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Monday, April 18, 2016

Odd Observation #12

Odd Observation #12
by Alfred Lehmberg

Outside visibility had been as terrible and opaque as a dirty milk-glass. Too, the suffocating humidity was oppressive and discouraging to an otherwise ready spirit. Indeed, I was reminded of Nipple-napper John Ashcroft's Justice Department during the catastrophic Bush administration. 

Moreover, all the effects of global warming were centered, seemingly, directly and most precisely on my exact geographic coordinates.  The bugs were held in magical abeyance by the Bounce rag; however, or I would have assuredly been driven indoors.  I'm thankful for the potential of an "indoors."

Still, they flew.

Oh admittedly, they didn't fly grandly, conclusively, or even brilliantly...  Still, they flew.

...And it's a taste ironic for me as, at the time and now. There was a lot of impassioned discussion about the end of UFOs.  

They were all going "away", going "out", or going "extinct." "Abductions were decreasing," some pontificated.  "Sightings were way down," others pronounced.  Really.

Forgetting for a moment that this got the CSICOPian Shermer/Sheaffer  skeptibunkies capering around gladly like frolicking nay-saying Net trolls, it really only aped some kind of sweaty bandwagon many seemed to be jumping on... in some "king-of-the-hill" attempt to be "first" and proclaiming some "new reality" regarding the death of UFOs?  Specious stuff and turgid nonsense then and now.  The "new reality" is not found; it is faced.

I saw it as chasing a "false plausible" in a ham-handed if  furtive attempt to appear cutting edge while avoiding the issue.  I saw it as playing into the hands of the transparently deceptive to assuage personal concerns regarding work thought done.  I saw it as pandering to the misleading, and embracing, too greedily, the decidedly flatulent ostensible.  I saw it as courting the readily sophistical, incorporating the duplicitous and so onerous captious, or being, at best, shallowly pretentious but at worst an 'evil' retrograde returning to a comforting past which never existed.  I saw it as denialist cowardice. 

Such as these favorably considers their falsehoods as right and true, and then conflate themselves with the absolute weakest of what's too easily or most conveniently presumable... the too taken for granted "conventional wisdom." They are the rigid misapplication of Occam's razor where the hypothesis must be, of needs, complicated. The are a poor man's Aristotle (reductionism) where a leavening of Plato (holism) was required.

Sightings were "down" friends and scabrous bunkies, not because UFOs were "going away," but because there were fewer people LOOKING for them those days!  People who might otherwise have been pondering the skies were, instead, only looking over worried shoulders for 'enemies', real AND imagined. They had no TIME for a puzzling enigma in the skies over their heads while staring down the barrel of a terrorist's gun!  All part of the master plan then (uneasily?) dismissed by Jerry Clark? 

Conscious or unconscious (and given less and less protection from already tolerated sociopaths by an at the time authoritarian Bush/Ashcroft administration) it was not a completely unreasonable proposal.  After all, it's only a relative few who inordinately gain as a result of our aggregate ignorance, after all.  Sociopaths ARE.  Psychopathy IS.  Conspiracy abounds. Discount these and the threats they busily precipitate at your peril!

Let me assure the interested reader that sightings were not down, then or now. "Abductions" were not decreasing in frequency, and the artless bunch over at archaic CSICOP had no hint of vindication what-so-ever.  Shermer and Robert Sheaffer  might have ceased their tiresome capering and returned to their reductionist think-cloaks, nineteenth century runes, and outdated CSICOPian Newtonics.  That's their beat.

The universe continues to resonate with a "quality" of life, undreamed by the whistling klasskurtxist*, as strange moving lights unsteadily traverse a steady starfield to MOCK the cast aspersions of those who would "wish" them away.  Rock the head back to a crisp night sky with a modicum of revealing patience and be rewarded with proof of the larger reality that will be there, eventually!  I say true.  I saw same.  Moreover, progressive humility and the avoidance of unwarranted hubris demands it.

These occurrences, that the mainstream will only trifle with, come in 'WAVES' that even a conflicted mainstream cannot ignore without blowing its cover, its facade or thin veneer of pretended rationality or open-mindedness.  

These waves are well referenced by Ruppelt, Hynek, and Vallee in decades of literature. They've been going on since time in memorial and are captured on non-faked film, recorded in credible historical ink, and chiseled into ancient and unyielding stone, "if you ken it."   These "waves" could be older than current DIRT!

The history of UFOs truly parallels our human history. Though it is decried, minimized, and derided by our suspicious social convention, the facts of their existence creep out around the edges of the coffin lid employed by garden variety CSIcopians (klasskurtxian*) employs to contain them. This should give us all more than mere pause to entertain a suspicion that some larger reality is being denied every one of us.  Something certainly is. Search a heart roundly despised and discounted by scurvy scientistics. 

UFOs are valid, it is our baseless and cowardly mainstream denial of them that is not.  Evidence of them abounds; verily, it gushes from founts.  It is photographic, historical, credibly anecdotal,  and very personal for many of us.  It's mathematical.  It flies in the face of the denial of it.  

Only the irrational fear of a knee-jerk reactionary, culturally conflicted, and philosophically myopic leadership would deny the patently obvious.  UFO's are real.  They exist and have existed since before the first human being banged one rock against the other.  We are not alone.  Everything else is a fantasy, ironically—a concoction, invention, or convenient illusion.

That's enough.  I remain watching our skies.  Read on.

*It's a word I coined. It's a mash-up of the names Philip Klass and Paul Kurtztwo CSI(COP) "heavyweights."  I'm attempting to put a name to aspects of their too hubristically anthropomorphic, unjustifiyably arrogant, and altogether cowardly philosophy.  Was that point too fine?
"Klasskurtxian" is, I submit, a graceful co-mingling of Onomatopoeia and crystal self-definition, clattering concussivelyif effortlesslyoff the tongue and palate like a big porcelain urn of live poisonous snakes dropped in the CSI(COP) Commissary. It has a meaning easily determinable in context for just that reason, eh? 

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