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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Autonomous Is Therefore Free

...What we'd have is time to think
to puzzle at, or ponder... 
on the workings of reality—
its vastness, scope, and wonder! 
We'd pay the freight (or one's fair share!) 
to lever up what rocks are there...
We'd know what's hidden deep inside 
our monumental pile of pride! 
Too much *stuff* is hid away: 
the taxes that the rich won't pay, 
the saucers flying high in skies, 
the black-ops of psychotic scribes. 
 Cozened by an *earnest* evil
tormented by its pins and needles
bred respect-less in our billions, 
 used like grease or servile minions... 
...we who'd follow on the heels 
of those who make what's real... surreal!
Those who shall not care "who pays," 
as they "enjoy" psychotic days! 
He (less she!) to make us shriek... 
encourage us, then, not to speak... 
of that which then must truly dare us, 
or just terrifyspin... but scare us...

...This glad ablation kills our spirit!  
We're close to meltdown—
something near it!  
We won't listen to the wind; 
we shan't see what signs portend. 
We're so close to what renews us, 
less respect from what's contused us
almost there, we breathe upon it, 
yet we must let that go? Be honest!
We're harried by mad Gods, not Devils
bamboozled by their priests and heralds
Most that's "preached"? Division—hatred! 
The least (if most)? The "chosen" hated!
Those who work to heat our water... 
washing rocks and forcing laughter, 
languish as the disrespected
bereft of choice and spurned—neglected
Poisoned and then, yes, infected... 
as glad toxins, we're rejected, 
a wasting of humanity. 
Viral vectors, memes like fleas...
Confined again by *old* disease, 
we cower on old callused knees! 
...Attention drawn to *hallowed* ground?  
We miss the saucers most profound!
...And blinded by our jealous culture—
"made to order" raptors... ...vultures—
wishing to reward the few 
their lack of vision, depth, or view! 
...humans aping hapless lots, 
so unaware of what they've got... 
pacing to their shallow graves, 
while hoping for some "bone" of praise.
Then we get a brand new car (!), 
forget, somehow, exploding stars—
forget that real comets spring 
to smash our Earth when next they swing. 
Forgetting saucers fly our skies, 
though still, they fly I would advise, 
we pander to invented Gods 
made jealous by their heralds' cause... 
to keep themselves in unjust power—
safe behind rich walls and towers!
These, the folks who *killed* John Ford 
(at least as good as!)—scabrous lords! 
 These remaining un-elected, 
these unseen, so undetected
These producing shadowed blight
these who would preclude our SIGHT—
these who make our schools expensive, 
prohibitive, or bland—litigious
These performing "planet sodomy" 
with all pretension, grace—abominably! 
These who sell us out for dollars—
growing rich by fueling squalor!
THESE are who we should decry, 
and disrespect ... abhor—despise!
These, true devils—they confine us; 
their priests and judges starve and blind us! 
 Yes, I'd try to do without 
the *God* Newt Gingrich mewls about; 
I'd trust the future, what it brings! 
When "dams" do "burst"? Potential springs!
I'd confirm that we're endangered—
kept from goals by scowling strangers ... 
taking us from higher places 
that we shan't find in rein or traces!
There is where I'd romp and wander
test my faith, considerponder
This is where I'd rather be! 
 Autonomous and off my knees!
Autonomous Is Therefore Free!

I realize there has to be a "cooperation," or store-bought socks don't get in the sock drawer and food larders go scarily unfilled. Though, when that cooperation is presuming, presuming at the dire expense of the individual person, eventually (everything's eventual)? 

That revered and ever esteemed *team* or corporation will suffer most egregiously for it! It will dissolve, disintegrate, deteriorate—break, in one characteristic word. "Chains" of limited strength... Think not?

Sock drawers and food larders contents dwindle. See, I offer that the quality of a team is DEFINED by the quality of the individuals composing that team! The quality of links defines the quality of the chains composing it. 

That a classic no-brainer, eh? One has heard the old saw regarding the chain's strength and that single link. The individual, one can see: a link of any chain... remains critically key it would seem obvious!

Consider, reader, the "teams" that a collection of autonomously powerful individuals must, undeniably, make! Consider before you tell me there is no "I" in "team." Without the "I" in "team"? You don't have a team! You have a limited, lack-luster, and unimaginative—entirely predictable and spiritless drone—a conscienceless machine! 

The chain's an aggregate strength, sure. Of course, or what would be the point? Remains, there has to be something "in it" for the link! "Not breaking" is not enough! A sincere consciousness must command a certain respect and an appreciation for that respect!

Moreover, autonomous people have time to think on their own! This is of course, exactly what *they* don't want us to have—time to think. When one thinks, the eldritch, hoary, if illuminating, light comes up ... can't have that! Only, I suspect we are better served AS a humanity by that eldritch illuminating lux Mysterio... what presents from revealed shadows...

Moreover, the aspiring brave, climbing their own Maslowian peaks, can have it no other way.

Case in point:

At around 13:00 CST on the first of March one year not long ago, a little piece of reality obliterating "anti-matter" made contact with Enterprise, Alabama, a still growing and productive little American town in the southeast of the state. My town, at the time.

As the expected result of a quantity of this meteorological "antimatter" coming in contact with any amount of regular "matter," there was an inclusive annihilation of the matter contacted. There was complete destruction. There was obliteration. There was much death. Homes were destroyed for the rest. Quality of life corrupted or negatively affected for those remaining... not 500 meters from my OWN home.

The aggregate devastation was, in fact, complete enough for crass Republican opportunist George W. Bush, the President at the time, that walking personification for disqualifying any vestige of the myth of "white supremacy," to descend upon us, uselessly, in a junket costing many millions... so fruitlessly grubbing for a political capital all but entirely lost to him late in a failing Presidency...

He would fly over in a fleet of pricey helicopters while we cleaned up below. I loudly reminded everyone around me similarly toiling that he probably thought he was looking at "Katrina's" Louisiana. There was no dissension to my observation, no protest... only laughter. 

Verily, a metaphoric "Disaster Area" over-flew the actual disaster below, and everyone seemed to sense it. See, real people could use the money spent on Bush's wholly empty and self-interested gesture to rebuild their lives.

The point is that a 'team' of human beings rallied and continues to rally in the face of this calamity. Thousands of friends and other strangers had banded together in the fellowship of the assaulted, the obligatory hapless who will be shortchanged by their insurance companies, governments, or other soulless corporate bodies... singled out for special high-intensity terror only *God* can provide! They are the 99%. We even named our confederacy: it was called Tradijinae.

Individuals were forgetting personal concerns for a time and supporting shell-shocked neighbors they were not even speaking to previously. True giving and self-sacrifice by single persons empowered to give and sacrifice. Truly, and tragically, we are individually at our best when things are at their worst. Read on.

Tell me there is no "I" in team!

Restore John Ford!

Thursday, August 12, 2021

A Missive To Myself


A Missive To Myself

By Alfred Lehmberg

"We will have a liberal democracy, 
or we will return to the Dark Ages." 
--Franklin Roosevelt, 1940

FDR  knew. We live in a tinderbox world of dire—even fearful—propensities. The only relief we can achieve from same is that which we make up of ourselves, for ourselves, and by ourselves. Failing to trust "God" enough is our too meager excuse for failure. It's ALL on us. God doesn't seem to enter in except where we invent him to do just that. The latest incarnation wears orange face paint.

Verily, by way of the science of same, we create our own reality in the conscious observation of it! "Wish" hard enough, friends and entities lurking, even if over centuries (faster all the time!), and it is so! You observe an example of this currently on your device, now, as existential proof of that! Think what else could be imagined when it doesn't HAVE to be bad and materialized from hatred! Choice.

The reader can see how this might work. The reader, one must understand, is an individual, and, arriving at the individual, where we MUST arrive, we find that the individual is key

We individuals always were. See, there are no teams of any quality without the individuals making them up. Synergy only happens when there is a "there," there!

Billions are feloniously spent manipulating the feelings and sensibilities of the individual... you, good reader! It is largely successful, unfortunately, but forewarned can be forearmed. The reader will endure. 

You always have. Always!

Now, everyone is the center of their own universe, by default! Trouble is, "reality" is a universe of many ~many~ centers, known and unknown. And, that's a good thing. Really. We wouldn't want it any other way, believe me. 

The antithesis is an abject and unconstructive boredom prone to rot and toxicity... decadence and constructive spirit's dearth! There must ever be a dark that we shine light into, and only marvel that our brightening light exposes even greater shadow.

The dark antithesis of this necessary and productive diversity preferred above (and a dark antithesis recently attempted in reality) is a "rule by authoritarian force," outside the rule of sensible law: an autocratic convenience for a very small minority, that and a giddily abandoned due process for the rest of us—a theocratic hypocrisy, one's ironically faithless authoritarianism, and a cruel return to the horrific pre-renaissance "Dark Ages," as FDR, upon whose shoulders we stand, forewarned! 

This was a dark, dark time, of course, where, just like now astonishingly (remembering an orange scourge still infective this moment!), even the first-tier Kings couldn't read! "Stupid" had its run THEN, too!

What can the individual do, then, against a hijacked society imposed against him or, and especially, her? She of the resolutely legislated genitals, one is reminded, and by old old white men. The answer is simple to express even if difficult to execute. Ready to hear it? Here it comes...

Gylany... you may have to look that up. You really need to do that... do it right now! I'll wait!

...In other words? Enthusiastically embrace an enlightenment at the ready expense of your ignorance! That's it. Hard, if glib, but it does get easier to do as you go along. Sincerely. 

See, we seek our own questions though the answers offend us, shock us, or shame us. The writer does not have that backward. 

In the first place, it's not always offense, shock, and shame. In the second, there are, and many, many times... joys beyond the shame admitted, satisfactions beyond the shock best endured, and fellowships, good readers, beyond the offense, an offense no longer perceived as an offense. See, that was a choice, too. We've digressed.

In a nutshell, if one feels a certain way about something? For one's God of choice's sake, be able to explain OR JUSTIFY why one feels that way! Readily entertain discussion contrary to the way one "feels," to test it... work passionately to dissolve one's needless and corrosive ignorance, dissolving itself to a fulsome stupid... or shut, the fuq, up!

The expletive was justified. Let's move on. 

No one else should be required to validate ~your~ faith, justify ~your~ belief system, or pay with their lives, liberties, or gainful employments for ~your~ excluding and exclusive world views... especially if you can't competently argue, remotely justify, or in any way qualify your prosecution of them! One's hypocrisy must become risible; it seems inexorably true... let's all have a laugh and move on.

Yet, you gloat pompously (if you do), acting as described (without meaningful justification), as you needlessly create your own enemies for your corrosive efforts! Acting thus, you have created me, in fact, and this is among a multitude of much more significant others. Verily! Be damned. 

Get thee from the skin of the sensible world. You're not an asset to humanity. You are its toxic debit!

How does one become informed enough to be able to explain why they feel the way they feel? Ready? Here it comes!

Ask questions you know you don't want the answers to! That's frost for a short and curly! It gets no simpler than that!

Yeah—I know... The short answer just cattle-prods more questions. What! Where! When! Why! ...And all too often, How! But that's the point, right? That's the f'n point! That expletive was justified, too. 

This writer, by way of example, explored his own racism, his antisemitism, his misogyny, and his homophobia. He found he had dodgy ideas with no sane support in a research of primary histories... you know, histories where it is discovered that Columbus was a full-on monster, Jackie-O was a meth fiend, Vietnam was an entirely and tragically needless racist debacle beyond mere mistake, Critical Race Theory is well supported and... 

I was offended. I was shocked. I was ashamed. Too? There were the mitigations of joy, satisfaction, and fellowship alluded to earlier beyond what was found to be tragically false.  

Who, what, where, how, and why are weaponized in a world where Ronald Reagan makes it entirely possible to lie on public airwaves sans all consequence... but profit... still, there are very valid justified questions... even in Reagan's world, a world so weaponized unfortunately with mechanisms maneuvering you, honored clever reader, into the cruel cold claws of the tyrannous and psychopathic monsters plaguing us all today. Gaslighting (and evil, no hyperbole!) billionaires, to cut to the chase.

It is by malicious design, presently, that one has to work multiple jobs in an increasingly irrelevant economy with no health care and even at a subsistence level... a person "distracted," perhaps, so they don't have ~time~ to stop for a prudent "Hey! Wait a minute!" or even a cleansing breath... a meaningful pause... some respite! Some relief and an earned satisfaction's ease

Prosperity Christian "Charity" finds too many "reasons," read "psychopathic rationalizations," to step up in a way not quid pro quo! It just doesn't have to be this way. "Live our way... believe what we believe, or suffer..." is a festering an ill-chosen option for existence. Respect, reader, only what respects you!

It is by craft's design that our psychosis spews from television, that hatred rules the airwaves, and that the "bothsiderist" loathing oozes from mainstream print, portrait, and motion picture. Thank Ronnie. 

It's all about manipulating ~you~, good reader, assaulting ~already~ bruised sensibilities with "Dr. Suess" distortions and "Mr. Potato-head" distractions and "wars on Christmas"—"men are men and women know it" confabulations... phony "culture conflict wedge issues" because they offer NOTHING... nothing of efficacious substance, anyway, so the reader won't have ~time~ to be reminded about unending war and planet death and suffocating overpopulation... slave's wages and kids in cages... all in a horrifying list that just goes on and on and on... 

We won't go there, now, even understanding it's the "not going there" defining the tragedy... Still, we won't digress!

Back at the ranch, an answer to the previously posed questions is the point of this essay. You need an inventive springboard, good reader, a trampoline's bounce into raw thinking and information that is diverse (our cultural savior!), inclusive (of needs and for cause!), and widely focused (because we are of, by, and for!)! 

...From UFOs to hate crime and through crypto-archeology and currency to progressive politics... honest regard and rejection of regressive politics (supremacies be damned!)... there should be no boundaries and fewer filters. Raw veggies are ~always~ better than processed ones. Eclectic!

...Sure, I'll digress for the purist. There are some necessary boundaries and filters. We're opposed, for instance and example, to drugs turning a person into a cockroach and we don't fuck our kids. With regard to drugs, Consciousness must make aspiration... and it is not to be discouraged of that aspiration (we sin where we do), and the kids? The kids can make no informed consent to that physical association. That's the tall, short. 

A sentient person knows what boundaries and filters apply and where they are, of needs, implemented. We need say no more as regards filters and boundaries.

Who, back on the track, would have been an excellent example of this exploration to which we would allude? Of course, the personification of this essay. A gylanic ideal personified. Who would have been an efficacious springboard, and of whom from one... has one... likely never heard? ...An individual! Tet's put a light on her.

To wit: Who was this musically named Miriam Andujar (pronounced Ann'-doo-har)? A gentlelady... to start. An inner radiance trying to make efficacy in a world of tooth and claw.  Bario born... education would be the ticket out... and productively back... good reader.

Miriam Andujar is defined then as an assiduously educated and progressive woman of grace, intelligence, and courage. She is on the blame-line for having produced just such a cyber-springboard alluded to above, earlier this century... right after 9/11! 

Once spanning "worldwiderenaissance (sic)" dots COM, ORG, and NET, Ms. Andujar aspired to provide a wealth of new outlooks, fresh outreaches, and novel approaches which inspired while they informed, gladdened while they satisfied, and compelled as much as they inspired one's existential and corporeal reality... that, or indicated useful tools for same. Her sincerity becomes as quickly noticeable as the flowers were once worn unabashedly in her hair.

In its own class, it was to be an eclectic site, as foreshadowed. It was to be charmingly organized, inordinately objective, completely constructive, and wildly comprehensive. It was to be entirely flexible, wholly acceptable, plainly specific, and decidedly thoughtful. It was to encompass a wealth of progressive, people-loving, and humanistic conduits to 21st Century information venues, and it remained optimistic for all its criticality of a corrupt status quo. It wanted to call a spade a spade. Not caring where credit went, an efficacious egolessness was aspired to and diligently sought. It wanted to make better choices.

World-Wide-Renaissance was to be the WEB embodiment of the Internet-driven 'new' renaissance still bursting into less constructive flame as we speak! It was to be worthy of a spot in every progressive person's Favorites folder, without doubt, and to be sure... a magnet for it.

WorldWideRenaissance believed that it is the people, ourselves, who would be the engineers of our salvation; persons listening to one another and respecting one another as the cure to what ails us... not jealous institution, conflicted government, or faithless agency. It is as rich as Christmas cake and as relevant as air. It is about people of, by, and for themselves.

People aren't prone to hatred... it's a learned behavior. Love seems the goto, so it's the hatred that must be practiced and facilitated to germinate and grow, the lie eclipsing a truth. This is why hatred is a lie and love is truth. Reality is chosen by the observer as has been pointed out, and we could choose better. Miriam Andujar was a person to help reveal some of these better choices.

Closing, we give the memory of that initiative a look only because we want to be able to provide some citation for our feelings regarding the aspiration to same. We give it a look only because we're confused about the hateful theocratic direction that our Nation seems to be taking—the autocracy it would perilously embrace. We give it a look only because we want to take an individual hand in defining our own perceived, if more efficacious, realities. But, we give it a look. It could change lives, and the lives of those around us... in a productively efficacious way. 

It's about gylany... aforementioned. The admonition to look that up is not an empty admonition. Engage that engine and we are saved. Us, the planet—the whole proverbial wax ball! Choose.

Grok In Fullness


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