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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Odd Observations #1

Odd Observations #1
by Alfred Lehmberg

I've been making reference to sightings of anomalous objects I'd been having down here in the southeast US since 1995.   I caution the reader that I've seen nothing conclusive; no mother ships, beam landers, or starship shuttles, and I have only had encounters that exclusively (but strongly) suggest Hynek's close encounter of the first type.

Close encounters of the first type? ...Strangely moving point-source lights in the sky. These, only, comprise the totality of my observations... though these lights have done enough of the enigmatic and unusual to remove them from the category of what is "supposed" to be up there.

I add that I might be a credible judge of what is supposed to be up there.  I was a very highly trained and decorated career Master Army Aviator, a standardization instructor pilot and team leader in both utility and attack branches, "slicks" and "snakes." Moreover, as a graduate of the *old* Instrument Flight Examiner course with more helicopter time, in peace and combat, than Oberg, Shermer, Posner, and even Klass combined [g], I was more than just merely qualified to make that judgment!   I digress.

Back at the ranch... bizarre and specifically significant "other" things are seen in the early morning skies as well, but not often.  ...And only then because I am provided with... uh, let's call it ...inordinate TIME... to secure an opportunity to observe them. 

Frankly, the things I see are making ninety-degree turns, expelling red glittery stuff, and flying random, senseless patterns while flashing strobes pulse at the snap-turned corners! They are coming to complete stops, flying in formation, and making vertiginous changes in magnitude with regard to speed and direction... while generating rainbows of color. 

They are as bright as Venus cubed, dim as a star only visible with off center viewing, and they appear and disappear with what a child might perceive as a wispy playfulness. I can only wonder what they must actually be...

I've discovered (forgive this small digression) that an idle mind is not so much the devil's tool that is the issue, but that it remains a tool at all. An unfettered tool. An unrestrained tool. A tool with lesser barriers regarding its use.

I've time to use that tool more in a fashion of what I perceive to be an efficacious loose cannon, even if it may be a cannon of small caliber with but a small ufological canon. As regards the aforementioned (and angrily contested) "inordinate" time?

...Retired from the Army and shunned for suspect reasons by the public school teaching *professionals* of *polite* local *society* (uptight civilian culture here in the bible belt of the southeast ...not to put too fine a point on it... ),  I've found myself with a lot of unemployed hours.  I choose to indulge a seemingly rational ufological interest with that tool aforementioned utilizing that otherwise idle mind.  The "idle mind" remains a mechanism decidedly dangerous to an "establishment," I continue to discover for myself...

Be that as it may, I use some of those idle minutes with which I have been "graced" to rock my head back and actually look up into the sky for protracted periods. That's the secret, you know... Really looking?

Sincerely, anybody spending time looking will actually see the things I'm seeing... if they just took the time to look. I understand most folks don't have time.

Young people have jobs or young families. Frenetic governments provide more immediate fish for them to fretfully fry.  Those who have the time? These don't have the inclination, and those who have inclination don't have enough inclination to provide opportunity... you have to brave the bugs, neck-cricks and sometimes bitter cold... or UFOs go unseen.

You've got to spend the time—be free—to see these things that fly, you see... Sorry, that just slipped out... [g].

For a long time I'd go out every morning there was a clear sky and spend about an hour looking up, out, and INTO deep space. I've amassed hundreds of hours in the years passed peering into the sky.  I've seen the damnedest things, already written about, unaided AND aided with military-grade night vision hardware. 

I see these things, I think, because I try not to presuppose or pronounce on what I'm seeing.  I don't self-hypnotize that all these sightings MUST have, exclusively, prosaic (and so ignorable) explanations. I don't know that they're "flying saucers," forgetting it's what I suspect. My suspicions are not the issue. The fact that, among others, I'm seeing... ..."something"... is.


I'm going to start reflecting on them, anew, here. Every time I rediscover a significant sighting of the ubiquitous weird I'll discuss it in this forum, for the record... for the record, annotated and numbered.  I'll give time, degree, and description with as much significant detail as I can or care to.  I'm going to do this for two reasons.

One, I am genuinely (and I think very rationally) concerned about the general incompetence, neurotic behavior, and contrived cluelessness of the sullen scientistic (sic) mainstream regarding its ignored responsibility to intelligently facilitate an informed public about UFOs!  Presently the mainstream programs the individual, manipulates the individual, and disrespects the individual. We're not getting the whole story, the complete story, or the true story about ANYTHING!  September 11th has only an unsignaled turn for the "egregious worse"... regarding the rest of that story... a story I'm convinced would be to the benefit of every individual on this planet!  That's my intuition.

Two... I had a sighting one morning so bizarre I'm busting to re-share it with someone out there who may be remotely simpatico, and not write me off too quickly as your garden variety net-loon or web-wacko.  I would inspire additional people going out to look for these things.  I would try to energize a grassroots effort to get to the bottom of them. I would inspire that "going out to look." I think that there's a reward in it.  A satisfaction.  A knowing!


It was 4:50, and as it had been well over an hour (I was outside from 3:30 on this morning) and the coffee was gone, I thought it must be about time to mosey on back into the house to write... I'd just happened to glance over my left shoulder at the North Star for a final look-around before heading in, when, as I watched, a bright cream colored light blinked on to the left of Polaris like an energized and pointed aircraft landing light! It was much brighter than Venus. It was perhaps Venus cubed. I thought it might be a Fort Rucker helicopter making a precautionary landing right in my backyard, but the light remained stationary, briefly, about three degrees to the left of the star, and there was NO sound.

I put my glasses on it, and brought them down immediately; it was like looking into a truck headlamp from ten feet away!  I continued the rest of the observation, mostly unaided, for about 30 remaining seconds. I had time to think that it might be a supernova... a meteor, aircraft, satellites, ball lightning, fireworks, and gassy pelicans were considered... but discarded...

Abruptly, I was startled to see the object begin to move to the north, seemingly, and as it traveled a total of about 10 degrees on that track for 20 seconds of the remaining observation, it dimmed, steadily, to the point where I felt it worthwhile to get the binoculars back on it again. I was able to keep in view, but could discern no other details outside a slowly dimming creamy light moving steadily against the clear starfield. Soon I was having to use off-center viewing even in the glasses to keep it in view.  Then it was gone.

It was a great sighting of the wholly inexplicable, friends and neighbors, but also it was a bit of the "ho-freaking-hum"!  I'd seen that kind of thing before.  I'd seen one in California (with my late Mother!) that was better than that!

At this point I've got my backside up against a low retaining wall in my backyard, arms shoved into my pockets—just staring off to the east and wondering what the light I'd just seen really was... when I noticed a flock of light-colored goose-sized birds, I thought, flying due west in a large uneven chevron, getting ready to make a pass directly over my home!  Tres' Neat!

They were still about an apparent hundred meters away, or so, and maybe a hundred feet in the air when it began to seem that they were traveling awfully fast... too fast for birds. And I couldn't see any wings beating. I threw my field glasses up to my eyes for a closer look and was astonished to discover that they were not birds, at all, the wings were NOT flapping. It was about 20 or 25 smaller chevrons flying in the single large uneven chevron streaking through the sky directly over my head! I followed them with my glasses.

Abruptly, I got confused regarding how high they were and wobbled in the view field as my knees kind of buckled with astonishment, I'm a little ashamed to report. I thought I was made of sterner stuff.

The field glasses came down as the flight of objects silently zipped away. Perhaps you had to have been there, but this sighting was a real breath-taker... even for a guy that had gotten a little jaded watching peculiar stuff in his backyard sky!

...These birds weren't birds. They were too fast for birds. They didn't flap like birds. They didn't have the long necks of most formation flying birds. The field glasses were focused and in good working order, I was able to see a clear starfield behind the objects.

They looked, a little, like tiny B2 (flying wing) bombers in my binoculars, traversing about 90 degrees of clear sky in a little over ten seconds. Fast. ...And they glowed.

I hung around until the sun started to come up, but the rest of the morning was uneventful. And that's the way it was. If you look you see; if you see you find; if you find... well, let's find out! That's enough.  I'll watch the skies. Read on.



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