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Jeff Challender's Astounding Discoveries

The Astounding Discoveries 
Of the late Jeff Challender

Will Evans, a staff writer for the Sacramento Bee in California's Capitol, reflected, in part, the following on January 14th, 2003 at: That link is dead. The article is reproduced here.

It is an article pertaining to UFOs plainly shown on NASA file footage recorded by the late Jeff Challender and waffled on by portentous pundits, the skeptibunky elite, and conflicted NASA officials.

The less than intrepid Mr Evans reports:

"The longtime aviation junkie [Jeff Challender of Sacramento] started taping missions in 1997, just for fun, to edit each one into a documentary. But in 1999, he saw something that grabbed his attention: an illuminated dot, pulsating as it whizzed across the screen. Then, later, he saw many white dots moving around, changing direction and speed."

"What were they? Challender has been tracking similar 'anomalies' ever since."

LEHMBERG COMMENTS: Sneer quotes?!  What fatuous, mal-informed and misinforming hubris is this!? ...Pretty cheeky in the face of seven clear categories of evidence signifying the UFO, illustrating the UFO, and providing substantiation for the UFO. 

-- 'I want answers,' says the former railroad laborer. 'I believe something's going on and the facts are being kept from us.'

NASA isn't so sure.

LEHMBERG COMMENTS: A pox on suspect NASA (Never A Straight Answer), mere lap dogs of their corporate handlers! Just another arm of a corrupt system manipulating the prevaricating smoke and distracting mirrors of an unelected leadership! They only assume a patent cloak of patronizing condescension to hide their arbitrary guile! Along with Mr. Challender, -this- writer would have some ANSWERS!  Lastly, describing Mr Challender dismissively as a former "railroad laborer" was a cheap shot beneath the dignity of the SACBEE and akin to describing Edward Snowden only as a low tier intelligence analyst! 

-- " 'I'm not aware of any visuals of (extraterrestrial) activity,' says Fred Brown, executive producer of NASA Television."

LEHMBERG COMMENTS: Mr. Brown is also unaware, apparently, of a controlling corporate hand shoved so far up his back-side that the quickly moving fingers have replaced his tongue and stirred the components of his brain!

-- "Challender points to incidents where the camera seems to zoom in on one of the dots and then cuts off the live footage—signs, he says, of a cover-up."

LEHMBERG COMMENTS: And if one has seen -any- of the -quality- stuff that Mr. Challender has recorded, the remotely conscious reader would smell "cover-up," too! Much of this material will be archived or referenced at

-- "Nonsense, Brown says. 'If those things were out there and we were trying to hide them, we wouldn't put them on NASA Television.' "

LEHMBERG COMMENTS: Of -course- they would... or show -nothing- at all!  Slight of hand and bait and switch.  Moreover, they -do- try to hide them, or why does the current visual signal come, now, only after significant time delays subsequent to some of the -first- anomalous and highly suspicious sightings? Additionally, they -would- plainly show some of the *sightings*, but only for the purpose of "hiding" them in plain SIGHT! Be not fooled!

-- "Challender is probably seeing bits of liquid or ice, close to the camera, blown around by jets of gas from the shuttle, says Seth Shostak, an astronomer at the SETI Institute, a nonprofit organization running what used to be NASA's 'Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.' "

LEHMBERG COMMENTS: Probably Shmobably... Ah yes—Dr. Shostak of Stanton of Friedman's well identified "Silly Exercise To Investigate." Just another guy who wants to keep his place at the funding trough, and a man reluctant to re-think his thoughts or re-do work once thought done? -This- writer is un-swayed!

-- " 'You have to be careful,' [Shostak] says. 'They're very impressive if you're naive.' "

LEHMBERG COMMENTS: Ha! Pompously pointing a finger to proclaim the naivete of others, Dr. Shostak points a pecuniary THREE back at himself! Significant others make compelling and cited arguments that it is HE who is more abundantly naive! Case in point:

-- "...But [Dr.] Jack Kasher, a retired University of Nebraska, Omaha, physicist, says he's viewed Challender's findings, concluding that they aren't ice particles and challenging anyone who says so to prove it."

LEHMBERG COMMENTS: I've seen Doctor Kasher's work. It is detailed, scientific, and significant, and it -destroys- the feeble explanations of his axe grinding detractors, artless men who predictably attack the man when they cannot refute his airtight arguments!

-- Still, Shostak says, why would SETI spend millions searching for alien radio signals if there were Martians buzzing around every NASA mission?

LEHMBERG COMMENTS: Ha ha! Exactly! Why indeed? A straight answer to THAT question would re-write history and make bogus heavens FALL! And if heaven CAN fall, it probably should!  Remains that Mr Shostak's silly effort to investigate is akin to searching the heavens for smoke signals (Friedman)!

-- "Shostak believes that there is alien life. If 10 percent of stars had planets and 1 percent of those supported life, there could be millions of worlds with life just in our galaxy, he calculates."

LEHMBERG COMMENTS: ...Merely a loss-leader, throw-away, and meaningless comment so as to -appear- open minded. He still won't *cop* that if he believes they could be -anywhere- then they could just as easily be -here-! He won't *cop* that the abundant evidence of them -being- here has a history of thousands of years writ in ink, pressed into clay, and scratched into eternal stone... he blithely forgets the testimony of thousands, the quality photographs, and the physical trace evidence involved with their (obvious!) presence... how?

-- "But NASA would have no incentive to hide any evidence. 'That would be the greatest thing for NASA. Their budget would go up instead of going down,' he says."

LEHMBERG COMMENTS: Yes! That's the kicker argument. That seems, at first glance, to be the definitive and unassailable dispute to Jeff Challender's astounding assertions! But glance again! That unctuous, facile, and patronizing comment ASSUMES the veracity of a "forward looking" and "clear-eyed" NASA motivated only by truth and driven to it by -real- science. ...But is it really? Can that assumption be made with -any- onfidence? -This- writer think not! On reflection and being fair? The reader can't either! We are NOT alone, and a brave Jeff Challender has captured it on film!

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