Saturday, July 25, 2015

"I'm Like A Monster Who Walks Among Men"

"One person's criticism of my methods should absolutely
not call into question the legitimacy of hypnosis
being used in abduction research."

"I'm Like A Monster 
Who Walks Among Men" 

 David Jacobs, noted abduction researcher, filed the following report Sunday the 19th of December in 2010 on George Knapp's Coast To Coast radio program regarding his "harassment" at the hands of the "shrill harridan and obsessive psychopath," Emma Woods, a pseudonym.

Let it be said, once again: all things are not as they appear to be. The reader will find below a few of the most egregious slanders of Ms. Woods et al, with the demonstrated perpetrator whining that he is in fact the victim—where all the evidence seems decidedly in opposition to that. I advise the reader that virtually every statement uttered by Doctor Jacobs on the Knapp program can be unwound in a manner similar to the un-windings below.

We begin:

David Jacobs raves: "She's a persuasive blamer; she's blamed me for any number of misdeeds and horrendous problems that I've caused her... listening to her, I'm like a monster who walks among men."

That was the curious description he used for himself, used over and over... Does the shoe remotely fit Dr. Jacobs?

Perhaps she "...blames" in as much as Jacobs... can be blamed! Moreover, I'm not listening to her for evidence that he is a "monster walking among men," no... I only need to listen to him for evidence of that.

The tapes he reports as "doctored" and "out of context" are not challenged by tapes of his own, have passed muster by experts with no dog in the hunt, and are quite clear as a measure of what I'm compelled to identify as blithe malfeasance on the part of Doctor Jacobs. Moreover, I submit that it is he and not Ms "Woods" who is the raging obsessive.  His upcoming retreat from hypnosis as an investigative tool while providing no description with regard to how his schtick has in any way changed is indication of a potential scurrilousness imo.


David Jacobs raves: "Every time she listens to a tape of a session she'll find some other charge against me... or something."

Surely not _every_ time, eh? Though, certainly something that is there.  It remains that what she has uncovered seems abundantly damning to an unusual, even surreal, degree. ...But then one listens to the hours of tape in question, the well vetted tapes, the abundantly damning tapes, the wholly undeniable tapes, the completely revealing tapes—hours and hours of tape! I'm reminded of Nixon reminding us that he is not a crook...

Step down, Dr. Jacobs. Step off, Dr. Jacobs. Step away, Dr. Jacobs.


David Jacobs raves as regards Woods' "supporters": "There are people [out there] who will believe almost anything... especially if there appears to be [some], quote, evidence, unquote..."

That's right Doctor. Why, I myself will believe almost "anything" if there is evidence for it! Anything!!! Even that which sends a torpedo well below the waterline of a fellow community member for whom I once had the greatest admiration and respect!  That would be you, sir!

Step down, Dr. Jacobs. Step off, Dr. Jacobs. Step away, Dr. Jacobs. If you really want to support the research, recuse yourself now!

Oh, and Doctor Jacobs? Full marks for the depth to which you insult your base on this Knapp show of C2C!

More submitted as needed or called for... wrong is wrong.

Closing, there is more than one person criticising, Sir... there is a plethora, an abundance, and even a surplus of diverse criticism available.  


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