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That "Flatwoods Monster"... 1 of 3

Men and Machines...*POOF*!

That "Flatwoods Monster"... 
by Alfred Lehmberg
PART 1 of 3

What is up with that "Flatwoods Monster" incident!  Verily, it's not performing in the manner as is the case with most UFO affairs. With these, the closer one gets to the fuzzier, "less-able-to-perceive-a-shred-of-substantive-verity" kind of case, the more factually indistinct these cases become. Not so with Flatwoods...

The closer you get to that case, the more it substantiates itself... and the more hair goes up on the back of the neck. I risk digression to wonder that this may explain why the likes of Feschino's work doesn't get more attention of any stripe. 

Consider. What if undeclared and secret airwar with ET...let that sink in... where we lost men and machines... many in the very literal sense as in "*poof*" and gone...was the true story. This writer says true. A reluctance to grab that bull by the horns is understandable even if it is still deplorably deconstructive. We can do better.

The writer stakes his very meager reputation on same! Pause for a giggle! The writer does. Intelligent sincerity aspires to remain.

See, thanks to Frank Feschino, Jr. (our intrepid investigator who had reopened the suspiciously discounted case in 1991 when multiple official agencies denied even the existence of involved missing airmen involved, and who has investigated it ever since), this close bizarre close encounter event continues to appear in the news even after all of these years! Lately, it is sported on the History Channel's docudrama, PROJECT BLUE BOOK!

You see folks, Feschino's truly exhaustive and painstakingly extensive research into this case—the longest such research in the affair's history—brought forth many unknown and perplexing aspects of the incident to a documented light! It was very nearly gone.

Fortuitously, this ultimately revealed a sadly shocking truth behind a patent historical obfuscation and a well-orchestrated government cover-up... that Feschino seems to substantiate, such and so.  Such seems abundantly so, and not just, "another one of *those*," eh reader? No conspiracy "clarion" here, verily! Conspiracy has existed, exists, and will exist into the future... even they be cosmic ones. I won't apologize for what eyes see and ears hear. Stay on the path.

Remember that the strange summer of 1952 is the year of the biggest US UFO flap ever, and documented orders to the military to shoot those UFOs down sure seems to culminate with shot-up and crash-landed UFO occupants escaping and evading... like American pilots would if shot down, themselves, in "hostile territory." Such continues to seem abundantly so, eh? Once A career military master aviator who flew in combat, this writer can relate on that level, too.

Subsequently, one begins to see, Feschino writes books and composes varying treatments both artistic and literary regarding the eerie Flatwoods case and, for years, travels many thousands of miles throughout the State AND the country giving well-received lectures, having tireless book-signings, and giving compelling interviews.  As a result of his effort, Feschino and his remarkable study have been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio programs, television news broadcasts, one History Channel TV documentary, forgetting countless Internet articles. Such is so!  

Why... this ever-smoldering interest, if outre and unsatisfied worldwide! On reflection... how could it not be given such credible support for it.

...Air War with ET, reader...  It is as wholly unimaginable as it is unimaginably unacceptable.  ...But for the data, it would be laughable and forgotten out of hand.  This is just to start.

Undeclared Air War and Pilots Missing In Action.

Remains, the "Flatwoods Monster" is brought back into the media spotlight again and again... and after all of these years! The patient reader discovers yet other pieces of "Flatwoods Monster" history returned to view! This aforementioned item alluded to involves a significant key part of the incident: the curious misrepresentation regarding the physical appearance of the so-called "monster," from the beginning!

Recently, the Braxton County Convention and Visitor's Bureau disclosed that the original 1952 drawing of the "Flatwoods Monster" had actually resurfaced in Braxton County!  This famous and wholly familiar drawing was shown on the eerily ill-fated TV program We the People during a live episode hosted by Daniel Seymour mere days after the Flatwoods event.  We the People, the penultimate Flatwoods Edition, would air on September 19, 1952. You can find WTP in archives on the internet... but I've been unable to find feference to THAT particular episode. The "record" would seem to misrepresent that penultimate episode. It happened. Curious, but we risk digression!

The rediscovered "monster" portrait, thought to be lost or destroyed many years ago, was this original piece of historical art actually safely tucked away behind closed doors by owners wishing to remain anonymous. They have come forward, at last, more than 60-years later; however, to graciously allow the drawing to be seen and photographed for posterity.

This, reader, was actually the first time that the original black and white, if lightly colored, drawing had been seen in public since early 1952. More interestingly, it can now be seen in high-resolution, not the grainy reproduction photographs available over the years in the flurry of the first appearing and various newspaper articles, thereafter.

Additionally, the new 2015 photograph, taken in color, reveals a crucial detail: the head and eye area of the "monster" was actually colored yellow to indicate an illumination from within the headpiece of the suit!  This new revelation, now seen in the original drawing, is a very significant point, reader!   It actually shows a detail of the "monster," told to the sketch artist by the two witnesses, adults Mrs. Kathleen May and Eugene Lemon, that was correctly interpreted in the drawing! See, the We the People artist had gotten everything else wrong

No!  The monster was not a West Virginia mountain Nixie in a Darth Vader cap and a sweet sixteen skirt... nor did it have grasping arms ending in claws!  The "monster," reader, was a mechanism! It was a mobile conveyance, an encounter suit, and sporting antennae and not arms in any way!

Next: Needed Backstory, more on an intrepid A. Lee, and introducing, "the Colonel."


scott santa said...

Al - I'm attempting to garner more interest in Frank's work (and yours) ... contacting and recommending Frank and/or you as a guest to keep this out there in peoples faces - where it belongs!! Keep pumping these out and I'll continue to deal them out wherever I can ....

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Well... not _me_ so much... I'm just a guy like you cheerleading the team... But certainly Feschino.