said it since 
and I've pled in cantabile
the whole of this mess 
just defines new banality! 
I suspect it's a "...put up...," 
... elitist skulduggery
the facts of this case are insane;
 its check's rubbery!

It's a dog that won't hunt
It's a brick... shy a load
It’s a mire of "old boys,
torpedoes, and toads
Who are these *doctors* 
who claimed John "unfit"? 
Where is their consult
did they make it up quick
Let's ALL hear the TAPE 
of the "STING" operation. 
Let's ALL hear John laugh 
at the "show" they were making!

John—just keep your head; 
maintain a control. 
You'll, yet, be released 
from their cruel, unjust hole. 
You'll once again walk 
on your "canvass of streets" (!), 
stitching dark evidence into cloth from deceit? 
You'll campaign, a warrior, banishing night... 
...once again my friend; it's your honor ... your right!

Folks, we celebrate the protagonists of Miguel de Cervantes—or used to! John Ford, you are a grand bastard even as you tilted at the real dragons neatly camouflaged as those same windmills! You're not to be blamed for your victimization in any way.  You knew they were dragons all along.
Too, you thought you lived in America! We've all discovered it is not. Lately, John, even the illusion of it wears thin... Trumps casts America in an entirely new light... even if that light is a lurid green as in Steven King's Tommyknockers!
One would prefer, of course, to believe that these "machines" of local government generally act in ethical, inclusive, and evenhanded ways—but, like the infamous Suffolk County of  New York, too often they do not.  Many individuals get ground up in the Polis's gears of cruel mechanization to fuel short-term elitist goals of self-made monsters—mammals reverting back to the reptilian!  These aforementioned and caustic goals readily detract from the ethical behavior of all concerned! 
...But who does what to whom, first?
We've heard all the cloying tales of "cold fusion," "zero-point" energy capture, the "over-unity" engines, and like devices. We hear rumors of miraculous cures for incurable disease from endangered plants, or simple paints that stop all electromagnetic radiation. These enigmas are never adequately discredited, and they reappear from time to time with tantalizing and teasing regularity. All of these anomalies—UFOs and ancillaries of same—we hear about, but never quite realize? They share a characteristic, perhaps, that dooms the aforementioned elitist.
See? The aforementioned anomalies all point back to the potential for an actualization of individual autonomy and constructively dissolved, if errant, cultural boundaries. Let me say that again; they all point back to a potential actualization of more individual autonomy!
That's the key point. Punch in.
Individual autonomy is, and always has been, dangerous to the man who must keep you on his meter to keep you in control. What he'd call his daily bread. An autonomous person is not a controlled person. Does "the man" ever try to reward the use of his meter or encourage same. No. He abuses his monopoly, every time, and must be legislated to fairness. The reader remembers what's said about power corrupting...
You say individual subjugation can't happen in America? Where is America lately, reader?  Consider, a corporate leaning Supreme Court has recently assured, 5 to 4, that Corporations without equal responsibility, equal accountability, equal dependability, equal blame-ability or equal liability, can elect our leadership down to the lowest levels... to serve them. There's no lipstick for that pig.
Consequently, I don't think it likely it can happen efficiently anywhere else, anymore. Washington, Hamilton, and Jefferson et. al. wrote the rules like that from the very beginning. Take a turn through Jefferson's Federalist Papers #10, if you don't believe me. Find out the real reasons for Shay's Rebellion.
Didn't we have in 2004 a first appointed then fraudulently re-elected United States President declare that the Constitution was "...just a Goddamned piece of paper"? Yes. Yes we did. Later on we'd elect an abject life-failure, common criminal, and self-admitted sex criminal to the Nation's highest office. 
"America's spirit" has always been about protecting the 'haves' from the 'have nots'," says Dr. Michael Parenti of Harvard University. Left wing wacko? Perhaps. ....But, one with six books crammed full of primary citations determined over many years to be true in fact. Do the math, reader, and follow your heart.
Back at the ranch, John Ford would have what he does not now have: freedom, a government of fidelity, straight answers—"though heavens fall"—to the intriguing questions of our time, and the restoration of his good and honorable name! The "man" will work hard to keep these things from him, and us. ...but specifically you, reader.
And any one of our number who points a finger at John Ford in desultory, insulting, or titillating criticism points THREE fingers back at themselves. Be ashamed!  Ford's politics, manner, priority, or appearance are not the issue in this matter. His circumstances (he's cleaner than ANY of the Bushes, I'm betting, forgetting one Pee-pee Dondi), and extremely suspect incarceration, ARE.
RESTORE John Ford!


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