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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Fred May, of Flatwoods Fame, Has Passed


Freddie May: February 7, 1941-June 5, 2023.

It is with deep regret we announce that Freddie Glen May recently passed away on June 5, 2023 at the age of 82. Mr. May was born on February 7, 1941 and lived the majority of his life in Gassaway, West Virginia. 

Freddie, along with his mother and several others, was one of the primary witnesses involved in the "Flatwoods Monster" encounter of September 12, 1952. For many years Freddie worked extensively with researcher Frank Feschino, Jr. and spent countless hours reviewing the case with him. Additionally, Mr. May was also videotaped at the site of the encounter on the Fisher Farm during an interview with Feschino. 

Mr. May helped substantiate the truth concerning the infamous Flatwoods incident. This substantiation included the drawing he penciled (below) for investigators in 1952, along with Mr. Feschino, finally giving us the true rendition of the so-called "monster." Freddie May and his Mom, Kathleen May also made several appearances with Feschino at various events and book signings over the years. 

Freddie will be remembered by the many that knew him as well as all of those who admired him for telling the real "Flatwoods Monster" incident, story.  A brave and honest man, he will be missed. His story, a history he helped reveal, shall not die with him.

Frank Feschino & the late Freddie May,
onsite in Flatwoods, WV

Obituary | Freddie Glen May of Rock, West Virginia | Seaver Funeral 

Thursday, June 15, 2023


Air War with UFOs?
[Revealed Details Very Nearly Lost To All History!]

During the Project Blue Book era, when witnesses had a UFO sighting and wanted to report it, officially, they would be directed to contact, believe it or not, the USAF! In turn, they would receive an 8-page "Tentative Observers Questionnaire" with several questions to fill out and return.

When The Air Force received the TOQ, they would review it, and in most cases, would record the sighting in a "PROJECT 10073 WORKSHEET" or some other form of documentation. This would be appended to and would then accompany the Blue Book questionnaire for its filing.

Finally, the UFO sighting would be evaluated in an official USAF "PROJECT 10073 RECORD CARD." These original "Project Blue Book" documents were classified and stored away in the Air Force archives. They were unavailable to the public.

The files were later declassified only in 1969 when the Project Blue Book initiative was closed. These documents were then photographed and processed to degrading microfilm.

Later in the mid-1970s, the United States National Archives in Washington, D.C. became the holder of the Blue Book microfilms. They were made available to the public... Yet, there were changes!

The documents were not in their original state! All the documents contained in these microfilm reels, the reader discovers, were reproduced copies and had also been ruinously redacted. The eyewitnesses' names, most of their pertinent personal informations, and other informations were blacked out. Further, since these documents were copies and not in their original state, they had become severely faded by the time they were copied to film. This made many of them barely legible.


When illustrator Frank Feschino, Jr. obtained the Project Blue Book microfilm reel for the September 12, 1952 UFO sightings, he was shocked to discover that most of the documents were so faded that dozens of the pages were only very barely understandable. Some of the most vitally important information in these faded documents, which by now couldn't be easily (or at all!) read, was the handwritten information filled out in the aforementioned questionnaire by the actual witnesses. Feschino cleverly xeroxed all the microfilm pages and blew them up utilizing his art training and equipment skills. These skills included his honed talents regarding calligraphy.

Feschino had a key school-trained eye and spent countless hours over many years refurbishing these documents to their new legibility. He studied handwriting analysis books and enlarged many of the documents, as was said, and then, word by word, he began to decipher them, re-inking them back to their original state.

One such key document in the Project Blue Book records, shown above, was the report of a Sept. 12 UFO officially evaluated as the "meteor of 12 Sep." We've heard about that mythical bolus, before!

This report was only one of the many UFOs sighted over, and near, the Washington, D.C. area during the September 12, 1952 flap that night... as we have pointed out, exhaustively, earlier on this site. The witness, a man from "District Heights, Maryland" explained his UFO sighting in his own "Tentative Observers Questionnaire." According to the witness, the object he saw was about the size of an "automobile" and the length of his observation was, "11 or 12 seconds." 11 or 12 seconds... time that out... it's a long time for a meteor... too long.

This is from page 8 section "30" of that Project Blue Book eyewitness "Tentative Observers Questionnaire." In the photo above, the spiral binder of documents displays the near unreadable raw faded copy as it was printed directly from the September 12, 1952 microfilm. Feschino enlarged this document to 2x3 feet and carefully analyzed the writer's handwriting. He studied his writing style, the formation, and the characteristics of his letters. He studied the flow of words used in each sentence. Then, after several hours of review, Feschino was finally able to reconstruct and re-ink its entire contents! He then scaled the document back down to its original size.

The document that Frank re-inked is on the clipboard. It can now be easily read many years after the witness wrote it back in 1952. Note that the eyewitnesses' name was blacked out by the Air Force. This UFO sighting, said to be a meteor by the Air Force, occurred over District Heights, Maryland at 7:00 pm EST. In part, the most pertinent information that the witness wrote here in section "30" gives the following details of his sighting:

"I don't know what it was I saw and will insist on what it was NOT, I have seen meteors, and the newspapers will have a hard time telling me I was looking at a meteor on 9/12 [September 12]—maybe it sounds good to persons who didn't see the object—this THING was being flown...In summation, this may sound as though I am inferring some fraud in the reports given to the public, perhaps responsible parties believe they are true and the best information available, but did they see the thing on 9/12? [Name blacked out]"

In closing, I would like to refer to another question in the questionnaire that was answered by the witness in a straightforward manner. The question was, "In your opinion what do you think the object was and what might have caused it?" 

Here, reader, I would have loved to have seen Bluebook Chief Captain Ed Ruppelt's facial expression when he read this witness's answer. The eyewitness wrote,

"This is your job. I have seen many meteors. This was not one—much too large. It was not an image or reflection... It didn't fall toward the earth."

Such was so...

Saturday, June 03, 2023

Reproduction's Sad Redoubt...

Demoted to the status of another mouth to feed
the newborn are a horror... and a treat. 
On the one hand, they continue 
what it was that *something* started; 
on the other they're a symptom of... disease.  
See,  human spawn, if through a filter, 
are infestations we've contrived.  
Exponential accelerations in consumption... 
not survived.
On the one hand they're salvation
on the other they detract... 
from the bounty which humanity has made. 
On the one hand they are wondrous 
with potentials of the gods, 
on the other—tiny devils we've betrayed
Betrayal?  Yes, reflected in our bald hypocrisy.  
"Do as I am saying, child... 
Ignore what you might see."
Yes?  We nurture infidelity 
as we disrespect their brains
We ridicule their innocence
and we teach them wrong refrains
We socialize their mindlessness; 
we inculcate—purport
We'd try and teach 'em "God" in school—
despite its bad report.
We treat them like the children... 
we invent... but never were
discounting their experience, 
we distracted and deterred
...We lied suggesting worship 
for the framers of our systems 
that exult "elitist gentry" 
as the cure for human schisms!
We feed them vague distortions 
of the truth on UFOs. 
We obfuscate those issues 
with a finger in our nose! 
Pretending we have answers where we, 
point in fact, have none, 
we add to their contention that 
we're finished, pointless—done!
The kids all know the real deal
and they'll hate us as they can
They resent the pap we've fed them... 
when the truth got hard to stand! 
They hate our lack of courage 
and the way we rape their planet
They hate our bland coercion 
and its "reasons," understand it!
They resent that YOU resent them—
where they're not cursed by blame
You envy them their innocence 
and the fact they've known no shame. 
You hate them: their reaction 
to a FLEET of UFOs 
is to clap their hands in fearless glee 
and dance up on their toes!
They hate that they're demoted to 
"another mouth to feed.
They hate you don't fulfill, in them
the honor that they need. 
They hate you don't believe them, 
and they hate that you don't care; 
they hate that you discount their lives 
as shallow, facile—bare.
They hate you don't give credit; 
they hate that you're not "real." 
It's why they may go crazy, 
why they drop out ... shoot up ... steal.  
They've had the *best* of teachers, right? 
These young or "dead of brain," 
no, education is a low-rent field; 
the profession's warped and stained!
What's this to do with UFO's? 
Why... kids aren't trained to "see"!  
What we tell them they should look at, 
we must show could make them free
The way of it must *set them off*, 
to soar among the clouds, 
to loose them from our tethers, 
and to teach them useful doubt!
If we want them to respect us, 
we respect them first, in turn! 
We stop our crass inequity, 
and we show there's more to learn!
Do we breed a race of liars 
to commit continued crime? 
Do we insist the same mistakes 
are made another time? 
Are we the ones
who wallow in our sickness rife with pus
to pretend we're doing right by them... 
to turn them... into us?

The child is the father to the man.

Seems a great time to me, a great time in a period of wealth like there has NEVER been—with NO thanks to a rabid "right" celebrating the individual at the expense of the aggregate, or an alleged anarchist "left," of large and overweening myth, but persecuting the individual on the stake for the aggregate —to cop to the new reality. 

Treat the kids as we would individually be treated ourselves! Impress upon them that with regards to their number and furiously unthinking production of same—less of us is assuredly more! Lastly, understand that their world is more vital to them than our world. Pre-forming first impressions won't respect your inability to make a good one. There's no profit in the reflexive ridicule of their nascent and naive inexperience.  To them, passion burns hotter, if not brighter, than your own...

Their world is filled with singular challenges, imminent threats, and anxious priorities we have forgotten as distracted adults.  Evolving Adults aspiring to a certain non-distraction, we discover that even as all things known can be new again, we achieve but a fraction of what first-time experiencers experience, or make, of their first encounter with their reality.  First encounters with felt presence of the moment.  See, it's up to us to provide the bridge and relevance to them... to our presently very contrived, mal-defined and situational adult "reality"...

Too, ours is a situation t'would repel them if they only knew, and resent upon finding out!  It would repel us if we but remembered... it did me... unencumbered, now, by that cowl of cognitive dissonance self-imposed... or in other words: convenient rationalizations required to buffer us from the truth we deny...

But that's our problem, a problem withering away into the startlingly obvious when confronted at last by the generic, real-time, and non-genuflecting "genuine," eh?  That's where the kids are, eh?  ...And how can we expect them to reach out willingly to our prosecution of distractionhypocrisymendaciousnessdissatisfaction,  hatred
inefficiency, insulting obsolescence, and even cultural betrayal. How, indeed.

For the mercurial reader, then, consider this an "absence-of-love" poem in the under-appreciated traditions of one Theodore Sturgeon. Sire once or not at all... give it back!  Sired, again I ask, do we do our kids a favor... to turn them into us?

Restore John Ford!

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