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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Klasskurtxians* Bite!

Bill Nye the Scientism Guy

Klasskurtxians* Bite!
by Alfred Lehmberg

Perhaps skeptibunkers and pelicanists (*2) are to be congratulated for making useful social observations on the overly surreal nature of our "Interesting Times" and should NOT be penalized in some rational (but severe) fashion for needlessly and maliciously insulting abundantly shocked and already too well abused sensibilities with their smothering and inaccurate reductionism and errant default scientism... Or, maybe they should push a sock in it.

Perhaps skeptibunkers and pelicanists are genuine *artists* mindful of their own constructive sensibilities and they are legitimately expressing, for us, some cultural truth useful in that stealthy self-evaluation facilitating the ignorant's self-education, and so should NOT be soundly pilloried for wasting our time (...always increasingly more precious...) researching the salted facts of their bogus hoaxes in frustrating, frivolous and facile futility... and generally dismissing seven categories of unevaluated evidence for UFOs, out of hand! Hubris cannot be blamed alone.

Perhaps skeptibunkers and pelicanists are persons along the lines of playful pedagogical scamps skillfully rubbing our senseless noses in our own embarrassingly ready (and perhaps too easily provoked) credulity, and should NOT be fined, flogged, or fulsomely fire-walled for communicating a serious threat of complacent ignorance already communicated too well by our desultory governments and other closed, and closed minded, agencies and institutions... I vote for flogs and fines.

Perhaps skeptibunkers and pelicanists have an unappreciated talent and demonstrate a rare psychosocial adeptness that should be admired, celebrated, and rewarded, and should NOT be drawn and quartered in the traditional sense for further muddying waters already impossible to see through... for ironically amplifying the contrived shadows while simultaneously provoking mistrust in whatever remains of the dwindling informational light... I ready a quadriga for the quartering.

Tes. This writer suggests, of course, the latter over the former...

See, hoaxing the paranormal crosses a different kind of line because it is crying the worst kind of "wolf." There's valid and so valuable stuff in the paranormal realm that goes tragically ignored when this kind of "wolf " is cried. Worthwhile investigations go unperformed when that kind of wolf is cried... Scrutiny is avoided. Research is discredited. Inspections are not provided for. Examinations are dismissed. Explorations are not funded. Inquests go uncalled. Inquiries are forgotten. Righteous inquisition is made far less likely...

...Legitimate anomaly becomes the "false alarm" of a sociopathic lack-wit's specious wolf cry regarding our retreat to superstition and science's invalidation!  I suspect some may protest too much with regard to science's invalidation when it is they themselves providing for that discredit with the mainstreams feigned insouciant intransigence as it pertains to UFOs.

Feigned?  Yes, the vast majority of them suspect that some of this stuff has a degree of reality. Individually, they are curious.  In groups they are dismissive and derogatory.  Who or what keeps them in line?

Skeptibunkers and pelicanists create a disingenuous disturbance of the efficacious peace, plain and simple, good reader.  Every UFO fraud, contrived crop circle, and phony Bigfoot report they celebrate is a detraction from the core of legitimacy of these things and more.  It's an unrecognized psycho-social crime with uncounted victims and the people who cooperate to perpetrate these bogus paranormal reports are criminals guilty of the worst kind of conspiracy on both sides of the issue. That conspiracy, reader, is the conspiracy to encourage ignorance, incite complacency, or foment the hapless individual's cognitive indifference... increase her intellectual apathy and dissonance!

It's not entertainment; it is misinformation and fraud. It is not art because it does not tell a truth. It is not "good works" because even a pile of dog dirt will film brilliantly if it's singing show tunes and River Dancing.

No, Skeptibunkers and pelicanists perform no valuable service; they have only provided for more intellectual corrosion, poured sand in its already grinding gears, and pokes us all in our aggregate paranormal eye to prosecute a two color agenda convincing humanity they are as mere "meat machines."  Skeptibunkers and pelicanists, make no mistake, only bite to leave an infected, forget infectious, wound.  They are the ironic enemy of cognition and dismissive of the enlightened attitude that "reach" MUST exceed "grasp" to encourage enlightenment, elevation, and advancement for an aggregate humanity. To them, and sadly, reach and grasp are always the same.
*A word meaning skeptibunky or faux-sceptic coined by mashing two noted mal-skeptics names, Klass & Kurtz, together into one word.  Onomatopoeia is given the nod to foreshadow the sound made when a big glass urn of hissing snakes smashes to the floor of a CSI Commissary and shatters. These are the hubristic and intellectually bigoted men—and fewer women not so oddly—purporting themselves as warriors at the ramparts of rationality but insulting the spirit of that every time they reflexively announce the current crass denunciation of that which they have not remotely examined, themselves.
*2 Pelicanists are those persons invariably and obstinately seeing birds, bolides, rocket boosters or balloons for true UFOs.

"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, scourged by the scurrilous.  Restore John Ford.

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