Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Alfred's Odd Observation #22

Alfred's Odd Observation #22
by Alfred Lehmberg

They'd started back in earnest after a long absence, just that week! Predictably, their astonishing activities aped, even less, the attributes of the balloons, birdsbolides, and the conjectured rocket boosters cheerily proposed by pompous pelicanists—and their smirking parent CSIcopians!  Yea and verily alien viewers (and other dog sister/brothers lurking)! 

...Rock your head back, truly, and look out (not up)!  They are there!  Again, verily!

...Objects of a type remaining unidentified as they fly... past, present, and future, they festoon the sky!  

There's precious little hyperbole in the preceding, folks, just to let you know that I know the difference...

See, this series of "Odd Observation" articles (...forgetting 207 Alien Views, 386 Odd Odes, and around a hundred published articles of poetic commentary and critical prose of the last decade...) has tried to demonstrate with an unashamed sincerity, just that. We are not, have ever been, alone.

This current  demonstration aspires, moreover, to be largely unaffected  by the smirks and ridicule of the entirely suspectpatently clueless, and thoroughly corrupted mainstream... ...despite its exclusion and prohibition!  In the face of its persecutions and discriminations!!  Without regard to its omissions, outright lies, and fatuous fabrications...!!!

Enough really is too much! A provoked rage at an injustice is not entirely unjustified or why is the tree of liberty periodically refreshed with the blood of tyrants?  

Moreover, I remain unconvinced, unmoved, and unmotivated by the mainstream's too busy histrionics regarding "duty", "honor", and "sacrifice."  That only works when everyone is making the same sacrifice, respecting the same honor, and performing the similar duty.  That's not made plain a result of the repossession and prerequisites of a corporate media facilitating the worst among us. 

Presently, we are, assuredly, not doing any of that; we don't sacrifice, we are sacrificed...  I digress.

You know, it must be true that an ET fully and officially admitted as extant would be of paramount concern to an aggregate humanity! All current "concerns" of a complacent humankind immediately shoved to the back burner's  rear... case in point:

...When an individual spends a regular amount of time outside looking at the night sky it begins to assume a steady kind of predictability.  The same immutable stars (forgetting that some of these could have already exploded and we wouldn't know it for thousands of years... even the sky lies...) ratchet forward about a degree every night, a finger width at arms length, and the constant viewer assumes a certain comfort in this slow clockwise progression of the starfield to a patiently waiting west, lies notwithstanding... an easy familiarity and solace with the, seeming, "eternal immutability" can be achieved...

To wit, when something *new* appears in this clockwork firmament, it is readily detected!  I say true.

Once, upon a chance looking up at the zenith directly over my head on an exceptionally clear nighttime sky, I noticed two unmoving (but hugely unfamiliar!) *stars*, both about the magnitude of Sirius (the brightest star in any night sky!) and about a degree  apart. That's an index fingertip at arm's length, remember.  They remained stationary for a time.

These did not conform to the aforementioned Clockwork firmament, remember. They were lined up North to South in an unmoving line. I knew, immediately, that they were... something. They were too bright, too unmoving, and too not-supposed-to-be-there, to be anything else.

They stayed exactly that way for approximately 30 seconds, which is astonishing right from the start!  Then, abruptly and simultaneously, the southernmost star began to dim, slowly, as the northernmost began its slow creep directly towards it!  It crossed over the south star's exact location (which flashed brightly as it was passed over!), moved an additional three or four degrees, and then stopped again, dead, for about twenty seconds!  Turning 30 degrees easterly (!), it started off again traveling another four degrees, and then it stopped once more for a similar length of time! 

My neck began to hurt. Sincerely. I had to make a hand-hammock for the back of my head.  I didn't want to take my eyes off of them.

...Again, it began to move after a comparable direction change and slowly traveled another four degrees!  It stopped abruptly (like all the other stoppages [or starts! Instantly!] and with no apparent acceleration) where it preceded to dim out slowly like its initial companion star... which had dimmed out to invisibility, already.  Both *stars* were now gone.  The starfield had remained bright and clear throughout this observation.  

I would love to have had some night vision devices for this sighting, but I did not.  I put my chin down on my chest to rest aching neck muscles and thought about what I had just seen...

A very peculiar bird?  No.  A strangely acting meteor?  No.  A new kind of plane?  No.  It was an object in the skies over my head, and it remains, compellingly, non-identified.  The reader, at this point, can do the math...  

To a grand total of aerodynamic capability, add a little apparent physicality, take the 'n' root of aggregate strangeness and exponentially factor a resultant enigmatic *condensation*... 

A UFO!  Math is a path...

Speaking of Math... Has everyone heard of Fermi's Paradox?  It's a "we're alone in the universe" justification invented by Dr, Fermi based on the observation, and I paraphrase, that if "they" were there, at all, we would "know" it.  We don't know it.  Ergo...

What a clever and close-looped way (an excuse!) to not think.  We would "know it" indeed.  Arrogance like that would be laughable but it's so tragic!  No, it reflects an inflated hubris deserving of its comeuppance. 

Forgetting all the obvious canted holes, blithe illogics, and homocentric assumptions of the preceding, the rubric is held up as a sacred shield by the fearful skeptibunky—a justification for continuing his chauvinistic, close-horizoned , and color de-saturated world view.  Verily!  Yea and verily!

Additionally, other half-baked proclamations by duplicitous society indicate further "mainstream" assertions to support a "we're alone" hypothesis.  These point to an observation that any intelligence capable of invasion would have invaded us already; we have not been invaded.   Ergo... ( a snake eating its tail, isn't it?).

Again the same blithe assumptions, canted interpretations, and disintegrating logics, but a pattern emerges, good reader! A model is createda safe (but cowardly, reactionary, and digressive) ~mold~ is formed!  Such is the hurdle presented to us by the planned mediocrity of ardent sociopaths in jealously coveted *command* of our hijacked culture!

Additionally, here's another loss-leader "shield" that the garden variety skeptibunky holds prevaricatingly aloft (the smart ones anyway, the ones practicing a more clever form of corrosive and back-stepping denial?).  They agree (!), almost to a man (fewer female skeptibunkies, not so oddly), that there must be ~some~ kind of intelligent life out there in the cosmos (...somewhere!), but they irrationally shove that intelligent life so far off into a universe (multi-verse!) of time and space it is guaranteed not to intrude on their coveted considerations of themselves as shining jewels in the crown of their God's (favored!?) creation!  

Likely, nothing could be further from the truth.  These slaves to "conventional wisdom" won't perceive that our overestimation of ourselves is most often punished and that our underestimation of ourselves is very often rewarded...  but I digress, again.

Consider Fermi's, "If they were here, we'd know it," and the additional baseless rubric "an intelligence capable of invasion would have already invaded."  Compare these with the loss-leading skeptibunky's parallel assertion that "of course intelligent life must exist out there... somewhere"!  Does the reader see the disconnect or dichotomy in these assertions made from a single and very debatable cognitive ethic? 

Forget for a moment that *they* really have *invaded* and that *we* really do know it! The historical record on film, in ink, and carved into stone, the massive anecdotal and considerable physical evidence (thousands of trace cases!), and finally, convincing evidence of a personal nature (if one has it... I do)... forgetting the aforementioned and admitted mathematical certainty... ...provides all the conviction one needs to believe that this is so!  Even if they weren't here and invading (which they are, the data are very compelling), would it not make more sense to conduct ourselves with something of a sociological "out" that they were "here" (Everyone agrees they're out there somewhere; why not here)?

...Of course it would.

The answer to why we do not is found in our lack of general criticism of corrupt social institutions, a reactionary non-elected leadership with a tolerated nature that is decidedly sociopathic, and our own shameful desire to, individually, take the most traveled path to the then despairing ends of our too-short and largely miserable (in the aggregate!) little lives... heavy freaking sigh! 

What cowards we are as a summative species with a kingdom at HAND!  What craven non-bravery we display so collectively!  What profound ignorance we cultivate, together, so covetously!  And all of it while the universe yawns before us like the inescapable future that it is and towards which we shall continue to accelerate... regardless!  Can't you feel a hum from the tracks?  ...Train's a comin', boys and girls!

AlienViewGroup eschews our cowardly behavior!  AlienViewGroup detests our lack of bravery as a species almost as much as it deplores our lack of humility!   

AlienViewGroup is revolted by the planned and easy ignorance of our individuals and their complacent dependence on spurious conventional "wisdoms" that betray them, discount their individuality, and erode their quality of life! 

On the other hand, AlienViewGroup anticipates the acceleration to the inexorable future!  It welcomes the disclosures of the larger reality and it is optimistic about that reality as an intellectual multiplier (useful for every individual capable of making the inevitable transition to the  next quantum jump in our perceivable reality)! We'd soar and cleave, fellow motes!  Soar with us

AlienViewGroup would rip the scales from our collective eyes like the Neo character in "Matrix".  We'd opt for the expanded *red-reality* pill.  The contributing reader could be along for that ride.  A ride requiring belts, I add, and an eventual toll (more on that later)!

Omar Kyam wrote... "...the moving finger writes and have writ, moves on.  Neither your piety or wit can call back a single line to alter nor all your tears wash a word of it."  Cogent advice from a master, a dead shoulder upon which we are still able to stand.  It's your finger does the writing, actually.  Write something true. ...Last digression...

We provide the shoulders on which those that come after us will stand.  Do we owe them more than "intellectual suicide," "cognitive dissonance," and "mental masturbation"?  Do we owe them a solid place to stand... a firm place to build?

Of course we do... all those things and more.  "They" are us after all.  "They" are you.

That's enough.  I remain watching the skies.  Read on.