Wednesday, July 15, 2015

They Fail


They Fail
by Alfred Lehmberg

Lately, Roswell is revisited for cast aspersion, yet again. Et tu Brute?  Of course!  Pecuniary graspers the likes of Jaime Maussan draw half-cocked pistols to shoot the ufological in the foot, are found demonstrably wrong and then double down on their error for more professional embarrassment. What was everybody thinking?

I think what I find most personally offensive about the Roswell 'tree' being shaken further vis a vis the child mummy fiasco are the fallaciously stretched and smirking satisfactions of the ardent skeptibunky/pelicanist/post-pelicanist ilk. Their gloating satisfaction, such as it was forecast and readily demonstrates itself to be, is as inappropriate as it is wholly undeserved.

See, it's revolting that these same Klasskurtzian ideologues might draw a deeper more self-satisfied breath for any reason, but that as a result of reflex "E?H" disqualifications for Roswell, or that Roswell might (at last!) be shown to have a prosaic (even if horrific) explanation, is a bridge too far!  That is simply as intolerable as it is overweening.

To spin you up, reader, the respected writer/researcher Nick Redfern recently suggested the aforementioned "prosaic horrific" in one of his books.  That book may have missed the mark.

Back at the ranch, I resent, further, that the aforementioned disparaged persons would even falsely perceive a little more hydrogen in their otherwise disintegrating balloon of reflex denial, a sad sack of abject ufological denialism of the first wash. Plainly, I take exception, finally, that they feel even remotely validated in the continuing prosecution of their senseless negativity regarding what is otherwise the patently obvious regarding UFOs and Roswell. 

...And it is obvious, reader.

Verily, the Pelicanist elite must contrive to avoid the freaking point ...once again! To what end but intellectual complacency, one is compelled to wonder.

Though, verily, reductionist science shows that its two color "reductionista" only props up its cloyingly dismissive ufological faux-insouciance while it blithely continues its reversing back-step to sooth its cotton candy retro-paradigms, one must presume... paradigms of the already survived past where they were the masters of all that we survey... that they are the dominators of same... that they are a jewel in some Cartesian deity's inviolate crown... No, no, and no.  That fondly remembered past is a self-deception. They were no master in it.  They were a soaked cork, then as now, bobbing on a tormented if wholly alien surf in a moment of respite, ill perceived reef rocks at the ready known and unknown and only chance's wind to blow one around them.

These intellectual affectations of presumed superiority are attitudes easily washed away in the first tidal wave, buried in the wave's caused earthquake, or obliterated with the first surprise asteroid strike. They fail.

Why does a Roswell redux upset me... and maybe you? Because it's a waste of everybody's time, I believe. It will be used to qualify a retreat from the inevitable. It uses conveniently applied logic to eradicate logic, intimates fallacy for more plausible, treasured and wished for faux-reality... uses a metaphorical ufological democracy to hinder that self-same democracy.  Justice AND science are not served.

Listening closely, one can begin to hear the faux-victory chanters wheeze their tiny little sighs of sophistic satisfaction as they return, renewed, to the role of "foul beast" lurching off to CSIcopia to be born in the form of a mummified child. On popular UFO lists noted 'skeptics' are of the first emboldened to that pompous lurching. Others follow the very next day in their usual, knowingly lugubrious, manner. Others quick to natter in?  They "knew all along," you see.

Can you hear them smirk as they distorted; do you sense them sneer as they cherry-pick; Can you perceive in your mind's eye their snickers as they fraudulently lecture and attempt transfer for their unbrave retro-isms? Oh yes, these intellectual cowards smell a new validation for their tedious progression hating paradigms. They rejoice! These are only a beginning. They will fail.

This is said with all admiration for and appropriate respect to Mr. Redfern and persons of his seeming sincerity, who has gone some distance, ufologically, without disgrace on that paranormal path, a path fraught with all manner of opportunity for said disgrace. His arrows have flown with a minimal divergence from true, it would seem, and those arrows stick in the target with an efficacious tenacity which seems wholly justified. Whatever he has to say on the subject is worth having a look at... however he shakes it down. That's more than fair, and I believe Mr. Redfern aspires to same.  So, Redfern is not the problem, eh?

The truth about Roswell is, of course, paramount; however... only if it is the truth and not the current denialist's anti-ufological sex-toy for the "S&P Cubed" individuals alluded to above in the second paragraph, remember. The truth has no agenda. That's the province of a lie, even if just one of omission.

The "Cubers" first instinct, remember, is to use the resultant Mummy flap to discredit this ufological microcosm of Roswell... but then as a fallacious mechanism to destroy even unrelated ufological macro-cosms elsewhere! That's the quick and dirty on their device. Their agenda is the fraudulent invalidation of UFOs.

They're not remotely interested in the truth! Their only interest is to keep the backstepping status-quo rewarding them... as turgidly vital as they can... for as long as they can... and accomplish same in any manner that they have to. It's what they do, have done and will continue to do.

Inevitably, they fail. Over an over again, they fail. UFOs refuse to go away.

As has been pointed out often by named researchers (including Friedman, and he wrote the 'book' remember), Roswell... despite all the high strangeness surrounding it (...and perhaps even because of same!)... just not that important in the grand ufological design, good reader! It follows, then, that one can safely refrain from discounting the whole of that grand ufological design as a result of any one aspect of that design... especially Roswell, most especially Roswell, given what may be the ultimate truth about Roswell... as repugnantly repellant and off topic as that subject's likely to be... ...won't matter... sincerely!

...Real truths have a way of leading to other real truths. I'm ecstatic finding them myself howsomever they might make themselves available to me, because of exactly that. I'll take them as I find them and find them acceptable, or not... however uncomfortable they are. Reality is preferable in the long-run even as the phony-baloney one provided in its stead is missed for a time...

That was the theme of those three Matrix movies wasn't it? Those films struck an enduring chord for some freaking reason...

Returning to track, has it ever occurred to the reader that Roswell has been cultivated for years by its opposition as a device to keep the "credulity line" regarding UFOs as indistinct as possible? See, if 'indisputable' evidence is uncovered that Roswell was nothing more than monkeys flying footballs, or disabled Japanese children in dangerous high altitude balloon tests... (good ...God!)... it shall not diminish a pool of data and evidence regarding UFOs that remains seven levels deep, is thousands of years long, and has collected such an evidentiary weight and girth of reality changing propensity that its debated actuality becomes wholly and obscenely ludicrous... ...and, I suspect, a psychotic exercise of less than sane illegitimate power-holders in the confines of a lunatic asylum they have taken over, furiously pointing out and away from themselves the examples of the madness that they themselves are most afflicted by, frankly.  I digress, but in the aforementioned seven layer pool there only has to be one locus of correctness, just one truth, and all the arguments of the reductionists fall away because the reductionists have to be correct in every instance.  Negatives are impossible to prove, but that won't stop the ardent skeptibunky.

A prosaic Roswell does not make UFOs go away, by any measurable means, reader-sitting-on-the-fense-wrongly-believing-that-there-remains-a-plausible-deniability-with-regard-to-...True UFOs... there is no plausible deniability. UFOs are, indeed, real. Of this there is no rational doubt. There are abundant hosts of quality citation for that statement, reader.

Moreover, this is forgetting that a well respected and honorable Mr. Redfern may yet be found in arrears! Yea and verily, if Stanton Friedman can be proclaimed to have Roswell wrong (and that jury might very likely hang after it was out for years) then no less can be meted out to Mr. Redfern as the days and months spin on out. Nes't ce pas? Paramount in all our minds is the truth, isn't it? 

Well, no, frankly. Noted ufologist Jerry Clark recently points out in cyberspace that the behaviors and methods of a contingent of the ufological community diverges ...considerably... from Redfern's conjecture!

Is anyone with a degree of open-mindedness remotely surprised?

Indeed, the first salvo of response from this "S-P Cubed" contingent are only the predicted snickers, smirks, and sneers of obligatory partisanship. "Wait and See" is largely abandoned in a rush to agree with each other and score the first points in the game of pressure seal refurbishment that they would play and prosecute. They fail.

Their seals continue to pop around them like condoms apparently sent to third world countries. They know this to be true even as they don't accept it or remotely acknowledge it.

Their cabin pressures dwindle regardless. They begin to gasp for breath. Their status quo betrays them at last. Their retreating paradigms are a momentary aberration of their own meager hubris, and the gods they manufacture to do their bidding (and which only serve them in the short run)... fail. Even as these would deign to drag the rest of us into self-centered complacency, intellectual cowardice, moral injustice, and blighted sensibility, they fail.

Contrarily, we'd do well to agitate for truth, reader, despite its inconvenience; however uncomfortable it might be; embrace it in relieved acceptance. UFOs remain real, more real than we'd want them to be, perhaps, but preferable to any antithesis so far provided because the antithesis themselves are so occluded, so contrived, and so intellectually lacking. They fail.

Soon those opposed to UFOs will make 'the' straw-breaking failure, and the slide to 'truth' will become inexorable. This latest Roswell redux, as off topic as it appears to be, could be just the thing to get that slide started. Truth is grease. Any truth. I remain optimistic.

The summer of 2015 remains the wild ufological ride predicted. I remain to have eyes to see, ears with which to hear, and an internet to whisper it in your ear, if you let me.  UFOs remain very real.

Read on.

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