Friday, July 01, 2016

Odd Observation #17

Odd Observation #17
by Alfred Lehmberg

The skies had been empty since a subsequent report, and it had been that way for over a month. The change was suddenmultiple sightings, nightly, of strangely moving luminous objects, for weeks, all over the United States (both coasts, anyway), *nothing*, overnight. There had been no satellites, no boosters, no shuttles or space stations? No top secret aircraft, stealth blimps, temperature inversions, or earth lights? No swamp wraiths, planetary alignments, gassy pelicans or psychopathic pranks?

Where did they go? Where DO they go?

I'd been very conscientious about going out to sky-watch first thing every early morning... as a long-suffering wife can attest. If there was something out there to be seen I'd likely see it. My deceased mother, Twyla (she'd moved in with me completely by that time), wondered that my eyes were going bad in that too effortless disintegration of advancing age of my own (cheery!), but that was unlikely (to that date anyway...). I could still pick out known stars of low magnitudes, detect the double star in the Great Bear, and other feats of visual acuity of that sort and in that vein. I'd had less light pollution at our current location and the skies were clearer

It was like someone or something had come along and sprayed for them. They were gone.

Where? Contrary Opposing Reports were that there was a "world UFO flap" in progress, if you read George Filer or visited the archives at "UpDates" ...where Errol Bruce-Knapp, rather hilariously at the time, was being accused (albeit in a ridiculously unconvincing manner) of "covert activities" and "duplicitous behaviors" by "characters," (cyber-mooks and too ready anti-reductionists) abundantly "suspect," themselves... end of digression.

Still, I'd had advance information on this "Flap" weeks before and discounted it as a result of its synchronicity with other... ah, more complicated events I won't go into herebut it still makes you go "hmmm…" though, in spite of yourself. ...And who's to tell now, GIVEN those events… but that I saw no evidence of that Flap around me where I was.

More frequently then, and based on news of the aforementioned Flap (apart from the mainstream press where it was in evidence), I'd take the odd opportunity to bring it up publicly in polite conversation to gauge a reaction. Always a mistake brought up in a group, eh? Each tries to out-do the other to be the one most rational and sane.  One on one is, almost without variation, an opposite experience, I say true.   

In the group, it's mostly feet shuffling and glances away from me and even some pained embarrassmentseemingly for me, it would seem.  Don't these people... can't these people... see "up," "out," or "in," at all?  Maybe their "less" is "more," but... damn!  There is so much more!

Yeahyeahyeah, I know I'm living in a relative bubble of my own manufacture somewhat secure with a military retirement and Social Security. I admit that I have the grace-given and unfettered time to explore hard to realize imaginational potentialities and existential possibilities "outre" and "unenglishable"... ...and a waste of time to the person who has to make a living, no, scratch one from a hard, hard world actually hostile to the individual who would dare that imagination, still...  

Though, all that is also in an efficacious future which may exist, too, in the real world and UFOs might be just a fraction of that reality.  Real salvation might be up there for our brave recapture of our humility and rejection of unjustified hubris, salvation we make for ourselves unfettered by self-manufactured gods and devils.  Yeah, that's right.  I went there.

My take on the persons threatened by discussion of the ufological is that they only think that that embarrassment is for me… actually? It may be a small solace, a reassuring device, or a mask for their own suspicion, graveyard-whistling self-confidence, and dread of irrational fear, perhaps: their own embarrassment at an unwillingness to perceive that their emperors wear no clothes? 

There's a quick and illogical segue with the approached lot of pragmatic rationalists, apart from UFOs, to another subject, alwaysfaux-political excretions, TV shows, or sports contests (the only intimation of truth allowed them in a manipulating corpocracy, and most don't even suspect it), and their wholly invented and contrived equilibrium is established once more. 

If I press? Agitation and Irritation. Questions are a challenge to the garden variety white-bread of a reality-invention folks might cherish and cling to as personal fables tragically necessary for day to day survival. These will be "Inventions of self-deception" ringing with cognitive dissonance manufactured by individual reaction to living in a mammalian succumbing to reptilian culture... all to put themselves at ease and able to sleep at night... perhaps secretly glad they can be otherwise distracted by kids, jobs, and mortgages and dwindling wages, from the yawning abyss before them and looming with that boundless imaginational potential. What a sad state for an individual to live in, in any reality.

The hijacked mainstream does its work too well, one sees. Folks don't want to entertain the possibility of having bought, heavily, into a steaming load of complete bullshit (or ufological denial), and the level of their hostility goes sharply up in proportion to how right THEY think I am, I suspect.  There's some irony.

Stillsomething is going on, going down, going awry and off-the-rails as we fret about *savings* currently melting away to the busy ministrations of greater sociopaths than ourselves. Our kids diverge even further from our course than we did from our parents, just another curve in an exponential climb or descent.  I suspect that may be a good thing.

See, what's mashed down >here< just pops up over >there<only meaner! Seemingly benign Hamburger joints and Pizza stands take on the evil aspects of corporate monsters polluting the environment, "gerrymandering" the Government, marginalizing their employees with low respect and even lower pay, degrading food safety, and perverting the food supply while they bill the wounded taxpayer for the privilege (in the most egregious of disgusting ironies). This is just to start. Real people, otherwise sane and rational, report that they are abducted, periodically, by alien beings not of this Earth... others of the same ilk report a clear preference for Donald Trump...

Tilt! TILT! 

Something is going on, and we are being done the discourtesy of not being clued in about it. We are slaves to a tyranny of letters and professional politicians who would continue our path (as they would proscribe same) in a busy process of skilled propaganda, deliberate misdirection, and unreasoning emotion. 

These are  AKA: the nightly news, closed and so-called "unclosed" institutions (jurist, medical, and educational... these are but "closed" in a different way) and media supplied emotional distractions of "the flag burning" or "semen staining" caliber and variety. It's all a show, a production, a display, and a presentation to hide the existential truth! 

It is in no way real, except that we make it real, as individuals. Individually, we buy in! Enough buy in to these "official perversions of perceptions reality," and a lie is the perverted truth! Always, if history is ANY judge.

We could make other realities, good reader, and UFOs could be the vector for all that. This is just as sure as God makes his little green apples... but this has been some wild digression, eh (forgetting it might all be true)? 

I'd been back from North California a few weeks by then, but the dearth of observed objects in the sky only began there, as I mentioned in the last report. I'd had one indistinct observation over the three weeks I was there packing up for my mother. The next night produced nothing. North Cal was where I'd traditionally had the BEST observations… but it had been the same, over those last six weeks, here in Alabama, too. The skies were empty… 

I recall being amazed that my terse if well-earned dismissal and banishment from UFO UpDates, as a result of the wholly revolting and intellectually obscene Jim Mortellaro affair, could be so inclusive and encompassing. Errol had even made the UFOs go away!  When you're off the bus, you're off the bus!  [g].

Not so, thankfully, regarding the current affairs of fellow human beings ALSO interested in what's behind the fluttering black velvet on an Ozian curtain! We've thirty score-odd women and men interested in an "AlienViews" so far! 

Though, that's not as valuable to me as any ONE interested (you, honored reader?), but better than four score or a single score (that's 20), even if it's not as good as seven hundred score, or seven thousand, or the conjectured seven million AlienViewers in an inevitable future (if we but will it).  I'd love to be part of that.  Millions with the ability to agree on a single point is a lever to move the galaxy somewhere even if not here!

AlienViewers produce a lot of power to project an individual will. But which individual? Projecting which will? Easily answered!


Yes, all!  Each of us, the reader sees, can be in agreement on a *point*, certainly, and on that *point* our power is employed. Individual power, personally applied and actually changing reality! It happens all the time!  Consider what goes viral on the internet!  

We're not going to agree on all points assuredly, but we may agree on someJUST as assuredly! Can we AlienViewers agree on full disclosure, forthcoming information, and a mainstream we can trust? We (the folk at AlienViews) think we CAN. There's power there, folks. 

Now seven, seventy, seven hundred, or seven thousand can employ that sliding scale of power and influence. Seven million can command the will of a nation! 

The fundamentalist corporate monsters Jerry Falwell Jr. and Pat Robertson, et mal al, have tapped into that power very handily, by way of READY example, to prosecute VERY suspicious agendas (given who they so shamelessly front for and shall not criticize) though these agendas and the uncriticised  are the sources of ALL human misery, ignorance, squalor, and despair. 

We're very close to having Christian prayers in school as a projection of power by authoritarian individuals (by definition, not AlienViewers!) that Falwell and Robertson, richly authoritarian (et al), can too easily tap! That's an OUTRAGE!

We can tap our own power! The internet (and EXPECT an eventual attempt to shut it down!) allows us ready access to alternate information that common people just didn't get their hands on before this DECADE. The informational kingdom is AT HAND ladies and skeptibunkies! It is ours to reach out and take, collate, and employ as we will!

We have power we never knew we had! We have it in new cooperations (not unlike AlienViews oddly enough!) that defy outdated paradigms (rewarding the few while they despoil and invalidate the many)... for what may WELL precipitate the next step in human evolution!  The internet removes us from zero level civilization to a 1st Level civilization.  That's an exponential leap for a humankind!

Boldly step beyond the imposed limitations of our too privileged and autocratic "culture contrivers" and their eager lieutenants! Leave the crib of yesterday's dreams (which were never very real anyway and had the reader always hanging by a thread!) and embrace a larger reality, be more powerful and autonomous individuals!  Then what "teams," eh?

All we need to do upon willfully stepping over the limitations of a non-elected leadership is be "careful around the stove in the cosmic kitchen" and use caution in "the knife drawers of those larger realities." Yeah, we're going to get burned... and yeah, we're going to cut ourselves. ...But seriously, those are hazards expected as one leaves any womb! Growing up is finally preferable, after all. 

…And I'm convinced, provides the greater good. That's enough. Read on!