Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Odd Observation #4

Well—just freaking nothing!  I was thinking that I should have been able to share something strange from the skies every week, if not every day...  It seemed that writing about it in its own format had driven the *peculiar* away...
The skies of the time had been interesting only in the new stars that I found, the revealing histories I discovered written about them, and the galaxies that come miraculously into stunning view with military-style night vision devices I can get my hands on occasionally.  
But, NO UFOs, mother-ships, gassy pelicans, or peculiar clouds.  Interestingly, I saw nothing with the goggles resembling a satellite, which I would have predicted a lot more of.  I've seen some with unaided vision. Tiny and almost imperceptible, they are, infrequent points of steadily moving and prosaic "ho~hum"...
There are hundreds of satellites in the sky flying to all points of the compass, all points but the "most due of due Wests."  Free JAVA applications (the intrepid reader can download from the internet) paints them plainly in real time simulations that are easily time shifted, demonstrate their sometimes oblique and seemingly impossible movements over the ground, and point out at last what could actually BE there to be seen (...in so far as we are allowed to freely know...)!  It does NOT close the loop on my sightings, however.
I have not YET been able to see a computer predicted satellite! Moreover, none of my odder observations of peculiar articles in the sky have, in turn, been able to be explained by the same programs. Curious!  Ominous music should be cued at this juncture.
Still, there have been sightings, in the past for days-in-a-row, of objects to take note of in an otherwise clear morning sky, sometimes multiple occurrences of these things, so that their "drying up" all at once... seems as queer as seeing so many of them at one time and for so many days in succession...  
I'm not making this stuff up, forgetting I get a real kick out of telling the reader about it (Yes YOU, reaching for that cup of... is it green tea?  And YOU, scratching the inside of your nose... some might call it "picking" [g]).
...But no UFOs to report...  I can't tell the reader they're there if they're not, but that's for purely selfish reasons.  I would just be too disappointed with myself... have no respect for myself, no saving grace, and, consequently, no self-actualization.  I'd be on that despair-producing and well-oiled path to a true personal hell on Earth. 
Still, I'm hoping this "Odd Observation series" does not become the usual "albatross". 
What experience have I had with an albatross? 
The (highly regarded!) constant reader knows I collect them like the chains of Mr. "T", and for some of the same reasons as it turns out [g].  Oh, they are all very righteous, my (our) "dead birds," John Ford and Emma Woods, and I don't regret a single one of them, forgetting they get difficult to bear... if necessary to wear.
Truly, some things have to "smell" and be uncomfortably in sight until they see some justice... some healing resolution that serves us ALL!  The well-chosen albatross is necessary for personal growth.  It's what Coleridge's albatross is all about.  Anything else is to experience true cultural dissolution, intellectual dysfunction, and spiritual desolation.  Name one?
Easy.  That same aforementioned John Ford.
John Ford became a kind of albatross for me, forgetting that I was abundantly confident that the BALDLY obvious injustice of the situation would win him a quick, or at least eventual, release.  Wrong on both counts.  A Kafkaesque horror ensued.
John Ford, the reader recalls, was the strident Suffolk county New York "UFO nut," TOO many years ago now, who "tried to murder," allegedly, a political rival, John Powell (et al), by conspiring to put radium in his household tooth paste.  Forget for a moment that John Ford was very busily, very passionately, and also very diligently investigating John Powell pursuant to a righteous CORRUPTION DISCLOSURE involving key civil agencies of what was, and likely still is, a thoroughly corrupted local government.  It wasn't all UFOs. reader.
Forget that John Ford's strident investigation was legalethical, and reflective of a man who was a retired law enforcement officer of the Suffolk county court system and holder of a Master of Science degree. Forget that after John Ford was thrown in a hole to rot and be forgotten, the "right honorable" John Powell pled "no contest" to CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING CHARGES with links to organized crime, and, to my knowledge spent not one day in jail doing hard time!
Doesn't anybody else smell the fetid fragrance of  that fulsome fishy flounder or floating bit of fecal matter in the public punch?  Do the *facts* of this strange case support anything else BESIDES the well told American fable of the "little guy" taking it squarely in the ass for the crass convenience of the "big guy", and all of this scurrilous activity in DIRECT contradiction to every precept, ideal, and ethic we're supposed to hold dear in this Nation?  John Ford was, the reader can bet, foully hull-breached for investigating the activities of a man who could not bear that investigation!
John Ford, baldly accused of conspiracy to murder, and then locked in an institution for the criminally insane for his belief in the ufological, could very likely be crazy now, just under 20 years into this very likely criminal false imprisonment, and be entirely forgiven.  It doesn't help that he looks like Elmer Fudd, has a voice reminiscent of Daffy Duck and was as stridently litigious as Yosemite Sam is angry and bellicose... it doesn't matter either!  
John Ford was likely just one more easy victim of the criminally arbitrary, a pawn of an aristocratic elite, and just another crushed bug for the boss of a corrupt Republican political machine.  Such seems abundantly so.
John Ford's civil rights have been egregiously trampled on, his human rights have been abrogated in a similar manner... raped and sodomized is no hyperbole.  What indignities has he had to endure, what injustices has he suffered, and what petty tyrannies?  What cruel assaults on the spirit?  What unearned insults to pride?  What sneering tyranny on his person?
That's enough this trip.  I remain, "...watching our skies."  There's something up there.  When I see it I'll tell you about it.  If I don't, I'll tell you about something else.  
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