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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Klasskurtxians And Pelicanists And Skepti-Bunkies, Oh My!

"Your fight ain't with me..."

Klasskurtxians* And Pelicanists 
And Skepti-Bunkies, Oh My!
By Alfred Lehmberg

This is a one-shot-gets-all, honored reader! No one is singled out! 

I mean, the "addressed" will know who they are. The larger (Thank Gawd!) remainder of us know who they are, so the reader may allow this jeremiad (welcome it even!), then, for its lack of personal specificity! Naming names is a surplus of the superfluous, anyway! 

Rather, we address an ilk, reader! A ponderous and pedantic ilk filled with unjustified hubris and baseless pride... baseless arrogance and spiritless pridefulness. Fundamentalists practicing the current fundamentalism... and we know pride's role... to crumble before its fall!

Having publicly pointed out the aforementioned "breed" of "them"  (these head-eating scat-witters and scurvy bug-eyed monsters of the planet Klasskurtxia*), it becomes necessary, based on some of the attendant "heart-felt" E-mails spuriously received, to put some pointy little craniums to rest and assuage some piqued dishwater sensibilities... cool some angry teapot/tempest outrages... Not

Gird what remains of one's scattered loins, reader! I will see this ilk driven before me to hear its lamentations!

Be assured of but one thing... I come to bury Caesar, verily... not to praise (or assuage!) him!  No, I would have him driven before me as was said; hear the lamentations of his discomfited fan-boys... castigate and cast aspersions on all his csicopian ƒüÇk€®ý... just to start! 

It's abundantly called for. Smugness always deserves a swift kick in the nads, especially for those who'd presume to strut their presumptively ostentatious stuff. They are the GOP of ufology!

Addressing the "addressed," directly, then: your "hurt pouties" or "officious condemnations" are not with me, anyway, you too comfortable, fulsomely elitist, and hopelessly ironic (if not moronic!) pro-anti-ufological lack-wits, no

These "pouts" and "condemnations" to which we allude are with named ufological writers and thinkers, investigators and researchers, professors and doctors... brave women and men of an invisible college who have shown (over an extended period of time!) that they can put behind them their more childish and self-interested ways—regarding one's revolting and homocentric intellectual position at the center of the whole freaking universe!—and think constructively (very likely more profitably!) but, necessarily reader, OUT of the shallow box that a faux-thinktank CSIcopia would prescribe for them... No, these aforementioned are the real ufological heroes!

In short? ...Your fight is with persons who don't have their heads hard-locked, smotheringly, up between each others' amply pimpled, hairily abundant, and mal-academic ass-cheeks... the way yours are! Posted.

The aforementioned ufological writers, thinkers, investigators, researchers, professors, and doctors to which this writer alludes, hold the higher cognitive ground! They have the wider intellectual view and know the greater psychological reality! They feel the deeper courageous imperative and make the superior scientific contribution! 

Verily, they lead (and have led) you mouth-breathing taint-waffle CSIcopians by your bubble-blowing noses! In level debates, they mop the academic floor with the best your intellectually constipated CSIcopia can offer (or your best would have defeated the likes of the late Stanton Friedman [et. al.], on national TV... put this little "UFO problem" behind you, straight away!). You never did... and don't now. Moreover? You know why.

Remains, your fight is with the aforementioned! It is not with me, only one of the genuinely innocent observers in the ufological debate where you prove, over and over again (embarrassingly for you), that you shall not win employing those same largely hypocritical reductionisms you've chosen to depend upon! This is despite all the easy accommodations your lap-dog mainstream provides you, invariably (and astonishingly!) employing you in the media for "balance"!

THAT's a laugh!

...And me? I've no ax to grind but the one cleaving for "truth though heaven falls"... about my society, about my species, about my reality, and about myself. I'll walk away, gladly, from someone or something that has shown itself to be false—as I have often demonstrated—and it won't matter how well connected they are. 

My bias, if I have one at all, was created by the greater bias of an opposition, the same way unrestricted capitalists create a communist, racial bigots create Black Panthers, Chauvinists create femi-nazis, and homophobes create militant gays!  Someone stood on someone else's neck at the start... and there was a *consequence*.  CSIcop has created me!

Committed as I am, I'm the absolute first with a mea culpa! Why? Because the admission of error is still an advancement! You, on the other hand, can admit—nothing!  It's why you'll fail.

Your fight is with the aforementioned persons the likes of Friedman, Hastings, Feschino, and Dolan! It is not with me, only one of the perturbed and irritated masses who finds you as unconvincing as he finds you errantly presupposing! Disingenuously authoritative and larded with ego's pathetic and usually unjustified arrogance... as has been pointed out! 

I'm merely one of the growing numbers of persons who perceive your sneering confidence or scienti-religious fervor as complacent hubris and only a "new fundamentalism"! I'm merely one of the expanding population who sees your current collective worldview not as the "intellectual redemption" of humankind you'd presume and proclaim, but as a diminished potentiality for it... that and a tragic "missed opportunity" for same!

Your fight is with the aforementioned! It is not with me, a mere mote of minimally-educated consciousness that you have been able to convince... not at all!

...And not because of some intellectual failing on my part, I propose! ...Not because of some cognitive defect I possess! ...Not because of some mental aberration afflicting me... no. ...At least I don't suspect so... I'd already admitted that aspiration to be honest with myself, so we'll leave that for what little it may be worth...

No. My contrariness is because of the lack of substance in your arguments. It is because you are shown to be so often in error. It is because you are shown to be rationally inconsistent! It is because you are shown to be duplicitous, character-assassinating, and deliberately obfuscating! Frequently, you even gloat about it and spin your canted chicanery as a service to science! This could be a cited essay map... Astonishing!

Your fight is not with me! It is with a long list of names you work busily to discredit and marginalize, that you furiously prosecute in your totally corrupted mainstream, and that you passionately persecute in Ufological Lists all over the world! Adjudicate these persons conclusively, ardent pelicanists, scurrilous skepti-bunkies, and insentient CSICOPians—errant klasskurtxians—and your battle with me is WON!  

...Not holding any of that proverbial breath!

...Still, I left cross with a James E. McDonald, right cross with a "David Rudiak", upper-cut with "Peter Sturrock," jab with a series of trip-hammer "Richard Halls" and roundhouse kick with a decisive "Jerry Clark"! This is a random grab of punches from a seasoned ufological arsenal, bunky; there are dozens more past and present!

You're on your petulant asses, Pelican boys! Verily, you skepti-bunkies are a sad and pathetic piece of work, you know that? Shortsighted, corrosively and cripplingly reductionist, but wholly hypocritical... Klasskurtxia, be not proud!

...And don't throw your "degrees" and "certificates" at me.  I'm singularly under-whelmed!  I've graduated from an accredited college myself, Summa, so your degrees have been abundantly (and very necessarily!)... demystified, to a degree, shall we say... there will be respect, where it is earned... but no "adoration."

Moreover, the worst of you has turned an honorable quest for academic truth into a "tyranny of letters" (letters in many cases pointless and inappropriate, or what are immaterial PhDs doing in CSI?). illustrating that PhDs are the BS of a bachelor in science... just Piled Higher and Deeper... more often than is fortunate for us (and for them!)! What should an English teacher be telling us about UFOs? ...A History teacher about the treatment of psychosis...

The message IS more important than the medium, an argument you'd make stridently, I'm sure, but then ultimately betray... I digress...

I know how you love to wallow in your self-involved little details and mire your opposition in sticky protestations regarding convenient redefinitions, spun logics, and too artfully identified or invented fallacies. I know how you ask the trick question, ignore the given citation, provide the evasive answer, and then employ the further disingenuous! I know how you contrive to define your terms, ignore the evidence, and re-engineer same! I know how you fix on the immaterial, cherry-pick your substantiation, and drive data to your foregone conclusions. I know you'd move the goalpost.

Truly, You, a gaslighting projector, are what you'd accuse! Posted!

Additionally, arguing with you is like arguing with a drunk  Christian Fundamentalist birther or a Republican (but I repeat myself). The former's room is spinning, and the latter spins the room. Neither will admit, remember, or be instructed by error. A pox on all of you!

...And You call me a believer! How can I be a mere believer when I find it so effortless to not believe you?  Admit it! It's only my lack of "belief" in you that qualifies me to the "true believer" as a rank "believer"! What a wonderful irony, eh, if you "can think about what you can think about..."?  If I supported you I could be selling bunny pants to Right Wing Congressmen and be proudly ambivalent to the discouraging word!

Further, you dismiss me as a "credulous advocate," when I have only ever been a genuine advocate for the huge volume of extant evidence of a quality that cannot be forever ignored...Verily, the eminence of the anecdotal evidence (Presidents have reported them from Reagan to Carter), compounded with the vetted photographic evidence, and then added to the documented historical evidence... this gives every indication that a ufological assertion regarding this phenomena must be more real than not! I'm being abundantly conservative!

Moreover, when the preceding is framed by the serious artistic evidence, qualified by the available physical evidence, and then compellingly buttressed by the conclusively personal evidence (...if you have any, and I do...), I can only be annoyingly astonished by your continued inexplicable and unsupportable reluctance ... an unbrave reluctance... to face the "highly strange" music that just cannot be forever marginalized!

Does the information available justify attention by the mainstream to perform a more in-depth investigation of UFOs? Absolutely! Do you blithely ignore same while airily mispronouncing upon it, redefining it to a nebulous "UAP"? Also, absolutely!

This is the element of your ultimate discredit and your discredit of science, you serially insouciant skepti-bunkies, pompously pontificating pelicanists, and soullessly shopworn CSIcopians! We're tired of your lot pissing on our aggregate cognitive leg and telling us it's rain! The problems you whine to me about, actually, are not with us (and not with me)! They're with you... your argument, your attitude, and your outlook!  Mere reductionism does not prove to be expansive enough!

You see? Your paradigms are 19th Century! Your worldview is medieval! Your sense of position in the scheme of things is dismayingly ancient! You are old, you are outdated, and your scientific preeminence is increasingly undeserved—even ludicrous! Certainly unjustified—more with each passing day!

It is you that is the millstone around the neck of humanity, pelican-boy, not an undisciplined and impassioned fringe evolved to fill an informational VOID that you help provide, exacerbate, and make work for you! It's you, actually, that is the scurrilous disease affecting our science, degrading our spirituality, and hobbling our intellectual advancement as a species!

It is you blunting the point of our creativeness as a people with your too narrow, excessively shallow, very exclusionary, two-color, abjectly bigoted, and ideologue-aping—convenient and self-serving(!)—sliding-scale values! Whew! ...But read that last sentence again!

It is you employing your complacent and unequally applied ethics and moral absolutes—provided for and demanded of others... outside your conflicted clan, conveniently!—that is the problem, sirs, not those of us noticing that your flag won't go all the way to the cosmic top, that it fumbles the four-field deadlock-nut regarding a "handle on things"... that it continues to confuse honest "reach" with contrived "grasp"!  That it fails, at all. See, it's you giving credence to the ongoing social disingenuous with your complacent inattention. It's YOU discrediting science! That's some irony, eh? 

In closing, let me say that all you running-dog PSCs can just stop with the whiney, insulting, and ineffectively handwringing personal mail, your accounts are handily frozen-out as they occur, I'm indifferent to your angry arguments regardless, AND there are too many to try to debate effectively anyway (another scurrilous attack ploy your conflicted lot practices and employs). I'm not banging a drum I expect you to ever agree with because you see your agreement as, well... your death, actually. ...And you're right!

...But, your *death* connotes our rebirth, dim-bulb! So, for your sake and ours, *die* already! Please!  It's a good thing!

You stealthily proclaim, in your way, that it's your lot alone to hear the music playing... but you want to isolate the individual notes in the symphony, at best! If you do that you'll never hear the complete symphony, and, consequently, never discover which notes and silences carry the ascendant tune! Mere notes are valueless minus companion notes and the silences defining them. Any being is a syncopated orchestra of biological synergetics in cooperation with other orchestras larger and smaller extant in corporeal reality. Wow... that may be the truest thing this citizen has ever written!  

...But back at the ranch? The worst insult I can level at you is that you have no imagination, no art, and no soul! A reprogrammable reductionist meat bag with little lipstick for his pig. 

Awwww... That was probably too rich for you poo-poo tushy pelicanists, pompous skeptibunky lock-steppers, but hubristic scientistic pretenders who won't know a moribund moot-pooty from a conflicted cack-slinger, anyway! It doesn't matter. I'm not here for YOUR hurdles, you're here for MINE! 

You can be satisfied, or not, with critical poems at 30 paces, sniper commentary that doesn't respect your worldview, and the occasional piece of art to fly up your self-important noses! A little music? On my own recognizance, I'm decidedly out of your box and comfort zone. You can pound wet sand for your trouble and mine!

Know this! I'm happy to lurk in the tall grass for you. Your disservices will be highlighted! Your fallacies will be explored! Your inconsistencies will be chronicled! Your agendas will be exposed! We'll go deep on ya to find what we find, eh?  I won't be the only one to perform the outlined "such" and "so".

I'm not in here with you, proud Klasskurtxian, glad Pelicanist, and fat-cat establishment Skepti-bunky. You're in here with me!  Get used to that.

"To the last, I grapple with thee! From hell's heart, I stab at thee! For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee"! ...From the creative tall grass, you fatuously hubristic myopic! From the tall grass!

Restore John Ford.  Read on.
*A word meaning skeptibunky or faux-skeptic. It is coined by mashing two noted mal-skeptics names, Klass & Kurtz, together into one word.  Onomatopoeia is given the nod to foreshadow the sound made when a big glass urn of hissing snakes smashes to the floor of a CSI Commissary... shattering explosively in a hissing squirm. These are the hubristic and intellectually bigoted men (and fewer women) purporting themselves as warriors at the ramparts of rationality but insulting the spirit of that every time they reflexively announce the current crass denunciation of that which they have not remotely examined, fairly, at all.

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