Saturday, July 10, 2021

The Shadows Of My Day...

Remembering WW... "Scungilli"

These started as apologies
which is why they're so ironic. 
I evaluate hypocrisies, 
You see? It's like a tonic. 
Apology's explanation
See, *sorry's* not the issue
I'm not the least repentant. 
Best, put away your tissues...
My interests may be bothersome... 
unpleasant, non-benign... 
to throw the light where it won't go, 
and cop to what we find. 
UFO's are in the news 
provoking trepidations
I should think my interest healthy
and allay all apprehensions.
...And implications are apparent
so they raise their mottled heads; 
though most would rather fight than change, 
so shoot their foot instead
These believe in "airborne castles
just to keep their dreams alive, 
provided by glad "shadows," 
so obscuring what's contrived
The damage is disruption 
by the few who have "connections," 
so we won't "get together," 
and demand some SANE reflection!
...I had a friendship once upon... 
he wrote a note to end it. 
He said, "[You get behind me Satan, 
you indicate predicament! 
My *foundations* are a-crumbling, 
and my livelihood is threatened; 
you've threatened, too, 
my wife and child; 
a pox on bogus legends
You've jeopardized employment
You've compromised my life
You've engineered my failure
You write a script for strife"]!
I knew he couldn't help it; 
conditions squeezed him hard
I know that he can't mean it—
not a button, part, or shard.
Though, I was amazed at my dismissal, 
a little hurt—you want the truth
See, he's just another casualty 
You know the *ones* of whom I speak. 
The ones who have his answers! 
The ones who should allay his fear, 
and stop their lying cancers! 
The ones who threaten needlessly; 
the ones so rife with guilt! 
The ones who hide intentions 
like a knife shoved to its hilt!
The ones who are so comfortable 
as a "monkey" on his back! 
The ones who will, so quickly, 
let him fall between their cracks!
The ones who do his "rendering"—
for the reasons that they hide
The ones allowing punishment 
for conditions they've contrived!
...The ones who hide the UFO's 
so deeply from us all; 
the ones who keep "the secrets," 
and, so, are—in fact!—sans gall!
I will mourn his contribution 
now as lost in all that mist
I will mourn the conversation 
that was once so smart and rich
I will feel like a loser 
who might end up sans his friends, 
and will they fall, then, one by one 
until my inquest ends?
And what of me; will I succumb; 
will I give up the ship? 
When, finally, if I'm pressed his way, 
by wife and job or kid!
Will I change my phone and E-mail? 
Will I shut my website down? 
Will I sigh and vote Republican... 
let a smile morph to frown?
Will I replace the scabrous scales 
that had fallen from my eyes; 
will I give in, and then embrace what, now... 
I must despise!
And that's the real reason, 
I imagine, that I mourn. 
My friend is ME, 
if he goes down... then I must? 
...That's the norm?
He's proof that they are winning 
(the ones as writ above). 
These ape marauding raptors, 
and we're the hapless dove.
He metaphors the powerless. 
He is, then, you and me. 
He needs his home and wife and kids. 
He needs his job, you see?
I'm consumed with my resentment 
at a system so capricious, 
that it's allowed to stifle 
all those questions which beseech us! 
I'm enraged that these conspirators 
are allowed egregious power 
so destructive to relationships 
that examine "walls" and "towers"!
I'm angry that they CHOOSE MY FRIENDS, 
or make them run away
or provoke them to forsake me... 
these are shadows of my day!
I will expose hypocrisies—
that's a valid tonic still. 
I'll abuse their satisfactions, 
as against them? I'm fulfilled.
I'll borrow from Will Shakespeare, 
and to myself be true, 
apply my OWN philosophy 
that it all comes down to *you*.

  • "You" is, of course, a metaphor for the individual. I remind the reader that it is the individual who is the real power, and why *they* work so hard to program, coerce, and control same.

    They are pointed at you like I'm pointing at you right now, only my agenda is mooning the deserving world at large and bearing any criticism for same! ...Showin' my discursive ass as I will, eh? The other? He wants to burrow into your pocket to a vein... you know, like any good parasite.

    Individuals are, or can be, as much anathema as they are authoritative. They're not authoritarian, those who are, and righteously so? These are degraded and ablated to kiss my shiny metal ass!

    These latter use slimy tricks, yea and verily... fearsome bags of dirty deeds. They strike at secular foundations they've MADE vulnerable in their campaigns of corrosive control, religious bigotry, and authoritarian government. Would that the secular community attack the religious community the way the religious community attacks the secular one, eh? Can you hear their whining objection, then, done unto as they have done to others... and since their inception?

    Fear, censure, and intimidation are their tools! These tools are used without regard to the rules they demand everyone else follows... even as they don't follow these laws themselves. These giggle at your credulity... laugh at you behind your back.

    These are amused by your faith. Covetous of your success. Angered by your happiness. Jealous of your contribution... ironically it is these, not Moslems, "hating us for our freedoms."

    There is no "fair play" on a "level playing field." If there was? They'd disappear. It's why a vote is rigged, at all!

    Society, as it stands, is an illusion maintained by each individual in it. All I'm saying is we could have better illusions—better dreams. Dreams that look out... and in—never down. Reasonable Dreams, finally, that don't cost one efficacious and valued friends.

    I'll miss your charm, wit, and courage, buddy, even as I hate that which provokes your pragmatic cowardice. Moreover, I'll keep a light on for ya'...

    Restore John Ford.


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Flatwoods, Sandbagged By MonsterQuest


Flatwoods, Sandbagged By MonsterQuest

by Alfred Lehmberg

Folks, regarding the recently You-tubed History Channel (old) MonsterQuest episode of March 10th featuring Fred May, Frank Feschino, the late Stanton Friedman, and other witnesses from the town of Flatwoods, West Virginia: I was the bearded fellow, the only one apart from Friedman, I think, associated with the Flatwoods segment exclusively. I wore the UFO Magazine hat. I was working with the Helium Balloon and assisting Feschino vis a vis the sighting at the hunter's camp in the deep forest beside the spring-fed stream. My one spoken line used apart from where I actually said it was, "Frank, there's a hot spot up there...," or some such... all that said:

Folks? You can quote me!

I have no idea what that program was about! Why, apart from Joe Nickell who was decidedly true to form, I didn't even recognize who was involved in it!

This is real irony, reader, given I was at Flatwoods for a week during the shooting—and I do mean "shooting"—of the MQ program. Moreover, I have an appropriate intimacy with all the principals shown on the Flatwoods segment and have better than a layman's understanding of just what occurred in and around Flatwoods that Indian summer night in 1952.

Ladies and Gentleman, let me digress to say that, entirely apart from what the Reader saw on a "flawed" MonsterQuest, THIS is what occurred on that one night in Flatwoods in Flatwoods! 

I remind the HONEST reader that this referenced map data is supported by Project Bluebook, named Newspaper reportage, and first-person witnesses in that order of numeracy.

The History Channel, one finds, had the time, opportunity, and all the requisite data to produce a stunning program about the infamous Flatwoods affair. What the History channel did instead, reader, was to contrive to manufacture a senseless "mash-up" of two entirely unrelated (if responsible) cases from what could be most easily be "faux-discredited" in either of them. Suggesting this bogus relationship, one not even remotely tenuous, is the program's kiss of less-than-mediocre death.

Sincerely, none but those entirely honest with themselves dare call this naught but very poor, contrived, and inauspicious telling of the Flatwoods story a blithering incompetence, a fatuous cluelessness, or a distorted propaganda! More irony is revealed given Feschino, Friedman, and I had to sign sworn statements indicating our contribution to the program was true as we knew it to be true. The History Channel reportage of same, paradoxically, was not.

See? Flatwoods was the tail end of the biggest UFO Flap in US History: The 1952 "Summer Of Saucers" chronicled by Frank Feschino, Wendy Connors, various other authors, and an un-sifted Project Bluebook. Reader! It was not about "Lizard Monsters" allegedly lurking the woods for 60 plus years, and to this day. Good Christ! This was the distortion prosecuted by the History Channel.

And this! The intrepid MonsterQuest documentarians wrongly called the more honest Stanton Friedman a "doctor" and made the dissembling (to be kind) Dr. (degree immaterial) Nickell look "reasonable" in contrived comparison! Talk about the equivocation of unflawed with FUBAR! 

Glowing eyes? Not before or since. Ground miasma? Not before or since! Mass hysteria? Not before or since! Noxious weeds? Not before or since! Roc-sized barn owls? Not before or since! How the "History" Channel have gotten things so wrong? 

I'm sick at heart and really ticked off... Feschino, who deserves better than this, was fit to be tied. See, he's telling the culture-changing real story. Nickell and company shill for the guys insulting the reader's intelligence and obscuring real history. Case in point "Mass Hysteria" as touted by Dr. Nickell... is a clueless dodge.

Why? The witnesses at Flatwoods, a gang of playing children and a couple of young adults, presupposed a meteor, predominantly, on the Fisher farm in the hills above the school that evening. They'd heard about them recently in school. Nickell dissembled when he reported they expected "monsters"... They did not run up a hill armed with only a flashlight to look for "monsters," Reader! That only happens in the movies and Joe Nickell's facile imagination! They went up the hill to pick up pieces of a meteorite!

No, the Flatwoods story was not remotely told. The historical facts regarding the "Flatwoods Monster" incident are distorted, once again, by a soap-selling TV show.

Tune in to the actual story, cited above, to tune up, sincerely. See, it's not a story about a giant lizard in a "hover-round" "attacking" a group of Flatwoods residents with a harmful gas. The gas, remember, was actually an exhaust emitted from pipes surrounding the lower torso of the body. The lower torso was part of the propulsion system of this giant "metallic" structure propelling it and causing it to hover. Moreover, apart from the gas, the "Flatwoods Monster" never made any aggressive or threatening maneuvers towards the witnesses during the encounter!

More crass inaccuracies?

The nearly 60-years of "sightings" reported by the MQ show were not all "monster" sightings, as the over-edited Feschino and Friedman footage seemed to intimate, but were UFO sightings! This is what the two researchers reported on. _UFOs_, reader! Not monsters!

The "Flatwoods Monster" incident, the Snitowsky "Frametown Monster" incident, and the Frametown "Hunter" incident are the documented entity sightings, reader. These, and other "monster" sightings... never occurred again! It's the UFO sightings that are ongoing! This was the actual report and testimony of Friedman and Feschino!

Other "real" entities documented on record in the Flatwoods area are as follows:

Dec. 30, 1960. Hickory Flats, WV, Located in Webster County and just across the southern Braxton County border - Witness Charles Slover, 35 years old, was driving a delivery truck and sighted a 6-foot tall hairy biped, man-like creature near the road. This was unreported by the History Channel.

Dec. 7, 2005. Braxton County, 7-8 miles from Flatwoods. A wildlife trap camera took a photograph of an unknown entity that has been called the "Braxton Beast." This was unreported by the History Channel. Meager and unrepeated stuff!

UFO sightings abound, reader, on the other hand... not "monster" sightings! A UFO sighting that occurred in Holly, Braxton County on Nov. 8, 1957, was documented by Jacques Vallee in his book "Passport To Magonia."

Holly is located near Flatwoods. In Case #437, Vallee reports that Hank Mollohan and eight other local witnesses saw an elongated object that was 12-metres long.

More UFOs! Frametown Area, 1990: A Frametown couple saw several UFOs over the area of the Middle Ridge area southeast of Frametown. When one of the witnesses walked outside of the house to get a closer look, one of the UFOs flew into the backyard and shot a bright beam of light down towards the witness. This Frametown incident was documented and broadcast in 1990 by a national TV show of the time, Current Affair With Maury Povich.

In 1991, Feschino documented crop circle rings in Frametown, WV., which were recorded by Colin Andrews. Throughout the early 1990s, Feschino also photographed and videotaped UFOs in the same area of Middle Ridge southeast of James Knob.


The Sept. 12, 1952 "Master Map" of UFO locations was not shown. The flight-path trajectory of the "Flatwoods Monster" UFO was not shown or mentioned. This was the Washington DC. to Flatwoods, WV UFO flight-path. Check the included link for same.

The Colonel Leavitt Interview was not shown or mentioned, nor was there any mention of the sizable West Virginia National Guard involvement in and around Flatwoods.

There was no reference that the USAF had heavily documented the Flatwoods incident.

The First-person witness-journalist John Barker interview was not mentioned.

Well respected reporter and first-person responder A. Lee Stewart, Jr., who broke the national story, was not mentioned. The drawings of the metal piece that he found on the farm were not shown.

There was no mention or reference that there were strange metal and black plastic-like pieces found on the Fisher Farm by the locals, shortly after the incident.

The five known drawings made by five of the boy witnesses who saw the "Flatwoods Monster" were not shown." Despite being separated by Stewart the drawings are astonishingly similar!

The "Flatwoods Monster" color illustrations painted by Feschino from eyewitness descriptions were not shown.

The 1996 Fred May pencil drawing of the "Monster" was not shown. It depicted the figure as "mechanical." This was a point errantly avoided by MonsterQuest!

The Flatwoods reenactment segment did not show the actual "mechanical" figure as described by Mrs. May and Fred May. The incorrect 1952 "We The People" mock-up, which depicted the arms and claws was shown instead... and then senselessly compared to the "Frametown Monster."

Finally, the Star child skull and the entities in Flatwoods/Frametown were errantly compared. These cases have no relationship to each other, whatsoever, all respect to the memory of Lloyd Pye! I'm sure he would've agreed.

I'd hoped for the best regarding the History Channel. What happened?

"Hollywood" happened, reader... corporate manipulations apart from, and not interested in, telling the real story... These contrive a mash-up between two unrelated cases and, "highlighting" what was "explainable," work to "faux-discredit" both... actually, to sell boner pills and reverse mortgages. We were sand-bagged, imo.

The only good thing... the Flatwoods story was broached, at all, in a no-nonsense manner by Frank Feschino, Freddy May, John Barker, and Stanton Friedman! People are eventually going to wonder where the "lizard monster" (sheesh!) came from and how it came to be in Flatwoods at all. That story? Again, right here:

I personally apologize to the people of Braxton County, Frametown, and the town of Flatwoods specifically, that the story was not portrayed as it was related to the production company. We regret their time was wasted. It's not Frank Feschino's fault that the creative control was well out of his capable hands... as it will be on all these programs. "Ya pays yer money and takes yer chances." We all got burned. All the credible stuff went to the cutting room floor.

Rest assured, though, MonsterQuest at least showed enough to get interest kindled in other quarters. There's a lot of life left to tell the story, still! You can bet Frank Feschino will be banging the Flatwoods drum, verily!

I remain firmly in his corner! There are many rounds left in this fight. Frank is strong and as focused as he ever was!

Closing, Flatwoods and Frametown residents write to tell me that the James Knob site east of Frametown is still ufologically active. Right now reader.

Well, I suspect that if ET had swooped in and landed on the pasture that night while Friedman, Feschino, and myself were all up there on James Knob—and the Monster Quest people had shot miles of film of it? THAT footage would have languished on the cutting room floor with all the other pertinent material, too.

The MonsterQuest program regarding Flatwoods was a dissembling hypocrisy... and a shame!

One last point, in the dodgy MonsterQuest "cooked" portrayal, Fred May, Stanton Friedman, and Frank Feschino seem to indicate that Big Lizards in "hover-rounds," plus other monsters, still lurk dangerously in the West Virginia mountains around Flatwoods. No reader. They are not. Nothing these men actually reported to the film crew made that indication.

Sincerely, be disabused of the notion that dangerous monsters haunt your hills and forests! Fred, Frank, and Stan made no such intimation. I was there. I know.

Thursday, June 03, 2021

Dare To Fly The Rocks



You've heard it called "Our Starship Earth," 
and metaphor that's not. 
See, this is just another notion where
—as yet—
we don't take stock.
Earth is but "conveyance" friend, 
a "liner" on dark seas... 
if seas were black but splashing stars
and a solar wind, the breeze...
The track we're on, predictable, 
and measured such and so, 
the Toltecs / Mayans / Aztecs? 
They were somehow... "in the know"?
They conceived of monstrous bodies 
who were Gods they suffered, then... 
and angry, these made trouble, 
so were something "less" than "friend." 
 Possessing awesome power 
and the wealth of cosmic kings... 
those treasures are unguarded now... 
 It's time we evened things...
Why... we could learn to "fly" our moon
Yes! ...Fly the "rocks" in all our skies! 
Pay the *rock jocks* handsomely; 
let them leave if they desire! 
Let them grow to independence, 
and the Earth should help them "go," 
with a grubstake minus promises 
that a profit they must show!
It's then we'll live among the stars, 
and safe within our "rocks"! 
...These spin, by law, for gravity
"cans" of earth and common stock...  
In space, there are raw elements 
of the type that we can use... 
facilitating living space... 
to live there; that's the news!
See, no need to "build" our ships! 
Pack asteroids with ice
and heat them up with mirrors, friend*; 
blow them up like bubbles ... nice. 
Arm the poles with thrusters, 
then, to keep them good and "firm," 
and live like beings who pay their freight
free to live and grow and learn!
Then "mine" your homeimagine that! 
You carve new rooms for MONEY, Jack! 
Your home gets bigger as you go, 
you move in families
then what do you know
You're living in space 
importing from Earth; 
but exporting the "stuff"... 
that shall lift the Earth's curse!
...And in this sweet bargain 
a threat is reduced; 
it's used up improving star systems to use! 
There's WATER and EARTH 
in the skies up above
It threatens us, NOW, like a fist in a glove!
...But turn it to profit? 
We move beyond strife! 
We END our indifference
we turn it to life!
The closer the bolus 
(you'd think, off the cuff) 
would threaten us most 
if it scared you enough! 
Though, that is NOT true, 
you're spinning your wheel; 
the truth is it's BETTER 
the closer they reel!
NEA's are our bases! 
We launch our assaults 
on a threat unimagined 
AWAITING us, Walt! 
Largess arriving 
from the far stellar reaches... 
where stars have exploded 
from those pasts that just reach us!
So, worse comes to worst, 
and the planet's hit anyway? 
Then, your savior flies down 
...from the asteroids, Hemingway!
Our eggs, as they stand, 
are in one lonely basket, 
and be well assured 
we inhabit our casket!  
Humanity's doomed 
if we don't move from here; 
this is not overstated! 
...Good science is clear!
And, yes, comes a time 
when they'd want independence
like children, I'm posing
new nations are born... 
Mere seeds of humanity just leaving for parts 
they've discovered in space 
...that they like; they're reborn!
These persons, like children... 
...will apart from us, stand
They'll have new allegiances 
to themselves ...UNDERSTAND?  
...Just as with our kids, 
they're off on their own... 
they've family and homes 
of their own... we can't know! 
Don't call it betrayal.  
It's a given they'll cleave, 
be off on their own... 
living lives as they need...
...But were you a parent 
who was loving and fair, 
and so wishing them well 
but supportive, mon frère?  
...Or were you a tyrant 
who was grasping and cruel, 
mendacious, abusive, 
corrosive... not cool.
Of course, if 
respect is desired by Earth? 
Then the Earth... perforce,
must step up first
all the cups then overflowing 
with good will
and no one thirsts!  
We can learn to fly these "rocks," 
abounding nearby space; 
we can use this "Last Frontier" 
and benefit our race!

...We could stop being a cosmic embarrassment to ourselves AND those conjectured watching. We could end any imposed quarantine and maybe taking a step regarding our enlightening growth and species maturation. How long were we going to get away with befouling our ecological "beds" and just pushing it down with our "feet"? 

Everyone wants respect, independence, and self-reliance if they can get it. Some earn it and don't get it. Others get it and don't earn it. We might provide for more of an inverse to that?

See, send someone to the moon long enough and the children of those sent, the very next generationbecome Lunan. Visitors to Mars, after a time, become Martian. Your children, their own persons.  It's the same thing.  They mature to stand alone. ...A sentient God, or parent, would understand that.

It's the motivation, the approach, and the attitude of the motherland; however, which seems to dictate if the colony becomes an *enemy* or not ...if I am to believe history, any portion of the good-faith efforts of my *founding* fathers, my own observations, or the plotline of Babylon 5.

The asteroids we "colonize" could become like Plato's little city-states, banding together into loose federations of their own? Declaring one's independence from a hated, clutching, and abusive Earth? What a curse of fate THAT, to be predisposed to jealousy and hatred, eh? No!

No, it just doesn't have to be that way. Better to let them go. What's the end result of any colony, anyway. They don't seem to have worked well for any parent country. Simple greed has provided for some real atrocity of a kind that transfers parent to child, always. First learned is hard unlearned.

Better? Profit hugely, rather, from a success that was always (?) encouraged in atmospheres of mutual respect and appreciation. Right?  Is that beyond the pale? It sure has been... and this writer, one in the winter of his winter, has not been able to see any sensible reasons for it, at all... gratification of ego is just...  Not...  Enough!

Rather, it's about survival, whether your children can stand on their own two feet, and if they have REASON to love you enough to include you in their successes. Independence is a given where possibleit's understood. Moreover, it's required. And a hand of fellowship can go out... even refused and insulted... spat upon. A proper God or parent would understand that, as we observed earlier.

So, let's quit screwing around, cop to the inevitable, and go fly those rocks! Again, we've everything beyond imagining to gain, and nothing to lose but our default regressive cowardice... and perhaps? ...The sure extinction of our species.

Let's go!  

But, first. Restore John Ford!

*No apologies to Larry Niven! [g].

Friday, May 14, 2021

Locker Ruptures

Locker Ruptures
by Alfred Lehmberg

"Old UFOs have zero relevance..." some would, rather ridiculously, argue. Not quite. ...That misses the mark. 

There's a smarter and more constructive way to look at that, too, it's offered, but let's see some more of the outline before comin' down hard. We have to come down that way in some pretty uncomfortable places. Courage is questioned. Ethics is debated. Self-honesty, always in short supply, will be examined.

Resolved: others must argue that these old cases must be, precisely and exclusively, the cases we need to keep looking at! This is, of course, because these are the ones, the qualifying ones (it is worried!), but the ones with which we've grown the most comfortable, you know, as regards that actualizing qualification alluded to and aforementioned... ...does contempt have to follow familiarity? Onward!

Somehow wise to beat dead horses, we're advised... we are even served, reader, and verily, it is suggested, by looking at these classic UFO cases exhaustively, meticulously, and laboriously, even! We are rewarded in our attempts to voraciously discount, disqualify, and discredit them, only, is the assertion! Where is the science in that... A question expecting no answer as there is no answer. 

See, even if a new "scan" or "scientific (scientistic!) sift" reveals the "fishing line" or the conjectured "smoky mirror," and the time-honored case blows up in our "less than perspicacious" faces, these would argue, we are attended to by this disqualification! Plussed-up, a "truth" is made even more obvious, and UFOs are shown to be... "well, that they just can't even," eh?! Score one for the Pelicanist's home team!

One simply puts them from one's calmed, decerning, and superior mind... ...Naw! 

One but slides back to fluffin' their glad arrogance and masturbatin' their unjustified pride... humpin' their sweaty hubris? Yes, it's that bad.

"...Because that's what science is about," is a cheerful if disingenuous refrain! "We are but chipping diligently away at 'belief' until all that remains is 'fact,' right?" ...These have smugly pontificated... 

Then? Then, they'd employ their take-no-prisoners-kill-'em-all-and-let-God-sort-it-out "debunking" strategies, in the purest sense of that word... since it's foolish, as we all "know," to tolerate "bunk." This writer inserts an obligatory eye-roll.

Yeah, three cheers for "brave scientism" and the men who gleefully prosecute it, eh? Hearty hails as, drooling the aforementioned hubris, we hoist, foreshadowing a wholly inappropriate (and ironic) religiosity, its prideful banner high, higher, and highest... quite beyond all qualification or discussion... or protest.

Yea and verily, onward and upward scientistic (sic) soldiers, marching as to war... and we'll fight-fight-fight on to our 2D triumph and our facile, only imagined and assuredly passing glory... and its risible honor... wiping slime and slobber from those slack and scienceless jaws encountered as we painfully go... but fighting the never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the scientistic way... 

Uh, huh... then the "scientific" rent comes due, right? We find that our hubris is equal to our immaturity. How can it be anything else? Consider, anytime we "know" we have something in its tagged bag we discover that it's runnin' around in the yard sans its pants and flashin' the neighbors!

Sincerely, I don't mean to mock the sincere scientist with his diminished hubris and reasonable humility, but (!), notwithstanding the unerring accuracy of their certainly sentient sentiment erstwhile aspired to? These are in no way allowing for the dark side of same, reader! They are not on proper guard for it! They don't take it seriously enough! To a degree, they deny its very existence! 

...And there is a dark side, Sir and madam. By way of example... what's much respected to be an honest "peer review" (just to start) may be a smothering cowl where the interests of the reptilian pecuniary lie, and compellingly, to wish it so... consider "good cops" not outing "bad cops" and begin to grok the drift... a fraternity, institution, or a status quo ever legitimately trumped what was "right" and "true"! That finger hoisted!

...And let's ALL take a moment to shake our heads in contrition and remorse that such has not been so! There is shame enough for us all, true enough... but satisfaction beyond the shame, having copped to that shame. It is the way.

That "dark" alluded to remains predictably unacknowledged (when it would count!), where it is not first celebrated by the backstepping "self-involved," friends and neighbors, most caustically by persons typifying as one's reflex "skeptibunky"! Of that ilk and of that clan! 

These are those persons, of course, of conflicted caliber, in other words...those defining UFOs as "dismissible" out of hand and sans all investigation, too... persons so risible on their face that the laughter begins before they open their mouths to speak! 

Secondly, and sadly, we must include even that "sincere scientist" alluded to beforehand and so gratefully allowed for... (cops "good" and "bad," remember... and who's the good guy when the former lets the latter slide?) ...even as these are, perhaps, not so often in arrears. 

Happily, one can more easily believe in these, largely because they are the more guileless and sincere professionals measured in hard-won letters and education, persons of ethics and consistency... J. Allen Hynek's "good instruments," truly honorable persons, perhaps, persons of all humility and without most of that degenerative hubris alluded to (one hopes!)... even if ignoring happily the toxic hubris practiced by their abject adjacents... so, persons willing to continue to play by the honorable rules as codified... even as they don't call out skeptibunkies for not reading to the period as regards their traditional lack of open-minded investigation? The rent will come due, as was pointed out.

These might escape the graceless ignominy of dishonor, dishonor hastened by their adjacent's arrogance and homocentric vanity... mostly... even as those aforementioned, those faux-skeptic and denying others, do not escape that eventual dishonor. Cowardice, intellectual or otherwise, can never be rewarded.

This includes, moreover, even that caliber of a person displaying erudition, intellect, and personal honor otherwise... like the late Richard Hall and Jerry Clark, for an example of type (Not Hall and Clark, I'd hasten to point out, but persons of that caliber). These people, and requiring no citation, don't want their world views destroyed, out of hand! Who does! Though that becomes necessary, sometimes. Why deny an obvious? Examples are legion even if difficult to admit.

Folks are more comfortable believing that they'd had their things pretty well nailed down, the "big parts" allowed for, you see... but it's the once-revered anything that can blow up in one's face! One speaks from experience. 

Asserted here is that some will go to extraordinary lengths to keep their well-deserved and justified cognitive implosion from happening... employ all the self-interested tools facilitated by cognitive dissonance and other mental gymnastics to keep things "already defined" in their well-ordered universe as "already defined" if in, ironically, contorted "line"... where they are not! You, me... anybody. A self-inflicted wound, self-service has the shortest shelf life. Do not consume. See, if heaven can fall, it probably should.

I resurrect my analogy of the locker rupture for the mal-intellectual thugs who prosecute it:

In my country, while attending high school, one had to be very careful to ensure that their gym locker doors were closed and locked completely! Additionally, one didn't let so much as a thread of gym shorts or jersey show as fishable through the small crack betwixt the door and its casement. Stay with me, now.

If you did? That thread would be ferreted out by a diligent juvenile delinquent with anger issues and your gym clothes torn and ruined as they were worried and jerked out of the locker crack, shred by tattered shred! The bottom of the door could even be exploded outward like it had suffered the expulsion of one of Ellen Ripley's Alien chest-bursters! We called them "locker ruptures."

Our aforementioned anti-ufological delinquent, tricked out with his obdurate performances of reflexive denial, on the other hand, might remain minimally admirable if he'd balanced his obsessive energies in the service of ferreting out, once in an f'n while, threads of procedural and logical error in the mechanizations and mal-approbations of his ilk's "lockers," eh? ...Validated a case, once in a while, where it could be validated, instead of invalidation as his purposed and partisan "go-to" move! 

These are significant errors, moreover, abundant in the arguments and researches of his fellow pelicanists and skeptibunkies who are opposed to even the concept of UFOs (while pretending to honestly challenge the "conventional wisdom" of quality (old) cases already abundantly assessed!)... but that's not likely, eh? The late Stanton Friedman was able to point this out in every debate he was ever in... 

See, behavior such as that would counter the by-laws of your garden variety pelicanist guild members and those folks over in their sister clans of concerned scatological klasskurtxians and anxious skeotibunkies! But for these re-re-redigested tatters, tatters they have largely manufactured themselves out of whole cloth, as with the Roswell case, for instance (et sig al), they but serve us but a corrosive disservice, some facile misdirection, and that ever-popular but mendacious scientistic argle-bargle only aping the scientific! These cases, re-re-re-dissected, remain to have an obvious solidity that your sage denier attempts, everlastingly, to ruin... like the gym shorts just described!

These have, say, grasped the skeptibunky's "find one more witness" tatter (of Trindade for example, a case beat to death so badly one cannot be sure of pronouncement upon it one way or the other... the plan and end-game of the denialist one might imagine!) one of those juvenile delinquents I alluded to earlier, and, biting down hard on it with his little ferret-faced rat-fangs, he is content to hang on for dear life, prosecuting his dull and tedious obstinacy... like stubbornness was a virtue! It is not. Not when that stubbornness is backboned by any of the four iterated items above, it's not!

It is not, just as it's not about a mendacious servitor's, "one more witness" disingenuousness. It wouldn't matter to this kind of guy were even the late arch-skeptibunky Philip Klass to stumble forward, from the grave, to say that he was on the boat at Trindade, in the yard at McMinnville, or in the cab with Heflin so in truth, saw, himself, the UFOs in unending contention... Matters not... especially from the grave, eh?

It is about looking beyond the usual confinement, thinking out of the box so redefining (evolving!) the box, and removing oneself from the center of a trumped-up "God's" universe, at all. It's about reading to the period, accepting the larger reality, and combating reactionary denial as cross-purposed and inordinately deconstructive to advancement and elevation... a fist in the throat of our aspiration to transcendence even

It is about truth. It is about justice. It is about a sentient way. It is the way! How could self-honesty, justified humility, and lack of corrosive hubris be any less?

In this writer's opinion, anything else is reactionary stodginess, obsessive pig-headedness, blithering anti-science, actually, and the death of our progressive rationality... some, more sentient than this writer, rather assiduously point out. Check current events. Richard Dolan ain't just whistlin' Dixie

Sceptibunkies should let their shards of current tatters go while their humiliation can still be less regrettable and more manageable. They waste our energy and theirs, and they perform no service, still, but the fluffing of our collective complacency and the corporeal du jour cowardice we endure. Verily, they are unaware that the locker and gym shorts they're trying to rupture through the locked door and ruining frame and casement are actually their own articles. It's their locker, too.

See? The mechanism of re-hashing the same-old hoary hash on the already well-parsed hash of old UFO cases is two-fold, and it's all aimed at the otherwise distracted observer who still sits on the fence regarding the legitimacy of UFOs, at the start. Then, if the "pelicanistic-skeptibunky-klasskurtxian" can demonstrate, even fraudulently, that a jury is still out on the best cases... it is to these cases discredit, first... and then, secondly, by non-admitted extension, to all ufological cases. Concept: obliterated. ...See how that might work? 

If the old bulletproof cases can be made to appear dodgy, then all ufological cases can be made to be perceived, to the fence-sitting masses, as the same kind of dodgy... and by fallacious extension the impetus to investigate any and all ufological cases, past, present, and future is thwarted and ham-strung as an exercise in futility, when it is not. How could it be? The open end of that suspected multiverse seems unavoidable... I've written before regarding happenstance roaring down on us like freight trains... what happens when we don't investigate what's been humming on reality's tracks...

In an ideal world, it will be postulated, this would clearly not be the case. We, however; have learned to accept the "less than ideal" as real. We embrace the evolved reality revealed for all its angels and devils!

Are we going to forget for a moment the denialist's complicity in keeping us from the benefits of that "ideal world"? Are we to disregard their scurrilous effect and duplicitous campaign with regard to the invalidation of same? Are we to overlook their program's imagination-lessness, their disingenuous design, their sad prosecution of same, and their mechanism to ill-facilitate that which they would but pretend not to decry? Not on my watch. These are not truth-seekers, Sir or Madam! These are a truth-"bleeders"!

We bleed collectively, howsoever needlessly, only because of the insentient and duplicitous (even psychotic and mendacious!) dog-worrying activity of them and theirs... or one's portentous willingness to destroy a perfectly good set of gym shorts torn from a perfectly serviceable locker on which they've unethically broken the casement and warped the door! The Hope diamond can be turned to dust with an errant sledge, reader... proving nothing but the inadvisability of having pricey diamonds (UFOs?) around some persons, at all?

No matter how often the metaphorical CGI "smoke-mirror" or "UFO suspending fishing line" has not been substantivally revealed, "trufologists" can, and perhaps should, become comfortable with those cases, even take them for granted to a degree, as good pieces of evidence. Proof of contention. This would be the evidence justifying the continuation of an expenditure of energy in the UFO's regard, at all. ...Not just its dismissal. 

...So maybe, just maybe, a reasonable attitude to any attempt to re-examine these cases non-critically, hair-splittingly, disingenuously, and dismissively... well, that attempt be treated as a form of intellectual heresy and an ironic betrayal of real science... which is, remember, that aspiration to truth, truth though heaven falls to shattered shreds or tattered shards

I suspect we're more aptly served able to rebuild upon a more substantial foundation, after that falling, than trying to build on those same holy scriptures telling us when and where to acquire slaves, murder "disappointing" daughters, or commit senseless genocides... failing us in the corporeal... and whose sigil has an emaciated man torturously suspended by nails on a wooden cross... but I digress. 

Remains, we'd have all this behind us if we'd copped to a ufological reality back in 1952 when the concept first raised its alien head and Harry Truman ordered they be shot down... and they were!

But oh, what a pompous web-load of klasskurtxian crap the denialist will prosecute in tedious denial of all that, eh? ...Like Bill Nye pronouncing authoritatively upon that which he has not seriously investigated, at all. See, and again, no matter how often the conjectured "fishing line" can be demonstrated not to have been there, bumptious "avians" (pelicanists!) have become so adept and comfortable crapping out their ready dismissals that they regard any attempt to protest their duplicitous "reexaminations" as the real heresy! Gaslighting at its fervid best! Not what one would have wished, perhaps, for that "better world," aforementioned, about which some must moan through crocodile tears, Sir and Madam!

That, resolved: cases such as McMinnville, Soccorro, Trindade, and etc, might be part of a canon of ufology to be defended, at cost, as accepted and acceptable. Canon beyond the tortured logics, disingenuous self-interests, bland mendacities... or dead-horse beating (locker rupturing!) weaponizations used by persons too leery of necessary new world-views roaring down on all of us like the aforementioned train. 

...Let world-views and personal philosophies become more cosmically gylanic, if we let them, but promoting canon certainly protected from the ceaseless and inordinate pecking of the impertinent pelicanists, biased ringers perhaps even employed to prosecute the reflexive denials aforementioned, at the start

This is given, of course, precisely because that it is likely that we are not alone in an unknown cosmos! ...And would be much better served, at cost to cat-birds (one suspects), behaving as if we were not.

...And that that is such a game-changer, "innit," though again it's a bullet we could have bitten in 1952. My 40-year-old son would never have known a universe without extraterrestrials in it. I suspect that that universe might have a much broader horizon and greater aspect to it for that brave disclosure than is offered currently...

This is a cosmos where there is and has been time and consolidating surface... area enough, friends and neighbors, not only to substantiate in the existential everything in the single most creative person's imagination... but everything beyond the most basic capacity in an unceasing plethora of such imaginations! Conceive of the inconceivable. That's for good and bad. It's all out there. Choose. That's on you.

The counterproductive and ceaseless criticizing of past cases such as McMinnville, Trindade, Soccoro, etc, are part of the klasskurtxian bag of scurvy skeptibunky tricks, one can observe. These shall be defended against, at cost, and within a trusted unbiased logic, by the protests of more honorable and truth-seeking men and women, regarding same. ...Persons like Jeremy Vaeni, Tyler Kochjohn, Tim Binnall, or Jack Brewer... just to draw notable apts from a hat of notables... Good cops finally calling out the bad? Sense must triumph over self-serving insentience, sometimes

Try to remember that the United States Navy is looking hard at them, right now! What's up with that? Loss leader? Bait and switch? What?! We'll see.

Summing up, perhaps the best way to challenge any mal-critical assault on one of these "old" cases is simply to assess (not label) the person making the criticism as a facile skeptibunky, a too-proud pelicanist, or a scared denialist, and then be allowed to move on to territory unexplored precisely because we've been nagged and niggled re-prosecuting the already well prosecuted instead of that unexplored. Funny that, eh? 

As deconstructive as it is and proves itself to be, no further discussion pertaining to that destruction is needed or necessary. It has abdicated all rights to favorable consideration being beneath that consideration, its concern, or all contempt. Then maybe we can move on to the current and more substantive stuff, exactly what your garden variety pelicanist would seem to oppose. ...And funny, that!

Those of you in this outlined clan of reflex denialists! You and yours only shred metaphorical shorts from the broken casements of ruptured lockers, your own, I remind! 

It remains to be the way, the only way you can mount your weepy challenges to ufology, or prosecute your inconsequent mal-critical assault on UFOs. The pelicanist remains to be known... known by its somehow impassioned yet desultory and nonsensical squawk and the fetid mal-intellectual droppings it leaves in its intellectually impoverishing wake, only, Sir, and Madam, or by anything else they'd distractingly utter in what only seems to be an otherwise reasonable and reasoned discourse.

"Truth..." Those are sneer quotes. The uninformed presumption of these outlined reflexive deniers, rife with toxic hubris and wallowing unjustified arrogance, ages as badly as it initially smells, eh? I am moved to just let one's massive hubris "tag and bag" its own misunderstanding... let it un-bravely prosecute those little articles of "reality tunnel" presumption employed... but that it disserves us so egregiously! ...All the while, remember, already vast and expanding multiverses loom before us like a gaping tooth-filled maw, more unknowable than they are unknown and with greater shadows revealed for every brightening of our meager little lamp

Moreover, who can depend on a clock never correct because it moves its own hands around to sense time as it would have it measured?  These, be not proud.

Whistle passed that graveyard, little darlin's. When your religion is unblinking hypocrisy, your science an inflation of unjustified hubris, and your patriotism is but patent treason, all you have is that which dissolves inexorably before you... enjoy, eh? It's entirely on you. There's some truth... sneer quotes are unnecessary and one's locker remains intact.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

...Frying Eggs Ever After...

From a work appropriated from Reagan Lee...


What's another hurdle 
has the *saucer* people fretting... 
while observing what evolves
 to be our fate
It's the treatment of our children 
in their squalid little classrooms 
where we teach our "party-lines" 
to kids betrayed!
Half-truths and distortions 
fill our books all out of date, 
and kids wallow in this fantasy 
produced ...'til it's too late! 
See, It's the text from too few publishers
it's fundamental Christians
it's chiseled moms and dads 
who pay the freight 
for Smaug's decisions!
Yeah, it's these damp and rotting classrooms 
where we've sown what we will reap
They're designed 
to make kids hate them, see...
...if you hadn't made that leap! 
Staffed by "the worried nervous
who are loath to "light a fuse," 
the "teachers" are expendable, 
so it's them who turns those screws!
Almost, like it's built to fail
creating the delinquent 
...burn them from the middle class 
to fill one's corporate prisons
Keep them skill-less and belligerent 
so they earn a lessor pay; 
keep them hopeless and indifferent; 
have them grovel; 
make them pray?
...Contrive their educations 
so there is no *education* 
(to discern, as such, some quality... might say); 
give them grades to fill the job-fairs 
for the "dead-end service worker" 
that the corporate boys "provide..." 
for lesser pay?
Then, the insult of our nation
the 'man' is selling education... 
...which would keep folks from 
the meanest kinds of work... 
It's big bucks to go to college, 
so the masses never go; 
that's reserved for Buzz and Skippy
but forget that working Joe!  
Dependant on the money
stuff that's in "some short supply"
well served is corporate welfare 
where so few can live so high!
The *watchers* watch us legislate 
this "...conscious disrespect," 
grasping talons of the *rights
of "priests" and "kings."  
So, they wonder if we're sensing 
we're consuming all our "seed corn"
that we will the grand disaster 
that this brings!
Do they marvel on our "process"—
(our unmitigated gall...) 
to rob a blighted "Peter" pay a rich, benighted "Paul."  
Do they further ponder thinking, 
as we make this "trigger pull," 
why we're truly so disordered
wanting honor, and so dull!
Yes, it's how we treat our children 
...keeps the saucer folk obscured! 
It's our "game plan" of indifference
then, to which we are inured
It's our wanton lack of horse-sense 
as we use our kids for grease... 
to lube the tracks of profit 
for the few who do the least!
The saucers surely judge us 
but continue their "recording," 
as they dodge about, 
and blink out in the sky! 
...But it's we who'll bear the judging 
when we read it sometime hence, 
and there won't be much to laugh at
and too much to make us cry...

...The joy, of course, after that settled cleansing of initial sorrow? It will be indescribable! We'll share that joy and it will be increased even as any remaining misery is proportionally and invariably decreased. That's the way it works. This writer's intuition is that such is the nature of things where spades are identified as "task obvious" shovels!

...What's "trigger pull"?

Well, succinctly, it's the act of pulling a gun trigger. A combat veteran, I've adequate experience with the concept and consequences of same. See, "trigger pull" is the line of demarcation between the actuality of "before one pulls the trigger" and "after one pulls the trigger." Between these two concepts is a GULF... but it is the thing achieving the formality of actual occurrence (or not), or, the "trigger pull," to which we allude.  "Formality of actual occurrence" is a key concept. It happens... or it does NOT happen.

Before one pulls a trigger, one has an egg. After one pulls the trigger one has a fried egg... one shan't un-fry that egg, eh? In turn, it seems that many times a dud is the preferred round. See, a fried egg's fried forever after.

It's like sex, in a way, too. "Before" is a teasing itch. "During" is, trigger pulled, that itch deliciously scratched. "After" is having to live ever after with the consequences of that scratched itch. Pregnancy perhaps, Disease perhaps, Embarrassment perhaps, Violence perhaps, Loss of trust, family, and property... Pecuniary liability... Guilt... the downside is legion, even fatal, eh? The upsides are few and far between...?

I pulled a now regretted trigger once in combat haunting me to this day. Combat is no excuse. I killed because I wanted to kill, lusted to kill, before... then during... with absolutely no thought to the ever after. The ongoing "After" is all that remains. Had I known...

Southeast of Ho Chi Minh City (then Saigon) in late 1970 there was a small if inexplicable out-cropping of rock amidst the paddies with a tiny cave mouth ensconced in the south side of it. Perhaps a Holy place, it could have been there since the beginning of time. "Charlie," (an affectation for "Cong": used to dehumanize fellow humans like "Gook" or "Slope") was supposed to be in there. An Aircraft Commander for the 135th Assault Helicopter Company, I'd flown a Special Forces team in by UH-1 to deal with the "problem."

The team leader, a Sergeant First Class with three tours in country—he liked it—asked me if I wanted a "piece." Misery does love company, eh? I, too eagerly, accepted and spent the better part of an hour chunking M-40 grenades into the cave mouth with an M-79.

Good times were had by all. We cooked up some "C"s and told war stories. I must have put 30 rounds into the small cave mouth before somebody, not me, went over to have a look... Worryingly, there had been no expected secondary explosions...

Finally, one of the team's "Tunnel Rats" went in to see, at last dragging out a badly chewed-up teenaged boy. No weapons were found... Want, lust, and eagerness evaporated pretty quickly reader, and I am tormented still.

Finding out we were lied into that war, too? The torment and regret only gets worse. I flew back to my presently erased base camp at Di An not at all the same young man flying out.

There were consequences to my actions that I'd not considered beforehand, see? Fried eggs remain fried, remember. I stayed in the Army as it turned out and was assiduous about that lesson to superiors, contemporaries, and subordinates alike, thereon, for the remainder of a 23-year career.

Think before you pull the trigger. The "before" and "during" are many times too well trumped by the eternal "after," and that can burn like a hot twisted knife...